Jesus Died for People

New Philly Sillim
Preached by John-Michael Becker on March 27, 2016, Sunday.


God revealed himself as the trinity in Genesis 1:26, showing that he is a relational God. God loves relationships. God created us for relationship with Him. We are the only creation made in His image. As a loving father would view his children as more valuable than anything on earth, so much more does God value us and desire relationship with us. In other religions there is an expectation to work up to god/gods. In Christianity God came down for us. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross we are redeemed.

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by John-Michael Becker.

  1. What stood out to you during the presentation of the Gospel during the sermon? What was God speaking to you?
  2. Share the moment in your life when you received the revelation that Jesus died for you, specifically… not just for all mankind, but for you individually. How did this change your life?
  3. Read John 21:15-17. Jesus’ greatest concern while reinstating Peter was for Peter to care for God’s people. A person who had denied the Christ three times before His crucifixion would probably want to step back and let other “more holy” people lead and care for others. But Jesus’ heart burned so much for His people that His top priority was for Peter to care for them. God loves people. Jesus died for relationship with them. Who do you feel are the sheep in your life you’re called to feed? Who are the people you feel God has called you to love selflessly? How can you feed them? If Jesus was calling a broken Peter to care for His sheep, so much more will God want you to also love and care for His people.
  4. At the end of our lives it will be our relationships with people that will matter the most. What relationships do you feel you should be prioritizing in your life? How can you prioritize them more?
  5. Our God is three persons in one (the trinity). That means God has always been a relational God. He is not a Buddha by himself or an Allah that is just one Supreme Being alone. God reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Because we were made in God’s image we were also made to be a relational people. After Jesus’ resurrection He sent the Holy Spirit to all who believe in Him. It is by His Spirit that we are able to have an active relationship with Him. Think of and share a moment when you have felt the Spirit’s presence strongly in your life.

    Leaders: Ask some people to share how they have grown in their relationship with the Spirit. You can split up into small groups to pray and ask for the a greater filling of the Holy Spirit and for Him to speak clearly to each other… for leaders they can prophesy and share what they feel the Spirit is speaking to the people they are praying for.

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