Patience in the Process

New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Christian Lee on December 20, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 52 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by Christian Lee.

  1. Review aloud the four seed scenarios found in Luke 8:4-15. What are the characteristics of the heart that bears fruit after receiving the seed?
  2. During the sermon, Pastor Christian shared the wisdom that Pastor Benjamin Robinson dropped: “The immature mind does not see the process of moving to a solution. It won’t happen overnight. But they want to turn the ship immediately.” Has anyone in the group ever struggled with the structure or leadership of a church after being there for awhile? If that’s you and you don’t mind, can you share how you handled the situation, especially if it was with an immature mindset?
  3. Have you ever heard of dramatic, event-oriented testimonies of instant deliverance and transformation? What are some concerns that arise when the church glorifies such testimonies at the expense of more process-oriented ones?
  4. Anything worthwhile is going to require a process. Can you share of an experience where you were reaching out to someone (i.e., evangelism, CG, discipleship, H&D, romance) but it involved a longer process than you expected? How did you feel in the middle of it?
  5. Take 3 minutes for everyone to memorize 1 Corinthians 14:20. Start by repeating it aloud 8 times: “Brothers, do not be children in your thinking. Be infants in evil, but in your thinking be mature.” How have you felt about the process of inner healing, sanctification, growth, and maturity in your own Christian walk lately?
  6. What does James 5:7-8 say about being patient in the process?

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