Lead Pastors Compensation

Official Statement

New Philadelphia Church Board of Trustees, December 27, 2015

1. Recently, the Board of Trustees (referred to as “Trustees” from hereon) gathered and reviewed the compensation for the lead pastors, as it has come to the attention of the Trustees that there is no structure to regularly review their compensation.

Therefore, the Trustees have decided to institute a regular pay raise of KRW150,000 (app. $125) to each lead pastor for every 2 full years of service going forward, aside from any other adjustments or changes in their compensation, providing that the church finances can support such a raise.

Also, the Trustees will conduct a regular review of the lead pastor’s compensation at the end of each year.


2. It has come to the attention of the Trustees that neither pastors have been given a proper raise since their compensation was first established (2009 for Pastor Christian and 2011 for Pastor Erin).

Thus the Trustees have also decided to give the lead pastors catch-up pay raises for their past years of faithful service: 7 years of service for Christian and 5 years of service for Erin, leading to a monthly raise of KRW450,000 (app. $375) for Christian and a monthly raise of KRW300,000 (app. $250) for Erin, coming into effect from January 2016.

Pastors Christian and Erin have graciously opted to take raises of only KRW300,000 (app. $250) and KRW200,000 (app. $167) respectively, due to their desire to see the church finances on a more secure setting after the building up of the Antioch Center. The Trustees reserves the full right of both pastors to exercise the remainder of the raise anytime either pastor feels that the church finances are on a more stable footing.


Thank you everyone for your prayers and support for our lead pastors, and please continue to lift them up in your prayers.

You can send any questions or suggestions to boardoftrustees@newphilly.cc

Thank you,
Your Board of Trustees:
– Sunny Hong
– Sungwoo Park
– Larry Kim
New Philadelphia Church

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