Why Corporate Prayer Matters

New Philly Hongdae (all campuses)
Preached by Erin Lee on November 1, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 54 minutes (audio)

Preached at NP Hongdae-Alpha

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by Paul Yoo.

  1. Share your history and experience with corporate prayer. How has corporate prayer been a blessing in your life? What has been your heart’s attitude towards corporate prayer lately?

    Corporate Prayer and the Heart of God

  3. Many churches either don’t have a prayer meeting or have sparse attendance at their prayer meetings. How important is it for a church to gather and pray together? Is it a big deal if a church doesn’t really gather together to pray? (Try to have people of different opinions share on this topic.)
  4. Read Matthew 18:19-20. What happens when two of God’s people agree about anything they ask? Why do you think God designed it so that there is such power when his people come together to pray? In other words, why do you think it moves the heart of God when the church is gathered to pray?
  5. What are some testimonies of answers to corporate prayer that you have seen? Share with one another so that you can be stirred up in faith and prayer.

    The Interplay of Private and Corporate Prayer

  7. John Piper said: “I wonder if we should expect our private prayer life to advance in maturity and depth and intensity if we never pray with others who can lift us higher and take us deeper. Wouldn’t it be like expecting a young person to become a gifted conversationalist but always sending him away to play by himself whenever there is a serious conversation?” How many of you feel like a novice in prayer and have a desire to mature in your prayer life? If that’s you, what’s keeping you from joining in the corporate prayer meetings of the church? Or how have you seen corporate prayer help you grow in your personal prayer?
  8. PE shared that often, after a long week, she would go to Friday Fire prayer meetings out of conviction, not out of feeling. Some people, when they are feeling spiritually dry or cold or hard, start neglecting and skipping out on corporate prayer. Why do you think that is?
  9. How do corporate and personal prayer strengthen each other? Share a season or instance from your life when corporate prayer really strengthened or sustained your faith. Why is corporate prayer precisely what is needed for the one who is feeling spiritually listless?

    Prayer as the Engine Room of the Church

  11. Read Acts 1:14, 2:1-4. The Holy Spirit was poured out when God’s people were gathered in a prayer meeting. How does corporate prayer position the church to receive God’s power? What are some substitutes that churches can be tempted to rely upon as a way of bringing life and power to the church?

    A Cure for the Consumer Mentality

  13. What is the consumer mentality towards church, and why is it so poisonous to one’s spiritual life as a Christian? In what ways do you see a consumer mentality in your relationship with the church?
  14. How does corporate prayer destroy the consumer mentality that has infected so many of us? What kind of church member does a person become when they are devoted to corporate prayer with their church? In this regard, how does corporate prayer transform the culture of a church?

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