His Sacrifice, Then Mine

New Philly Hongdae
Preached by David Ahn on November 15, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 41 minutes (audio)

Preached at NP Hongdae-Alpha

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by David Ahn.

  1. Pastor David said, “Some of the greatest stories have to do with sacrifice.” How has someone else’s “sacrifice” been powerful in your life?
  2. What was the significance of the word “therefore” in verse 1? What was Apostle Paul’s intention in the placement of this word?
  3. What are the “mercies of God”? After discussion, have different members take turns proclaiming the various “mercies of God” based of the following verses: Romans 3:23 & 6:23, 5:10, 8:1, 8:15, and 3:25.
  4. John Piper says, “Before Paul describes our new life in Christ as merciful, he describes it to be as worshipful.” Pastor David says, “Before sacrificing to God, you must understand God’s sacrifice for you.” What does this mean? How has Christ’s sacrifice changed the purpose of our sacrifices today?
  5. In Romans 12:1, the type of worship Apostle Paul exhorts us to uphold is translated as “spiritual.” However the Greek word used to describe worship (λογικός; logikos) involves not just the spirit but the mind and heart, as opposed to a worship that simply “goes through the motions.” What are some ways recently your worship has “gone through the motions”? By stressing the body as a “living sacrifice” in verse 1 and the “renewing of your mind” in verse 2, what kind of worship does God want you to have?
  6. Why do you think as time passes Christians shift their focus from God’s sacrifice for us to our sacrifice for God? How does this prevent us from receiving the fullness of God’s love and plan for our lives?
  7. Sam Song said, “An orphan wants all of the benefits without any sacrifice, but a son will always sacrifice, not thinking about the benefits.” This quote doesn’t mean Christians should never consider the costs in the sacrifices we make for God, but it is a reminder to always remember The Sacrifice that enables us to make sacrifices in the first place. What are some of the “sacrifices” you’ve been making that has been overshadowing God’s sacrifice for you?


  9. Take time this week (or now) to reflect on your recent sacrifices to God in the context of God’s sacrifice to you.

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