Ministry of Proclamation

New Philly Hongdae (all campuses)
Preached by Christian Lee on October 11, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 60 minutes (audio)

Preached at NP Hongdae-Alpha

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by Christian Lee.


  1. Compare Isaiah 43:18-21[1] with I Peter 2:9[2]. According to these passages, why did God redeem us?
  2. Review: The word proclaim means “to announce officially or publicly; declare something one considers important with due emphasis.”[3] The origins of the word proclaim comes from the Latin proclamare meaning ‘cry out’; pro means ‘forth’ + clamare means ‘to shout.’
  3. Read aloud Psalm 26:6-7. According to the dictionary definition and this Bible verse, what is the inherent nature of proclamation?
  4. Read aloud Deut 32:3 and Psalm 51:15. Describe an experience where you proclaimed the name of the Lord or declared his praise (not inclusive of singing lyrics to a praise song). If you can’t think of a time when you did this, how about when someone else did so?
  5. What are some examples of empty proclamations that were mentioned in the sermon or you’ve seen in your personal experience?
  6. Do you tend to be vocal about your love and devotion to God or quiet? Why do you think this is so? Is one expression superior or inferior? What does the Bible teach?
  7. Does the opinion of people around you affect your display of praise and adoration to God? If so, why do you care so much? Is it reasonable to restrain yourself based on their opinions?
  8. Application: Before closing CG today, spend some time in silence (or with quiet instrumental music playing in the background) and open up a time where people can proclaim God’s praise and glory. Have your CG1 lead it out. If you can’t verbalize what’s on your heart, just read aloud a psalm that proclaim’s God’s character and supremacy.
  9. Homework 1: Apply the word of God from this sermon by intelligibly and meaningfully proclaiming God’s praise and glory in three settings this week: 1) private prayer; 2) corporate prayer; 3) during corporate praise. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just get into a pattern of including it when beholding God’s glory. When in a corporate setting, be sure to do it in a way that edifies both God and the saints around you.
  10. Homework 2: Memorize Psalm 19:14 (NIV84 version only).
  1. Verse 21 in ESV & NKJV read “declare” while the NIV reads “that they may proclaim my praise.”
  2. ESV reads “that you may proclaim the excellencies of him.”
  3. Source: New Oxford American Dictionary


  1. Susy Park says:

    The application point (number 8) was SO POWERFUL at our CG tonight! We did it for a good 7mins while someone played the guitar, and ended with everyone closing their eyes as Revelation 4-5 were proclaimed aloud. Very fiery time at our CG where God broke off fear of man as we were actively responding in faith.

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