2015 Missions – Angeles City

Dates: Jan 23 – Jan 30, 2015

Our Angeles City team released God’s presence in settings ranging from churches, to feeding programs, to healing and deliverance services. Over the course of one week, we saw 76 people receive Jesus into their hearts, and many others get deeply touched and ministered to by the Holy Spirit. Church leaders in particular were empowered to walk in greater levels of freedom and joy. Praise God for a trip marked by immense joy, unity, and encouragement!

Team Leader: Eunice Lee
Team Preacher: Paul Yoo
Team Members: Alex Quach, Danbi Lee, Heidi Chae, Helen Kim, James Lee, Judy Bohyun Kim, Katt Gao, Lauren Chun, Sascha Kim, Stella Lee, Youme Gim


Alex Quach
I Carry God's Power

Danbi Lee
By Faith, Not Sight

Eunice Lee
Unity Beyond All Means

Helen Kim
Newfound Authority

Heidi Anna Chae
Unknowingly, Me Too

Katt Gao
Do Not Disbelieve, But Believe
James Lee
Fans, Family, and Friends

Judy Bohyun Kim
Complete the Joy

Lauren Chun
Family in Christ, Not Just Anybody
Paul Yoo
The Uncomfortable Growth of a Preacher
Sascha Kim
The Biggest Miracle

Stella Lee
A Love So Deep

Youme Gim
Unity in Love


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