Hongdae Community Mitosis 2015

On the first Sunday of August 2015, New Philly Hongdae will be starting an afternoon worship service. For the past several months NP Hongdae has been packed out and the additional service will alleviate overcrowding.

We want everyone to note that we are not just adding an additional worship service but we are splitting our current community into two. Therefore we are calling it a community mitosis.

There will be two distinct communities under one NP campus. The morning community will be called Hongdae-Alpha and the afternoon community will be called Hongdae-Omega, each with its own pastors and leaders.

  • Hongdae-Alpha: Sundays 11am
  • Hongdae-Omega: Sundays 2:30pm

Newcomers are welcome to check out both communities. Korea Univ and youth group students will be directed to the Alpha community while Yonsei students will be directed to Omega.

Note to parents: A children’s program will begin later this year and will only be offered alongside our Alpha service.