All Nite Prayer Meetings 2015

In light of various current events, New Philly leaders have been sensing a possible acceleration of end times events for this September. Thus Pastor Christian has called an all night prayer meeting for NP campuses in Seoul to ready the community for possible end times scenarios. There will be two all night prayer meetings.

  • July 24, Friday 7pm-7am[1], NP Hongdae sanctuary
  • August 14, Friday 7pm-7am, NP Hongdae sanctuary

NP Busan and NP Sydney will be hosting extended prayer meetings on the same evenings. Check with your local campus pastor for details.

Please note that both all night prayer meetings are for NP members only. Members who plan to attend are exhorted to listen to Pastor Christian’s end times sermon series, his sermon on The Day of the Lord, and Pastor JM’s sermon Why Pray for Israel? (inclusive of PC’s post-sermon teaching). Pastor Christian has also been posting key videos and news articles on his facebook page regarding the end times under the hashtag #watchandpray2015.

Pastor Christian will be issuing words regarding the end times for the wider body of Christ in a future Sunday sermon.

  1. On July 24, the all night prayer meeting will be in lieu of Friday Fire.

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