Retreat Testimonies 2015

We have also made available every testimony from each night of the retreat. Check out the powerful stories God has been writing in our community!


“From Slave to Son” by Daniel Park (NP Sillim)

Friday Evening (5/22/2015) | Download mp3


“Finding My Worth in God” by Alex Quach (NP Sydney)

Saturday Morning (5/23/2015) | Download mp3


“God’s Love Never Fails” by Jungmin Cho (NP Hongdae)

Saturday Evening (5/23/2015) | Download mp3


“From Church-goer to Church Planter” by Lydia Kim (NP Melbourne)

Sunday Service (5/24/2015) | Download mp3


“Catching Up to Kingdom Reality” by Michelle Kwak (NP Itaewon)

Sunday Evening (5/24/2015) | Download mp3


“Made for Family” by Tine Heenop (NP Busan)

Monday Morning (5/25/2015) | Download mp3