Praise to Praise to Praise

New Philly Hongdae (video streamed to Itaewon, Busan, Sillim, and Sydney)
Preached by Myunghwa Choi on June 14, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 47 minutes (mp3 audio)

Preached at NP Hongdae


Discussion Questions

  1. Pastor Myunghwa talked about how New Philly’s culture of praise is very “normal” according to the biblical standard. Were you drawn to this culture or appalled by it? Why do you think you responded that way?
  2. Pastor Myunghwa used A.W. Tozer’s quote “If you can’t worship Him on Monday you didn’t worship Him on Sunday. If you don’t worship Him on Saturday you are not in very good shape to worship Him on Sunday.” When is the most challenging day/time for you to praise God? What are the ways to help yourself to praise God seven days a week?
  3. Pastor Myunghwa’s first point was “you gotta express it”. Praise is often telling God who He is. (i.e. God, you are _____, you are ______.) God knows who Himself is & He also knows our thoughts! Why do you think God still desires to “hear” it from us?
  4. Pastor Myunghwa’s second point was “Get to know Him better and deeper”. She talked about the activity she did in seminary of calling out God’s names and attributes in alphabetical order. Choose one that has the deepest personal meaning to you and share why. (e.g. Emmanuel, Redeemer, Jehovah Shalom, etc.)
  5. Read Acts 16:22-26 again. Paul and Silas didn’t wait for the breakthrough in order to praise God, rather chose to break through [Halal in Hebrew] with praise! Is there an area of your life that’s been hindering your praise? How could you break through with praise without any circumstantial changes at hand?
  6. Pastor Myunghwa explained the symbolic meanings behind “holding out the hand [Yadah in Hebrew]”. (Summary: 1. expression of intimacy and desire to be close, 2. sign of sweet surrender and letting go of the control, 3. joyous expression of freedom and victory in Christ.) Out of the three meanings, which one comes most naturally to you and which one does not?
  7. Share your all-time favorite praise song with the group. (Sing it with beatbox if you can! ^^) From the song, pick a line that stirs you up the most and share why.
  8. What are the practical application points to help you to praise Him on daily basis? What can you start doing now in order to go from praise to praise to praise in our mundane lives? Share with your CG and keep each other accountable for the commitments you make this week!


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