What if I Don’t Stumble?

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What if I Don’t Stumble?
Sunday, November 18, 2012
Sunday Service (Busan Campus 3pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Jude 1:24-25
Duration: 00:55:44
Where many Christians today focus on “avoiding sin” and asking, “What if I stumble?” Pastor Christian challenges us to put our faith in God’s keeping power and believe that, “God is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless and with great joy before Christ.”


  1. Linda L says:

    Oh wow, this was a very powerful message that I needed to hear. I actually teared up on the bus near the end. This is something I definitely struggle with and was one of the main reasons why I skipped/avoided church even after discovering New Philly around two years ago. I felt that because I was still living in sin, I was not good enough and should make no attempts or talked down upon myself when I slipped back into my old ways. I honestly did not take as much away from the beginning about false leaders. I had a bit of trouble connecting with that part of the message. However, I do understand how it can lead to divisions and how the weak are preyed upon by these false leaders. It is like gossiping and such in middle school, causing divisions among friends and taking sides. I have read about cults and such, they use such tactics as breaking down the spirit (as talked about with prostitution in Erin’s sermon Shift Into the Spirit) and isolation. Giving false hope and telling the people what they are seeking out, that they will find in within the cult. They prey on the weaker ones who can be easier to manipulate, those who are unsure or weak in their faith/beliefs or who feel like they do not belong. Something important to be aware of.
    Then the sermon shifted over to the idea that living and walking a life of faith is not boring. That is true, at the time my mindset was wrong and I was living in the flesh thinking how boring, attending church early on a Sunday morning, singing songs about God, reading the bible, how is that fun I thought (especially since I have disliked reading since university). It would more exciting talking about a crazy night out (where you end up sick with a lovely hangover where you swear you will quit partying lol and cannot remember everything that had happened the previous night), living your life like every day is your last or not caring about anything deeply. Basically that phrase or whatever YOLO (not true because there is life after our physical body decays). However, it is much better to have testimonies that show the power of God and how he has transformed lives, helped heal and deliver people from a life of bondage and living in sin nature.
    In addition, I need to shift my mind into the belief that I am saved and have been sanctified. God’s keeping power keeps me from falling which has more power than my sin nature. I need to think what if I don’t stumble, what will my life be like if I walk faithfully and have faith. If I have faith, it will give me confidence and boldness. I have to keep in mind that the walk in faith is one of growth and that I am to appear before Christ faultless and with great joy.

  2. I hve never thought about the keeping power of God before. I personally had a dramatic testimony of the saving power of God when I came to Christ in 2005. After listening to this sermon, I came to give praises to the Lord for the powerful period of spiritual growth until now! There were certain periods that I felt like my Christian life is boring because I just didn’t know what to do more. I felt like I am staying at the same spot without growth for a while. However, God was always faithful and never gave up on helping me grow. I truly want to stand before Jesus when He comes back and be able to stand without fault and with a great joy! For last couple years, I have been thinking that I am now growing any more. I thought I lost the momentum because I started to get confused about who Jesus is and who I amn Christ. And I struggled to submit and surrender myself to Christ and the leader whom Christ put the authority. Despite my feelings, I know that God is so faithful and that He is working in my life.

  3. Macey Martinez says:

    Nothing is more beautiful then to see someone who has been living out their life in Christ since day one. What great faith that they have.
    Those testimonies are some of the strongest testimonies that you can encounter. They show that regardless of what happens in your life, God has the keeping power to keep you right where you are, under his wing.

    And it’s awful to have this mind set that if we sin, it will be okay cuz God save and redeems us. No we should be believing that regardless of what the enemy throws our way, we will stand firm in our faith because God has his hand on us.

    When we start to mold our hearts after Gods own heart, our desires and passions began to change. Our hearts are no longer desiring to sin but to please God. We are transformed and reformed into the image of God. As we continue to grow deeper, sin starts to become like bad candy. It upsets the stomach and the thought of it repulsed you.

    We should be seeking to please God, not ourselves. This life and body are no longer ours. Besides, Jesus came to live a life that we should live. Yes he was God, but he was still 100% man and he lived a pure life. though he was tempted, he never fell into temptation. He told people to go and sin no more after being radically transformed. Therefore, we encounter God, we too should abide by what he said. “Go and sin no more.”

  4. Sally Kim says:

    I guess that once we have accepted Christ Jesus as our Savior, we have gave our life to Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit dwells within us and we no longer have to concern ‘what if I sin?’ We are kept by God, and he never lets go. We are fully and forever HIS, and we are in a level where he embraces us and secures us with his all encompassing arms.
    But we need to always remember that just as Pastor Suzy mentioned at Jeremiah Prayer Meeting, a small Yes to sin might take us down the slippery slope to sin. I guess that although God is keeping me safe and as I commit myself to the Lord I was kept safe from sin, but one small Yes to sin, the thought that God may not exist, will take us down the dangerous road very quickly.
    For me, I think God’s keeping power was strong within me, although I had some difficult moments, I was kept from bringing others into sin, I was kept from doubting his existence and such. I realized that huge transformations from sin to life may be dramatic testimonies, but being kept in HIS realm consistently is a stronger testimony with a firm base in his presence.

  5. Choy Jun Ai says:

    I’ve been asking myself similar question in the past. Sometimes I am discouraged because I feel that I am not good enough and I was wondering if I am doing God a favor. This led me back to the sin managing life and low self-esteem. Yet, sometimes I do also have good enough position. I am afraid of failures but at the same moment I want to learn to be humble too. I was told before that following Jesus will not get your life into an easier way but there’s solution for you instead. Therefore I am now learning to put faith in God and just to take one more step in faith. This is because I know that there will be His mighty hand carrying me while I am felling down and He always has a better plan for me through those failures. The more I got into a stumble situation and I believe that there will be more glories of God is going to be declared.

  6. Henry Spice says:

    Listening to this sermon has reminded me that the ultimate goal of a Christian is not to avoid falling, but to appear before our wise God and savior faultless before His presence dancing with great joy! Yes!!!! I know this because the good Lord who has forgiven me from a multitude of sin is the same God who has kept PC from a multitude of sins. God’s keeping power has has given me the courage and confidence to remain steadfast while pressing towards the mark to become more like Christ. So for me there is nothing to be ashamed of or complain about. I am hopeful and confident in His saving grace and keeping power.

  7. There were several things that came to mind. PC talked about how the Word describes the devil like a lion and how in nature lions prey on the weakest animals, such as baby gazelles and zebras instead of their mature counterparts. If I am not mature, if I do not grow, I am easy prey for constant attacks. Without maturity, which I think requires one to stumble less and more faithfulness, I am a target.

    The other point which I do not yet fully understand is PC’s point about how “great joy” is reserved for those who have remained faithful instead of constantly stumbling, for those who have trusted in and enjoyed the fruit of God’s keeping power. I do not understand the big difference between the joy reserved for all believers and the “great joy” for the faithful, and I would like to understand it. How is it good enough that we should aspire to it? Perhaps experience will give the answer.

  8. I really loved this message. I think almost all of us have been fearful of what it would look like if we back slid and fell into our old sin patterns. But, the key message of this whole sermon is we can’t fall. God will liberate and keep us from fear. We should instead strive to come before the Lord without fault and with pure joy. We must remain faithful in the Lord. Being faithful means trusting in the Lord that we won’t fall and that we won’t stumble. God is our ultimate protector. He keeps us strong and keeps and protects us from danger.

    I know I have constantly worried about what if I stumble? What if I am not good enough and I am not worthy. But I do have God’s power within me. God’s power will keep me strong. I must just remember that no matter what does happen, I am a mighty daughter of God and I can conquer all fear and if I do stumble God will still love me. The same God has forgiven me for all my past sins so why not now? I feel so much stronger now!

  9. Chelsea Van Eck says:

    This message has completely transformed how I see my own testimony. When I was writing my testimony for missions, I definitely was caught up in the lie that my testimony was not exciting or as powerful as other peoples. But a sister told me about the difference between God’s saving and keeping power. Growing up, I always didn’t do certain things or participate in certain activities for a reason I could never put my finger on. My friends would make fun of me and I would even start to feel bad about not being “fun.” I realize know that God’s keeping power was written all over those experiences. The Spirit was prompting me to turn away to keep me from harm and foolishness. God’s keeping power is indeed powerful, even when you are not aware of it. I have more confidence and boldness in my own testimony now.

  10. Young Ko says:

    I got pumped up when I heard the word “contend” – let’s contend for the kingdom by walking in faith / let’s break out of huddle and play the game / let’s keep running the race / let’s raise up an army to bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim freedom for the captives.

    Also, I am glad Pastor Christian shared two types of Grace: keeping Grace and saving Grace. I tend to associate my experience/walk with keeping Grace and it was a good reminder that God’s “keeping Grace” is just as powerful as “saving Grace” to transform and “present me before Him without a blame and with a great joy.” By walking in faith and being equipped with the armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-17 , I look forward to see what God has store for me.

  11. Lydia Kim says:

    This message is so relevant and empowering for people like myself who also didn’t have a crazy life/testimony before encountering the powerful love of God. I definitely believe in the keeping power of God as I can look back and clearly see moments where He covered me and kept me pure. I love how this message really emphasises the point of focusing on going from glory to glory instead of the temptations of sin and avoiding failure. Our journey with the Lord is supposed to be a victorious one, not anticipating when we will stumble or when our intimacy with God will go up and down (as many older Christians advise). I think if more Christians rooted themselves in this teaching, we would find many more people walking out in true freedom.

  12. Claire Ramsey says:

    It was really great to dig in to the keeping power of God. I feel like some churches focus so much on the saving power of God, and when people are saved they neglect to really show them how God partners with us to keep us from stumbling. It’s more of a “sin management” view of the Christian lifestyle rather than one of complete liberation and of death to ones old self. God is able to raise us from the death of our sinful nature and KEEP us alive in His power!!!

    It also really resonated with me talking about having a “boring” testimony. I’ve done my fair share of clubbing and drinking, but I used to feel so inadequate compared to other Christians who experienced “radical” transformations from lifestyles of crime and what not. I honestly didn’t think I had a testimony for the longest time. But once I understood who I am in Christ, that all changed and the true, exciting adventure of living a Spirit-filled life began! What I thought was a rule-following, dull kind of life has turned out to be anything but. Thank you Lord for your keeping power and for never abandoning the good work you have started in us!

  13. Aram Lee says:

    Talking about false teachers… I met several in the past.
    I’m still not 100% sure if I’ve fully forgiven them or not. Because sometimes my fear and anger toward them come back. I still wish their lives fell apart…
    I tried so hard, so many times to forgive them, but in the end I kinda gave up and just avoided thinking about them.
    I hesitated so much as I signed up for NRTC because of my inconsistency and unstable emotional state. I could never trust myself.
    But It is my prayer that when I don’t feel confident about myself, I wouldn’t choose to focus on my own insecurities but turn my eyes to God. When I gaze at how good and faithful He is, I know I am forever secure!

  14. It was necessary for me to just hear again that it is not what you do or don’t that gives you strength and power, but only through God we receive this strength and power to stand strong in times of false teachings. It is important for us to be responsible but in the end through God all things are possible. It is really sad to see the division that is going on in this time. We need to stand tall and go out through the Holy Spirit. The one thing that stood out for me and really touches my heart is the part where PC talks about your testimony. For so long I thought there is no power to share my testimony because it is not that big or wow testimony. Listening to this sermon took me back to previous situations in my life and suddenly I realised that there is so much power in my testimony because God was always there even through the times I felt far away from God. God protected me from evil and bad things that could have happen. My story with God is not boring there is more to it than I thought. I have now a full understanding about Gods keeping power. We need to stop focusing on the things we do or don’t do and start focusing on Gods keeping power and love. I need to walk in faith and God will keep me from falling.

  15. Danielle Kang says:

    This was such a powerful message. It really ministered to me and set me free from a lot of struggles and lies I had been wrestling with, especially late last year. The ‘uncertainty’ of the future of my faith was something that was almost paralysing and I would be haunted by the fear of not being ‘really’ saved. However!!!! God is truly the author and perfecter of my faith and He is FAITHFUL to finish what He has started in me. PC talks about how God doesn’t want us to entertain the ‘what if’ questions/doubts about God’s keeping power, and nowhere in the bible does it encourage this kind of attitude either. The keeping power of God is meant to give us boldness and confidence to live out a powerful and victorious Christian life, not just to help us avoid making mistakes and stumbling. It’s so much more than that! How powerful this truth is!!

    I loved the part about positional and progressive sanctification.
    I used to hear people say that ‘God is more interested in who I am becoming than what I can do for Him’ and I don’t think I fully understood what that meant but learning about progressive sanctification it makes all the sense now!
    On that day when I am to present my life before Jesus, my desire also is to be able to rejoice with Him in seeing how much I have become like Him through progressive sanctification! Something that has stuck with me for such a long time was when pastor Myunghwa once told me that how this whole process of sanctification is not about getting rid of sin patterns in my life, but a process of ‘beautification’ to become more like Jesus.

    T_ T soooo legit!

  16. What a great reminder that we ought to celebrate the keeping power/grace of Christ just as much as his saving grace! We are privileged to have the kind of freedom in this house that allows people to admit their past sins without shame and inspire others who may still be walking out their victory / healing to continue on with hope. Unfortunately the enemy tries to twist every good gift of God and in this case he causes those who were steadfast and blessed to experience the keeping power of God’s grace throughout their lives to feel as if their testimonies are worth less than those of the (more outwardly) prodigal sons… This insecurity is obviously demonic since it prevents people from wanting to share their testimonies with others and being a blessing, perhaps even bringing healing in ways they did not expect. Thanks PC for addressing a real issue that the house needed to hear!

  17. Yeah! How exciting is it to walk in God’s grace, and to not stumble? What great joy awaits! What if we don’t stumble? What if we just love the Lord so much that we have a crazy party till 5 AM with Jesus and be drunk off the joy of the Holy Spirit every Friday night instead of going partying at the club and letting lust enter our hearts that will eventually leave us feeling empty afterwards because making out with a stranger at a club is not love, but a lack of love because love can only be fully established in covenant? When we hang out with friends who are nonbelievers, what if, instead of worrying about falling into sin patterns along with your friends, we are able to pray for them and the fire of the Holy Spirit falls and friends who’s been addicted to smoking for over 10 years all of sudden gets set free? Wow! THAT is truly exiting! I would much rather see dry bones come to life instead of dealing with the consequences of our foolishness.

    I grew up in the church, and honestly, it is really hard to pinpoint which point in my life I got saved, because I feel like God was with me for all I can remember. And I can testify of the keeping power of God, because even when I wanted to try the different things of the world, God’s keeping power was stronger than my own desire to fall into foolishness. I read a book in the summer going into my freshmen year of college thinking it’s a book about how to get guys, but turns out, it’s a Christian book about how to be a set apart woman for Jesus Christ. I mentally prepared myself to start drinking in college, but every single person I met, my roommate, my floor mate, etc. were Christian, and the only parties I got invited to was movie nights and ice cream nights from church. But man, my college experience has been far from being boring, but been filled with exciting stories of being hit in holy joy, favor upon favor, crazy provisions and open doors, and experiencing deep satisfaction in Christ.

    God’s keeping power is SO much stronger, so much sweeter, so much more exciting than falling into sin. The keeping power of God is strong. I mean, Jesus died for my sins, and if my God is so committed to loving me that he died for me, I’m pretty sure he won’t let me walk out on him that easy. He would probably be all up in my face going, “Sharon! Where you going? I didn’t die for you just so you can fall back into sin that easy! Look at me!! Sharon! Look at me!!” Yeah. Since God is so committed to loving me and keeping me in righteousness, I might as well also be committed to him, so that I may appear to him faultless and in great joy! I’m excited for this exciting life of walking in the grace of the keeping power of God.

  18. After coming off session #2 of NRTC, this lesson is further kicking my behind. In a good way, but still kicking my behind a bit.

    I have never really heard of the “keeping power of God” before. It’s something that’s never been brought up by pastors and in churches I’ve been in before. They focus more on the “saving power”. That’s it. Realizing that when I am in the Word, walking with God, being in communion of the Holy Spirit, that God’s keeping me away from possibilities of sin-acquiring situations, that’s something new but it’s incredible.

    The statement about the difference between normal joy and great joy, that made me think a lot about my story, about what Christ will see when I stand before him. It made me realize a lot about my own life, and that I want to have more to show. I don’t want to be a man who just wants joy, but a man who wants that great joy. The only way that comes is by taking that leap of faith and diving into God’s presence, his Word, and in communion with the Holy Spirit.

    This entry was very tough to write, because of all that’s been happening. But this sermon has helped me realize that there’s a lot more that I don’t know. That makes me anticipate all the knowledge that’s in store down the line.

  19. The first thing that hit my mind when Ps Christian mentions false teachers and doctrine, immediately I whip out my ‘discernment night vision goggles’ that a pastor once preached at my church. As I previously mentioned in one of my comments, there are so many beliefs to the point it can be questioned: what is right and what is wrong? I love the purpose of this sermon as it rightfully teaches us eight key exhortations that demonstrates false teachings or teachers that trying to infiltrate the church and enables a Christian like me to grow to a level of spiritual maturity.

    Although the eight exhortations are as important as each other, in particular one exhortation stood out for me: praying in the spirit. After Sunday’s NRTC session on the importance of the Holy Spirit it made me realise how much more we need the Holy Spirit to be activated in our lives frequently and create a strong relationship with Him, in order for us to grow and be equipped for battle. The Holy Spirit I believe is to transform our life completely with maturity in Christ. As Ps Christian mentions, we got to learn to exercise this gift as we are taught to do it in the bible.

    A part of the sermon which I highlighted was the importance of sanctification in our lives. There are two kinds of sanctification that I got mixed up with but my question was answered through the explanation of positional and progressive sanctification. Spiritual maturity is something that has hit me whilst being in Korea and has started to impact me to something I desire to have in my walk with God. He calls us saints and declares us as Holy which was only done by the blood of Jesus (positional) but for me I struggle with the part where we are questioned: ‘what are we going to present to Him (progressive)?’ I want to have a life that will grow relationship and intimacy with Christ. I want to have a life that represents Christ in my attitude and actions. I want to have a life that grows into His likeness.

  20. Wow this is so true. We as a generation sometimes complain a lot about not having enough faith for things. We don’t see the miracles of our parents or grandparents so we figure we don’t have the faith of previous generations. And that’s just not true. We have a lot of faith maybe even more than the previous but its all in the wrong thing. We agree with what we see way too much. We don’t remember who we are connected to. Therefore we don’t access that power. We have the connection of all connections with the Lord God Almighty and we Forget…

  21. Chloe Lee says:

    God’s saving power and keeping power both have been essential part of my walk with Jesus. But overall, it has always been God’s keeping power ‘Grace’ that made me who I am now.

    I was born into Christian household. Moreover, my parent always taught the word of God and to fervently pray to God, in order to walk a blameless life with Jesus. God’s presence was always with me through prayers. I did accept Jesus as my Lord & Savior in 4th grade youth retreat. Thinking to myself, I believed that I was a pretty legit Christian compare to others. However, since 9th grade, my faith started to stumble through obstacles, believing into lies that God’s power had left and fearing that God had dislike me because of my hidden sinful nature.

    During my first year of college, I kept a distance walking faithful with Jesus. Also being mad at God for not responding to my prayer requests, I started to astray from God by drinking, going clubbing, and smoking hookah. I didn’t tell my parent about it because it the opposite what they have taught me. I found vacant joy following the desires of my flesh while spiritually, I felt dead. Second year of my college, I got to my lowest point where I found no joy in anything. This led me to a point where I thought I need to do drugs and smoke to fill the emptiness. This was not a exciting experience, just as Past Christian mentioned. The word of God was with me, so I knew where this path was leading ‘Death’.

    After years of depression, God’s saving power rescued me and His love captivated me once more during a short mission trip. I was filled with joy and dedicated my life to God. Although it took me a while to let go of my sinful natures, his grace never left me. Accepting Jesus was once, my hardship weren’t gone rather they were getting bigger, but my faith didn’t grow weary. I came out to become more bold and stronger within Jesus. God gave a revelation of His keeping power through Holy Spirit. God never left me the day I was born. “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

    Now, I want to be walk in progressive sanctification. To become more into the likeness of Jesus is my goal as a daughter of God. God’s keeping power is with me till King Jesus comes back. When I stand in front Jesus’s glorious presence, I want to say “Your love and power made walk in blameless life and has filled me joy, father!” It is not own effort that makes me a good Christian, but God’s keeping power that makes a daughter of God.

  22. Paul JS Park says:

    The sermon reminded me on what life following after Jesus is really about. Although I have been saved, although 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation,” many times I sense that my flesh is giving new life to my sinful desires. I remember times when I was confused and discouraged by this very fact.

    Too many times I have been over concerned over my fear of stumbling. I was asking the wrong question. The right question should have been, ‘what if I don’t stumble?’ In the midst of my sinful self there is hope, for God’s saving power remains sovereign over my life. In the midst of my struggles God reminds me of what life fully devoted to Him looks like, what is at the end of this road ahead of me. In faith do I hope, and in faith I trust in His faithfulness to keep me in his grace and mercy.

  23. Joy is for everyone because of salvation. However, great joy is not for everyone because it is only along with following and obeying Jesus. Even though there are flaws in my life, God’s love on me is undeniable. When I got out of minors, I left church and lived with self-indulgence. After having painful days, I came back his house but I was sporadically tempted by parties and drinking. It was a kind of back and forth to sins causing low view on myself. One thing that I did not know was God’s ability which is strong enough to keep out of sins. I should have looked for the confidence from the heaven. Now, I can stand with great joy because every chain was broken by Jesus who spilt the precious blood. I become holy but progressive sanctification is still needed. As an army of mighty warriors, I want to contend for the faith. ‘He will keep you strong to the end so that you will be free from all blame on the day when our Lord Jesus Christ returns.’ (1 Cor 1:8)

  24. I’m so encouraged and motivated right now!
    I used to think that I could totally cast out demons (well, tiny ones), but I definitely am not. Authority comes from relationship with God, knowing who I am, obeying God, and stewarding the Spirit’s anointing – and I still need work in every aspect.

    God doesn’t want me to entertain the what if’s; that’s putting more belief in my sin than in God’s ability to keep me from sin. When Pastor Christian said that, WOOH that slapped me in the face. God’s keeping power was meant to give me confidence and boldness to live this exciting Christian life. God will keep me from stumbling/falling, as long as I do my own part.

    Christian life isn’t entirely about avoiding “bad” things like drinking, clubbing, and etc…it’s about progressive sanctification! How do I want to appear to Jesus when it’s finally time? Am I going to stay in this cycle of backsliding or am I going to be VICTORIOUS?
    New goal: to stand before Jesus as the me who’s so much more like Him, faultless, and bursting with that good, great joy. “I did it! I stuck through.”

  25. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    This message really encouraged me. I grew in appreciation of Pastor Christian both with regard to his human past, but also with regard to the value that he displayed of what was/is truly an exciting story/testimony. Something that I need to start doing is appreciating that God is not a God who is just testing us out to see if we fail, but rather, He is the God who has provided all of the answers, and indeed the very support, by His will to see that we do succeed. Peter saw Jesus out on the water, and said that if Jesus told him to come, that he would come out onto the water. Jesus told Peter to come, and as a result Peter trusted in Jesus for a time, and then even when he was sinking due to doubt, he cried out to Jesus and was rescued. Yes, I want to learn to recognize and focus more on the God who is able to keep us from stumbling. He doesn’t want us to stumble, therefor He is doing everything He can to see to it that we walk with Him and don’t stumble. It certainly is a shift of a way of thinking. Like seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, and everything being added to us. It doesn’t say seek first where God’s Kingdom is not. I pray that I would learn to focus more on where Jesus is, and what he is saying and doing, rather than looking at my own lack. What Holy Spirit is doing, and saying, and revealing is probably the most important thing.

  26. Chloe Cho says:

    I used to think the word ‘testimony’ was something I thought I did not have. Ever since I can remember, almost all testimonies I heard at different churches were about Jesus saving people from the valleys of the shadows of death. It seemed like everyone had had at least one MAJOR moral, mental, financial, or emotional failure, and those stories made my own life sound boring to tell other people about it. They left me in thanksgiving although I continued to take things for granted. At the same time, however, one corner of my heart started to long for one of those “exciting” adventures.

    For college, I moved all the way to Pennsylvania from California, and it might have been really easy for me to fall into those party scenes like the ones PC mentioned in this message. But out of all things, God led me to a Friday prayer meeting on the first week and continued to teach me so much more about Him. At one point, I started asking ‘what if God tests me, and I don’t have the strength to say ‘yes’ to Him?’ It was clear that God was keeping me by his side and not letting go of me. I was limiting God’s strength by focusing on my own strength. Why should I worry about anything when my Father protects me? This sermon reminded me that our identity is sealed in His name, and we just need to enjoy His presence without asking ‘what if.’ Nothing can take away that great joy of mine.

  27. Victoria Pai says:

    I am that kid who doesn’t have a dramatic testimony. I grew up regularly attending church, didn’t really even have a rebellious stage, never doubted God’s existence, tried to serve when I could. I was envious of people who had a “cool” testimony, who went so far out the deep end, they had to have a radical encounter with God in order to even survive. Stories of the saving power of God inspired me and made me envious at the same time.
    Hearing PC talk about the equally powerful keeping power of God made me more grateful and understanding about my own testimony. I used to not bother sharing my testimony because I thought no one would care to listen anyways. But there is so much evidence of the keeping power of God in my life that I wouldn’t even be the same person without it.
    Hearing positional sanctification in comparison to progressive sanctification was also pretty new. A church I attend explained justification as instant, sanctification as what is happening currently, and glorification as what is coming. I will have to ponder this concept of already being made holy and being made holy working together like a paradox more.
    I liked hearing that Christian life’s goal is not to not stumble. At some point, Christians became obsessed with simply not stumbling, praying lengthy prayers asking God to, through His grace, keep them from stumbling, as if His grace is barely enough for that. God’s grace is more than enough for that.

  28. I really like this sermon. I think it shows a mature perspective of the Christian life. I think it takes a true confidence in the blessing of Christ to believe that He can bring us through a process of sanctification that we can eventually be made holy. This is the first time I have heard the terms positional and possession sanctification. PC’s encouragement to live faultless and with great joy reminds me of what my high school teachers taught me. They told me, it is more important how you finish, than how you started. I was raised in the church and my parents brought me up to fear the Lord but in college I lost sight of my sanctification process. I didn’t submit to an authority and I cussed, drank and smoked heavily and generally treated myself without respect. At the time I was very selfish and I felt very hopeless and that life didn’t mean anything. How could I have believed such things? It has taken me a long time to come out of that immature lifestyle and even though God has always been with me I have missed out on what could have potentially been a wonderful and exciting time of growing into a man of God. I know God can use all things for good for those who love Him, and He is abundantly faithful and so now He is showing me how to walk with faith and love. I can never have those years back but I think God can use my testimony to affirm what PC is saying. These things of the flesh are void of excitement and meaning and they are not glamorous and they are actually death. I feel like those years died. I now choose to put my faith in the one who can keep me, and who can me holy like He is holy.

  29. I really enjoyed listening to this message! It was such a powerful word that really resonated with me. Time and time again, I have asked myself the same question that Pastor Christian discussed in his sermon–what if I stumble? I assumed that this relationship and journey with Christ was based on persevering and making certain that I don’t stumble before Him, but I love that Pastor Christian mentioned that we begin to believe more in our sin nature rather than our faith in God when we are so consumed with the idea of not stumbling. It was such a great reminder that the keeping power of God gives us the confidence and boldness to live a Christian life. The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to be presented without fault and with great joy before the Lord. However, that means that we need to continuously live a life that is victorious for the Lord. I hope that I, too, can stand before Jesus the day He comes back and He will be excited to hear about the ways I was obedient, strong, confident, and victorious in life for Him!

  30. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    Whenever my relationship with God got stronger, I still had doubts in my heart saying, “it may be good now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll do something stupid and stumble”. and soon after, I did. So when PC said we shouldn’t live life like we have more faith in our sins or sin patterns, but in God, that was a big slap in my face. (in the best way possible of course haha) I now know that God is a God who doesn’t just set me free, but a God that keeps me free. I shouldn’t fear of stumbling, but rather trust fully in God that he won’t make me stumble.

    I also never had “exciting” experiences in life and labeled myself as an “boring christian”. But PC reminded me that not having an exciting life is also by his grace, and no matter what happens, he will be able to use me and bless others through me.

  31. Amanda Highsmith says:

    I’ve always been the obedient child and “the goody two shoes”. I was never invited to things people knew I wouldn’t do or that I would likely tattle on. Growing up I struggled with not being invited out or beign able to hang out with the “cool” kids. But at the same time I didn’t want to do “bad” things. As I got older this made me wonder “what has Gid saved me from? Everyone else has a better salvation story than me. Who wants to hear my story when its boring?” What people didn’t realize, and I had ignored, is the fact I had secret sins I was hiding. But more than that, God saved me from boys. If I had had a boyfriend after I turned 16, I am not sure I would be able to say at 36 that I am a virgin. I don’t know how much more pain I would have gone through beyond the pain of being rejected when telling a guy I liked him and to only hear “I’m flattered but….I don’t see you that way.” Instead its good to hear and know of how God’s keeping power has saved me and I am free.

  32. Lindsey Harrison says:

    The first time i listened to this message i didn’t get a lot from it… i knew i should though. I could sense that there were some good nuggets of truth in there that i was really trying to grasp, so i listened to it again. The things that really suck out to seem a bit innane, but it spoke volumes to me. The first one an off hand comment Pastor Chrristian made about the indwelling Holy Spirit. Once you get saved you have the indwelling Spirit, and “you can’t chase him out.” This comment was in reference to the false teacher being devoid of the Spirit, still it really spoke to me and i felt like i let out a breath o had had been holding for too long. There was this thing my classmates would say to one another, that always rubbed me the wrong way, especially when they said it to me. When ever one of them got annoyed by another person, or they thought person was reacting poorly to a situation, they would say, “you need to get saved.” I alays thought, “i am saved, thanks.” That statement “get saved” implies that the other person has not encountered Jesus and had their momement of decision, and the last however many years or months have been in vain. Not only that it plants a seed of doubt. “You can’t chase Him out.” That was such a relief for me to hear. There is nothing i can do to chase Holy Spirit out. I can still grieve him, but i can mever chase him out of me. That was such a relief to hear.
    The next thing that spoke volumes to me was of course the crux of this message. The middle bits serving as build up for this saliebt point, what if i don’t stumble. Having been in leadership positions before in other church, serving under different pastors, i heard a lot about don’t stumble because your actions affect those under you! There is truth to that satement but it creates this stigma in you mind and a fear. Also having failure met with condemnation didn’t help this fear of stumbling. As a result i kept questioning what if i stumble? Pastor Christian hit the nail on the head when he said thatbis putting your faith in yoour sin-nature rather than in God’s keeping power. Ultimately, “what if i stumble?” Lead to “what’s the point? I am giing to stumble/well, i have already stumbled” and this ultimately lead me astray. Having come back, and being awaked to the lies of my past it is amazing how powerful one one word can be. Whatif I DON’T stumble. That right there is a game changer. After hearing this message, i don’t wNt to go back to the old way of thinking, i never want to turn back. I never want to stop thinking “what if i don’t stumble? What ifbi remain faithful to God? What if every unwittingly committed mistake only serves as a spring board and teaching tool rather than a stumbling block? What if, what if i remain faithful to God and never hurt his heart in this same way again?” All i have to do is my part and God will take care of the rest. I can do that. I am not reaponsible for my salvation. I am free from that burden.

    Did not mean to write an essay…. my bad….

  33. Lindsey Harrison says:

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I typed it all out on my phone~^^;;;;;;;

  34. I can say that I’ve lived a large portion of my life with a “what if I stumble” or sometimes even a “when I stumble” mentality. Like PC stated, I had more belief in my ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep me from sinning. Having this kind of “I will always stumble” mindset is definitely not from God and it’s something that I need to overcome. After being set free from a lot of things last Saturday at our H&D session, I believe that God will KEEP me free from all past bondages and from stumbling over the same things over and over again.

    I am excited for what God has in-store for me in the new season as I’ve shifted from believing in my ability to sin to God’s ability to keep me from sinning.

  35. Grace Ko says:

    What an awesome word! Thank you, PC!
    I appreciated PC’s honesty about the difference between the saving power of God and the keeping power of God. I realized that I have been “glamorizing” saving power of God and that Satan has often kept me from truly seeing the AMAZING keeping power of God. I have had a very low view of God’s keeping power.
    It reminded me of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. So often, I have been like the elder son saying to the Father, “Well, what about me???” But the Father says to that son, “You are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”
    I have spent a lot of time wondering, “What is my testimony? I don’t have anything worthy of being shared. I don’t have some crazy story of how I was saved. What value does my story have in comparison to others.” But man, how wrong I was!
    In hearing this message, I realize it is amazing to be able to say that the Father has been with me, keeping me. But also, that He will CONTINUE to keep me. That I should not live in fear of if and when I will stumble but that He will keep me from falling!

  36. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    This was the most practical sermons on Jude, a very overlooked and sometimes difficult book, that I have ever heard. I really appreciated the fresh perspective on perservance of the saints and how it extends to our progressive sanctification in Christ.  I used to be decieved into thinking that sin is exciting and got upset when I saw people get healed of a longer list of sins than me believing that God just let them off Scott free and let them have more fun (I have my own list too). Fun and excitement are defined rather by the process of our sanctification. 

  37. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    One of the most practical sermons*

  38. Ellen Lee says:

    God is able. This statement is the most important, powerful statement that sometimes we forget as Christians. We thank, and praise God for giving us salvation when we don’t deserve it but when it comes to certain sins we struggle with we lack faith in God’s keeping power. PC’s sermon on What If I don’t Stumble? Gave me great insight on how a lot of Christians put “more belief in their ability to sin than God’s power.” We sometimes get caught up in the mindset of, if we attend every Sunday service, every early morning prayer, every praise night, every revival that’s available to us that this could possibly help us from falling into sin. We ask the what if’s and question if I do this sin will God still love me? We forget one of the most important aspect of who God is- it is that God is able to keep you from falling, God is able to keep you from false teachers and God is able to give you that spirit filled life if you desire it. I think a lot of the time I am that Christian that puts more belief in my ability to sin than God’s keeping power. When I am in a spirit filled relationship with God I begin to start questioning how long this might last until I fall into the same sin again and again. Even when I am overjoyed, and surrender all to the Lord I still question whether this is just another spiritual high, or will I be able to sustain this fire. This sermon gave me affirmation of who God is and reminded me that he has the keeping power so we shouldn’t feel as though he isn’t able to keep us from falling.

  39. Marius van Broekhuizen says:

    The most exciting life to live is the spirit-filled life. There’s nothing exciting about being high and paranoid on drugs or waking up next to someone you don’t know. Testimonies of God’s saving power gets a lot of attention because of the shock value. But, even more powerful is it when people are walking out in victory and when people are chasing out the devil. Will God still love me when I fall? YES! But I love this sermon because it makes me envision a life that is not characterized with stumbling. The Christian life is not about just being “good enough”, but it is about setting others free. It is not about putting our faith in our sin nature, but to put our faith in the “one who has the power to keep us”. We should even be worried about falling all the time. The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to presented to God faultless and with great joy. I don’t have to be afraid of falling all the time. If I live in fear, it shows that my trust is not in God who is able to keep me from falling.

  40. Ruth Lee says:

    I think I always struggled with the idea of the “keeping-power of Jesus Christ.” I attended church at a young age, but as I got older, I kept stumbling. When I finally came to New Philly and was completely renewed, I worried about stumbling again. This sermon was a reminder that I shouldn’t focus on the fact that I’ll make mistakes and back-slide, but rather look forward to amazing plans that He has for me, because his keeping-power is so much stronger than I am. Pastor Christian also talks about testimonies on spirit-filled lives. I always thought that 180 degree testimonies where Christians turn from the secular lives to spirit-filled lives were always more exciting than testimonies that demonstrated consistency in God. After this sermon, I realized that every testimony is special and exciting, because all testimonies are from God and God is exciting!

  41. Michael Chan (NP Sydney) says:

    The keeping power of God is definitely strong! Most of my life as a Christian I’ve been focusing on the saving power of God and my of focus was trying not to stumble. I always felt that I wasn’t “good” enough and still too sinful. That was my focus, when that day comes where I am perfect, I will then go and get baptised. But no, we are already victorious because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us! Don’t just pray for freedom but declare and believe that you have been set free already! God not only has the power to save us but to KEEP us from stumbling.

  42. i was very encourage by this massage!
    We tend to think about what if i don’t stumble? But hearing this massage i realized from the stumbling be can search God more in our lives. We will tend to seek more of His words to be spoken in our lives which become the strong foundation in our heart. i also like part when pastor christian mention the keeping power of God. I understand the lie that enemies put through in my live about “exciting life” and just realized how exciting my life is when i walk with God. it is exciting to wait on what spectacular things that He will do next.

  43. I guess I am one of those people who always shied from sharing their testimony because it was “boring”. I came to Christ as a teenager and I’ve not done anything too outrageous or rebellious. But God did transform my life into an adventure and I have never lived a boring moment since the moment I gave my life to Him! So this was incredibly encouraging. Now that I am aware of God’s keeping power, I see it so clearly in many instances in my life when I was close to drifting. I am grateful that God not only saved me, He also kept me faithful.

  44. Stella Lee says:

    This is a curious sermon. While it did convict me to stop letting the “what ifs” consume my walk with Christ and not put faith in my own sinning nature and rather on God, it also brings questions into my mind about the keeping power of God. The problem was not the “what if I stumble” for me, but the “why did I stumble?” or “Why did this happen to me?”. Not in a manner of self pity and victimized mentality, for I have long passed that point with God’s love and grace but a genuine curiosity of why. Why is it that some people have those clean slated “keeping power” testimonies, while some have the “saving power” testimony? And I’m not referring to the saving power as in saved from sinful things of one’s own free will and temptation’s doing but those that have suffered trauma such as severe emotional/physical abuse or handicapping accidents?
    While I do believe God has great keeping power, I can’t help but wonder if our own will to stay with God is equally important if not more important in staying with Him? However, I do see the point P.C was making. It’s akin to thinking of the glass as half full and not half empty. Instead of focusing on what is lacking or what errors can happen, be optimistic in knowing the God of the universe all that is in existence will only want and do good things for me, and it will be that way so long as I will for them as well. In not acknowledging God’s keeping power and focusing on our own flaws and the possibility of making mistakes in our walk, it is an insult to God.

  45. Henry Spice says:

    Listening to this sermon has reminded me of the importance of gifting in a particular area and submitting under authority. Jesus even though He was equal with God was humble and submitted to the authority of God the father. I feel safe to submit under to the leadership of New Philly because the lead pastor who is incredibly gifted in communicating the heart of God with clarity is under authority.

  46. Daniel Dae Eun Kim (Itaewon) says:

    People seem to forget that we must do our part but God’s power is the ultimate reason why we do not fall. Our responsibilities are still important but at the end of the day God’s power has the final word. It is also encouraging to know that choosing the Lord is actually exciting than doing the evil deeds of the world around us. It makes it easier for a person to live out a holy life when it is more exciting and fun to do so. This in turn helps us from stumbling and motivates us to do our part not to stumble as well. I am glad that God keeps us from stumbling and he made the deal as easy as us just understanding the concept while growing closer to God. This just makes living life as a holy person much easier when I do not have to think about what if I stumble.

  47. Betty Huang says:

    From this sermon, i mostly learnt is trusting in God. Having worries and concerns are normal because we are human beings. However, sometimes we are just focusing on worrying about the questions like “what if i don’t stumble” ? I believe that God has the power and authority in control of everything. All we have to do is to have great joy is exciting. Being exciting is fulfilled with holy spirit.

  48. Josiah Evans says:

    As someone who has grown up in the church as a pastor’s son I always felt like my testimony was boring. I always envied those with “powerful” testimonies that involved a radical transformation from someone living foolishly to walking in the power of God, even to the point of considering sin just so that I could have that kind of testimony too. But through this message I realized what Jesus said in Matthew 6:6, that God sees what is done in secret and rewards those who do good in secret, out of the public view.

    To those who walk in the power of God from a young age, like Daniel, Samuel, Joseph, Josiah, David, these people all shared the common trait of serving God faithfully during their life, and became powerful agents of the Kingdom who faced down lions, kings, thieves, idolators, and nations. They continued to walk in the keeping power of God and found themselves in greater and greater levels of authority and influence. Their testimonies are all ones that no one finds “boring” at all. Who thinks that Daniel led a dull life interpreting dreams for the emperor of Persia? Who thinks Samuel’s life was devoid of wonder? Wasn’t Josiah only surpassed by David?

    So these men serve as powerful reminders that those who walk faithfully with the Lord lead exciting lives with testimonies worth preserving throughout the ages.

    • That’s so true! You make good points of Daniel, Samuel, Joseph, etc. I love how you brought in your own personal thoughts to strengthen the points that PC preached!

  49. Keith Yang says:

    For a long time, I worried about things I shouldn’t be doing in my life because I was a Christian. I thought if I avoided these things, I could tally up Christian points. I guessed this was the way to please God. But the Christian life is so much more than that. It’s a journey grounded on a relationship with God and me. And God wanting me to grow strong in this relationship we have, He has given me all that I need to be faithful in my walk with Him.

  50. As someone who’s never been to a church until after high school, before this sermon I would get perplexed when someone who doesn’t have a “crazy sinning” life story would get ashamed of their “boring life”. They’d be like “I don’t have a testimony.” But God keeping someone from sinning is also of so much hope and encouragement! That’s how I’d want my future children to grow up or everybody else. I wish I went to church earlier and started walking with God earlier. Life with God is so much better than life without God. As Paul says in Romans 6:1 “Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?”

    There are both saving Grace and keeping Grace of God. There is a greater glory that God calls us to live, as PC talked about eg. healing people, then merely “not sinning”. Our focus shouldn’t be about sin, but may our meditation be on the greater things of God that supernatural is natural in our lives!

  51. Dani Ashcraft says:

    Something I’ve always really struggled with is the thought that I’m not ‘good enough’ for God, that when I fall back into old patterns there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve never really given much credit to the keeping power of God either. I think for most of my life I felt like it was my effort and my obedience that was going to send me to heaven but it’s only been recently that I’ve realized that’s not quite the case. Really, no matter my efforts or struggles, God is ultimately the one that keeps me from falling by his grace. And truly this revelation has been a blessing to me. I no longer have to contend for the faith out of fear. This is not to say I don’t make an effort, but rather that I can have confidence that even when I make a mistake God is never going to let me stray too far.

  52. Rebecca Ye says:

    This sermon really made me reflect on all the times I never thought my testimony was interesting. I was always in awe of those who had battled addiction, or had experienced some sort of trauma in their life and after meeting Christ their entire life was flipped 180. But when I looked at my testimony… I had struggles, I made mistakes, but they were never to the extent of the other people. I always compared my story to others and I felt like I needed to have gone through something crazy in order to have a powerful testimony. God works in different ways in everyone’s lives and we should be happy if we have never experienced such hardships and have walked faithfully with the Lord. Now I know that that is the most exciting thing – to have walked faithfully with the Lord and have seen His fingerprints in our lives.
    Often times, I think we always focus on our mistakes and how we will always continue to make mistakes. Like Pastor Christian said, when we do that we are putting more belief in our ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep us from sinning. This was a good reminder that the ultimate goal of our faith is not to avoid stumbling (and always entertain these thoughts), but to ultimately stand in His presence faultless and with great joy. Thank you for this sermon.

  53. Haha. I totally found myself singing along to the DC Talk song PC mentions. I think as Christians sometimes we focus on the wrong things too much. One of my closest friends had this on his desk “Christian life is not about sin avoidance” and I was reminded of this while listening to this podcast. But the question that should naturally follow is what is Christian life about and what does that look like? Most Christians don’t live in a way that the world would find attractive and is in many ways contrary to what is promised in the gospel. Jesus promises us freedom and glory. But living in calculated fear about what not to do is itself a shackle. True freedom liberates. While I usually find myself questioning why other Christians are this way, this message struck a chord that questioned my heart deeper. There were things that I was still afraid of. I was still living in fear. There were sins I still struggled with. “I’m not good enough”. The NRTC process has been humbling, sobering, and uplifting. I’ve spent the last few days through K1, talking with friends, and opening up with my CG leader to challenge presumptions and lies that were in life. I struggled with asking “What if I don’t stumble?”, because I had trouble resolving a perfect God to my imperfect self. The possibility of His perfection and sanctity within my imperfection was hard to grasp. But I’m finding that sanctification isn’t really about me becoming better, but about God becoming bigger in my life. It is not about doing more, but about breakthroughs of letting go.

  54. Elbert Hayama says:

    This sermon was very new to me. Especially because I have listened to sermons based on the saving power of God much of my life but not on the keeping power of God. I think I have lived my life trying to play “safe” and avoid sin. I have always had thoughts of “What if I stumble?” and constantly worry about many things in my life. I have not realized that by doing this, I am not putting my trust in God and not letting Him control my life. No matter how hard I try to avoid sin myself, I will fail without God’s power. I feel that I was always eager to listen to testimony-based sermons and never thought of the keeping power of God that many of his faithful sons and daughters had. We are to be excited for amazing testimonies through healing and deliverance, but we should also be excited for the keeping power of God when we are faithful to Him and the fruits that will grow from that.

  55. Samuel Choi (Syd) says:

    This sermon was something I needed to hear. I always had the fear that I would one day fall from a “big sin”. My reasoning was that if King David, a man after God’s own heart, highly esteemed as a true man of faith, was able to fall into sin so overty, then what was my chances?

    Hearing stories on the news about a certain pastor’s scandal or abusive behaviour made me very aware of how it was so very possible for anyone to fall into sin.
    I strongly believed that I was not immune to this and something would lead me to fall into an irresistible sin that would lead to my spiritual demise.

    The concept of God’s “saving grace ‘ and ‘keeping grace’ put into words the very ideas that I was not able to properly organise into words and thoughts. I think for a long time I have been believing in my likeliness to sin more than God’s power to keep me.

    Because the Lord’s hands have been over my life,I have lived a relatively quiet life. I always felt like I wish I had a more radical background. A life of extremes that consisted of episodes that I could tell people about. Much like Pastor Christians life, my life was less violent in change but God gradually built up my faith over a long period of time.

    I think the Lord is telling me now that “my grace is sufficient in you” and he would have it no other way. Amen.

  56. Ashley Choi says:

    While listening to the sermon, all I could think of was how often we as humans compare. We compare our financial situations, reputation, appearances etc. but why do we compare ourselves with the free gift of grace? A gift everyone is given. If anything, this grace ties back to the question of ” Why does comparing ourselves matter at all in any aspect/respect?” While reflecting on the sermon, I had some time to think to myself, and how often I fall into this trap…God gave me everything– clothes, family/friends, home, breath, life… Why did I need to compare when all of it was a blessing. I think retreat will be a time for some more self reflection…

  57. malimasinga says:

    Growing up I had an irrational fear of falling into a cult and so I researched how to avoid false teaching and how to spot it immediately. This sermon cemented in me that I need not fear because with the knowledge of God’s character I can know that He is rooting for me. Jude 1″
    :24 says it so plainly, He is able to keep us from stumbling ,as does 2Peter 2:9, God knows how to rescue the godly from trials. I can rest secure in His ability, He will not let me fall.

  58. Kate Jihae Park says:

    My relationship with God has been action “performance based” for the longest time. It’s only been recent (the past few years) that I’ve been able to finally step into a realm of true grace! I’m still learning day by day what it is to live in God’s grace, and one of the things that broke off in that process was “being perfect”, not making any mistakes, trying to earn my place before God. The first time I experienced that in a very powerful way was at the church wide reteat last year. Being prayered over by Pastor Sunhee, I remember shaking uncontrollably under the power of the Holy Spirit and ever since then I never struggled from sexual sin again! I thought i needed to put my efforts into thwarting off impure thoughts and it’s been a struggle. But after that day, it was easy, there was no effort needed. I was simply free from that bondage. It was one of those unexplainable experiences I’ve had, and it was all possible because of God’s power, not my own. It gave me a greater understanding of what it’s like to live in God’s grace. It’s only been a year but I am confident that God’s keeping power will keep me from stumbling, which is also by grace. So this message was a good reminder that I don’t need to fear stumbling or back-sliding because there is the keeping power of God, and it’s not earned by works or any efforts of mine, but by grace and by who God is.

  59. Crystal Smith says:

    Thank you! I really needed to hear this. I have always considered my testimony boring because I do not have a radical story of getting saved from drug abuse or partying. I have always had a love for the church. I have struggled with sin, obviously, just like everyone else – there was no Damascus road conversion. It has been a lifetime of God pulling me deeper and deeper into Him. But He has always kept me. I have to confess though- I bought into the lie – in fact being chased by Vietnamese gangsters still sounds glamorous to me. That in all seriousness is something I have to bring before God – because of my fear of Holy Spirit and my fear of man – it is is easier to be attracted to the “exciting” life in tv shows, books, and movies. I think is actually true of a lot of Christians. But MAN! When I hear the testimonies of people who have been healed , when I think about times of laying hands on people and bringing people to Christ – that is when I have felt must alive – that is exciting! Thank you PC for redeeming my testimony!

  60. Sarah Ahn says:

    Yes! God has been so faithful in my life through His keeping power. It was never my self-righteousness or merely my own effort but His power that kept me in His path of life. His keeping power will continue to work and move in my life so that I enjoy more of His freedom. I am confident, therefore, because it is not my doing but His power that keeps me away from sin. Even my sinful nature will not be able to overcome the power of God. I am so excited for the life I will have as He constantly saves me and keeps me in His salvation. sara

  61. SpringPark says:

    It is so important sermon to know all those who grew up in the background of Asia or European countries?, I guess. As like to PC stated, I had more belief in my ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep me from sinning. Having this kind of “I will always stumble” mindset is definitely not from God and it’s something that I need to overcome. For me, especially, after being set free from the H&D session, I believe that God is always with me and I’ll keep me free from all past bondages. And I am excited for what God is doing for me in the new season as I’ve shifted from believing in my ability to sin to God’s ability to keep me from sinning. Yeah. Time to dance!!

  62. There have been many great challenges to overcome on the way but through it all God’s keeping power has kept me and my wife. I am tempted to be uninspired by my simple story of how God saved me. The story of my coming to Christ is not dramatic and impressive compared to some of the people I have encountered. I haven’t stumbled into drugs or gone to jail. I went to Church with my grandmother when I was really young and my parents came to Christ a few years later.

    While soaking in this message I pondered how in reality no salvation story is simple, or boring. I thought of Holy Spirit’s continuous work in us and how being a Christian requires so much work and commitment that if you stop to think about it all, it is overwhelming. But we can trust that in our walk God can and will keep us, and present us faultless before Himself. God is working mightily both to save and to keep us.

  63. Esther Jeong says:

    The keeping power of God is so good. I have felt the saving power of God, but now I need to believe in the keeping power of God. I have been transformed and have grown so much in the past few months, and I have been fearful because I fear that I will stumble. But now I realize that very thought is me putting “more belief in my ability to sin than God’s power to keep me from sinning.” I realized that I have forgotten how powerful God is, and how he desires to support me. I forgot that I am equipped with his steadfast love, so I will not stumble and I don’t have to fear, or just rely on my own power to go through this lifelong journey.

    This sermon reminded me that the ultimate goal of Christian life is to be presented before God, faultless and with great joy. It reminded me to trust God’s keeping power that will help me and support me throughout my every endeavors.

  64. noble salminen says:

    I like that this sermon directly challenges some of the cultural presuppositions about our sinfulness and establishes greater faith in God’s power to sanctify his bride. The DCTalk song that parodies the title of this sermon, reminds me of the old way of thinking that I used to carry as a young believer. I used to feel doomed to walk a repeated sin-repent-sin lifestyle which lead me to a full on backsliding period but after experiencing God’s saving power, his ability to redeem, he took me into a season of deep purifying. This sermon challenge’s us to walk in faith and with the expectation that God is “able to keep us from stumbling” The testimonies of the saints who God has kept from stumbling are so important to the church because they give prophetic hope to those who have dealt with more sinful pasts. All of our testimonies are like puzzle pieces that when fit together become a beautiful tapestry of God’s power and ability to save and purity his bride!

  65. I liked this sermon, but I think it can go one further in terms of the “what if I don’t stumble?” It was briefly mentioned in the sermon, but yeah I really think the perspective of a healthy follower of Christ should be “what can I do next” more so than the “what can i not do” kind of mentality that comes so often with modern-day Christianity. As it’s said in Romans– and i know it may be a little out of context– if our God is for us, than who can stand against us? So often we see Christ as a stumbling block rather than a cornerstone– we can’t do this, we can’t do that. Christ said himself that we would do greater things than He did, so I think we should really live life with that boldness–to speak into lives with the expectation that lives will be changed.
    In terms of the what if I don’t stumble, I think it’s foolish of us to think that we’ll never stumble–at least for now. We’re not perfect, but Christ is. We’re being sanctified and will one day with our new bodies be made perfect, but until then I think it is far better knowing that Christ’s blood covers our imperfections and it really is our imperfections that allow Christ’s beauty and splendor to shine through. There was a story once about a man that got to heaven, but as he stood at the gate, he was saddened because he had on rags. They were tattered and torn and holes were all over the place. Christ though knowing what the man was thinking said to him, it was because of those holes that He could really shine through. That man’s worn out wardrobe allowed Christ’s garments to be seen under it.

  66. Rebecca Kim says:

    I was born into the church, I have always attended church faithfully. Not to say I haven’t had dry periods. But I have always thought I was one that didn’t really have a testimony. I never got into drugs or alcohol, or enjoyed partying, or was tempted into a lifestyle of crime or sexual immorality. However, this sermon conveyed to me a new revelation. The fact that God was able to keep me on this path away from certain things of the world was his keeping power. I always thought it was because of my personality, the isolated nature of my life, the all girls high school i went to, or my parents overprotecting. However, it was God this whole time that instrumented my life to be the way it was and is currently. This is my testimony!! However, I must not stop here. I need to mature and now go forth and grow to be more like Him. Which allow me to have GREAT JOY on the last day.

  67. Louise Kim says:

    This is a good good word!

    One of the reasons I was hesitant to go through with NRTC was this question: What if I stumble? What is I can’t keep it up? And similar questions have held me back from committing to serve in the church for much of my Christian life.

    Yet God’s keeping power is greater than my ability or tendency to sin. So the question now becomes: What if I don’t stumble? Hearing this word has given me a new excitement and confidence to move forward and steadfastly in faith, remembering that the goal of my Christian life is to be presented before Jesus, blameless and with great joy. I celebrate the keeping power of my God who is always good and always faithful.

  68. Rebecca Park says:

    Yes, I believe that the keeping power of God is strong! I will keep a high view of God’s keeping power and walk in confidence of this truth so that I too would be presented blameless and with GREAT joy before Christ!
    Thank you, God for the keeping power that has kept me from falling even deeper into the pits of despair & hopelessness during my darkest hours! I will hold fast to the keeping power that will complete the good work you have begun in me!

  69. Being born and raised in a Christian family and growing up being told the ‘do’s and the ‘don’t’s, I walked a cautious life lest that I was labeled as a ‘sinner’ or become associated with the ‘bad group’ in eyes of the church community. I came to believe my testimony, my life was uninteresting compared to some of my new believer friends. Even though back then, when I knew that there were special kinds of grace and blessings that people who lived a quiet, boring Christian life received, the radical transformations of my friends seemed worthy to be testified, their prayers more powerful. Those were lies. Through PC’s sermon I am reminded that my entire life, past, present and continuously, will be His tapestry of grace and it is His keeping power that saves me, sustains me and lifts me from darkness. God’s work in our lives is never ordinary or boring.

  70. Megan Holmes says:

    I hadn’t read Jude before listening to this sermon. I love how it is layed out: beginning in a passive voice by noting those called, kept by, and loved by God, blessing them with mercy, peace, and love in abundance; transitioning to the warning that Godless men and teachers have “slipped” in among them and listing ways of detecting these Godless men; then in the active voice telling those in God how to persevere and what qualities they should have and continuously model; and then ending with a doxology that reminds us that God is the ONE who is able to keep us from falling and that everything belongs to Him.

    The focus of PC’s sermon was on the KEEPING POWER of God and how to remain in that keeping power. I relate to this keeping power a lot because while I fully know that anyone can slip out from under it as a result of their choices when the enemy attacks, etc., I have remained in it and had a strong grace covering by God ever since becoming a christian my Junior year of high school in 2001. Even before committing my life to Jesus and being saved, I feel like God had a strong protection and grace over me that kept me from falling into sin and focused on seeing the potential good in people around me and how to help that come about. God’s keeping power is STRONG and I am so thankful that I serve a Master and Father who wants His children to be covered in this way all the time! Because of my experience, I really appreciated PC’s emphasis on celebrating and getting excited as a church body about testimonies of those christians who have remained in God’s keeping power rather than mostly about dramatic testimonies of those who were in very dark places before or after coming to Christ. Excitement should come from living on a straight path and living in the power of God. PC gave an example of how, “Exciting isn’t going to a club, but choosing to stay home to pray.”

    Christians often ask, “What if I still sin even while meeting with my CG leader, etc.,” and forget the keeping power of God. Instead of asking the “what if’s,” we should be asking, “what if I don’t stumble?” In fact, I don’t even think we should ask at all, I think we should know the keeping power of God and aim to and expect to remain in it for the rest of our days! We have the LIVING GOD inside of us. We are POWERFUL in Him and have AUTHORITY over the enemy. This doesn’t mean that we can pretend that we are untouchable by the enemy, but that if we are putting on our armour every day that the enemy will be a FOOTSTOOL for our feet! OK, I’m getting passionate now :)

    PC talked about false teachers, just like those described in Jude. He said that these false teachers don’t emphasize or teach this keeping power. It is definitely easier to fall into the “what if” mindset with false teachers and leaders than it is with Godly teachers, but I’m SOOOO thankful that PC reminded us that God can STILL keep us in His power if we remain focused on Him even with false teachers and leaders. God is the ultimate protector and master of our lives. We should not fear false teachers, we should be wary of them. PC discusses positional sanctification (being set-apart and made holy like when we are originally saved and filled with Holy Spirit) versus progressive sanctification (progressing in our authority and walk with God by staying in His keeping power). I understand that we need to have positional sanctification and that it is much more difficult to progress when we are only in God’s keeping power and without additional church covering and without being poured into and kept accountable by church leaders, especially for those who have not remained in God’s keeping power in the past and have struggled or those who are still “baby” christians. I also know that while this regular covering by a church body and leaders is very important that staying in and believing in God’s keeping power is what needs to come first. Ideally, both should happen, but I have gone three years straight without being part of a church body (due to my rural location and language barriers) and because I already had a fairly solid foundation in Christ and I continued to spend time with Him in prayer, His word, and occasionally fellowshipping with other believers who lived somewhat close by, I still grew in my relationship with Him and in my spiritual maturity. I know that I remained in His keeping power and that I actually progressed a bit during this time. This sermon and that church-less season of mine are great reminders of how intense God’s keeping power is!

  71. John Han says:

    Our momentary, genuine faith and shift of mindset are often enough for God to show his saving power. It is His big entrance: the point of our lives where He refuses to be ignored any further. God takes what little faith we express and passive pursuit we engage ourselves in and works with them.
    Trusting the keeping power of God, on the other hand, seems to require us to be more active in our pursuit of God. It is a lifestyle of walking in obedience to God, requiring commitment and discipline. It is marching for seven days around the enemy’s fortress, with our mouths closed tight as if to prevent our tongues from speaking death and cast doubt into our hearts. It is praying inside the belly of a giant fish for three days, although God remained silent for two days. I’m starting to realize that this keeping power of God isn’t something that we can tap into easily. Just as an interpreter focuses intensely on every word spoken in the room, we must shift and give God our full attention in order to keep track of His thoughts, emotions and will.
    We Christians all experience the saving power of God at some point in our lives. It is released when we shift into the Spirit. However not all get to experience the keeping power of God because it is so easy and tempting to revert back to the original state. Only when we shift and then cling onto God in order to remain in that place, do we witness the keeping power of God.

  72. Galaxy Cho says:

    Oh man HOW TRUE is this! My life has never been more exciting than the times I obeyed God in ways that tested and stretched my faith. God always answered with such faithfulness and amazing grace to new heights and doors that I could have never imagined or planned for myself. We need to redefine what is exciting. We often believe the lies of the world that exciting is allowing our sin nature to take control, but that is an oppressive life that has no freedom at all. I also remembered how I bought that lie during college and felt like I was “missing out” b/c how I was living wasn’t what the world led me to believe was an “exciting life.” But there was absolutely no gain in my life when I would explore the worldly excitements. But my life has never been more exciting when I took steps of faith in God and he led me to crazy exciting life.

    What a powerful word! This encourages me to also believe in our Holy Mighty God who not only saves us, but KEEPS us. His power is dynamic and limitless! I realized that I too, celebrated the saving power more than His keeping power. His power goes beyond not sinning. His power wants us to experience progressive sanctification and VICTORY all our lives. Now, listening to the message, I got excited b/c now that I recognize this, I can claim God’s power even more. Hallelujah! Our God is good! And He is mighty!

  73. melody welton says:

    This word resonates with me deeply as I am an example of God’s keeping power. The first time I heard this message when it was preached several years ago, was the first time I heard that phrase, “God’s keeping power.” If gave me the courage to offer my testimony to re.write magazine, but then as soon as offered to be interview my flesh immediately regretted it because I felt like I had nothing to say. But, these stories are exciting. The stories of the people I have been able to help bring healing to because of my up bringing and firm faith, those stories ARE EXCITING. Thank you PC for this message and for explaining that it should be our goal to present ourselves without fault and with great joy to Jesus on the day of his return. Amen!

  74. Kyla Hoggard says:

    I appreciate the contrast. PC hits it right when he says that the goal of the Christian life is not to avoid sin. The goal is to encounter God in such a way that we are able to be presented to our King with joy and holiness. It’s a shift of perspective. Not one of avoiding sin, but rather one of running towards our Lord. As we run towards Him, He can keep us from evil. That is freedom. Not that we are free from sin alone, but rather that we are free to live for Jesus without fear of sin.

  75. Judy Choi says:

    “God is able to keep you from falling, and to present you blameless with great joy!” The ultimate goal is to be presented before Him blameless. And Christ is the one to do that for us, we cannot do anything to receive that redeeming power. He is able. He will keep us. It is His joy to keep up. :) Oh man, this powerful truth gave me so much delight, and freedom.

    This message was humbling–to hear that God is the one who keeps me from falling. I remember even the first time I heard this message in 2012 I was empowered to share my stories of his keeping power, because I recognized it had nothing to do with my circumstances of my will, but His power. As a leader this is crucial, and is a paradigm shift in the way I began to see my story, and the stories of my disciples. The glory was unto Him and Him alone.

  76. Greg Salvo says:

    Understanding positional sanctification is hard for me. I want to appear before Jesus with great joy! I don’t want to be barely saved and all the work in my life burnt up in the flames. I want to walk faithfully before God. I always thought I had a boring testimony. But God saves us and continues to save us from living life in the world. So in the spirit of sharing awesome stories I could share some of mine here. I remember the first time I met the Lord was when I went to a Lutheran bible camp over the summer. I was in the 4th grade. I met the Lord through two songs I will never forget “Jesus, Lover of my Soul,” and “Lord Prepare Me.” I will never forget that bible camp. I gave my life to the Lord later on in my life, around the age of 13. There is much more to my story after the age of 13 but it is a great joy that staying power of the Lord. Before listening to this sermon I thought I have so much work to do to be justified, and I do, but the reminder of positional sanctification is important. I have a lot to learn about positional sanctification and what my identity in Christ is. Isn’t progressive sanctification a continual process of learning our positional sanctification? As I learn about my position before Christ I learn how to live like him and hear him speak love over me and it heals me from my brokenness.

  77. Sujin Lee says:

    One of the characters of God that really stands out to me is his my protector. When it comes to romantic relationship with a guy, he has been a good father and protector to me. There are still things that I should repent and be completely set free. However, I have personal stories that God’s keeping power really kept me from falling. Like PC highlighted throughout his sermon, God’s keeping power in every part of my life for the rest of my life is truly so much powerful than anything else. He has been my best father and he will be. I will pray that I want to put more faith in the keeping power of God.

  78. As a phleg, I’m not really good at dealing with conflicts. I got better at dealing with my emotions as God pointed out that it’s not healthy to keep suppressing & avoiding what I feel or face. Similarly, facing my sins & dealing my sins with God are difficult at times because I just don’t want to look at the mess. However, through God’s revelation, I realized that God loves me even in my brokenness, despite all the things that I’ve sinned. Just because I sinned, God doesn’t stop loving me because His love is unconditional. However, that doesn’t mean that we can keep sinning, taking advantage of His grace. I think this message was a good reminder that God is the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He will continually call me into the higher place with Him, being perfected by Him. When I think in this mindset, it’s easier for me to deal my sins with God.

  79. Jennifer Kim says:

    I’m very blessed by this sermon because many people believe that being Christian means staying out of trouble in your life. That’s so not true. It is about being confident that you’ve been faithful to God. I was wondering whether or not I’ll be able to keep being faithful to God when I move to somewhere new in the future. Now I believe that God’s keeping power is powerful, and all I need to do is play my part in the role. I’m been stumbling upon the H&D, but I have a lot more faith in the process after this sermon. I realized that everyone walks in different paths toward God, and it’s exciting to hear both crazy, and faithful testimonies. Also, I totally agree with what PC talks about clubbing and raving. Sure, it brings people together but it’s out of drunkenness and artificial love. Attending prayer meetings is so much more than that- it’s oneness out of God’s love and grace. This sermon was just what I needed since yesterday I’ve been feeling very down when I thought about my time when I stumbled in life. Now I’m a lot more confident in knowing that His keeping power is great.

  80. Deborah Kang says:

    This sermon faithfully answered one of the questions I had in my Christian walk. I would always carry the fear of stumbling and sinning at the end of the day. Thus, I have been concerned too much with my own weakness than God’s power to keep me. In such way, I was minimizing the life of a Christian into a passive, precautious life that only concerns avoiding sin. Yet, by starting to have confidence and faith in God’s keeping power, I realized how exciting it is to live as a Christian! Especially to live a Christian life of which the ultimate goal is not simply avoiding stumbling but living a life that faithfully grows in God and finally being presented faultless and with great joy when we meet our Lord, I cannot but say that I am truly excited.

  81. Jake Murphy says:

    This sermon was really interesting. It was an different perspective about how we view our testamonies. I have always heard the stories of transformation or the dramatic shift salvation story. However, there is so much tetsimony to be given for God keeping us protected and in him keeping us with him. It was a really great sermon to shift our perspective from trying to act out our faith and white nuckle grasp onto salvation when we need to faith in the Lord keeping us in his hands.

  82. Heather Smith says:

    It is so refreshing and empowering to hear and receive more deeply the truth that “the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to be presented blameless and with great joy at the Day of His return”. In the first couple of years of my Christian walk I definitely walked with the constant question of “what if I stumble” which actually weakened me and brought me to low points, but I remember clearly a specific shift where I began to walk convinced of His keeping power in my day to day life and truly I can attest that the last four years of actually waking in His victory for each day has made my life so much more exciting than the walk of fear, petty temptation and doubt that I was walking in initially. Praise God for His keeping power in my testimony and the Great Joy that is to come! I am so thankful for this reminder and sealing of this important truth.

  83. Brittany Mickell says:

    God’s keeping power is mighty and I once again delight myself in the knowledge that I have access to his grace all the days of my life and that that it never runs out and there is no limit. So I will not limit myself to man’s power, but know that I have something much greater that sustains me. With this message I feel more encourage by God’s words and know that I’m truly in his hands. I will not allow fear to replace the freedom that God has already given me. I will not put faith in my sins over faith in God’s power. I will trust God’s keeping power of what he has done, is doing and will do.

  84. Conner Eriksen (Hongdae-Omega) says:

    This was a very encouraging message for me personally. While I’ve been far from perfect, I’ve never taken a crazy walk on the wild side because I’ve been a Christian most of my life. This gave me fresh perspective in how I should be more thankful to God for protecting me over the years.

    What fascinated me most about this sermon was that we as Christians should not be living our lives on the defence with the attitude of ‘oh, I’m a Christian but I hope I don’t mess up and do ______.’ Instead, we are called to have faith in God’s ‘keeping power’ instead of overemphasizing the importance and effectiveness of his saving power. It is great when a person who is living deep in sin turns to the Lord. However, it is equally miraculous when a person has simply chosen to serve God their entire life and has not been anything like a drug dealer or a pimp. We are called to have more faith in God’s ability to protect us and empower us to live in purity, rather than have more faith in our sin nature which says that we are doomed to fail.

  85. Somyoung Choi says:

    I guess we all love stories with twists and thats why we expect and admire those kind of stories in our walk with God. I agree with pc about how we don’t give enough recognition to the keeping power of God, because I also focused more on the saving power and it actually got to a point in the past to where I would think that it was impossible to live a totally pure and holy life, and the christians who claimed to do so were judgmental and hypocrites(so bitter…). It was because I didn’t recognize the keeping power of God, and that it is through his power that we can live a pure life.

  86. Emily Pack says:

    I was really thankful to hear this sermon, something that is rarely preached on. I have actually never heard the distinction between the saving power of God and the keeping power of God and I appreciated the clarification. My story is filled with stumbling and I have definitely felt the saving power of God upon my life. But something PC said that struck me was when he spoke about what is truly exciting in this life. In my generation, people are always looking for that next high, that next jolt of joy or excitement or happiness, even for just a moment. We are taught that real excitement comes in the form of a quick high (nearly always followed by a deep low). In contrast, PC noted that true excitement is seeing God physically heal someone or seeing someone who has walked away from God pursue a relationship with the Lord again. Exciting is seeing someone who is demon processed be set free. As someone who has sought joy and happiness from things that simply lead to feelings of lowliness or depression, I couldn’t agree more. The keeping power of God is a powerful testimony and something that ought to be celebrated more.

  87. For me, the keeping power of God has been the saving power of God. Because God kept me, He saved me. I’m like a lot of Christians who didn’t experience a *radical* conversion. Those are definitely the funnest stories to hear, but personally God has shown Himself strong in keeping me from the love of the world. I’m so thankful. I am blessed to now have a balanced view of God’s saving power and keeping power. I know that the power that has shown up in the lives of sinners all around the world and saved them from grave sins and lusts is the same power that God exerts to keep His beloved children from slipping back in. Praise God!

  88. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    For me I often used to think Christian life is all about not stumbling at all. I remember thinking, “what if I commit in this same sin again?” my mind was more focused on avoiding rather than claiming that God has set me free and all I need to do is being continuously sanctified in Him.

    I think through this sermon God really enhanced the holiness that He already made us like, and also the holiness is must not stop but is in progress to be more and more like Christ.

    I always wondered why I cannot heal people just like other people do. I think personally I was lacking of believing that I have authority and perhaps not living by the word of God enough, but I will keep on try and ask God for me to really live by His word and really believing that I do have authority and power through Him.

    When i was baby Christian, I used to think Christian life is boring and from looking at those people, I wondered how and where they get joy from. Now I know, we are called not to follow the patterns of this World but to treasure His kingdom for we our home is in Heaven. Sometimes it is so lonely to live in this world as chritian, but really we should live and appear before Him with great joy and faultless’ I just declare that this is my heart too.

  89. Emil Bredahl Lavsen says:

    This message ministered to me some while ago in a powerful way and today again as I was listening to the sermon was I reminded of a lot of struggles and lies that I have been fighthing through some time, and I have allowed defeat to become my middle name. It is easy to forget who God is, and how powerful and mighty that He actually is and the life that I am meant to live is not a life of just getting b.
    I myself felt for many years that I had not experienced the power of the keeping power of Jesus Christ to live a life only for Him. It was Christian life of just getting by day by day and I was not living an exciting life for Jesus. This message really caused me to praise God for this keeping power of Christ and how He has brought Pastor Christian, Pastor JM and many others through all these years of powerful encounters and miracles. That kind of life is truly the life that I am meant to be living and not just being on the defense all the time.
    God is doing amazing things in my life through New Philly and the sermons that we have week after week, and I Realizing this power and be then be greatful or the things that God is doing in my marriage and life right now. We must be grateful for this keeping power of God that when present in a person will do awesome and powerful things such as some of the testimonies that Pastor Christian shared in the sermon, because there is truly power in the name of Jesus to keep us all holy and blameless for a life only for Him

  90. Deborah Kim says:

    Man…DC Talk used to be my jam 😉 The whole “Woe is me! How am I supposed to fight sin all the time?” nonsense…But little did I understand about the power of covering, effects of shifting into the spirit, and possibilities of demonic oppression on Christians. So often, I forget that it’s not just about positional sanctification but also about progressive sanctification. Not recognizing the God’s keeping power is giving more credit to fear of failure rather than claiming freedom that’s already been paid for. PC mentions the value of the doxology coming after the exhortations. I thought it’s also interesting that we are reminded of the keeping power of God just before Revelations. The power that allows us to be free from the obsessive and simplistic aim of avoiding sin, which we can’t get close to without shifting into the spirit anyway. I totally thought the main way we can increase ‘great’ joy and please God was to persistently fight sin…and then didn’t understand how to grow a willpower and discipline strong enough to get out of habitual cycles, thus mistakenly thinking such a process was so banal and unfair. This message made me reflect again on the “once (abc) happens, then I can (xyz)” example that PE previously gave – as well as PC’s explanation on the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Receiving salvation is a one-step process, but the progression that follows is so dynamic! I’m excited to see what else a deeper relationship with the Creator opens up to, especially in terms of community.

  91. Isabel Syers (Hongdae A) says:

    This message was really encouraging & good to hear alongside Speaker Rona today @ KU LG.

    Deffinitely agree, that when I’m fearful of “what if I fall into sin/temptation/stumble again”, then I’m trusting my sin nature MORE THAN the keeping & sanctifying Power that saved me from my sin originally! If He could save me out of all my sin from the beginning, how will he not be able now? What may seem marvelous to me, is not marvelous to the Almighty!
    By realligning my thinking I think it’s good to remind myself by God’s grace He paid my debt already, that I am sanctified & holy now. But I need to be constantly sanctified by believing in His word & keeping power. If I have faith in His Keeping Power, and His will to keep me, then I don’t need to worry, or strive to stay away from sin, just follow His teaching, BELIEVE what the word says.
    “My Part” is to walk by Faith, no longer living in fear of slavery, fear of stumbling, I’m free from that already. Now I just stay in step with Him, He does it all, He keeps me from being thrown headlong.

    This gave me peace bc right now I have so much fear & confusion of living in God’s will concerning education and work, and future… but the Lord will not let me stumble, He Is Able to keep me from stumbling. I’ll continue to be transformed into His likeness, living a life that is pleasing to Him, to be faultless and joyful in His presence.

  92. Jessie Behrman says:

    This sermon really challenged me and my view on my Christian walk, when we ask ourselves what if I stumble? That is putting more faith in our sin! Wow! I’ve never thought of it like that. That our Christian life should be doing the opposite, it should give us confidence and boldness! When PC says the goal of our Christian life should be to be presented for His presence and glory, faultless and with great joy! When we are born again, the Holy Spirit is in us and will never leave us! We need to hold on to this and have have confidence in this rather than putting our faith into whether or not we were stumble.

    I’ve always thought my testimony was boring or I didn’t have one worth sharing. I loved hearing PC talk about the testimony of walking in faith! I have always been a goody goody and saw other aspects of my testimony to make mine worth saying, but hearing that the goal of our Christian life is to be presented for his presence and glory, faultless and with great joy is a testimony worth sharing!

    “A spirit filled life is the most exciting of all.” Thanks PC for the message on trusting our faith and relationship with Christ and living out our testimony!

  93. Isaac Yi says:

    I was very convicted so much when PC started his comparison of the “Saving Power of God” and the “Keeping Power of God”. I see many brothers and sisters of Christ who express so much great joy over testimonies where many struggled in their faith and by the grace of God have turned from their ways. However, PC points out the dangers of what could have happened by our sin and our own will. It makes me wonder how many of these miraculous testimonies could not have been testimonies today and reflect on all that was done in disobedience to God for such a long time. We as Christians value and praise these sorts of testimonies and overvalue it over such testimonies of Christians who haven’t stumbled in their faith. This leads us to be apathetic towards people’s testimonies who haven’t stumbled as “greatly” or “seriously”. We don’t appreciate the ‘keeping power of God’. I have one of these kinds of testimonies and this atmosphere led me to believe that “yea my testimony isn’t crazy or anything, just met God as a retreat and that’s how it started… and haven’t done drugs, premartial sex, X, Y, Z worldly sins”. It made me believe that I wasn’t a special case of God seeking the lost. PC through this sermon helped me see the joy of my own testimony and others we don’t see as amazing stories. We need to uplift those who have never stumbled and believe that we wouldn’t stumble in our faith because we have God as our father who watches over us and Jesus who is the author and defender of our faith.

  94. What if I don’t stumble? What if everything in my life goes smoothly without any interruptions, obstacles? What if I succeed in everything and I keep on believing in my own strength for all of these success? “Oh yes, I do well in every exam that I’m sitting for; Dang, I just got a 1st place in the previous singing competition!…..” I ever thought like that, and hoping that life can be just as smooth as it can. Well, if your answer is “life has to be really smooth”, then you are definitely depending on your own strength to get everything done. God has your life planned, and do not worry about falling apart just because you feel embarrassed, ashamed of yourself, or weak. I love how Pastor Christian preached something about “we begin to believe more in our sin nature rather than our faith in God when we are so consumed with the idea of not stumbling.” Sometimes we are really way too much caring about how our sins will affect us in both physical and spiritual life. Converting all the fear to bravery, transforming the weak you into a faithful son of God, and keep on believing in Him that He will make your path straight(proverbs 3:5-6). God’s faithful with our faithfulness, fear Him and let Him guide us in every perspective of our lives. Do not fear Stumble, LOVE stumble, and let your weakness grow tougher, to glorify Him, and to enhance your faith in Him. It is such a super duper great alert alarm to us that the keeping power of God will provide us the boldness to live a Christian life. Restore your boldness, and confidence, with His blessings and faith, which are embedded in our stories of life.

  95. David Kimball says:

    Thank the Lord for not only there saving power of God also the keeping power of God. Just because those brothers and sisters never wondered far from the covering of the Lord doesn’t mean the enemy didn’t come after them and their lives were without temptation. Stay away from the foolishness. Redefine what is exciting in your life. Don’t believe the lie that the world tells you the Christian life is boring. Jude 1:24 what if I don’t stumble? What if I don’t waste my time dusting ourselves off again and again. What growth and treasures of maturity I am forgoing through consistency and faith in the Lord to keeping us all from stumbling. Like going to the gym after neglecting to content for consistency of grow in strength in our bodies. We can stay strong in our faith in Jesus as well as we keep from stumbling. Thank you Jesus.

  96. Jenny Han

    Aw Pastor Christian, so cute. Don’t worry, your testimony is not boring. I was just reading Benjamin Robinson’s blog about relational stretching and the verse that goes “yet these people slander what they don’t understand” goes hand in hand with how in relationships when you encounter something that goes outside the realm of your understanding, you can either choose to stand at a distance and criticize or STRETCH that discomfort. I am still in the middle of listening to this sermon and honestly I’m feeling a bit 답답해 (frustrated) ’cause PC’s just telling a bunch of stories. The title of the sermon. My first response was: trust me, you will stumble. I don’t feel like forcing out any prettily packaged Christianese reflections like, “I was so touched by verses [__] ’cause it exuded God’s love! faithfulness!!” I don’t drink or get wasted every weekend anymore. I actually think it’s much more challenging now, ’cause my sins are much more subtle in the eyes of the world. Contending out of fear – I think God is really revealing how this is taking up a large chunk in me in my relationships with people. My head is clear and focused when I’m outside of my house, but once I step into my dad’s presence I start veering all of my mannerisms/thoughts/opinions out of what I perceive as pleasing to him. How do transfer that mindset to my relationship to God? I want to be that thirsty to please when I please God – more than I am thirsty to please my dad.

  97. Youme Gim says:

    I would like to re-frame the question to, “What would my life look like if I don’t stumble?” Coming from a church with people who walked with the Lord 30+ years, I remember asking myself this question. If I walk with the Lord for 30,40, or even 60 years then meet Him face to face how amazing it would be!!! We would have so much to talk about. While I was getting healed by the Holy Spirit.

  98. Emily Lauren Kim says:

    Amen. That is so true about the keeping power of Jesus. He is able to take our weak moments– when we don’t pray or live as we ought– and give us grace to still live in the Spirit and in Him, although He wants us to also do what He commands faithfully so that we might be blessed. God is so great, He is so able and good. He is our Father who wants to walk with us, and as Pastor Christian said, wants to hear us tell His stories. Amen.

  99. Clive Poh says:

    This sermon has shown me a new paradigm of faith in God’s keeping power. It unpacks the excitement and joy of a faith-based Christian life. Indeed, I am sometimes brought into deception to allow Satan to define excitement for me. Ps Christian has convincingly and supernaturally describe and define an exciting “what if I don’t stumble” life.

    His sermon pierce right into my heart and led me to imagine of the wonderful and exciting future that God has laid down ahead of us. This is a paradigm that every Christian should hold on to! Fear-based contending for Faith does not lead one to a filled life but rather, a life that is all about avoiding sins.

    Is a faith-filled christian life a boring life? Of Course not ! this will be utterly wrong! The bible tells me that God is definitely not a boring God! He part the red sea, He shut the Lion’s mouth, He cast out demons, He healed the sick, He raised the dead, He uses the weak to shame the strong and lastly, He love me so much that he could die for me.
    So.. what does a Christian life entails? I will find it out myself with my life of faith. Thank you Lord :)

  100. Sheila Moh says:

    The book of Jude reveals God’s power of love, as He loves us so much so that He is able to keep us from stumbling away from Him – i.e. stop sinning and walk victorious for God. The role of a father is to care for his child, love his child and prevent the child from going astray. As a child of God, I am really blessed and loved by how God sees me as His precious, wanting to keep me from falling. Remembering the sermon of son-ship, I have responsibility in doing my role as a son of God, making sure I persevere with Christ through acting on the word of God, like the 8 exhortations put on purpose by Jude.

    Pastor Christian also mentioned about Christian life, it leads to excitement, not boredom. My perspective of being a Christian now changes. I used to live in a boring lifestyle – attending cell groups and church weekly only, my spiritual health is weak as I do not go search deeper about God. Also, living in deception that leads me to sin again and again. So right now, I want to shine for God and be His light, and be presented before God’s presence and glory faultless and with great joy. This change will lead me to excitement! Walking faithfully to God each day, and knowing that the keeping power of God will protect me from falling.

  101. Jennifer Choi says:

    The “Doxology” in Jude was in the dream where I met Christ. This sermon made me smile the whole time because it completely glorified the Lord by reminding me that it is ONLY though the Lord that I can live a righteous Christian life. Yes, I need to read the word to know who the false teachers are, BUT it is only through the Lord that I will discern with confidence. Boldness will only come from the Holy Spirit, only when I know my identity in Christ. I had a non-rebellious life in the worldly sense, but that doesn’t mean I was perfect. The fact that God would heal my heart from the scars I received years ago IS the miracle! PC was so on point when he says that the goal of our Christian life isn’t to avoid falling, but to appear before Him without fault. That CAN ONLY happen with Christ. With Christ, I am blameless before God.

  102. Max Park says:

    My Familia group actually talked something very similar about this. My group agreed that many people including Christians tend to pursue purity and be a “good” Christian on our own. However, we also came into a conclusion that such act is not possible on our own because we would be vulnerable to lies from our enemies.
    The sermon answered the question of What to do as a Christian. The answer was very simple, rely on God. With such reliance, God will overflow us with his grace and mercy and provide us with any means to fight our own battles. Whenever we stumble, He will help us to get up and continue our run with Him. God is the only answer to our potential sin natures and against our enemies. And such answer, like PC mentioned, will also bring us triumph and joy ultimately.

  103. Pak Tanya says:

    What if I don’t stumble?
    As Pastor Christian said people try to avoid stumbling, but Christian life is not about avoid it, even if we stumble God will not let us fall down, but He will raise us up.
    We have to keep power of God
    I often ask myself what if I’m not enough for God and my Christian life is not true and what if I stumble? Since I came to Korea I heard different stories from people who were non Christians and how they were saved, but as for me I grew up in Christian family and never tried bad things, so I was a little “jealous” about their testimonies, but now I understand how I was blessed, and even if I have some disadvantages for God it’s enough. I just have to do my part and God will do another big part in my life.

  104. Jenny Shi says:

    Rely on God, He keeps guard our heart us away from falling.
    The nonnegligible message about the point of “the keeping power of God”
    authority comes from the heaven.
    Prov 16 says A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his step.
    Faultless with joy only happens when we give our all to the lord. let him leads us and protects our way. yes. we do have the authority to choose what to do what not to do, but God is our Father, He know everything before us, the plan He has for us is what He wants us to commit and truly relys on. Praise the Lord for not stumbling, give thanks to Him keep us walking in his rule and stay strong in his will.
    PC: “Authority comes the relationship from God.” For He is our Father, knowing our stumble but also keeps us from falling again.

  105. Jess Kim says:

    I do believe in God’s keeping power as much as His saving/healing power. He has transformed me over the past 2 years and kept me hungry for Him. I don’t think I could have stayed hungry on my own but fully give all credits to Him. Now i’m excited to see how He’s gonna move in my life in the next season.

    • Jess Kim says:

      Giving this message a second listen, I was able to take a way a lot more. As much as we are responsible for having QT, serving the house, etc., what keeps us from falling is God’s keeping power and not our own abilities. If we ask questions such as “what if I do all these things and still fall?” we are putting more belief in our ability to sin than God’s ability to keep us from those sins. This was the part that stuck out to me the most. My entire Christian life, I feel like I’ve gone in and out of church and backslid many times. Sometimes I do find myself asking ‘what if I do stumble again?’ This sermon has taught me that I need to put more faith in God’s keeping power – that I don’t need to worry about keeping myself in check alone but have confidence that God will keep me from falling. As we are to be presented faultless and with great joy before Jesus, I will worry less about possibly backsliding in the future but be more bold in living out my Christian life to the fullest now.

  106. Mindy Kim says:

    God is not asking us to NOT stumble but instead, He is telling us that His keeping-power is going to keep us from falling and stand strong in boldness of faith-contending faith. Hallelujah! I think that gives me so much more faith knowing stumbling is a part of our lives and He is going to surely rescue and redeem us from it. No matter how deep or severe the situation might seem like, that is the Truth. I am forever grateful.

  107. Jenny Han (Hongdae-Omega)

    I’m probably at a point in my walk with God that has been one of the most difficult. The first year following my decision to follow and become more like Jesus was almost like a honeymoon phase. Everything was new, exciting – small groups, sharing faith, community, fellowship. At this point it’s dangerously teetering on the edge of everything becoming routine and jaded. I’m so used to saying certain phrases and using certain words that I forget what I’m actually saying. I feel like that’s so dangerous in the long run, ’cause that’s just a recipe for me to becoming Lukewarm and Apathetic. So I really respect those who have grown up without the typically crazy testimonies. It takes so much more faith to press FURTHER into things that are seemingly familiar. “Excavating the treasures that are hidden in God’s word” – Pastor Christian. Honestly I believe I still think the sinful life is more exciting than the Christian life sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I’d be in the place I’d be right now if I hadn’t struggled with things like depression or gone to pit-bottom places due to me chasing sinful nature. I’m afraid that I won’t learn much when I stick to going to prayer meetings and doing the “Christian” thing. I feel like I’m just twirling around in a Christian bubble and crave that sinfully-raw world from time to time. How do we find that balance? How do we stretch beyond the Christian bubble yet stay under the watch of spiritual fathers? I’m realizing that I’m still in the middle of processing this. Still spiritually immature. I feel like only spiritually mature sons and daughters can venture outside of the spiritual bubble. I feel like I’m still at home, required to learn and sit down with God on a Saturday morning for a tutoring session while my more mature siblings are allowed to venture out into town. I guess this is what you call a “season” in walking with Jesus? I have to sit down and learn before I can go out and apply. In the bigger picture, that’s what’s going to keep me walking with Jesus no matter what (talking to myself; I need to hear this myself).

    • Exciting: Chasing down the Devil. Wow. Okay that one line just changed everything I thought about what I just wrote. ‘Kay bye! Makes me excited to sit down to Jesus’ teachings now.

  108. Julian Cheung says:

    Interesting look at Jude, beyond it’s face value of being a warning about false teachers, the book also speaks about the ultimate role of God and his power in guiding our life.
    Dramatic salvations are only the beginning and although exciting from the world’s eyes, a life that walks steadily with Jesus exhibits God’s glory even better.
    Being worried about stumbling all the time isn’t demonstrating a faith in God’s keeping power. The same God that saves is the one which will keep you from sinning and keep you blameless until the day you are in his presence.

  109. Diane Yoon says:

    This sermon was a big blessing to me personally and answered a question that I had harbored in my heart for some time. I’m the perfect example of someone with a “boring” life story, so to speak: I have never done drugs, smoked, gone clubbing, had sexual relations, or struggled with family strife (those are some of the biggest struggles that seem to appear in other people’s testimonies). Of course, I’ve had my struggles here and there but nothing majorly catastrophic. I consider my life to have been a fairly smooth journey, and I’m not complaining. I’m thankful that God has blessed me with my life and grace to follow him. But secretly, a part of me started getting bored with life. When I heard other people’s amazing testimonies of how God drastically changed their life, I felt like I was missing out. I secretly longed to experience the same drastic saving power of God.
    But what PC pointed out in this sermon convicted me strongly. To my limited human self, my life may not seem so exciting. But God doesn’t think that. He sees his KEEPING power at work in my life and delights in seeing my progressive sanctification. Now I realize I’m not “missing out” on anything. I’m living an exciting life in God’s eyes by faithfully following him. As my faith grows, I believe God will use me to display his powers, which will be a whole new level of exciting. I feel convicted to continue living a spirit-filled life, and I’m challenged to go further in devoting more of me to the Lord than now.

  110. Tae Eun Kim says:

    What if I don’t stumble?

    P. Christian talked about God’s keeping power. He said that the presupposition of the church is that we cannot fall, because God is able to keep us from falling. He told us to make the goal of our Christian walk isn’t to avoid sin, but to appear before Him without fault and with great joy. He also mentioned that everyone will have joy, but the great joy will be reserved for those who walked faithfully. I also had thoughts about stumbling: what if I deny Christ in the face of persecution. What if a knife is held up my throat or a gun pointed at my head, would I in that moment not stumble? Through this sermon, I was encouraged to change my perspective and not to entertain these thoughts, because God is able to keep us from falling.

  111. Mary Jung says:

    Reflecting on the sermon, I feel that the Keeping power of God is what has brought me to this place of faith today. When I look back, there have been many moments where to others, it could have looked like the perfect time to start doubting or be in a state of despair. However, I can confidently say that the love of God, his persistence and support brought me out of those situations. Not only was I well but rather joyous and having a greater hunger for the Lord. PC’s sermon really emphasises that this is what we can continue to expect to greater levels as we learn to place greater trust in God. I feel reassured to think that despite the stumbles that may happen, that God’s keeping power will always be strong.

  112. Joen Lee says:

    What an encouraging message, and one we don’t hear enough of. I was that one who believed that I did not have a testimony, that my story was a boring one. But I see how my story can be powerful, how it can testify of God’s Keeping Power. I can stand assured that this good father, just as He saves, provides, and heals, He also keeps me from falling. He is that dad who has your hand during your balance beam walk, ready at any wobbly moment to catch you. As He continues to make me more holy, I can stand in confidence and boldness, having faith in God’s Keeping Power.

  113. Bekah Cho says:

    My testimony is one of the keeping power of God, and my entire life until I heard this sermon I categorized it as one of those “boring testimonies” even though so many people told me not to think that way. I’ve never actually thought about the keeping power of God but it really is amazing!!! So yes, my entire life and where I am today is really a testament to the keeping power of God. It’s true that I often live by putting my faith in my sin nature. I believe in the lies that my sin nature is stronger than the keeping power of God. But I break off that lie now, in Jesus’ name! God is greater than all!!!! This message was so timely because I was just sharing with a friend about how worried I was becoming about going back to my home university after my exchange program ends here in Korea. And I was scared that I would stumble, but that was in the perspective of defeat. But this message helped me realize and remember that God is on my side, and so I can walk in victory and confidence in His keeping power!

  114. God is so good! I listened to this sermon by my smartphone while taking a walk. Right after finish this sermon, thankfully my phone was dead and I felt like I really needed to repent. If my phone wasn’t dead, my mind wouldn’t have gone that way.
    What I realize was I was the one who’ve been asking myself that questions. What if I stumble? What if I wouldn’t be enough for Him forever? What If my life would just constantly go back and forth? What if I can’t see the fruits of Him?
    In fact, I was so worried and that dragged me down. The biggest reason I thought in that way is I had something I hadn’t confessed and repented before God. That blotted out the view of God.
    After I repented, I listened this message again. And I found whole new level of grace. To be honest, first time I heard the message, I thought this is about “What If I Stumble?” till I re-listened. Pastor Christian shifted my wrong mindset to start thinking what if I DON’T stumble. What will my life look like if I don’t stumble? How excited would it be? I could enjoy the endless love of Him and the fruits of God’s keeping power! Through this sermon, I have desire for more of Him and to grow into His righteousness and walk faithfully before God to see “Great Joy” at the end!

  115. Natalie Weaver says:

    I really love the shift from looking at the negative side of “how is God going to treat me if I make a mess of this life he saved?” And a hopeful look that is rooted in trust of him that declares “How far can I run?” I loved the positive thought of if I don’t stumble, I can only imagine how exciting this life will be! Because I know God can keep me, and a lot of times he’s been the only thing keeping me from falling. Another thing I really loved is the part about our testimonies. I remember hearing someone speak many years ago about how there are no boring testimonies, because Christ is in all of them. By his very presence they can no longer be boring. The mention of it again here only served to remind me and shine a light of appreciation for all aspects of the work of Christ in each of our lives.

  116. Valentina Kim says:

    This sermon really challenged me in many ways. I am so guilty of thinking that the Christian lifestyle is more boring than the “party animal” lifestyle. That thought has been swirling in my mind for some months now and I have been fighting it hard. When PC gave the comparison of excitement, I realized what a fool I have been ignoring the true excitement that can be found. I got so excited listening about helping people breakthrough; set people free from bondage; chasing down the devil… those are so much more exciting that my old days.
    PC really pierced me when he said how we have high view on God’s saving power but a very low view of God’s keeping power… how we place our faith on our sin nature to win. I have been sabotaging myself to be defeated and I really don’t want to waste my life in unbelief. Instead, I want to place my trust on the power of God that will keep me from stumbling.

  117. This sermon has convicted me to be a faithful follower of God, despite any situation or thoughts that I may have. I always thought of my life to be boring – there was nothing extraordinary about my life. However, I definitely had dry seasons and struggles through it all. And during those times were when I truly encountered God in a powerful way. This truly shows me how whether I am in my low or high, God is always there for me, being the light and power for me to stand firm and endure. Once I realized his relentless love for me, I realized that I have to love myself more as well.

    As a result, I was able to be more appreciative of my life and the small blessings that seemed derisory. In doing so, I realized that it is okay to have a ordinary life, because it is still the life that God has given me, with everything that I ever needed and more. As Pastor Christian said of how He wants to hear us talking about His stories, I truly want my life to be less of me, and more of Him. Though there will be times when I stumble again, I hope to continuously remind myself that all my life is in His hands.

    What an excitement and blessing it brings to know that the keeping power of God will faithfully and spiritually mature me evermore!

  118. Chris Ju says:

    There are two key point which I took from this message. The first being that there is truly excitement in the spirit-filled life. It may be easy to let the devil define what excitement is in our lives, but once God allows us to get a glimpse of the spirit-filled life, it can be contagious. The second point was to put faith and trust is God’s power to keep us from sin, rather than in our own ability to sin. This is often times the reason why Christians fall into repeated patterns of sinfulness, because view our sinfulness as ‘hopeless’. In these times it’s important to focus on the sanctification ministry of the Holy Spirit and remember than we have the presence of the almighty God fighting on our behalf.

  119. I absolutely LOVED this sermon. As a new believer I was so clueless to this concept. God’s love for us is so strong that it can keep us from falling away from the faith. I always used to be afraid that if I messed up at any point in my Christain walk God would disown me. That is not the case, far from it. God wants us to put our faith in him even if we stumble.

  120. Lindsay Costello says:

    There are so many things to talk about from this sermon. PC goes through the role of the believer to “contend for the faith” as illustrated by Jude in both the human part, with our 8 responsibilities, and the power of God that keeps us from falling. He also highlights that our focus should not just be on God’s saving power but also his keeping power. This changes our perspective and takes us deeper by giving us a new end goal. However, if we ask the wrong ‘what if’s’, it changes where we put our faith in- our own sin or in God’s power. There were three big things that really stuck out to me. First, at the beginning, PC explains the warning described in Jude for False teachers that cause division. Immediately, I thought of PE’s sermon on the importance of corporate prayer in bringing out Unity and Identity. I also thought a lot about how we are called to show the opposite characteristics and hearts of these false teachers, being destined for glory, submitting to authorities, humble, full of the spirit, humble, contrite in our hearts, serving, united. Second, I love the twist of ‘What if I don’t fall?” This gives us a new end goal. PC speaks of the power and authority that comes from living by the Word of God, allowing the Holy Spirit full access and knowing God and who you are in him. This gives us freedom and allows us to contend for the true goal we were designed for, more than a mediocre Christian. The goal God designed for us is to be sanctified into a blameless life where we can be presented before God with Great Joy as Faithful Servants. Last, we are not called to contend for the kingdom out of fear, but out of faith which results in boldness and confidence even in the face of opposition, where the believer can stand in peace. The idea of Contending for the Faith is a new one for me and one I’m quickly taking to. I really liked when PC said that we were never meant to be on the defensive, up against the ropes; instead, we were called to be overcomers, more than conquerors, strong and courageous.

  121. JKim(Busan) says:

    I was born in Christian family and raised by great honorable christian parents and I’ve never backslidden from the Love of Christ. I thought I had very boring and mediocre past when I compare myself to whom have wild experiences and conversions but through PC’s message i was able to clearly see that the Lord has been leading me in His way and actually it’s never been boring. And I understand that God’s power has been keeping me faithfully and it is stronger than the power of sin. I just need to more focus on the His keeping power than avoiding from sinful life style. His keeping power makes me victorious to overcome the world.

  122. Grace Cho says:

    As I look back on my life, I can agree that it really has been God all along keeping me saved. I can see that there have been times I have stumbled, but I have not fallen. Why did I not pursue foolishness, when I could have? Because of God’s power to keep me from falling. And this sermon challenged me to live a life trusting more in this power of God, so that I do not even stumble. So that I grow more in authority in the word of God and can be used by God to live an exciting Spirit filled life. Being a very goal-oriented person, it motivates me to hear that the goal of a Christian life is to appear before God faultless and with great joy (compared to, avoiding sin). To know that living a faithful walk with God has a tangible reward beyond what I can even imagine here on earth is encouraging and spurs me on.

  123. Yoon Han says:

    A very empowering message and a relevant one to me.

    What if I stumble? It’s an easy question to ask and a hard one to answer.

    However, I believe in order to answer this question, I needed to look the position of my heart, check my heart first. What is the issue? Why do I ask this question in particular? Am I always trying to get the easy way out? Do I think I’m not capable enough? Do I think I’m not strong enough? and as I pondered on these questions and trying to answer them, I could tell that it was testing my faith in God.

    In my recent baptism, I chose the verse, Phil 4:13. It says that God will strengthen me in ALL things. I said in my testimony that I would not rely on my own strength and understanding anymore and look for God to provide and to trust Him. I believe that when I asked this question inside my head, I did not look for God to provide and I did not trust Him in all things. I was doubting that I could live as a strong Christian and my calling. In fact, I feel like I was exactly doing what PC said, “You have more belief for your ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep you from sin”. The ability to sin had power over me and had too much power over me in the world today, when I did not have to fear and I did not have to worry about that. God will provide.

    I would like to experience this ‘keeping power’ from God. To give me confidence and boldness to live this Christian life in the world today. It is the easy way to ask these questions and when a Christian cannot answer it properly to judge and turn away thinking God is not real. However, after experiencing confidence and boldness in situations in my own life, I know God will provide and should not fear. I still struggle with this and want to grow and mature to become an unshakeable son of God.

  124. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    Yet another powerful and wonderful sermon given by PC. As someone who was born into a Christian family, the concept of the keeping power of God is something that I am familiar with. The concept of God’s keeping power was (for me) intricately tied in with the fact that my family has been serving God faithfully for generations. This sermon made me revisit that truth and reaffirmed my confidence in this truth. For if I rely on God’s strength and His guidance, then I can boldly and confidently live out the calling and purpose He has placed on my life, without fear of failing or falling into sin. The key is to learn to do just that – to rely on Him above all else.

    It was also extremely liberating to hear (and be reminded of) that God calls us to a powerful, interesting and dynamic life with Him! Whether it’s helping set people free from bondages and chains, whether it’s touching Heaven through extravagant worship – following God is a dynamic journey that becomes increasingly exciting! The fact that you are contributing to and experiencing things that have an eternal effect, makes it even more enticing and appealing to be a part of than the lifestyle and dynamics of the world.

  125. Michelle Hwang says:

    This was an interesting sermon for me because I always thought that my testimony was boring. I was born into a Christian family, my backsliding was short-lived and not extremely rebellious, I did not encounter a dramatic change in my life where a difference was palpable to everyone around me. So I conclude that all these things meant my testimony was boring. At the same time, I stressed the need to ‘not stumble’ in my Christian walk and allowed this to be the centre of my Christian faith. And this sermon really addressed both these issues.

    I have not looked back at my life and thanked God for his keeping power. I just always praised myself, for my self-control, that I was intelligent enough to be discerning with my decisions and that I personally didn’t allow myself to stumble and to fall into specific types of sin because I knew if I did, I would struggle to get out. However this has truly changed my perspective on that. It was God’s keeping power that really didn’t allow me to stray to far. It was the prayers from my family, friends and even my personal prayers that were powerful in keeping me as close to God as I remained. Also, I was challenged by PC stating that we are giving our sin-nature more power if we are focusing on ‘not stumbling’. I think this is so true and it is what I have been doing. However, through this I am challenged to shift my heart and shift my perspective. That my faith allows me to have conviction that God will not let me stumble. That the Holy Spirit is continuing to live in me, and through this, God’s power will keep me from stumbling. That it is not about my self-determination or will that will do it, but it is God.

  126. Having lived a very different life before I came to NP, the question “what if i stumble again” has always surfaced and brought me fear into falling into the hands of sin again and again. I tend to have a high view of God’s saving power but a low view of God’s keeping power over my life. I guess having this mindset has limited my faith in the past to commit to my church and community. However, this sermon has simply changed the question of “what if i stumble again” to “what if i don’t stumble.”

    The progressive steps towards sanctification is something which i haven’t really thought about enough, but it is now something I look forward to doing. To grow into His likeness more and more. I enjoy the simplicity of this message and how i can with confidence and excitement live out a spirit filled life. I pray through this perspective that i am able to contend for my faith, to stand strong and calm during trials and tribulations. Just as PC says, I want to have thoughts of shame distant and appear before Him without fault and full of joy.

  127. David Chong says:

    This message was a powerful reminder that living life as child of God, means living life to the fullest. I think a lot of people, myself included, can relate to a roller-coaster like experience in the earlier stages of walking out their faith, and often times, the shame and condemnation of our sin and failures can command more of our attention and emotional investment. This, alongside Satan telling us the lie that the Christian life is boring can often have the effect of locking someone into their sinful past and the victories often feel infrequent and short-lived. But the reality is the opposite. That God sees us having been made holy by the blood of Christ, and so we are to walk out in absolute freedom and go from glory to glory. I think it was also important to note that this requires some practical movement on our part as we ‘can’t expect to exercise the authority of God if we’re not living by the word of God’.

  128. Myko Okada ( NP Sydney) says:

    I appreciate God’s prescence in my life more after this sermon. Eventhough there were many times that I fail to live a Godly life and have Christ-like mindset, God’s keeping power sustained me. I agree with PC that no matter what I do I can’t take out the holy spirit in me. As he mentioned the scripture about Jude where he was kept by Jesus Christ, I was encouraged and felt that I was His beloved as well. That no matter what I do or say, whether I stumble or not I am still His beloved. My testimony is very common since I grow up fatherless and I don’t find it encouraging, but then when i reflect on it I realized I was so blessed and I felt no emptiness because of what Jesus had done for me at the cross. We just have to be grateful of God’s keeping power and He is in control of our life. GOd will always keep us from falling. I honor Him always for that. I am ovewhelmed by God’s love for me. so I wanted to have more of a kingdom mindset and be an overcomer.

  129. Martin Kang - Sydney says:

    Hey PC, thanks for the reminder of the “Keeping grace of God”. Like you, my testimony is full of exciting church adventures and looking back on my life, I’m glad God covered me with His keeping grace. I look forward to a life where His continued keeping grace, and progressive sanctification take me to that place where I can boldly walk through the gates of heaven and present myself shamelessly before Him.

  130. Tina kang says:

    Amen! The keeping grace of God is worthy of equal or maybe more praise than the saving grace of God! I will no longer put more faith in my ability to sin but in God’s ability to keep me from sin! Thank you for the awesome message PC!

  131. Orji Noble says:

    The grace that saved me is equally capable of keeping me from stumbling.
    I just came to appreciate what it will be like to completely live victorious life.
    Sometimes as a Christian i feel disadvantaged for not doing somethings others are doing or haven’t experienced somethings others have, but today i just feel so much joy for my testimony and to seek for more grace towards being a complete victor.

  132. Kayla Vezeau says:

    I was blown out of the water when I first listened to this message. I was thinking on my life and the journey that it has been. Its powerful and amazing to see just how powerful God’s keeping power is. This message has changed the way in which I look at my own testimony and understand just how powerful God really is, yet I often underestimate that. Even though I do have a powerful testimony of God’s healing power, I never acknowledged his keeping power. PC made really good points by giving examples of those who haven’t fallen into deep sin and their lives being radically transformed after accepting Christ. Too many people focus on others testimonies and those that grew up and became strong in the Lord as weak. Thank you for this powerful teaching! It really has shifted my paradigm.

  133. Hope Schaeffer says:

    Such a great message: eight exhortations to preserve unity in the church body and maintain our personal faith, sandwiched between two assurances that it is God’s keeping power and grace that ultimately will keep us from falling away. As I am coming back to the Lord after a season of rebellion, the fear keeps popping up in my mind that this revival in me will turn out like other times when I had encounters with God but didn’t let those revelations sink in and affect the way I was living. God has been impressing on me how important it is to seek him through his word and through prayer and to remember everything he has done for me, but it’s great to be reminded that in the end it’s his power and grace that are preserving and sanctifying me. I don’t have to strive in my own strength to live a right life. Even when I’m unfaithful, he is faithful.

    It’s also an eye opening perspective to see how living a right life doesn’t mean I have to focus on the weakness of my sin nature and worry about all the ways I might fall or stumble. That fits right in with PE’s Shift in the Spirit message and Philippians 4:8! My goal is to dwell in the Spirit so he can continue the progressive sanctification process in me that I may be presented without fault and with great joy at the end!

  134. Seojung Ha says:

    I once told my Christian-born friends that I am jealous of them because of their knowledge of God and how they walk with Him from an early age. However, they told me I shouldn’t be jealous. The older I get as a Christian, I can understand better what they meant at that time. I believe I can relate this sermon to my experience. A lot of people see Christians live a life that is boring or with many restrictions. However, like PC said, a spirit-filled life is the most exciting life of all. Not only that, God surrounds us with people with joy and love and our life gets filled with much more laughter.

    I’m grateful for this sermon because it reminded me how strong and powerful God’s power is.

  135. I am going to try and summarize the sermon. Pastor Christian starts off by talking about false teachers in the Church. From Jude he lists off eight exhortations. The first is “Remember what the apostles said”. The second is “Build yourselves up in your faith”. The third is “Pray in the Holy Spirit”. The fourth is “Keep yourselves in the love of God”. Which meant don’t get bitter and vengeful towards the false teachers. The fifth is “Wait and anticipate the mercy of Jesus that leads to eternal life”. In other words have faith that god will rescue them. The sixth is have “Mercy on those who doubt”. We should not be aggressive and just bash those who waver. We need to have mercy and gently guide them back. The seventh is “Snatch them out the fire.” When all doors have been taking use this as a last resort to protect the person. The eighth is “To others, show mercy mixed with fear.”
    These exhortations are guidelines but by no means are they what saves us. Ultimately is the power of God that really protects us from false teachings. The power of God is what we should rely on, not our own efforts. We need to do our part and obey God in what he commands us. And then we just trust that God will work through us. PC talks a lot about “God’s keeping power”. God’s power is not just present in those who come from a rough background and get saved. But also in those who keep themselves from sinning and don’t turn from God. The power that saves is also the power that keeps us close to God. Many Christians undermine the keeping power of God. They acknowledge that they got saved through his power but have little faith in his power to keep them from sinning. They then question what life is like when they continue to sin.
    The main matter that PC is trying to address is for us to not focus on what life looks like when we sin, but what it looks like when we don’t sin. Or in other words “What if I don’t stumble?” Jude focused on the life that is exactly that. There is no room or thoughts about the life where we sin. Our thoughts should only captivated by the life of no sin. When we obey God and trust in his power, the issue goes away. We start living a life that is transformed and renewed by the Gospel. And this is the goal of the Christian life.
    The Christian life is not keeping records about when I did not stumble. It is about appearing before Jesus without fault and great joy. In order for us to do that we need to be purified. PC mentioned that there are two forms of purification. (1) Positional, which is where God declares you holy, through the blood of Christ. (2) Progressive: God talks about you being made Holy. Are we going to show him a life that is changed? The first one is a given, so our time and energy should be focused on the second. We need to focus on progressively being sanctified and as long as we keep moving forward we will experience great joy.

  136. Lee-Anne says:

    I’m grateful to have heard this message as it was definitely something new. There were many layers to this message but one thing I learnt was that I one of those people who put more belief in the ‘what ifs?’ instead of just doing my part and allowing God to help me with the rest. From now on, I need to put my trust in God’s keeping power.

  137. Rochelle Watt says:

    The first major thing that stood out for me in this sermon was when PC broke down the reason as to why Jude placed the eight exhortations before the doxology in his book. Although we have a responsibility and play a role in preventing ourselves from falling, God is ultimately the preserver of our lives. If following the eight exhortations don’t prevent us from falling, the keeping power of God will. So although we must do our part, it is by God’s grace and mercy that we can stand firm. Although this is a simple truth, it was neat to see how Jude laid it out in such a poetic, creative way.

    I really enjoyed learning about positional vs progressive sanctification. Although we are declared Holy through the blood of Jesus, what’s most important is progressively being made Holy and consistently living a Holy life, rather than one that keeps going back and forth. This is what results in great joy vs just regular joy. PC was so right when he said that we often put too much power in our sin nature rather than God’s ability to keep us from sin. Even I am guilty of this as I sometimes think ahead to “what if I stumble?” rather than just trusting that God can lead me through a life that is faultless. As stated in 1 Corinthians 10:13, we are not tempted beyond what we can handle, and when tempted, God always gives us a way out – I think this is a great verse that demonstrates His keeping power. I think that we get so caught up in trying to avoid stumbling and try to live a life that is worthy based on our own strength, that we don’t just trust in God’s keeping power. I also liked how PC clearly explained how a life based on God’s keeping grace is not boring. It is easy to allow the world and the devil to define what is “fun”, but we have to know for ourselves where great joy and excitement come from – and it’s not from being chased by Vietnamese gangsters.

    Finally, I liked the point made about casting out demons and that not every Christian is equipped with this power – it comes with a certain level of authority. As Christians, I think we have to be very cognizant of where we are in our walk and spiritual maturity and not just assume an authority that has not yet been bestowed upon us.

  138. InnGee Kim says:

    I totally agree that the Christian life is not boring. I’ve experienced how sin and foolishness can goad you to chase after objects that make you feel lonely, empty, and bored. But with the Christian life, you have an infinite source of wisdom with which to find entertainment. You also get the joy of becoming friends with healthy individuals who have the goal of loving others, not to mention God himself, who teaches you HOW to be happy.

  139. Sofia Kim says:

    Two main things stood up to me from today. First, how many times we question God’s power over the things that are happening now and instead of trusting, we start to feel worry or angry aobut it. But we should change that attitude, relying and putting our faith in God’s authority that everything is in his hands, and there is nothing that can destroy his will. Second, many times when we prayed, we pray as we’ve had already lost the fight, putting more power on sins instead of trusting that God has power to give us freedom from it. He can keep us from falling, he has a greater power and authority over any sin. How many times, we limit God’s power of what HE can do, and we trust in our OWN. But God is calling us to keep our eyes on him. That HE is the one who can keep us from falling.

  140. Daniel Lee says:

    This message about being truly able to be kept from stumbling is one that has been central to my faith ever since I had a bible study at a different church on 2 Peter 1:1-11 about a year ago, which has the same promise in verse 10. I had been curious about this promise not to stumble, and in my searching for a cross-reference had also come to this passage in Jude, but I didn’t make the connection Pastor Lee makes between the eight exhortations and the promise about being kept from stumbling by the power of Jesus Christ, and I’m truly appreciative for this insight – especially regarding the centrality of mercy to keep from stumbling. To date, I’ve been focused on what i’ve called Peter’s chain, the links between faith and agape love that are our due diligence found in the aforementioned passage, but this command to keep in the love of God, waiting anxiously for Jesus’ mercy, and then showing mercy to the weaker in faith, salvation to the dying, and God-fearing mercy to save without oneself falling into corruption. I would love a sermon series even on just this last point in particular as there seems to be so much to explore and unpack from it.

    Keeping from stumbling is not just avoiding sin, but pursuing righteousness and victory over all sorts of evil. The change in heart from one that desires holiness and righteousness and truth through love of the Savior begins a transformation of the whole being to one that bears the cross with Him and dwells with Him, with His Word remaining in us. The false teachers of Jude’s day were like the enemy sowing weeds among the good grain and all their harvest are reserved only for fire. The Word of God is eternal and endures forever, yielding eternal life.

    Knowing that Christ is our champion means that we have the same definition of victory that He did, which is to be raised up as sons of the Living God as discussed in the previous sermon, laying down our spiritual crowns that we have won through perseverance in the faith at the feet of the author and perfector of our faith, and to be blameless and full of joy to be in the presence of the Heavenly Father.

  141. Kristian Doncillo says:

    As Pastor Christian explained in the podcast, often times we are quick to celebrate the saving power of God but are sometimes unaware about His keeping power. When we see the saving power of God, we sometimes forget that the same God that saves is the same one that preserves. As Pastor Christian put it, when we think to ourselves, “What if I stumble,” we put more faith in our ability to sin than our belief in God’s keeping power. As it says in Philippians 1:6 “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” God’s saving power was displayed when He began a good work in us, while His keeping power is what will preserve us as He brings His purpose in our lives to completion.

    We cannot believe in God’s saving power and not in His keeping power as well. As it says in John 10:28-29, “28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. This verse is usually used to show that salvation cannot be lost. On the flip side, this doesn’t give us Christians the signal or license to sin. As it says in Romans 6:1-2, “What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? 2 By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?” Since we have died to sin with Christ, we were also resurrected and are now alive in Christ. Again, if we focus too much into what if I stumble, we put more confidence in our ability to sin (our old self that’s dead) than in Christ in whom we live. The question doesn’t become, “What if I stumble,” but rather “What if I don’t stumble,” which leads to another question, “How can I live out Christ in my life?”

    In Philippians 2:12-13 it says, “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” As Christians, we know that we are not saved by our works, but by the saving power of Jesus Christ. When we live the Spirit filled life however, our works or how we live out our lives is just an extension or a pouring out of God’s love working in us. Again, works are by no means a requirement of salvation but rather a result or product of it. When we live the Spirit filled life to its fullness, we transition from a self-oriented view of “What if I stumble,” into searching and excavating the mysteries of God and actually living it out. In Philippians 3:16, Paul says, “Only let us live up to what we have already attained.” Through Jesus Christ, we have attained eternal life with God not by our works, but by grace. To live up to eternal life is to not only live knowing we’re secured, but to live out Christ in our lives as well. In Philippians 1:21 Paul says, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” While we’re on earth, we are called to live as Christ lived, love as Christ loved all the while knowing we’re secure in God’s keeping power. It is through this progressive sanctification we are made holy as we present our lives before God. As Pastor Christian stated, the book starts off passively but ends actively, and so should we live our lives here on earth. Passively, we should trust in God’s keeping power to keep us from stumbling and through that trust actively live out our lives for Him. When we think about, “What if I don’t stumble,” we begin to see ourselves as God wants us to be and are then able to move forward living as he intended. Not a life of fear of stumbling, but one of boldness in security and reaching out.

  142. This sermon brings to mind something I’ve thought about for several years now. I never “stumbled” (violence, drugs, sex, etc) persay in anyway and also never really thought I needed Christ either.

    After meeting my wife and hearing her and other stories of transformation I started thinking that if I had had deep struggle in my life I could make a miraculous transformation too. The lack of a clear falling or struggle seemed to make me unable to see the need for transformation in my life. I was just constantly comparing my actions to others, pleased that they were “better.” I always believed I lived more of a Christian life than the Christians themselves, and I put myself on my own conceited pedestal. I now realize it is not about what you do or say, but all about your personal relationship with Christ. I want to cultivate this relationship and mature in him now more than ever.

    One thing that I question from this sermon is that those who don’t “stumble” can stand before God with “great joy” as opposed to mere “joy.” Pastor Christian puts himself in this category as opposed to people like Pastor Caleb (?) who he says stumbled in his path. I am a new, baby Christian and have no idea where this is coming from nor am I quite sure what it means, but it’s not easy to accept. Isn’t God the ultimate judge? I agree we should believe in God’s keeping power, a great power that will keep us from stumbling, but I don’t think we should put stumblers into separate categories as non-stumblers. Doesn’t everyone stumble in one way or another whether we realize it or not? I was stumbling all along without recognizing it because it didn’t manifest itself outwardly in immediately obvious ways.

    Thank you God for stimulating me to explore myself and these questions deeper through his leadership training.

  143. Ryan Vogel says:

    Pastor Christian read from the book of Jude and spoke a lot about “divisions in the church” during first half of this sermon. I’ve been a witness and a participant in church division before and it was awful. I was out on the mission field and my squad of 40 split directly in half because of a disease of pride broke out amongst us. Half of the squad respected and followed our spiritual leaders and the other half of us gossiped and doubted our leaders behind their backs. After 8 months of being on the mission field, half the men on the publicly disrespected the spiritual leaders and then left the squad to try and do mission work on their own. I was one of those fools.

    As pastor Christian spoke on the book of Jude, he really emphasizes on the point that their are “wolfs in sheep clothing” and we need to be VERY watchful of them. I’ve been deceived by a wolf and I won’t allow myself to be deceived again. The book of Jude really sits deep in my heart because I wasted a lot of good things God wanted to use me for that year. On top of that my heart began to harden towards ALL biblical leaders. I began taking on that spirit of an orphan and losing sight of my heavenly father in the midst of religion and good works. So as believers we really have to watch out for the “Wolf” because although they may look harmless, they are waiting to devour the weak.

  144. Keeping power gives us confidence and boldness!
    Growing up I was always pushing myself to do better and that I was always falling short constantly saying “what if, what if, what if” but this message gave me courage to really turn and focus my eyes on Jesus. I am still struggling with having to please God and forcing myself to stop having an orphan mentality.

  145. Sindy Montgomery says:

    What’s exciting? I loved how PC redefined or, maybe more accurately, reclaimed what is truly exciting. I have always grown up in the church and was envious of the testimonies of my brothers and sisters in the faith. Their drastic life transformations and incredible encounters with God were inspiring and incredible. Their testimony seemed powerful while I allowed myself to believe my story was boring and lacking. Who would ever want to hear my testimony? I look back now especially as I have gotten older at the foolishness of those thoughts and feelings. Who am I to question what incredible works and steadfastness God has poured into my life? Leading a life of rebellion and sin is not exciting, even those believers who turned from those lifestyles would never wish those life choices and bad decisions upon another. The people of God need to understand how wonderful and incredible it is to have a person of faith walking steadily from their youth in the might and power of the Holy Spirit. The keeping power of God should not be something we shrug aside or take for granted. There’s no real excuse for stumbling when we walk out in faith. When we say otherwise, we are calling God impotent and a liar.

  146. Diana Park says:

    PC pointed out the danger in being so focused in avoiding sin that we miss out on the best part of Christianity: walking with God. This sermon brought me down on a memory lane of my history with God. I don’t have a crazy overnight salvation testimony, but have consistently experienced the delivering and healing power of God throughout my life. I was brought back to situations where God’s kept me. It’s exciting to know that He who saved me is also faithful to keep me blameless. Salvation is only the beginning and sanctification is for life. I love how PC kept emphasizing that the most exciting thing is a Spirit-filled life. As long as we are in Him, we not only have to worry about avoiding sin, but live a life full of adventure and discovery. When we are rooted in Christ, we can trust that his keeping power will take us from glory to glory.

  147. Christine Kwon says:

    This message encouraged me to think and meditate more deeply on God’s keeping power and his faithfulness in fulfilling his purposes. I think I’ve always assumed God probably has the power to preserve believers, but I’ve never really thought about it in depth. My focus has been more on my “ability to sin,” as PC put it, and what feels like my need for repeated saving, than God’s ability to keep me from sin. It makes sense that this would translate into a lack of confidence, because when I’m focused only on my propensity for sin and how to keep it “under control,” I’m always afraid of making a mistake or doing something wrong.

    Pastor Christian helped me better appreciate that God not only has “keeping power” but desires to use it to present me blameless and holy and full of joy at the day of Christ. God’s not only capable but so willing, and his goal is nothing less than sanctification. I’m reminded again that a relationship with God through Christ is about more than just a removal of enmity, it’s about God raising us up into a certain kind of people, sons and heirs, and thereby fulfilling his original purpose in creation. I love being reminded of this, and I’m encouraged to know that God communicates this to us so clearly through Jude.

  148. Chai Kim says:

    Jude 1:24 says “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blames before the presence of his glory with great joy.”
    This sermon of Pastor Christian and the passage have helped me understand what I need to focus on while living a life as a Christian. I don’t need to focus on or worry about falling into sins and stumbling in my life. If I only think of “what if I stumble?” then I focus on myself, my ability and power. Rather, I need to ask myself “what if I don’t stumble?” and walk faithfully with God. I liked that Pastor Christian said “Don’t even worry about falling. Just do your part, and God will make sure that you don’t fall!” I am so convinced that God’s keeping power is strong in my life. It is keeping me from falling and stumbling. Also, it is not only about avoiding falling. I need to focus on appearing before God faultless with great joy. I need to fully trust God and His keeping power, and solely walk in faith with joy that God gives me.

  149. Sarang Park says:

    When Pastor Christian was talking about how we are so apprehensive about falling into sin, I imagined a passenger in a car bracing for impact… despite being with a capable driver. And I understood that not have faith in God’s keeping power is to already admit defeat. To give up before even trying. This kind of attitude is really out of character us for we are called victorious ones.

    I was so encouraged by this sermon as well, because I’ve always thought those who were radically saved had the better stories. Their transformation seemed more tangible, more noticeable than mine, and there have been moments where I felt lack because that saving power wasn’t as dramatic in my life. With that re-claiming of the definition of an “exciting life,” I’m challenged to follow through in those exhortations so that I may truly live a spirit-filled life. There’s always more to God.

    Also, I felt a burden I didn’t realize I was carrying put to rest. Learning to have high value of an almighty God who is able to keep me from stumbling in order to present me blameless with great joy, I see that there’s no room for defeatism, worry, and anxiety. There’s only an expectation of what my life will look like when I just obey and move deeper in the spirit, in the Lord. I pray that I won’t pick that burden back up again and to continue move forward in confidence of God’s keeping power.

    • Praise God! Right on Sarang! I’m blessed by your thoughtful smart comments. The exciting life is the abundant life! Christians need to learn how to celebrate God’s keeping power as much as we celebrate God’s transforming power!

  150. David Albano says:

    This was a very cool sermon to hear. I always felt in my testimony that God definitely did not keep me from anything. But looking back, wow, the ‘keeping power of God’ was there. Many people were praying for me and many times I think God kept me from so many things. From another view I always thought it was amazing meeting Christians who were kept from severe sin and avoided the emptiness that I went through for many years. From now on, doing my part and through the power of God I am excited to let God use me and help others understand. Many Christians who have a ‘boring testimony’ always feel like they have nothing to share. But to me I always was so jealous of the years they have been with Christ, when I was wasting them. God is incredible and meets us all where we are but Christs keeping power is the way to go and Its exciting to step into that and let Gods power work through my brothers in Christ and I. Talking about the past has no excitement compared to what God has for me a head and I find that sometimes I focus on thinking about my past too much. Jesus died for our past so I chose to think of him and the awesome relationship we’re going to build, starting with son ship. This message just reminds me of ‘keeping power of God’ and it’s exciting because we can now use the power of God to help others experience him.

    • Thanks Dave for sharing your perspective. I haven’t heard too many people envy those who have “boring testimonies” but I can see how this could be so. We want to redeem our time on earth and make the most of every opportunity, once we get this revelation I can see how it’s a struggle to let go of the past and how it can be a temptation for some to try to make up or atone for the past.

  151. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    Going through life worrying about what if I stumble, I’ve never realized how preoccupied I was and how little faith I put in the keeping power of God. This sermon helped me see just how I had been needlessly worried over what I must do to avoid stumbling, but I’ve learnt that it is ultimately the keeping power of God that will keep me from falling. All I have to do is to faithfully do my part and put my trust and confidence in God who will never let me fall. P.Christian totally changed the dynamic of the ultimate goal of my christian walk, to present myself before his glorious presence not only without fault but also with great joy. I want to live out my life not worrying about the times I stumbled or when I might stumble; instead I aspire to be faithful in His commands so that I may anticipate the day Jesus comes that I may stand before him faultless and filled with great, great joy :)

  152. Tanisha Cosby says:

    “The most exciting thing is the spirit-filled life”. I loved how PC kept reiterating this throughout his message. PC stated the the ultimate goal of the Christian life is not to avoid sin, but to be presented faultless and in GREAT joy before Christ. The enemy likes to deceive people into thinking that the Christian lifestyle is so dull and boring. Before giving my life to Christ, I was also deceived into thinking that being a Christian meant having this big list of do’s and don’ts. After becoming a Christian, I was so wrapped up in not stumbling that I didn’t even acknowledge God’s keeping power.I believed that it was up to me to keep myself from slipping up and going back into my old ways. I was living in such deception! From this sermon, I learned that God is able to keep me from falling and His keeping power is meant to give me the confidence and boldness to live this Christian life.

    • There’s nothing more dynamic and exciting than the Spirit-filled life! Christians would experience more victory in their lives if they would put their focus on their faith in God’s keeping power rather than on their ability and anxiety to avoid sin.

  153. Anna Suber says:

    I’m learning more about progressive sanctification with my walk with God. I never understood about this concept of sanctification. I’ve always wanted to be blameless and without sin my whole life. I felt that if I sinned that I let God down. I tried to be so perfect to prevent God looking at me in a negative way. I thought I would make him proud by striving to be like Jesus, being so perfect in all that I do. But my problem was striving to be without sin so that God wouldn’t send me to hell. I never thought that I should strive to be without fault and be in great joy to further the kingdom. Isn’t that why God sent his son? Isn’t that the meaning of the cross? What was the point of Jesus suffering on the cross if we are not meant to be led by him in the spirit? For him to wash us clean of all sin and call us deeper into a relationship with him. If I try to avoid sin and strive to be perfect without Jesus then haven’t I made Christianity religious instead of relational? I want to growth with Jesus in a new light of a sanctified relationship than fear. God is freedom and joy and I want that ten fold. But Most importantly I don’t want to be selfish any more. I want that same joy, love and freedom to give others.

  154. Kylie Posteraro says:

    It was really refreshing to hear a sermon on the keeping grace of God. I often find myself thinking of the “what if I fail God, what if I don’t reach my potential.. Etc etc”. I liked that pastor Christian made it clear that we shouldn’t even entertain the idea of what if because Christ never made mention of ” in case you stumble, or if you stumble”… No! The aim of the christian life is not to just simply avoid stumbling, we should set our minds on being presented before God without fault and with GREAT JOY! we will get there through God’s power which keeps us from stumbling.

  155. Tom Lim says:

    I realized how much time i spend worrying about falling compared to how much time i spend thinking about how i can be victorious through Jesus. When I am looking for something exciting in the walk of God, I’ve been thinking of just stories of backslider dramatically returning to God. When PC mentioned all the things that should be considered exciting(things like turning from sin, not going clubbing and staying home, setting people free, driving away demons, etc) it learned to celebrate them as much as i celebrated a wild lifestyle turning to God. I want to have a high view of the keeping power of God, no longer a lifestyle of just running away from sin but actually having faith in Christ to keep us.

  156. I like this sermon because sometimes I get so concerned with not sinning that I forget to enjoy the peace, the love and the Spirit that is God.
    I should never doubt God’s grace to keep me from sins.

    The question is not what if I stumble but it is what if I don’t stumble? God’s grace and keeping power are sufficient. So I will put more faith in His abilities to keep me from committing sins.

    I shall not doubt! hallelujah!

  157. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    First, this sermon brings the important message of the keeping power of Christ. As PC puts it, “what is ultimately responsible for our perseverance is not our effort, but the keeping power of God. But that does not negate our effort”. Second, I was convicted when PC says a lot of Christians’ ultimate goal was to avoid stumbling, when our ultimate goal should be set at a place higher than just trying to avoid sins. We are to appear before Christ faultless and with great joy as the Scripture tells us. I realize that this is an area that I need a lot of grace in. I need His grace in letting go of this old mindset of just trying to live at avoiding the negative part of the graph but to live out the positives victoriously. This also reminds me of a sermon I heard regarding how when Christ dies for us He did not just bring us from negative to neutral but to turn things 360 degrees over for us. I was truly blessed by this message!

  158. InnGee Kim says:

    In the sermon PC explains that Jude 1 talks about false teachers that create division in the church. PC explains that 8 exhortations precede the doxology found in the end of the chapter: remember what the apostles said, build yourselves up in your faith, pray in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God by not getting bitter and angry at the false teachers, wait and anticipate that some of those led astray will turn from their ways, have mercy on those who doubt, save others by snatching them out of the fire, and to others show mercy mixed with fear.
    PC states that Jude is telling Christians to do everything possible to protect the Church from heresy. But the doxology emphasizes that it is God’s saving power that keeps them from falling. God plays the bigger part. PC says that many Christians today emphasize God’s ability to save people from their sins but focus less on God’s power to keep Christians from sinning. Christians who live faithful lives, according to PC, have cooler testimonies than those who have been delivered from a sinful way of life. A life faithfully following Christ is more exciting than a life of sin.
    Many Christians think that God’s keeping power talks about God’s ability to save Christians who have deviated from the straight and narrow path. PC, however, asserts that God’s keeping power was mentioned by Jude to make Christians more confident and brave when dealing with the false teachers. PC explains that when we contend for the faith from a position of fear, we tend to overcompensate and make doctrines that are not found in the Bible. Understanding that the Church can never fall can impart confidence and prevent Christians from overcompensating. PC then encourages us to not focus on not falling but to strive to live a life that is upright. PC explains that when Christ returns, he will be looking for progressive sanctification in the saints.

  159. Jason Jung says:

    I always thought I didn’t have a testimony since I was born into a church and luckily, I was able to meet God starting from a young age. I am coming to realize that that is a blessing in itself. Throughout my life I was always focused on “being a good Christian” and I would punish myself if I did not live up to the expectations that I placed upon myself with the views that I thought God placed on me. This sermon reminded me that I shouldn’t live my life worrying about stumbling because God’s keeping power for me is much greater than any sin I can do. Instead of becoming discouraged at every sin and mistake I make, PC mentions that Jesus is going to look at our progressive sanctification as a whole. I will strive to become more and more Jesus-like in all aspects of my life relying on the power of God and not my own will.

  160. Alyssa Fung says:

    Before Christ, I worry about everything. After Christ, I still worry about small things in life but the difference is I am in the process of learning to trust in God. I still find it difficult to not worry about stumbling at times. I was afraid of committing sins and making mistakes. It is important to remember that the keeping power of God is what keeps you from falling. The keeping power of God is meant to give you power and boldness to prevail against sins. Instead of worrying too much about not stumbling, I have to learn to live a life that is right with God. I want to contend for the gospel out of faith. I want to be able to appear before Him with great joy when Jesus returns. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding – Proverbs 3:5 is a verse that I absolutely love!

  161. Danny Fung says:

    As a new Christian, this sermon reminds me of my awe of the keeping power of God when I hear testimonies who walked with the Lord faithfully though out the years. I get more joy from seeing and hearing testimonies of those who have been saved through the keeping power of God than from testimonies of those who have been saved through the saving power of God.This sermon reminded me of the respect and awe we had for a Christian couple who saved their first kiss for their wedding in order to avoid temptation. It is exciting to see how strong the keeping power of God leads to a spirit filled life. Seeing other Christians live faithful lives is so inspiring and we should celebrate His keeping power as much as we celebrate his saving power. It gives me confidence and faith that God’s keeping power will turn me away from the fear of sin and keep me from falling.

  162. Grace Lee says:

    Growing up in a christian family, I thought I wasn’t really a true christian because I didn’t have an exciting testimony to tell, no supernatural experience with God nor did I have a specific date in which I was saved. Because of this, I have stumbled many times throughout my life because I was being doubtful and insecure with my faith. I would praise myself when I did something good in His eyes, and felt ashamed and disappointed when I didn’t.
    This sermon made me realise how much I have depended on my own power, self-control (or lack thereof) and discernment to refrain from stumbling.Through this sermon, I have learnt that as long as I put my trust in Him, His keeping power, I won’t ever have to stumble as God will keep me from falling; that I should shift my negativity and doubt in myself into trusting in Him and relying on Him that he CAN keep me from falling and experiencing joy in all the good He has done in my life.

  163. Yong Chan Kim says:

    I feel like i’ve been way too cautious with my approach to my faith. As PC pointed out, we cannot win the match by being on the defence all the time. I was way too worried about being burnt out, hurt or not meeting the church’s standards that I just faded into a corner where I felt comfortable observing from the back. I’ve decided on joining the NRTC with an intention to contend for the kingdom. I felt that God was urging me to take the leap of faith and Im beginning to see why he had been nudging me to step out from my comfort zone. Why should I be so fearful if God has clearly told us in the bible that we cannot fall/stumble as he will keep me strong until the end?

    I wish to be able to stand in front of God with no fault and with great joy and I know that God will give me the strength to keep working toward my goals. I feel so much lighter knowing that my past sins will not drag me down and I’m excited to see where God takes me as I continue my spiritual walk in total faith.

  164. Young Cho says:

    Prior to this sermon, when people asked me what my testimony was,I felt like I had the need to squeeze out a life changing story because I wanted express the power of God’s grace in an impactful way. I always thought I didn’t really have a testimony because I accepted Jesus into my life at a young age where goods thing were given to you on a silver platter and I would just take it right away. In my understanding back then, I knew exactly what was right and wrong and I chose what to take into my life and what not to. I realised that I have been controlling my spritual walk with God int he same way and I ignored the fact that God was steering me away from all things bad in life for my own good. PC’s sermon challenged me to not underestimate God’s will and power in my life but to truly understand what it means to keep the true power of God.

  165. Sooji Skye Kim says:

    I think this sermon was a great reminder for me that He’s got me in every season and every challeges I face in my life, and that I shouldn’t live life worrying about stumbling because keeping power of God for me is much greater than any sin I can do. Growing up as a PK, I was always seen as a goody-goody by friends and other people.Having this expectation and doing good things to show others, when I was challenged with a sin that I couldn’t get over with guilt I kept falling back, forgetting that God is greater. I was challenged to continue walking in life that is right with God, than focusing on the past mistakes or any guilt from sins I have committed. I will strive to honour and glorify God in all I do, in all I say- to love God, love others and live Jesus’ way.

  166. Mike Oh says:

    I was really encouraged by the Pastor Christian represented the question of “What if I stumble?” to “What if I don’t stumble”? It’s a reminder to us to not place our attention on what we “might” do, fearing what “might” happen. Ultimately not trusting in God’s faithfulness and power at work in our lives. But to switch our perspective to the glorious life that is promised to us through Jesus.
    Yes it is amazing when we see the saving power of God, but what is just as amazing is seeing the faithful journey of those that have been in it for the long run. Those who ran the race, and kept the faith. Because it is in the life stories of these that I am in awe of, from the level of integrity, faith, steadfastness, peace, humility, sacrifice, love that they have walked in.
    There are many who have been saved, but I would say not as many that have lived out their faith to such epic proportions. So I am encouraged as I live out this faith to ask questions of what tomorrow holds as I abide in His Spirit. What adventures await me? What authority and power will I grow in? What favour will I gain in Him? What level of intimacy will be nurtured?
    There is not just joy, but great joy found in a life under the keeping power of God.

  167. Michael Kang says:

    People always thought I would have some crazy testimony or story about my faith journey and how I’ve come to know Jesus. But I really don’t. I had attended church from an early age and faithfully attended throughout my childhood and teenage years, so accepting that Jesus was apart of my life was easy.

    What I had learnt to realise that the saving power is amazing no matter the story, but the keeping power takes trust and faith on a personal level. I almost imagine that I’m apart of God’s team – the team that God has chosen playing against the enemy. There would be many times we would lose possession, fail, fall – but it is always Him keeping the ball from hitting the net. He will never let us go – nor let the enemy win.

    It’s such a challenge not just to focus on His saving grace – but His keeping grace – there is such much power alone in the name of Jesus. I just need to call out more often and trust that He will always have my back.

  168. Ujin Lee says:

    What a great message and a to the point exhortation for us as christians. As for me, although He has really exercised his saving power on me through my salvation and deliverance from my past, but over the years its his steadfast and perseverant love for me that spoke of his such amazing, keeping power on me. He delivered me from those sins and the slowly but steadfastly delivered me from the fear of stumbling or falling back into those sin patterns.
    but more than anything, how this message spoke to me was a stirring in my heart a desire of more. to live this exciting life that PC was talking about, led by the HS. to bind up the broken, and proclaim freedom to the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners! seriously! be used by him! and not just be found spotless, free of sin on the day, but really be radiating with joy, because ive live such an exciting life for him and with him, being used by him. T_ T/

  169. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    This message is healing. I often tell God that I don’t want to mess up. A significant person in my journey to Christ was in adultety. This was painful to behold and has made me extra cautious not to hurt people in the same way. But this message encourages me to rest in God’s keeping power. Other lessons from the Lord teach me that if I make God the priority and set my heart on Him, everything else in my life will fall into divine order. But focusing on sin or my fear of sin will never achieve that.

    This sermon corrects the worldly view that sin is cool or attractive. When we know God and His ways we see the truth that sin is unloving, unsafe, undignified, shameful, heartbreaking and so very very sad. Holiness may not be glamorous but because it does not glory in the flesh but it brings life, healing, relationship, trust, identity and beauty. It brings food for the hungry and clothes for the naked. It sets the captive free. Why then would I look at sin and see it as desirable? I want the Spirit more and more.

  170. Shannon Chien says:

    What an encouraging message! I am a living testimony of God’s incredible keeping grace, and have often wondered if I was missing out on some great “revelation” of God since I never had a radical 180 degrees shift in lifestyle. Thankfully, that is not the case, and the consequences of my obedience have been a never-ending outpouring of God into my life. Pastor Christian pushes us to pursue holiness in the form of chasing after Jesus Himself, instead of the fear of failure. It is with great joy that I can worship in the presence of God, because He is able to keep me from stumbling, and through Him I am victorious 😀 😀

  171. Sooky Park says:

    What if I don’t stumble?
    Jude’s doxology expresses the power of God to preserve His people.
    It’s amazing how one of the exhortations is to “keep yourselves in the love of God” and PC said that means to not grow bitter toward false teachers. That is amazing because it means we should forgive and let go of even false teachers, and that will keep us from sinning concerning them.
    “What is so exciting about waking up next to somebody you don’t even know?”
    This got me thinking about sexual lust and its pitfalls. If you think about it, what PC said is true. Even if you get a high, you hit an all-time low if you wake up next to somebody you don’t know. It is far deeper to love in covenant than out of covenant.
    The story about the demon possessed girl and the prayer team member reminded me of that story in Acts where the demons jumped on the men and beat them naked. PC says the happening with the demon possessed girl and the prayer team member happened because the latter was growing in his/her authority, and wasn’t yet rooted firmly in their identity, who they are, in Christ.
    The story about the boy in Australia reminded me about many things too. How one rejection from authority can lead to mistrust towards the church and even God. Bitterness is not to be harbored in any circumstance. PC says one needs to forgive those who reject you and be set free from demonic spirits that can take hold when unforgiveness roots.
    The question is “what will my life look like if I don’t stumble through God’s keeping power?” God’s ability to keep me from sin is far greater than my ability to sin. I don’t need to worry about what if I let God down.
    I cried in the part where PC emphasized God will keep you from false teachers. The gates of Hades will not prevail against the Church.
    We need a faith-based contending for the faith. We cannot fall.
    The goal of the Christian life is not to avoid falling. The author of Jude says the goal is to be presented before the presence of His glory faultless and with great joy.
    It was a great challenge when PC said when we appear before Jesus will we show a life that went back and forth or a life that progressively grew to be like Him?
    I don’t want a boring testimony either. I want crazy stories.
    All in all, it was daunting to listen to this message. It left me on a “high” because I felt compelled to have faith in God for my heart and life’s keeping. At first I felt 나 하나 감당하기도 벅찬데. It is enough for me to try not to sin. But I realized the message of this sermon is that that is not the point. God will keep me so that I may be presented faultless and with great joy in His presence. Hallelujah and may that be the cry of my heart and my faith.

  172. Lexie Okosa says:

    It’s really funny that pastor Christian in jest that someone could believe more in their sinfulness than in God’s power to keep that person from falling, but I commented that exact statement almost on my last smart comment on the sermon pastor Erin gave on shifting in the spirit. If you look through my journals of the past 4 years, this has been the chief problem of my faith. As much as I feel stressed out about having to do nrtc homework and membership class homework and study for the GRE I’ll be taking next month and work, I feel like the all this church homework is like the prescription God has tailored to my exact faith disorder. My prayer these days has been that God teach me how to stop storing my treasures on earth and store them up in heaven, but my doubt in my own sincerity made me feel like not even trying. This sermon was obviously great to listen to because it’s helping put the idols I have on this earth in proper perspective. Whatever glamorous, successful life I could be leading in the eyes of the world is foolish in eternal eyes. Why deny the adventure and fulfillment I was destined for before creation for a good reputation that will be forgotten after I die, for wealth that can only be used to buy things that will rot eventually, for comfort that comes at the expense of the part of the kingdom I could have helped establish on earth?

  173. Dean Legomina says:

    Gods keeping power. God keeps us and preserves us from false teachings. It is mostly his power, therefore we should pray about it, not to stumble, especially these days when there are so many teachings out there. Be fully confidant in God’s keeping power not less than we sure of His saving power. Statement I liked: Authority comes from personal relationship with Christ, from knowing who you are and from knowing the word. I used to have this anxiety about What if I mess up, cos there are so many ways to do it in Christianity: Follow wrong doctrine, not hearing correct from God, get bitter or cool down in faith and so on and so forth. And this sermon spoke directly to that issue. Sermon is built on the message of the book of Jude and Finilized by Phil. 1:6 Being confidant that God will bring ro competion the work that He has started in us.

  174. Yoomin Lee says:

    This sermon really hit home. I have always had this feeling of inferiority that my testimony wasn’t as ‘exciting’ or as ‘powerful’ as some other believers. Having been born and raised in a Christian home, I thought that my life was ‘boring’, without all the drama that those around me shared, and in a sense,felt that I was missing out. A big part of that was also rooted in fear of sinning, and wanting to appear righteous. But as PC highlights, it really is God’s saving power that has kept me from experiencing some of the earthly lows, and it is by HIS power and grace that I can keep myself from stumbling, and pursue a blameless life.
    Not to live in fear of stumbling, but to have the faith to contend for God’s keeping power over my life, and to know that no matter what the world offers, the most exciting life is indeed the spirit-filled life!

  175. The thing I have learned from this is that it’s not a matter of “What if I stumble?” but more of a matter of “What do I do WHEN I stumble?” If we are on a narrow path in this journey with Christ, we’re going to hit some “tree roots” and “pebbles” of life that will cause us to stumble. The sacrifice of Christ, the saving power of Christ, allows God to work in our lives to keep us from stumbling and falling. If we are following Him, He will be directing us on the right path and giving us the mind to keep watch on our path. When we do happen to stumble, because we’re in the keeping grace of God, we will be able to get our footing and continue forward.

    When it comes to false teaching and false prophets, this has been one of the biggest issues that I have to deal with. As someone who is a truthseeker, a warrior who is interested in truth, I get a bit verklempt when it comes to dealing with stumbling in doctrinal issues. We worry about whether we’re on the right path. But when we’re shifting in the spirit, when we’re being led by God down that narrow path, we shouldn’t have to necessarily worry. Being on guard, of course we must. But because God keeps us, we shouldn’t be biting our nails and wondering if the false things are seeping in. If we’re walking with God in faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit, it will be made evident. This is what I learned about that part.

    In total, this sermon helped me to understand that God helps me and keeps me down this narrow road that I am traveling. “Kyrie Eleison”, “Lord help me”, is a common prayer I hear from many people. The fact that God keeps us for a lot of things that could cause us to majorly fall, and it’s important to have faith that God will keep us on the hard parts of our journey.

    • It’s rare that I take a second look at a sermon, but I felt like I needed to take a second look and look at things from a different angle. It’s been nagging on me a bit, so I decided to do so.

      From what I can see, there’s a different piece of the puzzle gets lost within the stories and the explanations. It’s the idea that we shouldn’t have to worry about sinning, but being able to walk out boldly and do things knowing that God’s gonna keep you from things that will make you stumble. It’s living in confidence, rather than giving root to the idea of fear of falling. This small marble within this big vat of oatmeal of a sermon is something that can easily be overlooked, just like I overlooked it.

      In short, we shouldn’t be thinking about what if we stumble, but in being confident in walking out faith trusting that God will keep us from those stumbles.

  176. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    I am very grateful for this message and especially for hearing these truths that directly and immediately speak into my life. I am definitely guilty of living a Christian walk where I am more worried about stumbling than I am intentional about embodying a free, Spirit-led life. The keeping power of God is something that I frequently underestimate or even forget about completely. The last few verses of Jude is the go-to benediction for my pastor back at my home church that I grew up in. I am thankful for PC’s insight in this message that has breathed new life and understanding into this passage for me.

  177. Yelynn Ho says:

    It’s so easy to miss the main point of Jude’s message. He starts the letter by warning us of ungodly people, or false teachers, and naturally my mind slips into fear. When I come across these kinds of warnings in the Bible, I immediately find myself asking, “What will happen if I stumble, too? How can I defend myself from falling?” But I now realize that these questions are simply counterproductive. Not only am I then negating the ability of God’s keeping power, but I’m also fooling myself into a self-righteous mindset. Verses 24-25 state, “to HIM who is able to keep you from stumbling” and “to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority.” This is where the gold is. This is what Jude wants us to fix our minds on. PC mentions that when we ask questions of doubt, it just goes to show how we place bigger faith in our sinful nature than in the Lord’s keeping power, and that’s exactly what the enemy wants. God’s keeping power is assured, though. Yes, God gives us exhortations to follow on our part, but ultimately only He has the authority to keep us from falling. “When we contend for the faith out of fear, it results in overcompensation. We come up with all kinds of doctrines that the Bible doesn’t even say.” Straight conviction. We are made to have not a defense-based contending (because God’s keeping power has triumphed over sin), but a faith-based contending for the faith. And this results in boldness and confidence in God’s almighty authority.

  178. Hannah Lee says:

    The spirit filled Christian life is exciting! Often times I do think or grow up thinking that holiness and the Christian life was mundane. That is wasn’t “cool” or “relevant”. But same time, I didn’t participate in “worldly sin” with my non Christian friends, because I was afraid of myself sinning or receiving a severe punishment from God. But PC encourages that we must believe in God’s saving power and grace instead of focusing on the what if’s and maybe’s. His faithfulness is never ending. This message encouraged that no matter what hardships fall in our journey with Him, that we must keep our faith and that he is over all.

  179. I realized on how I focus on what not to do instead of what to do. A life where we don’t live to the fullest, in fear of stumbling, which ends up holding us back from living an exciting and joyful life with the spirit. It is by the grace of the Lord that so many people don’t experience the “exciting” sinful life. I have envied those people for years and didn’t think I belonged or didn’t think I was good enough to be in a church with them. Just when I was able to experience God’s love and forgiveness that I was able to start fresh and engage in a journey wich leaded me to what IS the most exciting life of all. Although God was constantly calling me to come to him, I rejected him over and over again. I didn’t want to give up my “woo-hoo” life to live what I thought to be a “boring Christian life”. Weekends in church? No way! But He is persistent. And I’m glad. The most breathtaking, lively, mind-blowing, sensational, spine-tingling, stimulating, wild part of my life is by far my walk with God.

  180. Chadol Lee says:

    Having a spirit led life sounds exciting. Questioning what my life would be like without stumbling is something to look forward to. We definitely aren’t meant to be on the defense with the devil but be on the offense. We Christians have authority through God. Having faith and being bold in God we will not be affected by false teachers. God is able from keeping us from falling. But its not even about avoiding stumbling, we should be presented before God with great Joy without fault.

  181. Benjamin Jung says:

    Great message on living a life that puts our focus and our faith in the faithfulness and the keeping power of GOD, rather than worrying about our chances of repeatedly failing and sinning against GOD. By trusting that GOD really is faithful to finish the good work that He has begun in each of us, we are empowered to live out our lives in obedience and with great joy.

    I love how P. Christian pointed out the distinction of positional sanctification and progressive sanctification, and that both are true for the believer.

    I remember hearing that song by DC Talk back in the day, and I recall a line at the end of one of the choruses… “I hear You whispering my name (You say) “My love for you will never change” (Never change)

    GOD really does have the power to keep us from sin. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, as we place our hearts & minds daily, on the things of Heaven, we can live out joyous and victorious lives that are worthy of the calling that He has placed over each of us.

  182. Jonathan Yoo says:

    I just want to start off by saying, I don’t think I ever listened to a sermon where I said “I need to go to the bathroom, but I’m not gonna pause this and get back to it after. I’m going to take it with me and keep listening.” PC was definitely speaking through the Holy Spirit and it was speaking powerfully into me. That I was asking the wrong question all along. I know God does not want me to sin so all along I’ve been asking what do I do when I displease God? What do I do when I keep stumbling; giving into my flesh nature? Sinning again and again when I don’t want to but I feel powerless…
    When I was thinking this I was really giving more power to the sin rather than God. The real question I should have been asking is, what if I don’t stumble, what would my life look like? If I am blameless, faultless, clean before God, what should my life look like? Shouldn’t my life emulate the life of Jesus even more? If God see’s me without lack and if I am called worthy, and if I claim this truth over my life, shouldn’t I be living more like Jesus? If I claim to be a Christian, someone that follows and loves Christ, aren’t these questions I ought to ask rather than, “what if I sin?”

  183. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    Keeping power of God is a concept that I never thought of or heard of. Because I was born to a Christian family and grew up as a pastor’s kid, I did not have a life changing experience before I met Christ. I always thought my testimony was boring and lame and thought that I never had a “chance” to experience the “exciting events.” However, after listening to Pastor Christian’s sermon, I realized that I had wrong idea of what an exciting Christian life is and had a VERY low view of God’s keeping power. In fact, I had no idea what God’s keeping power is! I need to be thankful and excited that God kept me from those “excitements” and led to be where I am. Exciting life is spirit filled life. If I am faithfully walking with God, my life is “anything but boring.”

    As a natural worrier, I always asked, “What if I sin even after I pray? What if? What if this and that?” Worrying, being anxious, and sometimes being in fear. This is not how God wants me to live life. There is NO NEED for me to worry about stumbling and falling, because God will make sure I do not fall. I just need to do my part of faithfully walking with him and getting deeper in my relationship with him. I should be confident and bold as I live everyday! This will be a challenge, but I need to keep reminding myself of God’s keeping power. God who has the authority will keep me from falling.

  184. Lydia Park says:

    It was really refreshing to hear PC say that a spirit-filled life is an exciting life. In our life here on earth, living a sinless life isn’t possible and we can’t run away from sin. However, we can’t live in fear of sin and feel powerless, but God wants us to believe in His “keeping power.” To remember His power which empowers us to fight the good fight and remain close to Him. We have been saved by His grace and we have nothing to fear. Rather than dwelling on our sins and failures, we must put our hope and trust in God who fills us with the power of the Holy Spirit. This spirit gives us the power to live in victory, and victory against satan is exciting indeed!

  185. Emily Lee says:

    PC’s perspective of what an exciting life looks like really challenged me. Thath’s because I have realized that I somewhat agreed on the notion that a Christian life style is less dynamic/exciting than a sin-patterned one. After hearing this sermon, I was able to be free from this false idea and really took time to meditate on His “keeping power”. Of course, we Christians should try our best to stay out of sins but that should not be “all” that we are doing. We are supposed to expand His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven, and this surely includes fighting the good fight against the evil and acting with more boldness rather than fear of falling.The words that was proclaimed through this sermon really encouraged and challenged me at the same time to live out my life with more boldness.

  186. God’s keeping power is so real, and has been so evident in my life. I think of the many times he has kept me from falling into all kinds of foolishness and think of only his grace over my life. I didn’t earn it. Just as I didn’t earn his saving grace, his keeping grace is a gift. This is the most exciting life, one consecrated to him, contending for his kingdom, setting captives free and representing his heart here on earth.

  187. Jayden Choi says:

    Now I’m hardly struggling about it but before I was less close to the Lord than now, It is kind of a big deal for me in Cristian life.
    Sometimes I felt like living as Cristian can be shackles in light of dating, hanging out, speaking, etc in some part of my life. And whenever I heard testimony of those who had fallen into quite a number of sins and then back to the Lord, I thought I have nothing to gorgeous testimony like that.
    But I didn’t know that living filled with the Spirit is how amazing and exciting God’s present to me and that above all it is ‘the keeping power of God’!!
    Don’t forget how miraculous is to live as Christian filled with the spirit and the God’s word!!

  188. Nahee Kim says:

    This message was a powerful reminder that once we give up our lives to Jesus Christ, our Saviour and accept him, the Holy Spirit will always live and breathe inside us no matter what we do, so we do not have to worry about whether we stumble or sin.

    Whenever someone would ask about my testimony, I would shy away because I thought it was not as exciting or powerful like other people, whose lives have been dramatically transformed. As I grew up, I saw my friends take certain paths that I did not want to take and I would start to feel lonely and confused because I felt isolated as I did not make those choices. I now realise that God’s grace and his keeping power was written all over my life and that the Spirit was guiding me and keeping me away from foolishness and danger.

    We must remember not only to celebrate the saving power of God but also the keeping power of God because it gives us confidence and boldness to live the christian life to the fullest. Thank you PC for reminding us that the ultimate goal of a christian life is not to avoid sin and stumbling but to present ourselves before him without fault and with GREAT JOY.

  189. Michael Chan says:

    This was such a good reminder about how strong and real the keeping power of God really is. I used to put so much focus on the saving power of God and always felt that I wasn’t good enough and a sinner. This truly reminded me that because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are already victorious. We don’t need to pray for victory, because, it has already been won. God not only has a saving power to save us, but he can keep up from stumbling.

  190. James Kang says:

    A powerful reminder that it is not our own works that make us more like Christ but God’s power and his will. I have experienced both the saving and keeping power of God but I can honestly say that having gone through a dark time for a number of years how amazing God’s keeping power was in that period.

    What struck me so greatly when I had experienced the power of the holy spirit for the first time was that God reminded me that he had never left my side amongst all the anguish and depression. Even when I was living a life of sin, he had not let me go. It was a powerful revelation that I will not forget.

    I will now fight the good fight which I know has already been won by Christ on the Cross 2000 years ago and fulfill the destiny that God has set before me knowing that he who began a good work in me will finish it and I will testify before the Lord in his day of his glory and majesty forever.

  191. Niranjan Thomas says:

    To be presented with the preposition of this sermon, that leading a Christian life where a person does not stumble is better than a life where people do stumble, was initially a bit confronting and polarising. I felt attacked because there were/are times in my life where things have gone off the rails in my life and it has taken the saving grace of Jesus to bring me back. But I think that this was not the intention of Ps Christian. Understanding through Jude v.24-25 that God is the one who keeps us from stumbling that we are faultless and joyful upon his return. This is very comforting and gives great motivation to lead a life that is holy before God. We are already sanctified through accepting Jesus as our saviour, but we are made progressively holy through the work of God in our lives.

  192. Janice So says:

    PC begins his teaching on false teachers and prophets from Jude 4 that lead the flock of God astray particular believers are newer in the faith – but reminds us that it is ultimately Jesus Christ who is able to keep us from stumbling (Jude 4:24). This was the key point for me, that I don’t need to fear stumbling as long as I set my eyes on Jesus and walk closely with Him. There is no reason to fear falling into sin or falling away, but instead I focus on Jesus who is the one who will present me blameless in His presence.
    The way PC painted the picture of a life where you do not fall, not following the fleeting pleasures of sin – but instead seeking the Kingdom of God – was indeed an exciting. I really see how growing in authority in Christ, praying and seeing people healed, delivering people from evil, going deeper with God is a lot more exciting than going to a club. This message exhorts me to “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” (Colossians 3:1)

  193. This message truly spoke to my heart. I feel also as a victim of this misleading concept that true lifestyle Christianism flourishes out of many “worldly” experiences. For long, I have been considering many Christians that attend and serve at church diligently to be extremely boring, air headed and numb to the “reality” that surrounds us (Job, Bills, Education, etc…). I experienced through the sermon a special shift in my perception over God’s keeping grace and a true desire to exalt the one’s that have kept themselves apart in obedience to God. I feel there’s true anointing power over the one’s that persevere in faith, not just by what I just read, but through the life testimonies that I see in New Philly leaders.

  194. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    For every christian, the spirit of God comes to live inside you as soon as you accept Him as your Lord and saviour. It guarantees the everlasting life, but also victories over your addictions, sins and lies. As mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 3:13 “May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones”. However, the ultimate goal of a christian life is not just about not falling (avoid sexual temptations, avoid stumbling, avoid a messed-up marriage,…) BUT our goal is to be pure before him without fault and with great joy.
    There are many times when I thought my “doing” part was bigger than from what God was doing. This led to a feeling of failure and self-hatred whenever I would end up falling again. As pastor Christian mentioned, “the biggest part is the God part, because of His keeping power (that keeps you from falling), it is not YOUR effort. I need to put my confidence in God that the victory was already given to me.

  195. Sookyoung Park (Sooky) says:

    This message blessed me because it led me to reflect on issues that were not at the forefront of my mind.
    first, (i am not trying to start an argument but) I couldnot help this from coming to mind during the first part of this message. In the recently opened movie Silence (Scorsese) (spoiler alert), two priests apostasized. I know this movie is fiction but I wonered what caused them to “stumble”? DId they not keep the 8 exhortations spoken by Jude in verses 17-23? Is it because they were only “growing in their authority”?
    On another level, In the story about the Sydney boy with demons and unforgiveness toward his father, I realized I need to forgive authority figures in my life I felt had neglected me, even though GOd has more than compensated for that through authority figures who poured out unconditional love on me.
    I was also blessed by the sincerity in PC’s voice when he said “exciting…is chasing out the devil”.
    Another question that came to mind was , what about “what about” instead of “what if”s?
    What about sins we’ve already committted, what about when we’ve already stumbled greatly (recently)?(while still in the faith)
    Perhaps this is “not the question” at hand. (or that is focused on in this message).
    I know in the future I can live with confidence and boldness. But what about my past? Have I been forgiven? Will I just have ‘joy’ and not ‘great joy’?
    I guess that is not the point of the CHristian life, however.
    I guess there is repentance, forgiveness, resurrection life and renewal in the place of my past sins.
    Oh, how I want to be presented before GOd faultless/blameless and with great joy!

  196. Megan Chow says:

    God’s keeping power is what keeps me from stumbling and straying, not my own power and efforts. Those who have walked faithfully over the years don’t necessarily have a boring testimony — this is a lie I always bought into, that because I was raised in the church and in the faith, that I couldn’t relate to anyone or show God’s power in my life through an amazing change of some sort. That my life was boring, and so was my testimony. But P. Christian’s bold statement that the keeping power of God is just as amazing as the saving power of God, and the reminder not to let the devil define what exciting is was a strong reminder that I don’t have to go through what the world defines as exciting in order to be able to speak powerfully in the name of God.

    We have very little faith in God’s keeping power, but a very high view of His saving power. P. Christian points out that a common question is “What if I stumble?” But he challenges us to ask “What if I DON’T stumble?” If we have faith in the keeping power of God, then we shouldn’t be worried about stumbling. We are putting our faith in our sin nature and our ability to sin instead of in God’s ability to keep us from sin, and that needs to change.

    I have always been afraid of failure, but now I see that I should not be afraid to stumble or fall, but instead trust that God’s keeping power is more than enough to not only keep me from falling but to keep me running.

  197. I loved this sermon about God’s keeping power. Although my testimony errs more on the side of God’s saving power, I’ve always been blown away by the testimonies of my friends that display God’s keeping power. I found myself agreeing with PC when he mentioned that we put more faith into God’s saving power rather than God’s keeping power, so even as Christians, we grow anxious of stumbling. I think it is just as (or even more) amazing to hear testimonies of God protecting you or through you, a demon was cast out, a person was healed, a backslidden Christian encountered God again, etc. This message reassured me that if I put my trust into God’s keeping power, I don’t have to revolve my life around avoiding sin, but rather, striving after holiness.

  198. Jamie Boehmer says:

    I loved this message! Growing up going to summer camp we all heard the campfire stories and they were all the “crazy stories” and I felt somehow less than. That wasn’t me, I didn’t have a wild and crazy conversion story. But the joy that God has in my conversion is the same conversion of Paul the chief sinner. And we both start at the same part, to carry it forward. We have the confidence in his keeping power. We don’t have to worry about falling because the power of God is in the keeping not in the preventing of stumbling. Thats an interesting mind shift. But it’s so important.

  199. Ah Sung Yang says:

    It is so true that we often have a low view of God’s keeping power and lack of thankfulness for his constant protection and faithfulness while we are walking with him. I also remember right after having an encounter with Jesus, I was afraid of falling back to my sinful lifestyle. However, now I don’t worry about that anymore as I am confident that his keeping power is strong. He has been teaching me, guiding me and pouring out his Spirit over me whenever I was weak and helped me to overcome trials on my way. I can confidently say now that my life and who I am is totally different from where I was before I met Jesus. I am confident that God will continue to train and sanctify me so that I can be more Christlike, and he will never stop until I stand before him. At the end, it’s not our effort or willpower that keeps us from falling; it is thanks to God’s power, love, grace and faithfulness toward us. It is also true that we sometimes focus too much on our weaknesses, commitment of sins and ultimately whether we can go heaven or not. However, this cannot be the presupposition; we need to seek a Spirit-filled Christian life where we experience victory over and over as God’s keeping power is much greater than our weaknesses.

  200. Grace Lee says:

    Experiencing the keeping power of God. That’s really good. I have often asked the question, what if I try my best and I still commit the same sins? The main flaw in this logic is that more faith has been put in my ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep me from sin. Staying out of sin is a co-effort between God and me, and as hard as it may seem, the main player is not me but God. Because God is perfect and keeps me, I have victory over sin. My job in that equation is building up my faith in God who is my keeper. — “But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal Life.” Jude 20-21

  201. Benjamin Wong says:

    The question is not what if I stumble, but what will my life look like if I don’t stumble.
    “To him who is able to keep you from falling” – The keeping power of God will keep us from falling, we can stand confidently and with boldness, contenting for the Faith.

    With that in mind, we are not able to stumble or fall, because of God’s keeping power. Our lives are not a defending of the Faith, the defending against sin nature, etc. We are to content for the Faith so that we can be presented blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy.

    This sermon got me thinking about my life, my journey to where I am now, the keeping power of God is so powerful, throughout my younger years I partook in a lot of foolish actviities, but I never stumbled, never got into trouble or had any consequences. I had always thought that it was because I was lucky or it was due to my own abilities that I had no consequences from my foolishness. But today, I realised that it is the Keeping Power of God, and nothing to do with me.

    Not only has the Keeping Power of God kept me from falling, throughout the years, it has also opened my eyes to the world, which has lead me to content for the Faith even more, I have lived the life of the Book of Ecclesiastes with the Keeping Power of God with me throughout the whole journey. And as PC described, the excitement and joy of a Christian life outweighs the excitement and joy of a worldly life; in my own experience, for the past few years there was nothing more meaningful and joyous than when I prayed for a demonised lady on the mission field with our NP mission team, there was so much more satisfaction to be in a little building that day than jet setting around the world and chilling at roof top bars.

    I know now that the Keeping Power of God is with me, and that it is real and true, I can shift my mentality from what if I stumble to what will my life look like if I don’t stumble. Because I have that confidence and boldness to do so now.

  202. Margaret Cuevas says:

    In the beginning of this sermon, pastor Christian talks about people who were ordained to lead others astray with false teachings; they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. I had a dream several years ago which involved wolves attacking sheep, but the sheep did not die; they became wolves. The Holy Spirit and the Word give us discernment to recognize these false teachers in order to warn the flock, but like the pastor said, they prey upon the weak sheep. As sheep, we must make sure we read and know the Word so that we do not believe any false doctrines.

    The majority of this sermon is about the “keeping power of God”. I like the way pastor Christian talks about how people tend to view testimonies involving hardship and sin, as exciting but testimonies from people who have not gone through those things, as boring. I believe my testimony falls into the latter category and, at times, I have questioned if I am able to reach the lost because I have not experienced similar trials; therefore, my testimony must not be relatable. I never realized that these testimonies actually show the keeping power of God. How amazing! Praise God!

    Lastly, when he spoke about our habit of asking “What if?” in our walk with Christ, I reflected on the times I have let my mind entertain such doubts. When we ask those questions, we are putting more belief in our sin nature than in the keeping power of God. I actually received more confidence and faith from hearing this Word.

  203. Sam Johnson says:

    The lives/testimonies that exhibit the keeping power of God are the most interesting and exciting. Don’t let the devil define what excitement is. Many people think the Christian doctrine is to jack up my life as much as possible but still get into heaven. This can come from having a low view of God’s keeping power. We should ask the question what if I don’t stumble, how powerful can my life be.

  204. I really needed to hear this message. I’ve stumbled plenty because of heresy and I felt so confused by the many denominations of the church. PC reminds me of God’s ability to keep us safe and his desire to challenge us and watch us grow.
    It’s not about having a servant mentality, trying to do good works but rather to trust that the Lord will keep us from falling, and living out life trusting him with all things, and knowing that he is faithful. It’s not about being a perfectionist, but it is about wholly submitting to him.

  205. I’ve tended to gravitate towards sinning then asking for forgiveness as this felt like the easier way for me than to keep myself from sinning. As Pastor Christian preached about God’s saving power being powerful but His keeping power being powerful as well. Although it was my decision to sin against God, what I wanted to believe was that God’s keeping power was not strong enough to hold me back from sin. Blaming and doubting His power made me think like I had a reason for all the things I’ve sinned. But as I listened to the sermon towards the end, I asked myself whether Jesus will stand in front of me and say that I am faultless and filled with great joy. And I couldn’t immediately answer. However, on one hand I am so grateful that my strength is limited but His strength is limitless and the more I submit to Him and stay faithful in His way, then I am certain that my inability to stop myself from sinning will be destroyed as I look onto His ability to keep me from sinning. I have to fight the good fight and make sure that I am guided the right way. What a blessing it is to be part of New Philly that would not just leave me alone in a spiritual warfare but would equip me with His word and teachings through prayers and teachings.

  206. Jasmine Renee Womack says:

    I’ve always heard that “God will bless you and keep you” and “God will keep you i all your struggles”, but I never really truly gave much thought to God’s keeping power. I always thought my life was so boring and that I needed some crazy story to strengthen my faith in God. Little did I realize that God keeping me from those things and putting a strong moral system within me before I even voluntarily sought after a relationship with God, is a great testimony within itself. I’m so excited for that moment when I get to meet Jesus and have that great joy. Even thinking about it makes me so excited and I feel tears f joy coming. However, I also need to continue to trust and put faith in God’s keeping power, because despite all of this, I still find myself sometimes crippled with fear of messing up, or demons coming after me, or bad things happening. I was not realizing that if I put my complete trust in God and make it my goal to become like Jesus, the Holy Spirit will keep me. We are made blameless and holy because of God’s grace and He will fight for us to grow into progressive sanctification. I don’t have to worry, because God is literally with me always, keeping me. God is the Most High, the Most Strong, and Almighty, so what makes me think I can keep myself or that the devil can attack me? Nothing phases God and His power never wavers. I feel such a big weight lifted off of my shoulders and I know I’ll finally be able to sleep soundly, knowing the strength of God’s keeping power. Thanks so much, Pastor Christian, for always delivering a mighty word! It’s amazing to see such authority and I’m so honored to be apart of your church. Thank you!

  207. Mirabelle Knowles says:

    My faith has been strong my whole life but my walk with Jesus has always been a bit like a yo-yo. I think part of me believed it would always be that way. In the first NRTC session we discussed why Fathers are important and I said “they give you some sense of value, that you are precious and thus have a standard of moral living to maintain”. I don’t think I ever really received that from my own Father and, although I knew I didn’t want to live in sin, I never comprehended that I should flee from it entirely. I didn’t ever comprehend that I was something precious enough to be kept clean – not dirtied and then cleaned, dirtied and then cleaned, but actually preserved in ‘mint condition’ from sin. I think I never really believed that God’s power was what would keep me from sin and keep me in faith. Honestly, I’d like to listen to this sermon again and process it some more, because the truth is so rich, and deep and person that it’s a little overwhelming. However, at this point, I have ultimately found it a very very encouraging word. Actually, through this whole process of preparing me for leadership, God has really been instilling in me this totally new sense of my value and of my preciousness; an understanding of how keeping myself in His righteousness is not only honouring and benefitting myself, but also honouring and benefitting to the whole body of Christ, to my local church family and to God himself. And the best part of course is that it is not me, but Him who does it. Yet another time I am reminded to let go of the reins of my life, because holding them is what God does best.

  208. You Sup (Joseph) Park says:

    This sermon gave me a new perspective of His keeping power. Time to time, I questioned and entertained the thoughts of “what if..” scenarios of the future. However, through this sermon, I have realised that there isn’t much benefit in pondering about them, but to live life fullest to glorify His name and be the light and salt of the world, knowing that He is with me, watching over me, and keeping me safe.

    • You Sup Joseph Park says:

      All the examples that PC gives of what is exciting (i.e. praying for the sick for many years and sick gets healed, sowing into a person many years and person getting radically saved), really rekindled my perspective of what it is to live as a christian in this modern day society. I feel that as much as the result is exciting, the process of sowing into lives of others and praying to God should be and is exciting when it is done in faith in God. As a Christian, sanctification should be a taken by all followers of Christ. We must pursue holiness and grow as imitators of Christ which would exemplify the keeping power of God.

  209. Sally Lee says:

    I was never aware of God’s keeping power until I heard this sermon. Thinking back, I can now recall the countless moments God kept me from falling down the wrong path, and I have so much to thank Him for.
    Growing up with two other siblings, I was always seen as the odd one out because though I had an outgoing personality, I was less active in terms of partying compared to them. However, in order to feel “normal” I forced myself to go out to enjoy night life. As I continually forced myself, I was exposed to many dangerous situations, and as a consequence, I think I eventually brainwashed myself into thinking these situations were very exciting. Being able to tell these stories to others made me feel like it was something I should be proud of. Although it has been a long time since God has kept me from enjoying night life, I admit I was very hesitant to become a fully devoted Christian at the stereotypical thought that ‘Christian life is boring’. I am blessed because this sermon changed my perspective of what “fun and exciting experiences” are, and that the spiritual events that I encounter are what I should be proud of, not the worldly events.

    • Sally Lee says:

      As described above, just for the fun of it, I made unwise decisions and exposed myself to dangerous situations. I was never aware of God’s keeping powers, and neither did I belief that He would really go out of His way to keep me from dealing with all the consequences I should have been dealing with if I hadn’t had Him in my life. All this time, I thought it was me who was smart enough to sneak my way out from such situations, it was me who was steering the wheel to my life, it was me who saved my life, it was me who had brilliant self-control etc. I am appalled to see how ignorant I was to think it was all me, not God. It was mind blowing to realize how alive God’s keeping power is, and thanks to this, I will be able to walk in confidence, thinking that God will always be there for me to keep me from stumbling.

      Another point that came strongly was when PC showed us how exciting Christian life can be. There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing myself or another brother or sister change through the power of Christ. We tend to believe non-Christian life is better because of the mould the world has set, but the truth is that there nothing regretful in living a Christian life in comparison to living a worldly life. Because I viewed Christians as boring, I was hesitant in giving into the Lord, but the truth spoken through this sermon has set me free from having such thoughts.

  210. Gavin Yoon says:

    What if I Don’t stumble? What if I Don’t stumble.. wow very enlightening! As mentioned in the sermon people focus on renewing and restoring power of God that saves and restores broken people like me. But, no one told me about God’s keeping power and that we are supposed to put our faith in God’s abillity to keep us from falling into our old nature and habits. I think unknowingly I’ve been putting my faith in the power of sin (like how it has the power to pull you back?). Someone told me, “Gavin, it doesn’t matter that you are saved now or you went to schools and retreats.. you have to deny yourself everyday and follow Christ.. Sin has a way of pulling back and it’s not gonna be easy”. So whenever I was tempted, I think I was really jealous of people who lived and has been living out their life in Christ since day one. Because certain sins wouldn’t affect them because they never experienced it. How beautiful is that. BUT, ALL I KNEW? was if I stumble God’s got me again. Shameless but imma come back to God because that was all i knew. That was Christianity and life for me. As a christian I can get back up again and again to experience God’s ever restoring power. Now, I think I’m going to pay less attention to the sins and put my faith in the same God who saved me to keep me and protect me away from sins again. And I’m excited to find out what if I don’t stumble again? How God’s gonna lead my life and use me the way God intended for me to live.

  211. SooJi Suzy Kim says:

    Stories of Christians falling away from God made me unconsciously develop greater fear and faith in our human sin nature than in God’s keeping power. Seeing so many growing cults and church divisions in Korea made me question, why would God let some of his sheep wander into dangerous paths? Some of these cults seem to be living out the exhortations in Jude (though perhaps not all) – building up in the faith in Jesus, reading the Word, praying, loving God – why is it that they are remain “cultic” and not healed by God? Are they “cultic” because they are trying to set themselves apart from other churches (mixing some unsound doctrine, thereby seeking self-glory and causing division), even though they believe and preach the Good News?
    I personally had the experience of being in a cult (thankfully for only 6 months). I was in Chile without any friends or family there, and met a Korean friend who led me to her cultic church. I actually started to open up my stubborn heart toward God there, and understood the Good News and the need for Jesus Christ for the first time through their lecture. Thankfully, I was there only long enough to scratch the surface of their doctrine, and returned to Korea to find a healthy church. I believe this is was the “keeping power of God” mentioned in the sermon, with God protecting me through friends and family members, and leading me the right way in search of the correct doctrine.
    This sermon gave me a lot of encouragement and reaffirmation about how my safety and protection ultimately comes from God. As we are limited in our power to keep ourselves stumbling, we should have greater confidence and boldness in God’s keeping power. I have witnessed God’s exercise of his keeping power myself. But I do have lingering sympathy for the people I met in the cultic church. Some of them were really passionate about God, and from a seemingly pure heart. I believe we should continually pray for those lost Christian brothers, that God would have His divine plan for them, that He would free and restore them, and rest His keeping power on them.

  212. sooky park says:

    The scripture is from Jude.
    We can never show too much love or honor to our leaders, and when we do God will flow blessing into our lives. When leaders speak, they are speaking out of the authority that comes from God. God has set PC and PE as the lead pastors of the NP movement as set men, by God. PB and PS speak life and great authority into the lives of PC and PE.
    Jude is the brother of James, the Lord’s brother. Jude was written around AD 65-80. He writes for the church to contend for the faith, not defend the faith. Jude gives warnings about certain people who have infiltrated the church (verse 4). (Verse 8, 12-13) Jude exposes the false teachers.
    The book is not talking about wandering sheep; they are talking about false teachers, devoid of the Spirit. The Spirit of God comes to live inside of us when we get saved. But these false teachers are wolves, without the Spirit. They cause divisions. Some of these are just false teachers.
    PC s theory is false teachers went into other churches and got the weak sheep and enticed them with personal attention and took them, maybe even Christians….these false teachers seek to destroy the church of God. Their ultimate result is to cause divisions.
    Jude pronounces judgment over them. He says they were designated for this condemnation. Then he gives exhortations, then ends with a doxology (24-25). This doxology presents the power of God to preserve His people. “To Him who is able to keep you from falling”. It corresponds with verse 1: “called…beloved…kept for/by Jesus Christ”. The theme is the keeping power of God. The doxology is preceded by 8 exhortations (17-23). It touched me that it said “have mercy to those who doubt”. It means to have mercy to those shaken by false teachers.
    We need to keep the 8 exhortations, but at the end of the day it is the power of almighty God our savior that is able to keep us from apostasy/falling/false teaching. It is not our efforts. It does not negate our efforts.
    The saving power of God is awesome, but the keeping power of God is awesome the same. When you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, your life is anything but boring. Exciting is when people get healed. Exciting is when somebody leaves foolishness and starts walking with the Lord. Exciting is staying home and excavating the treasures in God’s word. Exciting is prayer meetings. Don’t let the devil define what excitement is. It is a lie from the pits of hell that the Christian life is boring. It isn’t exciting when you start seeing the consequences of some of your actions.
    When youre living by the word of God, and command demons, there is real authority and the demons know it. When youre growing in your authority, which comes from knowing who you are and obeying the word of God and stewarding the anointing of the holy Spirit, you may not be able to cast out demons.
    (I realized through the story in Sydney that God appropriated the church plant in Sydney. There was a need there.)
    Sometimes unforgiveness toward authority figures causes an open door to demons to harass and control us (when we have not yet put our faith in Christ).
    Exciting is chasing down the devil. The spirit filled life is most exciting of all.
    Jude says Gods keeping power will keep you from falling. We sometimes have a very low view of God’s keeping power. We say what if~. They have a high view of God’s saving power. DC Talk’s song “What if I stumble” is like that. (it has a low view of God’s keeping power)
    It was freeing to hear “what if I don’t stumble”. What if I believe in God’s keeping power. I don’t waste my life. I just go deeper with God year by year. This is a powerful word. I believe it has been keeping NP for a long time and may it continue to do so in Jesus’ name.
    God’s word does not urge us to have more faith in our sin nature than God’s ability to keep us from sin.
    Gods keeping power was meant to give us confidence and boldness to live the Christian life.
    Jude says this in the context of fighting against the fear of being overtaken by false teachers. God says you don’t even have to worry about that. No weapon formed against you will prosper. The gates of hades will not prevail against the church. Just do your part, and God will make sure you will never fall. When we contend for the faith out of fear, we end up with overcompensation. The author is trying to liberate us from that fear. Of contending for the gospel out of faith. Boldness in the face of opposition. Standing strong in peace and calm and knowing nothing they can do can destroy the church. Pretty strong words, but it’s in the Bible!
    1 thess 3:13 says a similar thing. Its not just about not falling. What the author wants to get at, the ultimate goal of the Christian life (not to avoid stumbling), is to be presented before His presence in glory faultless and with great joy. It isn’t to avoid sin and falling, it is to appear before Him without fault and with great joy.
    When we see Jesus, what do you want to show him? When you appear before him, you want to faultless and with great joy. There is a positional sanctification (past thing where God calls us holy ones/saints) and progressional sanctification (being made holy) of our faith. When Jesus returns, He will be looking at the progressive sanctification of our lives. What will we present before Him? A life that grew into his likeness more and more? We want to aim for “great” joy. Not just joy, which everyone has. Great joy is for those who walked victoriously before Him. Let us make that our goal. With an exciting dynamic testimony. 1 cor 1:8 He will keep you strong till the end….. amen! Jesus is looking for a life that has taken the deposit in us and in cooperation and partnership with Him brought the work to completion. Let us stop having such a low view of God’s keeping power. Let us believe He will keep us to complete the good work until the day. God will keep us from falling. God will make sure our ministry is fruitful year after year after year.

  213. Sam Johnson says:

    The lives/testimonies that exhibit the keeping power of God are the most interesting and exciting. Don’t let the devil define what excitement is. Many people think the Christian doctrine is to jack up my life as much as possible but still get into heaven. This can come from having a low view of God’s keeping power. We should ask the question what if I don’t stumble, how powerful can my life be. In my life I’ve often just tried my best to avoid the worst outcomes. And although it may look like things are good, it completely misses the promises of God. The full power and authority comes from heaven. It comes from a life asking how far can I run for the Lord and seek his heart.

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