The Set Man Doctrine

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The Set Man Doctrine
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Numbers 27:15-20
Duration: 01:04:56
PC unpacks how God appoints a set man to lead his covenant people in every generation so that they may receive teaching and walk in the benefits and blessings of the covenant


  1. Linda L says:

    This was an interesting sermon. I have very limited experiences with churches and other religious/spiritual organizations.However, I do understand how it is important to avoid false teachers but to not attempt to weed them out or call them out. That will be something that happens on judgement day. This was also a helpful sermon as I will be leaving Korea next month and looking for a new church to attend (sadly).
    Having a set man appointed by God is important to steward the vision of the church and to provide unity. A set man goes put before them as to see what is next. He goes in before them to heal, pray and cover the people. He leads the people out of foolishness. Lastly, he brings them into God’s intimacy and the promises of God. The set man is a shepherd (reminds me of the membership sermon). God’s people requires set men to shepherd their soul, guide them and to bring them into God’s blessings. Without set men, we are lost. You cannot get the benefits of God’s promises and blessings by not being under the authority of a spiritual father/a strong set man.
    The pastor that leads a church is to be called upon by God. Not only that, a set man must be patient to mature and submit to authority in order to steward authority. Even Jesus was under authority. I also see the importance again of belonging to a local church and submitting to authority.
    A set man appointed by God teaches, preaches and heals people. He demonstrated a lifestyle of devotion. I guess to me that is like a role model.
    This was a good sermon as it has given me a better view of who should be a pastor as well as his role. Previously, I had the misconception that I believe is similar to the charismatic movement. Anyone who understood the bible and who could preach and teach well would make a good pastor. Now I see that a pastor is someone who needs to be appointed/chosen by God and who has to be ready for the role.

  2. I have been very curious about whether all pastors are ordained by God. Even though some of them are sons of the devil, I believe that there is no way that I can know it with certainty. I really hope that set men will rise up and take their places.

    I pray that I can meet the set man of God when I go to Boston in June. I feel like finding a church or a pastor where I can feel safe and spiritually growing is super difficult thesedays. And I have a difficulty submitting to the authority especially when I do not have an assurance that the person in the authority speaks out of a selfish motive. I pray that I can become humble and meet His set man!

  3. Young Ko says:

    Circumstances follow mind so set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” – Colossians 3:2

    After listening to this message, I leared how to shift my mind through worship especially via singing praises. One of my favorite praise song – Beauty for Ashes always encourages me with these words: “Beauty for ashes… a garment of praise for my heaviness… beauty for ashes… take this heart of stone and make it Yours.”

    It was a good reminder to put faith in God since many times I tend to put faith in my abilities.

  4. Macey Martinez says:

    There is so many great points in this sermon. Timing is everything. Unity among the body is key in the end times. Having authority means being under authority at some point. God makes it known to the public. Heaven is not a democracy.

    Pastor Christian illustrated what it means to be a set man or a man of authority. It just shows you that God doesn’t just randomly selects people. He has carefully and purposely put certain people on a certain track.

    If you have a calling on your life to do great things, you let it grow and mature before it hatches. If it does, there will be defects.

    This message was powerful and amazing. I was on the edge of my set the whole entire time. I have pages of notes on this single sermon. Everything that was preached/taught was incredible.

    David submit under the authority of King Saul even though he knew he was going to be King. Even though King Saul was going crazy and trying to kill David, he submitted King Saul.

    Just all together, this message was amazing. I am still in awe.

  5. Sally Kim says:

    Pastor Christian pointed out why we need a set man and what it means to be one. God has carefully chosen a man in authority to take care of the people. It’s not by the accumulation of the knowledge of the Bible parables and verses that gives you authority to steward leadership in a church and cover others, but God is calling a person in charge.
    Although it’s not like leaders are becoming the set man, but this sermon made me realize much more responsibility that a leader would have to take compared to a member. Just as Pastor JM mentioned during the sermon and NRTC seminar today, leaders should be able to cover those around them. The set man would be in charge of all of this beyond than mere shepherding. But we should always remember than the set man would be in the guidance of the Lord and it would be through the Father’s authority and leadership that the set man is leading the church.

  6. Choy Jun Ai says:

    I was so touched in the part of Jesus chose the disciples in a PUBLIC way. I love and respect the way that He taught us as we are the sons and daughters that walk in the light. Therefore there’s nothing to be feared or hidden if you are walking in God’s heart!! Also, God does’t choose anyone randomly or depended on our own desires. Instead, He has the man for us in His perfect timing and unsearchable way.

    I am so blessed by PC as I know that he is the chosen man in the house and he is a big big blessing to the church from God.

  7. Isaac Shiho Nam says:

    It was sobering to hear Pastor Christian teach that only those who have a special calling can be pastors, that you must have both a unique gift set and be mature. PC has raised my understanding of the difficulty and rarity of raising up spiritual fathers of the house.

    When I first listened to the sermon I mistakenly thought that PC was valuing the pastoral calling over other callings but upon further listening I noted how PC said that Jesus had distributed authority among His disciples, not pouring all of it to one special disciple. This is because we are supposed to work together, as the body of Christ.

    I do not believe that any believer has a higher calling than others, although I may be wrong. I agree with PC that pastors are a special calling and the wrong people in this position do great harm while appointed, set, mature men who have grown in submission to authority will play a critical and necessary role for the community of believers.

  8. In a way, I think it takes a lot of vulnerability for the set man of the house to preach about the set man doctrine to his congregation! Thanks PC for your openness in sharing your shortcomings and how your flesh wanted to lead this church versus how you are choosing to do things the way God desires. We are incredibly blessed to have a pastor who seeks after the heart of God and takes us to new levels with wisdom.

  9. Young Ko says:

    Great sermon! I realized the need of raising more “set man” than raising more missionaries and pastors. Most of the congregants will not become pastors or missonaries – we need to build up more “set man” to reach out to our people, schools, work fields, and communities. Ultimately fulfilling the great commission – “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19

  10. This was a very interesting sermon for me. I found myself getting really involved into the words and taking it all in. I had never looked at a “set man” in that kind of light before. I guess I had always seen a church leader becoming so in more of a private manner. I had never thought of him as being given his position in such a public manner. It was powerful to hear about what can happen to a church or a person if there is no set leader.

    Now, I think I can see how ‘rare’ it can be to have a true set man in a place of authority. We have so many people out there craving the power and wanting to be the leader of their movement. But, as Pastor Christian stated we should have a larger number of people who instead, are under the covering and protection of a higher position. As Pastor Christian is under the authority of Pastor Benjamin. A pastor has a SPECIAL calling and he or she shouldn’t take that position until he knows he has the authority and the calling to do so.

    I loved how Pastor Christian called out what a Set man looks like. I truly believe and agree with all of the features he stated. Who wants a leader who can’t even model what a correct and proper Christian looks like? We want to be under the covering and protection of a leader who we know will lead us on the pure and right path. We also want a leader who can teach us and guide and heal us. So if you feel you want to be this man it is important that you mature and you get to this place before you try to lead others.

  11. Lydia Kim says:

    This message reminds me of the recent sermon – The faith of the Centurian. It is so important for leaders to be under authority as they exercise their appointed authority by God. Also I agree that a clear gifting that is recognised by others is essential for someone in ministry. It is so frustrating to be under a pastor who definitely has giftings but tries to move in a way which they are not gifted in. In Australia there are also cases where people pursue ministry as a vocation more than a calling. For the move of God to be powerful according to His plans and purpose, the set man who has been called to lead needs to rise up.

  12. Ephesians 4:11-13 states that “…He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.”

    Pastor Christian’s description of what a set man looks like is important to remember. Some people want to be preachers and pastors. But unless they’ve got the public declaration and anointing, and unless they are called to the job, we gotta watch out. Not everyone can do this job, not everyone is called to this job. To try and force the issue, to try and shoehorn in where you’re not supposed to be, that’ll cause a lot more problems for the greater body of Christ.

    This sermon cemented for me the idea of calling, and that it takes called men, set men, to be leaders of a flock. It takes an even more special calling to be a set man who is PUBLICLY blessed to lead a flock. It also makes me think about what type of “set man” that God wants me to be, and where He would want me to be, rather than where I would want to be in fleshly thought.

  13. A year ago I struggle with something, and listening to this sermon gave me answers and clarity. God is not private he is public. The describing of set man and shepherd is so powerful to me and I can fully understand the deferens. Because for so long I only focus on the shepherd. Many people in my life will say they are Christians but the fruits they carry and the things they do, don’t show that they are Christians. And for once in my life it makes sense because they don’t have any Set Man in their live. We need to come in covenant with the set man, that we can be shepherd and that we will be able use our gifts and talents to the fullest. God want to give us our inheritance. We need to use our gifts and talents in a good way.

  14. This was such a refreshing sermon for me to listen to. I love how Pastor Christian pinpointed David as a man who submitted under King Saul’s leadership despite his own trials during his reign. God honored this and eventually allowed David to exercise his authority in his appointed time. He also goes onto use Jesus as the epitome of someone who was able to exercise full His full authority, but He also claimed that He was under authority of God. In order to be exercise authority, one must be under authority and wait patiently for their appointed time in which God will allow them to publicly show their leadership and authority. A set man, as Pastor Christian, points out is a man who is gifted and mature. This has convicted me to continuously submit myself to authority to the set man.

  15. It is obvious that in churches or even in a standard business corporation that leadership plays a powerful and an essential role in order to achieve targets, manage certain areas or levels with detail, and to maintain a level of understanding and growth. This was another sermon that I felt strongly about and just shows us how much more DISCERNMENT and MATURITY in Christ we need as individuals, so that we can fully RECOGNISE who is called to be a set man that will steward the right vision, or visions for the church.

    I am a very sceptical guy who is incredibly interested to know who has stepped up in leadership and why – honestly that’s just nosey of me. Maybe because I have seen so many different leaders in the church as I’ve grown up and wondered if they were the right person for the job. Is their heart really there? Do they want the status? Is this decision going to use the right doctrine to lead a movement and help transform lives in a Godly manner? Or is this just another leader?

    A point that drew my attention was the explanation of how the commissioning of the leader is public, and not private. It is so true biblically that all the people that were to be set men was made publically known and not privately, and by established leaders with right doctrines. And Ps Christian goes on to say the David appointment was an exception, yet it was still publically made! So if it’s not public it’s highly unlikely that it’s not from the Lord.

    I love the example Ps Christian gave about Jesus being an example to His disciples and demonstrating what it means to be a set man. This part seriously killed it for me – I’m thinking what a gangsta Jesus was by seeing if they were paying attention plus showing them how it was done (gangster in a good way!). Obviously Jesus prayed secretly but made it known to them, so that they would watch Him but why? Because he was trying to model it for them in order to prepare them, so that they will be ready to be in charge of movements later on. We got to be able to pass down the teachings but also be a set man that is submissive to authority, as well as being given it – to be corrected and rebuked – it would mould character that way.

  16. Paul JS Park says:

    Thank you pastor Christian for sharing your personal experience of submitting to authority. Even when we have the vision, the passion, and the skills, God always calls His anointed to submit under authority – to Himself and to the spiritual leaders around me. Even Jesus Christ was in complete submission to the Father.

    One thing interesting about this set man doctrine is that it is God who calls and that’s the end of the conversation. It doesn’t matter whether others grumble about that decision or even whether that set man himself doesn’t think he’s the right man for the job. When God speaks, it is fulfilled.

    One pastor told me before that for every calling there must be grace, passion, and skill. God must have given me the grace of anointing me to that call; I must have the heart for it; and I must cultivate that skill to master over it. There are so much good work that can be done. But God has not called me to every good cause. I pray that God will reveal to me what he is setting me on – whether in my local church, my career, or even in the small things of my everyday life. And when that moment finally comes, may I be ready to rise up to that call.

  17. Chelsea says:

    This sermon gave me a lot of food for thought. I appreciate the clarity about church leadership as something commissioned in public. I had never really given much thought about those the enemy had placed into leadership roles in the church, causing divide and sheep to wander. I became a sheep without a shepherd for many years of my life. When you’re out of the Word and trying to do the lone ranger routine, it’s easy to think that you don’t need someone to guide you in teaching and lifestyle. Being in covenant with a set man to receive my inheritance has been one of the struggles I have dealt with coming to New Philly. Perhaps I struggle with trust, that the person is indeed appointed and carries my best intentions at heart. I think this stems from being hurt by male leadership and other relationships in the past. I am curious, does the set man also apply to women? The only women Pastor Christian mentioned were wife pastors.

  18. Claire Ramsey says:

    Man, this messaged floored me in more ways than one! Firstly, I just don’t think I’ve ever really understood what the dynamics and structures of the church is supposed to be. I’ve understood the role of Jesus as our shepherd and “set man,” but never really understood how God established long before Jesus himself the “set man” in our churches. I especially loved the distinction PC made about public appointments vs private ones. Public appointments really speak to the type of church God wants to establish. We are meant to be an open, loving, and vulnerable (as in to each other, being honest/open) family. The body of Christ is not a shady, secret kind of organization where we are asked to blindly trust our leaders. NO! We are called to trust when our God appoints people to guide, usher, and give our inheritance to us. This is, of course, way easier said than done.

    Secondly, it really hit home for me when PC talked about how “set men” and other types of shepherds help us to realize things we could not find on our own. I nearly started crying when he gave examples of someone realizing they don’t have to work for God’s favor, it is freely given to us! We don’t/can’ earn His love, He desperately wants to give us His love and favor! A precious friend of mine helped me find this revelation and it was a pivotal turning point in my walk with God. I knew this in my head, but never really felt it in my heart as hard as I tried to understand it on my own.

    I would also be interested in knowing how this applies to women. I know PC gave him and his wife the label “set man,” that they both carry that authority. I would just be interested in exploring more of how God uses women in this role.

    • Claire Ramsey says:

      Oh and I really wanted to point out how PC’s openness with how he is under authority himself has helped me to submit myself to him and the other leaders in this house in full faith and trust even though we’ve yet to meet.

  19. A very concise explanation of why one God appointed person needs to be in charge of the church direction. I’ve always seen the pastor as the one who’s suppose to do that but i never thought that that man needs to be appointed in public. In addition, that that man needs to be under some type of authority himself really never occurred to me that it was necessary. To figure that those that were “appointed” in secret are so dangerous cause its not the proper order makes total since now that it’s pointed out to me. I’m very glad to hear that New Philly is under authority from the top to the bottom.

  20. This was a very interesting sermon about leadership within a church. The leader of a church should be a set man, a man who was publicly appointed as the leader by another more established leader. I like the examples that Pastor Christian gave about the importance of the set man. Without this appointed leader, we are like a sheep without a shepherd. We need a publicly anointed leader who has been appointed to lead the church, because or else, it’s a bit shady, and it wouldn’t feel comfortable following this shady leader around as the shepherd. That’s scary…

    The set man has authority to speak into those under his authority, but also, he needs to be under authority himself as well. Like uncle Ben tells spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When a man gets appointed to be the set man of a church, and the authority he has grows, and the more responsibility he has over many people’s lives he is shepherding, he needs that much more covering, and needs to learn how to be under authority so he doesn’t go buck wild with the new level of power and authority.

  21. The set man is a visionary! He carries the vision and shepherds the sheep to fulfill that vision.
    Listening to this message made me mucho thankful for my youth pastor. He’s been a good, no-nonsense type of shepherd. He modeled a way of life for us young-ins, but it was up to us to submit to his God-given authority or not. I hope I’ve been a good sheep in that respect and I hope I become a better sheep as I continue to mature.

  22. Elbert Hayama says:

    This sermon gave me a clear understanding that God anoints a “set man” to be the leader of the church, who himself is also under authority. God does this at a perfect timing as PC explained of his own experience with him being under Pastor Benjamin’s authority. It was a bit mind-blowing of how the devil will want to appoint unholy leaders in the church to hinder and lead those who are under them towards the wrong direction. Leaders do not become leaders by their works and their knowledge, but God anoints them specifically in a public manner. This message really showed me the importance of submitting under God’s authority and the authority that He has set for us.

  23. I couldn’t agree more with the importance of a set man to shepherd his sheep. I also agree with the concept of being publicly appointed as a leader as a sign of support and as a group of people coming to agreement about the decision made.

    Another point that really resonated with me was the importance of submitting to authority on all levels. Member to leader, leader to pastor, pastor to spiritual father, etc. I know for myself that when someone tells me “you HAVE to do this” all of a sudden a bigger part of me wants to rebel – not because I don’t want to, but because I’ve been given an ultimatum. I need to constantly remind myself that God has put leaders in my life to help me grow and that when I get told to do something, it is for God’s bigger plan.

  24. Grace Ko says:

    To me, I felt like this sermon tied together “sonship” and “leadership”.
    I think too often, the church does not want to submit to authority or to leadership because the leader is not a “set man”. In order for a set man to lead with authority, they also must lead with responsibility. When a set man leads with responsibility, he is like a good shepherd.
    The church is often asked to submit to the authority and leadership of a pastor and trust that the pastor is leading with wisdom and discernment and authority from God. It’s similar to wives being asked to submit to their husbands. Wives are often asked to “trust” that their husbands are in submission and under authority of God.
    But how do we as the church know if they are really under authority if it happens “in private”?
    That’s why sonship is important. And I appreciated how PC brought up the point that Moses gave Joshua a portion of authority so that it leads to working together – so that we are in sonship and in relationship with one another.

  25. Amanda Highsmith says:

    I am so thankful to hear this message. When I was 13, I received the call to be a missionary. I went through seminary and was ordained, but I’ve still be waiting to be “sent”. During this time of waiting, I’ve struggled with believing that maybe I didn’t really get the missionary call or that my call has changed. But this message reminded me that the board must have seen/felt God’s calling on my life or they wouldn’t have ordained me. Far too often we become like Moses and give excuses on why we can’t minister. “I stutter.” “Let me find and marry my partner in ministry.” “Let me bury my parents.” “Wait until my children are grown.” But these are all lies. We all need to be reminded of our sonship and have faith and hope in what God has ordained in our lives.

    But on the other side of the coin, it scary to know that there are ministers out there who claim to be a “set man” and people follow their word as truth, despite someone speaking life and authority over their “private calling”. It reminds me of how important it is to constantly submit to those God has placed in authority over me and for them to call me out on things that aren’t in line with God.

  26. God sets a man over a congregation in public who would go out before a people, come in before them, lead them out of foolishness, and bring them into His promises and presence. Also, he should not refuse to submit under authority. He must be gifted and mature… There seem to be a lot of qualities and responsibilities a set man must carry in order to be anointed and to live out the functions of a set man. I found myself imagining how it would be as a set man to read John 8: “you are of your father, the devil.” When striving to meet all the needs of a set man, wouldn’t I be prone to feel inadequate in some ways? Or would I be able to trust completely that I am alive in the spirit and have confidence in Jesus? I was taken aback by these verses that tell us there are sons of the devil but I think it is one thing to accept that burning of the weeds should wait until the harvest, and quite another to put faith in that I am the good seed. While this message was there were a few questions stirred in my heart. What would happen if these sons of the devil desire to follow Jesus Christ? What is God’s purpose in letting the sons of the devil rise up in some leadership?

  27. Marius van Broekhuizen says:

    “When you come in covenant with a set man, that man will give you a rich heritage. This set man has to be gifted and mature”. What I did like about the message is that the set man has to be gifted. If the person in a position of authority wasn’t called, they should not be there!

    No matter who flawed leaders are, they are always recognized and established in a public way. If commissioning is not in a public way, you have to be very suspect. When pastors are isolating and when they are doing things by themselves apart from the greater body of Christ, it is dangerous.

    The set man is there to tell you that God has favor on you because of what Christ has done.
    Being under institutional authority is key for the set man. The set man brings correction and rebuke. He imparts knowledge and he disciplines the people that are under him. If you don’t have a set man, you are like a sheep without a shepherd. When you have no set man, people are not led out of folly, but they are like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus shows an example of exercising authority and also of being under authority. This has to be true of a set man that is in the house.

    I see this last point manifested in the life of PC and PB. They embody what it means to be in and under authority.

  28. In sermon after sermon, Pastor Christian teaches on aspects of our walk in faith and obedience that I have not thought of much, and have never heard of. When he talks about submitting under authority, it is also powerful to hear his own testimony, of how he does that, too. The part that had the most impact on me was the fact that positions of authority are taken up by evil because God’s set men haven’t responded to His call. It was a sobering thought and it prompted me to pray that more of them would step up to God’s call on their lives!

  29. Ruth Lee says:

    This sermon reminded of the message about sonship. It’s so important for individuals who have been appointed by God to submit under leadership for their own good and especially for those around them. Knowing that my pastors are set men and women, under submission to authority gives me peace. Pastor Christian also mentions several examples in the Bible where appointed individuals are give authority, but not all of it (disciples). Because, these appointed leaders must work together to lead God’s people. It’s concerning to think about individuals who are not set men and women leading people in the wrong direction. I’m thankful that there is so much sonship at New Philly.

  30. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    Set man = appointed man

    A set man is a good shepherd, but a good shepherd can’t be a set man.

    Through this sermon, I now know what the definition of a set man is and how it is really important to be under a set man’s authority. I like how PC didn’t preach only about his experiences, but taught us through different parts of the Bible and gave us good examples. It made me thankful for being part of a church that has a set man, but he is also humble and wise to be under a set man. I now want to be a good sheep who is led by a set man. :)

  31. malimasinga says:

    What stood out the most to me was how God chooses His leaders in the midst of His people. In Biblical times, even David was made known as the appointed leader in front of the people. In the past few months at New Philly, I have seen just how important community is to God. As PC mentioned the many cults that have arisen out the lone ranger appointments, I’m drawn again to God’s heart in setting the lonely in families. What stood out most for me in this sermon is how much of a difference it would make, if the set leaders would be patient and wait until God’s appointed time to rise up. Even in the case of David, he had to wait many years as God completed the work in him.

  32. Daniel Dae Eun Kim (Itaewon) says:

    I appreciate the fact that God chooses these set people in public so that people may bear witness to the event. It helps give the followers evidence and confidence needed to follower the new leader in power. It also helps that God uses the currently appointed leaders to appoint the new ones which help give more clarity in comparison to random people appointing a new leader. It is hard for people to find a trusting leader when many claim that they are from God but do not have the proof or evidence to back it up with. When the people don’t know the common system that God chooses to set a leader it makes it harder for them to fully trust or understand who is a real leader appoint by God or not. This makes it safer and helps me see who I can trust or not. It also shows how God cares for the followers and how he helps them not make the mistake of following false teachers.

  33. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    One of the parts that stood out to me during this message was the reference to the conversation between the centurion and Jesus. It seemed that Jesus noted the centurions faith as being great, but I had never put the connection together with the “way” in which the centurion saw Jesus i.e as someone who was under authority. It seems that the centurion saw Jesus for who he was in relation to who he was under. I can imagine Jesus smiling or grinning as he spoke of the faith of the centurion. It seems to me that “greatness”, whether it be great faith, or greatness in general, can be found in the persons relationship to those above them. To be a son is a great thing. Something I have been thinking about a little bit recently is the commandment that notes honoring parents with living a long life and things going well for us.

    I was also really inspired by the closing instructions of Pastor Christian directing people to pray for the “sent men” to rise up and take their places in the church(es). This is exciting, particularly as their is awareness of God’s public choosing by Holy Spirit’s leading, confirmation, and anointing, as well as the maturation and preparation that will go on. :)

  34. Stella Lee says:

    My old pastor always said to guard your heart and proceed with caution when it comes to hearing new “spiritual authority”. PC makes it clear on how to discern a false leader from a true one. The advice from this sermon is very useful, and I’ll probably have to look back to this sermon once more in order to critically analyze a brand new spiritual leader.
    Hearing just how he preached this sermon has further confirmed me to fully trust that Pastor Christian is a legit spiritual father and leader. I’m very blessed and honored to be a part of New Philly.

  35. Authority should be recognised with a public acknowledgement. This is one thing clear that I got from the sermon. There are so many false teachers from Mohamed to Moon Sun Myung. They always emphasized that they got a covenant from God directly but no one knows that how they obtained it. Also, these false teachers have never been under the higher level of authority. However, many prophets and apostles in the bible experienced a certain period of time for serving the authority; even Jesus expressed how he respect the father by receiving a water baptism. In this house, we have a set man who got the spiritual authority. PC received a huge blessing from the heaven through Pastor Hwang and Benjamin Robinson. Also, he sets deserving leaders in this community. In the well structured place, I want to grow up and make myself a properly trained army of mighty warriors.

  36. Lindsey Harrison says:

    I agree with some of the other commenters. This message is about how sonship is reflected in leadership and how christ was the ultimate example of this. I like how pastor christian said that you can’t successfully lead if you have not first submitted yourself to leadership, or if you can’t submit yourself to leadership. Pointing out that Christ, as a set man, was submitted to the establish authority of the instinitution (am i remembering that correctly?)
    Pastor Christian also goes on to say that there are so many gifted young people who are called, but because of circumstances, they refuse to submit themselves to leadership or authority. I have been wrestling with this for a long time now. I got hurt pretty badly by church leaders, and up until i joined this church, i had been struggling and wrestling with this. I knew i needed to submit to the authority God had placed over the various churches i have attended since i got hurt, but i really, really, reeeeaally didn’t want. If i am honest, i never really did either. As a result, i have not been able to walk out in the calling or purpose God has placed on my life. It really explains a lot of other struggles i had been having with my faith as well. Some how walking into this church, the spirit of sonship that is so strong in the DNA has brought so much healing and the beginnings of restoration i desperately needed. I have no desire to live my life without some form of leadership over me. I just want to take a moment and say how thankful i am for my CG leader. I absolutely love being submitted to her leadership and guidance.
    This message also helped me understand how New Philly and all its church plants are able to opperate in the way that they do.

    I just want to end with how grateful i am for this church and the Spirit of Sonship that is at its core; for the Set Man of the house who is modeling this very message for us; and for this NRTC curriculum and homework that has already brought so much healing and freedom, and i haven’t even had my Healing and Deliverance session yet. Thank you leadership of New Philidelphia Church!

  37. Victoria Pai says:

    Something that was important for me to hear is that the leaders that God sets are always public. This is something I have never thought of, because I just thought that whatever God decides will be legitimate regardless of whether or not people accept it. Now I see that if God were to be setting someone in a position, He would make it public.
    I agree that the solution to the problem of many leaders not being set men is not to go on a witch hunt for those who should not be in leadership, but rather, for true set men to rise up and take their place. I think the first thing we as people think of when we see a problem is to eradicate it. The way we solve problems is to get rid of the symptoms, but in actually, getting at the root of the problem is more productive and causes less human error. In this case, the witch hunt would be a distraction from what the church really needs, which is for set men to be in the place they should be in.
    It was good to hear that set men can exercise authority because they are under authority. Many leaders do not see that they need to value being under authority, but if people who are gifted would see that they need this in order to take their place, the Church could also take its place in our world today.

  38. Josiah Evans says:

    The set man is the one who is chosen. There is no record of Joshua begging Moses to be the next leader, even if he ever did. But rather when the time came the Lord instructed Moses that Joshua will be appointed over Israel and they will submit to him. Joshua did not choose to be the next leader, but rather God chose Joshua.

    When Saul, a persecutor of the church and terror to many of the early believers, encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus it was most certainly not his decision to become a missionary to the Gentiles. But rather God, in accordance with his sovereign plan, chose Saul and made him Paul so that no one could boast. For if Paul, who was chief among sinners, was saved, who can claim they deserved it more? If Paul, who was most knowledgeable about the scriptures and rituals, who received training under the most prestigious school, who in every way of the flesh was most worthy of boasting, denied the right to boast, then how much more can we also not boast? Paul was chosen by God to be the set man to author a large part of the new testament and first among the missionaries of the church.

    These men did not decide that the time was right. In both instances it was God, in his wisdom, who knew when the time should come for these men to be chosen to carry out his will. These men had served under authority and submitted themselves to the existing establishment and did not carry out their ministry apart from the support of what God had already done.

  39. Keith Yang says:

    Anointment comes from appointment. It is encouraging to know that New Philly has a strong Biblical doctrine in leadership. It’s evident when you spend time with any of the leaders of New Philly. The leaders are appointed with purpose. And they are aware of the influence and responsibilities they have over the people they are ministering to. This practice they have has given me the freedom to be open without being afraid of being judged.

  40. Ellen Lee says:

    I found this sermon to be interesting. Even though I was aware that this sermon may have been geared to those who have a calling into ministry or a leader in the church I was able to have clarity on the overall message but had a question in mind throughout the time I was listening to the podcast. PC states and uses evidence from the bible that “if it ain’t public then it is not from the Lord.” This raised a bit of confusion in me. I know that not everyone has a calling for the ministry but if God has a certain calling in your life whether it be the entertainment industry or even the corporate business world does God also make it public to them? The reason why I ask this question is that there are a lot of places that may not have a huge Christian presence in them but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t call people to those places that need Jesus. He needs leaders in those places as well, the places that have the most influence . But does he call those leaders who may not be called to be a Pastor, or a missionary publicly as well?

    I think a huge part of being a college student is trying to find yourself and the place you belong a.k.a. as Christians we want to know the plan God has for our life, our calling. I struggle with this concept of “calling” a lot. I think there are things that our flesh desires vs what the spirit desires and for me, it becomes a blurred line to define the two. The one thing that I acknowledge is that if I need to rise up and take my place, I need to stop worrying and questioning what leader he wants to place me in for his greater plan. However, because this is a part of my life that lacks discernment, I am hoping I will gain that clarity soon. The sermon of the Set Man challenged me and even reflected on my leadership ability within the church as well as outside of the church.

  41. Danielle Kang says:

    PTL that this house has a set man!
    This sermon has reiterated the importance of covering and authority. If it ain’t public, it ain’t from the Lord! This was a bold statement that PC made but I’m glad it is dead set clear!
    If people of God don’t know how to submit under authority, it’s silly for them to expect others to come under their leadership, when/f they are established as one, differently.
    It’s a dangerous path to walk and we’re never meant to do it alone, which is why we have a shepherd :)
    The four points PC made makes the place and role of the set man very clear and distinct to be a set man comes with so many responsibilities, but it’s all out of the best interests for the people of God. If makes me think that if that’s the kind of leadership and authority I am under, there is no valid reason for me to be rebellious or withhold a heart of full submission. Instead, I am all the more inclined to feel safe (even when I don’t understand everything that goes on), loved and cared for.

  42. Seeing bad examples of a set man can make one be reluctant to submit under such authority. However, just as there are counterfeit versions for everything, being under the set man from the Lord is the place to be! Examples like Abraham, Moses and the ultimate set man, Jesus, shows how God uses the set man to lead and shepherd His people. The set man casts visions and leads the people beyond where they have dreamed of going by themselves. Given it is the right set man, it is healthy to have them over the flock of people, lest they be astray.

  43. Dani Ashcraft says:

    I’ve always liked – and I will continue to say it – the idea of authority that New Philly emphasizes. I think it’s really very important that authority in church is given in a public setting by God, and that that leader is covered by other leaders. It’s really amazing – and only increases the influence of God in my opinion -to see the power of the authority of God in a leader and to see those under the leader receiving blessing from them. This simple philosophy at New Philly has already blessed me greatly as I am able to receive guidance and blessing from those in authority above me and it really helps to increase and enrich my own relationship with God.

  44. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    Pastor Christian expresses his to not simply lead New Philadelphia and be the set man and Father of the house, but also let’s our community know that he is a man of authority under authority himself and that he also had a spiritual father and people in his life that he submits to. I truly appreciate how he sets the bar of leadership by willing submitting himself to the leaders above him. It makes it that much easier for us to want to follow his role and be sons of the house and learn our God given authority.

  45. Rebecca Ye says:

    Once again, another great sermon that really highlights the importance of having a spiritual father and authority in the church. Listening to these sermons, I’ve been so blessed by just coming to understand how important it really is to have a spiritual leader. Without a set man, it is hard to have unity because the set man teaches and imparts authority… but also submits to authority. Pastor Christian mentioned the importance of having a set man but also the importance of timing – they must be patient, mature, and come into leadership in their appointed time in order to rise up against the false set men. A very interesting sermon that really talks about the power of authority and how that will result in unity amongst the people. Like how sheep need a shepherd, we need a set man, to lead us out of foolishness and enjoy the blessings of Christ.

  46. This sermon was a bit hard to listen to. But once the main points sank in, I found it powerful. I always find it hard when new terminology is introduced. What is a “set man”? Who are set men in the bible and in our current society? Basically my understanding is that set men are different from leaders. A shepherd is a leader of some sort that is expected to take care of his flock (followers). But a set man is a specific type of leader who is expected to pattern a movement with God-given authority. In this way a set man is pivotal in defining what is and what is to come. It reminds of prophets and vocal leaders in the bible. These are the people God uses to set a vision and direction for how he wants to shape his church.

    I felt a big part of the set man doctrine that PC focused on was authority. I think most people have a skewed sense of authority. Honestly, my nature is to question authority. Although I question, once I buy-in my buy-in is strong. When I was really involved at a previous church, there were things that people would disagree with our head pastor. I would argue with them (in love) and they would tell me I always seemed to agree with the pastor. I had to laugh and tell them that I probably argued with the pastor more than anyone else. I think this is only possible if you trust the heart behind authority. One thing I have been consistently encouraged by is how PC models what he preaches. PC isn’t perfect, but in my time at NP I’ve seen enough that I’m confident in my conclusions. He continues to grow. He does what he preaches. He is under authority just as much as he is over authority. I respect his heart behind the teachings and authority. So I’m excited to see what is in store with NP and the church with a set man leading the way.

    • Chuck! I really enjoyed reading your smart comments. I can definitely sense you chewing and digesting the sermons. I appreciate the fact that you don’t just blindly eat and agree with everything. I could sense that you are definitely someone that when you buy-in, you’re “buy-in is strong.” Keep questioning, keep discovering, keep learning!

  47. Chloe Lee says:

    Pastor Christian’s sermon of ‘Set Man’ finally shift my mind into the ‘Sonship’. There are so many division amongst the churches today. Constant conflicts amongst the leaders. Leaders declaring their individual authority over the people and proclaiming that the authority that they carries is consider righteous and truth, but some never submit to the authority of Jesus and Spiritual father. In this generation, I have seen so much gifted charismatic young adults who have potential as “Set Man”. However, they tend to go astray to exercise their untrained authority over people. This causes Christians to scatter in division. It really hit me when PC said Jesus is a “Set man” and demonstrates his authority after he had fully submitted to God. Only chasing after ambitions as a leader only can lead to disunification in body of Christ. So now, I want to submit myself to my Spiritual father and receive the inheritance before even going out in the anointing of Holy Spirit. I also pray earnestly for this generation that God will rise a “Set Man” in Christ who treasure the heart of submission and love that comes from Christ.

  48. Ashley Choi says:

    When I first came to New Philly I was impressed/shocked at how much the church emphasized authority. I also thought it was interesting that throughout this series, Pastor Christian has emphasized this idea time and time again… Within this sermon, he spoke on Jesus having been able to exercise his authority after first being under authority. This idea keeps ringing throughout, and both spiritually, logically keeps making more and more sense.
    Although Pastor Christian briefly talked about it, I really enjoyed how he talked about the “set man” having to find each other to ultimately become “set men”. Churches were supposed to be made to build one another up rather than be separate entities… Can churches today unite instead of compare with how other churches are/their current state?

  49. I like this sermon because it really backs the authority that we give out leaders. Our pastors aren’t just people who stuck around the longest or befriended the last pastor or the most popular people. Our pastors and teachers are called by God to lead and teach. This is a special gift and not everybody can do it. I think it is easy to see specific gifts people have if they play a sport well or sing well or can can solve brilliant math equations. All of these things still take practice and time, but the elite people in their field also have a gift. The Bible talks about many gifts that God gives us and so I think it is important to recognize that those who lead and teach should be gifted in those ways. I also really appreciated how PC showed that all leaders should be publicly recognized and we should be very weary of any leader who claims to have received an anointing or calling in private.

  50. Kate Jihae Park says:

    This message was fairly new to me. I’ve heard it from pastors about God appointing specific leaders to rise up and lead people (mean characters from the bible that have been mentioned are Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, etc), but never through a sermon wth this specific topic and what it looks like in the modern church. In any case, this message made me feel privileged to be taking part in NP NRTC, to be trained as a leader. I don’t think it was a coincidence when a number of people in the church recommended to me to take NRTC, even though I was a new member. I don’t think any part of my life is mere coincidence, but every step has been appointed by the Lord and He’s guiding my steps. It also humbled me to be reminded of bad leadership, and also the importance of being under covering.

    Two people who were chosen by God from the bible came to my mind. One of them was Joseph and the other was Mary, Jesus’ mother. Both have been chosen by God which has been made known to them through a prophetic experience (dream / encountering an angel), but they stewarded those dreams with different attitudes. Young Joseph had a big head and bragged about his dream to his brothers and even his father, even though the dream basically meant that his father will bow down to him one day. Mary, on the other hand, even though God has appointed her to give birth to the Messiah, it says that she just accepted it as a servant of God, and thought about it often (which I think means “stewarding.”) Even though people are appointed to be leaders, I think it’s important to receive that position as Mary did, not young Joseph.

    I also loved the part about Jesus distributing authority among his disciples instead of giving all his authority to one disciple alone, and how P.Christian mentioned it’s because the church was meant to build one another up as a body of Christ. It just paints a beautiful picture of people appointed by God coming together in unity, and participating in the work God is doing here on earth.

  51. Crystal Smith says:

    YES! YES! YES! PC continues to amaze me with his boldness – it is so powerful. I had to erase my first comments because I think that my time on staff at a church (although an incredible experience) left me quite jaded. Let me just say that once again I agree with pastor Christian. We need more pastors who are set men – who have been called. Yes “being called” is that oh so mysterious thing that is really scary in a world of career tracts. But our God is mysterious! I want to continually pray for those set men to rise up and honestly I want to be part of them – but even if that is not what God has for me personally it will never change the fact that that is who I want to be lead by and submitting to.

  52. Sarah Ahn says:

    The apostles were given portions of authority so that when they work together, they would resemble the full authority of God. This was very interesting to me and it’s such a comfort as I think about my calling. God will not send me alone. I will be able to work with others with different portions of his authority. I am so excited to see the power in this unity as we come together in Christ to build up His kingdom. The part where Pastor Christian talks about God calling His leaders was also very interesting. The fact that we have no say shows the great authority He has over us. Even if we try to deny and run away, His plans will be fulfilled through us. His sovereignty is such a relief to me because nothing depends on us. He decides and He makes it happen. I’m so thankful and blessed to serve a good God.

  53. Aram Lee says:

    I’ll listen and submit to my leaders with humility as they lead me out of immaturity and foolishness.
    I want to rise up and demonstrate the leadership that Jesus wants me to embody.
    He first demonstrated it in His own ministry, and I am going to receive it as my inheritance.
    I want to bring the people of God into His goodness and promises.

  54. SpringPark says:

    It was such a great and crucial message to all and to those who are willing to follow Jesus including me. When I think of the “set man” is more than like missionaries and pastors, but as PC’s saying, we need to build up more “set man” to reach out to our people, schools, work fields, and communities(Matthew 28:19). I love PC’s given example of David who was staying under Saul’s authority despite his trials, and he got a pointed by God in His time. Everything is on God’s hand. We cannot live as ignoring or deleted what God’s beeing with. I got a refresh after listening this sermon and I realized how I was lazy and disobeyed when He making me build and build up. Set man is an appointed man. It is all from God. And he will do make more set men in His appointed time. I feel so humble to hear that God is gonna make us “set man”. And I’m thankful to NewPhilly I could have lots of “set men” I could shadow and be under their authority which God has given. Thank you. Glory to Glory!

  55. When the eye tries to be the ear, and the foot tries to be the the hand — the body can not function properly and experiences pain. And like PC pointed out there are many Churches which are led by people whose calling and gifting is not to pastor and teach but maybe do something else in the Body of Christ.

    I have a better understanding of spiritual authority and covering as God intends it. He is careful in choosing men to entrust with His authority, and I can see Him doing it in our Church.

    It’s fascinating how a truth can be obvious and we can be oblivious to it. When God appoints people into authority He does so publicly and not personally or in secretly. This is how He appointed Jesus when He was baptized, and how Jesus did the same when He called His disciples.

    I believe in the same way when we get baptized in water, God sets us apart and does so publicly in the eyes of all.

  56. Samuel Choi (Syd) says:

    This sermon was very well unpacked.It helped me to think about the importance of strong leadership and the reasons for it. God loves giving authority to those who have the heart but also have been called to minister to his people i.e. have a calling.

    I liked how PC pointed out the way Jesus distributed authority to not one person but all his disciples.Every one has different gifts to bless the Church. However, the “set man” has been appointed by God to allow for the creation and maintaining of order and to allow the saints to work in harmony towards building up the church.

  57. Michael Chan (NP Sydney) says:

    This is a very timely word for NRTC. As we become leaders of the house, we have to be able to follow the lead of the set man of the house. God has called us to follow the set man, just like the disciples followed Jesus and then Jesus gave authority to all of them to bless the Church. It is very true that chaos would happen if there were 11 set people in charge of the house!! Chaos would lead to foolishness all around the house! With one set man of the house, the church can remain harmonious with the leader leading us out of our foolishness and immaturity.

  58. noble salminen says:

    I think this sermon is one of the most difficult for me having been raised in churches that use the standard church model where a board of deacons appoint a pastor to oversee the task of spiritual leadership. Having lived through the failings and removals of senior pastors and youth pastors, I have a hard time putting my trust in those in positions of authority and the standard church model in someway makes me feel safer. Plus, I tend to worry about men who have a great deal of consolidated power in any institution, religious or governmental. All of this to say, I understand the powerful blessing that it is to have a righteous father lead his family. I realize I have certain fears due to historical incidents and that God’s desire is to remove those fears from my heart. He is building trust in me that He is the Good Father and that he will provide good spiritual fathers for his people, set-men that he has called and gifted by his Holy Spirit to shepherd the people of God. Pastor Christian, I believe you are one of these “set-men” and I trust that the Lord will continue to empower and encourage you to lead New Philly with all spiritual wisdom, authority, zeal, and love. Thanks for preaching this sermon!

  59. Megan Holmes says:

    I love how PC sheds light on how leaders and kings were all commissioned by God in a public way. PC then names off several leaders of churches/religions that are not of God (Joseph Smith, Mohammed, etc.) and how all of them had “private” encounters that “commissioned” them to be powerful leaders. I am DEFINITELY going to use this information when talking about christianity to those of other religions and especially to christians who are being mislead by the enemy through false leaders. It’s so logical yet powerful.

    My husband’s family friends and sister were not in complete agreement with some fairly big changes that were being made in their church and decided to start going to a new church that was being started up by a man who also was fed-up with church changes. While my husband and I were visiting town to see family, we walked into the church after a service had just ended to meet up with his sister and some of the family friends. I could immediately discern that something was spiritually “off” and felt a deep lack of Holy Spirit in the place. It wasn’t long after that that I found out the pastor had begun having an affair with someone in the church who we knew and openly claimed that they were supposed to be together and that he needed to get a divorce to follow God’s will. Christians, ESPECIALLY those who feel like they have leadership gifting and anointing, need to put on their armour everyday and remain under discipleship/sonship/accountability. Like PC said, men need to be “set” by God to lead others. This is NOT something to be taken lightly.

  60. Though I have some disagreements with this sermon, I do find that there are other parts of it that I find valid and worth noting. One of which is that there is a need to be a transparency with leadership. There’s less shadiness involved with that and really, why hide things of that importance in a church? Coming from a fairly typical Korean Presbyterian background, our church went through many changes with the pastor. I think there’s a difference between a pastor and a preacher though. Many of these people that came and went expected to simply speak the word but not watch over, tend and care for the congregation. While in college, I was privileged to witness a new church starting and setting the foundations. It was really encouraging at that time because I really saw how a healthy functioning church worked. All of the elders were able to teach and preach and one man didn’t lead the congregation, but the group of elders did. They came to agreement about how things should run and where the congregation should go. They were really pastoring together and I think that’s something that was extremely beautiful to see.

  61. Betty Huang says:

    This sermon really spoke to me is the belonging of church, in other words, god as well. back home, i sometimes don’t really like going to church because sometimes it’s really hard to understand the pastor. so i stopped going to church for a year instead sometimes i just read the bible with my friends. So it started to become a norm. However, ever since I am in Korea, going to New Philly is one of my favorite things to do every week. Building up a church, the foundation is really important. I really like the point that PC made, the relationship between a shepherd and sheep. Being a good sheep is important. However, being a good shepherd is hard. I hope during the NRTC training process, i could learn a lot for future use.

  62. Esther Jeong says:

    The set man is someone who has authority because he is under authority. I thought it was interesting that God commissions a set man publicly, for it is the best way to establish legitimacy and trust in the leadership. I think the set man under authority concept goes back to sonship where a you must submit to spiritual authority even as an authority figure, and I can see that many people fail to submit themselves humbly.
    I feel like this sermon was maybe more directed to people who are set leaders with a calling, but it was interesting to understand the concept of set leadership. These leaders are the ones to remedy the weed problem or the effects of self appointed leaders who tear apart communities and cause sheep to go astray. These individuals who have a calling should claim their calling and submit to authority and lead people. Publicly appointed leaders are people given true authority.

  63. Rebecca Kim says:

    It was really striking the point that Pastor Christian made about the fact that there MUST be public declaration of leadership/authority i.e The leaders that God sets will be made public by him.
    Further I was able to understand the specific criteria of set man as per Numbers:
    1) Set man goes out before them – they are visionaries – stewards the vision of a movement
    2) The sent man goes in before them – learns how to govern the affairs of the community
    3) The sent man leads the people out of false doctrine/idolatry/immorality/foolishness

    Further I began to understand the important of submitting and being under a set man as without this shepherding the people may become scattered.
    Something I did find hard to fathom was the revelation that the devil had placed his leaders amongst people and they had risen up as leaders (I.e the teachers of the law + Pastors today without a calling). Ministry is not just a job alternative you MUST have a calling. SO many people these days I feel see going to seminary or becoming a Pastor as an alternative they choose without much thought. The sermon has really established that you as an individual can do his work, and it does not necessarily have to be as a Pastor- he calls you to do his work in other areas.
    I began to think that I was glad that I have found new philly where I can strive to begin a with a set man so that I can grow and be promised the inheritance.

  64. Rebecca Park says:

    After listening to this sermon, I am certain that as a member of New Philly, I am blessed to be under the guidance & leadership of set men (PC, PE & Pastor Caleb & Pastor Mina).
    As I come under covenant with these gifted set men (and women), I am excited and looking forward to the ways in which New Philly (myself included) will impact and make a positive difference in Busan, Seoul, South Korea, North Korea and beyond!

  65. without the set man is missing the people of God get to the condition where sheep without a shepherd. Being a leader is not about volunteering but it’s about calling. To be the set man he need to know how to teach and preach. you don’t want to exercise authority when you never been under authority. The set man have an authority to rebuke and discipline us and the set man is not immune to be not under the authority. this massage brought me to be thankful for the authorities that God has put in my life. i really blessed by my sermon

  66. In this sermon, Pastor Christian gives a concrete definition of The Set Man doctrine for God’s people to discern between the set man and a false heretic, and also to differentiate between having the gifts to bless the church and being called out as the “sent man.”

    Once people find a healthy, safe church community they are committed to, they are to submit under that one set man, who God has consecrated and anointed. We submit and honour because GOD HAS PLACED the set man over us. While listening, I thought of our senior pastors and my campus pastor PP and PJ as the “set man” over myself and how grateful I am to be under their authority and blessings. : )

  67. Henry Spice says:

    Listening to this sermon has reminded me that you cant effectively steward the vision of a movement without been gifted or called to lead as a pastor. And when an ungifted person takes the mantle of leadership, there is prone to be chaos and division. I am so thankful to be under the authority and leadership of a called and gifted leader who inspires me a lot to be brave. God bless New Philadephia Church.

  68. John Han says:

    The first time I heard the message, I was only focused on the submission to the leader that God has appointed. The more I chew on it however, I can’t help but think about my becoming that leader. We are called not just to be disciples but also to make disciples. At some point in our walk with God, God will send disciples our way if we are truly in sync with His footsteps. This means that this Set Man Doctrine has to apply to me as well in the future. When I struggled with the idea of submission to leadership, this kind of message made me paranoid about judging leaders and pastors to see if they’re truly the “set men.” Now that I’m fine with it, the focus is on myself, on what I must do to be qualified as a leader and also on how gracious God was to me and my “flock” when I was a leader in my former church. This shift of mindset has humbled me and actually helped me submit to leadership with even more peace. I was anxious to be used by God in a powerful way but now I am more anxious to grow in God cuz ain’t nobody got time for daydreaming about doing ministry.

  69. Louise Kim says:

    It is and always has been God’s heart that his people would be led by a gifted and called set man, or spiritual father, for without one, the people of God are scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

    The set man is a visionary who goes before the people. He leads them out of deception and into a deeper knowledge of God (Num 27:17). Jesus is the ultimate set man of God, demonstrating all these things, as well as an additional, and crucial requirement for set men of God – submission. Jesus was fully submitted to God the Father when he exercised his authority. It only makes sense that those in authority who expect people to submit to them, would be submitted under the authority of another. This allows the set man to grow in their authority in a healthy way creating safety for the people.

    We need to celebrate the set men of God because when we come into covenant with a set man, he becomes our spiritual father and we obtain access to his inheritance.

  70. Galaxy Cho says:

    When I first came to New Philly, I was surprised to find so many rules and regulations about membership and leadership. I was also surprised to find so many rankings in leadership as many churches are often just happy to have anyone serve. But now I realize why. New Philly’s structure and rules are what allows the anointing to flow from the top down, and make sure the anointing is actually flowing not getting lost. Making sure that active leaders are those that can be trusted and really have greater authority and anointing and blessing actually doesn’t restrict but allows safety for the members of the house. Just as God’s covenantal laws do not exist to restrict us but bring us greater freedom, so do the rules of the house at New Philly. I feel safe knowing that all the leaders that are active are ones I can trust to have the mindset and teachings of the leaders above them, and the pastors above them, and to our lead pastors PC and PE. Everything is following God’s appointment and God’s appointed time. I feel so blessed to be in a church of structure and anointing. =)

  71. melody welton says:

    It is good to be reminded that set men are appointed publicly, and that not all good shepherds are set men. It was good to be reminded that PC is a set man who understands the true meaning of submission and that anointing flows from the top down. And it is also good to see the Biblical reasons for this. Moses knew that someone need to be appointed to lead after him because he understood God’s heart and the structure needed for leadership. Set men are important, and how they are put into that position is just as important as what they do once they are there.

  72. Sujin Lee says:

    In the Bible, there are descriptions of how set man is commissioned. From Abraham, the heritage of set man is passed down to a next set man. And it is always through God’s decision to set a man to rise up to make sure that God’s promise and commandments continue to be fulfilled til now and upcoming generations. After listening to the sermon, I should learn to see Pastor Christian and Erin as set man for our church. I respect them as lead pastors of our church but seeing them as set man is totally different. It won’t just come in a day but when i am more willing to submit to their leadership and discipleship, and when I am more willing to listen to my CG leaders and truly steward what I have learned from them, I am sure the level of inheritance I would receive from God through set man of our church would increase and increase.

  73. It’s truly a blessing that we are under the leadership of PC & PE, but the blessing also flows from them to us through our campus pastors & CG leaders. I couldn’t agree more with PC’s statement on people who want to exercise authority should first know how to submit to the authority. I learned that a set man is a visionary who goes before the people through this sermon, and it’s a blessing to have PC & PE as the set men of this house. This means that this house is faithfully stewarded & led by people who have been appointed by God, that this house is a safe house for the sheep. I’m thankful that PC & PE demonstrate & lead the example of a set man.

  74. Greg Salvo says:

    Last Sunday at NP, I was thinking what comfort there is in knowing that all the people on the stage have been vetted and affirmed that this is where they have been anointed to serve the church. Most churches allow anyone anywhere to serve, as Galaxy Cho’s previous comment mentioned, and they still complain there are not enough people to help with XYZ ministry. This was a difficult sermon for me to hear, primarily because it shocked the core of my independent Christianity I have lived with my whole life. I agree that as Christians we need to submit to the set man of God’s house, but most pastors are not so verbal about the orphan spirit and being a sheep without a shepherd, and calling sheep to follow them.

    It is also so true that many pastors are impostors. Maybe they got some fire of the Spirit and thought they were supposed to be pastors and went to seminary, and found a job or didn’t find a job. Those that realized after seminary that God was not calling them are the lucky ones. They didn’t take that job the church was offering and decided to go into a different industry. Church really is just another industry in America, and where there is a social need for a church, then there is opportunity for a shepherd to lead people into a social club instead of a life built on obedience to God.

    This was also shocking to hear because so many pastors are unwilling to act like set men of their congregations. When PC and PE act like they are the set leaders it is rare in our culture to proclaim that. Most pastors want to act in the opposite way. The senior pastors these days are saying things like “I am one of the pastors on the teaching team” when everyone knows he is the senior pastor of the church. This leads to sheep without a shepherd and reinforces the orphan spirit if there is not a central voice leading the congregation. If it’s a general of vague “round table voice” there is no clear direction. A round table gives 360 degrees of direction for congregants to follow, and that is the prevailing leadership structure of American church today. We cannot be sheep without a shepherd and expect to fulfill all God has called us to. Even though this was shocking for me to hear, as I type the Lord is revealing to me the truth in the set man doctrine. I praise you God that you have lead me to a church that has this type of teaching and preaches the truth!

  75. Deborah Kang says:

    While this sermon speaks about a set man, it shed more light to me about how God’s leadership works. Too often we forget that Jesus also submitted to authority. In the past, I could not really understand why God would always want us to go through all the complicated processes when it appeared so easy for Him to simply allow things to happen at once. It was same for leadership when I saw how God would actually want even the gifted and anointed ones to be trained under authority and to learn to obey to the leaders God has set above them. But now I come to see that, through this somewhat repetitive process, God wants us to realize that the inheritance is not just something that comes after one gets in the position of authority but rather it already begins by submitting to our spiritual leaders and thereby coming before God’s leadership. Admitting and coming into agreement with God’s leadership structure is a true blessing, as it is like a sheep knowing that it is always good to be shepherded and because it knows that the shepherd will lead it to the green pastures and still waters.

  76. This sermon was really cool to read about the importance of a set man, a sheppard or a spiritual father. Someone who can keep us secure and safe, continue to lead us/guide us and call us out. We need to find such set man and be willing to submit to him/her to help our personal development and our faith development. We need the covering so we don’t fall captive to sons of the devil. Something that really stuck out to me was the idea of a set man being called out publically. It was a really good way to help identify the truth and know who is sent from God to be a set man or who is coming as a son of the devil to decieve you.

  77. Emily Pack says:

    This sermon on the set man doctrine was something I had never heard before and I found it fascinating. Right off the bat, I appreciated PC’s clarification about how the leader’s God sent/sends are always public (verses private encounters with God such as Joseph Smith, etc.) I had never made that distinction before. In a world where so many are rising up to start movements (and believe they are a set man), it can be easy to fall trap to false teachers that are not anointed and called by God. I appreciated the clarification of someone who sees ministry as a job versus someone who knows ministry is their calling. I, too, agree that there are far too many people in the world who do ministry but are not anointed to do so. It can be disheartening to see some of my friends who aren’t believers/ are new believers be turned off to Christianity because of either 1) false teachers or 2) people who tried to start a movement without the anointing of God/who are not under authority. The end of this sermon spoke to me significantly about the importance of being under authority. I was challenged when PC said, “Jesus is able to exercise authority because he is under authority.” Whoa. Even our savior was under the authority of His father! The desire for independence is enticing in my generation, but it quickly leads to destruction because this mindset doesn’t leave room for rebuke and growth. This message definitely challenged me to be joyfully under the authority of a set man (a spiritual father and mother) if I desire to grow and be transformed into more of the woman God created me to be.

  78. What are the roles of a leader in a church? Maybe not only in church, but other places like our working places, schools, trips etc. Pastor Christian preached about the significance of a set man to his shepherds, along with the anointed leader as a sign of support. We have to lead a group of our mates, our friends, workers, or even the people that we first met as an authorized leader. It takes faith and confidence in ourselves to build up a leadership. A leader can share his life testimony and leaders are given authority to lead, and to shepherd people as well. Leaders are to be leaders and to be shepherds, at the same time, too. Discipleship is the main key to keep us growing. It has no ending; it has no graduation. Keep on equipping yourself with His words as swords and shields to lead the nations. We are given authority to protect them, to shape them into who they really are-they are like the followers, who faithfully and consciously receive the teachings and guiding from their leaders. Also, we have to submit our authority to all levels. We will never know when or how God anoints one person to be a leader. Just like how David waited patiently for years in the bible as he waited for God to complete his works. Let authorized leaders speak into our lives, and when the time is right, we will automatically know when it is the right timing to do it.

    • ** A set man’s role is like a shepherd, to lead and to guide the followers. The leaders that God has set are public, no matter how dry or lifeless they are, God still calls them to be leaders of the church. We have to be disciplied under leaders to keep ourselves accountable. A set man is really significant in securing a situation like a sheep without a shepherd. One out of the 4 roles is the set man is obliged to lead the people out of foolishness, false doctrine, immorality and foolishness. I remember back then when I was a buddhist and the very first time I became a Christian, I didn’t really honor my leaders/pastors back in my home town church much, as I was like thinking “we don’t have to honor them. and I don’t need someone to speak over my life. it will be enough for me just to have God with me”. but it was all wrong. The set men lead us out of foolishness or twisted thoughts that we have against the biblical words/church. I also learnt that it is important to become a part of a church, if not we will be like a sheep wandering round the church. Also, like the familia leaders case, sure, we have to obey what pastors say, but we cannot despise, instead, w ehave to honor our familia leaders too. Also, the set man brings us into His promises. They are like favor, and God wants to show us His favor. We don’t have to work hard to earn or gain them, but we can just receive them freely just because who we are in Christ. Jesus was a good example of a good set man. He came and showed us. There was one part of the sermon where pastor Christian talked about the fruits in ministry. There’s a lot of people doing something that they are trained for, but the don’t see the results instantly/no forever. It’s because God has called only certain people to be set men, and if He calls you, you just have to respond. however, there are often cases like how people hear the calling of Him, but they act up as if they do not hear that calling. Like how Moses refused to be kept under the authority of ministry, he kept on delaying and he became a leader. A set man is really important in terms of teaching and preaching as the centrals. a set man will be given a fullness of God’s authority and they have to know how to work together with others under a ministry. a set man has to be under an authority no matter how well we know about biblical contents. we need a shepherd to rise up, and a set man to be giving leadership over ministry. Sometimes when we are christians without a pastor, we are like sheep without a shepherd, it might be due to that there are sons of devil that have taken up the place or don’t responsd to God’s calling to be a set man. If we are called or chosen to be a set man, rise up and be a genuine and true set man. A set man passes down teaching and authority to pass down a godly way of life.

  79. Somyoung Choi says:

    Set men from God are appointed publicly and they submit to authority. There are also men that are not set from God, but still stand at the pulpit. I understand that self proclaimed or premature pastors or leaders can bring destruction to the church, as we can see in so many incidents. I feel safe and glad that one of new philly’s core values is ‘anointing flows from the top down’ and that the leaders are appointed publicly, and they are always set under authority and covering, making it impossible to be a self proclaimed leader in this house.

  80. Jessie Behrman says:

    It was really encouraging to learn about leadership and the set man and seeing how this has been done at New Philly. How commissioning should be done public and not private, and the different roles of the set man.

    I’m still a little confused on the difference of a set man and a good shepherd. PC listed off what it means to be a good set man and that a set man is a good shepherd but a good shepherd is not a good set man and I don’t recall him going back to further explain that…

    I enjoyed hearing the parable of the weeds and God explaining it. I have never heard that some people are straight up sons of the devil. I have just recently learned a lot from discussions with my CG1&CG2 about the grace of God and I guess I didn’t realize that not everyone gets the same grace. Which is no different that some people are sons of the devil. My heart breaks for these people, and how we aren’t supposed to continue opening them to Jesus but to just accept it.

    I have loved learning about the set man and their authority and how even when you are in authority you are under authority. I am so blessed by the leadership at NP and how PC and PE are the set men and leading this house with those anointed by God.

  81. Nick R. Pack says:

    An all-around great message, but what stuck out to me, right off the bat, was that God appoints leaders up and in front, in public. So basic, but how great and awesome are the ways of God! I’ve pondered guys like Joseph Smith and other founders of false religions doctrines and tried to figure out why their callings weren’t legit, because they never sat well with me. God appoints out in the open. Booya!

    As well, I know I’ll never experience all that God has for me, as God has set, until I submit and respect God’s anointed. It isn’t about being a renegade, separate, out in the open and starting up whatever I think God has called me to do. I’ve seen a lot of friends (and myself) miss this essential reality and remain frustrated. No more! From here on out I’m honoring God’s Set Men!

  82. Isaac Yi says:

    This sermon spoke very closely to my heart as someone who wants to love, serve the church and become involved with pastoral ministry. The biggest take away for me was to understand that not all pastors, church leaders may be men set apart for God in the same manner as Joshua who lead the Israelites after Moses. We see this in examples of false teachers all over the world and history e.x Muhammad of Islam, John Smith of Mormons, and even Sun Myong Moon here in South Korea. It made me very assured that God’s people is watched over and guided by men he has ordained and called to be his shepherds.

    Many people have issues when it comes to authority and submission. We seek authority and allow ourselves to abuse it or even abandoned it at a whim, yet we can’t submit to authority and grumble about it. We desire people to submit to us when we can’t do that onto others. A hypocritical generation will show itself even amongst positions of leadership because they forgot or disobey the own authority over their life from God.

    I pray continually that I am prepared in waiting to seek the noble task to guide and teach the church for me. This message is challenging me to be right with God and allow his will, not mine, to be done.

  83. Conner Eriksen (Hongdae-Omega) says:

    This message demonstrates the importance of a spiritual leader in a church and their ability to protect us from false teachers or people who may lead us astray. This is one of the many benefits of submitting ourselves under the right authority.

    In the sermon, Pastor Christian emphasizes the importance of listening and obeying our leaders ‘that God has put in place’ because unlike false teachers, they are actually doing God’s will. A God-fearing pastor should do his or her best in protecting the congregants from those who cause division and evil among a body of believers.

    Another aspect I found interesting in this sermon was that newly appointed leaders should be publicly announced. By doing so, there is not only increased transparency, but it is also a sign that the newly appointed leader is being put in place by God. If they did so behind the scenes, it leaves much to be questioned and is a sign that something scandalous could be going on.

  84. Heather Smith says:

    I was particularly encouraged by the portion of this message when PC explains the necessity for the Set Men to become established first within their gifting sand secondly within their appointed timing. It is so important not to rush into ministry caught up in your giftings, but lacking the maturity to take on the authority. I was also really impacted by the part where he talks about Luke 7 and the centurion who understands how authority works. I never really contemplated how Jesus himself was submitting to authority, and earthly authority at that. This message has so much to chew on!

  85. Isabel Syers (Hongdae A) says:

    The verses in Numbers I thought was very powerful, and immediately I thought of what I have been learning about Sonship, and having Spiritual Leaders. It’s a new concept for me and I wanted scripture to meditate on, and this is great!
    I do agree, that being a set man, appointed by the Lord, it would need to be public. I mean logically… why would I allow myself to be captive by false teachings, just by what someone says “The Lord has chosen me as Ruler over XYZ Follow me”, and there are no other witnesses or anointing flowing from the top down, OR there’s no fruit to prove that? No thanks…

    So glad to hear PC make so much sense over the parable on weeds… it never fully meant sense to me. This whole sermon is so unique, nothing I’ve heard but there was too much wisdom in it to doubt! We are like lost sheep because there are leaders that are of the devil AND because Christ’s leaders have not stepped up. The illustration that even in Jesus’ time with the Pharisees made it easy to understand, a lot of leaders are not Gods chosen leaders. They’re in sheeps clothing.

    Duties of a set man: Meditate on the law, and wok together. I think both are so good to hear! Man so convicted about MEDITATING on the law, something the Lord is deffinitely repeatedly reminding me of this season.
    And that leaders are constantly under authority.
    I also believe its my season to submit, so that later on, in the Lords timing, I can dissern more wisdom & steward more authority.

    Also loved that when we don’t agree with others, it’s not time to divide. The Lord told us to be of one mind, and united. Just because the Holy Spirit convicts us in different ways, if it is still honoring unto the Lord, we are worshiping the same true living God. So we can still love and honor each other, in working together.

  86. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    It is so discouraging when I witness pastors or reverends not willing to be ‘told’ to do or to submit in someone else’s opinion. It rather seems to be boasting in themselves or carrying the authority for their sake.

    But hearing from previous sermons, God has purposely chosen people to lead lost people back to Christ. And we are called to pray if the leaders are not in the right place because we also can help the leaders too.

    As PC said through Matthew, at the harvest day, God will know who were the false teachers or not. Anyway, just personally someone was highlighted in my heart, who were boasting in her/himself and judging other people’s faith and not willing to listen with gentle heart.

    It is so true that God chooses matured and gifted person as a leader. When someone is so ready to take authority without being under the leadership and humble themselves, person will be more likely to lead that authority fleshly.

    God truly cares about our heart. What made us to wanting to be a leader? personally i was in the leadership, I was exposed to temptation using the authority fleshly, thinking myself as ‘worthy’ or ‘holy’ just because I was in the leadership. Such a easy place to have pride. Also such a easy to get burdened of being “representation” to congregation.

    I want to be a leader who spiritually lead people to Christ. Just like Jesus who is the most high, washed his disciples’ feet, I want to be humble, gentle and loving leader who is willing to submit under authority and never using the the position in flesh way.

  87. Youme Gim says:

    Honoring God by honoring God’s anointed.
    This sermon opened my understanding God’s ways. The way build’s His body, the Church, with Jesus as the cornerstone.
    I was also reminded of Matthew 10:41. (Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.) I haven’t experienced this verse. But, I ask the Lord for an experience. I ask that I will indeed honor God’s Set Man, and I get to expect a reward.

  88. Kyla Hoggard says:

    I don’t pretend to understand how the Almighty leads or why He does the things He does. As a King He can do whatever He pleases. As is clear through Moses’ leadership, the Lord chooses and trains up individuals (set men) to train the people and lead them well into the places of God’s promises. I want to be a part of a community that has not only a clear vision but is also equipping the members of that community to work out and bring that vision to fruition. Going through these sermons helps make the vision of NP more clear and how to join bring to fruition that vision. And just like Caleb and Joshua honored Moses and received their full inheritance I hope now that joining Pastor Christian and doing my best to honor this House and this Body will I also receive my full inheritance. Not to be used for myself, but for the Kingdom.

  89. Clive Poh says:

    I thank God for such a powerful set man that God has revealed and bless me with. This sermon point me to obedience and submission to the authority of the set man. Not under obligation but a joyful willingness to receive God’s blessings, teaching and covenant that flows through His established leadership structure in His house.

    The knowledge of the set man doctrine espoused from the old (Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David) to the new testament (Jesus) has also spurred and help me appreciate the the word of God. It is a pity that I would have to go back to my country. On a bright side, I have been so blessed by his sermons that gave me spiritual discernment and taught me to honour the important hierarchy and dynamics of the church. To honour the Set Man of the house and his appointed leaders is an expression of honouring God.

  90. Clive Poh says:

    From this sermon, my perspective and approach towards my church and individual prayer life has been shattered and rebuild for my desire to go for a new depth with Christ. I felt affirmed by the authority given by Jesus in the scriptures as often, I belittled the effectiveness and power of my prayer. The quote ” you become what you behold” by Ps Christian etched into my heart. It has given this simple yet profound truth of keeping our fire for God burning – for this is the living sacrifice he is pleased with. It is a call for me to persevere and be committed in prayer. Then and only then, I will see a new season of faith, authority and confidence in God. Amen to this sermon.

  91. Jake Murphy says:

    Awesome Video Game Voice (Round 2)

    if I were to break this sermon down into points I would say that It kinda breaks down like this, a set man is: announced, knows his place and is called. First a set man is called before people, an announcement if you will. They do not just receive this calling in a secret place or where they are the only ones who can acknowledge it but instead they receive their call through other set men who make it known among people so that there can be no doubt in their authority or in their representation. This call requires them to go out and steward a movement, get to know their sheep and lead said sheep out of whatever son that is entangling them. Second a set man knows his place. A set man is tune with God to be able to mimic Jesus’s actions through their own by: knowing the word, teaching and preaching and healing the sick. As a set man knows what he is called to steward and how to steward it he then can go out and proclaim more authority. Finally a set man is called. Though someone might want to do ministry, they steward the right calling that has been placed on their life. The set man must achieve the call so they don’t burn out or can be accused of being sons of the devil but instead can hold to the truth that they are called to steward the movement they are apart off. It was interesting to note that being willing is not enough but one must also be called I order to properly steward a movement. Also a set man is called to sonship. They are called to be held accountable and to not just do things on their own but instead to enter into submission of a set man and relieve a spiritual father that the Lord has set.

    For me the reason I want to go through NRTC and become a leader in this house is because I have usually felt the last point has been missing from my ministry calling. I have received public callings to ministry for a long time sense I was a kid and my teacher prophecies over me, at college when speakers would come or at prayer meetings. I learned and knew the methodologies of how to be in full time ministry. I knew the horrible burn out stories and how to keep yourself in check so you don’t. I knew how but the one thing I always knew I was missing was covering. The first day I went to NP Busan and watched P. Chrstian preach I knew that he was the person I needed to receive covering from. This sermon and these sermon sets have been good along with the regular sermons we hear each week, teaching us that we need to submit to the authorities that have been placed over us and through this submission we can enter into greater and greater depth and intimacy with God and receive even more of a blessing. Thanks Sargent for the charge to get more out of this^.^

  92. Jennifer Choi says:

    An appointed man of God will make it known that God has spoken to Him to others so that he can receive prayer and discernment. I would and am honored to be under that kind of a man. Submission under a leader not only shows respect towards the appointed leader, but it also shows my character. I understand, through Romans, that authority is appointed by the Lord SPECIFICALLY for a certain reason only He knows about. Through submission, it brings encouragement to the leader and it blesses the church overall.

  93. Max Park says:

    It is evident that the world considers a strong leadership as one of the most powerful assets of a community. There is a saying where an army of sheep led by a lion is a force to be reckoned with. God appoints a set man, or the lion, with great leadership ability to lead a group of sheep to ensure that the community thrives and glorify God. With God’s blessing, it is evident that the set man would lead and preach people with his charismatic and intelligent nature derived from God. With such strong and influential leadership, the church is blessed overall.
    However, it is the followership that complements the leadership. The followers must submit themselves to the God appointed authority and honor such agreements because they are, in the end, honoring God’s authority. With the well built cooperation between the leadership and the followership, it is categorical that the church can only thrive to glorify God.

  94. Emily Lauren Kim says:

    This was a very important message for me, coming just when I meeded it. Pastor Christian’s humility in identifying with our weaknesses– himself being a wild horse– has blessed me incredibly. May many set men of God rise up in full submission to His authorities and His Word. It’s true that lack of submission produces consequences in oneself, not being able to fully instruct other with confidence.

  95. Jenny Shi says:

    I strongly agreed when PC said “a good shepherd is not necessarily a set man”. This sermon really taught me that to be a set man of the house you not only need to be empowered from God but also work out with others who are also set under the authority. (We don’t have the authority but under the authority of God). As a member of this house we are to submit to the set man of God and to continue to abide in God and the authority God has entrusted to his man.

  96. Pak Tanya says:

    The Set Man. Through this sermon I realized how important the role of the Set Man in the house. If you don’t have Set Man in the house you’re like sheep without shepherd, no one’s leading you and you have no way to go in and go out. He also our leader he teaches us, helps to understand our vision, and as a body of Christ and our church leader is public and not private. The Set Man must be gifted.

  97. Judy Choi says:

    God always calls a set man to lead the way in every part of the word, old and new testament. We also don’t see multiple set men. And the set men are accountable to God. What I was amazed to find, listening to this sermon for the second time, was that God sets men in public!! Wow, God is so good, that He would do this for the leader themselves, and for the people. This brought so much clarity about the men that have been self-proclaimed prophets, and leaders of cults such as Joseph Smith, and Moon Sun Myung. And that God did it in this way all throughout the word, makes it clear that the ways of man are different from the ways of God. Also we can note that Jesus’ submission to authority gives us a model for the kind of submission we have under our authorities. Whatever the Father does, the son does also. He only does what He sees the Father doing.

  98. Jenny Han

    To be completely honest I was so distracted while listening to this sermon yesterday. I just remember bits and pieces of “son of the devil” and the fact that there are pastors out there who are not following Jesus. The more I am faced with opportunities to chase truth, the more harshly the devil seems to stampede on me. I’ve been bombarded with self-destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns throughout membership and NRTC. I feel like the devil whiffs me with a sleeping powder everytime I am about to listen to a sermon or do something that might feel threatening to him. I am not surprised by how common it is for there to be leaders who are operating under secrecy or pastors that don’t believe. The devil is so insecure and so easily threatened that he’ll do the stupidest things sometimes. I’m learning that following Jesus requires a lot of “PRESSING.” Pressing into discomfort, pressing COMPLETELY into authority, pressing against lies, pressing, pressing, pressing.

  99. Jennifer Kim says:

    I learned that it’s important for a public announcement of the set man. I agree that without the strong leadership of the Shepard, such as the pastor, the church will fall apart where the members of the church will become lost sheep. I do believe the anointment flows from the top down. From other churches I have observed, because of the lack of leadership and commitment from the leader, I have seen church members become lost in their faith. As members of the church, it is our duty to obey the leaders of the church. Also, it’s I think it’s an act of humility for pastors to submit to other pastors as their spiritual father figure. It’s something that I’ve never heard about from my past churches.

  100. Mindy Kim says:

    Our ultimate model of “a Set Man” is Jesus! That is the Truth for sure. I reflect on myself whether or not I am being a good set-man for the body of Christ, I am not a leader in NP but Wherever I go, I represent the body of Christ so for me, this is so important aspect of my life. I desire to be a good seed of this world who cherish and love the anointing and blessing from God and uses them well. Like really well! As a Christian, who wouldn’t want to be more gifted, anointed or mature in their walk of life? :) this is something to think and do everyday!

  101. Brittany Mickell says:

    This was a reflection on how God has anointed and set people apart to do his works as a set man. These people are people who know how to be a son and father. They know how to humble themselves and be led by leaders in their life as well as how to lead those they have been chosen to lead. This once again touched on Sonship, but also on humbling yourself to those who are set men in your life. There was also mention of discerning what a true set man doing God’s will looks like versus someone who is of his own will.

  102. Deborah Kim says:

    Something that really stood out to me was the parable that PC mentioned. How in a field full of weeds, the solution wasn’t to pull them out because they would pull out the good wheat as well. Satan doesn’t just stick around where the weeds are, but lurks around anointed sons to pull out believers. Rather than going witch-hunting, the solution we ought to take on is for real Sons to step up. Furthermore, set men consistently steward the vision of the house, and actually mature and gifted leaders will not create separation in disagreement nor will they quit and walk away because they know the authority and anointing flows from the top down and go out before their sheep with before love rather than insecurity.

  103. Jess Kim says:

    This message has taught me the importance of having a set man chosen by God leading the church. Otherwise, the church would be like sheep without a shepherd. It was also reassuring to hear that God always sets these men apart in public and not only in their private prayer closet. This sermon also reemphasized that we must submit to that set man as well as other leaders that he has entrusted in. The Lord has chosen these people for specific reasons, and we must submit to them to receive the full blessings.

  104. Sheila Moh says:

    A set man is the one who is appointed by God, who is gifted and mature to work with others in the body of Christ. This sermon teaches me how to discern who is God’s appointed one, and who is not. We must be careful and aware of who we are following, as a set man (shepherd) will lead us (sheep) into the correct path, where the path lead us towards God. The shepherd and set man we follow, needs to be one who give and impact the church. As they will be the ones passing down inheritance of Godly characteristics, and we the sheep will follow what is given. Without a strong set man, the church will stumble and fall as people of God starts to scatter away from Christ. Therefore, it is important to pray for more anointing man in the body of Christ.

  105. Jenny Han

    Man, God makes things a lot more complicated than He ever needs to. After listening to Pastor Christian’s sermon, I thought of vines growing up a trellis. God wants to cover the ENTIRE trellis with His (blessings? vision? love? something!) and has stewarded parts of the trellis to us. The vines won’t shoot up overnight, and even a single wrong turn can leave parts of the trellis uncovered. I am realizing the sole importance of Submission. Without submission, nothing can happen. It ties in so well with Benjamin Robinson’s blog on Being Willing. This also intertwines so well with the identity of “claiming our identity” as sons. To respond to the calling of being a set man is to claim your identity and place that God is your FATHER before your friend and realize the authority/power you inherit once you claim that identity as a part of God’s family. Pastor Erin’s sermon on Shifting into the Spirit also creeped in when I reflected on this sermon. What’s making it so difficult for us? Why do we have ‘sons of the devil’ leading our churches? That battle between mind/body/soul/spirit, starting from the miniscule and seemingly harmless thoughts we have on a daily basis. It’s hitting me – how we have no other choice than to submit EVERY single little thing to God, if we’re going to be stewards of His vision. Otherwise, I think we are sons of the Devil. The Devil is our father if God is not our father. I get a bad taste in my mouth when it’s put like that but I definitely accept that as a fact.

    That’s a lot of responsibility, going up the trellis at the head of the vine, ’cause wherever the head of the vine goes, the entire vine follows. That’s such a dangerous situation ahaha, yet God CHOOSES to entrust us with that. There was so much power in that word “CHOOSES” when I was reflecting on it. Pure, sheer willpower, that when I allowed my mind to just chew on that word for a minute, I couldn’t really put into words the Love that gridded the foundation of that word. It’s Sunday 7:00 AM and this is quite different from when I was half-listening to this sermon last Thursday. I was so distracted at that time that everything in this sermon sounded like noise. Thank you Pastor Christian/Pastor Erin/leaders for heading the tip of the vine. Just really grateful.

  106. Emil Bredahl Lavsen says:

    This sermon was very important to me as it touched on something in my life.
    I have often struggled in identifying the “Set Man” of the house and honoring that extremely important position for its worth. I come from a church background/country that rejects any form of authorities and honor, and that attitude I realized have I brought with me or many years. It has blocked many blessings in my life.
    This sermon caused me to look at this mindset of mine and realize that I had been wrong and I repented for years of walking with a wrong mindset, and now I finally can carry a right mindset.

    Having Pastor Christian and Pastor Erin as the Set man for New Philly is so important, and it is a joy because they have been placed here by God, and I can see how the blessings are flowing from this reality and truth and what God is doing through PC and PE as Spiritual Father and Mother of this house.

    This set man truth brings freedom and biblical honor back to the church, and we will not go astray because we have the set man who brings the true Gospel and no heresies is presence

    Thank you for this message

  107. Tae Eun Kim says:

    God appoints set man over His people, and without this leadership, people become sheep without shepherd. When P.Christian mentioned that every leader that God sets is always public, I wondered how that could work for so many people. I felt that having to receive blessing from someone above would be limiting. However, as I continued to listen and thought through, I began to realize the importance of being under submission. P.C mentioned that even thought the authority may not be the best leader, there id still blessing for being under submission. He also said that there is appointed time for everything. A man may be gifted and chosen, but if he/she gains too much power too quickly, he/she may be in a dangerous situation. I understood the importance and the necessity of being under authority, being patient in trusting God’s timing and also moving under the blessing of God’s appointed.

  108. Julian Cheung says:

    So crazy to think that all or many of those who have caused division in the church throughout history were not Christians but rather “weeds” planted by the enemy. Understandably those who claim to be appointed leaders through private revelations do not follow the pattern seen in the Bible where God publicly declares his set men over his people. Even Jesus was publicly appointed so that there were witnesses to his authority.
    This message is consistent with core value number 5 – the anointing flows from the top down where authority is imparted by the leadership of the church and not self proclaimed.
    When we reach heaven we will truly see who were sons of the devil sent to lead sheep astray.

  109. Mary Jung says:

    The bible tells of how the Shepard goes back to look for that one lost sheep and I believe that this reflects the heart of the anointed Set man. As a member of a church, there may be times that we are that lost sheep and we look up to and require the shepherd to bring us back.
    PC tells us in his sermon the importance of the Set man, the anointed leader of the body of Christ, as the one who keeps the flock together and united. Although, as PC warns, before we truly rely on the one who we believe is the Shepard, we must always be discerning as there are often those who do not have the mature fathers heart. Those that are appointed as Set men have been publicly declared and the bible tells of how we can also discern by seeing the fruit.

  110. Joen Lee says:

    The “set man” as a visionary. It’s so true, we need this appointed set man to steward the vision, or else we would become scattered, like sheep without a shepherd. I am excited to enter a house that emphasizes God’s set man. In The Message translation, God says to take Joshua because the “Spirit is in him”. I am thankful for these spirit filled, appointed leaders of our house and of our campus to lovingly lead, show the way, and bring us back home safely.

  111. Pastor Christian brought up the point what it means to be a set man and why we need.
    God doesn’t randomly pick any people. He has carefully chosen a man in authority to take care of His people. I really like and agree all Pastor Christian stated about Purpose of Set man.
    1. Set man stewards the vision of the movement.
    2. Set man goes in before them to learn how to heal and cover people.
    3. Set man leads the people out of fake doctrine, foolishness, immaturity.
    4. Set man brings them in into His presence.
    If I don’t have a set man, I would become a sheep without a shepherd. I trust indeed God appoints people to shepherd, guide and give inheritance to us. Listening to message made me think about my past how horrible I was to submit to the set man. But from now on I will trust all His plan through our leadership in NP and set my mind to obey. I’m really thankful that New philly has this concept of leadership structure to allow all the anointing to flow from the top down.

  112. Bekah Cho says:

    Hearing this message, it really makes sense that in the past I’ve had leaders who.. I have to say did not lead me very well, and I believe (after listening to this sermon) it was maybe because they weren’t actually called to be leaders! Or I don’t know if that was the case but it would make a lot of sense if it was… just because coming into new philly and getting to know the leaders at emmaus, my familia leaders, there’s really a difference that I sense. Assuming that all the leaders that I have met here follow this set man doctrine, it really makes a difference! It creates such a family culture and a good discipling culture.

    This message reminded me a bit of what I learned about sonship before, but it was kind of in a different perspective. It was less in the family perspective and also the focus was more on the spiritual fathers (set man) than the sons (I hope this is correct). And you see a lot of the responsibilities here that PC lists that are for those who are called to be set men.

    It’s just relieving to know this doctrine now. That God appoints men to be leaders, those appointings are always public, and He calls them to not only hold authority but to be under it so they understand both sides and can effectively and lovingly shepherd the sheep according to God’s will :)

  113. Natalie Weaver says:

    I’ve seen first hand what happens when a leader is not a “set man” as is mentioned in this sermon. I really appreciate knowing that New Philly’s leadership is committed to such a doctrine, and I appreciate the meticulous attention to the calling of God on someone’s life as patterned in the Bible. I really love that it’s stated so openly that God sets someone over his people publicly – particularly because so many places in history or even today, we see that “new revelations” or “new movements” happen so often in private and without being under authority. Another thing I loved was the reminder that Jesus’s heart was stirred when he saw the people “harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.” He still loves us when we’re lost, and I believe he’s using New Philly to help raise up the laborers he is speaking about in this passage.

  114. Valentina Kim says:

    This sermon was educational and very interesting. It is so true that God sets the leader publicly and not privately exception of David. The functions of the set man are:
    a) Goes out before them – visionary –steward of the vision.
    b) Goes in before them – guard and shepherd the people.
    c) Leads the people out – out of the false doctrine and idolatry.
    d) Bring them in – bring them into the intimacy with the Lord/ into the promise/ into favor.
    The example of the parable. How the enemy has planted their leaders among God’s people. The solution is “don’t try to root them out but demonstrate the true leadership”. I really like the solution because I don’t think the open confrontation would solve the problem but a godly examples would show the clear difference of a true christian.

  115. Diane Yoon says:

    This sermon taught me the importance of having God-appointed leaders, or set men, in the house. It also helped me to see why there are so many divisions and problems in the church today- because there are no set men!
    I totally see the reason why a set man needs to be under authority. No matter how anointed they are, every set man needs a voice of authority in their life so that they can receive wisdom and guidance when they are lacking of it. Otherwise, things can get out of control. Even Jesus was under the authority of God the Father, even though he was perfect. Then it goes without saying that set men of this world also need to be under the authority of a spiritual father. I’ve seen some churches that just got torn apart and I always wondered what the reason was; now I see that the pastor of that church was not a set man in that either he was of the devil or he was not ready to be in that position. I appreciated the bold manner in which PC made that point (I bet he offended some people haha).

  116. I have always wondered how pastors become called to become a pastor. And through Pastor Christian’s sermon, I was able to learn how important and a blessing it is to have a set man in the church. God’s timing is perfect, and in his perfect time, He will guide you through in all of ways. When PC talked about how pastors have special callings and unique sets of gifts and maturity, it honestly subdued me. However, I was able to quickly grasp through his words that God will work in powerful ways through that person to bring more blessings to others.

    I thought it was interesting to hear that Jesus chooses his disciples publically. I feel like this truly emphasizes how that person is not in solitude, and that h/she is now under covering. And without comparing myself to how there is a higher calling, I want to be bold and follow Jesus through the ways that He will provide. And just because he calls a person to something, does not mean that He is neglecting other people around them. Instead, he distributes the role and therefore, we must all work and live in unity with the church.

    I truly pray that I become to grow and mature as a set man each and every day. And for now, I am truly blessed to have my NP family who sets that example and guides me.

  117. Chris Ju says:

    I remember the first time I listened to this sermon in 2012 how challenged I was to find a good spiritual leader and submit to their authority. Submission, while in line with the teachings on sonship, offers so much more. By loving and submitting to the anointed leaders than we trust that God has put into our lives, we only set ourselves up to receive a greater portion of blessing. By applying this message, it has opened up the door for me to receive so much; as I mature through the process of submission, God has blessed me with greater authority, responsibilities and opportunities for growth.

  118. Submission can be a very difficult sometimes. New Philadelphia has really showede how important it is. Our leaders are appointed by God to guide his sheep. We can recieve such great blessings when we are humble before God. I hope as get deeper in my relationship with God he will lead me in the right direction. In order for God to be number one in your life,you have to learn the act of submission.

  119. Lindsay Costello says:

    PC digs into the importance of a God-appointed Set Man as a leader over the church. There were a lot of connection points between this and the Journey of a Son, and the Sonship Videos. PC explains the purpose of a Set Man being to go out before them by stewarding the vision, to in before them by taking care of them, lead them out of foolishness and false doctrine, and to bring them into God’s promises, joy and family. We learned that a good Set Man is also a good shepherd who is to watch over the sheep. I never realized all the times I read about the sheep without a shepherd was talking about the Israelites without a leader. PC also talks about the Set-Man’s position is not a job, but a calling, you have to be chosen and in public. I had never made that connection before, and even Jesus was called and appointed publicly at his baptism. He also talked about how impossible it is to exercise authority if you have never been under authority. There were a few things that really stuck out to me. First, was the faith and understanding of the Centurion. I always knew it was something, but I never understood how much he recognized the authority Jesus possessed and the authority he was set under. The Sonship videos changed how I read the bible and I think the Set-Man Doctrine will too. Secondly, with this new understanding of leadership, we are to come into covenant with a Set-Man as sons and sheep to receive teaching, healing, and to imitate a lifestyle of devotion. Third, I love how PC talked about his own season of submission and the learning and fruit that is produced under that. I think these seasons are very powerful for character development as was seen in the life of King David. I think I may be in a similar season and this was very encouraging.

  120. JKim(Busan) says:

    PC’s testimony about being submitted under authority was very encouraging, and his describing of Set man and shepherd was challenging for me. It helped me to see where I’ve been in my heart. I didn’t understand the Leadership principles of being under authority. You cannot exercise your authority unless you are under authority. Like David, he was called to be a king privately by Samuel but he had to be under Saul’s authority to be a king for a long time. And even Jesus was in complete submission to the Father. You must be under authority and wait for the God’s appointed time and God will show your leadership and authority publicly if you’re ready. I’m glad that i listened this sermon even though I didn’t come to New Philly to be a leader but I want to learn the biblical leadership qualification, Sonship and Father’s heart from the leadership of this house.

  121. Yoon Han says:

    One of the reasons why I am undertaking NRTC in NP Sydney is that I desired authority. I always strived for authority in the world and always fell short. I feel like I have looked towards NRTC as an opportunity to seek authority for the kingdom of God.

    However, in recent months I have been convicted to check my heart whenever I was in this kind of position. I felt that I was being guided in many situations that I was to be humble, when I thought I was humble enough. I was to be kind and caring, not always thinking of myself and what I can get out of it. Lastly, to submit to others when I always thought I was to be the one in authority and lead others.

    What I am looking for through NRTC is submitting to others and learning how I can serve and God lead me the way to leadership. I’ve never had a ‘set man’ in my life and looking forward to finding one. I have found that through my experiences, I cannot live this Christian life alone and need someone to keep me accountable for my actions, and speaking into my life other than myself.

    It was an interesting fact to hear that the ‘set man’ is declared in public and that prophets in other religions claim to have encountered God themselves privately. This reflects back to me where I am always thinking by myself and tackling issues alone. I felt that I was given authority from God to lead in certain areas but I think I have to learn more and submit to God more to check if this is God’s calling for me not a calling I have desired and aligned it to God.

    This message gets me thinking and gets me through the process of what a leader is meant to look like and what kind of leader of authority that God has appointed me to be.

  122. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    This was a very interesting and informative sermon. To me, it provided very clear and concise reasoning as to why God sets a specific person over a congregation, “so that ultimately the congregation of the lord is not like sheep without shepherd”.

    In the bible it is emphasised that God sets a man over the congregation, just as He placed Joshua as leader over the Israelite congregation. This appointment needs to be a PUBLIC commission and acknowledgement, and where the encounter happens in a public forum and space. Even the commissioning of Jesus was done public, when he was baptised by John the Baptist. It was a good reminder that where there has NOT been a public commissioning, one needs to question it and be very cautious.

    God’s way is based on submitting to the set leaders (or leadership) of a church. This can go against what we believe or adhere to in the modern world where independence and individualism is celebrated especially of doing things ‘my way’. But submission and obedience to the leaders set by God is important for the unity of a church and for effective relationships within it.

    It is also an interesting idea that those in a community can enjoy the blessings of a covenant or promise by following the set man E.g. the Israelites had access to Moses’ covenant blessings if they accepted and followed Joshua’s leadership. The set man is a visionary, cares for the people, and also leads the people (out of things like foolishness, bad places). The set man also brings people IN – to God’s promises, into His goodness.

    This sermon is encouraging because it is a reminder that God does not want me to be shepherd-less or shepherd my own self where I can fall into bad places. But He cares and loves me (and His people) so much that He sets strong leaders over me to guide and be a good shepherd. This truth also makes it easier to follow and obey the set leadership of a church, to honour those who sow into my life, and to take their participation in my life as God ordained and planned.

  123. Michelle Hwang says:

    The fact that the enemy has put people into positions that the people of God were appointed to, and they have more authority there than the people of God was something that really rung true to me. I feel like that a lot of the time, the people of God have been called to positions of authority in the corporate world (as well as in ministry), yet proclaiming God and fulfilling God’s calling is something we often shy away from. This for myself sometimes stems from a lack of conviction that God will allow me to ‘succeed’ (in the worldly sense), that I won’t be as good as those that the enemy has placed into the corporate world, and because of my inherent fear of failure. I really think that a greater trust in God is needed in my walk. That when he puts me into the places and position that he has called me to be in, I need to fulfil and live out his purposes for me.

    I think I was recently challenged in my ability to have a leader speaker wisdom into my life. I was given the ability to decide whether or not to truly receive what they were speaking into my life, and whether or not I wanted to submit to that. At first, I resisted because it wasn’t what I wanted in my flesh. I decided to harden my heart to my leader and God as well. However, through prayer (from myself and the leader), I opened my heart to submitting to the leader and truly listening to God’s voice and I really think that nothing has lifted burdens off me in the same way before. So the necessity and importance of submission was really made clear.

  124. This sermon has given me a much clearer understanding of how the anointing flows from the top down and why there is so much emphasis on leadership structure within NP church. The role of the ‘set man’ or people in leadership roles have been redefined for me. From PC’s testimony I can see the importance of how the set man should not only be a gifted and mature visionary but also needs to be patient to wait for the appointed time for his or her calling.

    It has reminded me to reflect on the leaders God has placed over my life especially at NP and how they have carried the father’s heart to shepherd me out of foolishness to where i am today. I like PC’s 4th point of how the leaders are there to bring people in, how God is inviting us to seek more of his favor. I’m encouraged to be further established in the spirit of sonship so that i can do a better job at demonstrating to others a lifestyle devoted to God.

  125. David Chong says:

    Public versus private appointment as a method of distinguishing between God appointed ministers and false teachers.

    It was good to be reminded that even positions of leadership in the church are not exempt from being warped and twisted by the enemy. Jesus did call the Pharisees, the religious leaders of the time, ‘sons of the devil’, and there are people today in positions of pastoral leadership who aren’t even Christian. That revelation shook me up a bit, but I think more than anything it emphasised the importance of committing to a community where I can receive covering from a God appointed shepherd.

    I think being truly shepherded by the Set Man of the house has to involve submission, especially in times of confusion and tribulation where we are to trust that God will choose to speak through the Set Man and give them the discernment and wisdom to lead the house.

  126. Myko Okada ( NP Sydney) says:

    Shining our light in this crazy world is hard sometimes. We need a set man that will lead us in our journey and walk of faith. I don’t wanna be a sheep without a shepherd or live life without direction. With all the false teachings from false prophets, I needed to be under covering. When PC mentioned about the declaration of leaders which has to be in public and not just in private, I felt good for this revelation. It only means to me that I am guided by leaders appointed and validated by the Lord. I like how this sermon is similar to sonship and accountability, because it tells me to submit under the authority of my leaders in the house.In addition, the commisioning of Jesus in public tells me that the set man is declared by God and i will never be deceived by occult teachings.

  127. Grace Cho says:

    Thankfully I have not had any first hand experience of being led by a pastor or leader who was not a set man of God. I have always been part of a church that had clear processes for publicly appointing the pastor but it’s good to be aware of how false doctrine or cults can start. It’s great to hear the testimony of Pastor Christian and Pastor Erin about how God raised him up as the set man of New Philly under covering of Pastor Benjamin and with the blessing of the parent church. I have renewed respect for the set men of the church after hearing the role more clearly defined – stewards the vision, lead the people out, bring the people into God’s promises. Also good to be reminded that blessing comes from submitting to God’s set man and that this extends to all my leaders. This sermon makes me want to pray for the set men of God to rise up strongly so that His people would not be like sheep without a shepherd in this very tumultuous and confusing world.

  128. Martin Kang - Sydney says:

    Thanks for this message PC – the set man doctrine. Having a leader to be under authority who will pass down teaching and anoint the next generation of leaders, but is also under authority himself is soo crucial to the healthy, spiritual growth of the church and its leaders. Knowing that NPC is aware of this doctrine and actually living it gives me such joy to serve and put myself under its authority.

  129. Tina Kang - Sydney says:

    Through this message I was reminded of a past season where I experienced some difficulty with submission. In that season God lead me to read about David and how he submitted to Saul even though his life was in danger. It was really humbling and although it was hard I couldn’t help but submit after reading that.

    “The solution is not to go witch hunting for the sons of the devil.The solution is for the true set men to rise up and take their place and demonstrate God’s leadership.”
    I 100% agree with this. This is what happened in that season and the result was beautiful!

    “A set man is a person that you can come into covenant with and enjoy the blessings and benefits of the covenant that Christ came and fulfilled when He came and demonstrated what a true set man looks like.”

    Great explanation! Thank you PC for the wonderful message.

  130. Orji Noble says:

    Once there no set man in our lives we became vulnerable, and exposed to wolves. Who ever a set man is or at any level, we need to recognise and follow that authority.
    To Identify set man we are not left in confusion cause a set man is publicly appointed.
    Jesus sprade his anointing, power and authority among his apostles and for them to manifest the fullness of God’s authority and power they need each other, they need to understand the power of oneness and synergy “for no part of the body can assume to be more important than the other” when we have a portion we need to find out who and who that has the other portion.
    Set man is always set under authority and possess authority no matter the capacity or level they function amd its up to me to understand and honor that authority

  131. Kayla Vezeau says:

    The leaders that God sets or appoints are always public not private. I used to envision in my mind the idea of starting an independent ministry apart from the constitutionalized church. I am confident about my calling into missions and felt like there were so many hinderances to being brought under the structure of a church or organization. I learned awhile ago how immature that was. I actually really desire to be part of this NP movement and love that PC brought clarification and showed the importance of being under authority. One major way that I will try to apply this message is by being open and submissive to my CG leaders and other leaders above me. I must learn to first submit to authority before I am able to be in authority. I have a greater understanding and respect for all the leaders and their roles in the church.

  132. Jin Kim says:

    This message was very humbling for me. I knew that God appointed His leaders, but listening to PC describe the set-man in relation to David and Jesus, I learnt the importance of submission and devotion to the set men as well as stewarding what I have now. While David was running away from Saul, he did not sit and cry but continued to write psalms, training himself, and building himself up to become a better leader. Jesus with His tremendous authority and power, during His ministry on Earth showed continuous submission. Although the inheritance may be rich, I need to work on improving submitting to authority in love and obedience as well as stewarding my gifts during my time here at New Philly.

    • This sermon is about the need for a set man over every church. Pastor Christian identifies different examples in both the old and the New Testament where a set man was given to govern and lead the people. In 1 kings 22 as well as Isaiah 13 the people of God are referred to as sheep without a shepherd. Since there was no set man over God’s people, they became scattered. This explains why when Jesus began his teaching the people were scattered as well. Using Jesus’ example when he rebuked the religious leaders at the time and called them the sons of the devil, we can conclude that if there is a lack of leaders it could be because the devil has planted his own amongst the people. It could also be because the set man who has been chosen has not stepped up. Jesus also understood himself as the set man. In order for Jesus to operate in the fullness of his authority he also needed to be under Gods authoritiy.

      What stood out to me in the sermon is the desperate need to be under an authority in the church. Not only so that your leadership can be blessed and anointed, but also to receive discipline, correction and an inheritance. What also stood out to me was that Moses only invested some of his authority onto Joshua just as Jesus distributed his authority amongst his apostles. This was done so that we could learn to work together.

  133. David Albano says:

    Having a set man stewards the vision of the movement and this is the overall message in this sermon. He goes out before them, he governs them and he leads them out of foolishness,idolatry etc. The set man brings the people into Gods promises. We need a Shepard. Pastor Christian goes on to explain how in the old and new testament that the people of God are harassed and helpless because they have no leader at times. Jesus came to show what a set man looks like and that’s what Jesus is all about. He then explains that a set leader is a calling not a job. Set leaders respond to Gods calling on their life to be involved in the ministry. The solution is not about witch hunting its about the true set men taking there position in leadership.
    What stood out to me was the importance to having a leader and not going into ministry unless God really calls you. It’s always been on my heart but it’s something I need to learn more about and have spiritual guidance. It’s nothing that should be taken lightly. This message and the bible clearly states that a set man is to be called.
    He talked about in Luke 7:6 how Jesus said he was set under authority. He can exercise it because he’s under authority. I look forward to submitting to the ‘Chief’.

  134. Kristian Doncillo says:

    I think that this is a very relevant message for today’s churches. Over the years, there have been many stories about churches falling victim to corruption, scandals, unsound doctrine etc., which begs the question why is this happening? What the church needs today are not just shepherds, but set men by God. As Pastor Christian explained, a good shepherd is not necessarily a set man, but a set man is a good shepherd. A good shepherd could be someone who is able to sympathize with their sheep and care for them or understand them. They could provide comfort to the sheep by affirming what they [the sheep] want to hear but not necessarily what they need to hear. There is no sound doctrine that disciplines or builds the sheep up but instead relies on charisma to feed on the insecurities of the sheep. In essence, a false leader could very well be a good shepherd, but by no means is a set a man. This is why today there are so many led astray.

    With a set man, there is a sense of transparency and submission to authority. As Pastor Christian explained, when God commissions a set man, it’s done in public. A false leader on the other hand prefers to conduct their dealings in secret. Submission to established spiritual authorities is also important; how can the set man expect others to submit when they themselves refuse to submit? People who want authority without being under authority themselves should raise suspicion. Without submission, therein also lacks accountability and transparency with established leaders God has appointed. As with the main passage for the sermon, Moses gave “some” of his authority to Joshua in Numbers 27:20. As Joshua was preparing to become the next leader, he was still in submission to Moses’ authority. As Pastor Christian put it, allowing a new pilot to fly a plane without conducting simulations, learning the safety procedures and submitting to veteran trainers would only lead to destruction. As well, a set man needs to grow into authority under other authorities as they take their place.

    In today’s churches, there are two main things we should be aware of with regards to a set man; God’s gifting and the set man’s maturity. An ungifted man that takes the set man’s role can lead to division. Likewise, a set man who is placed in authority without reaching the right maturity yet also has consequences. However if the gifted set man would wait patiently, there would be unity and harmony within the body of Christ, which sad to say is sometimes lacking in today’s churches. As in the Parable of the Weeds, the solution is not to go out witch hunting false leaders, but rather for the set men to take their place in shepherding God’s people. As a church, we should be praying for God’s set men to take their place in God’s rightful timing to rise up and go out before the church to lead us towards God’s vision, to go in before the church in love, to lead the people from false doctrine, idolatry and foolishness and to bring the church into God’s presence. We should also pray for discernment from false leaders and false doctrine, so the church doesn’t fall victim anymore.

  135. Sofia Kim says:

    One the main points that stoop out to me was the part of sheep without a Shepherd. The importance of sheeps to be guided by their Shepherd, because sheeps are weak, vulnerable in the presence of predators and can’t fight by themselfs The Shepherd knows what is good for his sheeps. He is the one who guides them to green pastures and clean water.
    The importance also too of the Shepherd to continously study the bible, so he can know how to teach and preach. Give healing to the heart broken and being a model of lifestyle devoted to God.
    A set man is a good Shepherd, who passes down the teachings, gives ministry and leadership. The set man brings people into the promises of God and he is in a constant subordination under a higher authority. Set men are given a portion of authority, because as community, set men need to learn how to work together.

  136. So God chooses certain people, gives them some of his authority, and publicly anoints them to be leaders in Christ. It is only these ‘set men’ that are the rightful leaders of our church. This leadership training is public, and I needed Pastor Marcus’ approval before joining, so it fits this set man doctrine. I agree that a true leader needs to submit to authority, and only God is the ultimate leader.

  137. Rochelle Watt says:

    One thing that really stood out for me in this sermon was when PC said that the devil has placed his people among God’s people and they have risen to levels of authority – because of this, a lot of God’s people are like sheep with shepherds. The Pharisees were a really good example of this because they had high levels of authority in the church, yet they were not set men appointed by God. When I heard this, my first thought was, “well, let’s just weed these people out and ask God for discernment in doing so”. But PC made it clear that rooting out sons of the devil is not the solution since sons of God may mistakenly be rooted out as well. Instead, the solution is for set men to rise up. Although many people are in positions they were not chosen for, it can also be said that many people are not yet in positions that God has appointed them to. There are some people in which God has clearly called them and want to use them, but they often refuse out of fear, insecurities, or apathy. I think it’s important for each of us to truly reflect on how God wants to use us. Some of us think we should be used by God when in fact He has not yet called us, and some of us have been called but do not want to submit to such a calling. It’s also important to remember that although a set man is always a good shepherd, a good shepherd is not always a set man. In my own life, I will continue to analyze what God wants from me and to what level He is calling me to rise up. I also want to be more encouraging to those who God has clearly called and support them in their works for the kingdom.

  138. Sarang Park says:

    When involved with the Korean and Korean-American churches, I heard of and saw what a church goes through when in division. It’s an ugly thing. And I’ve seen what happens to faithful congregation members when a false teacher is uprooted from the church, so I can understand why Jesus would say not to go witch-hunting. It creates an atmosphere of wariness and distrust. I’ve never considered why a church would be so divided – I just assumed the church was unlucky. But from Pastor Christian’s sermon, I see now that it was because there was a lack of set men, both sons of the devil and appointed men lacking in maturity.

    It is obvious that a church needs an established and publicly appointed visionary, one who has been in submission until the appropriate time. I am glad that I am under Pastor Christian and Pastor Erin as they are good shepherds who is choosing to stay in authority whilst being committed to the vision God has given them. I appreciate that they are committed to go out ahead of us, go in before us, and to lead us out of sin and into God’s promises.

    In terms of myself, I wonder what kind of establishment God has in for me, and up to where he has anointed me with. Whatever it may be, I hope I can steward it under authority until the right timing. If I’m not at a place in submission, I don’t want to be wielding any kind of power.

  139. Sindy Montgomery says:

    God calls a “set man” to lead; these leaders are commissioned by God publicly and are under authority of of a leader. The problems we have today in the church are that many leaders who are either ungifted or taking position ahead of their time. It’s sad but true. Often these leaders cause more harm then they intended. Following the perfect example of a set man is the answer, Jesus taught and lived out this standard in teaching and preaching, healing the sick and broken-hearted, and displaying devotion to God. I am unsure of what ir how God plans to use me but I am glad to know that I am in a grounded and structured church to grow and hopefully aid in time.

  140. Diana Park says:

    This message gave me a greater revelation on submitting to God’s authority. When PC pointed out how God made his own son come under authority, I was reminded of the importance of submission. Because the set man is under authority, he is given authority. I recall being puzzled by David’s submission to Saul when I was reading 1 Samuel. He even spared Saul’s life in an occasion he could have killed this man who sought to destroy him. I now realize the honor David had for God’s anointing and authority over Saul. This humility and patience led him to live out the calling over his life to lead God’s people. Being patient during a time of building character is crucial for the set man to be mature and ready. I see how God does this with his appointed leaders over and over in the Bible before he releases them to lead. Walking out of God’s timing can be detrimental not just for the man, but for the body of Christ he leads.

  141. Ryan Vogel says:

    God chooses who will be
    His “set man”. I’ve definitely lost this truth at times. I don’t have a say in whom God chooses or why God chooses them. It is not my job to ask “why her and not him? or why him and not me?”. I’ve done this in the past and it all it did was stir up jealousy and division in my heart. If we want to grow in Christ we must Submit to God’s chosen leaders. Regardless of their age, gender, background or ethnicity… our job as” sheep” is to trust in the Lord and submit to the leaders HE CHOOSES. For this will set us free!

  142. Hope Schaeffer says:

    When God appoints a set man, or shepherd of the flock, he does it publicly before the community to represent his covenant with them. God always uses an established leader to raise up or anoint a new one, like Moses passed on his anointing to Joshua and Eli raised up Samuel. The functions of a set man are 1) as a visionary or going out before the people; 2) going in to the people, or caring for them; 3) leading them out of false doctrines or immorality, etc.; 4) bringing them in to intimacy with God, the promises of God, joy, etc.; 5) shepherding, or providing instruction and preserving unity. (Numbers 27)

    Sometimes Israel or the Church have found themselves seemingly lacking strong leadership in the form of a set man. This is because people not called by God have usurped authority, and/or the people called by God to be leaders have not stepped up to take their places. The solution to this is not to go on a witch hunt, defaming or accusing pastors, but rather to focus on raising up and establishing the leaders God has appointed (Matthew 13:24)

    Jesus is a set man, who fulfills God’s covenant of promise with Abraham as well as God’s covenant of law with Moses. Jesus provides a model of leadership in his roles of meditating and praying, preaching, healing the sick and broken hearted, and in his lifestyle of devotion to God. When God calls someone to a position of authority, it takes place at an appointed time. Leaders need to develop unity in submission to authority first, and grow in character and maturity.

  143. Christine Kwon says:

    The concept of a set man was not something I had heard of before, so this was all pretty new but also very helpful. I’d never thought of Abraham, or Moses, or David, or especially Jesus, as “set men,” but understanding the purpose and role of the set men, and understanding how they are commissioned, and what happens when such men aren’t raised up properly, or when others wrongly take their place, I’m starting to appreciate the blessings of regarding Jesus not only as the Good Shepherd, but also the Set Man who fulfilled everything, and who enables people in my generation to be set men after his model. It is encouraging to know that God appoints and raises up set men who are gifted and mature for the very purpose of gathering his scattered sheep and leading them into their full inheritance, and that he does it in a very specific way. The reminder that Jesus himself submitted to authority, not only to God’s authority but to the authority of other leaders as well, really blessed me, and challenged me to think again about why and how God uses authority, even seemingly powerless or evidently weakened authority like the priest Eli had, to grow his set men and bring them into maturity. Pastor Christian’s emphasis on safety and the danger that comes when leaders don’t go through this process, or when they aren’t commissioned publicly, clarified a lot for me. I’m thankful that Pastor Christian himself has stewarded this and emphasizes it at New Philly and in all of his preachings on leadership. This message has opened my eyes to the fact that I can and should praise Jesus not only as my Shepherd but also as the perfect Set Man, who not only fulfilled the covenant of promise and of the law but also demonstrated what a true set man looked like, so that others after him would be able to follow his example and walk in the same spirit, so that the people of God can receive the inheritance of these covenants. I can see more clearly how Jesus was and is truly faithful to his promise that we would not be left as orphans.

  144. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    Without submitting under the authority and leadership of a God appointed set man, we would be like sheep without a shepherd. This analogy is very accurate as we would be scattered with no guidance or structure; harassed by false doctrine or foolishness and helpless with no covering if there were no set man. I now have a better understanding as to how/what a set man looks like. He is someone that God has called, a man who is gifted and mature at the appointed time. Publicly commissioned by established leaders, the set man carries the anointing to teach, preach and set a model lifestyle of devotion to God.

  145. Seojung Ha says:

    1. When God sets a man, it is always done publicly through commissions and recognition
    2. Without a set man, people become like sheep without a Shepard
    3. Jesus Himself showed how to be a set man. He was under authority

    Having people with authority in any organization or community is very important. But I believe it is the most important and difficult when it is among God’s people. Since he cannot be just chosen through vote or based on talent he has. It is chosen and set by God.

    “A good shepherd is not necessarily a set man.”
    This sentence defined well how a set man should be. He should be not only a good leader but mature and humble. This also taught me how I should be as a leader.

  146. InnGee Kim says:

    I found Pastor Christian’s sermon very insightful. It was interesting that he noted that the Lord appoints leaders in public. I also liked how he explained that a person in spiritual authority leads people out of false doctrine, immorality, and foolishness. I learned through the sermon that God gives portions of authority to different Christians so that Christians can work together. I pray that God gives me the strength to submit to authority.

  147. Anna Suber says:

    It’s awesome to think that right now we are being built up to be set men. On the outside, it just looks like training, reading the bible, praying and submitting to the authority of God and current leaders to become a leader in a church. But really we are being uniquely built up to play a specific role. Each person I have interacted with this 2016 NRTC class has been chosen to rise up! We have been prayed into and highlighted from current leaders. That blows my mind. Each person will play an important role in this life and especially in the end times. I like how PC talked about how not all wisdom and responsibility lands on one person. But it is equally distributed to those who are chosen to be set men. This fulfills how we are called to be the hands and the feet of the body of Christ. We all have roles to play ONCE we are called publicly and prayed into when it is our time. But, we have to submit and listen to those who have come before us.

  148. Tom Lim says:

    It was a powerful message on leadership and correct leadership. What stood out the most was that authority from God is always exercised when the set himself is under authority. God appoints his leaders publicly, and it reminded me of the leaders in the past who exercised lots of authority without any authority and connection to the body of Christ. I used to think they were some kind of brave pioneers, but looking back now, they were quite dangerous to the body of Christ. Being under authority isn’t easy a lot of the time, but it is something God intended for us.

  149. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    I’m thankful for this message because PC clearly draws a line between established leaders that have a true calling in their lives and people who spreads false doctrines. I realized how important for church nowadays to have a setman that is publicly established that would go out before, go in before and lead people out of immorality. This helps me to keep myself from falling into the lies of the wolves who come in disguise as a lamb. I am aware that a lot of church leaders today are not called or chosen by God and this reflects in how many Christians today are going around like sheep without a shepherd. I can also understand that at the end of this leadership class we are to be publicly established as leaders in front of our church community – an action that fits how God publicly sets and gives authority to leaders in church.

  150. Lee-Anne Davis says:

    This sermon discusses the key features of an ‘appointed’ or ‘set man’ and how we are to recognise who they are so we can submit to their authority.
    The point which stuck out to me was that all leaders God sets apart are all done in public. Pastor Christian reminds us of the old testament leaders such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua and David were appointed by God to lead his people. They received public acknowledgement from God. Their purpose was very clear: to steward the vision God has put on them; to cover, heal and protect the people; to lead people away from false doctrine, bad character & immorality; to bring the people in into joy favour & into his promise.
    Though these were the duties of a set man, there was also another aspect of their leadership they needed to submit to. They had to honour a superior authority.  This is clear that leaders today can lead but they still need to be led by a higher authority to their own in order to stay in submission to God.
    PC highlights God telling Moses to appoint some of his authority to Joshua. Joshua had learnt to submit to Moses. When it was his time to take over, he had seen the structure of Moses’ leadership and had the same heart to teach and preach to the people of Israel, meditate, heal and demonstrate a life of devotion to God. He had recognisable traits of a set man and was publicly acknowledged as the leader of Israel.
    Jesus did the same when he was on Earth. He modelled what the set man was to be like to his apostles and passed down knowledge and how to build a godly character, for example so they had a model to follow.
    This sermon points us back to being lead by an appointed spiritual father and submitting to his authority because he has been publicly acknowledged by God to model and lead his people.

  151. Tanisha Cosby says:

    There are so many “leaders” out there who try to fake it until they make it without realizing that it is God who appoints a set man. God always appoints these leaders publicly and gives them the responsibility of stewarding the vision of the movement. PC paints the picture of what the set man is supposed to look like in their leadership role. Sadly, there are many leaders out there who refuse to submit to a leader as they are living under the deception of the “he puts his pants on one leg at a time like I do” mentality. It is important for leaders to always have someone to submit to, from which they can receive and also be held accountable for their actions. The Lord does not want his people to aimlessly wander with no protection which is why he sets and appoints a leader to tend to his flock.

  152. Daniel Lee says:

    Jesus is the “Set Man”

    He fulfills the Law and the new Covenant in submission to the Word of God

    When we are to become set men, we have to first be fully submitted to authority – the authority of the Word and the authority of those submitted to the Word and honoring the anointing of spiritual fathers. When we fail to submit, we are apt to get carried away by false doctrines and work in ambition instead of obedience, rebellion instead of blessing, sheer audacity instead of patience and true moral courage.

    I understand the need for submission to work into our souls humility and gentleness of spirit, and believe that waiting upon the LORD is the surest hope.

    The public supplication of gifts by the wise men / kings to Christ at His birth, the testimony and prophecy over Him by Simeon and Anna at the temple in Jerusalem in the dedication of the firstborn, and finally the baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan were never concealed or hidden (Herod knew of the visit, the temple was both the institution and designated place of worship, and John’s ministry was known to all). The nature of His ministry of being the Light of the World was to expose all that which was concealed, to honor or to shame, and it is in the place of submission that we act not of our flesh but in the Spirit to the glory of the Father and not ourselves.

  153. Chai Kim says:

    This sermon changed my view of local church pastors. The true set man are sons of God, and they are appointed by God; God gives them the authority to shepherd and lead churches. When we think of the characteristics of the set man, we think of Jesus. Jesus is the set man by God, and Jesus fulfilled the covenant of promises and the covenant of law. However, there are leaders/pastors who are not sons of God but sons of Satan. According to the Bible, Pastor Christian clearly said that the goal is not that we need to “witch hunt” the leaders/pastors that are sons of Satan but that the true set man rise up and take their places. In this house, New Philly, we have the set men that God appointed and gave authorities for us. I, as a member of this church and a spiritual son of this house, need to learn how to submit to their authorities and leaderships.

  154. Jason Jung says:

    I’ve witnessed multiple churches falling apart because of poor leadership and I think this sermon really reinforced the fact that strong leadership is vital for a healthy church. Leaders are appointed by God and without their shepherding, the members of the church truly become lost sheep. A set man of God needs to steward authority and their gifts but they must do so when the time is right.

    I was also reminded about how we need to submit to our leaders because they were publicly chosen and anointed by God and through our submission, we will also inheritance God’s blessing just like NP’s core statement “Anointing flows from the top down”.

  155. Yong Chan Kim says:

    Sadly, I have seen cases where there weren’t real structures and leaderships within the congregation and It eventually fell apart. I never wish to speak ill or blame anyone but I remember the struggles of trying to figure out why many of us from the congregation were backsliding. Learning that good shepherds are not necessarily a good set men helped me
    to understand the importance of submitting/committing to a community where I can receive guidance and covering from a set man of God.

    Throughout my life, I have never learned to be vulnerable in front of others and this had hardened my heart over time. But as I have been submitting to my leaders and learned to stay accountable, I started to feel more intimate with God and everyone around me.

  156. Grace Lee says:

    It’s so great to see that NP publicly appoints strong leaders to serve the church only when they are prepared and ready to, as well as when the time is right. Through this sermon, I have learnt that God has certain people set to be in a position of leadership and authority over the house of God with others also being able to serve in other ways. In the past, I have seen leaders recruited to serve the church solely due to lack of staff and I can now clearly see that that could lead to a very dangerous spiritual path and counterfeit beliefs. The amount of transparency NP has amazes me and is very reassuring that nothing is done in secrecy and it also brings comfort to my heart knowing that the leaders at NP have been appointed through God’s anointing to provide spiritual guidance and support to the church.

  157. Alyssa Fung says:

    The leaders that God sets are always public and never in private. We don’t want to become scattered like sheep without a shepherd. We need a set man to lead our church, to lead us out of foolishness. God has chosen people to be anointed leaders to lead the church with spiritual authority. This emphasizes on the importance of submission to spiritual authority in New Philly. We need to learn to submit to the man of God.

    PC said “We need good shepherds and set man to rise up and take their place”. A good set man needs to learn to teach and preach. Jesus is both a good shepherd and a set man (man set under authority). Set man imparts anointing power to rebuke and bring discipline. Public appointment only allows mature leaders to come into positions of leadership. I feel safe knowing that leaders only come into positions of spiritual authority when they are gifted and matured to lead their people.

  158. Danny Fung says:

    I have not have much exposure to Churches where appointments have been done in secrecy. It is scary to think that leaders have been planted within churches to spread false doctrines and false teachings. It sheds so much light as to why there are so many problems arise in churches where pastoral care and leadership is privately appointed.

    The doctrine of New Philly is constantly pursued by Pastor Christian, Pastor Erin and the publicly appointed and publicly established leaders. There is a clear covering from Pastor Benjamin to provide spiritual guidance. PE & PC “the set man” leads the us out and brings us in allows me to take comfort in knowing that we are not sheep without a shepherd. At NPC the anointing flows from the top down where authority is imparted by the leadership of the church. It is comforting to know that I am part of a church where there is great transparency where there are no weeds amongst the wheat.

  159. Young Cho says:

    This sermon allowed me to clearly understand why God actually appoints a set man to submit in the spirit of sonship and to lead the church. I’ve attended churches where people of the church, including me, were appointed to be the leader purely due to the lack of people and also of age. In the past, I was asked to lead the praise and worship team because they needed a female vocalist and as time went by, I felt that it was more of a burden for me rather than serving the Lord and leading the congregation. I ended up backsliding in my spiritual walk and became more skeptical in KNOWING God.
    Like PC mentioned, we became the “lost sheep without a strong shepherd” and I ended up wondering around and ended up drifting more and more away from Christ.
    I’m really glad that PC preached this sermon because it reassured me that God doesn’t randomly select people in authority but He specifically calls people to be the chosen one. After this was stated, I understood why I had to submit to our community pastor and leaders and convicted me that I shouldn’t judge or doubt His chosen people. It also reminded me of the 4th core value of NPC, “the anointing flows from the top down” and opened my heart to respect and trust our lead pastors and leaders fir spiritual guidance.
    I initially joined NRTC because I didn’t want to be complacent with my walk with God, however after the seminars and listening to the sermons, I feel that God is actually anointing our pastor to mould us into true warriors of His Kingdom. I can honestly feel the true importance of having a strong shepherd and pray that more and more sheep can be lead under NPC covenants

  160. Sooji Skye Kim says:

    This sermon brought clarity on sonship and leadership at church. Growing up in small church environment, leaders were quite often appointed due to age, talent, and just because they have been attending church for a long time. Quite often, this has also caused me to feel burdened about being in leadership and also not being able to fully submit to authority as they don’t seem to meet expectations as a leader. However, through the sermon I was convicted that I shouldn’t judge or doubt, but submit to our leaders because they were publicly chosen and anointed by God. As one of the NP’s core value states, “Anointing flows from the top down”, we inherit God’s blessings through submission to leaders. Doing NRTC reminds and challenges me to be a leader who not only leads with authority but also with discernment, wisdom and responsibility.

  161. Mike Oh says:

    Before I learned to become a part of a church community, and came under leadership I was a sheep without a shepherd. Yes I had Jesus as my shepherd, but I was without a ‘set man’. I was lost, easily swayed, and without help. I was a Christian, trying to walk out my faith, largely alone and without any real guidance. And this mean’t it became more of a chore, or a religious act, simply due to my lack of understanding need for help.
    But as I found myself under leaders, who were under authority themselves, this began to change. I began to find my identity in God as His son. My perspectives, values began to be strengthened in the truth that comes from God and not from man. Slowly, but surely my life began to be transformed and I entered into a faith journey that was an adventure. Yes there were challenges as well as the joys, but under leadership there is a peace and a restful spirit even in the hardships.

  162. Michael Kang says:

    All these sermons that form NRTC training are so good. So important and so good.

    This heavy reminder of the one set man for the house brings a lot of clarity with what sonship really looks like to God. Our core value of ‘anointing flows from the top down’ states that God has designed it so that blessings, covering and grace are released as you learn to submit and honour spiritual authorities. God publicly appoints one set man to lead the house – and from that overflow – we as sons of the house receive.

    I am so glad I do not need to strive for this. It comes immediately being apart of a house that is committed as much as I am committed. No doubt it is no easy ride but I’m comforted to know that God has chosen PC to be the general of the house and pray that through that overflow – I am able to receive and overflow to others.

  163. Ujin Lee says:

    I love that the kingdom of god is just the way it is, the way god has written in his word! A set man! The appointed man that stewards the next vision of the movement, who goes before us and covers us, leads us out, from false doctrine, immorality and foolishness and also brings them into promises!
    Just like it was for Joshua’s time, God is so black and white with these ways. If you dont recognise these concepts, you become ignorant to the blessing from the lord!
    I remember there was a time when i was very young in faith, this concept was very new to me. I was hurt from a pastor and I wanted to go against him and disobey him. as God taught me away from this and was growing me in these areas, i realised that how true that statement in this sermon was. the blessing that comes from submitting to your leaders! and the grieving of the lord and even anger when it wasnt being met… But at the same time, when the ‘set man’ knows and wears his identity and walks in this anointing, when they are truly invested in you, shepherding you and fathering you, there is something so much more special. today, I am so grateful that I have come into a covenant with an ordained ‘set man’ and the inheritance is so rich! And am really looking forward to grow into more. In maturity and liberty in many ways!

  164. Lexie Okosa says:

    What I learned through this message is that I don’t need to be able to apply a message to my life to accept it or find value in it. I don’t see myself as being a set man. In the past I would feel like I didn’t get much out of a message or that it didn’t apply to me or that the pastor maybe wasn’t preaching his or her best that day or something along those lines. But with this message I just felt privileged to be getting this knowledge on the things of God. I do not need to understand why the message is valuable now but I can trust the message is valuable because I believe that the man or woman God has entrusted with this revelation of truth was meant to reach my ears at the time that it did so. I literally feel like I was just fed a free meal that I don’t understand why it was healthy but I know the person who prepared it for me loves me and wouldn’t feed me anything less than super nutritious. And also having finished the meal i feel satisiated, content.

    I like that these sermons are making me more submissive. Last sunday pastor marcus preached on the church of me and these sermons are just so perfectly related and unrelated at the same time . I have this penchant to be contradictory just because I like to value my own ability to reach conclusions. I am usually measuring up every single arguement the speaker has to my knowledge, my standards , my experiences, etc before I can accept them. It was kind of freeing to just sit and absorb. Sorry this comment is not tied exactly to the message but that was my big take away.

  165. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    This sermon reminds me that you shouldn’t lead something if God himself hasn’t put you there. Self appointment is ultimately demonic. There is also a development time where God matures our faith and character. The thought of leading without such integrity is appalling. God has spoken to me about my personal role in the church. I am confident and resting in His timing. I can see I need to walk in faithful discipline first so that I can encourage others to be imitators of Christ without the anecdotes of my sinful past. To speak life through the Holy Word, not my point of view. To contend for others in private prayer, not just offer fellowship. Of course intimacy among the brethren is good, but God wants me to sit at His feet and I will serve others from there.

    • Sarah Al Homadi says:

      Pastor Christian explains how God gives us set men in the body of Christ. God appoints leaders publically. A set man is a shepherd of God’s people. Small group leaders are delegates of the set man of the house. The set man should be gifted and mature. The centurian recognizes Jesus as a set man, a man under authority who has authority.

  166. Shannon Chien says:

    I really like the emphasis on “public” appointing in this sermon. So often, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is interpreted as “I received this divine revelation from God JUST FOR ME,” which can lead to Satan masquerading as the voice of God, leading us down into temptation. The Set Man is one who is not just a good shepherd, but is also CALLED to lead the church as a spiritual father WITH God-given authority. We are all created for unique purposes. Not everyone is going to be a visible leader, and not everyone is going to attend seminary, but God has specific anointing over our lives, and until we chase after what He wants, we will not be satisfied, nor comfortable.

  167. Sooky Park says:

    The set man is publicly set above the congregation.
    When the set man is missing, the people of God are harassed, helpless, and scattered like a sheep without a shepherd.
    This just really reminded me of when I left my place as representative of Jesus Out of the Box (JOB), Ewha DIS’s first Bible Study Small Group. I left the sheep without a shepherd. I feel bad about it. I pray Emmaus flourishes at Ewha in Jesus’ Name Amen.
    In the parable of the weeds I got scared because I was wondering whether some of the people I associate with are “sons of the wicked/evil one/the Devil.”
    The Devil is the father of lies. This leads to idolatry and immorality.
    It is amazing that many of the Pharisees were NOT God’s set men.
    PC said many people “take jobs” in ministry and don’t see fruit. (He said God CALLS people as opposed to just volunteering.) People who are in Pastoral leadership who are “sons of the Devil.” That is shocking and lamentable.
    In the vacuum of set men who do not take their place, sons of the Devil take the places.
    I love the set men (women and men) of our church, New Philly.
    That is amazing that when God gives you a portion (of His authority) it’s so you can find out who has the other portion.
    I had never seen the “too” in Luke 7:8 before.
    Jesus was a man placed under God the Father—authority.
    Set men need to submit to leadership until their appointed time.
    It’s amazing that set men can disagree with each other.

  168. Benjamin Jung says:

    Here are 2 quotes that stood out for me in this message…

    “When you come into covenant with a set man/a spiritual father, that set man, GOD has ordained for him to give you a rich inheritance… A set man must be gifted, and when the public appointment comes into its fullness, the set man must be mature.” ~ P. Christian

    “If all the set men that GOD is raising up at this hour, if they would be patient and develop in maturity and character, and they come into their positions of leadership & authority at their appointed time, there will be a great unity in these last days.” ~ P. Christian

    It’s truly encouraging to see GOD at work in the church today. He truly does move powerfully through spiritual fathers and desires for more to arise in their appointed times, as they grow in maturity and love. I love how New Philly really “practices what they preach” in embracing the Father’s Heart and the Spirit of Sonship, powerful sons & daughters are being established and an army of mighty warriors is being raised for GOD’s glory.

  169. Yoomin Lee says:

    The importance of the ‘set man’, and following the authority and leadership of a God-ordained set man was really highlighted in this sermon. Listening to this sermon, and hearing PCs heart for leading this anointed movement establishes a very strong foundation for the time that God has called me to be in Korea, and to be a part of this movement. The danger of rising in ministry leadership without God setting one apart is also so evident, and is once again, serves as sturdy doctrinal foundation as I take NRTC and seek to be shepherded by the set men of God in this house.

  170. Jonathan Yoo says:

    Pastor Christian preaches clearly on the true meaning of submission, stewardship, leadership, and spiritual authority and he preached it with authority. It made me think about my current leaders and as I thought more, I really felt that God has placed them over me not by chance and that they had a specific reason for being where they are in my life. They have displayed what it means to be a leader and God is pointing out certain areas of my life that I need to work on in order to take another step closer to the man that He desires me to be starting with nrtc. The message for me emphasized the importance of honoring and actually listening and following the shepherd God has set over me. Who knows what God may have in store for me if I do.

  171. I think the key point that comes from this sermon is that a set man is publicly announced. That God makes sure that people know “This guy is the guy who leads here.” He did it with Christ, in stating “This is my beloved son, in who I am well pleased”. The idea of having a person set in stone as the one who takes care of everything, who operates with God’s favor, and who does the important things to take care of the church/movement’s business. And when they are brought forth publicly, and identified as such, that lends incredible weight.

    A second point is that there are some people who are not called to a position, and a set man will always be called by God to their place. If a man is called to become a pastor, and is called to be the set man of a house, it’s going to be heard and it’s going to be made evident. If they’re not called to be that type of person, God will make it clear. It’s all a matter of listening to what God says through the Holy Spirit. It’s something that is important to remember, especially as one is called to leadership.

  172. Lydia Park says:

    When God chooses people to be leaders of a church, He is anointing them with spiritual authority. Because they are appointed by God as set man, we as the congregation are to submit to the authority of the leaders and pastors. However, when we are being led by leaders that are not publicly appointed to leadership, we are like sheep without a shepherd. But here at NP, I know that all leaders are given spiritual authority when they have reached spiritual maturity and are led by the Spirit. It gives me peace to know that God has appointed the pastor of this house as the “set man” and as the blessings flow from top down, as sons of this house, we receive the blessings too!

  173. Yelynn Ho says:

    Not just anyone can be a spiritual leader. So many people claim to have received a “calling” from God, and it’s hard to discern whether that calling is truly from God or not. It’s not a matter of feeling qualified to lead, but God is the one who must appoint us. Even then, a leader isn’t just one who has authority, but is under authority, as well. And as it’s emphasized in the Word, the commissioning of a leader must be done in public before the congregation. I think these are all clear ways to discern whether our hearts are right with God when we feel “led” to lead. This also goes to show that becoming a spiritual leader, a set man, is placing yourself in a position of humility. Jesus, the Servant King, is the set man we all look to as Christians. Therefore, we must follow his humble teachings if we, too, are to become spiritual leaders. As PC was talking about obeying not only our pastors but also our CG/small group leaders, I was reminded of this following verse…
    “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.” (Hebrews 13:17)
    From both perspectives of the disciple and the discipler, this verse is so relevant. As disciples we are to obey our leaders and submit to them for we are being held accountable. And as disciplers, we are responsible for keeping watch over the souls of our disciples, for we are to give an account for them. That also means leaders are responsible for their actions, too, because they are the ones who set the example for their followers. Bottom line: being a spiritual leader is a commitment not to be taken lightly..

  174. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    A set man is anointed publicly. In the Bible set man were all anointed publicly. Nothing was done secretly. People knew about it. If you want to enjoy the blessings, you have to submit to the set man and to the authority set by God. Set man is also visionary, steers the vision, and leads people out of foolishness and into God’s goodness. All these were good explanation of who set man is and what the role is.

    It is important for people of God to have a set man because we need a shepherd. Without a proper shepherd we will be used and abused by thieves and liars. There is no guidance and no way to understand the covenant of the Lord. A set man is not volunteered but chosen by God. God gives them spiritual authority. My responsibility as a part of body of Christ is to submit to this authority. I am so thankful that there are leaders and pastors at NP who have reached spiritual maturity and to whom I can go ask for guidance and understanding of the covenant.

  175. Chadol Lee says:

    What I got from this message was that some people in leadership in their church are not Christian. The only solution is the people who are anointed to lead rise up and demonstrate leadership. Jesus was the greatest example of being a set man. Our leaders have been set to lead in order to exercise authority by being under authority.

  176. God sets certain leaders apart, ordaining and establishing them publicly, to shepherd his people. Without a leader, who is both gifted and anointed (very important!), we are sheep without a shepherd, easily choked by the false witness of deceitful teachers. I willingly submit to the leaders God has set over me – both PC as the head of this house, and my CG leader as the one directly overseeing me. It is a joy to honour and submit to them, and to follow their shepherding, knowing that this is ultimately submission to God.

  177. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    Christians (or maybe it’s just me) too easily gloss over and/or deemphasize practices and truths found in the Old Testament. Somehow it sneaks into our minds that the Gospel and the New Covenant somehow renders the OT as less important or not as worthwhile to study. I’m am glad that PC has chosen to highlight the importance of God’s public anointing of spiritual leaders as was established in the OT, continued into the NT, and continues (or should) in the contemporary Church. It is important for God’s set men and women to lead with God’s given authority and for the laity to respect and be discipled by these leaders

  178. Dean Legomina says:

    Basically the main point behind the sermon was that the leader of the church should be appointed by God. And if he is, then regardless of his shorcomings God will bless people through him and people on the other hand should accept him as the one chosen by God to lead.
    Comission of God’s leaders always happens publicly. Example of Joshua is presented as he was appointed by Moses publicly. The set man should not be resistant to authorities and accountability himself. The set man stewarts the vision of the movement and protects the “sheeps” from false doctrines.

    Disagree that curses of the OT are still working on Christians. Gal 3:13 “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law…”

  179. Hannah Lee says:

    As I was listening to this message from PC, I started to look back my own church experiences and think about why a “set man” is chosen and ordained to lead the sheep. A few times, I was chosen to lead something because of the lack of people or whatnot in the church. But I remember feeling so helpless and clueless on what I was to do to lead others. I wouldn’t say I drifted away from God during those times, but I would say I was not mature or ready whatsoever to lead them. Without the proper authoritative and God appointed leader over myself and others, those people were scattering and not maturing. Like what NP teaches in their core values, anointing flows from the top down. When PC explained about why those leaders need to be commissioned in public from other established leaders, I realized that it shouldn’t just be an decision made rationally or from the lack of something.

  180. The set
    should rise up and take their place. This message reminded me of the importance of having a leader. Nowadays there are so many lost sheep. And being a lost sheep makes it so much easier for us to get lost in ungodly things. Sheep belong in a herd and sheep need a shepherd. So if we do not look up to and accept the pastors and leaders that God has set in our community, we will end up seeking for an “evil pastor” or a leader who wasn’t risen by the Lord. The leadership we should look up to is of set men and acknowledging submission to them will help us grow as Christians, finding our identity in Christ, and becoming more like Him.

  181. Emily Lee says:

    This reminded me of a sermon that I listened long time ago. In that sermon, the pastor told us that we should be victorious from the places we were sitting. I think he meant that we should submit to the very place where God has put us to be trained and serve and I think being under spiritual authority is definitely one of them. Also I was able to understand why God chooses a set man to lead certain group and what a set man should do in order to live out his callings as following His order will further mature us into more christ like person.

  182. Jayden Choi says:

    I totally agree with that sentence : a set man is a good shepherd but a good shepherd is not necessarily a set man. You need to suspect set man who not be chosen publicly.
    Good shepherd can be a good leader “physically and technically”. But in terms of spirit issue, if the leader dosen’t stand in the authority that was given by God, you is likely to be led in the wrong way.
    After this sermon, what is remaining in my mind is ‘holy burden’ as being a set leader. Because around us even in the church there is so many sheeps lost their way. NP is no exception as well. They need to be lead to the right way. And it’s only possible through “set man” who is appointed by God.

  183. Nahee Kim says:

    This sermon was an eye-opener to me because I thought about what the church would be like if the leaders were not appointed publicly and not set by God. That would place the people of the church in a very dangerous position, being led in the wrong direction, and this is potentially a very scary thought.

    Just as God publicly appointed Jesus during his baptism in the Jordan River, the set man and the leaders of the church must also be done publicly in the presence of the congregation and by another established leader.
    The set man of the house is someone who stewards the vision and shepherds the sheep to fulfil that vision, he is someone who is loving and teaches the truth to set people free.
    Above all, God appoints the set man so that his people may not be sheep without a shepherd. PC, as the set man of our church, explained his own experience with him being under Pastor Benjamin’s authority. This was a clear example of how the set man has authority because he too is under authority. Although Jesus was sent down to the Earth as the set man, he is still under the authority of God.

    I was reminded again of the importance of constantly submitting to my pastors and the leaders who God has placed specifically in my life.

  184. Michael Chan says:

    This is a great sermon for NRTC. A bunch of leaders will not be able to lead effectively if there is no set person to follow. We need to be able to submit and follow the set man of our church in order to keep order. If this was not the case, there would be chaos and lot of division within the church. We are essentially like the disciples who followed Jesus, whom Jesus gave authority to bless the church. The set man of the church is appointed by God to steer and lead the sheep to fulfil the vision of God. It is a great sermon to learn from and I am grateful that New Philly is being led by PC and PE who are also being sheperded by Pastor Benjamin. It is a safe environment for us to grow spiritually as Christians.

  185. Janice So says:

    In this sermon, PC explains how God sets a man over a movement and how there needs to be that calling upon the person. PC references the passage from Numbers 27 when God appoints the new set man, in which Moses invests some of his authority. God always appoints set men in public, as in Numbers 27, and even the anointing of David before his brothers. When it is not public, this is where you go into dangerous territory of cults etc.
    Jesus demonstrates how to be a perfect set-man, and even Jesus was under authority for a season – as per the words of the centurion. PC and PE shepherd New Philly, set in authority by God, and preach, rebuke and deliver – just as Jesus demonstrates.
    I am grateful that God has given PC and PE the vision for New Philly and pass down a godly way of life and inheritance – and that they also themselves are under the covering of Pastor Benjamin and Pastor Sunhee. I also recognise that PC and PE appoint leaders and give them delegated authority to shepherd the flock. I am pleased take the heart of submission to submit under spiritual authority, knowing there is an appointed time to steward more authority.

  186. Jasmine Renee Womack says:

    This message set the foundational truth that God is in complete, absolute control over everything at all times deeper into my soul. Taking NRTC is further revealing to me how absolutely serious it is for a leader to be called and prepared by God, and that when that chosen “set man” or leader is ready to be appointed to that position, it needs to be a public declaration. Our God is not a sneaky or secretive God; He will make this known and plain to everyone. By us also being open with this process, we are showing integrity, discernment, and that we want to honor God and His church. This is an act of submission to God’s will. The part of the message that stood out the most to me and got me to think was why Jesus made sure the disciples were watching when he did certain acts of worship towards God in ways of praying, teaching, etc. I was actually reading Mark 14 as part of my reading plan earlier this afternoon before watching this and for some reason being confused when Jesus brought some of the disciples with him to keep watch and pray and why he was so annoyed that they kept falling asleep. After this sermon, I think I understand why Jesus wanted them to be near and watch. As leaders, we should model what a leader under God should look like, so that our successors will also act as leaders devoted to God’s plan. We are to prepare the new set men so that they know what this should look like. I really enjoyed this sermon and it’s really refreshing to see someone telling it how it is and not sugar coating the truth to spare feelings. It’s so important to not try to overstep God’s authority or even the people that we are subordinate to as sons within the church. We will get the necessary amount of authority when God’s timing permits. Thanks so much, PC, for the powerful message~!

  187. Benjamin Wong says:

    A Set Man in the body of Christ is an appoint man who is a shepherd to the flock, so that the people of God will not be like sheep without a shepherd.

    Jesus is the perfect example of a Set Man, He was gift, publicly appointed, and mature in nature. He stewarded authority, the vision of the movement and brought the promises of God to the people of God. Jesus as a set man fulfils both the covenant promise of Abraham and the covenant of the Law of Moses.

    Even though Jesus is the perfect Set Man, he was also a man set under authority, and so through Jesus’s example we too much learn to be set under authority. A Set Man has the responsibility to steward authority and to be under authority.

    A Set Man is a good shepherd, but a good shepherd may not necessary be a good Set Man, there are certain characteristics of a Set Man, a Set Man must be gifted, publicly appointed by established leaders, and to be of a mature nature. A Set Man must also have the patience to wait until their annointed time before they take their place in authority.

    A Set Man is so important to the movement and the church, and we must remind ourselves that not all are meant to be Set Men, we must understand our identities and roles within the body of Christ, submitting to spiritual authority of the Set Man of the house, knowing that our roles are gifted and annointed from above, and not from our own desires and ambitions.

  188. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    I do agree with P. Christian when he mentions that leaders are God sent. Unlike Joseph Smith, who is a a leader and founder of Mormonism, God’s way is for the commission to be done in public.
    Set men are appointed publicly and they work in submission to authority. Just as Joshua who led the Israelites after Moses. Without a set men, the church would be like a sheep without a shepherd.
    We need to trust God that He has appointed these set men in our church (leaders/CG leaders/campus pastors) and let them shepherd over your life.

  189. You Sup (Joseph) Park says:

    Being a set man is to be humble, not just to God, but to leadership which God has placed the set man under. Without humbleness, how can anyone carry out God’s work?

    • You Sup Joseph Park says:

      In this sermon, PC specifically preaches about how in the Bible, God always appoints a set man to lead a movement. Additionally, he discusses how the set man is to respond when God appoints him or her into that position. I whole heartedly agree that it is important for a person to be called to lead a movement by God, and also is to be humble even in position of authority to truely follow God’s will. Main point which I can take away from this sermon was the importance of humility in God’s eyes for me to be used to further the kingdom works, whether or not I am appointed to be a set man or not.

  190. SooJi Suzy Kim says:

    A set man is a good shepherd who goes out before the community with a vision given by God. He comes in before them, and learns to love, heal, and build intimate relationship with the people. He leads them out from slavery, false doctrine, and foolishness. I also believe the “leading out” metaphor can also be applied to the set man developing the character and faith of the community, and training mighty warriors before they go out and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). The set man also brings the community in, into intimacy, promises, favor of God, and to His inheritance – Moses, David, Joshua, and Abraham were all set men. However, the most exemplary set man is Jesus, who fulfills the covenant of the promise and of the law.
    The most important point of the sermon is that a set man (1) is called by God and given tools to be a good set man, (2) is anointed publicly, and (3) is a man of authority under authority. Even the most exemplary set man, Jesus, was under authority of the father. The sermon reaffirmed my realization that being in sonship and under authority is quintessential to avoid straying toward self-righteousness and foolishness. Being under authority reminds us that we are all under God’s authority and humbles us, and when we humble ourselves, God will exalt us (Matthew 23:12) and make us fit to be strong leaders for his sheep.

  191. Megan Chow says:

    A set man is always anointed publicly by God. When PC stated that as one of the requirements and illustrated the cult examples of people who had claimed to encounter God privately, it was even clearer, especially with all the Biblical examples. Even when secrecy was required to be safe, all those anointed by God were anointed publicly, in the presence of other people.

    A set man is a man set in a place of authority under authority. Without a set man, we are like sheep without a shepherd, because the set man functions as the good shepherd. As PC said, the set man being in authority does not mean that the set man is not also in submission to God. The timing is also really important, and I love that PC highlighted that. The set man must also be grown and growing in God.

    The importance of a set man was revealed to me through this message. I’d never realized before that people like Jesus, David and Abraham were also all set men, and the fact that the centurion recognized Jesus as a set man was really amazing. God has the most amazing plans.

  192. Ah Sung Yang says:

    The sermon highlighted that when God sets the next leader, it is always public, and if it’s not done public, it is not from the Lord. Even commissioning of Jesus was done public. To receive benefits and blessing of the covenant, we need to obey to the new leader appointed by God. The sermon also mentioned about roles of a set man; a set man goes out before his people and steward the vision of the movement, goes in before them and govern the affairs of the community, leads people out from false doctrine, idolatry or foolishness and lastly brings them into God’s joy, presence, intimacy and promises. A community without a set man is same as the one without a shepherd, and it is easy for people to follow follies and lack of understanding of laws of covenant and blessings/benefits from it. It is important to know that being a set man is not a job, but it’s calling and has to be chosen and anointed by God. Also, God gives part of God’s authority to each of his set men so that they can work together. A set man must be not only gifted but also mature enough to know how to submit to the authority.

  193. This message was pivotal in extending my newfound understanding of sonship. A “set man” is a good shepherd who not only cares for his sheep through casting visions and setting the path straight, but also submits to higher authority himself. I think the point of a set man is to unify His people under the same greater vision, which is why even today, there are so many “scattered Christians.” When Jesus poured out His authority, He poured it out onto all the Apostles and distributed it according to His grace and will. As PC mentioned, when Jesus gives us portions, it’s because He wants us to work together as the body of Christ and find the “missing pieces.” However, today, we see leaders who have received different giftings, but carry out their authority prematurely, OR leaders who carry out authority without the gifting. This creates division between theologies, denominations, and just local bodies of churches. This is why so many Christians are scattered, many falling under false teaching. We need more set men to rise up today who are mature, gifted, and know how to submit to higher authority. These are the type of set men who will bring true unity to the church!

  194. I think the most interesting thing from this sermon was the question “Why are there so many denominations?” I grew up in a small town of 700 people, and we had 5 churches. To this day I cannot figure out the difference between three of them. I liked Pastor Christian’s approach to the idea that God appoints people throughout history to call his Church back from the wilderness. I think scripture is very clear that certain people have always been given this role. I am a little confused on the difference between a set man and somebody who is called to ministry. Is Pastor Christian saying all pastors who are shepherding their churches well are showing evidence or being set men? Or is it only a few people who the wider church would recognize as having a major impact on the church as a whole?

  195. Margaret Cuevas says:

    Out of all the sermons, this has been the easiest to understand. When God chooses a leader, He makes it public; showing to everyone that He has anointed that person for a reason. These “set men” can be compared to good shepherds because they lead the sheep well. They lead the sheep out of sin and foolishness, and into God’s promises and His goodness. Pastor Christian also teaches that some leaders in the church have actually been set there by the enemy (recounting when Jesus accused the Pharisees of being sons of the devil) in order to lead sheep astray. But he uses a parable to show that it is not our job to go on “witch-hunts”, because when you sift out the weeds, you might also throw out some of the wheat, too. What needs to happen is for the set men to rise up and take their place all around the world, uniting in one spirit, the Spirit of God.

  196. As I listened to this sermon, I felt what a blessing it is to be raised by a set man and to be part of a church being led by a set man. There are times when it feels difficult to submit or obey leaders in general because I have my own opinions and values. However, it is important to learn how to submit and follow a leader. It is also important to discern whether a church leader is under God’s authority as a set man. A set man should be appointed publicly with a gift from God and mature in action and thoughts.

  197. Gavin Yoon says:

    As pastor Christian pointed out there are so many people in pastoral positions who are not a set man of God and not even a christian. I have bad personal experience with them and their sons. It makes me mad and only feels right to root them out because how can a person with no moral run a church and lead all these people!
    On the other hand, I’m just really grateful and blessed that I’m not a spiritual orphan and I can learn, grow, cut away and mature under a church led by many set men of God.

  198. sooky park says:

    Numbers 27:15-20.
    Verse 16 refers to a set man. Moses had been the set man and as Moses nears the end of his life he voices his concern. He knew it was the heart of God that that vacancy of his role be filled. God said take Joshua and make him the set man.
    “Some” of the authority is important. The commission of the leader was public not private. If some person does not make public their leadership of a church plant, it is not from God. Cult leaders say they had private commissions from God.
    David’s appointment was the exception, because Samuel’s life had been in danger. But it was still public. It was done in the midst of david’s brothers.
    Even the commissioning of Jesus was done by John the Baptist publicly in the Jordan river. God made it even more public with His voice coming out of heaven.
    No matter how flawed or lifeless the appointer is, God uses people like Eli, established leaders, to raise up next leaders. If established leaders do not commission, you need to suspect the ‘next’ leader.
    PC did not start np his own way. God’s way was for pc to submit to the senior pastor’s leadership, and be approved by being faithful. and also to go to seminary. It is powerful when a new leader goes to established pastors and asks for a blessing. If they get that public recognition, that is a good sign that that pastor is doing something God appointed.
    But if that pastor is isolated, you need to be careful because it is not a safe place.
    Moses sets Joshua over Israel. Now Israel has to honor and submit to Joshuas leadership if they want the covenant promises and blessings (the benefits).
    Verse 17. The first point is that the set man goes out before them. He is a visionary, who stewards the vision of a movement.
    The second is the set man goes in before them. Covers and heals the sheep.
    Three is the set man leads the people out of false doctrine, idolatry, immorality, foolishness. PC and PE are the set man over the new philly movement. People are prone to wander, especially when youre just coming to faith. A lot of circumcision of the heart. CG leaders do it for us. We need to honor both our cg leaders and our campus pastors and PC and PE. They are there to lead us out of foolishness.
    Fourth is the set man brings the people of God in into His intimacy, joy, promises, goodness. God gives us favor and grace. Just because of who we are in Christ. These are four functions of the set man. So the people of God will not be a sheep without a shepherd.
    The strong set man is a good shepherd. Not having a set man makes things so that people are like sheep without a shepherd.
    If we are not established in a spirit of sonship to PC and PE, we will be like sheep without a shepherd.
    The phrase sheep without a shepherd is mentioned in several other places in the Bible. Israel is described as scattered like sheep without a shepherd. The people have no way to go out of foolishness and heresy and folly. They have no way to understand the covenant of the Lord and are ignorant of the blessings. It is also mentioned in Matt 9:36. Jesus had compassion on the crowds because they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. In matthew 13:24-30, Jesus speaks of the parable of the weeds. The devil had placed his leaders among God’s people and they had risen up to places of authority. The people were scattered. John 8:42-47 shows Jesus saying the spiritual leaders of the time are sons of the devil. The reason people were scattered like sheep without a shepherd was because there was no set man. But Jesus came that we may have life abundantly. He came to show the world what the set man looks like. The Pharisees (many of them) were not God’s chosen leaders. Jesus said they were of the devil. They were not God’s set men. Unfortunately it is not different today. A lot of people take jobs and then they wonder why they don’t see fruit. Some of them have no business in ministry because they were not called. God does not provide them with fruit. Ministry is a sacred calling not everyone can volunteer for. You have to be chosen. Even the set man does not have a say. You just respond. Its no different today. So many Christians are scattered. The answer is not to go witch hunting for all the sons of the devil. There are straight up sons of the devil that are in positions of pastoral leadership. They are not even Christians.
    When you have sheep without a shepherd you have set men not rising up to take their place, or sons of the devil rising up to take the place.
    The solution is not to go witch hunting because Jesus said do not root them out. The solution is the true set men have to rise up and set their place. Jesus embodied that solution. He started a new movement. He raised up 12 men to demonstrate leadership Jesus wanted them to embody and demonstrated in His own ministry. They received it as inheritance and carried the same richness. Jesus demonstrates what it is to be a set man and a good shepherd.
    Teaching and preaching is central to the duties of a set man. Joshua had been told to meditate on God’s teachings. He had to pass down to the people the teachings. Healing the physically sick. All set men bind the brokenhearted, cast out demons, and demonstrate a lifestyle of devotion to God. Jesus went out early to pray. Jesus modeled for His disciples a life of devotion to God.
    Moses invested some of his authority to Joshua. Moses is a type of Christ. When Christ ascended to heaven, He distributed his authority among the apostles. In order for them to see the full authority, they needed to work TOGETHER. We are the body of Christ.
    Luke 7:6-10 says “I too am a man set under authority”. The centurion recognizes authority. Jesus commends the man. A non-jew knew Jesus was a set man, without knowing much of the Mosaic law.
    The set man of the covenant promise was Abraham. The promise was the he will be a blessing to all the nations of the earth. The geological blessing is also being fulfilled and fought against at the same time. Satan is using people to keep up anti-Semitic rhetoric.
    The set man of the covenant of the law is Moses. The set man of the new covenant fulfills the covenant promise and the covenant of the law, Jesus. In Christ we can reap all the blessings of the covenant promise and the blessings of the covenant of the law. It applies to us today not only to the Israelites.
    Mildew is mentioned as effects of the curse. Idolatry, occultism, witchcraft—your physical body starts to deteriorate, you get tormented by demons. All because the blessings and curses of the covenant of the law is still in effect. Jesus let us have salvation.
    Jesus is recognized by the centurion as a man who exercises authority because He is set under authority.
    WE have too many pastors in the body of Christ who are not set under authority. They avoid authority. In the charismatic movement there are young people who want to use their gifting and anointing but who refuse to submit to a man of God. It’s like a policeman who just came into an academy who wants a gun but refuses to submit to his chief/trainers. It’s like a Blackhawk newbie refusing to listen to his trainers but wanting to fly the real thing, who does not follow safety procedures. Nobody would want to get in the helicopter with him. If a pastor shows that kind of attitude, you would not want to join his church. It might take off but will not stay in the air. it’s like a teenager that wants a Lamborghini but refuses to submit to speed limits. These pastors are dangerous. Even Jesus was a man under authority. If God made His only Son be under institutional authority, pastors should also. We need pastors in our local churches to rise up and set men to give leadership over movements with global or regional impact. The set man passes down the teachings. The set man is also to impart anointing power, authority, rebuke, discipline, a godly way of life that builds character. No set man is immune from being under authority himself. David knew he was supposed to be the next king as a teenager, and he submitted to Sauls leadership even when his life was in danger…until the day Saul died.
    PC believes that he is stewarding authority but it needs to be in the appointed time. That was why God put him under Pastor Benjamin and (at the time?) Pastor Hwang and under the leadership of his seminary professors.
    When you come in covenant with a set man, another term is a spiritual father, or a mightily gifted appointed man of God. That set man God has ordained to give you rich inheritance. A set man must be gifted. Cannot be just through getting a degree/ordination. Set man must be mature. When mature men disagree with each other, they don’t stop talking to each other. But there are too many divisions in the body of Christ because ungifted men take set man positions of leadership. Or we have gifted men who lack maturity to work with others and take the position before their time. If the set men God is raising up at this hour be patient and come into authority at their appointed time, there will be great unity in these last days. Ungifted men should think of themselves with sober judgment, not starting movements. Ambition can only take one so far. The anointing has got to be there. PC sees vision of great unity of local churches where set men take their authority. PC and PE, PB and PS are part of this. There are many amazing men meeting in these times. Not agreeing is no reason to divide and starting new denominations. We need to love and work with each other. We need spiritual fathers to rise up and take their place.
    A set man is a person you can come into Christ’s covenant with. He came to demonstrate what a true set man is like.
    Thank you God for not leaving us with just a Bible and leaving us on our own western educated minds and wisdom. Thank you for giving us Your Holy Spirit and set men, gifted men, who will give an inheritance to God’s people. Who will give them a sense of identity to a local family. Lord appoint set men as in the days of old. We no longer want wannabes or sons of the devil to take positions. Let davids and joshuas and peters and pauls rise up and take their place. Let them be patient in the place of submission. Let them teach sound doctrine. Let them teach a life of devotion.

    (sorry this is so long!!!will try to summarize more!!)

  199. Sally Lee says:

    This sermon explains what it takes for a good shepherd to become a Set Man.
    An important point was that a Set Man is appointed publicly, and PC mentions the baptizing of Jesus as one of the examples as a figure that was appointed publicly as a Set Man. I have never thought of the idea ‘being publicly appointed’ as being an important aspect when it comes to the commissioning of the new leader. However as Pastor Christian gives examples of the non-publicly appointed leaders such as Joseph Smith, it became clear that “if it’s not public, it’s not God”.

    Jesus was sent to Israel to lead the people of God as the good shepherd. When he arrived, people were scattered like sheep without a shepherd, and this is what we see in ourselves, and in the church when we do not have a Set Men in our lives. Without the good shepherd, we are ignorant to blessings, and we are lost. When I came to Korea, I had the belief that I was able to do anything without the guidance of a leader, without going to a church, and without being present in church services, because I had a relationship with God and having a Set Man in my life was not necessary. The life I had before joining New Philly was empty. I would convince myself that I had everything together, but it was actually falling apart and I felt empty, and lost. Once I came to New Philly, the set mindset I had was constantly questioned, and this sermon really gave me an answer on the importance of having a Set Man.

    Pastor Christian refers to Numbers 27:17, where Moses lays out a list of what a ‘Set Man’ does.
    1. Set man goes out before them (visionary)
    2. Set man goes in before them
    3. Set man leads the people out of false doctrine, idolatry immorality, and foolishness
    4. Set man brings people of God into God’s goodness, intimacy, and promises

    Though not all shepherds successfully carry out the works of a Set Man as listed above, however we need to trust God with his publicly appointed Set Man and the leaders in our church, and be willing to follow.
    I am beyond grateful to be lead by a great Set Men and all the leaders in New Philly.

  200. Mirabelle Knowles says:

    I saw some people used the word sobering in their smart comments and I think that word describes this message well. It was a less of joyful release from lies (like the other sermons) and, instead, brought me into a feeling of serious reflection. I think the whole series of teachings has reminded me how serious leadership is, and how roles within the church are not to be taken on lightly.

    Being raised in the church I think things could seem so mundane and ordinary that I forgot we are the body of Christ, His hands and feet on this earth, the hope of mankind – this is serious stuff!

    Being aware that God appoints and annoints His leaders specifically is essential for anyone seeking to take up leadership in the church – to ensure that we are seeking His intention for us and not just our own ambitions and vanity.

    The parable about the weeds and the wheat was really really helpful too. I think my life has been a LOT of seeing weeds in the church and disregarding the wheat, but ever since I came to New Philly in September the culture of “look for the gold” has been seeping into my DNA. Saints who are supporting and embracing God’s work in spite of the sin and the human folly mixed in with it, are something that is essential for the health and growth of our church.

    The solution to incorrect leaders being to foster correct leadership which can rise up and take its intended place – this principle extends to other areas of church too. Instead of cutting down the bad we should be primarily be nurturing God’s plans and good works and seeing them naturally fall into place. This is an important change in perspective for me.

  201. Through the message, true light is shed upon God’s provision and expectations towards mankind in terms of how we should perceive leaders on earth. Putting it simply, Pastor Christian brings emphasis to the importance of one’s submissive behavior to God given authorities on earth (i.e. David, Joseph, Moses, and etc.). We can derive not just the importance of men being submissive to such authority but the critical aspect of it in keeping one’s mind aligned with the vision set by God to His people that is perfected in our willingness to submit ourselves and obey God’s commands.

    Blessed and evil “church” bodies can be identified by how entity head leader’s would subject themselves to an authority. “Joseph Smith (i.e. mormons) and Reverend Moon (i.e. Moonies), are few examples brought in the message that represents cults/religious beliefs that set leaders under no authority (if not claiming themselves as the Messiah) and so they fail in making themselves accountable to a God given authority on earth, thus becoming evil and dangerous to its followers as a leader without control (i.e. A sheep without a shepherd). Pastor Christian brings us an easy way to identify a God’s “set man” on earth by seeing that the ‘set man’ will always be appointed as a ‘set man’ publicly (e.g. Over the congregation – Numbers 27:16) and most definitely not hidden.

    The submissive/obedience attitude strongly correlates with one’s success in fulfilling and pleasing God, therefore we should wisely distinguish leaders not just by their fruits but on by how they did came up to such authority. More over, we also need to apply it to ourselves as to understand the step-by-step process that needs to be taken for us to develop our leadership, and to be seeking higher functional roles.

  202. This message has taught me the importance of the set man and our submission to them. Like the economical/functional identities God anoints some of his people with, I think the set man also are the chosen leaders in the body of Christ, to lead, as PC preached, like Moses, Joshua and David.

    As PC mentioned many examples in his message, when the set man of a church is not mature enough or chosen/gifted/anointed, there can be complications and these complications can be devastating for those in the church. I think it is that much more important that when someone declares that they are a set man, the church, the body of Christ, must come all into agreement and it should be public, like Mose’s inheritance for Joshua. He only gave him a portion so that he would find the rest in the people of the church, the body of Christ.

  203. James Kang says:

    I have had the privilege of growing up under parents who explicitly upheld this doctrine as a top priority in their faith. They always honoured pastors and spiritual leaders that had authority over them saying that they are ‘set men’ by God who we are to honour and for God to judge in the end times.

    I truly feel blessed to be part of a church that recognises and honours its spiritual fathers and leaders. Not only this, I am truly thankful that New Philly’s spiritual leaders are also under authority. Knowing this, I am fully convinced that I can submit to their authority.

    In my spiritual walk there have been far too many seasons where I had walked as a sheep without a shepherd. I pray that that season is now over as I submit to the authorities set by God before me.

  204. Sam Johnson says:

    The set man, or appointed man, is the leader called by God and appointed with God’s authority to lead God’s people. In this role they are visionaries for God’s people and leads them as they come and go. The set man brings God’s people into a closer relationship with God and provides protection and covering. When the set man is missing, God’s people are like sheep without a Sheppard. When God calls the set man the answer is to respond, they don’t have a vote in the decision. There were many leaders in the church that were rising to power but were not giving the authority from God. These son’s of the devil are only addressed by raising up leaders with God’s authority. God’s authority in the set man must be under submission. Some can have all of the gifts but if they come into authority before they are mature and ready it will ruin them.

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