Shifting Into the Spirit

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Shifting Into the Spirit
Sunday, August 7, 2011
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Erin Lee
Passage: Romans 8:1-9
Duration: 00:49:40
Our mind, will, and emotions if left unchecked can get us into trouble. This is a message about how to rule your soul, and to bring all things under submission to the Spirit of God.


  1. David Chong (NP Sydney) says:

    This message was so GOOD. Just listening to it really allowed me shift into the spirit in the midst of a less than favourable situation. I think what was conveyed to me most was the clear distinction between mere willpower and self-help, which more often than not can fail, and, having access to the Spirit that dwells in us. In declaring truth over ourselves, and then relying not on our own strength, but proclaiming that God is THE good father, and that my identity lies in that of being his son, the lies of the enemy become exactly that, lies. It all starts with an act of worship which won’t always feel like the most natural or desirable thing to do when in a bad situation, but the same act of worship has the supernatural power to enable us to shift into the spirit and clothe ourselves with our true identity.

  2. Linda L says:

    Shifting into the spirit really spoke to me. It is important to live in the spirit and not the flesh. That means that emotions and circumstances do not dictate your mindset or your actions. You will continue to live according the who God is and the word of God. Living in the flesh is bondage. I definitely struggle with this one at times. God lacks nothing. Therefore, if I live in the spirit, I too lack nothing. Living in the flesh is living in bondage and in sin nature. The power of the mind is strong. Although I apply it to many areas of my life, one of them being fitness, I realize I need to also apply this to my daily life and when I experience circumstances that are less than ideal. Living in the flesh also leads to issues such as anxiety and depression. Shift your mind into the spirit is something important to always keep in mind. Change your mindset, and it will change everything.

  3. Henry Spice says:

    My mind is a battle ground against my Flesh and the Spirit. Setting my mind on the things of the Spirit and keeping it set makes me come alive with peace and joy. Believing a lie of deception isolates me from the community and keep me bitter, judgmental and frustrated which leads to death. Listening to this sermon once again reminds me to always set my mind in the Spirit and keep my identity locked down in Christ to experience true freedom. I posses everything in the Spirit. I lack nothing because God has truly given me everything. Yes!!!!

  4. This message was so powerful especially because it spoke right to the situation that I’ve been struggling with. Often times, I think of things that are not true and get frustrated because of the feelings that I create. But as pastor Erin said, I really need to speak the truth rather than the devil’s scheme. I had trouble understanding ‘how’ to shift into the spirit; however, in my understanding, it is to proclaim the truth over myself and stop being deceived by the lie. Still, it seems difficult to suddenly shift into the spirit when I am so depressed and angry at a situation or a person. I always think that everything will be fine if the circumstance or the person changes. I do realize that my heart will be set free if I focus on the truth (that I am a daughter of God and that I can access all the supernaturals in the heaven) but I still don’t fully understand how. I guess I will know it fully when I actually proclaim it and do it. It seems hard not to set my mind on the things that seem to happen in reality and rather, set my mind on things that are unseen. I pray for faith to do that!

  5. A powerful message. Changing your mind changes everything. Renewing your mind starts the whole process. Realizing who you are and what you actually have in Jesus. Wow powerful. Cause it’s power. Power in that’s one Name.

  6. Aram Lee says:

    As I was preparing myself for NRTC, I prayed to God that I would win the victory over the enemy’s lies that I lack so much in character and in spiritual maturity, so that I am going to be the only one who’s gonna be left out, it’s for everyone else, but not for me.
    But in this message Pastor Erin reminds us that God lacks nothing and He possesses everything which means when we are in the spirit, we possess everything! Amen!
    I break off the spirit of insecurity and isolation in Jesus’ name! “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27)”

  7. Mind is a powerful place. Then, what kind of mind especially an identity should be in the mind? Personally, I had a kind of wrong identity based on flesh. Sometimes, I was not able to manage myself and I just followed temporary pleasures; drinking, gossiping and so on. When I turned back to him and repented, he just graced me with shifting into the spirit. God’s word is so powerful. It is fully filled with the truth. No matter what I had done in the past and he just released me from a mindset of victims with pain. He never dismisses me because Jesus paid off all things with his precious blood. Isaiah 53 said us how Jesus took our sins on him and what he completed in the verse 8. In my new chapter of life, I yearn to boost up my life walking with God.

  8. This message was soooo good! Just listening to it just brightened up my mood! Through the spirit we possess everything! I loved how in this message Pastor Erin correctly defined the difference between living in the flesh and living in the spirit. She is right, Flesh sometimes seems so natural. Whenever we are at a bad spot in our life we are thinking in the flesh. I think we get so caught up in this it, is hard to allow ourselves the time to just stop. What we need to do is stop and think..”am I thinking in the flesh right now?” If your answer is yes..then you need to shift to the spirit. As Pastor Erin said, nothing that is flesh like can be even close to as wonderful as living in the spirit. In the Spirit we lack nothing. It is our life of peace. As long as we change how our mind thinks we can only live a life of glory and happiness.

  9. Paul JS Park says:

    I agree with Pastor Erin on how the mind affects our physical body and emotions. I can testify myself that the many times when I got sick, I had secretly wished in my mind that I would get sick. As Pastor Erin preached, God is lacking in nothing. Therefore, when we shift into the Spirit, our resources are limitless. I see that in whatever decision I face I have two options to choose from: I can believe in what my body tells me or I can believe in what the Spirit tells me. Two revelations this gives me. One, God has made all His goodness accessible to me. Hallelujah. I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me. Two, It is up to me to take hold of it. Even when God has made everything available for me, if I do not have the faith, if I do not make the decision to shift into the Spirit, I would not be able to enjoy the goodness He has prepared for me. It is a daily decision I need to make. Today, am I going to believe in God’s power or am I just going to be satisfied with just getting by?

  10. Chelsea Van Eck says:

    Wow, that sermon was on fire. So good! Before this, I had such a narrow view of what it meant to be living in the flesh. Pastor Erin really clarified my erroneous thinking when she describes the flesh as the realm in which sins operates. But living in the Spirit is living as a new creation that has access to everything God has, which is so amazing and powerful. I didn’t realize that there were certain things in my past life that I was holding on to or hadn’t fully let go of. I didn’t think they were sinful but I realize now that I was trying to hold on to things of the flesh and it was leaving me in bondage of the mind. So I’m declaring now that I am shifting in accordance with the Spirit and that Satan no longer has a hold on any part of my mind.

  11. This sermon is so so so timely! I am so blessed by Pastor Erin’s sermon about shifting into the spirit! Many times I fall into identifying myself as the “victim” and thinking of how inadequate I am in so many areas of my life, but it really resonated in me when Pastor Erin spoke truth about how thinking that you are inadequate is actually filling the Enemy. I feel convicted to continuously speak truth over myself–that I am no longer living in the flesh, but in the Spirit. Through the Spirit, I am not only free from my own sinful nature, but I am also being transformed and renewed, but I can walk that out by shifting my mind into the Spirit and boldly claiming that I lack nothing when I am in the Spirit.

  12. Sally Kim says:

    I remember in a recent sermon from Pastor Sky(?) that instead of saying “someone made me feel bad” or “someone made me feel annoyed” we need to admit and face that we are the ones who are feeling that way like “I felt bad when someone did this” and “I felt annoyed.” In this sermon too I realized that we are the ones who are controlling our emotions and thus those thoughts are keeping us in bondage with sins of our flesh.
    It really struck me when Pastor Erin said that when we are living in the Spirit, we lack nothing and that we are complete. Although I am really grateful for all the things that I have, I always wanted more and never felt complete deep down inside. I now realized that this greed, this bondage of wanting wordly things like good looks, good body, good grades, is because I am not living in the Spirit. I pray that I will shift into the Spirit!!

  13. Lydia Kim says:

    I LOVE this message. There are so many times where we get stuck in the flesh and allow our emotions to take authority over our situations and lives. I applied this teaching to my current sittuation where I was so close to falling into a mind set of lack and struggle in anticipation of a very stressful week ahead. Instead I shifted to a mindset of victory and faith to conquer my week with the grace and anointing given to me by God. As God lacks nothing, I also lack nothing!
    I’m particuarly holding onto the word about burn out not being an option when I am fully in the spirit. Being in the flesh is not my identity and as I continue to sow into the Melbourne CPT I declare that there will be no burn out and that in the Spirit, I lack nothing.

  14. Chloe Lee says:

    Wow.. just amazed and blessed by listening to this powerful message from Pastor Erin.
    Currently, I am in state of giving my mindset authority to own personal emotions and unsolved situations.
    About two weeks ago, my so called “Perfect” plan to Israel for this summer had been canceled! I thought trip to Israel was God’s finale plan for me before ending a year off from school. Yet I decided to give him thanks because whatever the situation it might be, God is always faithful and shouted “Dayenu” (which means ‘it would have been sufficient’ in Hebrew). However, the story got worst because at least I thought I was gonna to go to 2015 summer mission with New Phily. When I heard mission trips were not offered for upcoming summer, I was confused and lost. At first, I felt frustrated a little because God has promised me that my year off is going to be a blessing and I will be different when I return back to N.Y. I was like “God, I know u been to faithful to me, but I can’t see that last 3 reminder months of blessing that you bestow inside my heart, right now.” That same week, I was sick. Moreover, I couldn’t attend services and prayer nights. I couldn’t even concentrate on my prayer time with God. Man!! I felt burned out.
    My faith wavers often because of my emotions and circumstances that triggers me down. But, when Pastor Erin said, “You have to shift your mindset from flesh to Spirit” & “Give your mind’s authority to Spirit” empowered me to think positively and stand firm in faith that God’s favor is still on me no matter what!! Negative mindset has start to lift up. Now my spirit instantly know, I am shifting into the Holy Spirit. I can boldly declare over myself with rejoice that I lack nothing in Christ because I resurrected with Jesus. I am not deceived nor trapped, but freed and strengthen in Spirit. I am strong daughter and woman of God.

  15. Rebecca Ye says:

    This messaging was powerful, inspiring, and convicting. It really spoke into my life and made me really reflect on all the times I kept praying and praying, asking for peace and wisdom from God, when I wasn’t even shifting my mind to the things of the Spirit, but rather continuing to live in the flesh. Recently I’ve become more conscious of this… For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling down and my mindset was very negative. However, just attending New Philly and Emmaus, I began to realize that this negativity is starting to control me and I needed to stop. Like Erin said, so often I waited for opportunities and people to reaffirm things for me before I took the initiative to shift. But after one Emmaus night, I just laid it all before Christ and I have never felt such joy. Even when worse things happened to me the following days and weeks, I felt joy overflowing. Christ was enough, my identity is in Him, and I felt satisfied. I was really blessed by this sermon. I think often times we forget how powerful the mind really is and how Satan is constantly attacking it. We tend to believe we’re stronger than what we actually are. But when we are in Christ, we’re never burned out – we’re never lacking, and we always have strength. When I changed the way I thought, my emotions, and body followed. God is the ultimate authority and setting our mind on the things of the Spirit, we no longer give authority to deceit but we give authority to the Spirit.

  16. What a powerful message Pastor Erin – where do I even start.
    I was reminded of 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Growing up my parents always reminded me that when the enemy senses that you’re about to hit a deeper level of intimacy with God, it’ll start to attack you in any and every way possible. There have been so many times in my life where I’ve said, “starting this week I’m going going to do this / I’m going to stop doing that,” but like PE explained I was simply saying it without delving into the deeper questions of why I was saying it.

    In the industry I’m working in, on a daily basis I hear people say, “I want to lose weight for …” “I want to be skinner because…” “I want to put on weight because…” and don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with setting these kinds of goals, but a lot of the time I put people in an uncomfortable place, because I keep probing the question of WHY – ultimately trying to change their mindset of how they view themselves. Like PE said, how many times have we heard a friend say, “I’m going to start dieting on Monday” and proceed to see a picture they got tagged in with 2 super-sized double-cheesburger meals with an apple pie and vanilla milkshake at 10:30 on Monday morning. We have to shift into the spirit, because when we don’t we get caught tripping over the same thing over and over again.

  17. Michael Chan (NP Sydney) says:

    Shift into the Spirit! We possess everything in the Spirit because the Spirit never burns out. When we live our lives according to the flesh, we are agreeable with the devil. This has been so true when I think back about the times I’d been stuck in sin. Never being able to get back out of it because I was trying to fix it in the flesh. We can’t give authority to our emotions or our physical bodies. We need to give authority to God and the Holy Spirit for us to be victorious and win the spiritual battle. Totally agree with that we are putting our faith in things, but what are we putting our faith in? We need to put our faith in God and trust in him. We need to shift our minds into the Spirit and truth for us to break out of sin and our flesh! So good!!! It’s 2015, and indeed God’s word is everlasting, even from a sermon 4 years ago.

  18. It is so clear that we have to make a distinction between being in the flesh and in the spirit. Because honestly, sometimes I feel like I am making the right decisions and doing what I believe is the best thing to do BUT actually I am acting in the flesh without even realising! It sometimes just becomes a natural instinct to turn that certain direction. A piece of raw meat comes into my imagery when the world flesh is said. The word RAW comes to mind! And as Ps Erin rightfully put: flesh is ‘sin nature’ – it is your old self and sin of any kind.

    However we can choose to live in the spirit, and when we are in the spirit we possess everything. I love the example she gives here as we love to make excuses that we’re burned out so we must step down from this position or the fact that we need time out. BUT the church needs to REALISE that because God never burns out its impossible for us to burn out. That’s living in the flesh! The distinction between flesh and spirit is very, very clear! And it’s so true how our minds play an important role to us moving from flesh to spirit. For example, I have a habit of being a perfectionist when I learned to play the piano and I know that root ties me down. It’s not by actions to move away from the perfectionist spirit, but by using my mind on the situation to say: I DON’T NEED TO BE ALL PERFECT; GOD IS PLEASED THAT IM TRYING and to claim that upon my life. And soon after, my emotions will follow to know and understand that I don’t need to hit the notes perfectly, then as Ps Erin describes the process – our will and actions will naturally flow and follow soon after. Suddenly you come to the realisation and habit of not needing to be all perfectionist and YOU ARE HEALED from those things. Crazy!

    ‘SHIFT BECAUSE THAT’S A LIE.’ Mind blown.

  19. Josiah Evans says:

    Later in Romans 13:12 Paul says to cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of the light. This goes hand in hand with shifting our mind to the things of the spirit from the things of the flesh. Our mind is a powerful guide for our condition, and it is the thing which we should guard the most. This is why I think that Jesus commands us to not even call our brother a fool, or to look lustfully at a woman, or remain unreconciled with our brothers and sisters. These things all take place in the domain of the mind. It is from the mind that our actions will follow.

    If we attempt to modify our actions without renewing our mind, we set ourselves up for failure. It is like pointing a car toward a cliff and holding down both the accelerator and the brake. It is simply foolish. When we guard our mind it is like properly driving our cars. So the battle should be fought primarily in our mind. We should not give up our minds without a fight and simply try to hold back the actions that are sinful. That is like what the pharisees did and taught, and they were the most unwilling to accept God’s grace and recognize Jesus. Rather, if we take a stand in our mind first, then we will be able to not only avoid sin but grow in our new nature that has been given to us. We will be able to understand the things of the spirit and not dwell on the things of the flesh.

  20. Choy Jun Ai says:

    What a powerful sermon!!!
    The difference between thinking by spirit and flesh is noted clearly and it reminds me that it is never late to change my mind into the right one, which is also close to the God’s heart. I am so blessed by PE’s testimony as it helped me to form a picture of choosing the right way that leads us to eternal life. The flesh is weak but the spirit is not. We are living in this world yet we are not belonged to the world.

  21. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    I was really encouraged by this message. At work (charity fundraising) one of the things that is most evident is how much our thinking impacts the work that we do. Shifting into the Spirit, really is a choice. There is nothing separating us from God’s love…this includes His discipline, correction, provision, healing, deliverance, and his very presence. God really is the biggest part of the day. In fact it is He who holds our day. Only He could say in His word that today is the day of salvation. Every day that is “today” is purposed and impacted by and for salvation. I have much to learn, but I think that being transformed by the renewing of our minds, and the part that we have to play to exercise our ability to choose what we set our minds upon (i.e the truth of God’s Word) is a big part of this. I am looking forward to shifting into the Spirit more and more. We really are free. Yes, the truth really has set us free, upon knowing it(him). Free to shift into and walk in the Spirit. Movies often portray heroes or main characters who at some point walk against the grain. The word of God is the only eternal path and truth. It is so encouraging to be part of and learn to walk with people here at New Philly in the truth of God’s word. The kingdom God has is an eternal kingdom. Hallelujah!!

  22. ‘Shifting’ has been a part of New Philly lingo for a while now, but hearing PE’s words again were powerful. What we allow in our minds is what we give authority to–and from there our emotions, will, and behavior follow. Having a sound mind is therefore critical to stamping out doubts and distractions, propelling us forward in our spiritual lives as well as in the daily challenges of our lives. I was struck by the reminder that we are pressed for time in overcoming our battles: we can’t wait around for our circumstances or the people around us to change…we need to change. This means making the effort to constantly renew our minds, keeping ourselves aligned with the truth. PE’s vulnerability in sharing her testimony was really encouraging; seeing her victory motivates me to expect to see permanent transformation in areas of my thought life that have been stagnant.

  23. Human have 2 element, it’s flesh and spirit. This two elements is fighting each other. The center of these 2 elements is in the mind. When you feeding you spirit through reading your Bible, praying, fasting, etc than your spirit will stronger and will win over your flesh. But if you feeding your flesh with sins, earthly pleasure, not believing, etc than your flesh will win over your spirit. Mind is the center of the control on what we choose. As PE said it can control our emotion. That’s why the attack of the enemy these days is through mind because once they’re in your mind, they can control everything. How many of us have struggling with overthinking? We tend to think negatively about anything we do. Let me tell you that’s the enemies want to take over our mind and that’s lie. Another ways of the enemies to control our mind is through what we see and what we hear. They can attack us though everything that we see and hear on media. That’s why, i think nowadays we have to be critical about everything we see and we hear. We have to depend on the HS. Ask Him to guide us in every single aspect on our lives. That’s why we have to be shifting in to the spirit

  24. Victoria Pai says:

    The discussion on domestic abuse helped me connect what shifting in the spirit can do to social problems today. Many victims are controlled in their minds, so they cannot leave an abusive situation, even if they technically can physically. If Christians did this, I believe that there would be social change on a societal level.
    The most challenging thing to hear in this message is that as Christians, if we live according to the flesh, we are actually believing in the devil more than in Jesus. This is a very true statement, but hard to live out. But hearing this has caused me to look into the way I live my own daily life, especially in my thoughts, and I want to make changes to shift into the spirit.
    Something that really blessed me is when P Erin talked about possessing everything in the spirit, and being a lender instead of a borrower. For many years, I struggled with thinking that I am poor. In actuality, I am rich (from a kingdom perspective), but I was constantly worried about money. The Lord has been teaching me this year about how rich I am.
    Another connection to my life from this message is that sharing my testimony with close people is important. I should not believe the lie that people don’t care or don’t understand.
    This past year in Korea has taught me that my testimony and what I have to say can be a blessing to others, help others see something in their own lives that maybe they didn’t see before, or even be a prophetic word for others. I am doing a disservice to not speak.

    Finally, I liked that P Erin challenged the congregation to not wait to shift. Instead of waiting for change to happen to us, we should make the change happen.

  25. This sermon was timely for me, especially the discussion of sickness and being sick. Our minds do have a lot of power, and when we do focus our attention on the flesh things, that impacts us greatly. But, what Pastor Erin brought forth here is that the spirit is much more powerful and can be a greater force than our mind. When our mind is not focused, the natural world takes hold. Biology, chemistry, all the things related to our bodies take over.

    Just before Romans 8, Paul talks about the body and mind warring against the spirit. Romans 7:23-24 says “I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” What Pastor Erin talked about at the beginning is exactly what Paul talked about. Our mind controls the body, and is powerful. But our spirit is greater still, because the Spirit is God-breathed.

    This sermon was almost like a mirror of my own shift. Things that I have thought of before are slowly being dropped off, because my mind is no longer focused that direction. And with every level, every watermelon or canteloupe of sin and thought removed, more stuff comes to the forefront that I know it can be dealt with. The changes that are being made are big.

    This is the biggest thing to happen to a person before they become a leader: Their minds shift, their spirit shifts. And that is what’s happening with all of us. We’re shifting, and it’s starting to work. Praise the Lord, eh?

  26. Dani Ashcraft says:

    Coming into NRTC I can honestly say I was not – and am possibly still not – ready for the challenge of shifting into the spirit. I found and still find myself held back by the flesh and this was really a huge reminder of what shifting your mindset can do for you. I’ve always been a big believer that mindset can do crazy wonders for a person in terms of attitude and outcome. So I found this message highly encouraging to stick with this even when everything in “my world” seems to be so against me. I was really struck by what Pastor Erin said, something like, if you say you are inadequate you are saying more about the devil than you are about God, and I really believe that to be true. So, just to repeat what really struck me, I was really refreshed about how changing just your mindset can change everything like a ripple effect, and also how important it is to shift out of the flesh and into the spirit, especially because when we are in the spirit we “possess everything.”

  27. Young Ko says:

    Circumstances follow mind so set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” – Colossians 3:2

    After listening to this message, I leared how to shift my mind through worship especially via singing praises. One of my favorite praise song – Beauty for Ashes always encourages me with these words: “Beauty for ashes… a garment of praise for my heaviness… beauty for ashes… take this heart of stone and make it Yours.”

    It was a good reminder to put faith in God since many times I tend to put faith in my abilities.

  28. Grace Ko says:

    This was a GOOD word. Thank you PE for this!
    Honestly, as someone who studied counseling, this concept of your thoughts/your mind affecting and influencing your will, your physiological body, your emotions is not a new one. There is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and there are terms such as “self-talk”. But listening to this sermon, and ESPECIALLY to the examples PE gave, I had not realized just how much my mind affects me in my identity, my relationships and my circumstances. I am thankful that NP is a community where we cancel those thoughts that creep into our minds and begin to wreak havoc. But I am also thankful for PE’s word and how we don’t need to rely on others to help us shift into the spirit. We can shift right now.

  29. Kate Jihae Park says:

    I loved this message by P.Erin! It really hit close to home this time for me because of the season that I was in this past winter. I’m naturally very optimistic and bounce back easily from hardships and struggles. Even if someone tries to attack me (both knowingly and unknowingly) with words or actions, I can dust it off, no problem. But this past winter was probably one of the most challenging periods of my life, and it was because my mind and my emotions were not in the spirit. I was so indulged in the thoughts of the flesh, it brought me into depression, where I did nothing but sleep. I did not want to take a step outside of my bed. Thank God that my mother was there to speak words of truth one morning of who I was and how God sees me, and it’s not what I was seeing in the flesh. It helped me snap out of my flesh and shift into the spirit, and almost instantly, the spirit of depression lifted off of me. When I think about that time, it’s quite shocking to me because I never thought I could reach an emotional low like that. Especially more so because I remember when I attended the church wide retreat last year at NP, I was so blessed and so filled with the spirit that I thought I would never really shift out of the spirit ever again! But now I realize that I have to shift into the spirit every day when I wake up in the morning, any time there is an attack, I need to shift into the spirit. And we can find comfort knowing that when we are in the spirit, we are victorious! This message was so encouraging~~~

  30. Keith Yang says:

    I realized that my faith was more reactive than proactive. Instead of my faith being shaped by the promises of God, my faith would be more influenced by the circumstances I was in. I was aware of this issue, but I didn’t know the full extent of how crippling it was. Pastor Erin made it clear of the dangers of allowing my faith to become passive. I had a inclination of playing the victim because it was the easy thing to do. It didn’t need any effort.
    But this isn’t the mentality fitting of son belonging in the house of God. I have a responsibility of keeping my faith, being in the spirit. This sermon has shown me that in the court of my faith, I don’t belong on the bench.

  31. Shifting into the spirit is an act of recollecting our heavenly identities— that we are new creations— who live in the Spirit through Christ. Our minds need to shift from the flesh and the “problems” to the Spirit and the peace and love where hope and faith may arise.It’s so true that our mind needs to be renewed because the enemy continually crafts schemes to try and keep us focused on the wrong things. As Christians we must mature in the stewardship of our minds and learn to walk in the spirit with a clear conscience (pure motives of the heart). This word is a very import one!!

  32. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    We need to start shifting our minds to the spirt and not the flesh.

    I’ve had the hardest time trying to shift my mind in the spirit and not the flesh. I don’t why I let the enemy take control of mind and take away my joy so easily. To be honest, playing the victim was so easy and I never wanted to fully take responsibility. I found myself accusing God for not giving me certain things and then just shut Him out of my life. I ignored Him. But through this message by PE, I’ve realized this can only happen by me. No matter what my leaders say and do, if I don’t shift my own mind, nothing will change and there is no reason for me to play the victim.

    I love how PE was bold and she didn’t hesitate to tell us what we were doing wrong, and how she didn’t sugar coat her words while preaching. I know PE said all these thing because she really loves us, and she knew this is want we needed.

  33. Ellen Lee says:

    This sermon was not just relatable to my situation but I believe God was speaking to me through PE’s sermon on shifting into the spirit. The message convicted me and made me seriously aware of how I put one foot into the flesh and the other foot into the spirit. This mindset I have just shows the lack of trust I have towards God. God challenged me through this sermon and renewed this truth in me. Why should I have to set my mind in the flesh when in the spirit I “possess everything?” This statement stood out during the sermon because it means we lack nothing in the spirit. But there are times where I feel like I lack a lot of things and doubt the decisions I am making to follow God but when I think that way PE rebukes that thought by saying, “when you say your inadequate you have more faith in the devil…” PE also discussed Roman’s chapter 8 verse 5 “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit.” In other words, “whatever our mind decides to be true our emotions, body, and will will follow.” Our minds have so much power over who we are and if we shift our mind to the spirit we will never get burned out to serve, to worship, and to lead. At the end of the day, we still have that free will, a choice to live in the flesh or live in the spirit.

  34. Wow this was really great. I think it is sometimes hard to “shift into the spirit” because I think it is something that I have to do on my own, like through my own effort. And while the first step is renewing your mind, I know that the Spirit is offered by faith in our Lord Jesus. So I thoroughly felt the kind rebuke and encouragement to get my mind right. I really appreciated the way PE spoke so openly about feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness because it helped me relate with my own similar feelings. Right now I can apply this message to thoughts about how to take the next step-staying in Korea-going home-going back to school-etc. and it helps to be reminded to act from the Spirit by the renewing of my mind.

  35. It was a bit counter intuitive for me at first to think that “Shifting into the Spirit” starts with one’s mind. The mind is cerebral and in many ways so different from the spirit. It reminds me of how Koreans use the word maeum 마음 to mean mind and heart. Western thinking tells us those are two separate things. “True transformation starts with the renewing of your mind” and that true change happens from the inside out. So as we claim who we are in the Spirit, we are claiming God-given truths.

    This mind shift into the spirit reminds me of the paradigm shift from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits. The idea that how we think and view the world changes how we dwell in it. So shifting into the Spirit is about owning truths and living your life in alignment to those truths. How easily our flesh diverts with lies and twisted truths. But to re-align and shift into the Spirit is the small change in one’s mind that makes all the difference. This is great, because it frees us from self-pity, blame, and wallowing when we should be moving forward. Shifting into the Spirit really is about rising above circumstances. It is really about living in a kingdom mindset and reality.

    I also appreciate the empowering part of how we have access to truths within the Spirit. We don’t let our emotions get in the way, but we can connect with the bigger truth. In some ways shifting in the spirit is about HONORing yourself and what God has already placed in your life. Awareness of the spirit that is alive in you.

  36. This message spoke to me so much.
    Seriously, it’s all mental. Transformation starts with the mind. Changing the mind can change the circumstances. Lately, I’ve been losing grip on this truth, so this message was a Godsend. I gotta be on guard about what kinds of thoughts I entertain, because I know the power they have to either brighten or dampen my day.

    I used to live such an unhappy inner life because of my mind. I laughed till I cried all the time, but I always snapped back to the reality that my harmful mind created for me. “I’m not good enough. All my friends don’t really like me. The church doesn’t really care about me anyway, I should leave.” I victimized myself for a loooong time, but God delivered me from that old mindset, yes AMEN.

    The words we speak matter so much too.
    “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” – Ephesians 4:29

    Good vibes and good words only. I want to daily shift into the spirit!

  37. malimasinga says:

    This was such a good word, lately I have been forgetting I have been given the power to automatically shift into the Spirit. The decision on where to set my mind rests solely on me, I don’t have to wait for Friday Fire or even a Sunday sermon or even a word from my awesome leaders. I can set my mind on the fact that the same power that raised Christ from the dead, is indeed alive in ME and my body, my will has no choice but to follow. I had been giving so much authority to other voices instead of the Word of God that is the only authority worth listening to.

  38. Claire Ramsey says:

    What a powerful word!!!! Man I just need to declare right now that I have full access to the supernatural! To God! To resurrection power! As sons and daughters of the kingdom, we have a full inheritance of the Spirit and LACK NOTHING! Woo!

    I really have been learning more and more lately how much is transformed and rooted in our identity in Christ. I grew up in the church and was baptized when I was younger, but did not know what my identity was. I spent so many years futilely trying to do the right thing by changing my actions first; trying to satisfy my flesh first in order to feel “ready” to shift my spirit. It really hit home with me when she talked about feeling like she didn’t belong in the first row of the church. I always felt like I belonged in the back as well just because I didn’t think I was as spirit-filled as others.

    Also, lately, I feel I have been in a weird season with my worship. I am easily distracted, focusing too much on how I am worshipping compared to others, and trying to tell God what kind of experience I want to have instead of being lead by the Spirit. I thank God that I can declare truth in my spirit despite how I am feeling. I thank God that he will meet me in times of worship even when I come not feelin’ it! He is faithful!

    Thank you Lord for the power to shift in the Spirit that you give us because you dwell in us!

  39. Samuel Choi (NP SYD) says:

    Shifting into the Spirit was a powerful sermon full of great anointing and wisdom.
    The sermon helped me to realise that I have access to reform my thoughts and control my emotions and further shift the state of my flesh and soul into a place that is established in God’s truth.

    PE points out that the realignment of my thoughts can be done by my own choice.It does not necessary need the intervention of a leader or someone more experienced in their walk with God.The fact that I already have access to liberate my thoughts from burdens and heaviness by speaking the truth over myself is a very powerful tool that I can use when I don’t necessary ‘feel’ God’s presence. God always desire peace and joy in my life and I need to make a habit of speaking these words of truth to myself more often.

  40. Rebecca Kim says:

    Shifting to the spirit out of the FLESH. I have been baptised therefore what I am, the life that I live in the flesh is not who I am. This is not me! I have struggled with prioritising God first and finding the peace of God and all this time I have failed to realise that this will be impossible with me living wholly to please my flesh. I need to set my mind to the things of the spirit. I need to change my mind on a daily basis to change my emotions to allow a shift in my circumstances rather than letting my circumstances to dictate my mind. I will no longer give in to the lie.

  41. This sermon spoke to me in a powerful way and has confirmed many things God’s been telling me for a while now. It’s so easy to let feelings and thoughts take control, to let the flesh dictate our actions, but this will only lead to destruction. God loves us too much to let us stay victims, His will is to make us conquerors, if only we choose to “shift into the Spirit”, to take our eyes off our immediate problem or nuisance and look at Him, submitting fully to Him.

  42. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    This sermon totally blessed me through and through. Oftentimes I act out in the flesh and all my emotions to run the show. Sometimes I even have the will power to change my behavior, but what I really need to do is shift into the Spirit in order to get the fullness of life that God has called me to. An excellent sermon, I will probably send the link to one of friends back home.

  43. Crystal Smith says:

    Man I needed to hear this sermon! It feels like my whole life I have allowed myself to be controlled by emotions – and being led by your emotions has it’s perks – but man – when the rollercoster comes down it is not pretty! So many times I have thought about that verse- “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – knew it was truth – loved it – but DID NOT know how to practically apply it. This sermon really opened that up for me! And honestly – it is so nice to hear from a woman- Erin is a powerful preacher and is really relatable.

  44. Danielle Kang says:

    I am transformed by the renewing of my mind!
    I find that there are moments where I realise something is not right in my life or thought pattern and it’s one thing to identify, but a shift or change happens when I exercise control over my mind. Listening to this sermon really reminded me of physical exercise. The body (my body) can do so much and actually be stretched and pushed to its limits AND that limit is usually determined by the mind (I remember PC preaching on this not too long ago) and it’s soooo true. How much more would it be for the other areas of our lives, in relationships, circumstances and IN THE SPIRIT!
    I feel that after listening to this sermon God has allowed certain situations to occur in my life (in relationships and circumstances) so that I can apply these teachings to shift my mind in the Spirit. It’s hard initially because I don’t think I’m used to living this out, but I know the more I shift, the more natural it will become.

  45. I liked how Pastor Erin clearly identified the importance of the mind. She said that what the mind decides is true will affect our will, emotions, and even body.

    Romans 8:5 says that “to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” I was actually surprised that peace was mentioned. Everyday I look for peace of mind, without which I find myself running on an empty tank, or just slogging through on pure effort, without any joy.

    Listening to the sermon I did find myself struggling with various emotions based on insecurities, circumstances, future possibilitiies, just things of the flesh. I tried to shift in to the Spirit by focusing my mind on truths, namely encouragements that other believers have said to me, some verses I have kept in my mind.

    I feel that I can shift better when I keep ready and treasure the truths that God has spoken into my life through community, the word, and encounters. This sermon would go well with what Pastor Christian said in Seminar One about how mature sons will treasure everything given to them (hence his archives of prophecies, words, etc from 2005), while immature sons will need to be fed everything new each time because they do not hold on to that which is good.

    In order to shift into the Spirit, I feel I must already treasure that which has already been given to me.

  46. Ruth Lee says:

    This message was so powerful to me and I instantly related to everything that Pastor Erin mentioned about shifting into the spirit. I truly believe that the mind can control the emotions and the flesh. Whether it’s circumstances or physical illness, I let my flesh control my emotions instead of shifting into the spirit. I have a very negative mentality and let one bad thing ruin my entire week and neglect the great things God has given to me. I subconsciously declare so many negative things and see it manifesting into my life.

    I NEED to let the spirit shift in me and stop believing all the lies. I need to let the messages and lessons that all the NP pastors have preached, speak into my life. Instead of listening, I need to use the lessons I have learned and apply it into my life and thereafter, shift into the spirit. It so easy to forget these lessons when I am struggling; I need to remind myself that I am in the spirit.

  47. Ashley Choi says:

    Dang. If were talking real–I think everyone on earth struggles with this concept. Mind, flesh and spirit are something that people are pulled here and there. Our mind is more than powerful and for something like a single negative thought to hurt us in some way, whether it be self esteem, emotionally, or doubt in our faith, we need to be cautious od what we feed it. We have to be aware of what hurts us, keeps us stagnant and most importantly grow.

  48. Amanda Highsmith says:

    Oh my goodness, oh my soul…what a powerful message. This week I have struggled with the news that an uncle, who I’ve had an estranged relationship with, was on his death bed. I struggled because how could I forgive someone when they haven’t acknowledged they were wrong or apologized foe the pain they caused? A friend helped me shift in the spirit by showing me that forgiveness is not about the other person but about me and my relationship with God. Since the moment I decided to forgive my uncle, the burden and pain I have held onto for so many years has been lifted and has been replaced with peace. In fact, I called my uncle yesterday and apologized to him for the pain I have caused. I may not have received an apology back or recognition of wrong, but I did my part and made things right. Now when I think of my uncle, I remember the man I loved dearly as a child and am flooded with all the happy memories.

    Another thing God brought to my mind was how I got sick with bronchitis last weekend. I was so disappointed that I would miss NRTC and knew that Satan was using this sickness to keep me away. Although I did have to miss NRTC, God worked it out so I could still get the training. Each day I decided to push through the exhaustion to get caught up with work. By the grace of God and the shifting of my spirit, I got better little by little every day, way able to get TONS of work done and STILL found time to rest. And Praise the Lord I am healed!

    Another thing God brought to my mind while listening to this sermon was how burntout I have been feeling with teaching. Yes things can get overwhelmibg at times, but wvery time he has helped me find a way to get through and each time I come out stronger. I find its at the times when I start slacking in spending personal quality time with God that I slip into feelings of burn out and get overwhelmed. If only we remember to look up and shift our spirit at these moments, how quickly the outlook will change and the skies will clear. God is always in control and we must keep that control in his hands at all times. God knows best.

  49. Megan Holmes says:

    Sorry for any grammar errors- I had to type this quickly :/ PE is so powerful and really blessed me with her sermon! God cannot “run low” on the fruits of the Spirit or on energy/motivation to release them. PE talks about mans 8:1-9 and how if we live according to the Spirit, we CANNOT run “low” either and if we live according to the flesh, we will get burnt out. While I know this and usually think that I am living according to the Spirit, I need to look at my everyday momentary actions and emotions to check myself. Hmmm….there are indeed times when I feel myself burning out, being tempted to not discipline a student because I’ve “run out” of energy, or when I use a less than desirable tone while talking to my husband. Shifting ourselves to live according to the Spirit is something that needs to be done on a momentary basis!

    I love how PE related this to shifting our identities. If we know who we are in Christ and what we are capable of with His Spirit living inside of us, then that knowledge will affect everything we do. God really started to speak to me further about this by reminding me that this shift in identity needs to also happen in how we see others. We need to see them through His Spirit, His eyes, and His heart as who they ARE and not as who they act like. I need to see my husband, friends, co-workers, and students as who they are in Christ even when their actions and current relationship with the Father is not YET aligned with his Spirit and with their true identity. Again, God kept reminding throughout the sermon that while I might be strong in my knowledge and belief of all of this, I need to check myself to see if I am TREATING others according to their identities in Christ. Especially as a wife towards my husband!

  50. When I first heard of this concept three years ago it was a revelation that His truth can indeed set you free from lies and bondages. Yet I continue to struggle being in full submission to the truth and wound myself. In retrospect, those hopelessness, disappointment experienced were outcomes of neglecting the Bible, aligning with the truth, the weapon. We are meant to be powerful warriors whose fundamental principle is to rule over our body and our soul in order that we keep vigil for the daily spiritual warfare. Shifting in to the Spirit and discipline is key.

  51. Marius van Broekhuizen says:

    “I am just going to worship God, and my emotions will follow!”
    Shift into the spirit! We are a new self and we have access to this new identity. Our mindsets are very important – if I set my mind on this of the flesh it will bring DEATH. If I set my mind on the things of the spirit, it will bring LIFE! In this life, it is so easy to live out of what we see in our circumstances, but God’s word is a higher reality. Am I putting my faith in my circumstances or am I setting my faith in God? Defining my identity in terms of my bad habits, my sins and my struggles is so natural for us to do. Basing my mind and my identity in what God says over me as opposed to what my sins say is crucial to break out of old habits.
    When we believe that we are holy, conquerors, new creations, we become just that. In the spirit we lack nothing! I am reminded in this sermon how valuable it is to have people speak over us our true identity. Mentors help us to believe in what Jesus says and not in what satan says.
    There are so many words of truth that have been spoken to me, but I need to make my mind and emotions submit to those. The truth is that I am healed, loved, accepted. By believing these truths, we make it easy to receive love from God and from people. No matter what I have been to, what I have done, Jesus’ blood is stronger than those circumstances. Fullness of joy and rest is waiting in a life in the spirit where we rely on God’s truth as opposed to living by the flesh and our circumstances. Jesus paid it all, so that we don’t have to live like victims. I started giving thanks for 5 things a day earlier this week, and now I can see how needed that habit is to break out of the doldrums of depression.

  52. Macey Martinez says:

    Our words are powerful. We have the ability to speak life or death over a situation. (Proverbs 18:21). We have such strong authority when we use our words. When we pray and ask God to come, we use our words.
    When we don’t recognize our ability to shift a situation or how we view things by our words, we miss a huge ministry and growing opportunity.

    For example, when you tell someone they are beautiful, you are speaking life into them. They grow. But the exact same thing goes when you speak death over the presidents or a celebrity, you are speaking that over them. You are confining them into this expectation to fail.

    The exact same goes for speaking something over yourself. When you stand in the memory and degrade yourself, not only are you trashing Gods creation, you are also speaking that over yourself.

    So we, as sons and daughters, shouldn’t be complaining or “corrupt talk” any longer. (Ephesians 4:29) The ability to shift the atmosphere is through our lips. When we encounter a sticky situation, we should speak life into it. Give praise to God. Encourage yourself and those around you.

    For me, I, at times, struggle to see myself as royalty. But when I speak truth over myself even when I don’t feel like it, I start to see a differences in how I feel.

    Like pastor Erin said, regardless of what we feel, we should worship and speak life into everything we do and then the emotions and the good feelings follow.

    This message was amazing and wonderful! It really reminded me that I don’t have a right to complain. I should be praising God no matter where I stand. :)

  53. John Han says:

    Shifting into the Spirit seems to be the ultimate expression of faith in God, and strangely enough, it is achieved or frustrated by our own words. After all, there is a reason why God ordered the Israelites not to speak when they were circling around Jericho. God didn’t even give them a chance to share their doubts with one another and nurture their distrust in God in the process.

    Declaring that we trust God more than the reality, that God’s “lies” are truer than the reality, is a powerful expression of faith and love for God. One that definitely pleases Him.

    I personally found out that shifting into the Spirit ironically becomes relatively easier when the problem becomes absolutely overwhelming and unavoidable.

    And It becomes most difficult when it has to do with forgiving someone. When times are tough, shifting is the only way out available to us. When someone has wronged us however, there is another option called self-pity. Although God loves us, cares for us and comforts us when we fail or sin, He surprisingly hides His understanding side when He wants us to let go of our self-righteousness and forgive our enemies. God doesn’t want none of that self-pity, and shifting into the Spirit becomes much more difficult because it simply feels too painful, unfair and “early” to let go of this wrongdoing we’ve received.

  54. Daniel Dae Eun Kim (Itaewon) says:

    The power of the spirit and how it influences so much of our daily lives should not be taken lightly. Seeing as to how the mind, body, soul are all interconnected with each other it really makes the weight of our thoughts heavier. A simple mindset can change the course of a person’s lifestyle and the physical aspects of the human body as well. People do not generally understand that the circumstances may be as grim as they get but the mindset a person chooses to perceive it with can and will change the outcome completely. When the mind is focused on the flesh it cannot look beyond the current situation while the mind on the Spirit can access the gifting and realities which God sees and says to be true. When the mind becomes transformed and focuses on the spirit then we see the reality of God and not the reality of the flesh.

  55. Stella Lee says:

    This sermon is convicting and blessing me. My mind is what I perceive as one of my greatest assets, yet it also is a doubled edged sword, and it turns into a downfall. It is the problem of a critical mind. I often embraced a realist, borderline cynical mindset with many scenarios I came across with, regardless of whether or not they were good or bad; rationalizing what it was until I felt a certain amount of apathy for it, embracing it with an “it is what it is” attitude.

    With the help of leaders, I realized that my mind was standing in a place of balancing and holding both the Spirit and the flesh, and these two always battled for the advantage. I held the false believe that the flesh is always a part of us, and so it is natural and thus not atrocious to have those biologically driven actions that are in correlation to the flesh.

    Pastor Erin’s sermon and the Word convicted me that this is falsehood, that we are called to be greater than the sinful desires of the flesh, and we have control over them, not vice versa. To use an excuse that it is in our nature is insulting to both ourselves and to the Father.
    I liken it to the common saying in swimming and hiking and working out in general.
    Mind over matter.

  56. Betty Huang says:

    Such a powerful message. We are human one day our flesh are going to die and rotten. However, since we all have holy spirit, we are going to live eternally. At this point, our mind set is extremely important because this is something that we can control. I really like the sickness example that Pastor Erin brought up. We are mean to be powerful, believe in him and fight for all the “sickness” in our life. When we are strong, even when demons are attacking us, our mind set would play a important role. Further more, i think that spirit and mind are relatable. A strong mind set is so important for developing spiritual life.

  57. Lindsey Harrison says:

    I listen way to much to my emotions, and i give them more power than should when things bad things happen. I give them more power than they should bee given. I have gotten better… i think,but i still hive my over to my thoughts, emotions and insecurities, than i do the Wrod of God. More of than not i listen to the lies. I need to stop that. I really need to shift into the spirit and start Spraking the Word over my life and my circumstances and really begin to believe and trust in the word of God, and believe in the Spirit. Jesus, please help me inthis area of my life. Amen.

  58. This message is so empowering! I love it! Wow! As born again Christians, we are saying we have died in our flesh, and are alive in the Spirit. But how often do we forget this? As it says in the passage in Romans, “those who live according to the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.” Yeah! This is what it should be! This is our identity and this is who we are. We don’t live according to the flesh, in fear and in spirit of slavery, but we are in the SPIRIT, living according to God’s law, in freedom, and in the Spirit of adoption as sons! As Pastor Benjamin’s video on sonship talks all about this, we are SONS, and we need to shift into the spirit that we are indeed living in what is true in our Spirit. SO empowering! And I love that “in the spirit, there is no distance.” I was talking to my friends back in the states couple days ago, and we were talking about how much we miss each other so so so much, and then I remembered this, and it was so great, because I knew that although in the physical, I may be here in Seoul while my lovely friends are back in Chicago, in the SPIRIT, there is no distance, and we are just right there for each other in love and prayer! Not only that, after listening to this message, while meditating on shifting into the Spirit, I remembered one of my closest friends was graduating, so I messaged her, not knowing the times of her graduation, and she messaged me back saying, “I LITERALLY JUST WALKED OFF THE STAGE!! They just called my name. Legit, I thought you were here LOL.” And I was just thinking… wow… shift into the Spirit, and I’m like actually there in Spirit for my friend’s graduation, even though I am here in the physical in Korea… I thought it was crazy.

    Also, just knowing who I am, renewing my mind, being TRANSFORMED in the Spirit, I can live with so much more boldness, even though before, I was marked by fear. When I was a kid, I was a small scared child who couldn’t ride any of the rides at the amusement park because of fear. But today, I went to Everland, and I wasn’t scared at all, because I knew that there is nothing to be afraid of. This, here in the physical, my body being tossed up and down and being spun around as if I’m in a laundry machine 3 stories high, it’s just things happening in the physical,and I knew that there is nothing to fear in the Spirit. Such empowering message by PE, with so much truth and wisdom!

  59. Elbert Hayama says:

    This sermon was so clear to me and I could relate to it a lot. I felt that the devil really tries hard to weaken my mind and I was very vulnerable to the lies that he had put into my mind. The mind and the spirit is much more powerful than of the flesh. I really grasped the importance of constantly renewing your mind with the Word of God and to really be shifting in the spirit, our true identity. It was such a blessing to hear Pastor Erin’s testimony and her own experiences.

  60. I liked this sermon to a degree. I agree that with many things, just a paradigm shift is needed and then the world looks completely different. When I take off my glasses, I’m completely blind– but put those lenses in front of them and I can see everything clearly. But the thing is I think there’s a little more to it than just mentality. Just because you say the ocean is red or that the sun will not rise tomorrow does not mean the ocean is red or that the sun will rise tomorrow.
    That being said, I think the thing I got out the sermon was that to become someone that is in tune with the spirit, one must know the spirit. This comes with not just a reading of scripture, but studying of scripture–there’s a vast difference between the two. You really begin to live your life differently once you begin to understand who God called you to be. I think for those just beginning in the faith, it’s going to be hard to fully grasp certain concepts–you’re not born with an understanding of who you are. You have parents raising you telling you and giving you your name. You have teachers teaching you morals and values. The same goes with your spiritual walk. You’re not running from the get-go. Once you get a healthy understanding of who God is and what you’re relationship to him is then I believe you’ll have the boldness to fully walk with the Him. Until then though, I have faith that God is far better at knowing me than I ever will and that He’s good. He’s not going to just sit around and let me stay this wretch I am now and I have faith that He’ll finish what He started.
    I feel as though I’m butchering the concept of sanctification because I’m beating the bush with it, but that’s really what this is all about.

  61. Chloe Cho says:

    Sometimes my walk with Christ seems like the easiest thing. But there are also moments when even the smallest troubles seem to shake my very values, thoughts, and emotions that I thought were unshakable. Turning into the things of the flesh seems easy all of a sudden.
    P Erin talked about shifting our minds into the spirit through setting our identity in Christ Jesus, proclaiming freedom in relationship with other people, and acting in faith. What really speaks to my heart is our identity as sons of God. Jesus gave me a new life yet I need a constant reminder that “I am capable because He enables me. I am called because He has called me.” By grace we can have the Spirit of Christ, and when we do, “we possess everything… we are rich.”
    It was also powerful to listen to P Erin talk about the second point, relationships with the people. Although I go to school two hours away from Hongdae, I am very blessed to be surrounded by strong spiritual brothers and sisters. One of the upperclassmen leaders whom I highly respect tells me to refrain from thanking him because God, not he, might have been the one to speak to me through his mouth. He also tells me not to fully trust him because he might have been speaking out of his flesh and because 100% of my focus should always be on God. I thought there waited a long process before I started to feel like I can serve and be a blessing in a leadership position. That is why I had heavily depended on wisdom and words from leaders in Christ without really seeking out God’s heart myself. But no. I really need to see that God, my Father, may have to care for millions of people at the same time but I am fully covered.

  62. After listening to this sermon I started noticing how often I forget myself and allow my thoughts and my words to take me wherever they please. The Bible says we should live in the spirit rather than our flesh. We are to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

    If we stand firm on our identity in Christ, and build our life on the promises of God. If we trust Him fully as God, and if He trust His love for us. Then there is a power we can tap into which is ours through faith.

    I was very encouraged also by Pastor Erin’s personal story.

  63. Once we accept Christ, He dwells inside of us and hence, we’re able to draw from Him at all times! He becomes our resource centre. We’re not defined by our circumstances, our history/qualifications or what others say that we are. We are now able to shift into the spirit, perceive the truth and then have it manifest in the physical realm. This message helps me to shift into Joy and wisdom of God at stressful times, (and really, being stressed doesn’t help with anything) and when I feel like I don’t qualify for a role, if it’s what He’s called me to do, I can be confident that He’ll be with me to carry out that role well! :)

  64. Sergi Pallicé says:

    Agreed on how powerful the mind is. Changing to a good mindset will have amazing results
    in the short term, and especially in the long term. On the contrary, having a bad mentality
    can have devastating effects in you. Especially the latter, it happens so often and so easily
    that it’s hard to maintain a good life. But we know that. Yet P Erin reminds us and gives us
    powerful explanations. I also loved her examples (the centipede game!). It touched me when
    she said that “you can’t be emptied out as long as you are in the spirit”. And that particular
    message is one of the things I like the most in my (new) learning path with Jesus. It does feel great to know you can feel great with Him.

    Then she talks about relationships. I do differ on the particular fact that “sending the email” is not necessary. Sometimes, I think, we are healed from whatever poisonous situation we may be going through because we just needed to take the time to write the email to that friend and press send. I believe the “pressing-the-send-button technique” works for the people that do not talk about their problems easily. For those, I think that writing about what’s in their head releases the stress and makes them see things more clearly, and then if you take the extra step and lower your defenses so that another person can read through your problems, it heals you. Because that person can perfectly be God, listening in and rejoicing. And once we are in God, then “there is no distance”, as P Erin said! :)

    • Sergi Pallicé says:

      Sorry for the spacing. I wrote it first on a text document and it looked good before posting it

  65. Sarah Ahn says:

    This message was so powerful to me. It awakened me and refreshed my soul because I’ve been struggling with this for awhile. Ever since I came to Korea, fighting this flesh hasn’t been easy. There are times when I feel down and allow these emotions to rule over me. I know in my mind that I should rebuke these emotions and choose to rejoice in the Lord but I get to give in because it requires so much strength and determination. However, the Christian life is this constant battle with the flesh. Shifting out of the flesh and into the Spirit is the daily battle we need to face. The hardest thing for me is that I know these things but I can’t put it into action because of my laziness. But this message really strengthened me to press on. Not just know it but to claim the knowledge and rise up in action. I think God is really training me to put things into action. The revelations and knowledge He has given me has to be put into action now and become my reality. This is my identity in Him. The weak me that knows what I should do but doesn’t do it is not me. But I am His mighty warrior whom He entrusted his authority to so that I beat this flesh to live by the Spirit. This is my true identity in Him – the victorious daughter of God. I pray that I shift into the spirit every day and live in the reality of being dead in the flesh and alive in the Spirit.

  66. Esther Jeong says:

    This message really spoke to me because lately I have been thinking a lot about my identity in Christ, and how I struggle to completely clothe myself with that identity. There are many times where I do give too much authority to my flesh, rather than the word of God. Or even times when I think it’s too hard live in the Spirit, and I run from God because I perceive that living in Spirit would be more difficult than living in the flesh. But I know i have the power to shift my mind into the spirit and claim my true identity.

    The power of our minds is really incredible. I definitely see myself being all negative nancy, and putting myself in a bad place, due to error or my own mistake. And other parts of my life, even with relationships, I get irked or upset because of things that bother my flesh. If I shift into the spirit, or just constantly be in the spirit, I can see what kind of difference it would make… I would be a better representative of Christ’s body.

  67. Rebecca Park says:

    Pastor Erin is correct in saying that we give way too much authority to our bodies & feelings and emotions. In order to give more authority to God’s word, I will continue to strive to spend time reading the bible daily and shift into the Spirit every time I feel myself giving into my feelings & emotions.

  68. SpringPark says:

    This message is so powerful! and it is the third time I listened again.. I agree with Pastor Erin on how the mind affects our physical body and emotions. I can testify myself that the many times when I got sick, Even in the process of this NRTC through the past weeks. However, as PE pointed that God is always good and He has made all His goodness accessible to me. I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me. Also we need to hold the faith to grow and choose the right way we should go for His way. yes, there are many distractions surrounding me, I’ll keep go on the journey of faith in leading HolySpirit. I’m so thankful I can listen to this sermon during the NRTC process! Whoo!!

  69. Louise Kim says:

    As God’s people we are of the Spirit and not of the flesh – the fact that we have died with Christ and risen within him into our new nature is a truth that cannot be changed. And so we need to live by the Spirit.

    The example of Paul and Silas singing hymns to God in prison is such a powerful illustration of what the Spirit-filled and Spirit-led life looks like. I can imagine that in addition to the dire physicial circumstances they were in, both men would have had many unanswered questions in there minds towards God. Yet they chose to first acknowledge the unchanging truth that God is worthy of praise at all times, over the temporary “reality” that they were in. And it was when they did this that God’s supernatural power broken in.

    This is the order we need to learn and live. We cannot wait for circumstances or emotions to change before we acknowledge God because spiritual truths are the ones that do not change.

  70. Caleb Lee says:

    This is Anja Heenop’s Comment. It was posted on the wrong Page.
    Anja says:
    May 12, 2015 at 5:36 pm
    Wow, this realy touch my heart!!! If been struggling to understand way somethings dont always work out how you have planned it to work out! I struggle to find peace inside of me! But the moment I start to shift my mind into the spirit I realize it is okay that my plans dont work out because I know that God has beter plans for me. I can see the possitive sides of all things that is happening in my life. The flesh lead me to believe I’m not good enough, I need to fight for what I want…I fight to change relationship but things fall apart! Sadly to say it was all my fault! I dont have to satisfy my flesh to move into my spirit. It is important for me to claim things that look impossible. By shifting my mind helps me to be joyfull even when the situation look real bad for the world.


  71. Galaxy Cho says:

    What a powerful message of truth!! It is so true that I often focus on my circumstances and wait for things to change rather than shifting my mind first! I really appreciated PE’s own testimonies of how the mind affected her in negative ways and also in positive ways depending on where she shifted her mind to. Believing and claiming first was so powerful. It’s amazing how much our mind can affect everything in our lives. This message really challenged and reminded me to believe in God more than my circumstances, the lies, and whatever that my mind may be on. Shift!! :)

  72. Clive Poh says:

    Live according to the Spirit – frankly, this verse sounds somewhat abstract to me and I don’t know how to apply this to life. I am thankful for this sermon has bring much clarity.

    This sermon has enlightened my mind. It exposes the schemes of the devil that is to entrapped us by deceiving our minds. When the mind is governed by anything that isn’t from the Spirit, it creates havoc. Sickness, broken relationships, self-pity flows out of the “lies” our mind believes in. For me, just this truth bring so much liberation and assurance that I will never have to faced such distresses as I set my life accordingly to the Spirit. Pondering upon this sermon, I think I understand better when Jesus said, I have come so that you may life and have it to the full. The life that Jesus is talking about is the Life that is lived accordingly to the spirit where true joy is experience daily.

  73. Jenny Han (Hongdae-Omega)

    It’s so true. When I am physically hungry, I can either choose to obsess and complain over how hungry I am for the next 30 minutes until class ends or I can choose to pursue eating the knowledge that my teachers are feeding me instead. I’m not going to remember what I ate for lunch that day in two, three days. What I end up learning in class that day, however, will stick with me much longer than that kimbab in my stomach. This constant battle we find between the little kid Flesh that demands to be satisfied NAO and the more quiet, loyal Spirit is what keeps us awake. Sometimes it’s much easier for me to jump on hanging out with friends than spending time with family. But in the end spending time with my friends only yields light, momentary pleasures. And I’ll probably end up not even talking to them in a few years anyways. Because I’m so bound by time and what my five senses can perceive, actively CLAIMING and PURSUING the spirit-filled life feels almost like someone giving me a potted plant and saying, “grow a tomato.” I don’t want to grow a tomato. I’d rather just go to the grocery store down the street. Heck, I can get a whole bag of tomatoes. Pastor Erin however turned my head to a realization that, if I don’t invest the time, patience, and willingness to grow my internal tomatoes, I’m never going to understand where the fruit comes from. I’m never going to get to know how I was made, what soil I sprouted from. The hardest part is dealing with my mind. It feels impossible sometimes, ’cause my thoughts so automatically scamper over to what won’t last me more than a day. Jesus, take the wheel ahaha I feel so helpless when I see even a bit of what it takes to not fall away from you.

  74. Emil Bredahl Lavsen says:

    “What I allow my mind to believe is what I give authority”

    Wow what a messsage
    This message spoke to me in several ways and touched on one issue of my life that I have battled with for a very long time and still is dealing with. Allowing my mind to control my day has been a huge problem for me. I realized through this message that freedom is for everyone and because this message was so practical in nature can I take this message and make it come alive. “I have made it much harder than it actually is” and my mind/external circumstances has no power over me anymore,

    We are as believers all living according to the spirit (Flesh is according to sin nature)
    We all have the internal nature of being in rebellion to God (We dont need to teach babies to disobey but we need to teach them to obey)
    The powerful truts is that the Spirit mean a new nature and that is the nature that we are called to live in, but so often we do not.
    When Pastor Erin said that “When we are in the spirit, we possess everything – We can’t be burned out because we are in the spirit” I felt convicted and all the times of complaining came to my mind.
    Romans 8:5 – Where am I setting my mind? The key is my mind, because the way that I am transformed is by the renewing of my mind
    The mind is the control center of the things that are happening in my life, and that is why I should consider this message from Pastor Erin of absolute importance for my life

    If I am sick and then I make that statement of being sick, then that is how I am going to feel. “Going to school every day is so tough” I am tired, I am poor, I am not a good husband and sentences like that has often ruled my day and became my identity.
    I must never forget that I have access to healing, joy and I begin to act out like I am already healed (My mind plays such a powerful role)
    satan attack me so he can get me to believe the things that are not true
    Our mind is in bondage and according to the flesh and then I am heading toward death
    Setting the mind on the flesh is death and as we are setting our minds on the spirit we find peace
    There has to be a shift in the spirit and then life and peace will come
    Jesus died for me so I can live for Him only and not be kept in bondage of the flesh

    There are ways that one can follow to shift in the spirit
    1: We need to shift our identity in our mind
    Something had to shift in my mind before I can live thet life that I am meant to live
    True transformation starts with the renewal of my mind (Will I shift or will I stay?)
    All I see is what I do and the things that I used to do and therefore I will manifest the lack

    2: Shifting in the spirit in the relationships that I have to other people
    Letting my emotions control the way that I feel and therefore I end up feeling like drawing back
    Shifting in the spirit is something that I can do right now
    Who and for what am I relying on freedom and shifting in the spirit (It happens right now)
    When I set my mind on the flesh other bad things will follow as well

    “This thing that is happening is bad and I do not like the way that this happened, but I am not going to let this come against me and let it ruin my day”

    “I am rich in the spirit” is the word for me this week “Amen”:

    It is a choice that we all have, and actually it does not even matter how we feel I should“Just be praising” and shift in the spirit and then the rest will follow.

  75. Nick R. Pack says:

    The power of the mind is something I think many Christians underestimate. One of my favorite preachers, Caroline Leaf, specializes in this area as a scientist. The major takeaway for me was Erin’s comment that there’s no need to satisfy the flesh before shifting over to the mind of the spirit. It resonated with me. There is a strange and undeniable desire for fleshy satisfaction. I can recall tons of times being upset, angry, sad or whatever and wanting to continue in that mode until I felt “done”. But there’s no need. No satisfaction required. Shift now! I want to get on this. Thanks PE!

  76. Conner Eriksen (Hongdae-Omega) says:

    Faith is a critical element of our walk with the Lord. Often, our trust in the power of the Holy Spirit defines who we are as Christians. When we hand over control (or lack of control) to God, we increase not only our faith, but our overall potential.

    One powerful quote that left me feeling very convicted was “If you live in accordance to your flesh and you’re a believer, then you’re putting more faith in the devil than you are in Jesus, because He already paid for us at the cross.” It’s a strong reminder that there is no middle ground in the Kingdom of God. We either rely on our own sinful ways, or align ourselves with the Spirit.

    One final point is that “…you don’t get set free by shifting within the flesh, but by shifting out of the flesh.” From my experience, it usually becomes easier to focus on a particular crisis and less on the physically unseen. Acknowledging God’s nearness and the power which is at hand in those situations speaks volumes about who we are as believers. We need to be constantly reminded that it is only through God and the power of the Holy Spirit that we overcome. Anything short of that is nothing but arrogance.

  77. Greg Salvo says:

    I was in a network marketing organization for two years called Amway. In that organization the leadership I was involved with embodied the mindset of the spirit. My upline operated with power because of his relationship with Christ. During my time there I would recite certain phrases to myself to help me shift into a mindset that could carry me into the reality of who I was. At the end Pastor Erin talked about giving authority to the word of God. And as I have been realizing the truth of God’s word in recent months I have also realized the reality of His word in daily life. That God would ordain for us to read a book is a powerful gift. Thus as I understand that God has given us his word, and he has set up a system for us to read from his Word, it has also carried a deeper authority over my life. And looking at Isaiah 61 it is clear that as the authority of God’s word increases in my life, I grow in desire to carry out Isaiah 61 instead of the mired of other choices I could make with my life. My heart wraps around the message of God’s word more as I give it authority. I begin to shift into the spirit when I read it more, meditate on it more, and submit to God’s plan. I have a lot to learn about how to shift into the spirit, but since March of this year, I have been learning to daily shift my mindset into all that God has called me into, and to all that God has called me to be.

  78. Heather Smith says:

    This message is packed with rich truth, but the portion that struck me particularly hard was where PE talked about the need to shift into the spirit in our relationships with others. I was really convicted and blessed when she addressed the difference between allowing our emotions to dictate how we interact with others, especially those closest to us, and deciding in the spirit and in faith to shift into right relationship. It doesn’t matter how someone is making us feel or how we are interpreting their feelings/attitudes for us we have to move foreward in our relationships out of spirit-filled faith trusting in His truth for the relationship. I was also challenged by the part where she talked about shifting into the Spirit no matter what our circumstances may be. I have seen this truth so many times in my personal walk with God either when I successfully choose to walk in victory even in the midst of daunting obstacles and frustrating situations, as well as realizing the results when I do not choose to respond in the Spirit. This message is one that I have to consciously revisit and re-establish in my daily walk time and time again. Walk in Spirit and there is so much abundant life!

  79. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    It is so hard to set our minds in above,especially when we are so focused on our desire and comfort of this world. ‘shifting into spirit’, I need to shift myself to Christ every second. Really need to think of God, think of what and how I can glorify God at this hour, on this day is my desire. I hope to see myself shifting into Spirit whenever I am on down hills.

    Again I reflected myself when I was in leadership and serving at other ministries, I felt like I was sacrificing when others only seemed to only receiving. When other people hung out with their friends when I wanted to but I was serving, I felt emptiness, and thought my time of fellowship was taken away. I was putting my heart on flesh not on spirit. I think I was putting other things before God. I think, serving should come out naturally, personally I think how can only serving pay back what He has done for us? I feel like its such a little thing we can do.

    verse 6, ‘for to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace. ‘

    For I am not called to live according to this world but according to Him and to be an ambassador of Jesus Christ, I pray for myself and everyone around me to set our minds on things above, and treasure God alone.

    • Sohjeongmaeng says:

      PE says “when we are not in flesh thats not who you are,’ we are born again in spirit, once we are baptised. I think i always forget this wonderful truth. I always believe in things that what devil say; ‘you are not good enough, you are only this, you will never be like this ‘ After hearing PE, i realised that ive been believing in what satan says.

      It is so true, just like how PE used to think after she getting email of encouragment; that she will be shifted in to spirit, i used to think I needed to get prayed or encouraged by leaders or pastors to be shifted. But it is not true, God should be the one we seek first when we needed to be shifted, we must seek him first when we are in trouble and get transformed straight away without waiting other sources.

  80. Wow. Pastor Erin said a lot fo amazing things. It’s so cool to see how she challanges us by using her own experiences to show that she has been through it too. Her challange to “shift our mindset” or to “call out to the Lord” to realign our minds/emotions with the truth of God is so great. It’s a huge challenge to dive into and how it our attitude not only affects ourselves but how our mental attitude can inhibit us from a true community that God is calling us to because of an offense that we are holding onto rather than breaking off.

  81. Kyla Hoggard says:

    I loved how Pastor Erin said we have everything in the Spirit. The root is our identity. We must shift our perspectives. It’s not us, but the Lord who supplies our needs and where our identity is grounded. So we set our eyes and mind on Christ, then the circumstances look different. She mentioned if she were to lose $1,000 she wouldn’t just focus on the loss, but rather see her identity as a lender and not a borrower and trust that it God will supply. I think also the crux of the message is trust in the Word of God and remind ourselves of it. That is what it means to shift. Shift back into the truth of the Word. In circumstances, in relationships, in emotions, in whatever could try and distract us from God’s truth.

  82. melody welton says:

    I remember this sermon vividly as it was preached at Itaewon in the days before video stream. sitting in the back row as a part of my welcoming team duties, and remember being hit with wave after wave of conviction and revelation. This word is so good as I realize I will always have a tendency to stay in the flesh and need to not only shift, but also be able to stand in the spirit as P.Sunhee spoke at our last church-wide retreat. “Some of you are restless, but it’s not because you are tired, it’s because you’re in the flesh.” YES. Also, listening to it this time around I was especially hit by PE’s line, “We cheapen the blood when we stay in our flesh”. What Jesus did on the cross out weighs everything we are going through. This is a critical time for me to remember that.

  83. Emily Pack says:

    Oh, where do I even begin. This message was so powerful for me to hear. I can completely resonate with the fact that our minds are the control center of our bodies. When we get into the cycle of “having a thought,” “believing the thought,” and “the thought manifesting into our lives/bodies,” I couldn’t agree more. Our minds are powerful! I was convicted about how often I live in the flesh when it comes to my thoughts. “If you live according to the flesh and you’re a Christian, you’re putting more faith in the devil than Christ.” That is deeply saddening. As a woman of God, the last things I want to do is put my faith in the devil. PE firmly reminded me that as a child of God, we lack NOTHING in the spirit. NOTHING. So, when I say I am too tired, or too burnt out, or I lack gifting, or I lack wisdom, I am putting more faith in the devil instead of setting my mind on the things of the spirit and believing that Christ will give me the strength and the wisdom to get through my circumstance. I was overwhelmed with encouragement when I heard PE say, “When you set your mind on who God says you are, you begin to transform.” I have heard this many times in many different ways, but somehow, this sermon hit me in a new, fresh way. Finally, I was impacted by the fact that our transformation, or joy, true life starts with a shift in our minds, not a shift in our circumstances. I am ready to put this message to practice!

  84. Sheila Moh says:

    “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to.”
    Now I get a better understanding of Romans 8: 1-9, the difference between flesh and the spirit, and that my mind is the control center that gives authority to decide on what is true – the spirit. There are many a times I get easily deceived by the devil, the lies which ended up making me sad and think that I am not good enough – self-doubt. By knowing the truth, it sets me free from all these lies and know that the Lord wants me to live victoriously for Him. Hence, I want a new nature by being rich in the spirit and get disengaged with the flesh. By doing so, praying and connecting to God more will grow more intimacy with Him, as well as gearing my thoughts to the spirit.

  85. Wow. This is my second time listening to the sermon, but how true and how important it is for my spiritual walk is more potent today than before. I’m reminded of all the emotions, distresses, fears, panic that have bombarded my life but have failed, by God’s amazing grace, to keep their hold on me for long. I pray that God’s grace continue as I walk out this message in faith, for He teaches us only what we can handle. Hallelujah and amen.

  86. Deborah Kang says:

    This was indeed one of the mind-blowing sermons for me, mainly due to the weight of wisdom it carries. I now see that the mind plays such a critical role and that is why the devil has attacked my mind the most. While I have thought that I was sometimes unable to shift my mind, the sermon made it clear that I can choose what is true in my mind and that if I set my mind on the things of the spirit, my will, emotion, and body will follow. I realized how much authority I have been giving to things of the flesh and was not tapping into the supernatural when I actually have access to it by shifting to the spirit. This sermon became ever more powerful because I was able to immediately apply it after listening to it. While something that triggered my negative thinking pattern came back, I immediately shifted my mind and chose to believe in the word of God (the truth) over all other thoughts. It was not too long afterwards when the circumstance that I was in began to shift and I experienced a totally new level of freedom and witness the actual change. I feel so blessed to have listened to this sermon, which I believe will change my life.

  87. Sujin Lee says:

    For me, salvations is a process indeed. Completely being set from from bondages, sickness and experiencing breakthroughs. But even before I get powerful prayers or have H&D session, her sermon alreadys does something inside of me. Especially, being in flesh y is not who you are and shifting my identity through spirit are really powerful. Also, shifting my mind is so important for me to see changes in my circumstances. There are a lot more parts that I can put an action first in spirit!! Shifting my minds empowers me, gives me authority to overcome the devil, and makes me manifest God’s miraculous works in my family, workplace, and anywhere I go.

  88. this message gave me so many revelations! I was really blessed through PE’s sermon. Listening to this sermon made me realize that when we live by the flesh, we’re essentially becoming slaves to our own mind. I have been personally struggling trying to handle things that are on my plate (studying & working at the same time to name a few), and I confess that I complained, but this message clearly showed me that it was because I tried to do things in my flesh. PE really hit home when she said that we never get burnt out if we work in our spirit because God is never burnt out.

    This message challenged me to take up & obey God’s plan in this season of my life even if it may seem like I have a lot in my plate. I put my mind to the truth, which is that God never gives me things that I can’t bear.

  89. What particularly stood out to me was when Pastor Erin talked about how often we need to fully satisfy the flesh before we are willing to shift into the Spirit. For example, we need to indulge in our suffering, gossip about others to make ourselves feel better, etc. before we are willing to invite Christ into each circumstance. But the truth is, we do not get free by staying in the flesh but we get free by shifting out of the flesh. Choosing to shift into the spirit is essentially a daily act of choosing the lordship of Jesus Christ, above all things.

  90. Jessie Behrman says:

    This message is so right on! So often in my life do I feel things will change once something happens..or I will change when so and so happens. I have also put a lot of dependence on others before like when P Erin refers to her email with P Sunhee. It was really refreshing to hear this and a reminder on not to depend of people but to personally shift my mind.

    I’ve recently been reflecting on (from a current PC message I believe!!) how we can’t let a situation control our emotions but have our emotions control a situation. This is something I work on and I feel like this message aligned with that well like when PE says what you allow your mind to believe what you give authority to.

    I also loved hearing the reminder and explanation of the old flesh and new flesh. When we are water baptized we are leaving our old nature behind and when we do acts of old nature while in our new nature that is not who we are. Because we are in the spirit, and baptism is to be remade in His image.

    I also really liked the part when PE talks about when we are in the spirit we can’t be burnt out. We possess everything and we have the decision to set our minds. Also, compared to PE’s recent sermon of calling out to God, so many times I have thought that I couldn’t handle any more or that I am burnt out. Hearing it from this view is a great reminder that it is all mental and when we shift our heart and call out to God in those times, that we will be able.

  91. Isaac Yi says:

    I will be honest when I believe that I didn’t see myself in that sermon and the sort of pain and suffering people go through that Pastor Erin was emulating. Perhaps not in the same way she has portrayed it externally, but it would be far too hypocritical if I claimed if we as humans haven’t fallen to our own flesh before. My battle with my flesh is different and it is so for other people. However, we should strive to deny the flesh from taking over our minds and turn towards God. Romans 12:2 and its message to transform our minds speaks to the essence of this message.
    Changing our mind is more difficult and more costly than one could imagine. The spirit is greater than our minds so we have nothing to fear to desire his power to free us from the grips of our flesh. No longer to be bound and slaves to sin but to be slaves of righteousness.

  92. Max Park says:

    I learned that living by “the flesh” is living with sinful nature that is completely opposite from what God wants. With “the flesh,” you would have rebellious spirits toward God which ultimately leads to sin. What I learned from this message is that shifting to the spirit to accept God is very difficult. Like Pastor Erin indicated, we are often times tempted to satisfy our flesh before reaching God. I inferred that to shift to the spirit, one must endure such temptation and potential hardships by constantly reminding ourselves of what Christ did for us. Once one shifts to the spirit, he or she spiritually accept Christ in his or her heart. By accepting Christ, one depends on Him and distance him or herself from “the flesh.”
    Shifting our mind to the spirit is definitely a difficult homework. However, I know that nothing is impossible with God because of his omnipotence. By depending on God, it is definite that we can distance ourselves from “the flesh” and accept Christ by following our spirit.

  93. Valentina Kim says:

    I was excited that it was Pastor Erin’s preaching. She is a powerful preacher and her sermons always move my spirit strongly. I was really blessed to listen her testimonies about her past life, her marriage and her ministry because listening her testimony gave me back the hopes that I have allowed the enemy to take away from me. I realized through this sermon that I had empowered the lies of the enemy and had been embracing the identity of the flesh as my own identity which made me really sad. But something clicked when I heard that living in the flesh it’s not our true self… I used to think that I could not overcome the pieces of my old self but now I understand clearly that I have to shift my mindset and believe and hope in the Spirit that what God has planned will come to pass in my life and hold it as true. I loved the word that she used “Claim” when done God will help you. This sermon helped me to remember the true hope and love that I find in the identity as God’s daughter and mightiness that comes with it.
    Thank you for the sermon Pastor Erin~~

  94. Joen Lee says:

    Coming from a Psychology background, I was aware how powerful the mind could be. But PE re-conceptualized the mind for me in our walk as Christians as that control center, “the kid at the front of the centipede”. Our mind moves our will, our emotions, and our body…and so it has the power to declare what is TRUTH! It was so freeing to hear that when we are IN the spirit, truly, we possess EVERYTHING because God lacks nothing! I was definitely encouraged to tap into this and believe this for myself and claim it, THEN watch everything change.

  95. Somyoung choi says:

    There is power when we operate in the spirit, We can live in accordance to the spirit when we set our minds in the spirit, not the flesh. This sermon really opened up my eyes to the relationship between the mind, emotions and will, and how shifting the mind to the spirit is the most important thing to break away from sin. I’ve tried endlessly to change by my will, but i realize that the reason i always fail is because my mind is still set in the flesh. One thing i’m still not understanding completely is, HOW do i shift my mind to the spirit. Isn’t constantly reminding myself that I am in the spirit also powered by will? Or is it something that can only be accomplished through the holy spirit? If it is accomplished only by the holy spirit, then is there no going back to sin afterwards? I think i have to listen to this message a few more times to get a better understanding. This was a very powerful message and it has really gotten me to think about my mind set.

  96. Deborah Kim says:

    This message and Pastor Erin’s delivery was so powerful. I felt like clean air was being pumped into my head as the understanding of why we need to shift helped me see a clearer distinction between “facts” and truth. The idea that abc needs to happen before xyz can occur is such an easy crutch to rely on, but is just deception. This mentality gives more credit to the assumption that joy is circumstantial based on events, relationships, or feelings – giving more credit to stolen joy is the ball and chain of being in bondage. But why linger when we are free, inherit life, and have access to the work that’s already been done by the Holy Spirit! Also, I always thought broken relationships were the result of attacks on individuals, not realizing it happens on the relationship dynamic itself. But shifting in the Spirit eliminates walls built from fear, and with greater faith comes greater intimacy!

  97. Isabel Syers (Hongdae A) says:

    Yes. Living in the Holy Spirit is living in His Image, as He intended from the begining, and we lack in NOTHING. We live by the Spirit by being transformed and renewed.
    Haha, before Christ I can remember trying to change myself to be “good” by will power, but we need to shift in the mind, by having a new identity.

    Lots of the times, all the time when we’re living by the flesh, it’s because we feel as though we lack. I’m missing out somehow, I need to give into this temptation because I feel as though it will give me gratification or pleasure or something I feel I need, I feel as though the grass is greener on the other side.
    But if I’d shift the Spirit, proclaiming God’s word of new identity over me, I know I lack in nothing. I’m wonderfully and perfectly made. I’m a new creation, I’m clean and new.

    Favorite part: I don’t need to be satisfied in the flesh, before I shift into the spirit. I’m covered already. Amen. I had an opportunity to practice this earlier this week. I had a very off-putting day, and had a wave of depression, opportunity for a pity party, and my flesh felt powerless… so I cried out to the Lord, and He came… lifted my spirits & showed me how much I had to be thankful and joyful for, & I started thanking God aloud, proclaiming that goodness over me, and my emotions did follow.

  98. Before starting my smart comment on this sermon, I’d like to start off with proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all of your way acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight”. Sometimes it’s hard to fully put our trust in God, especially in circumstances whereby we can’t feel, we can’t see, we can’t touch His presence and His guiding in our hardships. As for me, I have been “socially awkward” since after the chronic depression happened when I was small. I started to question God, “God, why are you doing this to me? Haven’t I done enough to deserve your salvation and blessings?” And I started to change my thought on this: I started to think of how to glorify Him through my this weakness, how to overcome it. This is because we need to shift our mindset from our flesh to the spirit. We have to think in the perspective of our Kingdom, think spiritually, but not mentally solely. Pastor Erin’s message has hit me hard in terms of putting our trust FULLY in Him. I believe it is a tough journey, Christian lives have never been easy, but through those hardships, we grow and we establish an even great anchor in His blessings. We have to give our mind’s authority to Spirit: let the holy Spirit lead us. Be Bold, and never ever give up easily, keep on believing that as we put our trust in Him, we will be blessed, and we will be granted an eternal life.

    We are given an authority to decide on ourselves, but at the same time, let the authority of the Holy Spirit to guide you to make our decisions wisely. I am a child of Him.

  99. Pak Tanya says:

    Such a powerful message and testimony. Through this sermon I realized that it’s time to say to my flesh “enough” and shift into the spirit, because being in the flesh – being in the sin nature, but being in the spirit – being in the new nature. And it reminds me that we have opportunity to choose between flesh and spirit.
    So often I set my mind on the flesh, but as PE said our mind is the control center, so I have to change my mind first and shift out the flesh into the spirit.

  100. CK Tong says:

    This sermon is about choosing with your mind to live in the spirit and not in the flesh. This is an empowering message about how a person has a choice to make about how they will live. Pastor Erin explains about the difference between living in the flesh, which is the old sin nature that you have once lived in but have already let go of, or living in the spirit, which is the new nature that is actually how God made us originally. The mind is the “control center” that controls the emotions, the will, and the body. So whatever the mind decides is the truth influences how a person will feel and how they will act. Pastor Erin emphasizes that we have the power to shift our mind first and then life and peace will come. We should shift our minds in regards to our identities, our relationships, and our circumstances. Because we have died to our old self, any time we act in the flesh, we are not being who we truly are. This truth means that it doesn’t matter what we did in the past and that we should stop thinking ourselves as who we were in the past because we have been reborn and we are not that person any longer. And we also have access to our mentors in the spirit, and not only in the flesh, so that we do not need our flesh to be satisfied before tapping into the spirit and shifting. For this point, Pastor Erin made it clear that we do not need a physical counseling session or email response from a mentor before we can shift, but the words that they have spoken over us before, even if not individually, are available for us to remember and to apply to our lives right away. Another key point is that we can’t let the devil lie to us and take away our joy when we meet unfortunate circumstances. We can’t let the circumstance define how the day is. We can’t give authority to our circumstances and emotions but must give authority to the Word of God and put our faith in the spirit rather than in the flesh.

  101. Jennifer Choi says:

    It’s easy to say that I would live in the spirit, but in reality, it’s an everyday struggle to fight the flesh. “To live is to die” is exactly what it means to say that I choose to live in the spirit to die in fleshly desires. When I am continuously committed to the spirit, it will help me to resist the flesh because I am dependent on the Lord’s power, not mine.

  102. This is such powerful message to me who can’t see the transformations lately and I feel a bit burnt out. I didn’t realize the reason to not see any changes but PE makes it clarify that it starts with our mind and what I allow in my mind is what I give authority to. Mind is the key and the control center. Whatever our mind decides to be true then our emotions, our will and body will follow.
    It was somewhat blurry for me of a thing that I have a choice to decide on my mind when I was attacking what’s true. But if I begin to shift my mind into the things of the spirit, all of a sudden my emotions would be encouraged rather than discouraged.
    So as I was listening, I decide that I will not let my emotions or circumstances play the role again. Even it may not look true at all, I will set my mind for real truth and watch the circumstances changes! I’m really thankful for PE’s message and this is what I need to be known.

  103. David Kimball says:

    I loved how Pastor Erin used her own testimony of shifting into the spirit and believing in the Lord’s covering, favor. and perseverance through our fears by calling on the Lord. Not unlike David did in the cave as he encouraged himself in the Lord despite the rock bottom of his circumstances. What made it real was her testimony. Really a pastor can say “you gotta shift in the spirit to believe in the Lord” and it could be encouraging but, it was real in how it was relatable for most people including us. Where we’ve all been there and we make the “side step easy choice” rather than the “shifting and claiming to walk through the fearful uncertain circumstance. Thank also because I can relate to needing confirmation and personal explanation of things from my earthly pastor/mentor as well. That was both convicting, a place of repentance, and Lord knows a change in expectations and hopefully heart.

  104. Tae Eun Kim says:

    P.Erin talked about the importance of shifting your mind. It stood out to me when she said that we’re placing our faith in the devil when we focus on the physical. I thought about the times when I feel inadequate and incapable. I realized that my trust was in the physical and in the flesh. I was reminded to look unto the spiritual – the new nature in God, who lacks nothing.

  105. Jennifer Kim says:

    Pastor Erin’s message was so powerful! It’s so true how the devil tries to trick our mind and destroy us. This happened to me so many times before, and I didn’t understand why I was thinking things in a certain way that was destructing me. When my friend told me it was the devil speaking to me, I didn’t understand. But after I listened to this sermon, I came to understand it more. I connected with Pastor Erin’s sermon on so many levels. We need to shift our minds first spiritually, and not let the circumstances get on our way. That is how we can succeed in life, and never let things of the flesh ruin my week or a day. I feel that a lot of people struggle with the devil deceiving them, and it ruins a lot of relationships because they don’t believe in the truth. I hope to focus on spiritually shifting myself by reminding myself of this message. I give authority to the Word of God!

  106. Jenny Shi says:

    I was sad about how my Korean teammates judged about Chinese, and they didn’t appreciate the efforts foreign students done. even I love my nation my family my Chinese language those amazing things God created, but still sometimes I feel a little shame on being identified as a Chinese. Their comments just depressed me alot, and their attitude discouraged me a lot on keep working with them. all of sudden my ministry leader back to Seattle she called( that was 3am in Seattle). I told her the story brief her my disappointment on Korean and shared my unfaithful thinking.. she said: “Jenny. You are not a Chinese. Do you know who you are? You are a child of God. don’t have this mind set; be graceful, keep showing your peace and kindness to them don’t be discouraged by others comments; you are a child of God. no one has the authority to define you but God.”
    ohhhhh this simple msg was too powerful.
    I felt my mindset is shifting..transforming to another level..=D

    • Jenny Shi says:

      in our daily life. This message has such a strong impact on my mindset as I have recently been struggling to adjust to a new environment in Korea as an exchange student. I was sad about how my Korean teammates judged and didn’t appreciate my efforts because I am a foreign student. Their attitude discouraged me a lot and all of sudden my ministry leader back to Seattle she called (that was 3am in Seattle) and in our conversation she too like PE reminded me that shift into the spirt. I was reminded that “Jenny. You are not a Chinese. Do you know who you are? You are a child of God. Don’t have this fleshly mind set; be graceful, keep showing your peace and kindness to them don’t be discouraged by others comments; you are a child of God. No one has the authority to define you but God. This word of encouragement coupled with PE’s message had strong impact and I felt my mindset is shifting and transforming to another level.

    • Jenny Shi says:

      By nature it’s easy to complain and be discouraged but we have to shift from our flesh and into the spirit even in our daily life. This message has such a strong impact on my mindset as I have recently been struggling to adjust to a new environment in Korea as an exchange student. I was sad about how my Korean teammates judged and didn’t appreciate my efforts because I am a foreign student. Their attitude discouraged me a lot and all of sudden my ministry leader back to Seattle she called (that was 3am in Seattle) and in our conversation she too like PE reminded me that shift into the spirt. I was reminded that “Jenny. You are not a Chinese. Do you know who you are? You are a child of God. Don’t have this fleshly mind set; be graceful, keep showing your peace and kindness to them don’t be discouraged by others comments; you are a child of God. No one has the authority to define you but God. This word of encouragement coupled with PE’s message had strong impact and I felt my mindset is shifting and transforming to another level.

  107. Judy Choi says:

    Being in the Spirit, means you possess everything. I remember this message set me free of the lie that people can “burn out.” There are some lies that I let my mind be convinced of. Even recently I was so convinced, so sure, of my judgement of someone,.. and by the grace of God the Lord shifted me. Shifting me from seeing someone in their flesh, to seeing them in the Spirit. Seeing them with the love of the Father. I am now set on seeing those around me in their wholeness. My faith is in God’s purpose for their lives, just as Christ’s faith is in God’s purpose for my life. There is power in our mind. As we let the Spirit be our focus, there will be no distraction for our minds to wander on the things of the flesh. Nothing can take our joy, our peace, our freedom, our life!

  108. Diane Yoon says:

    I realize how easily I get swayed by my flesh: when I feel tired, I let it get ahold of me. I won’t talk to people, do my work; all I wanna do is just lie down and become a caterpillar. As I listened to this sermon, I realized how much control I give to my flesh. When things don’t work the way I want them to, I give into frustration and annoyance. Or when I don’t feel confident about something, I let myself get insecure. That’s just giving into my flesh by submitting my mind to it. I know that what I have to do is rely on my identity in the spirit, but sometimes, I doubt that shifting into the spirit will solve the issue at hand. Instead, I just rely on the emotions I’m feeling in the flesh. But Pastor Erin punches in the truth, saying that if we say stay in that negativity, we are saying more about the power of the devil than about God. Does God lack anything?” NO. So if we are in the spirit, we have everything! That is truly empowering. This sermon was a powerful reminder to always link myself back to my identity as a woman of God, by shifting into the spirit.

  109. Mary Jung says:

    “When we are in the spirit, we possess everything” wow! PE’s sermon was so powerful and it was a wonderful reminder of how strong we are in Christ. I feel that in times of stress and hardship, we often forget how great God really is and we can start to place limitations on what he is capable of. We can fall into the habit of thinking that we actually don’t deserve something, or that something is not realistic. However every time we ask God to reveal him self in our faith, no matter what the situation, we can always be assured that we will receive an answer. For we know that God is ALWAYS good.

  110. Natalie Weaver says:

    I love that each of these messages are very practical. I was surprised by the reminder that living according to the Spirit is the original way we were intended to live. And also, we don’t need to wait to satisfy our flesh before we shift into the Spirit. Both of these statements really resonated with me, and I loved listening to this message. I enjoy this passage in Romans, and the passage before which speaks of our inability to do anything according to our flesh, “for I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out (Romans 7:18).” “For I delight in the law of God, in my inner being, but I see in my members another law waging war against the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members. (Romans 7:22-23)” I love this backdrop for the verses of this sermon that speak to the freedom we have from the law of sin and death in the flesh through the Spirit at work within us (“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:2). Why do we revert to taking on this bondage in our minds after we have been set free from it? It’s such an easy shift to begin to live according to the flesh, to live according to how we lived before we were set free. It’s all in our minds and what we give authority to. It’s in how we choose to be transformed – by the renewing our minds. “We need to give authority to the Word of God.” It was a really powerful message that resonates even after writing out all these notes.

  111. Christopher Ju says:

    I had the privilege of listening to this message live back in 2011 when I was visiting Korea. Listening to it again 4 years later, I was reminded of its significance and why it is such a key message for all Christians. As Paul instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, PE remind us that we lack nothing in the Spirit, and that by choosing to set our minds on the power and things of the Spirit we can be conquerors over our problems instead of mulling over them. Doing this places greater trust in God and gives greater authority to his Word. Instead of feeling defeated or frustrated, we can choose to act in faith by shifting our minds into the Spirit and remembering who God is, who we are in him, and all of his promises.

  112. Jae Hee Suh says:

    The flesh refers to our sin nature, the old self. The spirit is our new nature, our original form in God’s image. Shifting into the spirit primarily consists of shifting our mind. The mind is the control center. A key component of shifting our mind is shifting in our identity. When we give authority to the word of God to tell us who we are and we set our mind on it—in other words, we choose to believe who God says we are according to His word—we are living according to the spirit. We can’t afford to wait for people, circumstances, or even God to bring our breakthrough, but we need to shift our minds first to see the power of God manifest in our lives. Once we shift our minds, our actions, circumstances, and everything else start to follow.

  113. Jess Kim says:

    This was such a powerful message! It’s so easy to think in the flesh and feel sorry for yourself. And when you do, it ruins your whole day and rarely leads you anywhere. Shifting the mind to think in the spirit is definitely something I would like to work on. I will not let the circumstances define every situation but tap into the inheritance that we are given as children of God and speak the truth over myself.

  114. Bekah Cho says:

    What you allow your mind to belive is what you give authority to. What struck me in this message the most… well everything was such great truth to hear. But I think for me especially I am one to just give in to my circumstances very easily. Hearing this message put so much deeper meaning to that life motto “stay positive”. I think instead it could be “stay victorious” or maybe… I don’t know because like PE was saying, when we shift into the spirit, we lack nothing because God lacks nothing. Also I love that PE said that in the spirit there’s no distance in terms of relationships. I rely too much on the attention of others a lot of the time, but if I my mind and identity on the spirit, on my new life, I will be secure and assured in the relationships God has called me into.

  115. Every day in my life, so many different thoughts move around my head. And often times, I let those distractions have control over me. The more you think, the more you degrade yourself, and the more you degrade yourself, you slowly give into the evil spirit.
    So this sermon was a good reminder for me to shift in to the spirit unceasingly. Because when I am, I shift back into my identity, where my mind is clear and filled with the spirit of God.

  116. I have always been told the mind is a powerful thing. The mind is the control center of your body/emotions. PE helped me too understand even though the mind is powerful the spirit of God can overrule your mind. I think this sermon can relate to the Healthy and Deliverance point for NRTC. In order to change your actions you have to renew your mind as PE says. Every day I am learning about my identity in Christ. At our CG we go over the identities that confirm who we are in the Lord. The Devil not only wants to attack our mind but our identity too. We lack nothing with God by our side.

  117. Brittany Mickell says:

    This message speaks on our journey to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. I wholeheartedly receive this message. To use our God-given authority to live our lives with a sound mind. Shifting our focus and our mind to what God has given us access to. To remember who we are and our true identity and not live a defeated life, but a life full of power and all of treasures unimaginable.

  118. Serving on the Melbourne church plant has been the most effective (but hard) way to truly apply the key points in this message. When I first heard this while doing NRTC in Korea, I was challenged but didn’t really apply it fully. It’s easy to still hide in the big crowd and only ‘shift’ to a 80-90% level. When there is no crowd, and there’s less than 10 people, there’s absolutely no option but to shift in your mind and your spirit to worship God. The effects of a half-hearted worship are catastrophic and it fully affects the others who come out to our CGs and Sundays. When we as a team, and I as an individual have been able to find the next gear and fully access the spiritual resources, the power of God is so easily manifested.

  119. Julian Cheung says:

    After hearing this message and re-reading Romans 8 I felt a resonance that this was the word of God for me right now. The mind has control over whether you put your faith in the spirit or the flesh. Even when you are tired, sick, discouraged, declaring the truth of God in the Spirit will overcome these obstacles. Through the Spirit we lack nothing and are no longer victims to our sinful flesh.

  120. Lindsay Costello says:

    I wish I would have listened to this several weeks ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, energy and an emotional rollercoaster. I had never thought before about God lacking nothing and possessing everything and how we in turn possess everything when we walk in the spirit. It’s amazing how much freedom we have in Christ when we shift into the spirit, and put our faith in him. I was reading and mediating on proverbs 26:20 says, “ Without wood, a fire goes out” and it goes directly with what Erin talked about when she said not to entertaining lies or fear. “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give your authority to”. It is so interesting how shifting into the spirit changes our perspective and safeguards our peace and joy, regardless of our circumstances.

  121. Yoon Han says:

    PE mentions that “we do not need to teach a baby how to disobey. We teach them to obey” suggests our hearts and ‘flesh’ we have as humans and the struggles we go through to live in the spirit. I feel like we live our lives in the flesh because it feels normal and comfortable, no challenges since you do everything your way but this ALWAYS leads to dissatisfaction. You get burnt out, tired, sick of people, not motivated, do not have the power to believe.. It’s a scary state to be in. I’ve personally experienced my low points in life where whatever I did, I was dissatisfied. I wasn’t thankful of my situation in life and wanted to seek for more but didn’t have the energy to believe any further. However, I saw power within particular members of NPC. PC and PE set examples of living in the spirit and was encouraged that I could have that too. That spirit that they carry, the boldness and warrior-like authority. I also saw a NBA basketball player, Stephen Curry as a role model where he had a unique character, skills and approach to the game. He said bold quotes as a Christian like, “There’s more to me than just this jersey I wear, and that’s Christ living inside of me”. The boldness and courage to stick to the word, was what attracted me to keep attending church and seek stronger faith in Christ.

    I definitely agree that the mind is so powerful and the devil can tap in and create many distractions to make me confused and skeptical. However, aligning my faith in Christ and believing that I have the spirit within me, I CHOOSE to see the light with the darkness around me and that the light will be brighter in darkness and that it is a good thing. I used to listen to motivational speakers around the world, seeking for growth in my life. Listening to so many messages, I found the correlation with all these speakers that they would address ‘success’ principles which was very similar to the Bible teachings. I felt like it was a replica of the words in the Bible and it had power in moving people to grow, get inspired and change their state of mind straight away. I tried this approach and was burnt out rather quickly and eventually saw no hope.

    Now, walking in faith, trying to walk in faith, gives me a new perspective in life. I believe that the spirit dwells within me and I can live out my life here on earth with no fear. That “I can do all things through Christ” another quote Stephen Curry uses. I will be getting baptized next Sunday at the beach in Sydney and this would be an amazing experience for me. Knowing the meaning of baptism before proceeding is powerful, that we “Die to our flesh and in the spirit we are reborn”. It’s an exciting journey I am looking forward to.

  122. Grace Cho says:

    Wow this was such a relevant message to me in both my current circumstances and my life so far. From this message I learned that I need to shift in the Spirit by the renewal of my mind and believe that the rest will circumstantially follow, because the mind is the controller as in the centipede game. I want to see the transformation that this mindset will bring in my life and to claim my identity in Christ in every circumstance and relationship and I want to grow in my hunger for this transformation.

    Don’t let devil touch your joy – this is a challenge to me and it struck a chord in me when Ps Erin said we give way too much authority to our circumstances, physical bodies, emotions. Because of this I have been prone to believing the lies of the devil and being robbed of the fruit that I can enjoy in everything in the Spirit because everything belongs to God. “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to” – this was profound for me. I realise I need to give authority to the Word of God. I am a victorious one and I’m not a victim, I believe this and claim my identity in Christ!

  123. This sermon reveals how true transformations start with the renewing of the mind and how in the spirit we can be born again. PE explains how our mind is the cause for perceiving truth. Being a melancholic I always find this to be true, and the battle to conquer my old nature of fleshly desires with the new nature of the spirit is extremely challenging. Everyday, our minds are constantly attacked by exterior worldly things. Advertisements, the status quo and interior things such as our past and rooted traditions are just some of a few that inevitably shape the way we think and do. The devil is without a doubt trying to rob us of our inheritance and joy just as PE mentions. It is crucial for us to shift in these times to prevent us falling into mental bondage.

    I have gained a better understanding about how the spirit works, for when we are in touch with the spirit there is no distance. This gives me greater faith to conquer the thoughts in my mind by myself without having to wait for other things. This is powerful because if I am able to conquer the thoughts in my mind and claim what is the truth, i will have control over my circumstances. PE helps me to see this by explaining how our minds, emotions and circumstances are intertwined. One is affected and responds to the other. I hope to implement these practices in my mind to every thought that comes through. To keep in step with the spirit is to gain life and peace.

  124. joshua kim says:

    this message helped to me to know how important of transforming my mind is. I was struggling and fighting to be Christ like person. It’s been so hard and sometimes very discouraging but I now understand that I need to change my mind first. Thank you Pastor Erin

  125. I agree with PE on how the mind affects our physical body. My body has been controlling my mind and blocking me to not see my circumstances in the spirit. I’ve been living in the flesh not in the spirit. But if I really know who Jesus is, who I am in Christ then I would know that my physical body could not stop me.

    This message reminded me the the importance of changing my mind and true identity in Christ, and encouraged me to change my mindset again.

  126. Michelle Hwang says:

    This was a really powerful message. “True transformation starts with your mind”. Changing my external responses to situations, or external reactions has not been a struggle for me. I felt that once I changed externally, it would soon form into a habit and my internal responses would follow. But this was never sustainable and it meant that I was staying in the flesh. Just because I was not outwardly displaying anger, bitterness or unforgiveness, it didn’t mean that these things were not manifesting internally. I continued to live in the flesh, but just became better at hiding it. So this message really was powerful – that living in my flesh is believing in the devil more than the spirit, and being in the flesh is not who you are as a Christian. We need to claim out identity in the spirit.

    I think I also struggle with forgiveness because I am constantly waiting on someone else to change. My forgiveness does not come from overflow or love, it is contingent on change in the other person. This stubbornness was challenged when PE said that your mind needs to change first – you need to claim things that may not look true at all and believe it. You need to declare it and believe for it, you need to act according to that and then you are able to witness change. I have no put this into practice and so this was quite a revelation for me and something that I really think will instigate powerful growth and change in my life.

    Finally – what you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to. I think I have meditated and believed in a lot of lies that have spoken over my life and I really have given authority to that. I have let such lies define my character, define my identity and define who I am – regardless of what my spirit was telling me. Shifting in the spirit and not believing in lies or my circumstances is something necessary for my spiritual growth and imperative to fulfil my calling. This was a powerful message that really was relevant to so many aspects of my life.

  127. Myko Okada says:

    Shifting into the spirit was not easy for me during my younger years, however as I get to know the Lord,and submit everything to Him. It felt like I was never the same again.Sometimes I follow my emotions over wisdom and the holy spirit that dwells in me. Everyday is a battlefield inside my mind and heart. This sermon is a great reminder on focusing on the spirit and turning back to sin.Focusing on God’s words and truth should be applied all the time, since we are members of the body of Christ.I had really bad eating habits before. It has been a struggle to shift my mind when it comes to discipline in food. Through God’s grace,I overcame excuses and started to eat healthy. His promises made me whole, well and enables me to stay away from fleshy ways. Now, my mind is set to just worship and giving glory to my heavenly Father.

  128. Kathleen An says:

    Mann, this message is so powerful! Shifting into the Spirit means focusing on the truth of who we are and possessing the very things of God. Sometimes we need to step out of the discouragement of our situation and shift our minds into the Spirit. Pastor Erin’s own example of when she took over Emmaus Campus Ministry is such an encouragement. It is not about our past experience or what the world calls us, but it’s by the Spirit that we can really see God move in wonders and power.

  129. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    This is an incredible sermon. In particular, it challenged me to review my mindset in all the areas PE mentions – identity, relationships and circumstance. It challenged me to realise the truths of God in all three areas. It was particularly refreshing to hear that your emotions (and eventually your circumstance) will follow what you believe with your mind and in the Spirit.

    It was also a great reminder that Satan will do anything to try and lead your mind to believe in the lies he creates, and ultimately that is what he targets. It challenged me and re-awakened me to the spiritual truth that we must learn to shift out of the lies and into God’s truths, not just once but everyday.

    It will be a continuous but joyful challenge to proclaim and claim things in the Spirit, and to live by it despite the challenges of the world.

  130. David Chong says:

    The internal principle of flesh that is in rebellion against God is innate in everyone.
    God lacks nothing, he possesses everything. Therefore, in the spirit we possess everything.

    It starts with the mind, in deciding what’s true.

    So something like seeking the peace of God while remaining in the flesh just isn’t going to happen. This really spoke to me because I’ve struggled with this exact thing and have often felt like the peace was just not flowing in. A practical conviction I felt was to simply read more of the Word in situations like this to remind myself of the truth.

    Shifting into the Spirit is not just positive thinking but claiming our identity in the spirit. It’s knowing who I really am. That I am a son of God and that I’m not in lack of anything because the one who lacks nothing has given me His Holy Spirit.

    I agree with PE that it can be all too easy to depend on a leader or pastor to almost be the catalyst for us being able to shift in the spirit. But we have access to our spiritual parents/mentors in the spirit. Simply in the truth that being part of a covenant community like New Philly means that I’m covered and loved by my spiritual parents/mentors.

    An in regards to circumstances, it ultimately boils down to trusting in God’s goodness and walking that trust out knowing that nd that through all things He is working for my good.

  131. Jennifer Choi says:

    Spiritual warfare is real! Living in the flesh is the “constant rebellion toward the Lord”. When we are in the Spirit (out new nature), we are constantly fighting our flesh, our old nature. I have a choice to live in either. When P.E talked about the mind being the control center, I laughed because it is true. The problem is that, while I was growing in my walk with the Lord, I had my mind set on the flesh. I love being in control. My heart and mind were my valuables that I NEVER wanted to give away to anyone. No one. So the concept of setting my mind to someone else’s values and virtues seemed impossible for me. I was constantly “overthinking”, being anxious of minute things. I was constantly depending on my ways to solve situations/circumstances. Then just like PE, God was gracious to teach me with what I love the most: knowledge. In the end, I realized that my own values, virtues or even knowledge is not my identity. It is HIS values and his knowledge that describe who I truly am. Now that I know who I truly am and knowing that I am free from bondage, at peace, I have no choice but to worship Him and faithfully follow Him. That’s where His works are so much more tangible in my life.

  132. Tina Kang - Sydney says:

    Shift shift shift from flesh to spirit. Such a great and powerful word. Thank you PE! Sometimes it’s really hard to shift immediately from flesh to the spirit because it feels so awkward, like I’m faking it. But this word corrected my perspective of what it means to shift from the flesh to the spirit. I am a child of God and God wants me to walk in my true identity all the time. Especially in the times when I feel awkward because those are the times that I’m walking in the flesh.

  133. Martin Kang - Sydney says:

    While listening to this sermon, I couldn’t help but think of the characters from the Shawshank Redemption. Andy never let anything in prison get to his mind – and hope that one day he’ll be free again. Others in the prison had their minds set that they were going to be imprisoned forever. It even leads to one ending his own life after being paroled because he couldn’t get his head around being on the outside.

    And then you took it one step further with shifting to the spirit from the flesh. Many times we’ve had to remind ourselves that what doesn’t seem to work in the world is actually exactly what God wants in the spirit. What you may see as a setback, God sees as a set up. Thanks PE for the word.

  134. Orji Noble says:

    My joy and faith is not tied to my circumstances or physical state (lies of the enemy) but to the truth the word of God.
    When we keep trying to focus our energy in dealing with our problems, struggles and challenges through the physical elements, trying to bring in natural discipline we only end up struggling the more, we end up fluctuating like the electric bulb cause we focus on the outcome leaving the inputs ( things that goes into our minds) which sets our minds on a particular pattern.
    The bible says “guide your heart with all diligence cause out of it flows the issues of life”
    The more i struggle with things I totally forget that “by the arms of flesh shall no man prevail but by the renewal of the mind” so i continue to fight the wrong enemy, the wrong battle (circumstances, outcomes, physical evidence) I keep chasing shadows leaving out the substance which is my mind where everything flows out.
    But if i constantly fill it with the truth then the lies of the enemy will disappear. The i can have victory on every side.

  135. Rochelle Watt says:

    This message was so good! Thank you, PE, for allowing God to speak through you – I was thoroughly blessed!

    First of all, coming from a psychology background, this message definitely reminded me of something that I learned years ago in university and never forgot – the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy. Simply, the self-fulfilling prophesy is a psychological phenomenon in which a person’s thoughts and expectations come true because they act as if it were already true – so they either directly, or indirectly, allow their circumstances to turn out a certain way because they BELIEVE that is the way it’s going to be. But what is awesome is that although social science has tested this phenomenon to be true and has put a name on it, the Bible described it first and we know we can trust in the word of God. In Romans 8, we are told that when our mind is governed by the flesh, that will lead to death, but a mind governed by the Spirit results in life and peace. When we think of ourselves in the flesh and all of our inadequacies, we are filled with fear, doubt, self-pity, depression…everything that leads to emotional, spiritual, and even physical death. But when we think of ourselves according to who God is and in the realm of the spirit, we are filled with hope, healing, deliverance, freedom…everything that leads to life and peace. Furthermore, PE mentioned that once we have our mind set up, everything else will follow – that includes our will, emotions, actions, and words. As we’re reminded in Proverbs 18:21, death and life are in the power of the tongue. Once our mind is set on either the flesh or the spirit, our words will surely follow and we will set ourselves up for either life or death. PE reminds us to CLAIM that we are strong, to DECLARE what we know as true, and to never SAY that we are inadequate. Claiming, declaring, and saying only positive things into our life is only possible if our mind first believes that, and our mind will only believe that if we’re shifted into the spirit.

    Second, I love how she talked about our mind influencing our relationship with others – so absolutely true and relatable. Just today I experienced this because I was upset with someone and felt like a victim. As a result, I allowed my mind to remind me of the ways I believe they had wronged me, I wanted to draw back, and had made the decision that division was the answer. But reflecting back now, I see how my thinking was entirely being led by the flesh because the spirit of God is loving, forgiving, and accepting, not filled with malice, disappoint, or anger. I had wanted to talk to my CG leader about how I was feeling, but I don’t have CG until Saturday, so was I really going to wait a whole week feeling this way before something changed?? Thankfully, I made the decision to shift my thinking at that time instead of waiting to talk to my CG, and so much peace followed. The fact that I went through this just before completing PE’s sermon is such a great reminder that God is real and His word is real and we can lean on it time and time again.

    Finally, I love the example used of Paul in prison. Despite what Paul was going through and his circumstance, he made up his mind to still worship and praise God, and because of that, that’s when his miracle happened. He didn’t wait until he was delivered from prison before singing praises just because he may not have felt like it. Instead, he focussed his spirit on praising God, his emotions followed, and his circumstances changed as a result. If we wait only for our circumstances to change before praising God and aligning out spirit with His, a lot of us will be in “prison” and bondage for a very long time. Everything starts with a shift in our mind, then we must claim it, act accordingly, and watch our circumstances change. This will not always come naturally, but if I’m cognizant of this and make it a daily practice, I believe my life will change tremendously.

  136. Kayla Vezeau says:

    Wow, I have come to learn the importance of our minds and the effect it has on us but PE brought so much more clarity and understanding. We lack nothing but in the spirit we possess everything! I lived most of my life with that defeated mindset, feeling I carried so much lack. Our mind is our control center. So often I feel disconnected because of my flesh. She called out so many truths! If we believe or say we have lack, we are putting more faith in the devil…ouch! If I want to see change happen in the relationships around me as well, my mind needs to change first. Such a powerful message, something I need to really pay attention to! Watching where my mind is being set and learning to shift my mind to the spirit!! Thank you!!

  137. Jin Kim says:

    I am an emotional person so my circumstances cloud my vision from time to time. But when PE described that my joy and faith is not tied to my circumstance, it really woke me up. I felt like I couldn’t take NRTC or other ministries because I was burnt out and didn’t feel like that I was good enough or spiritual enough to serve at a church that is so spirit driven. But hearing this message gave me hope and confidence that God provides all that I need when I tap into the Spirit. I am not lacking, for He is not lacking!! WE ARE VICTORIOUS 

  138. Every part of this message was what I have recently been praying about.
    I’m definitely one of those people who get distracted by whatever falls into my mind and I’m ashamed to say I have believed just about all the negative ones.
    The question where is my mind set? definitely prompted me to think about what I think about and if I’m giving my authority to the flesh or to the spirit.
    I’ve learnt that getting stuck into the word and speaking God’s promises and worth into my life will help me to decipher lies about me the devil has been placing in my mind.
    Wow! such an amazing message. I’ll be taking more notice of where my mind is set and learning to shift it into the spirit.

  139. Sofia Kim says:

    A powerful message today. Shifting to the spirit… it reminded me again to whom I belong and where do I put my trust and identity. In every situation we can decide whether follow what our flesh wants, the old me, or choose to live according to the Spirit and the Word.
    So many times we try to broke any bad habit or thought by just changing from outside by doing more/actions but we will truly be changed if our minds are renewed. The center of control of every action, emotion and thought.We can chose what kind of thoughts(from your new spirit or your old flesh) are we going to give authority in our lives.

  140. Hope Schaeffer says:

    [ For the TL;DR version just skip to the last two paragraphs ]

    I got excited as soon as Pastor Erin mentioned identity. Though I had heard many times that I needed to find my identity in Christ, I had no idea what that meant. Claiming my identity in the fleshly reality of my brokenness was all I knew. Trying to live up to God’s ideal in my own strength while trapped in those lies resulted in an excruciating feeling of being ripped in half at a foundational level.

    Case in point: my attitude toward dealing with personal struggles or difficult circumstances and people has not been one of repentance or confession, but more like, “Okay, God, I don’t actually have a problem. But if you think I have a problem, please slam me with an overwhelming conviction and then immediately heal me. And then I’ll consider submitting to your lead.” In effect, I was locking God of my life so he didn’t have any room in which to work.

    One area God has been highlighting to me is that I need to submit my eating disorder problem to him. It’s unhealthy for my body, but it’s even more destructive to my mind. I used to think self-control meant controlling my flesh with a constant stream of negative thoughts, that I was ugly and didn’t deserve to eat, and that feeling hungry and empty inside was a good way to feel, not something that needed to be filled. But not only do these thoughts conflict with the truth that I am valuable to God and made in his image, when my mind is eaten up with obsessive thoughts I can’t spend time meditating on scripture or in prayer.

    The thing that held me back from trusting God with this was my awareness that in the flesh I have zero self-control. I know from experience that when you try break a habit you have to replace it with something else. I knew I could replace those thoughts with communion with the Holy Spirit, but I was afraid to try that because I thought I had to wait some lengthy amount of time to mature in self-control.

    However, the clear articulation in this sermon that I can and should declare truth over my circumstances and set my eyes on God instead of waiting in the flesh of self-pity and despair for God to show up was amazing to hear! I have heard this concept applied to faith, but it never occurred to me that it applied to self-control! This message helped me realize I don’t have to wait 10 years, hoping I will have matured enough by then to start manifesting fruit, but I have access to my inheritance right now by coming before the throne of grace! Of course this will be something I grow into as I mature in my faith, but I see it now as a process of development instead of waiting for fully grown fruit to suddenly pop out someday. (Which is the essence of the fruit metaphor, I just never got it….)

    Meditating on Hebrews 4:16, I was reminded that the “throne” is a symbol of royalty, which means the grace isn’t “cheap grace” but that gift to me came at a price and is powerful! And the one seated on the throne is King Jesus, also known as the Living Word. So when I declare God’s words of truth over my life and claim them as my inheritance and identity in the spirit of sonship (Romans 8:14-15), even when they don’t align with my emotions or circumstances, those words have power to shift my spirit to align with the Holy Spirit.

  141. Sindy Montgomery says:

    It truly amazes me how God designed and crafted the human soul. From deep within our “minds” we have the ability to create life or bring destruction. Whatever you think in your “mind” directly imparts to your “emotions.” A connection and bond is then crafted with your thoughts and feelings. Once that occurs your “will” lines up to come into agreement. Which leads to your body following the decision made at the onset with your mind. This was such a beautiful image and explanation of why it’s incredibly important to shift your mind in the Spirit. When you allow your flesh reign and authority over your mind, many negative and troubling results build up and display from your thoughts to emotions to will to body. I never thought about it, but the mind can play a huge impact upon your health. Not just physically but emotionally. All I know is that I want to focus my mind on the Spiritso that I may experience LIFE and PEACE.

  142. Kristian Doncillo says:

    What a beautiful message.

    While listening to the podcast, the first thing that stood out to me was around the 5~6 minute mark where Pastor Erin about how often times we are quick to use the excuse of being burnt out. As she had said, when we’re in the spirit, we have access to the infinite resources of God who is never lacking. With that said, to be burnt out is a fleshly mindset and our first instinct is to often draw away from God when what we really need is to draw nearer and realign ourselves with God’s will. I too have felt burnt out at times, but I realize that at those times, I’ve been trying to rely on my own knowledge and abilities, which are finite instead of setting my mind on God who lacks nothing. I had been trying to do things for God instead of doing things with Him in an effort to try and please Him. It is through the spirit that we can tune ourselves with God’s will and never lack.

    As Pastor Erin went on to explain later in the podcast about her experience in Emmaus where she felt inadequate. At times, we set our minds on what our own capabilities and accomplishments. We define ourselves by what we can bring to the table and often have a narrow focus. Sometimes we pre-disqualify ourselves by holding on to our past failures, but God qualifies the chosen, not the other way around. By shifting our mind to the spirit, we can see God’s provision much clearer and find that there is no lack.

    Another thing that Pastor Erin mentioned was when she was explaining her trip back from California and how she sent an email to Pastor Sunny. She said that sometimes, we assume that to shift to the spirit, we need to satisfy the flesh first. In her case, there was the thought (which she quickly dismissed) that once Pastor Sunny replied to the message, she would be able to realign herself with God. In the bible, after Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail, they didn’t complain about their situation but instead went to worshipping God. In their situation, they had every reason to focus on their physical needs for food, healthcare etc. but instead chose to worship God despite the situation. What all this essentially means is that we don’t need a trigger or an event to push us to shift to the spirit. It’s rather an active decision that despite any situation, we can align ourselves with God’s will and place our trust in Him who is bigger than any of our situation. We have to come to the end of ourselves and lay everything before God; die to our flesh, live through the spirit.

    As I was about to close the podcast thinking it had finished, Pastor Erin made a statement about this generation not being a faithless one, but rather one with faith in the wrong things. We put our faith in our situations, relationships etc. Often times, we see the bigness of our situation and our lack, but fail to see the bigness of our God over our lives. It is important that we put our faith in God, for nothing is impossible for Him.

  143. Diana Park says:

    In the past, I’ve experienced the power of shifting in the spirit and this sermon was a wake up call to start declaring truth over my emotions and circumstances again. When Pastor Erin pointed out “living according to the flesh is putting more faith in the devil,” I felt conviction about areas of my life where I haven’t been shifting in the spirit. It makes sense that the devil attacks our mind that’s closely linked to our emotion and will. When our mind is deceived, our abilities to feel and make decisions become paralyzed; as a result, we give into the lies instead of fighting against them.

    Pastor Erin sharing about how she chose to shift in the spirit even before Pastor Sunhee responded to her email reminded me of the passage about the 10 lepers in Luke 17:11-14. Even before they saw signs of healing, Jesus commanded them to check their healing with the priest; as they were walking, they were instantly healed. In the same way, I loved PE’s example of Paul and Silas worshipping God in prison despite their dire circumstance. This revealed their courage and faith to shift out of the flesh and into the spirit.

    I sometimes find myself getting so caught up in my negative circumstances and emotions that I’m blind to the deception. I let my flesh overrule the spirit in me. This sermon was a much needed reminder of the authority I have as a child of God to speak truth out of any situation into victory.

  144. Christine Kwon says:

    This message helped me better understand the power of the mind and the role I can and need to play in directing my mind to the things of the spirit. I think because I’m so used to letting myself just unconsciously accept and latch onto whatever thoughts or emotions “naturally” arise, I downplay my capacity to influence and control my own mind. In that sense, at times I do give a lot of “authority,” as Pastor Erin said, to my thoughts and feelings, more than to the word of God. I’ve often felt helpless to “shake off” negative or defeating thoughts and emotions, but I’m realizing that I’m not helpless at all. I can decide where to set my mind. It’s not only possible for me to live by the new nature, it’s actually God’s will for me to live it out more and more.

    What this message made really clear for me, though, is that in order for me to live by the spirit, and shift from the flesh to the spirit, I really need to know the truth—the truth of God as communicated in the word of God. In order for me to distinguish the truth from lies, and set my mind on it, claim it, believe for it, and act according to it, I need to know what it is first. I need to know “who God is and who that makes me,” as Pastor Erin said, because living by the spirit is living in accordance with the answers to these questions. I know it’ll be a process to grow in this knowledge, and yes, God’s already teaching me so much, but I am challenged to study more diligently and meditate more deeply on God’s character and on my identities in Christ, so that God can root me more firmly and I can “shift” into truth with greater confidence and clarity. I also feel challenged to hold onto the truths my leaders speak into my life and to regard their wisdom, covering, and love as things I have access to in the spirit, as Pastor Erin shared. This is something I didn’t know I could do, but it’s a perspective that blesses me, because it helps me appreciate that living by the spirit doesn’t have to be something I do alone.

    I know it won’t necessarily be easy to claim and declare things that don’t look or feel true. The more I think about it (and try to do it), the more I realize what a radical thing that is, and what kind of faith it requires. But this message has encouraged me to be more active about setting my mind on the things of the spirit, and to be expectant and hopeful that this is the way to invite God’s supernatural power into my life, to renew my mind, set me free, and transform me into His image.

  145. Seojung Ha says:

    This is the one sermon that I need to keep in me everyday and wherever I go!
    It is so easy to be shifted by our flesh every minute of our lives and it can be so dangerous. This sermon is just what I needed lately. Now I remind myself everyday to set my mind on the spirit and it gives me so much peace in my heart.

    I also loved the beginning when PE said God gives freely and He doesn’t lack anything. I’ve seen so many people get burnt out from working/serving at church and it is very discouraging and sad. When I become a leader at NP, I hope this is the mindset that I can possess everything and not be burnt out.

  146. Ryan Vogel says:

    Set your minds on the things of the Spirit and not on the things of the flesh. This is a daily battle we have to pay close attention to.

    What we allow our minds to believe is what we give our authority too. And far to often we give that authority to our circumstances, our physical bodies or our feelings. Therefore, we must fight this weak temptation and put on the mind of Christ Jesus.

    • Ryan Vogel says:

      Shifting into the spirit is not just a change in feeling, but a change in mindset. When one shifts into the Spirit, they are making a decision to deny the flesh and walk in the truth and freedom that Christ has given us through His Holy Spirit. When we receive the Holy Spirit we have the ability to follow it unlike before. However, we have to follow it! God isn’t going to force us to consciously walk in the Spirit. That is a daily decision we must make for ourselves!

  147. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    That was a powerful message and a timely one too. I’ve been feeling so much lack recently; lack of confidence in this NRTC process, lack in motivation, in strength and often discouraged by my circumstances. But I’ve learnt to see all these as lies and to shift my mind out of my flesh but into the spirit.
    “True transformation begins with the renewal of the mind.” I learnt that I’ve got a choice when it comes to dealing with difficult circumstances. I can dwell in self-pity and do nothing or I can shift my mind into the spirit and let the truth of the word of God be my source of joy, strength and motivation. I possess everything for my God lacks nothing.

  148. This is a summary of Pastor Erin’s sermon on Shifting Into the Spirit. PE begins by reading Romans 8 and she explains what Paul describes as the flesh, or sin nature. It is the realm of sin’s operation. This sin nature or behavior is naturally within us; we are born with it. She contrasts it with the new nature, which is the Spirit. This is the original form that God has called us to be in. When we are in the Spirit, we possess everything. It is impossible for us to be burnt out because God does not burn out. God never grows weary and never needs to rest. When we are in the Spirit we have access to that same power. When we want to throw in the towel we are in the flesh. God calls us to live in the spirit, but often times our minds get in the way.

    The Bible mentions that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. In Romans 8:5 it says that when we are in the flesh we set our minds on the things of the flesh and when are are in the Spirit we set our minds on the things of the Spirit. In order for us to get in the Spirit we need to shift our mentality. When we are sick if we think we are sick then we stay sick. But when we tell ourselves we are not sick, we will get better. When we allow the mind to follow flesh, it leads to death. But when we allow the mind to follow the Spirit, we experience peace. We can’t just experience peace without doing anything. First we need to shift our mind, then we will experience life and peace. When we don’t shift we put less faith on the redeeming power of Jesus and more faith in the devil.

    True transformation starts with the mind. It does not start from our actions. That is a surface change. The change has to be from the inside out, not outside in. In order to do this we need to claim our identity in the Spirit. We cannot call ourselves inadequate because those are lies. We undermine the power of God and give into the power of the devil. As believers we need to encourage each other and we need to surround ourselves with people who speak truth into us. We need to know that we have access to the Spirit. Access to the spirit all the time. PE gives an example of where she needed some guidance from her leader. But rather than waiting she immediately shifted her thoughts and she was able to go back into the Spirit. She didn’t have to wait for them in order to shift. We also do not need to wait for people to speak into our lives. We just need to shift our mentality. We don’t need to be right next to our leaders all the time to access the Spirit. In the Spirit, there is no distance. Before we shift into the Spirit we always make the excuse that we need to be satisfied in the flesh. We usually wait until we get a response right away until we shift, but that is the wrong way of doing it. As PE mentioned, even if we don’t get a response at all from our leaders we are always fully covered. We always have full access to their wisdom. But what happens when we shift?

    Once we change our mind, our emotions follow. We should not let our emotions dictate our mind. We can’t wait until our friend, mother, or boss changes. Our mind needs to change first. This also applies to our circumstances. We should not wait until our circumstances change to find the peace of God. Sometimes we go into a bad situation and we have a choice to either believe that our day is ruined or believe that it is going to be Good. When we believe the former it has long term implications, we can even make our day worse by acting out of bitterness and anger towards others. When we believe the latter, we don’t let the devil touch our joy. Even if we lose our wallet or money we need tell ourselves we are rich in the Spirit. Because we will get that back and even more. We don’t need to waste time being bitter and angry.

    PE mentions a good example of this in the Bible. When Paul and Silas are in prison. They were beaten and imprisoned wrongfully. They had every right to get emotional and angry. Rather they chose to praise God. Most likely they didn’t just start singing praises right away. They had to actively fight their feelings of being defeated and hurt to move into the Spirit. They probably started bitter and then along the way their emotions started to follow. The same happens to us; when we go to church bitter, while we are singing we shift into the spirit. But often times we tend to wallow in our pity. That is not where God calls us to be. We get the miracle when we shift our mind.

    • Wow what a powerful word! As of recent, I’ve been experiencing a lot of seasonal colds and can relate firsthand to what pastor Erin is preaching on regarding the mind. It’s crazy to think of how much authority I find myself giving to my circumstances as well as the current state of my health. The mind is the control centre, what it decides determines everything else. Change really does begin with the mind. I’ve been encouraged to not give so much authority to my circumstances and emotions and let my mind be transformed.

  149. Sarang Park says:

    Self-control, especially over my actions and emotions, has been something that I’ve been trying to get a hold of in the past few weeks. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve been feeling so tired and lacking in everything. So this sermon was greatly encouraging as it reminded me of why I need to set my mind on the things of the spirit.

    When Pastor Erin said, “You do not get set free by staying in sinful nature… You do not need to satisfy your flesh in order to shift in the spirit,” I found myself nodding in understanding and agreement. Just because I don’t “feel” like it doesn’t mean that I can’t. Which goes to show that sometimes emotions are overrated. Not to say that emotions don’t matter – but I have learned that giving whatever I’m going through to God, resting in His presence, and trusting that there is no lack is a cultivation of increased faith.

    Whatever I may be going through, whatever I may be feeling or doing wrong, I know I can stand victorious because I claim my identity, relationships, and circumstances in the Spirit. And knowing that I am fully covered by those who are wiser than i am strengthens my resolve to protect my faith and to remain in the spirit.

  150. Daniel Lee says:

    I’ve begun working through a bible study on Proverbs, and I’ve been sort of stuck on chapter 3 for a few days now. This morning in particular, I kept thinking of verse 5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

    The part that kept coming back to me was, “but how do I acknowledge Him?” I can see now how when we declare truth and overcome the lie, when we choose trust and refute faithlessness that comes from our flesh and our own understanding, we are acknowledging God and His promises over us.

  151. Shift into the Spirit. I never felt like I was anywhere near the Spirit until quite recently after I came to New Philly and started trying to make authentic connections with people there. I like sitting in the back aisle as Pastor Erin did. It feels safer. Last Sunday I was ushered into a more middle row, which I accepted. I even went up for an altar call which I would never have imagined doing previously. I didn’t even know what an altar call was before my CG Leader Lee explained it to me last week. So I definitely feel like I’m making baby steps to shift into the Spirit, but I also feel my mind is constantly struggling with itself. It is torn between the flesh and the Spirit. It wants to be good and with the Spirit, but at the same time has a liking for an Earthly fleshy type of existence.

    Pastor Lee mentioned going to CA and coming back excited to share with her husband but finding herself at a different place as him causing her to feel distant spiritually from him. My wife mentioned from time to time how she can’t share the biggest part of herself with me-her spiritual life-since I was not a Christian myself. She felt a gaping void between us. I am starting the understand what she meant.

    Although I think it’s a constant struggle, I desire deep down to shift completely into the Spirit and connect with my wife on a deeply intimate level. Then we can one. I am currently reading the book of John and it mentions uniting and becoming one a whole lot. I now know this is what marriage was designed for.

  152. Tom Lim says:

    After listening to the sermon, shifting into the spirit sounds something that needs to be done multiple times a day. Choosing what what of thoughts will fill our mind, discerning which is a spiritual thought and which is a fleshly thought, is crucial. it wasn’t mentioned in the sermon, but during the sermon i thought that to carry out what PE was saying, i need to be sunk into the word to pick out the fleshly thought. i related to PE’s mentioning about waiting an email from her spiritual parents for an event to shift her mind instead of believing in the truth and snapping out right away. I don’t need to wait for something to happen to save myself out. it is a choice that can be made now.

  153. Chai Kim says:

    Romans 8:5 says “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit.”
    Pastor Erin’s message is always powerful! We don’t need to wait until a supernatural miracle comes to our life in order to live according to spirit; however, we just need to shift our mind to spirit. This part of the sermon touched my heart so powerfully! No matter what circumstances that I am facing with, if I shift my mindset from flesh to spirit, then I get to live my life in spirit.
    I have had looked forward to having a breakthrough in this season of my life to get out of my sinful nature, the old nature. I was only longing for a supernatural experience or miracle that can get me out of the issues that I am dealing with. Then I always have believed in lies and deceptions of the enemy and meditated on those thoughts, and I have complained or been disappointed by that nothing happens in my life, saying there is no breakthrough or no supernatural shift in my life!
    I realized while listening to this sermon that I don’t have to wait for that supernatural miracle or breakthrough. I just need to shift my mindset! It is that simple. I need to declare that the enemy cannot hold me back by making me believe in lies and taking joy and thankfulness away from me.
    I need to declare in every moment of my life that I believe in truth of God’s words and God’s promises toward me, and I lack nothing, and I possess everything in spirit regardless of my circumstances. I need to shift my mind to spirit! Then, there is no need for me to wait until something happens in my life, but I just automatically get to live my life according to spirit.

  154. David Albano says:

    It’s a fresh feeling when we are reminded that God has called us to be in his image. We lack nothing because God has given us everything. I enjoyed hearing that Pastor Erin spoke about how we use the excuse of being ‘burnt out’. It is a pour excuse and I definitely agree that God has everything we need. We can truly live for him in every moment and it’s about learning to do that more every day. Every time I’m lazy I’m compromising and I know that God can give me the strength to keep going. Refreshing to hear indeed.
    When I listen to Pastor Erins story about her past relationship I can relate. My mind has been trapped and deceived by the enemy and thanks to prayer, God has set me free. I want to understand Gods words more so I can take hold off my old self thoughts and control my mind with the spirit. Follow the Lord and have faith and trust in his words. I no longer want to have more faith in the wrong side. She is very correct when she talks about changing your mind in the ways of the lord than rather changing your actions. Changing from the inside to the outside.
    “Being in the flesh is not who you are”. I totally agree and I believing that truth alone will change everything. I think shifting into the spirit is a great thing to understand and I think it’s a daily reminder we have to do every day. Thinking in the flesh is a dangerous road.
    This is definitely a good message and ‘shifting into the spirit’ is the most powerful thing you can do and advice you can get. We got to stop wallowing in self pity and step into what God has for us.

  155. InnGee Kim says:

    The sermon made me realize how much power we can receive if we tap into the Spirit. I’m excited to learn more about how to shift into the Spirit.

    I was really happy when Pastor Erin emphasized how our emotions and actions follow the mind. I was trying to explain this to a friend but couldn’t find the words to do so. After hearing this sermon, I think I am more equipped to explain how important it is to shift your mind before seeking change in actions.

  156. Anna Suber says:

    I actually got to experience this message first hand today. Earlier this morning, after hearing the sermon, I felt PE was speaking to me. I was to rise up and take what she said and apply it to my walk with God. As I was listening, This morning, I had all these great comments I was going write down, like, “Our mind set is crucial in our transformation of our mind. How fragile our mind can be when we accept lies as our truth. Once we accept these lies, its hard to come out of this hole of deception we have placed our selves in. If we just focus on God’s truth and the purpose of the cross, then we are made full in Him. He have the truth of love and grace that can speak volumes of truth in our lives. I need to practice shifting into the mindset of freedom he has already given to me SO THAT I can stand up and fulfil a core value in the church (and to bring freedom to the captives.) If I don’t truly understand that, then how can I be a leader to someone else.”

    Later that night, I felt attacked in the spirit. I was believing the lies of the enemy and instead of calling on the Lord’s truth for my life….declaring life and His promises, I began to believe the enemy’s attacks. I began to feel cowardly and fearful. It was crippling how quickly I was to declare the Lord’s goodness, and wanting to PRACTICE shifting into the spirit BUT when the time came to SHIFT…I didn’t believe God would save me. I didn’t want to focus on his goodness and the freedom we have in him. It’s because I don’t truly know how free I am when I shift my mindset into the spirit. This message really opened my mind, heart and spirit to what I need to feed. I need to much guidance and prayer in order to defeat this victim mentality when seemly LARGE attacks come my way. I look forward to this spiritual strengthening!

  157. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    This is a very timely message for me as I realized just how much authority I have been giving to my emotions recently. I have to try so hard to come out of the lows and was very disappointed with myself as the countless efforts to change my attitude have gone to waste but NOW I KNOW WHY. Because well, the transformation doesn’t start from the outside but it starts from the renewal of our mind, as PE wonderfully put it. I cannot imagine just how powerful I am in the Spirit if I do shift into the spirit in any circumstances. I want to live a victorious life and first I have shift my mindset. Lacking to abundance; anxious to bold; insignificant to important; I can’t do no more to I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. All of these are actually possible with just a shift in the spirit. I have to stop letting the devil touch my joy.

  158. Tanisha Cosby says:

    I know that this sounds so cliche, but this message is exactly what I needed to hear. I was so caught up in believing that I was inadequate to be taking leadership training or to become a leader in the house. After listening to this message and really meditating on PE’s words,I can see that I was walking in the flesh and not in the spirit. If I am in the Spirit, then I lack nothing and possess everything! I really like how PE calls the mind the “control center” and how we have the choice to set our minds on the things of the flesh or to set it on things of the Spirit. I can now clearly understand the importance of Proverbs 23:7 and how important it is to protect my mind and heart from carnal thinking.This sermon actually caused me to crack open a book that I’ve had for some time now called, Think like God, by Warren Hunter. He also talks about the realms of thinking and how our thinking can no longer remain in the natural realm when our spirits have been lifted into the supernatural realm. Thank you for the awesome word PE!

  159. This is hyun jung from busan campus. I felt this sermon really speaks the truth about being a christian. Shifting into the spirit allows me to rely on God’s grace not my circumstances or conditions. And what spoke to me about this sermon was that it is our mind that really needs taking care of. When we change our mind and shift it into the spirit, there is no stopping us. When we do not guard our mindn we might think in the flesh and that is agonizing for us. I am starting to think and lead my life in spiritn declaring i lack nothing and god will provide everything I need to get the job done.

  160. Daniel Lee says:

    Shifting in the spirit it’s about knowing who’s in control. It’s realizing that often times we are playing a game of caterpillar without being the one making the actual decision, and then trying to figure out who’s at the head of that caterpillar, my sinful nature or Jesus. Then if I’m being in the sinful nature it’s about disconnecting from the flesh and reconnecting to the headship and lordship of Jesus Christ. It’s also about staying in the covering of your spiritual authorities within the church. That’s the basics, but the result is that it’s looking beyond the circumstances and having my entire perspective change based on knowing the truth.

  161. Pastor Erin’s sermon discusses the importance of our need to shift into the spirit. The spirit represents our new nature, that which was our original form created in God’s image and the flesh represents our previous nature before we were saved. Those who live according to the spirit are transformed by the renewing of their mind.It is a position they are able to shift into, rather than staying in the flesh ( the old nature ). When we focus on the flesh we are basically saying we put more trust in satan than God. What stood out to me was when pastor Erin mentioned that when we shift into the spirit we are actually preventing the devil from stealing our joy! It’s like beating the devil to his punch line. If we want to get set free, we don’t need to wait on a certain circumstance or wait for a person to give us a word to set us free. We have full access to freedom by shifting out of the flesh and into the spirit. There is power when we operate out of the spirit.

  162. InnGee Kim says:

    Pastor Erin preached about how to live according to the Spirit and not the flesh. She first explained that “flesh” does not mean our physical flesh but our sinful nature. Though there is an internal principle in us that is in rebellion against God, being in the Spirit helps us shift into our new nature. Pastor Erin emphasized the importance of shifting our minds when trying to shift into the Spirit since the mind is the control center. This is why the devil tries to attack our minds. Pastor Erin then highlighted the need to shift into to Spirit when it comes to our relationships. If we want our relationships to change, we can’t wait for our circumstances to change. We need to claim Biblical truths that might not seem a reality at the moment. Pastor Erin also stressed the need to shift into the Spirit in relation to our circumstances. We can’t let circumstsnces steal our joy. Listening to how Paul probably had to fight the flesh to shift into the Spirit while he was imprisoned helped me understand that even Paul probably struggled to remain in the Spirit. The sermon made me realize how much power we can receive if we tap into the Spirit. I’m excited to learn more about how to shift into the Spirit.

    I was really happy when Pastor Erin emphasized how our emotions and actions follow the mind. I was trying to explain this to a friend but couldn’t find the words to do so. After hearing this sermon, I think I am more equipped to explain how important it is to shift your mind before seeking change in actions.

  163. Yongchan Kim says:

    I am so thankful to have listened to Pastor Erin’s sermon. This sermon has been a huge eye opener as it pinpointed out the things that I’ve always been struggling with. I have always believed that God will be there for me in my needs and I have always looked for the supernatural, but I was placing my faith on the wrong things. I was living in the flesh. I have always been cautious in practising my faith and I always believed that I wasn’t ready to fully commit to God as I lacked knowledge and was spiritually weak. I know that God has given me everything I need so I just need to shift my mindset and operate in the spirit.

  164. Young Cho says:

    Pastor Erin’s sermon has spoken into my life at the best time. I am very thankful that the Holy Spirit has delivered this message through P.E and re-enforcing the power of our mind and the spirit. I’ve been going through some transitions in my life, new job, entering marriage life and spiritually it has been quite a challenge for me during the past few weeks. I could see myself slowly living in the mind of the flesh and practising habits of my old self. I fight through the lies on a daily basis. And I know it’s the devil telling me that I’m not good enough and that I’m not perfect enough. I KNOW it’s the devil because God reminds me through people that I am perfect as I am. I know that this is the utmost fault in me that I have to overcome and the mountain that I need to climb to get even closer to God. I’ve been struggling with self doubt and always played the victim card, and subconsciously wanted the flesh to be satisfied. But when P.E said “God NEVER burns out, and not to believe in the lies”, I felt convicted and realised that my mind was in control and was living in the flesh all along. I KNOW that the joy and the freedom will follow when we act in accordance with the spirit and I know this is something I need to constantly remind myself to be a faithful daughter and wife in life! I’m feeling very positive about living in truth and ready to shift into the spirit! God is Good!!!

  165. Jason Jung says:

    This sermon was exactly what I needed to hear and I know that God’s timing is always perfect.
    “The flesh does not need to be satisfied before you shift into the spirit”. This one statement that PE made summarized my spiritual walk for the past couple of years. I was constantly reaching out to God but I never experienced any growth and I never felt fully satisfied.I would drift further and further away from Him and I started to get feelings of inadequacy. I wondered why I wasn’t making progress and why I never felt satisfied and now I know it’s because I was living in the flesh and falling deeper into the lies of the enemy. The whole idea of how we should shift into the spirit by first taking control of our mind is so empowering and liberating. I feel like this message freed the power that the enemy had been holding over me. I will always keep this message in my heart and when I sense myself stumbling and reverting back to old ways, I will shift into the spirit.

  166. Grace Lee says:

    Pastor Erin’s sermon has made me realise many things about myself and the way I have been living my life. I’ve always believed that my faith in God was strong and that every emotion, every feeling I felt was because God had a reason to make me feel that way. My mind was taken over and I was feeling pity towards myself, that I was an inadequate christian because I had sinned way too much and that maybe God needed a break from me because I was hard work…I would compare myself to others and question what they’re doing right and what I’m doing wrong; basically an insecure relationship with God. It was a vicious emotional and psychological cycle and I would try harder and harder every time to be more pleasing in the eyes of God but nothing ever really changed. But come to think of it now, I was living in the flesh. I was trying to do everything in my own power and go by the way I thought was the right way when it wasn’t because I was living in the flesh. Through this sermon, I have learnt that all I need to do is shift into the spirit, allow the spirit to take the lead, allowing God to direct me in every way of life. In doing so, I believe that the mindset through the spirit will ultimately strengthen me through my times of weakness and bring joy in times of sadness.

  167. Danny Fung says:

    This sermon reminds me of my journey to Christ. Before Christ, my mind was set on the flesh and was hostile to God. I was arrogant thinking that I had everything I need in the flesh. It is so true that living in the flesh stopped me from being able to submit to God and led me towards a path of Sin.

    I remember when PP sat down with me to talk about Christ and spirituality, I was faced with the decision whether to stay living in the flesh or to shift in the spirit. It was my mind that was stopping me from accepting Christ because it was set in flesh. When I shifted into the spirit, I realised that I already had everything that I needed to put my trust in the Lord. I had been putting my faith in the wrong things and that made me sceptical and hostile to the word of the Lord.

    I was waiting to wait for my flesh to experience the supernatural before I was was ready to shift. This sermon reminded the that you need to shift into the spirit before you are able to tap into the supernatural because the word is truth an the word always remains. We do not need a response first before we shift. We need to shift before we get a response!

  168. Alyssa Fung says:

    When I first got to know God 3 years ago, I was hungry for more of God’s word. I was growing with God exponentially for the first 1.5 years. However, I started to get comfortable with where I was at. My growth with God plateaued and possibly started going downhill for the next year. I found myself making excuses for not having time to read the bible and not taking the initiative to meditate on His word. I was living in the flesh. In January 2016, I realized that I was being rebellious against God. I was not growing and not maturing right as a christian. I was in a CG with mostly leaders and I saw the difference between a leader and a member. And that was when I started getting curious about nrtc. I wanted to set my mind on the things of God. I wanted to grow my faith in God. It is important to continue to set our mind in the spirit and pursue God with all my heart even in times of hardship.

  169. Sooji Skye Kim says:

    Thank you PE for such a powerful message. I have learnt that shifting into the spirit is not just a change in emotions, but a change in thoughts and mindset. Growing steadily in my relationship with God and as my hunger for God increases, I feel HS speaking to me in my life through situations and people never like before. It really excites me and sustains my spirit even through seasons of difficulties and hardships. I will pursue to grow deeper and become more sensitive towards HS to continue walk in the spirit.

  170. Mike Oh says:

    Hmmm, where to begin. This message has so many layers to unpack.
    One aspect of this message I was reminded of lies in this idea of our mind as the control centre. The power of our mind to manifest either: the things of the Spirit, or the things of the flesh, dependent on where it finds its grounding.
    Personally, this ability to shift my mind into the spirit has been challenging, and very present.
    I have found that my mind detached from the Spirit:
    – is easily shaken
    – small things, become big issues
    – it is fixated on what is lacking
    – seeks validation in the insecurities

    But when my mind is grounded in the Spirit:
    – I am anchored, unshakable, in hope
    – small things, remain small
    – I am focussed on the positive, the truth that flows from Him

    In the journey of learning how to really shift into the Spirit, fighting the flesh by engaging in spiritual warfare, I have found also that this isn’t a one time thing.
    As with our faith, this shifting and residing in the Spirit needs regular attention. Active nurture, until it becomes a life style. I have found that we are never devoid of the responsibility to always be actively present in the Spirit, in Him.

    Shot Pastor Erin for sharing this key to our faith journey. Such a mean word.

  171. Michael Kang says:

    This message really hit the spot.

    There is power in shifting into the Spirit and knowing who you are. There have been so many instances that I can look back on in both ministry and work where I’ve tried to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders to find that I burn myself out. There have been so many other instances that I can look back on in both ministry and work where I’ve discounted and disqualified myself because I thought I was in lack. It’s almost like I’ve been living like a yo-yo – being played by my flesh and being lied to by Satan.

    But there have been so many times where I’ve had my feet firmly planted in my identity and living in the Spirit that nothing seems too difficult and that I am fully capable and able to do the things He has already called me to do.

    Mind over matter – no, it’s really mind over flesh – my flesh cannot lead me to victory, but my mind that is set on Christ will. I am fully responsible and need to live fully aware that if my mind is set on the Truth – anything and everything is possible.

  172. Ujin Lee says:

    what a hearty and wholesome message for all christians. to live in the spirit. and not by flesh! whether its identity, relationship or circumstances, yes that analogy regarding the linking game we used to play in elementary is so real. depending on what is guiding the trail of thought, whether it be just letting our heart and emotion take over, or it be setting our eyes on christ and shifting into the spirit through a firm mind, all else just follows. thats why i think so many daily devotional book is called “starting our day right”, is because we all know what we feed ourselves at the begining of the day, where we set our minds to, can really determine our day.

    as for me, the relationship portion of the sermon really spoke to me. that we cannot wait till they change. but our minds have to shift first. many times i let my emotions get the better of me. but as PE said in the sermon, in the spirit we have access to everything. we posess everything. being in the image of our god! we have full control over our minds. and so we have full control over our emotions.

    what an affirming and EQUIPPING word for us.
    to live a victorious life in christ. a deserving one! and a rightful one!

  173. Sooky Park says:

    Wow! PE made it just so easy thru this sermon to shift into the Spirit. to focus on Gods promises and His Word.
    I had begun listening to this sermon by feeling very sad to learn my sin does not allow me to live in the Spirit. I felt a deep groaning within me and I had to repent of my sin.
    The key is my mind.This reminded me of the verse “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”
    while listening to pe s testimony i thought
    am i entrapped? in bondage? in deception? headed towards death? in the flesh? i thought possibly.
    so many christians say they believe in Jesus but live in the flesh.
    i wondered why do we gravitate toward the flesh? toward sin? toward rebellion? it is because pe said our identities are still in the flesh.. thats why we need to change our minds first.
    also this tied in with this weeks sermon because many times staying in the flesh is self centered. i need to shift out of the flesh into the Spirit and be God centered.
    shifting into the Spirit brings great intimacy between other believers.

    I was filled with the Holy Spirit in the description of Paul and Silas beaten up and in the prison cell. Oh to be Spirit/God centered! Oh to sing and rejoice in circumstances like that.

    It may not be easy to shift our minds into the Spirit but it is sure worth it. And its easier than I think. We need to shift into the Spirit FiRST in order to expect change in anything else.

    “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to. And we give way too much authority to our circumstances to our physical bodies emotions. we need to give authority to tthe Word of God.”

    we are victorious.
    This generation has too much faith in circumstances relationships and identities.
    this sermon gave me much to chew on.

  174. Lydia Park says:

    I feel like we are constantly in battle between the flesh and the spirit. The devil speaks lies and tries to take over our flesh but we are battling to fight against those lies and trying to live in the spirit.

    Recently, the work atmosphere hasn’t been positive and there has been a lot of complaints and negativity among the co-workers towards our boss. Sadly, I too have been complaining, finding everything that my boss is doing wrong or that I don’t agree with. But the more I’ve been doing that, I’ve been letting the devil use authority, circumstances, and my emotions to take my joy out of me. Going to work has been getting more stressful and I keep avoiding my boss. But to “live in the spirit” means I need to think like Christ because my identity is in Christ and true joy comes from the spirit, not from the flesh. I’m called to treat my boss with love and not letting my circumstances affect my mind but believing that I have already won the battle!

  175. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    I really appreciate this word from PE as it is very easy to let our circumstances dictate the state of our emotional and spiritual lives. We need to frequently check our minds to make sure that we are operating from the Truth of Scripture and from the words of our spiritual leaders — not from the lies that are fed to us by our (comfortable or uncomfortable) circumstances. I love the example of Paul as one who continually decided to live in the truth of the Spirit rather than letting his many stressful circumstances change his mission to serve God to the best of his abilities. I recently read Ephesians 1:17-19 where Paul highlights to his followers the importance of living in communion with the Spirit: “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.”

  176. Yoomin Lee says:

    This sermon was a powerful reminder to stop dwelling on my lack and my deficiencies, but to SHIFT in my spirit, and acknowledge the truth of my identity. No circumstance can hinder me from having full peace and joy in God alone, it is only the lies of satan! As PE shared in her personal anecdotes, the shift in the spirit is the first step that needs to take place before our actions will also follow through. But more than just positive thinking, to be rooted in the truth of Gods promises and to know that not what i do, but who i am in Gods sight is the ultimate truth. Yoomin Lee

  177. Shannon Chien says:

    Just for starters, I have to say, I LOVE Pastor Erin’s preaching style. It’s so alive and full of energy! That being said, I really appreciated the emphasis on how shifting in the spirit begins in the mind. It’s not about changing the external circumstances first, but rather through a transformation of our minds, we are able to cause tangible differences in our physical realm. God has already given us His Spirit to edify, comfort, and discern. In the spirit we lack no good thing, which gives us all the more reason to rejoice over what He has already done and will continue to do, so long as we shift into the spirit and claim what is already ours :)

  178. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    Pastor Erin says what you allow your mind to think about is what you give authority to. She also says if we want to see the power of God in our life we should shift our mind first. I think a pillar of NP teachings is a call to holy living. And this sermon encourages us to review our thought life and not give in to defeat. Jesus rebukes the teachers of the law and Pharisees because they clean the outside of the cup but neglect the inside. Matthew 23: 26 “Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.” He says in verse 27 “You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

    God showed me on the outside I am worshiping in tongues and am a wife and mother, but on the inside I harbour angry voices of unforgiveness, am in danger of taking my salvation for granted and glorying in the flesh. I carry a graveyard from dark times in my life and am tormented by the injustice and inequity of this world. Would God fill such a vessel with His power? Instead God intructs me to persistently persue the things of God in my mind so that the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth are pleasing in His sight (Psalm 19:14.) If I meditate on the law day and night, I will be properous and successful (Joshua 1:8.). So God is concerned about our thought life and it’s up to me to turn my thoughts towards spirit and truth.

  179. Ella Radwan says:

    Shifting into the spirit
    This was such a powerful message and it reminds me of what it means to rest in Gods presence. When you aren’t in a place of rest, you are living in the flesh, whereas when you live in the spirit, you find comfort, peace, and are able to experience the supernatural. Living in the spirit is living in the way God sees us. Many times we struggle (I know I have struggled daily) by trying to change our actions with our thoughts or attitudes, but when there’s no real change in our minds, when there’s no renewing of our minds, failure is a sure thing. Living in the flesh means putting your faith on the wring things. Living in the flesh is not the life God wants for you, and it is not who you are. Many times we stay at a place of fear, despair, anger, or self-pity and claim for peace or a miracle: that wont happen. Unless you shift your mind. “What you let your mind to believe is what you give authority to”.

  180. Lexie Okosa says:

    So far this sermon has blown my mind more than any other sermon I have ever heard. For too many years I have had more faith in my inability to have any faith than I have in the truth of God. They are many times when I have chosen not to ask God for something for fear that he would not do that thing and than I would have even less faith than before. But the picture of Paul and Silas starting off praising God with no feeling and then deciding in that moment that regardless of their circumstances and their feelings God is still worthy to be praised. I just always felt like of course Paul and Silas could praise in that situation, they are basically superheroes, but I could only imagine myself doing the same thing in there situation. But I think from the first time I learned about new philly’s core values to always worship extravagantly because God is always worthy of it, I began to find that forcing mysel- I mean shifting myself into the spirit was possible. I think that shifting into the spirit is faith itself… And i maybe I needed to here pastor Erin word it in such a way as this before I could start having the courage to have faith. I am kind of excited and scared of what life will be like when shifting in the spirit becomes my consistent response.

  181. Dean Legomina says:

    Knowing and walking out your true identity. Shifting into the spirit means to refocus from what you feel in the flesh to what the bible says you are at the spirit. Truth about you, about your calling, your authority and all the areas of your life. All the real changes will start happening after you start thinking the way God thinks and speaks in his word about you. Rom 8:1-6 Setting your mind on the things of the Spirit. Whenever you think you are uncapable, unqualified, lack expirience, lack boldness etc to donthings for God – you are being in the flesh, thinking carnal, in terms of only what you can see, but our Father call things into existance from invisible realm, so should we. Find out who you are in Christ and what you have and have rights too and build your beliefs on it.

  182. Yelynn Ho says:

    Three things really stood out to me in this sermon:
    1. When we are in the Spirit, we possess everything. God gives us everything; He never burns out. So what’s our excuse when we say that we’re burnt out? We’re being in the flesh.
    2. If we live according to our flesh and we call ourselves believers, then we are putting more faith into the devil.
    3. We don’t need to wait for the flesh to be satisfied to shift into the Spirit.
    These statements hit me like a ton of bricks. I could relate so much to the “feeling burnt out” example. Back at my home church I led praise for three separate ministries, and so many times I reached the point of “burning out” when I felt like fellow praise members weren’t cooperating, I had too much on my plate, or I didn’t feel appreciated. These reasons only reveal my selfish heart, or rather my mind that was in the flesh. If I had truly set my mind on the Spirit of serving and glorifying God through praise, I wouldn’t have had a reason to feel burnt out. The example of Paul and Silas praising and rejoicing in prison is a situation that I can hardly begin to imagine, but if they could praise in the midst of being beaten and chained, then I have every capability to do the same within my own circumstances. They fixed their minds on the Spirit of God, who sustained and allowed them to experience complete peace and joy. I am challenged to sing my way into faith, too. The second point was so convicting. As people, we have the innate tendency to sin and to constantly fall under temptation, which is why it is so emphasized that we must die to our flesh every single day. I’m starting to understand the gravity of this message. We can’t live as long as we keep “living” in the flesh. We start to live the moment we die to our flesh and take on mind of the Spirit. Lastly, I realize I really let my fear of not getting a response (or rejection) to hold me back from shifting into the Spirit. I need to go ahead and claim the truth, knowing that I don’t need to wait for any kind of validation to have access to the Spirit. I already have it. “We already have access to everything in the Spirit.” So good and so true.

  183. Jonathan Yoo says:

    PE’s sermon really clarified for me most of all the two natures. Flesh, which is sin nature; realm of sin’s operation and the nature of the Spirit, which is the new nature in His image. I learned most of all that our powerful minds that gave us is where it all begins. If we set our mind in the negative things and things of the flesh, that is where our minds will manifest. Rather we need to shift our minds into the Spirit, let the transformation begin and claim that identity in the Spirit. I know that sometimes we may feel something needs to happen to our flesh in order make that shift happen but PE preaches that the flesh does not need to be satisfied in order to make that shift. To me, the sermon felt like it was talking most about our will, discernment and integrity. The only person that can decide whether that shift happens is ultimately myself.

  184. This message is a very important one, one that needs to be made as a reminder day after day. The reason is because people are surrounded by the fleshly things, and minds are easily pulled. Even the most ardent of believers deals with this each and every day. The point brought out in Romans 8 accentuates the fact that we are constantly dealing with the flesh, and when we shift into the spirit, we are moving into the new nature and away from the old. It takes a lot of heart and it takes endurance, but as it is mentioned, perfect love endures.

    I learned that the issue is a mind-set issue. It’s not the “power of positive thinking” that is put forth by folks like Norman Vincent Peale, but it’s a changing of the mind to focus on the spirit instead of the flesh. The mind controls things, and if we’re in the spirit, that means that our emotions and will shall follow what the spirit says rather than what the flesh says. The point is that if we’re in a fighting mindset when it comes to things like sickness or whatnot, we’ll be more willing to follow what the spirit prompts, rather than what our body wants if our minds are aligned with the spirit instead of in the flesh. It’s not the “name it and claim it” idea that many preachers put forth within certain American churches, but it is simply changing the focus from engaging the swirling maelstrom of the mind, and shifting to the calm waters of the spirit.

    This is something that has to be reminded day after day because it’s something that we forget quite a lot in the tornado that is our modern world and modern life.

  185. Hannah Lee says:

    I never thought of myself as a strong rebel but when PE started to explain that we all have an innate way to naturally rebel in the flesh, things starting clicking. When being in the spirit we are reborn and the new nature is to live in his imagine according to the spirit. The enemy wants us to believe in our old nature, more than our flesh, he wants us to believe in the lies of the our old nature. After our minds are made up, either according to the flesh or spirit, everything else follows. We need a continual renewal of the mind, s constant shift. We possess everything in the spirit!

  186. Benjamin Jung says:

    I think that I first heard this message via New Philly’s podcast a few years ago, and I’m still blessed tremendously by it. It’s such an important reminder for us to keep our hearts & minds centered on Christ; to not allow our flesh, emotions, circumstances, misunderstandings dictate the outcome of our lives.

    Some of the words that stood out most for me:

    “Your flesh does not have to be satisfied before you are able to shift into the Spirit…”

    “We don’t let the devil touch our joy, we set our minds on the things of the Spirit…”

    “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority…”

  187. Chadol Lee says:

    It is through our will, to either live in the flesh or in the spirit. It was a good reminder that our mind controls our emotions following will and body. It totally makes sense that our mind is very important. But how many times do we feel like we need to do certain things physically before we can feel God’s acceptance? We need to remind ourselves over and over that it is God’s greatest gift/ salvation is what saves us.
    Knowing that our flesh doesn’t need to be satisfied before we can shift into the spirit makes me realize how many times i had the wrong mindset. Such q good message. Also it was great hearing PA’s partial testimony, it was cool to hear that even though she went through all those things she was able to shift into the spirit. Our minds lead yo

  188. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    Pastor Erin mentioned three areas where we need to shift in the Spirit: Identity, relationship with other people, and circumstances. This sermon was very convicting and eye opening for me. There were lot of times when I told myself, “Nawh.. I don’t feel like it. I will wait till I feel I am ready to share. I will do this once I …. ” I realized that I have been focusing too much on emotions without realizing that mind comes first. Mind is the control center. Will, body, and emotions follow. Therefore, I need to decide to set my mind and shift in the Spirit. However, this does not come naturally. This living according to who God is is a new nature. I have to DECIDE to set my mind on spirit and not on flesh. The choice is made by me. I need to choose to believe in the truth. There are times when I speak lies to myself, believe them, and feel awful about myself as a result. I need to shift and choose to believe the truth. I lack nothing and am strong because God who created me lacks nothing!

  189. Emily Lee says:

    This was one of those newphilly sermons that just seems so tailor-made for me. In her incidents with pastors Robinsons-how she thought that she could only be shifted into spirt once P.Sunhee reply to her by email-just helped me to reflect on my spiritual walk as well. As she mentioned in the sermon, shifting mind into the Spirit clearly means that we ourselves have to take part in it through our wills with the guidance led by Holy Spirit. However, often times,especially in the midst of trials, I just seem to forget the very fact and just choose to give in the conscious efforts to try to stay in the Spirit. Instead of really praying into and keep in touch with His words close to my mouth, I sometimes expect outer factors , such as a counseling with a leader or another worship songs, could shift me from the flesh to Spirit.This got me thinking once again how hard for a person like me who is originally sin-natured to choose to walk in the Holy Spirit and how big a grace it is for me to continue on with my journey with the Christ.

  190. The Spirit enables us to produce his fruit, and empowers us to do his work. However, we have to cast off our flesh regularly, to shift our minds from the worldly patterns that are so easy to reproduce. The flesh leads to division and is against the things of the Spirit. I regularly have to remind myself of my true identity, as a son filled with the Spirit, in order to shift from my fleshly patterns and mindsets and to move in the authority given by the Spirit. I lack nothing. His grace is more than sufficient. Let us protect our minds, fixing them on things of the Spirit, not satisfying our flesh.

  191. Jayden Choi says:

    I think It is such a good and basic thing to us regardless of our religious maturity. For we are a human being incompleted we must keep this fact in mind and trying to do live as this way being into the Spirit.
    Listening this sermon what came to think in my mind is that I lack nothing in the Christ. Cuz we are a human we can be tired physically. But If our mindset is focusing on the Spirit and we believe that how such a beautiful and unexpectable his love and plan toward us, we can’t burn out ever so that can be satisfied our soul.
    However, one important thing is that even shifting our way into the Spirit we can’t do through our “flesh”. Our power and wisdom has always a limitation and become to fall apart easily.

  192. Niranjan Thomas says:

    The stark contrast between living in the sinful nature of the flesh and the life giving, peaceful nature of the Spirit are shown excellently in this sermon. Realising that through coming to Jesus, I have been transformed into a new creation. A creation that I was meant to be. A creation in His own image. It is something that fills me with an immediate joy. But as Ps Erin makes clear, the Devil is out to steal that joy and the best way he knows to do it is by attacking my mind. Paul makes it clear that having a mind set on things of the flesh will lead to a life lived in the flesh. So it is that having a mind set on the things of the Spirit will lead to a life lived in the Spirit.

    I can see now that for me, the struggles I have have been due to having my mind set on the flesh. I’ve allowed my old identity, my self centredness and my circumstances to keep me from living a victorious life in God. I’ve allowed my emotions to take over my will and my mind. And each time I come up against obstacles or suffering I can barely cope. Ps Erin has shown through this sermon that overcoming such obstacles is not about the power of will, but a change in thought patterns. Psychologists call it Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Self help books call it the Power of Positive Thinking. There is no doubting that having a mind that focuses on higher things of the Spirit (a Spirit we have access to through Jesus) strengthens our will and gives us the joy that can only be found in Jesus. This is something I have trouble doing myself. I usually feel inadequate or poorly disciplined in shifting my mind is such a way. But as Ps Erin says, the first step is seeing myself in my new identity as one who is known and loved by God. That I lack nothing because Christ lacks nothing. I must remind myself of this all the time. It will be my first step to living in the Spirit.

  193. Janice So says:

    I love the word that was preached, when we shift from fleshly thought patterns, to the things of the Spirit and the truth in the Word of God – we have life in Christ to the full. Like in Romans 8 when it says “to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace”.
    PE’s revelation that God lacks nothing, and when we are in the Spirit, we possess everything – that’s powerful. So even when we pour out everything, we don’t get burned out.
    There’s no need for me to wait for circumstances to change, or to wait for your mentor to speak before shifting into the Spirit. I speak my identity and the Word of God over myself and shift into the Spirit. When trouble comes, I say that in Christ I’m more than a conqueror; when business is challenging, I say that I’m the head and not the tail; and in all that I do I prosper because the Lord knows the way of the righteous (Psalm 1).
    I don’t let the devil touch my joy by setting my thoughts on my old self, because I am a new creation, I will not think or feel the way I used to. I am more than a conqueror, whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
    As a final point, we get the miracles when we shift into the Spirit. We can’t receive the miracle if we remain in the flesh.
    Thank you for a powerful word, PE.

  194. Nahee Kim says:

    At the end of the message when PE asked us, “Where have you been putting your faith?” my answer to that question would be exactly what she said: my circumstances, my identity, my relationships, all of which are a part of my sin nature and not in line with the spirit.
    For such a long time, I was frustrated because I felt that I was not growing in my relationship with God and the people around me no matter how hard I tried and I finally understand that it was because my mind was set on the flesh. I allowed my old identity to slowly creep back in and keep me from setting my mind upon the spirit. This message was an important reminder that our minds need to be continually renewed if we want to be transformed and claim our identities in the spirit.
    Thank you PE for a powerful message which emphasised the importance of giving authority to the word of God and that in the spirit, we lack nothing because God has made us new and perfect in His image.

  195. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    There are many times when I choose to rely on my circumstances in the hope that i, or others, can change the circumstances instead of choosing to shift my mind first.
    As a Christian, there are many times when i forget i am born again. There are many times when I choose to believe that I am not precious enough. When I choose to listen to my flesh rather than what the spirit speaks into my life.
    This sermon made me realize that I need to believe and claim things that my Heavenly Father has promised and called me into. These two things has the power to make a difference in how my mind works. I need to remain in the truth and live my life with obedience.

  196. You Sup Joseph Park says:

    This sermon spoke many truth which I was already aware of, yet struggled to act out. It reminded me that choosing to live according to the spirit is not something I should struggle to do alone, but a constant reliance on Him to do so.

    • You Sup Joseph Park says:

      Many times when things go bad in my life or does not go according to my plan, I let my flesh take control and let myself be affected by it and unknowingly, I wait for something good to happen to balance out the bad which I experience so that I may “feel” okay again which allow me to be in good relation with God. However, the sermon talks about the fact that shifting in the spirit has nothing to do with circumstances, but with state of mind which allows me to still praise the Lord and have faith in Him that everything is in control under Him. This is something I find that is difficult to do on my own, but I truly believe that as long as I abide in Him, I am able to shift in the spirit in any circumstances.

  197. Michael Chan says:

    We possess everything in the Spirit because the Spirit never burns out. When we live our lives according to the flesh, we are agreeable with the devil. This has been so true when I think back about the times I’d been stuck in sin. Never being able to get back out of it because I was trying to fix it in the flesh. We can’t give authority to our emotions or our physical bodies. We need to give authority to God and the Holy Spirit for us to be victorious and win the spiritual battle. Totally agree with that we are putting our faith in things, but what are we putting our faith in? We need to put our faith in God and trust in him. We need to shift our minds into the Spirit and truth for us to break out of sin and our flesh!

  198. James Kang says:

    This message has reminded me of the truth: set your minds on the things of the spirit and that true transformation begins with the renewing of the mind. What an awesome message!

    I have realised that i have been agreeing to the wrongs things in the name of accepting reality as is. It is without doubt that God is calling me to shift out of being a realist to a Spiritualist – one that trusts in God that he is good and that he is for me not against me.

    This is so necessary in times of trouble and challenges as it is so easy in those circumstances to revert back to the flesh and handle things my way. Indeed doing so does not always end well and I would often blame myself or God. It is a disastrous cycle.

    I pray that I will give authority to God and the Holy Spirit to lead me into victory in such challenges now – putting faith in God and his will for us instead of what I can do in the flesh. Shifting my mind into the spirit to break the cycle of being in the flesh!

  199. Through this message I was able understand the power of walking and shifting our selves into the spirit. But more than being important, I can see as a crucial step for our walk in faith and righteousness with God in the midst of our family, friends and society that we live in. I was deeply touched by Pastor’s Erin testimony on how she came to realize about her misunderstandings over God’s calling to use her life, and the hurdles that hindered her progress towards her shift into the spirit. I could understand that shifting into the spirit is really a daily decision in faith that we make when adversities confronts us, but those can be as momentary troubles as compared to the wonders that God have prepared for our us.

    Thank you Pastor Erin for your boldness in preaching the word of God, and for being a faithful servant of the Lord.

    God bless you and your family.

  200. Jasmine Renee Womack says:

    This sermon reminded me of how weak I can be and how little faith I often have. In my life, spiritually and just with every day tasks, I lack focus or will-power. If I want a cookie, I’ll just impulsively buy it after saying not to for any amount of time. If I’m like “I don’t want to listen to anything other than worship music until I get back home to do QT”, but then my favorite Zion T songs comes on, I instantly listen to it or have to force myself to turn it off. Or a maybe more significant example, when I decided to finally obey God and commit to moving to Korea I didn’t have any of the money. I would just sulk and be like “oh maybe I was wrong, maybe this person was wrong. No one wants to help me out or donate, so this means I need to re-enroll at UM next semester.” I was like that for a while, but I believe that this was so much so God’s plan, that he forced me to shift my mind and I began to feel so much peace even when others doubted or didn’t respond or were unsure. However, though I was blessed with money this semester and made it, I still have feelings of being inadequate to feel such a responsibility to serve Korea for God. I feel like though I grew up in the Christian faith technically, my actual relationship with God is so new, that I’m in no way ready to be here. Then I get into my flesh and feel sad and angry about being here, or how I feel treated by people here. But this message told me I need to SHIFT my mind into the spirit. Because through God, we are adequate ad worthy of the directions He gives us. He doesn’t call the prepared but prepares the called. We just need to get into the spirit. I will forever remember this sermon and keep my notes, so I don’t let the devil attack my mind anymore. I pray for God to strengthen it, and give me focus, so I can always shift into the spirit.

    • Jasmine Renee Womack says:

      I believe that someone who has shifted into the spirit is leaving their worldly sense of being or living and mindset, and tapping into the spiritual power of God. They choose not to conform to the world, but adjust themselves into how God has instructed us to act in these situations and areas of life. It can mean choosing not to last out in anger without all of the facts, and waiting to hear what God has to say and being discerning of the situation from a Christ-like point of view. it means acting with integrity and remembering who you belong to, what we are moving towards and why you are here on this earth.

  201. Sally Lee says:

    Although I have read the passage of ‘being in the flesh vs being in the spirit’ many times, I came to realize today that I never knew what it actually meant. This sermon allowed me to reflect back on myself on how deceived I was in thinking if I tried and tried and tried to change my actions or myself physically, eventually I will be able to come through. I always blamed myself for not being consistent with the rules or values I set up for myself, for not having self control, and blamed others for stirring negative emotion inside me, and I now understand that I was living, seeing, and acting through the flesh, not though the spirit. Now that I fully learned this, I will aim to change my mindset instead of trying to manipulate people around me, forcing people to change, or victimizing myself. Today I declare with full confidence that I am a daughter of God and no such thing has the authority to penetrate into my mind.

    • Sally Lee says:

      When PE mentioned about how we lack nothing when we are in the Spirit, and when we feel “burnt out” it was because we are acting in the flesh. This was a wake up call for me. I tend to put a lot of things on my plate most of the time, and whether they they may be tasks I enjoy doing or do not enjoy doing, I end up feeling burnt out at some point, and from then on, I would start losing patience with people around me.

      Because we have an innate sin nature, we tend to give ourselves into the temptations and the desires that cause us to sin, however, in order to shift into the Spirit we need to take control of our mind and set our mind on the Spirit, not the flesh.

      No matter how much I try to shift into the Spirit whilst my mind is in the flesh, it will not happen, because when the mind is set on the flesh, our will and emotions will follow the flesh, causing us to become burnt out, start blaming others, and stir negative emotions within ourselves. However, when the mind is set on the Spirit, our will and emotions will eventually follow, bringing peace within us, and we will be able to experience the abundance God has entitled us to.

  202. Benjamin Wong says:

    Sin nature is innate in us, we have an innate knowledge of what is good and what is evil, but we are inclined to lean towards the spectrum of sin nature no matter how hard we try to resist.
    As we shift in the Spirit, we are shifting to a new nature, a new nature where we aim to live in God’s image; this shifting of nature is in essence a change of the constitution of our minds.

    Our being is made up of three distinct components – Spirit, Soul, and Body; with the Soul containing the Mind, Will, and Emotions. Our mind is the leader of our Soul, and where the mind is focused on that is where our being will be focused on. If the mind is of the flesh then things of the flesh will follow, when the mind is of the Spirit, then things of the Spirit will follow.

    The shifting into the Spirit is ultimately the shifting of our minds to the Spirit and living in the Spirit, which leads to life and peace.We must die in the flesh and be reborn in the Spirit. There is no distance in the Spirit because when we live in the the Spirit it can never be depleted, our minds will not grow wearily or faint, when our minds are in the Spirit, our Faith is placed in the right things, the things of the Spirit and then we will find a new Life and a Peace that the flesh cannot provide.

  203. This message was powerful in reminding me that as a new creation, we have a renewed mind as well. Pastor Erin’s examples with relationships and circumstances really challenged me in evaluating my own flesh responses when it comes to my own relationships or circumstances. I tend to also wait until my relationships/circumstances change in order to shift into the Spirit, but as P. Erin powerfully illustrated with her example with P. Sunhee, I realized that I have the power NOW to shift into the Spirit without someone/something having to do it for me.
    There is such a strong sense of freedom in knowing that I am able to trust in the covering over me and claim things in the Spirit right then and there. Now that I’ve learned, I can’t wait to put it into practice and see how my self changes as I shift into the Spirit.

  204. Megan Chow says:

    You cannot burn out if you are in the Spirit because in the Spirit, we have everything. If you are burning out, that is because you are in the flesh. Wow. Hearing this was like a lightbulb turning on. I’d never realized that the reason church leaders burnt out, the reason I burnt out when I was involving myself as a leader in my old church was because I was still trying to do everything myself, in the flesh, in my own sin nature, instead of shifting into the Spirit and fully placing my trust and identity, all of my capabilities, in God.

    When P. Erin spoke about her example with insecurity and feeling like she and P. Christian weren’t one, because she was buying into the lies and deceptions of the flesh, that resonated with me. I have long known that I place too much value in the relationships of the world, but I have always felt very helpless depending on how other people react to me. But when she talked about shifting our minds into the Spirit and knowing, ACKNOWLEDGING that we are fully covered in the Spirit, that spoke to me. We cannot wait for other people to change before we react, but we need to change our minds first so that the rest of us can follow.

    This was such an amazing message, and it really called me out of a place of complacency and inconsistency to change my mind, to claim things in the Spirit even if I doubt them now, because the Spirit is covering me and I don’t need the satisfaction of the flesh first to shift into the Spirit.

  205. Margaret Cuevas says:

    Recently, I have been struggling with a little bit of shame because I fail to follow through with the personal commitments I make. “I will study…”, “I will start to…” “I will stop…”, no matter how many times I tell myself to do these things, I remain inconsistent. When pastor Erin mentioned that we try to “change by sheer will”, I had to bring my actions into the light and examine the cause of my failures. I have been trying to force changes upon myself without really reflecting on why specific changes are needed. Although will is an aspect of your soul, the first part of your soul that needs to be transformed is your mind. Once you understand why you need to change, you will find the will to follow through.

    Another part of her sermon that spoke to me was the belief in a circumstantial shift into the Spirit. I have been guilty of thinking “When I get to this place (physically and mentally) , it will be easier to focus on God.” “When I speak to _________, I will feel more encouraged and I will be more encouraging.”, but I can’t wait to shift. It all boils down to transforming our minds in order to shift into and remain in the Spirit.

  206. Ah Sung Yang says:

    The sermon spoke to me so much as at this moment in my life, I really need a shift of my mind to Spirit. I wholeheartedly agree that whether our mind operates according to the Spirit or the flesh is so important as our emotion and body follow what is going on within our minds. I sincerely want my mind to operate based on what the Sprit desires. It is important to decide what to believe as truth and remind ourselves that our old self is dead, and we need to set out mind to our true reborn identity in God. It is so true that we often experience enemies’ attacks on our mind so that we fall into our old selves and believe in lies. Also, a shift of our mind to Spirit will change our ways to handle relationships with other people as we will no longer operate based on our feelings and let ourselves be deceived by them but the truths instead. Also, we don’t need to rely on spiritual leaders to claim truths over us; we can exercise a shift of mind to Spirit immediately when we need to by remembering the truths spoken over to us before. Moreover, a shift of our mind to Spirit is a starting point to make a change in our circumstances. Without having our mind set to Spirit, we cannot experience God’s miracle and supernatural powers in our lives. I realized that I let the current circumstance have an influence in my mind and emotions; however, I learned that by believing what I can see in this circumstance as truth, I gave authority to the circumstance when God called us to be victorious in this world. Through the sermon, I was able to realize that a lot of my heart issues are because of my mind set in a wrong place and that it is crucial to have our mind set to the Spirit all the time.

  207. Grace Lee says:

    Practical and helpful message. At times I have been perplexed and frustrated by how Romans makes it sound so easy to live in the Spirit and not gratify the desires of the flesh. I have my moments when my melancholy personality drives my mind to be ruled by my emotions. This message unpacks the practicality and no-frills approach that the Holy Spirit powerfully inspired in Romans. The battle is in the shifting of the mind.

    The approach God gives us: setting my mind on the things of the Spirit – what God thinks, His plans, His truth, and how awesome He is. Pastor Erin says that when my mind believes the “things of the Spirit,” my mind gives that truth authority to shape my will and my emotions. Can you imagine, when we get to Heaven Christ will say to us: When things got ugly and such and such happened, you remained in my Spirit the whole time. You refused to believe the lies. No matter what, you loved me and rejoiced the whole time.

  208. Sookyoung Park (Sooky) says:

    I learned I better set my mind on the Spirit.
    PE’s personal story reminded me of a time my mind had been entrapped in a similar way. Now i understand how death-giving that had been.
    It was scary to hear about how we can sometimes put more faith in the devil.
    It was so comforting to hear “In the Spirit there’s no distance.”
    It is amazing that all we need to do is remember what our spiritual father told us in order to shift into the SPirit/spirit-man.
    I was blessed because PE was so focused.
    The message reminded me of what my former CG leader taught me. She taught me on aligning the spirit-man with my soul. I’ve tried it and it has definitely worked!
    Perhaps shifting into the SPirit allows us to “lack nothing” and to overcome all difficulties and hardships. I was so blessed by this message!
    I also realized i had been putting faith in my circumstances. I need to repent from that and shift into the SPirit!

  209. Jamie Boehmer says:

    Great message! I always have had trouble remembering that the battle has already been won, that victory has been given, and the power that rose Christ from the dead is mine if I only would shift my perspective. When I’m believing a lie, shift. When I’m about to speak in anger or fear, shift. No longer conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. shift.

    • Jamie Boehmer says:

      To clarify a shift in the spirit would look like this: You are walking and a thought pops into your head or a situation arises that presents a choice. Am I going to give into the sinful desire to lash out in anger, or dwell on how somebody insulted me or look at that person a little to closely? Or will I say no, Christ has redeemed me, Christ has made me new, I have risen with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. We shift our mind to think with a heavenly mind.

  210. SooJi Suzy Kim says:

    Listening to this sermon made me realize how much my life is filled with lies of the flesh, and preventing me from moving forward to a life of the spirit.
    One part of the sermon that really spoke to me was the example of feeling in lack — I definitely related to P. Erin’s experience where the feeling of lack actually led to action causing a vicious cycle of a negative mindset causing negative emotions and actions that exacerbated the situation. Starting with defeat leads to defeat, and I have experienced this many times in different areas of my life, including discipline in my walk with God. My heart longs for strong intimacy with God through long and deep daily prayer times with Him, but the reality is that I am only executing half of what my heart desires. But I realized that one of the reasons for not being successful is that I never believed that that I could actually do it — my defeated attitude led me lack of willpower, and thereby led to defeat. And then the heart of defeat would make me feel inadequate and disconnected from other “healthier Christians”.
    However, I realize that I need to overcome this fleshly mentality and shift to a healthier mindset of positive thinking, and intentionally reaffirming my belief that, yes, God will empower me and provide me with strength; that with Jesus in my heart, I lack nothing as a believer.
    I hope that as I shift into a mind of the spirit, my spiritual walk with God and other aspects of my life will transform me into a stronger, and more mature Christian.

  211. Mirabelle Knowles says:

    This sermon was first of all, a great insight into the leader pastors’ support structures, their own need for guidance, their frailties and weaknesses. It was also good to hear about the desire they have to love and lead the church well, plus the limitations and frustrations of that. It was so upbuilding to hear Pastor Erin be so transparent about this. The message was one I have been hearing a lot in this season of my life – putting to death the initial reaction of my flesh and instead responding to situations in the spirit – and I hope and pray that I can start to live more than way myself.

  212. Hanna Bang says:

    Pastor Erin’s sermon always strikes me deep in my heart. When she said “We don’t let the devil take our joy.” I was actually going through a rough time with my work life and personal life. And I tend to forget how good God has been in all situations. This sermon was another wake-up call for me that I need to stay in the spirit and let God lead me. This season as New Philly is going through a season of renewal, I felt that I need to trust in His plans as He renews my faith to be stronger and more firm in Him.

  213. Sam Johnson says:

    What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to in your life. What you believe in your mind will completely change how your body responds to situations, even a cold or a flu. You are only weak, sick, lacking when you convince your mind this is true. Shifting into the spirit we can’t feel tired or burnt out. We are made whole through God.

  214. I’m so prone to letting my circumstances lead my emotions and I’ve been realising this more and more, especially when I feel overwhelmed by everything on my plate. This message has encouraged me to stop grumbling and to trust the Lord will provide instead. I need to take the initiative to not only reach out to God, or to the people around me, even when the situation sucks. This message helps me understand the importance of our mental and spiritual strength in shifting from this faithless and hopeless mindset, to a faithful one, that is faith in God.

  215. Mirabelle Knowles says:

    This sermon was first of all, a great insight into the lead pastors’ support structures – I find it really encourage and uplifting to hear the lead pastors acknowledge their own need for support and accountability, and I feel really loved by their desire to be so structurally intentional about these things. Also, it gives me a lot of peace in my heart and mind to embrace the structures they have set in place for leaders and church members at New Philly, as I can see it comes from the same heart of love and diligence which God has placed within them. Maybe this doesn’t sound very spiritual… but I think this was an essential part of a huge work that God has been doing in my life through New Philly: rebuilding my ability to trust the church and lovingly submit to the authorities which He has put in place over me. I will talk about this more in my other smart comments (I struggle a bit to separate out my thoughts because God has brought all the messages together so beautifully in my heart/soul that it feels like one clear picture rather than distinct sermons… sorry for making excuses but that’s the truth!!).
    ALSO, the message of putting to death the initial reaction of my flesh and instead responding to situations in the spirit is one that God has really been emphasising in my life the past few months and I feel really guided in how to do that practically through this sermon. It’s soo true that I have tried to change by myself (like the chocolate-addict analogy) in so many areas of my life – including emotional health – and I feel really exhorted by P. Erin’s words that my reluctance to seek God in these things is simply Satan trying to steal the victories which God has prepared for me. I need God’s help to seek God better. I need to break the idea that it’s my own actions which bring change.. It’s one of those things I’ve known for years, but I need such words of wisdom (and the Spirit) to pierce that truth right into my soul.
    So encouraging. So uplifting. So funny. Thank you Pastor Erin!!!

  216. sooky park says:

    I am a sinner in the sin nature in the flesh and in rebellion against God.
    God lacks nothing. He possesses everything, and so do we, in the Spirit. It’s impossible for us to be burnt out. God never gets burned out. In the flesh, we get burned out.
    In the Spirit we possess everything, in a life reborn. There is power when we operate in the Spirit. We can choose to set our minds on the things of the flesh or according to the Spirit, which is when we live according to the Spirit. Your mind has control of your whole life. The mind is the control center. Everything else follows.
    We’re made up of our spirit soul and body. The soul is made up of mind will and emotions. The mind controls and will and emotions follow. If you think you’re sick, your emotions follow and so does your will. If you think you’re healed, your emotions follow and you’re encouraged and filled with joy. Your body even follows.
    The devil tries to attack our minds, although I think he attacks our emotions as well.
    In human trafficking eastern European women have to go through ‘the breaking house’ where their minds are broken.
    Sometimes even if we are in an abusive relationship we can fool ourselves into thinking we truly love the other person and vice versa. Our minds can be entrapped. That leads to staying with the person and minds in bondage. In deception, living in the flesh, headed towards death.
    You gotta shift your mind first to the spirit, and then you’ll experience life and peace.
    If you live according to your flesh and are “a believer” you’re putting more faith in the devil than in Jesus.
    You gotta shift your identity.
    To be a woman of God, we need to shift in our minds first. Through discipleship etc. God can teach you to first shift your mind. True transformation starts with your mind. Being in the flesh is not who you are. Baptism symbolizes death to our old selves and coming alive in the spirit. We need to claim our identity in the spirit. When you’re serving in a ministry your mind should think you lack nothing in the Spirit. It matters who you are, not what you did.
    Every circumstance follows the power of your mind.
    Relationships, aside from identity, is another place you need to shift into the spirit. Especially marriages. YOU need to hold on to the truth that you are one, truly. Our minds can be filled with deception. Also, we don’t need to wait to shift into the spirit. We can do it right now. We don’t need to wait for our leaders to respond to shift into the spirit. IN the spirit, there’s no distance. We are one with our leaders and we have access to them in the spirit. We don’t have to wait for our flesh to be fulfilled. We gotta declare the truth no matter how we feel. We don’t get set free by staying in the flesh, we get free by shifting out of the flesh.
    A lot of the time leaders are repeating themselves through email. We might fall into the deception that we are not covered because our leaders are “too busy”. But it doesn’t matter. We are still fully covered and have access to our leaders’ wisdom.
    Couples: after you shift into the spirit, you get intimacy. Emotional connection. I feel ive done this before—crying over relationships. But I cant wait until the other person changes. My mind needs to change first, believe for it, claim it, act accordingly. And watch my circumstances change.
    Another area to shift into the spirit is circumstances. Shift into the spirit despite circumstances, and don’t let the devil touch your joy. Set your mind on the spirit and circumstances—whether they get good or bad—none of your time is wasted. Sing and rejoice. It may take a moment to step out of being completely defeated and hurt but we need to push through, set our mind upon the spirit, even though the emotions are not there, an sing. Something happens in worship, and emotions follow what we’ve set eyes on. We’re set free from discouragement. If we wait for situations to change, it will not. If we shift our minds first, circumstances will change. There will be a miracle. Even in hard situations, if you’re in the spirit, you will be filled with joy. Minds were set on the things of the spirit. Tapping in to the gr ace of God. Being expectant for salvations. That makes experiences completely different. We give way too much authority to our circumstances, our physical bodies, to our emotions. But we need to give authority to the word of God. We are the victorious one. Where have you been putting your faith? Circumstances, identity, relationships? We gotta shift. If you feel burnt out, it’s a lie. Shift from the lies. God wants us to tap into shift into the spirit. Its because Gods word is truth.

  217. Gavin Yoon says:

    After listening to the sermon, I have to admit I am really guilty of giving into my emotions. Emotions are huge for me. Whenever I face a limitation in my circumstances and afflictions, I give full authority to my emotions and I get really down. It’s been a while since I actually enjoyed God given peace. I know how great that feels and I want it but I just don’t have it. A lot of times it will be like “I can’t praise God right now because I don’t feel like it”. What I was doing unknowingly was putting my faith in the flesh and not in the spirit. I think I desperately need to stop giving into emotions and just shift my mind on to the spirit whether I feel like it or not.

  218. Sam Johnson says:

    What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to in your life. What you believe in your mind will completely change how your body responds to situations, even a cold or a flu. You are only weak, sick, lacking when you convince your mind this is true. Shifting into the spirit we can’t feel tired or burnt out. We are made whole through God. I can personally identify with coming to worship with my mind just not wanting to be there, and I’m focused on some other problem in my life. As I train my mind on the song I can feel a peace in my spirit and there is a release in my body. And when you need to break a habit, true change starts from an internal transformation. By dieing to the flesh and being reborn in the spirit. Recently I needed a revelation from God and fasted for the first time as an adult. Even for that short time I experienced a deeper connection to God and finished the experience with a desire for when I could do it again.

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