Sermons from the 2015 Retreat

We have made available every sermon from the 2015 Retreat here to watch and to download. Be strengthened with power in your inner being through the wisdom and revelation that was poured out at this epic weekend at Welli Hilli!

“Field of Beans” by Benjamin Robinson

Friday Evening (5/22/2015) | Download mp3


“Breaking Off Disappointment” by Sunhee Robinson

Saturday Evening (5/23/2015) | Download mp3


“Resourcing Your Rejoicing” by Benjamin Robinson

Sunday Service (5/24/2015) | Download mp3


“Power Through the Struggle” by Erin Lee

Sunday Evening (5/24/2015) | Download mp3


“Seed or Bread” by Pastor Benjamin Robinson

Monday Morning (5/25/2015) | Download mp3