List of Seminars – Retreat 2015

If you are attending the New Philly Retreat, be sure to read through the list of seminars below when selecting a seminar. Please take note that space is limited in each seminar so admission will require a ticket. Tickets for seminar 1 will be distributed on Saturday morning and seminar 2 tickets on Saturday evening. Detailed announcements will be given at the end of worship sessions.

  • Seminar 1: Saturday 1:00pm
  • Seminar 2: Sunday 9:30am

Unlocking Your Destiny

by Sunhee Robinson (capacity: 60; Sunday only)

When Pastor Sunhee was growing up she had a very limited expectation of what God could do through her life, especially since she’s a woman. But what God has done through her life has far exceeded her expectations. She has stood before countless thousands declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ in more than 15 countries and she’s seen God save many souls and work many dramatic miracles in the process. In this seminar Pastor Sunhee will share what she considers to be the key to unlocking a higher level of kingdom fruitfulness in your life. God has far more for you than you currently expect. Come and learn how to unlock your destiny!

Sunhee Robinson, along with her husband Benjamin, are the founding pastors of Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, California. For 20 years she has been involved in missions work abroad to the toughest of locations, ministering in signs, wonders, and miracles. She earned her Master’s at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Inter-Cultural Studies and is the proud mother of her daughter, Alethia, which means “truth” in Greek.


Overcoming the Religious Spirit

by Marcus Corpening (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

“Having a form of godliness, but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5), the religious spirit saps all the life, creativity, and fruitfulness out of a Christian’s life and ministry. Learn how to identify, expose, and war against the covert and subtle ways that Satan uses the religious spirit to keep us locked into the tired methods of the past. Learn how to step into your true identity as a creative, Spirit-filled son who walks in the grace of God!

Marcus Corpening is the campus pastor of New Philly’s Itaewon campus. Marcus has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as an M.Div. in Church Ministry from Torch Trinity Graduate University in Seoul. Originally from Asheboro, North Carolina, Marcus has a passion to inspire and propel people forward in their creative destinies and purposes for the Kingdom.

Caleb Lee

Overcoming the Witchcraft Spirit

by Caleb Lee (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

This seminar will equip you to expose and confront the ‘covert’ forms of witchcraft that exist within church walls, in our families, and in society. The witchcraft spirit is found wherever there is an intense desire to control people using manipulation, domination, and intimidation. Confront and overcome the spirit of witchcraft with biblical and Spirit-led tactics.

Caleb and his wife, Mina, are the campus pastors of New Philly Busan. They provided the leadership to plant the church in April 2012 when a team of ten New Philly leaders were sent down. Caleb is originally from Torrance, California and attended Biola University. He has a crazy testimony, which you can ask him about, which involves drugs, a televised high-speed car chase, and prison. Caleb and Mina have an 18 month old son, Ethan.

Mina Choi-Lee

The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues

by Mina Lee (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

The gift of tongues is often perceived as a bizarre phenomenon that is met with much antagonism from unbelievers and even many within the church. Using Scripture, come and identify the common misunderstandings people have about tongues and how it is a very practical, helpful, and powerful gift to the body of Christ.

Mina and her husband, Caleb, are the campus pastors of New Philly Busan. Before moving to Busan from Seoul, Mina served as New Philly’s first full-time administrator. She has preached and ministered in numerous New Philly missions trips and even participated in outreaches to prostitutes in Thailand. She grew up in Maryland and has a bachelor’s from the University of Maryland.

Paul Yoo

Apologetics for a Pluralistic World

by Paul Yoo (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

This seminar will cover apologetics and teach you how to defend your Christian faith from various intellectual and academic attacks. We will break down the presuppositions of various world views so that you can expose its inconsistencies from the inside.

Paul Yoo and his wife, Jamie, are the campus pastors of New Philly Sydney in Australia. Before coming to New Philly, Paul used to serve on full-time staff with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ in New York and he also used to pastor a youth ministry in New Jersey. He studied undergrad at Columbia University and earned an M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, going on dates with his wife, playing basketball, and beating Pastor Christian at Madden.

Jamie Yoo

Heart Matters

by Jamie Yoo (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

Is sin merely behavior? Or is there more to it? And how do we grow from our introspection and analysis of our situations and behaviors toward long-lasting change in our life? Scripture shows us that human actions, attitudes, thoughts and emotions do not arise in a vacuum. They are manifestations of a complex and intricate web of forces that are at work around us. This seminar will consider a biblical framework to understanding the interconnectedness between the heart and behavior in the process of change.

Jamie grew up in southern California, and moved to New York City for undergrad where she met her husband, Paul. They were friends, and served together in campus ministry and in their local church a long while before dating and getting married. Currently, they reside in Australia, leading New Philly Sydney as co-campus pastors. Jamie received her M. Div and biblical counseling training from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and has counseled in various contexts. In her free time, she loves to run. She delights in good music and good food that makes life a little more meaningful and fun.

John-Michael Becker

Strategic Prayer for North Korea

by John-Michael Becker (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

While North Korea is currently under an oppressive regime that controls the lives of its citizens, many prophetic words have been released around the world about God’s heart for the nation and God’s amazing plans for the people of North Korea. This seminar will give a clear introduction of how North Korea was established and will reveal key ways to pray for God’s kingdom to come to the land.

John-Michael Becker is a full-time orphanage volunteer and the director of Jerusalem Ministry, a ministry that equips and trains orphanage volunteers in Seoul. He and his wife Sky are also the campus pastors of New Philly Sillim. He has been serving the orphans of Korea since 2005 and has a huge heart and calling for North Korea.

Preparing for Dating and Marriage

by Sky Becker (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

How a person prepares for dating and marriage will play a critical role in how successful their future marriage will be, regardless of who they marry. This seminar will touch on different important subjects like how to pray for marriage, how to handle your money, how to present yourself, who to open yourself up to, and how to strengthen your character now so that dating may be fun and not overwhelming.

Sky and her husband, JM, are the campus pastors of New Philly Sillim. They also oversee ministry to the married couples for New Philly campuses in Seoul. Sky has a passion and vision in the arts and she currently serves as the media director of Jerusalem Ministry.

Larry Kim

Biblical Views and Practical Wisdom in Personal Finances

by Larry Kim (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

Money is an essential part of daily life in the modern age, but also something that Jesus warns us to be wary of. This seminar aims to teach on Biblical views on money as well as practical wisdom in managing and stewarding personal finances.

Larry Kim is the CFO and CSO of IGAWorks, an adtech/mobile business platform. He previously worked as a research analyst in an investment bank and as a financial advisor in a consultancy focusing on startups and SMBs. He currently serves at New Philly as a community group leader and on the church’s board of trustees.

Tina Cho

The Emotionally Healthy Believer (You Too, Men)

by Tina Cho (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

Everyone deals with difficult and heavy emotions, but why is it sometimes so trying and exhausting? How can we deal with emotions in a healthier, more productive manner? Come learn about different tools in confronting and dealing with such emotions and how our view of emotions and painful experiences can be shifted in a way that deepens our identity in Christ. This seminar will show how psychological theories can be translated into your daily life to further glorify God.

Tina Cho is the director of New Philly’s Counseling Center with an M.A in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Seoul National University. She leads community group with her husband, Isaac, and was recently hired as the school counselor of Taejon Christian International School. Miraculously healed from a chronic illness of 7 years, Tina has an understanding of pain and a consequent passion for psychology and counseling.

Rona Michelle Babb

The Power of Total Forgiveness

by Rona Babb (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

In a fallen world, we all experience some form of hurt, disappointment, and abuse at some point in our lives. Some put up walls to shield themselves from further hurt but Jesus teaches us a better way. Come learn how the gospel challenges us to live under the power of total forgiveness. In this seminar you’ll learn what forgiveness is and what it is not and what steps you can take to live in grace and freedom all the days of your life.

Rona Babb serves as the executive director of Emmaus, New Philly’s college ministry. She also serves as the campus director of Emmaus at Seoul Nat’l University. Rona has a passion to see the young generation set free, set on fire for the Kingdom, and become agents of change in the nations. She is also an unapologetic nerd who likes to spend her time reading, writing, pondering, naturing, adventuring, and climbing up to the very top of tall things. Rona is a country girl originally from Arkansas and studied global and religious studies at Missouri State University. She is currently earning her M.Div. at Torch Trinity Graduate University.

Lisa J Kim

Heal the Sick

by Lisa Kim (capacity: 30, Saturday and Sunday)

About 90% of the recorded ministry of Jesus involved healing those with physical disease. Jesus then taught his disciples to do the same. Then why is it that the church does not equip the saints to carry on this important ministry? Does the gospel promise salvation only for our soul and spirit or does it also contain promises for our physical body? Come learn the answers to all these questions and learn how to pray for the sick. This is the seminar taught at New Philly to all our missions teams and has played a key role in consistently seeing miraculous healing on our trips.

Lisa Kim is the missions director for New Philadelphia Church. She is also on staff with Native Partners for World Mission (NPWM), a ministry that empower indigenous pastors in 19 different countries. Lisa is originally from New York City and graduated with a double Bachelor’s in politics and global studies from Brandeis University. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Studies from Seoul National University.

Anna Roh

All In or All Out

by Anna Roh (capacity: 30, Sunday only)

There are times when we volunteer to do things. But there are also times when God puts us situations just so he can stretch and expedite our growth. Church-planting is one of those things. Whether we volunteer or God calls us, church planting is an experience that you will never forget. It is a time when God manifests himself in the realest of ways. Not only will this seminar teach you important lessons of church planting, it’ll also teach you some core values of how to live a life all in for God. The seminar will cover the lessons as well as the mistakes that Anna learned from her church planting experience. She’ll be sharing about the faithfulness of God and how it leads many people to say, “Church planting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding.”

Anna Roh is an intern pastor at New Philly Hongdae. She is currently studying for her M.Div. at Torch Trinity Graduate University. She was part of the New Philly Busan church plant team and served there for two years. She is originally from Northern Virginia and graduated with a Masters in Elementary Education at James Madison University.

Anita Neufeld


by Anita Neufeld (capacity: 30, Saturday only)

In Genesis 1:28 we see God’s original design for man to be His representative and to govern over all the affairs on the earth. But when Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he forfeited this authority to the serpent. It took the death and resurrection of Jesus (the Last Adam) to restore authority to man so that he would once again serve as God’s representative. Learn what intercession is and how you can exercise your authority in Christ through intercessory prayer to partner with God in executing His will on the earth.

Anita currently serves as the accountability pastor for all the leaders of New Philly Sillim. She has also served as a full-time intercessor with Kingdom First Prayer Tabernacle and as the leadership director for New Philly. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she met Pastor Jon Neufeld at New Philly and they married in Dec 2011. They have a daughter Olivia and are currently expecting baby number 2!

Emily Suen

The Power of Total Forgiveness

by Emily Suen (capacity: 30, Sunday only)
Please note that due to high demand, this seminar is being offered three times by two different speakers.

In a fallen world, we all experience some form of hurt, disappointment, and abuse at some point in our lives. Some put up walls to shield themselves from further hurt but Jesus teaches us a better way. Come learn how the gospel challenges us to live under the power of total forgiveness. In this seminar you’ll learn what forgiveness is and what it is not and what steps you can take to live in grace and freedom all the days of your life.

Emily Suen is an intern pastor with New Philly Sillim. Emily has a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington as well as an M.Div. from Torch Trinity Graduate University in Seoul. Originally from Seattle, Emily has a passion to reach the lost and make the marginalized feel accepted so that they can step into their rightful places in the Kingdom.

The Power in Praise

by Hermann Kim (capacity: 30, Saturday only)

Praise is powerful, because the God whom we praise is powerful! By the end of this seminar you will be equipped with some basic yet powerful revelations of praise, along with practical guidelines in how to worship God. Come unpack the biblical texts and hear the profound analogies and eye-opening personal testimonies to see the power in your praise.

Hermann Kim is an Australian born Korean serving at New Philly Busan as the worship pastor. He is married to his beautiful wife (Grace) and has a daughter (Charis) and a son (Zion). Hermann has a B.A. in business from University of Technology Sydney and has studied at Hillsong College Sydney for worship leadership. He also has an M.Div from Torch Trinity. A songwriter, his anointed songs have been sung at New Philly retreats in the past.

Jon Neufeld

The Roots of Worship

by Jon Neufeld (capacity: 30, Sunday only)

As we engage in worship together Sunday by Sunday and worship the Lord privately, it’s important to remember that the worship we offer to the Lord has it’s foundation in the Bible – and more specifically in the Old Testament. There are seven Hebrew words that are translated into English as “worship” or “praise,” each with a distinct meaning. This seminar will focus in on those seven Hebrew words, how these words connect with throne room worship, and what this all means for us today as week seek to worship the Lord extravagantly.

Jon Neufeld is the worship director of New Philly, overseeing worship leaders and teams for all our campuses. He earned his M.Div. at Torch Trinity and hails from Winnipeg, Canada with a proud Mennonite heritage. Jon is married to Anita and they have a beautiful daughter named Olivia. Jon loves Jesus, his wife, his daughter, the church, and hockey – in that order.

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