Mature Love

New Philly Sillim
Preached by John-Michael Becker on May 17, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 48 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions


  1. In Ezekiel 47:1-12 the river of life originates from the temple as a trickle but then grows with distance. The flow of the river originates from the sanctuary in the temple and goes out to the nations. The sanctuary in the Hebrew represented the holy place, where God’s presence was the thickest in the temple. This was where intimate prayer and intercession took place. It represents the place of God’s heart. Have the group share in their own words why spending time with God and asking for His heart is so important for maturing in loving others and being able to go out deeper in the river.
  2. Have you ever loved someone to the point that it hurts? If so, how could you relate to Christ as you experienced such strong love?
  3. Out of the three groups shared during the prayer time following the message, which group did you feel you were in (In need of knowing God’s heart for yourself, in need of knowing God’s heart for others, or zealous for going out but recognizing that your love must mature first)? What do you feel God is speaking to you about this? What needs to happen for you to grow?
  4. Read Psalm 63:1-8 together (If discussion time for the first three questions went by quickly, then allow some time after reading Psalm 63:1-8 for your CG members to share which verse stood out to them from the passage and why). Pastor JM’s desire is that each of you experience this Psalm, particularly verses 2 – 4, at the retreat. Share your expectations for the retreat and pray for each other (make sure to encourage your members to include growing in knowing God’s heart as one of their expectations for the retreat… encourage them to be praying, “God, I want to know your heart”).


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