A House of Prayer

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A House of Prayer
Sunday, February 3, 2014
Sunday Service at Burning Tree Ministry (Thanksgiving Korean Church, Buena Park, CA)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Matt. 21:13
Duration: 67 minutes
This is a message that PC preached in Southern California when he and Pastor Erin were invited to speak at TKC. This message unpacks PC’s emphasis on corporate prayer when building up the church.


  1. Linda L says:

    This was a sermon that has really challenged me and changed some misconceptions I have had about praying (both personally and at the church).
    The fire of the Holy Spirit can be kept burning in different ways. I previously never thought much of the prayer meetings and in fact it intimidated me. I now see that to mature, to keep the fire burning, praying is important. In the past, I believed that praying was not always necessary as God knows my heart and my thoughts. However, the sermon has challenged me to improve my praying and to attend prayer meetings to behold Jesus. I am a naturally quiet person, so during time of prayer during service, I would pray quietly and I felt like I have been lacking in this area. This has made me avoid Sunday Swim and JPM as I not confidence in my ability to pray in terms of precision, being articulate and such.
    The analogy to government and armies was quite powerful. It is important as a church to unite and pray together as one. In order to have things happen, we must come together and pray together for major changes such as the unification of North and South Korea.

  2. Amen, I totally believe that the prayer is the key to keep the fire burning. I thought this could be done personally but now I know that there should be a prayer movement in the church. When I first came to Christ in my freshman year in college, I was on fire. I started a night prayer meeting and morning prayer meetings. Even though there were times when I was the only one at the meeting, I kept going for a year. My life was full of joy even thought
    my body was so tired. However, my ministry had to be stopped because I was losing a balance between the ministry and school work, and the new pastor at my church thought I should rest. I now believe that it might have been a right decision. But I went into a spiritual slump in the following semesters and I felt I lost the passion and energy to serve God. I now realize that resting from prayer meetings actually stopped the fire inside of me, and once the fire was out, it was just so difficult to put it back on. I hope to long for my meeting with Jesus at the prayer meetings once again. I want to seek His face alone!

  3. Sally Kim says:

    I didn’t quite hear a lot of sermons that emphasize prayer in New Philly and I think this is the first time for me. This reminded me of how much I used to pray in high school because every day I would attend morning prayer sessions and also gather in small groups to read the bible, share prayer requests, and pray together. But coming to college, I have lost that intimate time with the Lord and now I realize that upon everything else prayer is the most basic. If you want to be close with someone you need to converse with that person. It’s not mere gift giving or body movements (spiritual manifestations) that will make you close with that person, but you need to talk with that person. It’s the same with Jesus.
    I livestreamed the K1 Prayer Tab, joined the JPM, and attended Sunday Swim, and through these times, I am learning the power of prayer not only in reality but also in how I am changing my attitude as I prepare everything in prayer.

  4. Isaac Shiho Nam says:

    There was a lot of good teaching here that reached me. I have often been curious about the purpose of community prayer and hearing PC explain that Jesus said “our” Father in heaven was a revelation. I had often sang lyrics to worship songs changing “we” as in “we worship” to “I” if only because it felt more personal, general, and honest to how I felt in worship. This Biblical example and explanation is challenging and real enough to make me change how I worship.

    The analogy of prayer meetings as being meetings for lobbying God made me think. The JPM prayer and contending for the kingdom were a bit difficult for me as I did not have a vested interest in all topics concerned. But as a community, we do. And the more I am in tune with the Holy Spirit, the closer my heart may be to His concerns as shown in JPM prayer topics.

    This teaching is a boon for me. I feel a hunger to know why we do things, it makes difficult but required tasks not seem pointless or undecipherable but instills in me a greater purpose when doing them. Perhaps we are not to learn answers to all things but for right now I am glad to know the reasons for what we do, even as walking by faith means we sometimes walk in obedience to God in things we do not and perhaps cannot know.

  5. LITERALLY YO, I went to listen to this sermon first before going through the others. I was so excited about hearing this as it’s been on my heart for quite a long time. Why? Because prayer is where it starts! Because prayer is what I believe in and where I eat the starter of my meal! Because I desire to see the fire of God come down! Because it’s something I want to cultivate in my home church and in other churches! I really believe in cultivating a culture of prayer individually and collectively as a church.

    This message totally killed it for me, and not gonna lie – half way through the message I literally threw down my headphones and said: ‘I’m done’ and walked out the room with a cheeky grin on my face; leaving a weird reaction from my roommate (I did finish the message by the way). Because how much more EMPHASIS do we need to have prayer in church?! A simple yet valuable question asked by Ps Christian: ‘what if you had a retreat with no guest speaker – just Jesus? Would you show up?’ I am so done.

    He links to how much consumer Christianity there is in the church and my oh my! To be honest, the amount of conversations I’ve had with friends and individuals – ‘yo zun, why aren’t you coming to this conference because so and so is preaching? Or hey man, this Christian band is coming but you’re going to miss out if you’re not there!’ Like yo, let me tell you something! I totally understand that yes they may have an anointing and gifting upon their life and I totally believe that you will get something out of going to these events – but just to emphasise: why are you not at the prayer meeting then at 9:30am? Isn’t that as exciting! Jesus. Is. Everywhere. And again Ps Christian shuts it down here: ‘Show up because Jesus will show up’. I mean dangggg does anyone hear us out?!

    This is what put the icing on the cake for me. He goes on to say before any church service, any worship session, or any sermon in Genesis 4:25 it says ‘man began to call upon the name of the Lord’. If we consistently call upon the Lord, God will CONSISTENTLY show us greater things we do not know and the PROMISES He has made to us (I loved the dominos pizza example – well put). Simple.

    Yo make the call.

    • Zun! haha I’ve had such a fun time reading your comments. It’s obvious you have a zealous heart for the Lord. Excited to see you continuing to grow :)

  6. This was such a powerful message! Something that I have always struggled with in my walk with God has been prayer. I love when Pastor Christian mentioned that the enemy speaks lies over me by saying that God already knows what I need, so there’s no need for prayer. That hit me so hard because that’s exactly how I’ve felt about prayer! I felt convicted when Pastor Christian stated that we must ask and we will receive. However, we must ask and we will receive. God says that if CONSISTENTLY call on Him, He will show us greater and unsearchable things, but that is if we are consistent in our prayers to Him. It really spoke to me that God searches for people who are continuously calling upon the name of the Lord and it will lead to a new level of maturity with Him!

  7. Young Ko says:

    Is Jesus enough? I was challenged by this question. I am convicted to continuously call on God as He reveals great and unsearchable things to me. Also, in order to understand His kingdom perspective/empower by the fire of the spirit/serve and love on people, I learned that I need to start with prayer. Looking forward to celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will be doing.

  8. In fact, “House of Prayer” is not a preferred term for me because of pretty much of controversy; I confess that I am grown up in a conservative church. However, I can get the real meaning of “House of Prayer”. It is the movement of prayer in the local church. We live in a society of so many ungodly things. Even sometimes these things have influences on our life. But, we have the authority to disallow the demonic power which means that we can stump the evil spirit. However, it is not an easy thing because we should be mature with steadfast mindset and disciplined behaviour. In order to develop the feature, commitment is the essential element for those who want to open the new life. I honour how God blessed this community through the prayer movements; K1 Tab, Friday Fire, JPM and Sunday swim. As a member of this house, I decide to be committed on keeping the fire. It is the time that I need to break all of chains on me also pray for Shalom of the city.

  9. I know that when I pray, there are some times when I don’t do very well. I know this because I have a hard time verbalizing it. Outward praying is something that I always grew up to learn as being unnecessary, or that it’s something to do in a circle at one time. That’s slowly been changing in my life, but there’s a lot more to go.

    One of the best things about this sermon is the fact that it brings up one of my favorite things: Prayer. Prayer is something I feel is our strongest tool. If we’re praying, that means we’re in Christ’s wheelhouse. What Pastor Christian said about judging the health of the church by the number of folks at the prayer meeting, that’s huge stuff. A lot of people discount prayer as being important, when it’s incredibly vital.

    The fact that Pastor Christian also brought up the fact that prayer is not always brought up, because it’s a hard subject to approach. It’s one of those hard topics, the 900-lb. elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. That’s one of the things I am very happy to see talked about at New Philly. It’s big, and it’s something that needs to keep being talked about. The hardest stuff needs to be exposed, and prayer is one of those things that need to be constantly brought up.

    Prayer is incredibly important, and I want to grow to be a man worthy of being in a house of prayer, a prayer tabernacle, or others.

  10. I thought this was a very powerful message for all of us to hear. It was about one very powerful subject: prayer. I think many of us see prayer as something that we do in our quiet time. It is something that is almost a little personal. But I think that in listening to Pastor Christian’s message here we can see that power that prayer has.

    At the end of his message Pastor Christian compared prayer to being like placing your voice in having a law passed. it is so true! We feel that our one little prayer has no power, like if we don’t show up..we won’t be missed, but really how would you feel if you couldn’t cast your voice on important law matters? I know I never missed one chance to vote for my American president, so would I want to miss my chance to vote on matters such as unification? No!

    Pastor Christian really made me think during this message. How could I see my own commitment to the power of prayer? Prayer is one way to keep the fire burning in our lives. It is a way to stay connected in conversation with God. I know for me when I feel the power of God in my prayers I come alive. It is a feeling of joy that is like no other. The power of a church can be seen through it’s prayers. I feel blessed that New Philly IS so committed to prayers. We have so many different ways for the Church to come together to pray. I think it was very powerful for Pastor Christian to awaken our minds to the power we all hold within us.

  11. The importance of prayer. The importance of seeing the importance of prayer. As a corporate body of believers we need to come into agreement with things in order to change the things of the world. Stewarding the fire of the house in prayer is such a powerful and wise understanding of the scripture that talks about ‘where two or three are gathered there I am’. God inhabits the place where His people are praying.

  12. This sermon made me remember the earlier days of New Philly prayer meetings when PC would really have to stir the house to press in and travail for things to be birthed in the spiritual realm. As a young believer, I was offended by the loud prayers and often mistook PC’s zealousness as personal frustration at the congregation. Eventually I came to understand PC’s heart and passion for building up and maintaining the prayer movement of the house, not only because Jesus declares the church a house of prayer in scripture, but also because of the tangible fruit that I saw at New Philly when corporate prayers were lifted up. Seeing God’s faithfulness in moving in response to our prayers for NK, church growth, new facilities, and so much more has really been amazing; prayer really is the engine of this church.

  13. Grace Ko says:

    “Call upon the Lord!” I loved the analogy that PC gave about how if you want a pizza, you can’t just sit on your sofa and wish and want and wait; you call and order a pizza!
    We have authority to call upon the Lord and to seek His face.

    I have recently been watching the TV series “House of Cards”. In all honesty, I have been discouraged and disgusted by the way it portrays the government and politics and have wondered, “Wow… is this REALLY what it’s like? Because if it is, it’s hopeless.” But as a result of my recent watching of this show, PC’s analogy of prayer meetings to Capitol Hill really hit home. I can sit here and think, “Oh man, how corrupted the government is. How broken this world is. How hopeless things are in the hands of man…” and become defeated and wish and wait. OR I can call upon the Lord with the church and legislate things, contend for His kingdom, stand in the gap of people, veto the work of the enemy because I have been given authority!!

  14. Chelsea says:

    In my mind, my hand totally went up when PC was talking about how people who come from conservative Christian backgrounds feeling uncomfortable with the prayer movement at NP. That was exactly me when I first started coming out; I was very uncomfortable praying out loud. I think the root of that was believing the lie that my prayers had no authority and no impact on the natural. PC said this is because I did not have a strong idea of my identity and authority I carry as a son of the Kingdom. Going on missions was a huge leap of faith as I was thrown into a situation that I was expected to pray for others out loud (ah!). I remember the very first day of ministry, we had an alter call. Although I didn’t really know what I was doing, I prayed over a man. And to my surprise, Holy Spirit moved and he fell down. My face must have registered complete shock in the moment because I wasn’t ready for it. But God showed me through this process that I do indeed carry authority and that my prayers have power. This has given me a small glimpse of the power that the corporate prayer moment has. This message has challenged me to be more committed to the prayer moment at NP, to show up just to sit at God’s feet and seek His face and to legislate the Kingdom.

  15. Claire Ramsey says:

    We have authority to TRAMPLE and STOMP on the enemy!!! Man, do I love this statement! But, it is so tragic when we forget this part of our identity. When we only pray to get something from God, we miss out on so many other things He has called us to do and to be. I grew up in a conservative church that did not pray out loud. God has been kind enough to ease me into the culture of prayer that New Philly possesses over the last few years through other experiences. I can remember the first times I prayed out loud for people being so awkward! I didn’t think I was a wise enough or mature enough Christian to do so (and maybe I wasn’t), but thankfully I was under the wings of a very kind and mature sister who guided me through that season of really discovering how powerful our prayers can be (and that we didn’t need to sound “proper” or all theological to do so!). She helped me to trust the Lord in my prayers and how the Holy Spirit would guide me.

    I am, though, guilty of chasing after the Holy Spirit fire/signs. The first time I really tangibly experienced the Holy Spirit this past December was amazing! But, I became to focused on recreating that experience every time I worshipped or prayed instead of meditating and seeking after what they were pointing to. It really brought on a difficult season of worship for me that I am still in, but thankfully am coming out of. I am very grateful for New Philly and this message to help me understand the importance and dynamics of prayer in the church. I am so looking forward to growing in maturity and discipline (I’ll have to remember I said this when there are growing pains!) in my prayer life. I want to pray the quiet prayers, the crying out prayers, the prayers where I seek His hand, and the prayers where I simply seek His face. I need to especially tend to that last one, to just be in His presence without an agenda!

  16. Anja Heenop says:

    Wow even before PC actually started with his sermon I’ve realize something that always bother me. In the pass I will find myself argue with people if it comes to receiving the Holy Spirit. And PC said it so clear and good to me. People from my pass will always say it looks to them just like a mess. But what they don’t know it is n beautiful mess and it could change their life’s if they just stick around little bit longer to hear all the testimonies of that”mess.” It is not able for as to be in love with the things from the world and with Jesus. In the pass if I stood up against my friends and went into a different direction. They would push me out and never let me in again. I would felt sorry for myself, I would be angry with God, I would go to my own private place and cry because everything is turning against me. Instead I’ve been truly blessed in those times. The power of prayer is more powerful than I really think. I was scared to pray out load, but coming to New Philly I look through a new lens. I can see the power and movement of consistent prayer. This sermon reminded me again of the power of prayer but not only in my quite time but how important it is to pray with the body. We need to call out to the lord loud and consistently. There is power in praying together. The devil can sometimes let bad things happen. But as a body of Christ we have authority to get together and pray against all things.

  17. I don’t know why, but I kept getting chills and teared up while listening to this sermon… Man.. coming into a place in prayer where my heart is aligned with God’s heart is powerful. The power of prayer is real! and sometimes I think we forget that our prayers have power. There’s been times when it was hard for me to pray because I didn’t know what to pray about, I kept getting distracted or sleepy, or because I felt like my prayers were empty words, going no where. But then, as I was listening to this, God reminded me that my prayers have the power to shift and move the things in the spirit! As it says in Ephesians, and as PC mentioned, we are not fighting against the things of the flesh, but against the spiritual forces of evil. And in order to pray against such attacks of the enemy, we need to know our identity, and know who we are and know that we have the authority to pray powerfully for the things of the Kingdom. God is not a vending machine that we go to only for the things we want. We need to pray, just to go and sit in His presence and ask what His will is and pray let your will be done. A church needs to be a house of prayer, and there is power in prayer. If we want the fire to keep on burning, we need to pray. Our prayers are powerful, and we need to take our place as prayer warriors.

  18. Ruth Lee says:

    Pastor Christian’s sermon on a house of prayer reflects the strong presence of intercession in New Philly! And I definitely agree with him when he says that prayer is what keeps the fire from burning out at NP. When I first came to NP, I felt that retreat high without ever having attended a NP retreat it because there was so much prayer. I’m looking forward to this year’s retreat and as I think about it more and more, I’m not scared of becoming complacent as long as I continue to intercede, pray, and seek His face. I feel like so many times in my life, I used God as a vending machine. I seeked His hand first instead of His face and only went to Him when I needed something. I’m learning to change this habit and continue to desire His presence more than anything in this world.

  19. Amanda Highsmith says:

    I am so glad to be a part of the house of prayer again. I remember being a part of a group in university who would do a prayer walk around our campus. At the beginning, my mind would be wanting to go back to bed and wondered why on earth I signed up for something so early in the morning, but over time I looked forward to those quiet times with God and being able to join in prayer for and with my brothers and sisters. I had lost that until joining NP Itaewon faithfully in December 2014. There may be times I drift in and out of sleep, but more often than not I am energized and I just cry because I am in the presence of God. Its the greatest feeling in the world and I just can’t get enough of it. I want to soak it in. While I have regained strength in communal prayer, my personal prayer time also needs to shift in the spirit and get back to focus on God. Its so true on how the time we spend watching TV, movies, and dramas changes our minds and focus without us even knowing it. Its easy for us to find the time to spend hours filling our brains with mush. But the devil celebrates when we chose to fill out time with mindless activity instead of choosing to be in the Word and in prayer. We need to shift our mindset and see the importance of both communal prayer and personal prayer time.

  20. Choy Jun Ai says:

    This sermon just answered the questions that I had recently!!! Watching those manifesting scenes from the video are stunning yet kind of afraid actually. (Never seen this until I came to NP) Also, I was thinking that how if I get manifested or not in this coming retreat, if not, what does it mean? I was too focusing on the sign until I get reminded by this sermon! The most important point should be what have God done through this.

    Recently, I felt like God is challenging me to come out to prayer meeting. Therefore, I started from Emmaus campus 6:15 prayer, and then Friday Fire, JPM, and even went to the K1 tab morning session. I was so encouraged and really blessed in every single prayer meeting.

    • Wow, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability Jun Ai! I grew up in a Presbyterian church as well so the HS manifestations first freaked me out too. But as I grew in the Holy Spirit, I realized it was just one way of Him touching me. Thank you for sharing that and I’m glad this message encouraged and empowered you : )

  21. Daniel Dae Eun Kim (Itaewon) says:

    I am glad that I am in a house which seeks the Lord diligently. It is good to know that the house is not only seeking the Lord but also moves powerfully in prayer. Sadly not many churches may have this kind of concept in all their meetings but it is good to know that our church and the people in it seek God’s face on a constant basis. It is good to know that if we constantly call upon the Lord and seek his face, then everything else will be given unto us and great secrets will also be revealed to us. It is a challenge not to see God as a vending machine at times when we are in need of something, but it is important to remember that God is also a person who wants to be loved and if we don’t treat our lovers like a vending machine then we definitely should not treat God as one also.

  22. Henry Spice says:

    This sermon reminds me on the importance of prayer. I sometimes forget that the battle is not physical but spiritual. Jesus has also made it clear that the church will be called A house of prayer. Hence New Philly focuses so much on prayer because that is where the battle begins. Personally for me when I get get committed to the place of prayer, i don’t easily fall into temptation. And I also get encouraged and refreshed when I seek the face of God during the prayer sessions.

  23. So many revelations and reminders in this message! The place of prayer is a Kingdom Government. You receive when you ask, not when you wish or think. You can see the popularity of Jesus by looking at how many people show up to the prayer meetings. Come to God to simply seek His face. You become what you behold. God is not a vending machine.
    Some of these have convicted me, and some how encouraged me, but all of them rekindled a longing, a hunger to come to God in prayer, to come to a place where Jesus is enough.

  24. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    You don’t think your prayers have much power because you don’t understand your authority.

    To be honest, I overlooked the power of prayer and didn’t understand why NP had so many prayer meetings, but now I feel and see a huge difference when I go to 6:15 before large group,Sunday swim before service and JPM. It feels weird if I don’t go these prayer meeting before service now. I feel unready and now it feels like LG starts at 6:15 and Sunday service starts at swim.

    Prayer has so much power when you now your prayer matters. When we come together and cry out and knowing that we are burning our fire and not letting it burn out.

    I also agree that we can’t just sit and wait for the pizza to come without calling it and we can’t go to Jesus just for the favors, but know that he is a God of favor. If we just seek Him, he will give us more than the things we need.

  25. Stella Lee says:

    People underestimate the power of prayer, and I was once guilty of that as well. Hearing this sermon has emphasized something about prayer that I noticed when I first came to NPC. I used to believe that God didn’t really hear my prayers, that it was near bottom in a loooooong list of prayers (similar to how Bruce Almighty portrayed it) and despite what God has done for me, I downplayed my authority in my prayers and used to feel pessimistic about them.
    But looking at it from a different angle, encouraged by this sermon and by my experience here with NPC, I am left in awe in just how powerful prayers are. Prayers are my direct link with the Almighty God. Through prayers, I, a mortal creature, am able to speak to an immortal power greater than our universe, and what’s amazing about it is that He listens, and He does so with a supernatural focus, because He is God. It is unfair to compare God’s attention span to that of an average human being’s. So despite me being one of many that pray to God, He still hears what I have to say with care, and I have power in my words because of this.

  26. Lydia Kim says:

    I love this message. I remember PC preaching a similar message in 2009 which completely rocked my paradigm. The emphasis on God’s house being a house of prayer is what caused a mini revival at ECF and in my life in 2009. “Church isn’t supposed to be a movie theatre, it’s supposed to be a house of prayer” – I love how NPC empowers members to move beyond the consumer mentality to being an anointed son who can move and know God’s heart through a place of prayer. I also agree with PC’s point that the religious spirit can try to shut up the people of God. Not just from other people but from within myself. It’s so freeing being a part of a community that is bold and relentless in prayer. I actually believed in the power of prayer through New Philly. Hallelujah!

  27. Danielle Kang says:

    Prayer can be done in a lot of ways but we must not forget how crucial it is to simply come before God to BE in His presence. I think many ministries use prayer as a tool to accessing resources (asking for His hand to move) and whilst we must exercise faith in prayer in this way, if that’s all we are coming to Him for, I believe it’s no longer about relationship.
    I love how PC talks about the best way of character maturity coming from that place of prayer. It’s not through serving more, but simply by being with the Lord.
    New Philly is a house understands the importance of prayer and I love how it doesn’t stop there. NP follows through with this understanding and walks it out! We are a house that is committed to prayer. I’m so thankful for this teaching.

  28. Ellen Lee says:

    The House of Prayer… man so powerful. The crazy thing is that the statement of prayer and how important prayer is for the church is so simple. It’s a statement that might even come across as obvious because many Christians have heard how important prayer is “ask and you will receive…” I think I’ve always been on spiritual roller coasters where I am up and down and never steadfast. Spiritual leaders, mentors, and Pastors have said “sustain the fire” especially towards the end of retreats, and mission trips but if I’m being honest I really didn’t know how. When PC stated that “prayer sustains the fire…” I was convicted. Such a simple statement and probably the most obvious to know about never really hit me how important prayer is and how powerful it can be. I feel as though that not everybody as a Christian knows that prayer keeps us connected to God and is the way God wants us to interact with him. Like PC says God didn’t say “think about it and you will receive” but he said “ask and you will receive” to ask is to pray.

    Also, when PC says that there should be a personal prayer but there also needs to be a corporate prayer within the churches. Prayers are powerful and can create movements if the people of God would pray and not just silently pray within themselves but cry out, call upon the Lord to seek his face. Growing up in a conservative church, I never thought to pray out loud, mainly because I didn’t want other people to know my thoughts but mostly it was like a strange thing if you “cried out” to the Lord at church services. It was only during the prayer meetings that a few adults would come out to prayer meetings and cry out saying “Jooyuh!” (yes, I know exactly what PC was talking about with the “Korean style of prayer”) and really acknowledge their authority in prayer. But not everyone at my home church does. We constantly talk about unity between our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ but we never as a body prayed about it. We prayed for it when it came up as a prayer request in our own personal one on one session with God but we never called upon the Lord to bring unity in our church together. I find this SO essential for any church to pray together- coming out to prayer meetings to pray together will cause a movement and if everyone was aware of this fact I truly believe things would be radically changed. I definitely want to bring this back to my home church because I know there are brothers and sisters who are seeking this and want this in our house but don’t know where to begin. All they need is the reminder of the power of prayer and how by praying in agreement with one another and calling to the Lord the church will be on fire!

  29. Dani Ashcraft says:

    Like the keeping power of God, before joining New Philly I really did underestimate the power of prayer. I’d seen tons of videos and witnessed some people’s prayers and the power they held. But really, before coming here, I never thought something as simple as my own prayers could be so powerful, let alone the prayers of the congregation. I’ve seen and evidenced myself now the power of calling on the Lord and I’m really happy New Philly has changed that about the way I speak to God. I really like the idea of saying things out loud to claim them and the power that comes with public admittance. There is a freedom and strength in the prayers of the church collectively and no matter what physical signs the Holy Spirit may or may not manifest, I always know that he is in the room and he is working.

  30. Paul JS Park says:

    Thank you Pastor Christian for teaching me on the value of prayer and the importance of joining in the prayer movement of my local church. Personally, through all the years of going to church, my prayer life has not been a central part in my walk with God. Going to K1 and JPM last week was a unique experience. Being alone with God for two hours, running out of things to pray for, and being surrounded by people praying for specific detailed agendas are not things I have experienced frequently. Sometimes I am doubtful in my prayers. Studying International Relations in college, I told myself that is not good intentions but interests, policies, and strategies that bring a real change in the world. I was, and still is, prideful and lacking faith. God is looking for people who will call on the name of the Lord. Knowing my identity in Christ, and believing in the authority He has given me, God is calling me to pray – to call on Him and to seek His face. While being part of New Philly, I wish to learn and reclaim the power of prayer. I will submit and commit to the House and will join in in what God is doing.

  31. Elbert Hayama says:

    I really agreed with how prayer was taken lightly in many churches. Prayer meetings will only be filled with a small amount of leaders of the church. PC shared strongly of putting an emphasis to be a House of Prayer and the importance. I myself did not equip myself in prayer as much should do and did not fully expose myself to the Holy Spirit. I am fairly new to the charismatic power of prayer and have not really experienced myself as well. I am willing to be take prayer seriously and to be open to all that God wants to share to me through the Holy Spirit.

  32. Rebecca Ye says:

    Wow, this was so powerful. It is such a simple message, but of great importance. Every Christian knows that prayer is important, but it’s interesting to see how churches don’t encourage it. I feel like so often, people underestimate the power of prayer and what it can actually do. I know for my church back home, prayer meetings are rare. People are just not excited about it and no one is willing to start it up because they think no one will show up. The only time my church would host a prayer meeting is if something disastrous happens and everyone is in shock. Prayer meetings are not constant… in the bad and the good… they seem to be present only in the bad.

    I was raised in a Baptist church so it’s really traditional and reserved. Every year I was a student leader at this conference that allowed young teens to get to know Christ. It was a bit charismatic and people freaked out. When people started praying outloud, it was a shock. Because of the judgment, I know some teens felt uncomfortable expressing their worship to God. It actually makes me so sad that because of something like that, we are trying to set limits on the Holy Spirit’s work. At the conference when we wanted to pray outloud, I will admit we were guilty of calling it the “Korean-style” prayer. “Alright guys, let’s pray…. Korean style”. Because of my background, at first I felt uncomfortable with praying outloud, but I started to become more comfortable with it over the years. And this sermon really spoke to me on how the Holy Spirit moves and we must not try to extinguish that fire.

    I really loved the part about simply coming to prayer meetings for Jesus… because when we come to Jesus we shouldn’t come with an agenda, but we come to Jesus for Jesus. When Jesus is enough, just basking in His presence is enough. My first time really experiencing a long session of simply beholding Jesus was at my first K1 prayer tabernacle. It was so different for me, but so rejuvenating – to simply come before God, sing praises, and bask in His glorious presence. Prayer is known to be important by many Christians, but often times we underestimate the power it holds and the ability it has to change any situation. Our churches need to understand how important prayer is and how simply seeking His face is enough.

  33. Keith Yang says:

    Moses is known as someone who the Lord knew face to face. Moses was in constant prayers with God. He knew it was in his moments of prayer where his heart would align with God’s. Praying was Moses’ way of seeking God, and placing himself in His presence. This message has made me ponder about whether I was taking full advantage of the powers of prayer. It has made me wonder why prayer seemed so hard at times.

  34. Victoria Pai says:

    I have to admit that my prayer life is not very consistent or passionate. I tend to get distracted and I can’t sit still. Hearing this message is a challenge for me to not settle for complacency and to contend.
    I liked how PC talked about how churches need to stop “adjusting our ministries to people’s complacency.” Too often do we look at numbers. We rate success in the world by numbers. Consequentially, we rate success in churches my numbers. It is important to look not at quantity, but at quality.
    Something that really challenged me in this podcast is when PC stated that “wicked people do not call on the name of the Lord.” I don’t want to be a part of this group of people, and I am challenged to improve my prayer life.
    A line that I want to ponder upon more is “You become what you behold.” I think this is very true, especially because as Christians, we look more and more like our Father everyday that we spend with Him, not only in our character, but also, physically, as the light of His countenance shines on our faces as well.
    I have realized that I have become discouraged about my prayers, that I think they are not really heard, or only taken into consideration, but not effective. This has played a huge role in discouraging my prayer life. It was refreshing to hear that prayer meetings are the Capitol Hill of the Kingdom, that my prayers do count and are followed through upon.

  35. This sermon really hits home about the importance of prayer in the house and the heart behind prayer. This is another way NP distinguishes itself by requiring and expecting more from its body. The expectation is that the body is equipped and capable. The expectation is that your heart and action have to follow behind the prayer movement for it to take life. I’ve heard people (even at NP) complain about all the events and Korean churches are known for overextending their body with early morning prayers. I struggled with wanting to pray vs being forced to pray. But I think that is also a condition of the heart. Why do we do what we do? This sermon really questions our heart’s motives. My willingness and desire to meet with Jesus is really about my heart. I really enjoy K1. Even at last year’s retreat I felt the importance in a powerful way. I am really looking forward to this year’s retreat and time spent with my God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

  36. Samuel Choi (Syd) says:

    This message was simple yet powerful. The key of the message was on the importance of prayer and its role in maintaining the fire of the Holy Spirit.
    I love New Philly because it is a house of prayer. It is a place where people believe in the importance of prayer and and live it out.

    The part that hit me the most was appreciating God for who he is. I think I have the tendency to seek his hand when I am in need but not as much his face just for the very sake of spending time with him.

    I want to become a man of prayer. One who can hear God’s voice, obey it but also enjoy him.
    I believe this sermon has convicted me to be less sporadic in attending prayer meetings and learning to make a commitment.

  37. Church is a house of prayer both as an individual and as a corporate. There are different types of prayer including the type of battle cry as we are fighting not against flesh and blood but with the spiritual forces of evil. There is also time to just be in His presence and seek His face, this time is also powerful as we become what we behold. Jesus alone is more than enough of a reason for everything!

  38. Ashley Choi says:

    Even before coming to Korea, my pastors and leaders always told me how powerful prayer was… I always struggled with prayer since it seemed at times, meaningless… Was I talking to the wall, talking to space, was God even listening?

    Yet, when PC mentioned that God wanted to listen, even when he knew everything about my life, the in’s and out’s, he was a God that wanted to hear me and me alone. I thought that was really powerful. But, the most powerful words throughout the sermon was “you become of what you behold”… if you keep feeding your mind with nonsense, your life will become nonsensical but if you feed yourself with the fruit of the spirit, the word and prayer, you’ll be filled and can share that exact feeling to others.

    While I struggle to pray, believe that God is listening, I need to make an effort to first and foremost believe that God is listening because he wants to listen. Not because he has to, but because he wants to, and he yearns/loves to hear me, because I am worthy…

  39. Chloe Lee says:

    Going to prayer meeting has been an essential part of my role as daughter of God. Just as Matthew 21:13 Jesus said “My house shall be called House of Prayer”, the churches needs to build a tabernacle to pray for the Kingdom and the Will of God. Jesus emphasizes His importance of seeking God’s will in Lord’s prayer. “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Prayer movement is truly the capital of Kingdom where royalties of God gather to legislative the authority over the earth and stomping the enemies who have deceives us with lies. Our identities are that we are God’s children, who carry authorities that Jesus has redeemed back to us through his resurrection. So, I believe that as Children of God, we need to take prayer movement as seriously, seeking God’s will and desires. Also, it is really significant for children of God to really know their identity and proclaim their freedom in Christ. I have been struggling with this matter for long time. But now, I want to proclaim my new identity that God has planned for me from beginning of time. I firmly believe when children of God truly discover their identities, our joint prayer movement is going to be strong and mighty in Christ. It is going to break strongholds that enemy has chained amongst nations.

  40. This message was chock full of good stuff. I really needed to refresh and refocus my prayer life and this was so good.

    The key to keep the fire burning after retreat: when we feel the love, give the love. Spread it all around. And the word of God is like wood to the fire. Feed that fire. I really hope that after the retreat, all of the joy I receive from prayer, worship, and etc. echo into all of the other areas of my life. I’m expecting transformation by His good fire.

    For the fire to bring holiness and sanctification though, I need to quit dabbling in love for the world. To be honest, I’m a pro-dabbler. I’m stuck on social media, trending pop culture, and Netflix. But man, when Pastor Christian spoke about how we become what we behold and gave Netflix as an example, I was like oh shoot. I recently started Breaking Bad and now I’m that person who’s watching episode after episode during breaks. And I definitely do not want to be like any of the characters on that show, but that’s what I’m beholding.

    Unity is made in a prayer meeting, hence, the church that prays together stays together. I don’t think I had the right heart for the meetings, but now I know why they exist. They’re like the Capitol Hill of the Kingdom. Matters of the Kingdom are discussed and prayed over. I need transformation in my prayer life too. I know God loves it when we seek His face, but why don’t I do that on the regular? I need to behold Jesus. I need to make those calls to God, I need to call upon Him on the regular. I sure as heck do not want to be a part of the evildoers who do not call upon the name of the Lord. No, thank you.

  41. Even though this message was the shortest by far, I think it was so rich in content. If we look at Jesus’ models of prayer we see that there are many ways to come to the Father. I like that New Philly puts such an emphasis on prayer and when I show up to prayer meetings and see how many people that are there during service hours come to pray I feel like the church really believes in what they are hearing and what they are singing. When prayer is emphasized, I can see that relationship (with God first and then each other) and faith is the foundation of the church’s values. Because NP takes prayer so seriously I have been greatly encouraged to pray more at home with my wife and on my own and this is such an important way to stay connected and in relationship with God and Crystal.

    • Hmm..wait a moment, is there a podcast sermon by PC under New Philly that has the same title but is not the same sermon? The podcast is only 35 minutes….

  42. Marius van Broekhuizen says:

    Jesus teaches us to pray to “OUR FATHER”. This is such a powerful revelation in the message. We are encouraged to pray together and as we do that things will shift around us. Of course there are personal things we should be praying for, but we are also commanded to pray for greater things. Prayer unites the body of Christ. Even though New Philly doesn’t preach too many sermons about unity, I know from experience that unity is lived out and achieved through the rich prayer movement of the house.

    These days there are many churches with charismatic speakers and great programs that draw big crowds. But, what if there was no program and no speaker? What if only Jesus was there to be called to and to be thirsted for and to be sought? Would I still go there? This is a sobering question as I know that I can often be so hungry for the next “fix” in terms of spiritual experience, but not really be seeking the face of God in the silence.
    Especially if I want to become a church leader, I need to pray as if lives depended on it. Because, they do!

    At the end of the day, I do become what I behold. If it is entertainment, I cannot expect to become more Christlike. But, if I choose to behold Jesus, I become like him: somebody living in holiness, purity, authority and spirituality. The other sobering part of this message is that if we do not pray, we will burn out. That is something that I want to ponder in the days to come. I think I have always been scared to give God too much of my free time. But, I am seeing the blessing of God in the lives of people that are consistently devoted to a life of corporate prayer. It was refreshing and sobering to listen to this sermon again and to be reminded of the power of prayer.

  43. Chloe Cho says:

    Praying out loud has not been easy for me. When I was young, I needed to spread out my fingers to remind myself to pray in thanksgiving, repentance, etc. PC mentioned that some people who grew up attending church feel loud prayers of others distract them from focusing on their own prayers. That was how I felt when I left home and went to a non-Korean church at the start of my college years. Praying out loud has been making me recognize the authority in my prayers more and more. Psalm 139 says “even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.” God knows every single thing that crosses my mind even for a half a second, and knowing this gives me so much freedom in my prayer. When I pray at NP with others, I learn what it is to lift up one voice to God and see how praying together as a house really stewards the fire.

  44. malimasinga says:

    This sermon made me think back to one time during Sunday Swim when Pastor Caleb spoke of how powerful prayer is and that we should shoot our prayers like arrows and not throw them around like petals. Prayer is such an intergral part of our Christian life but I’ve also found that every time I attend Sunday Swim or Friday Fire, I feel so much more connected to my NP family. Every time I hear their testimonies after we had been pressing in for them, I always find myself in tears because it’s my prayer answered too. I’m hoping to grow stronger and bolder in my prayer life, loving the fact that I will become what I behold.

  45. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    A lot of this stuff really hit me like a sack of bricks. Pastor Christian was talking about how prayer can keep the fire burning and burning hard. It is important that the fire doesn’t die in my life. I really liked how he said that prayer meetings are the capital hill of God’s kingdom and how we can veto things and legislate things in the spirit as we pray. Will it be possible for me to just sit at the feet of Jesus? Will it be possible for me to mature in life? Will I pray corporately and see change? Will the fire have a reason to burn in me? This sermon has got me thinking.

  46. Josiah Evans says:

    I’ve noticed that my attitude toward attending prayer meetings has been continually changing since I started attending Sunday swim. At first I thought it felt strange, then boring, then fun, then exciting, and now I look forward worth great hope to gathering in prayer. I think that it is so true that you become what you behold. As I continue to go out to swim and Friday fire and jeremiah prayer meeting I find each time becoming more and more a joy.

    It is the health of the prayer life that determines the health of the church, and likewise the health of a person’s faith. We are called to continually be in prayer for all kinds of reasons and requests, and also to meditate on the word of God. If we are content we are to offer a prayer of Thanksgiving and praise. If we are in need we are to call on the name of the Lord. If we are weak then we should pray for strength. In all situations there is a reason to pray. We have no excuse to neglect meeting together in prayer.

  47. Kate Jihae Park says:

    Oh my goodness!! It was very cathartic to hear this message!! One of the things I love about NP is the prayer movement, especially JPM. I remember my previous church. I was serving in the youth ministry and I remembered a strong burning in my heart and a conviction for a need to have all the teachers and student leaders pray together before Sunday service. Sadly, not all of them shared this heart, and in the end only three or four people would gather to pray. It was a blessed time no doubt, but I could feel the spiritual weight when more didn’t come to pray.

    This message also made me think of two of the recent JPM sermons by P.Marcus and P.Caleb. It reminded me of how the kingdom of God is a government and every time we come in unity to pray for a specific topic that is on God’s heart, then that is another vote for it to pass. It is powerful to know that our “yes” and”amens” are moving things in the unseen and shifting things in the spiritual realm. At the same time, P.Caleb’s message about how we should not only need to seek the hand of God, but rather come and seek His face first, was brought to my mind. Most of the time when I come before God and pray, I feel like I’m seeking His hand more than simply coming before Him because I want to seek Him and hear from Him. These days, I’ve been challenged to be silent before God, try to see where His heart is at, what areas His heart aches for, and pray about that; whereas before, when I come to pray, it would always be about me, my worries, my hopes and dreams. It felt like a one-sided conversation. One thing for sure is there is such joy and excitiment knowing that when the people of God gather and pray, we are praying with one heart and one spirit. It’s like a group of people cheering for the same thing. It’s even better knowing that we’re on the winning team (or more like the “won team”), because we can be assured that when we pray together, things happen and it’s powerful!!

  48. Lindsey Harrison says:

    Listening to this message has stirred my heart. I miss prayer. I miss spending that time both corporately and privately with Jesus. I miss my one on one time with Jesus. I miss joining together with my church family to agree together with one mind and pray together. I miss how passionate i used to be about prayer. I remember that everytime those church doors were open for prayer or worship or service, i was there. I miss that devotion. I miss the power that used to flow in my life. I miss how i used to be so faithful not only in the small things, but everything. This message was call tobprayer for me. To put behind me the bad habits and things i have filled my time with, and just seek after the Lord; to cry out to God and interceed for my family and friends; to rise and be the worrior he has called me to be; to sit in his presence and soak in his spirit. If the only attraction to a prayer meeting or to just prayer itself, then i miss Jesus, i miss having an intimate, powerful, transformational relationship with Jesus. I guess, God help me to do and be this in my life again, I miss you. Amen.

  49. Crystal Smith says:

    About 8 years ago my best friend went on a road trip across the US – we took 2 months to travel from San Francisco to New York. While on that trip we cultivated a practice of prayer in that Honda CRV that I still long for. We prayed so often and so passionately that the Holy Spirit was dwelling there. Even after we made it back home to Tennessee – we found ourselves praying for people in that CRV – it was out house of prayer. 8 years have passed and I have yet to experience anything like that – this message stirre my heart with so much excitement and conviction! Everything PC is true – New Philly is a house of prayer! And my part is to take myself to that house and pray – cry out with my brothers and sisters!

  50. Aram Lee says:

    “The father sees when you pray in secret and He’s gonna reward you.”
    I’ll nurture my individual prayer life more and it’s going to overflow into the cooperate prayer life.
    Jeremiah 33:3
    Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
    If I consistently call out to God, God will consistently show me great and unwatchable things. He promised to draw near to me.
    Oftentimes I just think ‘He already knows.’, become lazy in praying.
    But in this sermon, Jesus says “You still got to pray it out. You still got to ask. Ask and you will receive. Not think it, wish it.”

  51. SpringPark says:

    The house of prayer.. I love the title! :) It is really fits to one of nick name of NewPhilly I think. I do love and understanding PC’s heart and passion for building up and maintaining the prayer movement of the house, not only because Jesus declares the church a house of prayer in scripture, but also because of the tangible fruit that I saw at New Philly when corporate prayers were lifted up. To See God’s faithfulness in moving in response to our prayers for NK, church growth, new facilities, and so much more has really been amazing; prayer really is the main engine of this church. I’m praying for our prayer movements to up to the higher lever to reach and see God’s shining face!

  52. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    It was great to hear of the experiences people have had with prayer at New Philly. I appreciated the heart of how prayer is centrally focused around meeting with Jesus and how it is how we individually and as a church mature together. Authority is something I have perhaps come to learn that I have struggled to come to grips with. Though a level of anointing may be present, it is the authority through maturity and prayer that I think I need to walk in and grow in. I am here in Sydney living among my family and believe that through prayer and the way God has positioned me here in New Philly, I will come to see my family saved and come to know Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. I have much to learn, and am growing in gratefulness in being here.

  53. I believe doing ministry without prayer is like running an internal combustion engine without oil. It will quickly burn out and repair will usually be very costly. More, I believe living our life with sporadic 5 minute prayer here and there is likewise a dangerous way to live.

    God says his house will be called a house of prayer. And we can not skip prayer.

    I was challenged by Pastor Christian’s call for us to pray for what we want Him to do in our lives, and not to assume that thinking of our needs is the same as praying for them. Wanting something and contending in prayer for it are not the same.

    I have recently read Tim Keller’s book on Prayer and there’s a quote I’d like to share: “Prayer is the only entryway into genuine self-knowledge. It is also the main way we experience deep change—the reordering of our loves. Prayer is how God gives us so many of the unimaginable things he has for us. Indeed, prayer makes it safe for God to give us many of the things we most desire. It is the way we know God, the way we finally treat God as God. Prayer is simply the key to everything we need to do and be in life.”

  54. Having struggled to pray as of late, this was a message I needed to hear. When PC said that prayer keeps the fire burning, it immediately explained the dry season I’d gone through. Although worship is a great means of communicating with God, I think that prayer takes the intimacy to another level. If we look at our relationship with God as a friendship, it’d be like talking with him on a daily basis and building a friendship/relationship with someone.

    Moving forward, I need to be more active in my prayer life. It isn’t just about praying at Sunday Swim, but during the week and being in constant and consistent conversation with God. NP being a church that prays is a true answer to prayer, because I am surrounded by leaders that know how to pray. I want the fire to constantly burn within me and I know it starts with being consistent with prayer.

  55. Michael Chan (NP Syd) says:

    Another timely word by PC (All of God’s words!). I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t feel any connection with God. I didn’t pray, didn’t read the word, only turned up to church services and sporadic prayer meetings as PC pointed out. What I’ve learnt at NP is the importance of prayer. If we don’t ask or call for pizza, we don’t get no pizza! Jesus told us if we ask, then we will receive. We need times of individual prayer, corporate prayer, reading the word, praise etc. to bond and understand God more. With NP leadership and prayer movement, I’m becoming not only disciplined, but can truly sense the movement of the Holy Spirit answering our prayers.

  56. noble salminen says:

    As a Christian, I have always known that prayer is important. It’s how we communicate with the God. I know that my earthly relationships would crumble if I didn’t continue to reach out to know others and to be known by them and similarly with my relationship with God the Father. Prayer is powerful and of utmost importance in a personal as well as a corporate setting. Often when I go through hardships it’s the first place that get’s attacked. And that’s gotta stop. Also, just like how Jesus flipped over the money changer’s tables in his “anti-religious” demonstration at the temple in Jerusalem, I believe he wants to do the same thing in the hearts of his children. Praying out of religious complusion, with a begruding heart is of little use to our Father. He wants us to catch his amazing heart, to pray for his Kingdom of Peace and Justice to come, and to administer powerful, faithfilled, life changing prayers for our families, cities, and nations. He desires a holy bride that is continually, listening, agreeing with, and declaring his heart over his creation. Thanks PC for stewarding the prayer movement and the fire for New Philadelphia Church!

    And snap, I just felt this conviction right now, “How amazing of a privilege it is to be able to be heard by the Father of all Creation!!!” And not only that, but “What great responsiblity it is to be an ambassador of heaven!!” People around the world are in desperate need of my prayers! Lord, I repent for undervaluing the gift of prayer that you have given me!!!

  57. Macey Martinez says:

    This message is powerful and wonderful. A lot of times we fail to see how important prayer is and how powerful it can be. I have heard and seen how powerful prayer is. our prayer is a direct connection to God. Just like any other person, you have to talk to keep a friendship and relationship going.
    The fact that PC said that a good church is determined by the amount of time they spent in prayer.
    I have to train myself to pray and not just assume God will just deal with it cuz he already knows. Prayer means talking and asking God for help or wisdom. So intill I ask and seek Him out, he cant move. He can but he has called us into into ministry as a team. We are called to colabor with God. We speak, God moves.
    This message was powerful and amazing! I enjoyed it very much!

  58. the way to keep the fire burning is to spread it. we have to express to other the love of God. You cannot have the love of God and the love of world at the same time. Pray in unity is the way to keep the fire of God burning. If the church want the fire remaining we have to pray together. We need to be the house of prayer. the attendance in church is meaningless. what meaningful is what happen to the people who attend the church. The is the time when the church have a quite time of prayer and there is some time when the church have to cry out to God. When we’re in the prayer movement, God not only want us come for needed and seek His hand but also He want us to seek His face.
    This massage is so bold and how the power of prayer can move God’s heart.

  59. I think this sermon really touched on something I find so great about NP– the culture of prayer is so prevalent and is seen not as a subsidiary to sunday sermons. I love that there’s multiple nights for corporate prayer. I love that there’s sunday swims where a majority of the congregation comes out. I really agree with the point that was said about how you can tell the health of the church based on the prayer meetings.
    One thing about unity, I really hate praying for it. Whenever we did that, I felt as though it were ridiculous. The reason why there is a lack of unity is because there is a lack of seeking Christ. I’m going to take a note from Tozer here. Has it ever occurred to you that a 100 pianos that are tuned with the same tuning fork are automatically tuned to each other? The pianos are not tuned to one another, they are tuned to that tuning fork. They’re not using each other as a standard, they’re using the tuning fork. So it’s the same with 100 worshipers that all look towards Christ. They’re actually nearer and more in tune with each other because they’re looking to Christ than they would be if they became aware of one another and turned their eyes away from God to look for ways to have closer fellowship.

  60. Sarah Ahn says:

    Wowowow… I am stirred up to pray and call upon the name of the Lord. I was really convicted when PC exhorted us to pray seeking the face of God than His hand. So many times I pray for His love, freedom, and joy instead of praying that He becomes my love, freedom, and joy as I behold Him. To behold the face of God… What an amazing grace. What a great blessing that we can enter into His glory because of what Christ has accomplished for us. My heart is repentant hearing this message because I’ve been taking this for granted. I havent been praying fervently to meet with God face to face when He sent His son to die for this relationship. I’m so thankful that New Philly is a house of prayer that raises up an army of mighty warriors through prayer.

  61. Betty Huang says:

    This sermon is so powerful! i have been struggle with keeping “fire” for a long time. It feels like riding on a roller coaster sometimes, i feel high sometime i don’t. However, i finally found the reason for it during the retreat. During the praying session, i heard he was telling me ‘keep faith”. everyone knows what does faith means what for it has been a problem. Sometimes it’s hard to believe myself. However, ever since treat, i feel so free and comitted cuz i know god is sooo real. When i have my faith, doing everything is encouraging. The holy spirit is so powerful! i can definitely the changes in my life day by day. Although, there are so many distractions in this world, follow what God wants us to do is the always the truth. That’s how i keep the fire, believe, faith in my heart!

  62. Esther Jeong says:

    Sometimes I forget the importance of prayer. I remember growing up I found it boring and wouldn’t look forward to long prayer sessions. Now I understand why prayer is so stressed upon in New Philly. It makes sense, for in the Bible people call upon the Lord and seek his face. Yeah honestly I do tend to pray mostly for things that I want to gain, and God shouldn’t be a vending machine that I only turn to when I need something. I’ve been trying to delight in the Lord and just enjoy spending time with him.
    I do agree that in many churches, they don’t emphasize that they are a “house of prayer”. Sure there is worship, praise, and sermons, but how long do we actually pray when we come to church? Prayers are powerful. It is a direct communication with God, but many of us fail to dedicate much of our time to pray with fellow church family members. I thought it was interesting when PC pointed out that in the Lord’s prayer, it begins with “Our father”… the members of the body must pray together. I really appreciate how NP makes prayer the biggest part of the church; for example, even before Emmaus LG worship, there’s 6:15 and that is something that I haven’t seen before.

    I’m realizing that I need to seek God’s face more rather than the hand of God, and churches too should stop stooping down to the standards of the people but encourage and lead the people to pray and turn the church back to a true house of prayer.

  63. Rebecca Park says:

    As PC challenged us to do at the end of this sermon, I will adjust my life around Jesus and behold his face at every prayer meeting held at NP Busan. I will commit to faithfully attend all Friday Fires and Sunday Swims for the rest of this calendar year, fully trusting that I have the authority along with the prayer warriors of our Busan campus to be the kingdom government that vetoes the works of the enemy and makes a positive difference for North Korea and Israel and Busan! We will legislate righteousness and life and make sure that God’s will be done!

  64. Rebecca Kim says:

    One way to keep the fire burning is
    -when you feel the love express the love (1john 4:15)
    -READ the word of God – obey the word of God
    -STOP being mixed up with the world – don’t fall in love with the world – the ways of the world are a opposition to the love of God – Must be set apart – walk in purity and holiness
    -You must give away what you receive both in the church and outside the church – the fire spreads to other believers if you pray for them

    -By building up the prayer movement of your church- you must pray and pray together
    -It was so good to understand that prayer will be at the root of allowing my fire to continue burning. I have felt dry and desolate at so many points in my christian walk and I know see that it is due to my lack of prayer. As I begin NRTC I am happy that I will be more accountable on attending sunday swim to help me become a increasingly faithful leader. I am so encouraged that God has promised he will draw nearer to me if I am able to call upon the Lord more consistently. Not just at church, not just at sunday swim, but throughout my day and weeks. I pray that my prayer will one day be a powerful prayer that can spread this fire to others. All the people around me that I am yearning will find God.

  65. Megan Holmes says:

    There is no symbol quite like fire. Fire purges. It brings holiness and it delivers. In order to stay in it we need to spend consistent time in the word and we need to love others with it so that it spreads. It is important to give away what we receive. PC talked about all of this at the start of his sermon but soon transitioned into another crucial way to keep fire moving-by building up the prayer of the church.

    In a lot of the other sermons I found myself saying, “Amen” in parts, wondering if I agreed with specific points, and being challenged in many ways in my spiritual growth, but in this sermon I found myself constantly saying, “YES” and “Amen!” I love the point that PC made when he said that there is no need to talk about unity in a church when you pray corporately (often) for a common vision, etc. Matthew 21 talks about how the house should be called a house of prayer. NP takes this very seriously and I really appreciate this! You can tell how popular JESUS is by how many people show up to prayer meetings. PC asked if we would have as many people show up to retreats if there were no speakers and the agenda was to simply pray and worship. I hope the answer would be yes, but I know it probably would not be for many people. I am actually pretty used to going to events and such that only have song worship and prayer on the agenda as our church in Seattle focused a lot on this. Fire needs prayer just like we need calories. From my experience and from what the word says, it doesn’t get more real than during prayer time with the Father and Holy Spirit. Same goes for marriage. My husband and I can start to argue or make plans about how we want to pursue God together more, but we don’t really resolve anything or finalise plans until we stop talking and start praying together in the moment. Worship and prayer are direct communication with Father God and Holy Spirit and it really can’t get more direct than that. I also like that PC puts measures the “health” of NP more so by prayer meeting attendance and quality than by Sunday service attendance. It seems so logical yet most churches still don’t do this. Sunday services involve lots of being poured into spiritually (which is important), but prayer meetings require pouring ourselves out to Father and what he is doing large-scale.

    As for me personally, I’ve developed a much larger understanding and appreciation for corporate prayer, service, vision, etc., since coming to NP. Before NP I knew that both personal and corporate prayer and times with Father were important, but I didn’t place nearly as much priority or importance on corporate prayer and structures as I do now. I thought a lot about what God was doing in the lives around me, in my small church, and in me, but now I find myself thinking on a MUCH larger and generational scale about what God is doing in this nation and other nations, in NP, and between-churches. It is so important to cry out together as a church body in agreement to God. After-all, Jesus didn’t say, “Father who art in heaven….”, He said, “Our Father who art in heaven…”

  66. John Han says:

    Bible shows that, just as God longs to develop extremely intimate relationships with individuals, He builds relationships with various unit of community. He often speaks to a family, tribe or nation as if He were addressing a single being. The one additional “being” in the New Testament that God shows high interest in is, of course, the church. As I observe New Philly, which prays for very specific things as a whole church, I am starting to think that there are specific characteristics of God that He has reserved for each unit of community. For example, my individual walk with God may reveal God’s intimate side, perhaps His healer/ redeemer identities but it may not reveal His power movement within the local area that He may reveal to the local church or His political, economical or even military interventionist side that He reveals to the nation. So without expanding our range of prayer lifestyle, we won’t get to experience all of Him. If one truly intends to pursue God with all of his heart, soul, body, mind and spirit, etc. his participation in prayer movements seems to be a must.

  67. Jesus says we, the church needs to be a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13). This passage convicted me to see the heart of God, and how system in heaven operates. Often times I viewed prayer as a means to receive blessings and obtain my wants and my needs. Although I knew that prayer was vital for Christian maturity, prayer to me was a labour, an exercise workout. Even though knowing there would be an exponential growth as a result of daily spiritual workout, the beginning phase to first, motivate myself into the prayer closet and second, pray out loud was tiresome and required great amount of willpower. However, Jesus’ standard of His church is clear: one that prays and cries out to God. Now I’m willing to submit to His words against the difficulties I feel in the natural. Pastor Christian’s sermon definitely shifted my perspective of Sunday Swim, where it is a time to legislate in the spirit for God’s kingdom to come, His will to be done as a corporate body. When we understand that we possess authority and power to shift heaven, our attitude towards prayer will also change.

  68. Louise Kim says:

    It is a good thing to desire the fire of God to fall on us individually, as well as corporately on the church. But the fire on the altar must never go out! In order to sustain and grow the fire, the people of God need to pray individually, but we also need to cry out to God together, understanding that we have kingdom authority in the place of prayer.

    I love that New Philly’s birth was marked by fire, and that this fire has only grown over the years because of the prayer movement. I too am committed to grow in this place of prayer, learning to contend for God’s hand to move, but also just to seek his face – seeking God for God.

  69. Galaxy Cho says:

    Wow what a powerfully spirit led message! My eyes were filled with tears many times during the message, moved bu the holy spirit. I really liked when PC said that praying outloud together isn’t Korean, Black, whatever, but the KINGDOM way. It is God’s will for us to pray and seek His face. I was also reminded of how needed this message is for today’s world. Like PC said, today the church caters to seekers instead of being sensitive to the holy spirit. What a powerful reminder for us to pray. I personally was also challenged to commit to the way of the Lord to pray individually as well as corporately. God always reveals Himself to those who seek Him and I want to know Him more.

  70. melody welton says:

    Before PC even got to the main part of his message I was blessed with his exhortation to not just focus on the signs of the Holy Spirit, but what they represent, what happens to people physically and mentally when we see these signs can be life-changing. What do the signs point to? That really spoke to me. I also needed the reminder that you become what you behold, this is so true. I was sheltered my entire life until high school when I stopped being taught at home and went to public school, my four years there every time I heard a swear word I flinched (no joke), by the time I got to college within the first year I found myself thinking a swear word for the first time ever when I got angry. I say this because it reminds me also of an analogy I heard once… what you packed in your suitcase, eventually gets taken out and worn… what you continue to put inside of you, comes out eventually. You are what you behold. I am encouraged to up my prayer game after this message. I was super blessed by PC relating prayer to the capital hill of the government and he has a seat, his vote, his prayers matter, and so he makes sure to be at every prayer meeting. Good word.

  71. I was blessed with PC describing the image of us being excited for the sign, but it’s not about the sign, rather, the destination that the sign leads to. However, I personally often found myself excited just with the sign rather than for the destination. PC’s description clearly depicted what I’d looked like…

    I also learned the characteristics of fire, especially how it spreads out. This is so true when we just look at our brothers & sisters’ spiritual walk; when one person gets fired up, many who are around that person also get fired up.

    This message was also a timely message where PE just preached about how corporate prayers are important. I think there’s an occurring theme here :^) I don’t think you can emphasize enough about the importance of prayers… That being said, it is true that being prayerful consistently is key. God is challenging us to pray when we don’t “feel” like praying or praying while not believing. It’s also reassuring that God promised us to let us into the greater unsearchable things when we keep calling upon Him.

  72. Greg Salvo says:

    “I’m asking you to adjust your life around Jesus.” I don’t want to miss opportunities to pray too often. This message was great. I have been thinking over the past few weeks that I don’t want to miss an opportunity to pray, or miss prayer meetings. If I can have a chance to worship God.

    I love the philosophy that prayer will bring maturity individually, and corporate unity, so the pastor doesn’t need to communicate those things week in and week out. All the pastor needs to do is emphasis prayer. Prayer is so important to God. Talking to God, and asking him for all we need and seeking his face is exactly what he wants from us. This was a great message and I hope and pray that I would grow in my commitment to pray individually and corporately.

  73. Sujin Lee says:

    Church is called a house of prayer. This is something that is easy to understand on the surface level but truly understanding the meaning of it and applying it to my life is something that I have never considered seriously. When I like my family, friends, and my students, I just look at them smiling because I love them so much. And I want the exact same thing to happen when I think about Jesus Christ. I want to love him more and the reason why I attend corporate prayer is simply to seek his face!! Yes, I want to fall in love with Jesus to another level. But as I learn more about Christianity, perosnal prayer alone is not enough to mature me in spirit and to make me fall in love with him to another level. Being faithful to corporate prayer has been one of my struggles and as I learn and try to be more faithful to corporate prayer, I would experience something new.

  74. The Church is a house of Prayer, it isn’t up to a movement or an individual it is the role of the Church to fulfill. I really like seeing PC and PE’s heart for the prayer movement of this house. I see how the importance of the prayer movement is the transformative power that God can use to draw us closer to Him. The opportunities that we have to pray are opportunities to draw in and see the face of God, to simply bask in His presnce and learn more about His character. It is amazing to see how the Lord works through us consitantly crying out to him and how that cry can transform our lives.

  75. Prayer is the key to communicate with God, our Father. Sometimes I wonder why do we need to pray with other people, for the same issue: as long as our hearts are connected to each other, God listens to our prayers, and He will answer them. But after listening to Pastor Christian’s sermon, I started to realize how strong a prayer movement is, in terms of miracles like supernatural healing etc. He listens to every prayer we make, anywhere, anytime. I just love how this sermon straight went into my mind, and telling me that, “be vulnerable, and speak it out loud. We hear you.” I’ve been praying since I was 12, but previously I just lacked of something that was like, I lacked the main element for my prayer. I did pray but I just prayed just because they were my personal problems and I had to do so. Since after I started attending New Philly, I started to realize that how powerful a prayer is in terms of submitting our worlds’ problems, our own problems, our requests to God. Prayer is not just about one person’s work, but a community. A person might have a heart for those prayers, but if we all come and pray together, it becomes ONE HEART, ONE SOUL. It is very powerful and significant to pray as a community. Furthermore, I started to realize that if we pray over the bible verses, our prayer lives will become really different in terms of moving “something”, I mean like how a prayer shifts a problem by praying upon God’s name and His words. We are given an authority to pray powerfully, and we have to know that it is a HUGE devil force that is waiting for us to fight against. A house of prayer is the power in prayer. We are his mighty prayer warriors, and we have to keep the prayer fire on burning to keep us bonded and strong against those devil forces.

  76. Emily Pack says:

    The past three weeks specifically we have been learning about the importance of prayer- both individual meditative prayers and crying out to God corporately. This message just added fuel to the fire that God has already been stirring in my heart toward the importance of prayer. I was challenged to further evaluate my own prayer life, both personally and corporately and came to find there is absolutely still room for growth. One area of conviction I felt was when PC asked, “if the only attraction is Jesus (at a church retreat, at a prayer night, at a Sunday service), would you still show up?” Yikes. I fully admit that many times, I show up to the prayer movements of the house because I am asked to (or with NRTC, it is required for my training). I don’t want to be the person who “isn’t” there and gets called out later. That is such a foothold of the devil to make prayer an “agenda” I can check off. I wholeheartedly agreed with the point that one of the devil’s main tactics in taking down Christians is to get rid of prayer. And not just get rid of prayer as whole, but as PC noted, the devil like to get people to just “think” about prayer or about the things we desire or are contending for. I was convicted about actually crying out to God! Though everything in this sermon was powerful and challenging, I was most impacted by the last part of this message. “You become what you behold” and “don’t just seek God’s hand, you’ve got to learn to seek His face.” I think I am still learning what it means to sit at God’s feet and gaze upon his glory, but man, I want this. I was challenged to think about what I regularly behold and to evaluate how I’ve become like it, the good and the bad. I was also motivated to really begin crying out to God about the things I am contending for. Am I regularly beholding Jesus and becoming more like him? I want to see my little brother come to know Christ, but am I actually crying out to God about this? Or just expecting God to know the desires of my heart and fulfill them? I am definitely motivated and ready to apply this message to my prayer life.

  77. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    I strongly agree with the statement ‘ you can tell how much you love Jesus by coming to prayer meeting.’ When i was struggling to finish my project in Uni, I told my pastor that I won’t be coming because of tight schedule of my project. I was struggling to finish it, so I choosed to do project instead of going to prayer meeting. Then my pastor sends me long message to encourage me. Then I heard God’s voice asking “am I only this worth to you? ” then my heart broke. I chose project over God. Then I repented and then God said ” rest in me (lay your burdens) ”

    When I am so close to God, I am so willing to pray for anything. But then when i am so caught up with laziness, tiredness, busyness, I find myself not wanting to pray. From this I can truly agree that the willingness to pray links to how much I want Jesus.

    ‘we treat God like a vanding machine’ thats why people don’t come out to pray.
    it is so true. I think my heart broke when PC said God doesn’t mind we seeking his hands’ he minds when we only come.

    Since when I was young, i wouldj ust say to myself I want this’, then few days later I would get that. It happened everytime, so I knew there is someone up there looking after me.
    God listens even my selfish desire prayer. But I think i can feel His delightment when my prayer is aligned with God’s desire.

    ‘Church is not a movie theatre, church is house of prayer.’ How willing do i want to come and pray? what does He want us to pray? I want to pray to God with the things he wants to hear, I want to seek His face.

  78. Nick R. Pack says:

    Shout-out to my wife, Emily! I love reading her heart.

    Anyways, I loved when PC brought up a woman about to give birth as an example. Is it appropriate for a woman in labor to cry out and shout, or should she be reserved and more mellow? The Hebrew word for ‘call’ means “to cry out”. Sometimes it can be difficult for me, at first, to jump into corporate prayer at full volume because I truly get distracted by the noise, but when my heart gets warmed up and I’m desirous for God to answer and move I get swept up in zeal and intensity. Thank you, PC, PE and New Philly, for upping my confidence to cry out!

    I was also blessed by PC’s encouragement to seek God’s face, not just His hand. I love this distinction and know it is valuable to think about. I need His hand everyday but I never want to treat God with disrespect or come to Him feeling entitled and neglect His beautiful face. I need to incorporate specific moments of beholding everyday, for sure.

  79. Jessie Behrman says:

    The past few weeks at New Philly we have learned a lot about prayer. Specifically in this message it brought more attention to my prayer life and taught me how individual prayer and covenant prayer is so important in our lives and as a house. It also made me think a lot about my past churches or ministries, especially when PC said how you accurately gage how well a church is doing by their attendance but really, what happening to those people attending?? How are they doing? I think it’s so important the accountability that New Philly holds with their leaders and members, PC and PE are really living this out and focusing on the number of attendees but focusing on the attendees and their hearts.

    It also really hit me when PC gave the example of the Holy Spirit high junkies being on a high from retreat to retreat. This was so evident in my college ministry and our conferences we had and the conversations I had with my friends. I specifically remember talking to my friends about why we should go on a retreat for the “Jesus high” we get. Granted we were young and immature college students then. :) Nonetheless, I think this is too true, we should be calling out on the Lord always and getting on fire for Him always by prayer and reading His word.

    I also loved when PC explained that we need to learn what covenant prayer is and challenge ourselves in that. That even if we run out of things to pray that we need to “learn how to simply gaze upon His face.” The example PC gave of just wanting to be in the presence of PE. Just simply gazing upon her.

    I was told a story once that imagine you came home late at night, and your dad was waiting up for you all night, to make sure you get home safe. He is sitting in the living room just waiting, and you come home, walk in, walk right past you dad not saying a word and just go to bed. Personally that struck me like I would never do that, it’s my dad. It’s the same with God everyday, He is always waiting for us and we often walk right past Him. We waits up for us every night for us to call out to Him and so often we ignore Him. I wouldn’t do that to my dad so I shouldn’t do it to my Lord Father.

    This message really blessed be and gave me encouragement in my prayer life and comfort in being part of the family at NP. That my presence at prayer meetings is important and that my prayers have authority.

  80. Youme Gim says:

    Wow, God is truly taking me on a journey of seeing His Church. In the past, I wondered how a healthy and beautiful bride of Christ would look like. What would it look like in God’s eyes when Church to come together and pray? This sermon has also changed my thoughts on corporate prayer. Not only is it powerful when we come together to petition and usher the presence of the God to Earth, but it must be beautiful for Papa God’s to see us.

  81. Clive Poh says:

    From this sermon, my perspective and approach towards my church and individual prayer life has been shattered and rebuild for my desire to go for a new depth with Christ. I felt affirmed by the authority given by Jesus in the scriptures as often, I belittled the effectiveness and power of my prayer. The quote ” you become what you behold” by Ps Christian etched into my heart. It has given this simple yet profound truth of keeping our fire for God burning – for this is the living sacrifice he is pleased with. It is a call for me to persevere and be committed in prayer. Then and only then, I will see a new season of faith, authority and confidence in God. Amen to this sermon.

  82. Clive Poh says:

    This sermon has shown me a new paradigm of faith in God’s keeping power. It unpacks the excitement and joy of a faith-based Christian life. Indeed, I am sometimes brought into deception to allow Satan to define excitement for me. Ps Christian has convincingly and supernaturally describe and define an exciting “what if I don’t stumble” life.

    His sermon pierce right into my heart and led me to imagine of the wonderful and exciting future that God has laid down ahead of us. This is a paradigm that every Christian should hold on to! Fear-based contending for Faith does not lead one to a filled life but rather, a life that is all about avoiding sins.

    Is a faith-filled christian life a boring life? Of Course not ! this will be utterly wrong! The bible tells me that God is definitely not a boring God! He part the red sea, He shut the Lion’s mouth, He cast out demons, He healed the sick, He raised the dead, He uses the weak to shame the strong and lastly, He love me so much that he could die for me.
    So.. what does a Christian life entails? I will find it out myself with my life of faith. Thank you Lord :)

  83. Deborah Kang says:

    I was happy to hear this sermon as New Philadelphia church, as one body, has recently been resetting the fire for both personal and corporate prayers. The question that I have also had in my Christian walk was how to keep the fire burning, all the time. Pastor Christian gives us a crystal-clear answer that prayer, especially prayed together as a church, is the key. While I have to confess that I had placed more value on private prayer life than corporate prayer meetings, I am thankful that I recently began to learn how praying with others not only gives more stability but gives more vibrancy to the flame. I believe that this is because, while each of us is a house of prayer, we spread the fire to those who have not already lit the fire or share the fire with those whose flame is weak. I believe that such houses of prayer united as one truly pleases God’s heart.

  84. Isaac Yi says:

    This sermon was very powerful and should shake the foundations of many Christians and having them realize what their love for Christ is evident on. Prayer has been neglected in many of our lives and it has been diminished to something that we resort to when we feel the need and as our last resort for help. I do believe that prayer is a great indicator of one’s faith and Charles Spurgeon understood so well and shared it to us. Without Prayer, our relationship with God can only go so far, like trying to communicate with someone in another country without the use of a cellphone. That cellphone is our mode of Prayer. I want to revitalize my own prayer life and be more involved with corporate prayer for all the reasons that PC has pointed out and its benefit to the congregation. Prayer is the rich meat that we can consume to satisfy our soul and not let junk food like spiritual highs or worldly pleasures leave us unhealthy in our walk with God. May our generation be defined by its faithfulness to pray and not be ashamed to do so but depend on God.

  85. Isabel Syers hongdae alpha says:

    Man, The Lord is really really serious about prayer! He’s been focusing on this message to me for like a 2-3 weeks now constantly!!!!
    Story of Mary sitting at Jesus’s feet, and through discerning the voice of God book by Priscilla Shirer, Pastor Sky’s testimony at LG, Pastor Rona’s message, Calling upon the Lord, and Shifting into the Spirit, and Corporate prayer just this week, and Friday fire message on our prayer is powerful! OMG, everywhere.

    Things that stood out to me:
    WHen you recieve love, give love, learn to love others. And when you’ve been touched by God, you begin to smile more. That’s the truth, when God first revealed Himself to me in a radical way, I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day, and before I was a really angry kid lol. That’s how I KNEW there was a change!

    When the Lord reveals something to you, you recieve breakthrough, you must seek His face MORE. Be hungry for more. Otherwise, you’ll forget, or worse you’ll get confused on the word you received! & the more you read the word, the more you get hungry, it feeds the appetite because you’re reminded how GOOD His word is. Similarly, when you’re in love with the world, you forget the goodness of His words & ways.

    Looking into God’s face. God loves when we come to seek His face, what do you like, what are your ways, I want to sit at your face & gaze upon your beauty, Psalm 23. Spend time with the Lord. A revelation I had, was that when you speak to a friend, you can’t have good communication or intimacy when you don’t make eye-contact, when you don’t look at them. How then can we expect to hear the Lord but not look at Him? It’s basic relationship stuff! Seek His face. (I’m preaching to myself here…)

    Lastly fire spreads. Fire spreads to other believers, how true and what an exciting thought. Especially through prayer and worship, when others PROCLAIM His Truth & Praise, my Spirit testifies & I feel His Holy Fire.

    Love it love it. I went to K1 today, so expectant, so dry, so IN NEED of the Lord revealing His face to me, and man did he deliver!

    PS Our prayer is powerful, and we are the Lords children, and united, we contend and cover for nations, the Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray, and will intercede!

  86. Jennifer Choi says:

    THERE IS POWER IN CORPORATE PRAYER! It’s just as Pastor Erin spoke last week. When 2 or more people pray with the same vision, that is the Lord’s, it is powerful! Praying together brings intimacy in the church. “The condition of the church can be accurately gaged by its prayer meetings.” If the church is not praying for the church, then that church will not edify the congregation. The Lord is pleased with a church whose visions and hearts are aligned with His. So if the church does not pray for the church, there is no way to know what the church is for. If we want change in the church for certain fruits, then we need to call on Him together!

  87. Somyoung Choi says:

    I think i’m just so used to instantaneous things like calling dominos pizza and getting the pizza within an hour, that it has been hard for me to pray about a topic continuously and consistently. It’s so true that we sometimes think of God as just a helping hand and all we do is ask for things. I was encouraged by this message to just dwell in the glory of God and seek his face and stop feeling awkward for running out of things to pray for during prayer meetings.

  88. Jenny Shi says:

    As PC said “when you feel the love give the love” can’t agree more on that!
    Walking purely and holiness. as we continually stand for God’s truth and act God’s
    ” God’s people have got to pray”
    when God’s people pray for others, the people receiving the power and blessing from God at the same time.
    Matt21;13 church is “A house of Prayer. ” Jesus is really getting to talk to us through the prayer. God raise up during the prayer,
    Commit to church’s prayer movement and through the prayer, God heals the brokenhearted and bunds up their wounds. So as a church, we, sons and daughters of God consistently praise the Lord pray for others as we received love from God.
    Call upon the name of the Lord, God continually guards and protects His people His nations with our prayer.

  89. Max Park says:

    It is very mind blowing how the previous sermons from Pastor Erin and Christians have numerous similarities with this sermon. By cross examining between this sermon and Pastor Erin’s sermon of Call Upon the Lord, I was able to conclude that calling upon the Lord with our prayer has a very powerful impact on our society. I used to be an Atheist and the logic and the notion of prayers sounded very absurd and ridiculous. Calling upon some deity that did not exist also sounded very absurd. After witnessing some supernatural phenomenon and understanding the notion of prayer, I was able to conclude that prayer is maybe the most important method of communication between God and us. Through such communication, we are able to express our ideas, concerns, and will to God and He would appreciate us for calling upon his name and answer our prayers. It is very evident that prayer is a vital communication that can further strengthen our relationship between the Lord and us.

  90. Pak Tanya says:

    Once you’ve get a burning fire inside of you, and you supposed to give this fire through praying for other people.
    As PC mentioned, we can keep the fire burning by building up the movement of prayer in our church. God’s people have to come and pray together because the main purpose of God to raise up the House of prayer, best way of prayer cry out for Jesus Lord. And as Jesus said “My House would be a house of Prayer”, it is a power in corp prayer. And the last point about “prayer meeting our place of government” exactly true through prayer meetings we make a history for Our Kingdom.

  91. Jenny Han

    I asked God why I didn’t feel a punch when I prayed to Him. I got an answer while I was jumproping and reflecting on this sermon. I wasn’t getting tired as I was used to as I was jumping up and down and it frustrated me. I wanted to be pooped out, exhausted – but the relaxing-euphoric kind of exhausted you get after you push yourself a bit beyond what you are comfortable with. I tried speeding it up a bit and soon enough I was pooped out within 30 seconds. Prayer that is nothing but a cry. My prayers are meek and pathetic. They are most definitely not what you would hear from a woman giving birth. I’d be concerned as a doctor if a laboring woman sounded like me when I pray – like, “are you sure you’re not 3 months pregnant instead? ‘Cause it sure doesn’t sound like a baby’s gonna come out anytime soon.” How do I cry out to God? I keep so many of my thoughts to myself – expressing anger, frustration, loud proclamations, are so foreign to me. But secretly I yearn for that. I thirst to run around like a crazy person crying out to God. I want to claw for God. I want to plea for Him. I don’t know how to get to that point though.

  92. Jennifer Kim says:

    I learned that it’s important to call upon the Lord at all times. I have been guilty of only praying to God whenever I needed him at my worst times. However, recently I have been going to prayer meetings to seek Jesus, whether I have something that I am worried about. I never thought that prayer had power until listening to PC’s sermons. I agree that many Christians are consuming the word of God. Instead, we need to pour out our prayers and praise to God and not treat him like a vending machine. I hope to keep the fire going after the leadership retreat.

  93. Mindy Kim says:

    Keep the fire burning in His Kingdom Government! Prayer is something I always desire more and more. However with its consistency and intimacy with God is always quite a challenge. Prayer is the most powerful weapon, and in its cooperate mode, I believe it’s going to be more powerful! I don’t want to just say I’m praying to impress others but, I really want to shift the mountains, encourage others with prophecy and power of healing and deliverance. For everyone, not just ppl I love but others whom I encounter at work, camp, travel, friends in distance…etc. I pray that God will continue to discipline and mature me in this specific area till I see Him.

  94. Brittany Mickell says:

    As I reflect on this message I think about myself and how I know God is desiring more of my time. This message was about how we should commit ourselves not only to our individual time and personal prayers with God , but also to corporate prayer in the church. This commitment shows our commitment to God’s heart and to his will. God has been so faithful and good to me and I don’t want to have a consumer relationship where I’m just taking and not sacrificing or just not even giving back. Spending some quality time in his presence, and just enjoying him; that is something I also desire. To seek his face and dwell in his presence consistently is something I desire to be consistent with as I know God desire is to see me.

  95. Kyla Hoggard says:

    I appreciate that Pastor Christian has a high standard and passionately exhorts believers to CHASE after Jesus. Listening to this message I feel that renewed desire to sit at His feet and simply soak in His presence. To exhaust my prayers, to exhaust my battle for the things God has placed upon my heart and come to that place of simply being with Jesus. It was a reminder when he mentioned Pastor Erin and he’ll sometimes walk in the room and say hi because he just wants to see her face. What if we were so in love with Jesus that this is how we approached? The Lord can do so much with us and through us if we are filled with that love and availability to Him. I am excited! This season I feel prayer rising more steadily in my heart. What will the Lord unleash as we rise up as a mighty houe of prayer?

  96. Jess Kim says:

    God desires to see us pray not only privately but also corporately as a church. The church is should be a house of prayer, and with today’s consumer Christianity, many Christians don’t sow into getting together and praying with the house. There is great power in corporate prayer movements, and we must take advantage of this or we would be missing out greatly.

    • Jess Kim says:

      Jesus calls the church to be a house of prayer. Without this, we can’t keep the fire burning. The enemy knows how powerful our prayers are and tries to keep us from praying. I think we need to realize ourselves how powerful our prayers are and pray with authority. There are times for quiet, meditative prayers, but there are also times when we need to cry out to the Lord as a church. I struggle with praying with authority, however. As Pastor Joel preached at a recent Friday Fire, I think I need to be better about praying not only with sincerity but also with expectation. I think doing so will only help me call out to the Lord for any and all matters and help strengthen the prayer movement of the house. I hope to overcome this in the upcoming season.

  97. Conner Eriksen (Hongdae-Omega) says:

    This sermon focused on one of the many purposes of the church: to be a house of prayer. While it’s critical to have consistency in one’s personal prayer life, corporate prayer is equally important.

    The point that I thought was most profound was “prayer should be like a cry” meaning that it should be a cry of desperation to God. For me, I tend to be a bit on the quiet side and more laid back in my prayers, but this gave me a fresh perspective. If a person has a nonchalant attitude while praying for something really important, it almost comes across as insincere. In some situations, I’ve heard people say “pray like you mean it” which basically means to put more heart into it. I believe this should be done every time we pray, no matter what is being prayed for.

    Another interesting point was that the momentum/”fire” that we keep burning in our personal prayer times should overflow into corporate prayer sessions. However, what was emphasized the most was the call to pray together — a lot. It is more powerful, brings us closer to the Father, and unifies us as Christians as well. It’s what we are called to do, and we must be obedient and do it.

  98. Jenny Han

    Because this was the last sermon I listened to right before going to leadership retreat, crumbs and flakes of this sermon continued crusting my thoughts throughout the past 24 or so hours. I realized I was desperate to cry out. I wasn’t satisfied with the fervor of my prayers. I sounded like a good Christian church girl wearing a white lacy dress and a bow in her hair; my words would be just as dressed up. I was becoming bored and jaded to be completely honest. I could look good – throw my hands up in the air, close my eyes and paste this smile on my face looking like I was just swimming in God’s revelated (new word but whatever) glory and love. But deep on the inside, I felt empty. I thirsted for something raw and fresh so much but I didn’t know how to attain it. At altar call last night when Pastor Christian asked us to “freshly surrender” I didn’t really know what to do except blurt out another prettily decorated verbal package.

    “Prayer is nothing but a cry.” Not quoted word for word. Holy Spirit gave me a surprising taste of that on Friday night. When I heard someone cry out in a high-pitched scream, I just started bawling because that was exactly the state I was in as well. I couldn’t close my mouth ’cause of the agony that just spilled out. Not quite like a woman giving birth but I could start to understand why they can’t keep their mouths closed. Because of that night I understood that prayer does not necessarily always have to be gridded in words. We never were born by expressing through words. Children are masters of expressing without words. They let their face muscles scrunch according to how to feel/think and they also just DO. Prayer is like exercising this spiritual muscle with God. Even if I don’t understand why or feel like it, I just have to DO IT to keep the fire kindling. At Thursday harp and bowl session, one of the lines to the lyrics was, “sing your way INTO the truth.” You become what you behold, we have the authority to trample, we have the right to JOIN princess/princes/brothers/sisters (-Pastor Christian)- there is so much empowerment that is untouched when we don’t pray prayer.

    • Ah I just saw the last line of my notes.
      “Prayer is discipline and requires maturity.” Maybe right now I don’t have the spiritual vocabulary or maturity to be able to express in words when I pray and I just gotta be okay with that. A crying out to God. Friday night wasn’t made up words, just tears. I think that was more raw and real than any other prayer I experienced.

  99. Deborah Kim says:

    Remember that scene in Mighty Ducks when they’re losing but still happy because “what does it matter if we still have our pride?” And Coach Bombay says that’s not enough, but that “no matter what people say, we have to be ourselves”. Then as they all own up to their identities, “We are Ducks, and Ducks fly together!” happens, and everyone gets new uniforms as they get back out on the ice. The viewers go wild and cue goosebumps. I feel like PC just Coach Bombay’d us with this message (feels especially powerful as we also just got to hear PE on corporate prayer) “We are a mighty army of warriors, and prayer lets us legislate together!”

    I have definitely struggled with trying to figure out why some things need to be prayed about over and over ‘if God already knows’. I thought maybe it was just a personality trait to be able to do so, or maybe even doubt. Through NP, I’ve slowly come to learn more that it’s not just about asking God for a boost, but the reality of how we have access to The Most High. I’m so grateful to finally be aware that it’s Satan using that excuse of ‘but God already knows’ to cut us off from crying out to God. PC pointed out that the Bible doesn’t say think and you will receive, but ASK. Just as independence and individualism goes against the corporal nature of the Church, nothing is hidden from God. We can never bother him with prayer. He WANTS us to actively seek/converse with/cry out to him!

    I found it really interesting how Gen 4-6 appear to be “just” two chapters, but thousands of years passed within those chapters. To think of actual milleniums of people not crying out makes it feel as though any reason to pray should be acted on. No time to waste. Another part of this message that stood out to me was when PC used a specific word to describe the power of prayer legislating movement on earth. He said we have to “disallow” Satan from doing his work. Anointed sons, shifted into the spirit, crying out as one, aren’t merely “just” humans conversing with God. Instead, the Holy Spirit empowers us to disallow Satan from his agenda. Given the legislating power of corporate prayer, I see why the NP members and leaders jump right into it and do not take it lightly.

  100. Sheila Moh says:

    Prayer, is to call upon the name of the Lord and as mentioned by Pastor Christian, the word call is to cry out to God. Also, it is important to understand our identity and authority when praying. Mentioning about prayer, there needs to be a change in my personal prayer. I used to have this fear to pray out loud, being afraid that I will say the wrong things and will be concern on how people think of me when I pray. All these are thoughts of flesh, and I know I got to shift into the spirit as those are lies. Currently, I am trying to step out from the lies by praying out loud for my friends. Learning from the message, the best style of prayer is to cry it out to Lord and not to be silent. With that, I want to seal this in my heart, and practice more by crying out to Lord in my personal prayer which enable me to express my heart out better. There also needs to be consistency in praying and talking to God to build that intimacy with Him. To keep my fire burning for God, I need to seek and find him more, gazing upon His marvelous face instead of treating God as a “vending machine”. I hope that the change in my personal prayer with God will then shape me to be a prayer warrior in the house of God.

  101. Heather Smith says:

    I really love the metaphor PC gave about prayer being like lobbying at Capital Hill and that our prayers are the power to dis-allow the work of the enemy. Lately I have been acutely aware of the enemy’s work in the lives of my family and my co-workers and I needed this message to convict me and also embolden me to pray more fervently and dis-allow the lies of the enemy to take hold of their lives. He has put me in their lives and put His spirit in me that I might fight the good fight against the work of the enemy. I am so thankful for this message right now.

  102. Emil Bredahl lavsen says:

    I really loved the sermon, as the power of prayer is a truth that I have discovered truly whole being a part of New philly. I have been to selfish in my approach to prayer and not realizing how important it is to pray. Pastor Christian challenged me to pursue prayer and worship, and not to neglect it as a part of life. Why did i for so long not join k1? All because I i i i, and I was missing out of the blessings that God was pouring out. Now as my wife and I really are pursuing prayer individual and corporate , can I feel like life is taking a whole new dimension. I loved this sermon, and I am now energized and powered up about pursuing prayer and not choice serving myself before serving Jesus Christ in prayer and

    My prayer life have become more bold and Jesus focused, and now we are seeing so much happening, as we are pursuing His face in prayer. We need prayer, and the church will only survive in its a praying church.

    I was challenged as pastor Christian challenged us to really accept that a church must be a praying church
    Thank you pastor Christian

  103. David Kimball says:

    You know what I love about these sermons most and this one highlights the stark reality is that contemporary church doesn’t want to press anyone in their congregation to do anything even if it is biblically good for them.If they don’t who will? that lazy sinful man in the mirror? I need help to remind myself of what is good for my spirit and soul. To remind me and focus my ears to hear his guiding words and not my fleshly ways.
    Prayer is no different. I’ve always known that prayer is our spiritual food. We need it privately and corporately! Prayer isn’t just for those who are gifted in it. That just means its easier for them to go there. It’s for all of us. It is for a healthy spiritual life and also a healthy church. Let’s be healthy and press in to come close to the fire, to warm our hearts with The almighty Lord. Thank you for such a relatable message that for me was both convicting and inspiring.

  104. What Pastor Christian said about discouragement against praying out loud in group settings is true: I feel that resistance all the time. Yet how many times I’m edified by a prayer someone speaks over me with words spoken aloud. I need to start doing this more, trusting that God will communicate through me. I pray God will enable me to pray more for the corporate concerns of the Church, nations, my locality, work setting, family and everything else– throughout my life.

  105. Mary Jung says:

    PC’s sermon on the importance of prayer was both challenging and encouraging.
    I have always known the watered down side of church, where the church tries not to pressure people into doing things that could be bothersome, even though it is stated in the bible, such as corporate prayer, public healing and corporate declaration- through crying out in prayer.
    Coming to NPS was the first encounter with these corporate prayer meetings and since it is quite new to me, I can’t say that it was easy. However as PC mentions in his sermon, there are many practical ways to make this more easy since addressing all the different types of prayers are very essential to a healthy Christian life. As PC mentioned, I have found that reading and meditating on the bible has helped me to build a greater passion for God and to gain greater understanding on the importance of being in the body of Christ. Being in the body shows in many forms and one is definitely through corporate prayer. It declares that we are stronger together and that we rely on each other, as we rely on God, as God intended. I think that even in the last few sessions of group prayer sessions, I have started to learn a lot about how to pray and personally witnessed how powerful our prayers can be. Through continual commitment, I can only but expect greater understanding and a greater transformation.

  106. Tae Eun Kim says:

    P.Christian spoke on how to keep the fire inside of us. He talked about the importance corporate prayers, and how Jesus called His church a house of prayer. He said that if we consistently call on the Lord, He will consistently show us great and unsearchable things. What stood out to me the most was that we become that which we behold. Like P.Christian mentioned, sometimes I get bored or run out of things to pray for during prayer meetings. However, there are also moments when I really enjoy just sitting in His presence without any agenda. I was encouraged to realize that this was a way of seeking God’s face and a way of beholding Him. I was personally challenged by the question: “Is Jesus enough for you to attend prayer meetings?” I had to reflect on my heart toward prayer meetings and gatherings.

  107. Joen Lee says:

    Recently, God has been really renewing my heart for prayer. Prayer that goes beyond my personal agenda. Prayer that is in agreement with God’s heart. The more I asked to know His heart, the more I received, and the more I received, the more I noticed things, the more I developed a heart for things, the more I wanted to pray and call out.

    Listening to this sermon reminded me of what Pastor Erin preached on recently (Nov.1, 2015). She used the example of a quartet of vocalists, and explained how beautiful the individual voices were, but how so distinctive and resounding the sound was, when the voices came together in harmony.

    How powerful is it that we as one body can come together to legislate and veto in this distinctive, resounding sound? I love Pastor Christian’s reminder that we individually have the authority, and when we can come together to Call upon His name and Cry out, we come in agreement with each other and with God.

  108. It’s really important that the fire should be keeping in our life. My bible college in the states also has a House of Prayer. Like IHOP, we have 24/7 praise and worship there. I really love that House of Prayer, I went to that place every single day. And when it’s about time to go back to Korea, I didn’t want to let my fire go but keep burning. I wanted to bring that spirit over to Korea as well. It wasn’t that as easy as I thought. As PC said, if you want to do it constantly, you should learn that prayer is labor and requires discipline.
    PC mentioned few points of how to keep the fire burning. One way to keep that fire burning is when you feel the love, give the love on people. I totally agree with that when I receive much of love and just keep it for myself, it becomes stagnant water and that’s bound to corrupt.

    So what had happened was I went to CG yesterday, I felt so much of God’s favor and love so I prayed I didn’t want to keep it for myself. I want to give it to others. Literally right after I prayed, my friends contacted me to pray for her. It seemed like a little thing but I’m truly stirred up to pray and more want His grace.

    I also like how PC associated prayer meeting with the capital hill of kingdom and that’s how we can veto things and legislate things in the spirit as we pray. Mind blown!

  109. Natalie Weaver says:

    I really loved hearing this message. It was such a powerful call on something that I don’t think is said often enough within the churches I grew up in. We were always taught about private prayer, and we would pray in church, but it was always a quiet almost individual prayer within the church as well. I’ve learned as an adult the impact of corporate prayer, but New Philly has taken that to a new level. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but one I definitely have needed. I really like the statement that God doesn’t mind if we seek his hand, but he wants us to also seek his face. Prayer draws me closer to the heart of God when I seek his face. When I let go and just sit in anticipation of just seeing him, those are moments I wouldn’t trade for the world.

  110. Valentina Kim says:

    The nature of fire is to spread and to keep the fire is only through prayer meetings. The unity comes through praying together. We are made to call upon the Lord and through prayer we can sustain the fire and increase in maturity.
    I got so shocked to hear “Holy Spirit junkies” and how guilty I am of chasing its high. It is time to mature and learn how to use the power. I really liked the example of Capitol Hill, how we have a tremendous power though prayers to shift the paths and disallow the plans of the enemy.

  111. This sermon was truly powerful and exposed to me of the true competence of prayer. In the beginning, I honestly underestimated the power of prayer. Once I realized the importance, I realized how essential it is to have that conversation with God. Instead of always wanting to listen to God, and want something from Him, we must focus on what is more important. Whenever I went through struggles, people around me would say, “Pray about it.” And yes, that was truly all I had to do. But often times, I feel like we all forget how God is always there for us; therefore, we tend to solve things on our own. But in the end, all we had to do was humble ourselves to others and just bring up our struggles to God.

    And honestly, I am more of a person who prays alone, privately. But through this prayer, I realized how important it is to be in a house of prayer – this truly unites the body of Christ. Though prayer may be taken lightly, I am blessed to be in a community where PC emphasizes the importance of prayer through his powerful sermon. And like so, where the leaders of the church truly hold value to that as well.

  112. Bekah Cho says:

    For so long prayer seemed like a light suggestion. Like it was something that i should do but not something that I had to do. Since coming to NP and becoming a studder and especially through this message, I see how needed it is and how important and powerful it is. What really convicted me was when PC talked about how you can see how popular Jesus is by the attendance at prayer meetings. And its so true for me that a lot of times if prayer meetings are optional, I choose not to go because I think that I have better things to do. But again, coming to NP and going to K1 and JPM and Sunday Swim, its amazing how powerful and fun prayer can be. And there’s just something about setting aside that time to prayer with brothers and sisters at church for a common cause. It’s amazing!

    At the end PC says that prayer can be fun and firey in the beginning but if you commit to corporate prayer for a long period of time it does become hard. He says that prayer is labor and because of this, we need discipline. I never thought of prayer this way, but it makes sense and it really makes me have a different perspective. I like that prayer can become a challenge though because it gives opportunity for me to grow and to strive harder after seeking His face.

  113. This sermon really highlighted the power of prayer for me.I loved how PC used the analogy of fire and compared it to the Christian walk. As a new Christian it is sometimes challenging to stay excited about God unless you are constantly in church.I have learned that I need to develop a better relationship so that fire doesn’t burn out.

  114. Chris Ju says:

    This message was particularly timely in light of PE’s recent message on corporate prayer. As both messages emphasize, there is power when the saints come together to call out to God, as power in their agreement. “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds”. Stepping up into new positions of leadership in all areas of my life doesn’t mean that I can now rely less on God, but in fact the opposite. I am reminded of how important it is to increase and accelerate my prayer life (both personal and corporate). Although I have been quite busy balancing different responsibilities, I am particularly excited that Fri Fire will be brought back to Sillim, and eager to call out to God during these times of prayer.

  115. Diane Yoon says:

    I think this message was very timely because New Philly is rekindling the fire for our prayer movement now. I really appreciated the point that PC makes about praying out loud. I used to never pray out loud because I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. And when other people prayed loudly next to me, I got a little irked because it distracted me. But it’s so true that when your prayer is urgent, you can’t help but shout it out to the Lord. God’s been changing my heart and moving me to pray out loud more, so it was good to hear PC articulate why that happened. The urgency for prayer comes from believing that your prayers have power. Luke 10:19 says “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” Jesus has given us authority! And when we pray with that authority, we have power that silences that of the enemy! God hears our prayers and he promises us that he will answer. This sermon was a powerful reminder that as God’s people, our foremost mission is to be a house of prayer.

  116. Julian Cheung says:

    This sermon has alot of overlapping messages with PE’s message on corporate prayer and most recently PP’s message at Friday Fire yesterday. Being a house of prayer is really important to the DNA of the New Philly, more important than showing up at service is a commitment to pray. Prayer brings unity to the church and power through crying out to the Lord together. I used to be one who could not concentrate when people pray out loud but I can see the value and importance of this as well, when people are crying out for something in earnest and with passion they will not be able to bottle it up in their mind in silence. Another key take away from this message is the need for a greater level of commitment to the prayer movement, even when my heart does not want to be there because this is the way to seek His face and will.

  117. Lindsay Costello says:

    PC explains the importance and the necessity of prayer at the church and its role at NP. We can keep the fire burning by building up the corporate prayer at the church. At NP, part of Raising up an Army of is to fulfill the church’s function to be an Army and take the authority of the king and enforce it wherever the enemy has set up his darkness. This is done in unity through Corporate Prayer. I really like PC’s continual comments about wanting to go to the prayer meeting to meet with Jesus as one’s primary motivation, rearranging your life around Christ. Also, I had been wondering why NP never talked about unity or character development. It really interesting and cool those are the bi-product of corporate prayer and beholding Jesus.
    Personally, I have been blown away by the power, authority and intensity of the prayer movement at my campus. I have never met so many prayer warriors and it is encouraging and challenging to prayer with them. One of the things I asked the Lord after listening to Sonship videos talking about inheritance was to learn how to pray and have the same heart about prayer as the people I meet at swim.

  118. JKim(Busan) says:

    Friday Fire was my first experience at New Philly Busan. I was surprised that not only koreans but internationals were praying out loudly and corporately. And they were even praying for North Korea! It was a great challenge and encouragement for me and that experience became the biggest reason why I came to New Philly Busan. New Philly was and is the house of prayer.

    This sermon was powerful and very convincing to me, and even though I used to pray alone but through this message i realize how important to pray as a team and as a house of prayer. And now I understand that praying is one of the qualification to be a leader of new philly and I want together as a team.

  119. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    I was convicted by this sermon! I learnt that to keep the fire burning we need to – love others, read the word of God, stop dabbling with the world & not to love the ways of the world, and continuously pray. As we do these things and keep our fire burning, we will continue to pass the fire to those around us, as fire spreads.

    Specifically, to keep the fire burning we have to pray individually but also together as a church.
    This is particularly important since we are still fighting a battle (which He has already won) and we need to be unified to do this. Prayer is essential to unity. In the bible, Jesus emphasises that His house will be a House of Prayer. Hence, the church should be a House of Prayer, and we need to rise in this identity.

    This was a particularly challenging sermon for me as it made me reflect on the lack of prayer in my life, especially when life is busy. In fact, it reminded me again that the busier life is, the more I need to pray. It also made me thankful to be part of a church such as New Philly that has prioritised prayer, whether it be through Friday Fire or Sunday Swim. It is personally reassuring to know that when I am too weak in my prayer life, my church will encourage and push me to pray. It is also a good benchmark to have when growing in maturity – how can we be responsible for other ministry challenges and leadership if we cannot be faithful in our prayer life? Having a burning prayer life means that I am constantly shifting away from a ‘consumer mentality’ of Christianity, and keeps me primarily focused on following and loving Jesus. For there is so much power on ‘calling out to God’ and He will consistently continue to show great and unsearchable things. This promise alone is enough to keep me on my knees!

  120. Yoon Han says:

    I feel like prayer is one of the areas I struggle with the most.

    It was interesting when PC mentioned when to be quiet and when to be loud, using the examples of having to be quiet in a library but loud at a sports stadium when cheering for team. I always thought there were styles of prayer and since I’ve had a ‘quiet’ personality I was allowed to be quiet to keep my image at church as well. However, I would see myself cheering out loud when supporting ‘The Reds’ in Soccer World Cup matches. I see the passion I have and the embarrassment break-off in those moments. In the same way, it makes me question myself, why can’t I do this for God? As I struggle with this question, I believe it will make me confident to carry out prayer with NP Sydney in their prayer movements and pray with authority.

    I have to admit that I am one of those people who thought it was weird when people prayed out loud, screamed, laughed when in the presence of God. However, I’m beginning to experience the truth more and what is actually happening, that God is moving people’s hearts during corporate prayer settings. I have been distracted by other people and haven’t been focusing on my own prayer life and how to pray with authority with a community. As I walk through this process, I hope to post a different smart comment when listening to this sermon again.

  121. Michelle Hwang says:

    This was a particularly powerful and challenging sermon. I was most challenged when PC presented the congregation with the question about whether they would attend a retreat with no guest speaker and only made up of prayer. My response to this was “but… a retreat is where I get to hit the refresh button, where I get to be spoon fed and then grow, where I get to receive from the inspirational guest speaker”. This really revealed the consumer mentality that I had with God, retreats and the complacency of my prayer life. I was confronted with my shortcomings in committing to prayer and appreciating the power and authority that it imparts. That prayer is so pivotal to the Christian life, yet I have been so lacking in this area of my life. Having attended several Sunday Swim sessions now, I have really deepened my engagement with the prayer movement of the house. However, I did struggle with this at first. I was often viewing it as a ‘ticking the box for church’ or as a burden “man… that takes away such a big chunk of my day”. The consumer mentality and selfishness of my heart really was powerfully revealed through this message. It allowed me to appreciate being part of a house that is centred so strongly on prayer and with such a bold and powerful prayer movement at it’s core.

    Another point that really struck me was loud prayers. I have never been someone to want people to stop praying out loud – I personally prayer out loud. However, I do not pray audibly to absolutely everyone around me. This was often because I was so frustrated when I would get distracted by those around me that prayer “too loud”. I did not like hearing every single word that they had to say because I felt that it “put me off my train of thought”. Consequently, this message really challenged this posture of my heart. It revealed that I was immature and I was being distracted because I was not myself in an intimate place of prayer. I was being distracted because I was not praying from overflow but was doing it and concentrating more on those around me than my own personal prayer. I love that this tied into messages about sonship for me. That through submission to leaders and commitment to prayer, my prayer life will only develop and it will only grow. It will become a manifestation of the Holy Spirit moving within me and I won’t be able to contain myself, and will pray with boldness and even in a way that is audible to those around me, without being distracted by others.

  122. Myko Okada (NP Sydney) says:

    What I love about New Philly is the emphasis on prayer amd community. Since prayer is our communication and channel of expression of love for GOd, I myself believe it should be done on a daily basis. I always pray but not on prayer meetings, because in my previous church I couldn’t attend regularly. I wanted to be sensitive to the holyspirit and be able to discern and hear from the Lord. When PC pointed out the importance of praying together I was really encourage to attend more prayer meetings and be more involved in the church. Indeed there’s power in corporate prayer for it builds up momentum and deepens faith. Sometimes I ask myself if he hears my prayers in days that I don’t see any progress on what I’ m praying for,however PC reminded me that God listens and he is interested in my life. He is moving behind the scenes and responds specially when people gather to pray. Ministry at church will continue to grow if we pray together which is very powerful.

  123. Through this sermon PC has taught me what a house of prayer is and what it should look like. I sometimes forget the importance of keeping the fire burning with my prayer life and the power prayer has. This connects directly to my faith and the seasons i go through. The fact that NP was born and built by a house of prayer reveals that prayers/words have the power to speak life. PC has reignited my desire to seek not only God’s hand but to also seek His face. I have too often been praying for God’s hand to lift me up and rarely have i been wanting just to seek him and get to know him.

    There is definitely power in unity when the church prays together consistently. This is something i have overlooked when i have been coming out to corporate prayer meetings over the past year. I have seen this authority of prayer carried out during my time at NP. It excites me to see how we can use this authority to “trample on the enemy through prayer” and to use the “scriptures as weapons”. I also have a clearer understanding now that prayer requires discipline and labor. It is simply not enough for me to have qt times with God but there is a necessity for myself to cry out and call on the name of the Lord. I want to practice and challenge myself to change the way i pray.

  124. David Chong says:

    Wow, this message was only 33 minutes. It was definitely the shortest message I’ve heard PC preach. I’ve been reminded a lot at my time here that New Philly has its origins in a group of people meeting up regularly to pray and that the house was basically founded on a movement of prayer.

    God ‘ordains’ prayer before he brings his purposes to pass. Its amazing that God knows what is on our hearts, but that he still wants for us to cry out to him in prayer so that He can pour out His Spirit! PC says that part of this is in the fact that the Holy Spirit is a person, and we need to welcome the Holy Spirit in prayer if He is to come in power. As a house, if we want to see the supernatural power of God break out, there’s simply no other way.

    Jesus said that his church ‘will be called a house of prayer for all peoples’. Prayer is something that unites people irrespective of differences in background, personality and whatnot. We’re all simply calling out to our Father. Added to this, it’s only natural that when we gather together corporately to pray and we cry out together, that God’s Heart will be moved.

    Finally, prayer is the way we conduct spiritual warfare.

    To sum it all up, this message was such a powerful and concise reminder of why prayer is essential to the church in order to be more than just an institution, but to see God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven!

  125. Grace Cho says:

    This sermon answered a question that I’ve mulled over for a while – how to keep the fire burning? It was a little surprising to me that it’s not about going from retreat to retreat or receiving the fire over again, but about giving out the love that I receive and experience from God. Then again, it’s not surprising because this is the greatest commandment in the Bible. And it’s easier said than done. That’s why I need to call upon the Lord, consistently, continuously. Not just for His hand, but to behold Him and seek His presence. You become what you behold – I’ve experienced this in my life, similar to Ps Christian’s example about the Korean dramas he used to watch. Another rather confronting teaching was that the condition of a church is known by the condition of its prayer meetings. Confronting because of the number of churches I’ve been to over the years where the attendance at prayer meetings has been very low. It resonated with me when Ps Christian said it doesn’t matter about attendance at service. New Philly is probably the first church I’ve been to as an adult where prayer meetings are central to church life. This attracts me, and at the same time I realise that it’s a great commitment. However Ps Christian made me see this commitment as not a burden or chore, but a place of governing/legislating by praying with authority.

  126. Martin Kang - Sydney says:

    I’ve had the good fortune of seeing the power of prayer first hand in a ministry. The church that I grew up in did not have a prayer movement for a looooong time. After getting this teaching back when P.Christian first preached this sermon. I made it a point to start a prayer movement back at the ministry in Montreal. The difference between the pre-prayer and post prayer movement back at my home church is like night and day. Things are by no means easy, but, as a congregation, we have more faith in the things that God is doing. Whereas before we felt like we were forcing things in the ministry, putting a ton of effort, and ultimately getting burnt out, it feels like things now have a flow. After witnessing this turnaround, I really am convinced that having a prayer movement is fundamental to the effectiveness of a ministry.

  127. Tina Kang - Sydney says:

    “My house shall be called a house of prayer”. So important and not emphasized enough. It really is what keeps the fire burning. Thank you for the reminder PC. I pray that NPC continues to keep the fire burning, continues to worship and glorify Jesus!

  128. Orji Noble says:

    The house of prayer is the kingdom parliament and am a member of the parliament with the power to legistlate things that i want into existence and to strike out things from existence.
    Though i live on physical earth but my fight is spiritual, the dysfunctional things in life, in my community or around me can only be fixed when i don’t just commit to consistent prayer but to communal consistent preyer.
    If the people of God are calling on His name in my generation then i won’t be left out and i won’t be in isolation.
    Praying out my heart, or crying out my hear to God is not an earthly style of any kind it is a kingdom style.

  129. David Albano says:

    Pastor Christian starts the message by sharing stories about people who have been touched mightily by the Holy Spirit and the fire of God. He first says “when you feel the love, express the love”. 1 John 4:16.. love people because it will keep the firing burning. He then talks about the fire purging us. Having the love of the world and the love of God is not the way, we need to set ourselves apart by walking in purity and holiness.
    He speaks about how the church is an army and that we need unity, which is derived from prayer. Matthew 21:13 The church is a house of prayer and God is raising up people to be trained in prayer. He spoke about the levels of leadership and how it is highly dependant on prayer. Overall he talks about the church and its extremely important role to pray. We need to call upon the Lord consistently. Just like people in the Bible have called on the Lord, we need follow their lead. That has definitely been my struggle and it is the key to my growth into a deeper relationship with God. Cooperate prayer is crucial and the church needs to get loud!

    Something that stuck out to me was when he spoke about how the nature of fire spreads. What an excellent analogy of how when God burns in us, it spreads to others by prayer.

  130. Kayla Vezeau says:

    There is power in words! Jesus said, my house shall be called a house of prayer. PC mentioned many reasons why prayer is important and gave stories of how the Holy Spirit sets people on fire. He mentioned practical ways in which we can keep the fire burning. 1. Get into the word of God. 2. Stop dabbling with the affairs of the world which is in opposition to God. 3. Give what you receive. Pray for others. Although his main point was related to the prayer movement at church. There is too much consumer christianity. As I enter this new season, I will commit more time to prayer not only at Swim and JPM but also in my personal life. I will also start praying more for others as they come to mind. There is so much attack on prayer, I started feeling like my prayers didn’t have much power anymore but I learned that it was just an attack. Thank you for delievering another powerful and practical message!

  131. You become what you behold. I have gotten my kicks in life out of my accomplishments, competition, attention, and food among other things. I realize all these things are transient and quickly pass, leaving a void and need for a new high. I like the idea that consistent and continuous prayer can satisfy you and your ultimate leader in a genuine and deep sense. We don’t make friends to use them. That makes them feel used and turned off. We make friends for the sake of making friends. I just want to kick it with God and gaze at his face. If I can develop a continuous relationship with him I will be blessed by his grace in a very powerful way. He is not my vending machine. He is my savior.

  132. Kristian Doncillo says:

    As Pastor Christian was describing how fire burns, illuminates, purges and spreads, I couldn’t help but think about an analogy my spiritual mentor told me. A piece of coal by itself can only hold a flame for so long before dying down, but when placed together with other pieces of coal, the lasting flames burn brighter and stronger than each individually. In prayer with one another, the flames of God burn stronger to break down the strongholds of the enemy, to illuminate vision and direction of the church, and to spread the fire for others to catch as well. As Pastor Christian said, as Christians we are fighting a war in which we know the victory is already ensured, but just because we know this doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight the battle. We have to fight through prayer calling to God who hears our cries.

    One line that struck me was when Pastor Christian said you can tell how popular a speaker is by how many people attend a conference, how popular a church is by who comes out to the service and you can tell how popular Jesus is by who comes out to the prayer meeting. In today’s churches, sometimes we as Christians take the church as place to meet our needs; if we like the preacher we stay but the second they say something offensive, we get on the defensive and leave. Sometimes pastors live in fear of the congregation and preach to their wants with hesitance of being offensive when in reality this is doing more harm than good. In the end we tend to gauge churches, as Pastor Christian said, by attendance when the truth of the matter is that what’s happening inside each member is what counts. When a pastor preaches to the wants of the church, they miss what the church needs and what the church needs is to become a house of prayer. It is through prayer and seeking God through His Word do we mature as Christians and grow in our faith and walk with Him. Sometimes, we as Christians say on Sunday how much we want revival but then on Monday can’t even find our bible. If we live to go to church and attend retreats, we are no better than a spiritual druggie who is only living from high to high with no real growth. We don’t need more encounters with God, with need growth with God and that’s done through prayer and seeking His Word, which is wood to the fire of the Holy Spirit.

    In Matthew 7:7-8 it says, 7“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” As Christians, sometimes we only get to the asking portion of our prayer lives. As Pastor Christian said, sometimes we look to God like a vending machine who will give us what we want and ask for. Though God does give what we ask, it’s important to remember he is not subservient to us, but should be the other way around. We come to Him only in times of need but lack the desire to fellowship with Him in any other time whether it is during times of joy, happiness, busyness etc. We seek His hand to move when we ask but never really seek His face. In our prayer life, asking, seeking and knocking is a progression. When we ask, we primarily base it on our understanding of what we need/want, but in seeking we begin to enter God’s presence. In seeking, we seek God’s perspective and will as we pray and begin to understand Him more. It is in knocking though that we fully enter into God’s presence and behold His Majesty and see His face shining down. This is why when we pray, we usually have so many things to say in the beginning because we are asking. But as we enter and soak in God’s presence, our words become fewer and we hear and listen to God answering our prayers and showing us His will. With this said, we as Christians should not just seek God for His hand, but for His face by asking, seeking and knocking. As Pastor Christian said, you become what you behold. If we behold God in all His Glory, we begin to become in His likeness. The way to commune with God is through prayer and so for the church to commune with God and understand His will and vision, the church has to become a house of prayer.

  133. Rochelle Watt says:

    This sermon was so powerful and really touched on the importance of prayer in the church. What really touched me was the part about there being times for quiet, meditative prayer, but there also being times when we must cry out. I personally have always been a quiet, meditative prayer. Attending New Philly has really stretched me spiritually to start crying out. I really appreciate the numerous times that New Philly dedicates to prayer, such as Sunday Swim and JPM. Attending these meetings has really allowed me to grow spiritually as I now not only see the importance of prayer, but the importance of corporate prayer. PC made a really good point when he mentioned that the Lord’s Prayer was intended to be said in a group since we are calling out to “our Father”, not just “my Father”. I’m excited to continue growing in my prayer life and to see how my life changes as a result of crying out to the Lord and being more confident that the Lord hears my cries.

  134. This sermon highlights the importance of of a prayer movement in a church. Jesus quoted scripture by saying that “my house shall be called a House of prayer” therefore this should be the desired of our hearts too. The condition of the church may be accurately gauged by the effectiveness of the prayer service. Pastor Christian states that we need to call on Jesus not just alone but corporately as well. There is power when God’s people get together and pray! Pastor Christian also spoke of the significance in praying to God to not just seek his hand ( what we can get) but his face( who he is). God is not a vending machine to our needs.

    What stood out to me was the comparison pastor Christian made to Capitol Hill in America. Capitol Hill is a place where legislations are made for America as a nation. When Christians get together to pray, we have the power to legislate things too. The Christian’s Capitol Hill is the prayer service, here we can disallow things and battle against the schemes of the enemy, amazing! I also liked the spurgeon quote: “the best kind of prayer is that which can be called anything else but a cry”. What a powerful way of thinking of prayer.

  135. Sofia Kim says:

    This sermon really touched my heart and gave me the desire to be in the presence of the Lord. Just seeking for his beautiful presence. Also that inside the supernatural manifestation that the Holy Spirit is doing in a person, is much more than a manifestation is something beautiful that God is doing inside that person. He is giving healing, empowering, renewing and giving vision. Now I’m thirsty and hungry of the Lord.
    How we mantain that fire burning? Sharing and loving and encouraging others. Share the truth that you’ve been revealed to others, so other people can be blessed too.
    Making prayer as a fundamental part of our lifes and learn to experience prayer in an different level, learn to seek the presence of the Lord and his face, be willing to know what are his ways, desire to dwell in his house.
    And the last thing that stood out to me is that prayer is a powerful weapon, Jesus has given us authority to destroy the obstacles and walls that the devils puts to stop us. We have already gained the victory, but we still need to fight the battle.

  136. Ryan Vogel says:

    “You can tell how passionate people are for Jesus if they are they are the ones who show up to the prayer meeting.”

    WOW this is convicting and humbling in so many ways. I’m defintley guilty of being a consumer Christian at times. I was in India about a year ago and they often had these 8-12 hour non stop prayer meetings. I complained about the length of these prayer meetings, more than I prayed during these meetings. Instead of being encouraged by the faith and dedication of these men, I was annoyed by how long they prayed. What a selfish and ungodly attitude to carry. Jesus said “My house will be a house of prayer”. This sermon really hit me hard and brought up some vital points about the importance of BEING a house of prayer. Prayer is not a small thing, it is a MIGHTY act that connects us to our creator.

    • Ryan Vogel says:

      Corporate prayer is when believers come together to pray as a house. When the house of God comes together God shows up and moves in BIG ways. For me personally I was very uncomfortable with how loud the prayer meetings were at New Philly. I grew up in a much quieter church… However, the more prayer meetings I attend at New Philly the more I grow to appreciate the power of active corporate prayer

  137. Sindy Montgomery says:

    How can we keep the fire burning? 1. When you feel the love, express the love. 2. Get into the Word of God, it’s fuel for the fire. 3. Stop dabbling with the world. 4. Give away what you receive. As we become Christians, we learn the basics: read the Bible, pray, go to church, etc. The problem is that there’s never in depth explanations why these things are important. If youwant to remain on fire, full of the Spirit, you must pray. We need to pray in a private times and then there’s the need to pray corporately. I love the distinction PC made with quiet prayer and call to prayer. Often we need to cry out with a humble and broken heart. I have enjoyed the times of corporate prayer at Sunday Swim and JPM immensely . It’s powerful and refreshing to be along side other believers crying out for the same request or just basking in his presence.

  138. Diana Park says:

    Prayer meetings are the furnace for intimacy and legislation. As we seek Our Father together, we draw nearer to God and move his heart over strongholds and principalities. I sometimes find it hard to pray alone for an extended period of time. But when I’m praying with other people, I feel fuel feeding the fire through united hearts and voices. It reminds me of John 17 where Jesus prays “Father, make us one.” He makes the body of Christ united through aligning our hearts with his will. No wonder we don’t need to talk about unity when we’re praying together! It’s so powerful that we are able to legislate over the spiritual things through prayer. Through praying together, we sow seeds of faith and are able to believe together that God is hearing and will answer our prayers.

  139. Hope Schaeffer says:

    We are called to pass on what we receive, blessings and prayer. This is how the fire of God is sustained in us as believers. (1 John 4:16) We need to pray, and also pray as a community. There should be a strong commitment to prayer among believers, prayer meetings should be as full as Sunday services and we should seek out God’s presence daily just to sit and behold him.

    In Genesis, the first form of recorded worship is communion with God. We become that which we behold, so we need to spend time in God’s presence or we will never mature! In Genesis 4-6, thousands of years passed in which no one called upon the Lord, and the result was a tremendous increase in wickedness. God is looking for people who will seek him and call upon his name to mature them to serve him. (Jeremiah 33:3) As we pray and seek God, we come in alignment with his will.

    Prayer is also central to spiritual warfare. PC described corporate prayer as lobbying God and vetoing the works of the enemy. Just coming to New Philly recently, I’ve been amazed by the impact and power of consistent, intentional, and corporate prayer. I really appreciate the culture of prayer being modeled and want to establish it as a regular part of my lifestyle, not just personal prayer but intercessory prayer and with a community.

  140. Even now I still say, “I’m not a praying kind of person, I’m a worship kind of person” and become lazy with my prayer life because I think i connect better when I sing praises. Even though this is true, I now realize how selfish and lazy I am. Listening to this sermon helped me realize the importance of ‘calling upon the name of the Lord’. As a leader-in training who wants to help in raising up the army, I need to increase the frequency of my personal as well as corporate prayer life. It is so important to unite our hearts together to cry out and call on our Father. I think I stopped praying because I doubted the power of my prayer. I need to stop keeping a count of all the prayers I ‘think’ God didn’t answer and learn be stronger in my identity because He has anointed me and the church with authority to pull down strongholds!

    Also, when PC said we have to learn how to seek His face, it changed my idea on what it means to ‘minister to God’. Ministering to God isn’t just praying to God but it is about seeking His face and sitting at His feet. I don’t have to say anything, I don’t have to pray, I don’t have to do anything, I don’t even have to tell God I love Him. I just need to sit in His presence and feet and just look and gaze upon His beauty.

  141. Christine Kwon says:

    This message challenged me to reexamine my fundamental attitude towards prayer. It’s something I know is important but struggle with when it doesn’t “feel” like my prayers are being heard or when it seems like I don’t even know what I’m doing, as if there’s a right way to pray that I’m just constantly missing. Since coming out to New Philly, I’ve been challenged to pray more, and God has been dismantling a lot of false attitudes I have about prayer and what it looks like, or “is supposed to look like,” but this message reminded me that it’s not simply about praying more but about praying with the right understanding, from a place of knowing what prayer means to God and what He does through it. Pastor Christian’s point that we don’t pray because we don’t understand our identity and authority really resonated with me.

    Through this message, I’m beginning to understand that it’s not just Pastor Christian’s vision, or IHOP’s vision, but Jesus’s vision for his house to be called a house of prayer, and the Holy Spirit equips us if we would just ask, because it’s the will of God. This is an area that I hope God will speak into in the days ahead, and it’s something I really want to ask His grace for, to have His grace to pray the things of His heart and become more like Him through prayer, and pray powerfully according to his will.

    On a related note, a lot of things were clarified for me also in Pastor Christian’s explanations of why New Philly’s vision is to be an army of God, and why the church prays so passionately, and yes, loudly, because prayer, specifically the corporate prayer movement and meetings, is the place where the sons of God exercise their authority and pray the will of God into being; they’re doing battle. The analogy of prayer meetings as a kind of Capitol Hill where God’s people, through prayer, legislate and veto, was really helpful for helping me understand the function of prayer. Overall, as much as this teaching excites me, it also challenges me more than anything, because I know that there needs to be a process of adjustment in my life and attitude, and it will take commitment and discipline. But by the grace of God, I really want to pray, and learn to pray. And I want my prayer times, not just personally but corporately, to be about truly seeking the face of God.

  142. Anna Suber says:

    Our father in heaven has the title of “Father” because that is one of his roles. He protects, guides, corrects, and leads us in the right directions. Sometimes we don’t like what He tells us to do but it is out of love. His guidance and direction for our lives is to fulfill our purpose on the Earth, to live life in abundance. The church is meant to do the same thing with the leading of a spiritual father. The spiritual father sets the tone and the church will follow. Just like the saying goes, “A building doesn’t classify church as a church, the people do,” we can go one step further and say “But what matters is the spiritual temperament of the people in the church.” As the anointing flows from the top down, we need to take up the responsibility to plug into our prayer walks. Prayer is a powerful force that I’m so happy PC stresses and challenges us to grow in. I have learned so much about accountability and it’s purpose. At first I was taken aback by certain requirements the church has for its members and leaders. Just like the fatherly roles, they are there to grow, challenge and make us face God instead of our pastors words for spiritual food. I love this message! Especially the end when he said that the Princes and Princesses need to come together and be present for the kingdom and FIGHT through prayer. That our voices do matter! I love that image! So powerful and true!

  143. Seojung Ha says:

    Prayer is the way to keep your fire going!

    Like PC said at the end, it is so easy to be excited at the beginning when you see the work of the Holy Spirit. However, what matters is how to keep the fire on and keep it burning. I faced this moment countless times and this message gave the most simple answer. We just need to seek for God’s face and behold Him.

    As children of God, our ultimate Goal is to be like Jesus. The only way to achieve the goal is to call upon His name and behold Him. This brings out commitment and desire to set my life for Jesus more diligently. I want my prayer to be disciplined so it can mature.

    This sermon just touched my heart so strongly as the NP retreat is nearby. Can’t wait now!

  144. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    Once we’ve received the fire of the Holy Spirit, we have the responsibility to keep the fire burning. To do that, we’re called to constantly give the love we’ve received and to steward the words of God. Also, it is through prayers. I think it is important to pray and meditate alone in our prayer closet but it is just as important to pray together as one body of Christ. I believe in the power that comes when people of God gather together to pray His will. P.Christian mentioned about the ways the devil deceives us. It’s true Jesus knows the desires of our heart and the thoughts of our mind even without us speaking it out, but we still got to pray it out, for Jesus said ASK and you will receive. Prayers are powerful, prayers can change a nation. It is a spiritual battle that we as people of God are fighting and we fight against the enemies with prayers. I’ve learnt that the more I behold God, the more I become like Christ.

  145. Tom Lim says:

    The popularity of the preacher is shown by the conference attendance and the popularity of Jesus is shown by the prayer meeting attendance. The sermon made me question why i go to church and why i go to cg. Was Jesus in my heart as i attended them? or did i go just because of the people there. The importance of praying together rather than just praying by myself stood out also, consistently meeting the Lord in corporate prayer rather than just sporadically coming out to pray.
    I’m praying for a heart for Jesus, without any agenda, just wanting him, and wanting to take his heart through prayer.

  146. Sarang Park says:

    This sermon connects very well with Pastor Robinson’s latest post on his personal blog regarding freedom and vocational will. Towards the end, he and Pastor Mike Perkinson talk about being tethered to God by committing to beholding the Lord. Beholding him – the true treasure – is what facilitates the increase of the value I give him.

    I thought this paralleled with what Pastor Christian said towards the end of the sermon: “You become what you behold.” In order to commit to a prayer movement, I must seek his face. And by doing so, everything else comes into alignment. I thought it was really interesting that Pastor Christian mentioned that in New Philly, there’s no serious emphasis on character or maturity. Of course it’s expected, but it’s through prayer that they develop. So it is obvious that those are growing in faith and maturity are the ones that are crying out to God. It is those who pray that are continually breaking chains and holding steadfast to God. There’s a correlation there.

    This sermon also allowed me to check myself: would I go if it was / just / Jesus? Would I pray just for the sake of prayer? Do I call upon the name of the Lord? These questions challenge me to really examine myself and make the next steps to commit myself to be faithful in prayer personally and corporately. As much as I want to build up myself, I want to build up the church. As I want to sustain and grow in my maturity, I want the church to sustain and grow in its passion & maturity.

    For some reason, I can’t help but feel like prayer should be the starting point and center of my spiritual life. As the New Philly Retreat is coming up next week, I’m super pumped to prepare myself to see movement in myself and the body of Christ.

  147. InnGee Kim says:

    I found helpful PC’s teachings on the various ways of keeping the fire of the Holy Spirit burning. He suggests expressing to others the love given by God, digging into the word of God, and ending ties with the world. My favorite part of the sermon, however, was PC’s emphasis on praying, especially praying in groups. It was interesting to hear that prayer existed before Bible verses and worship songs. It’s such a blessing that God promises to meet us if we seek His face.

  148. Tanisha Cosby says:

    “There is strength in numbers.” Prayer is what unifies the church and allows us to boldly approach God’s throne. Praying alone is powerful but I think that when there is corporate prayer and the church come together as one, we shake the very gates of hell. Like PC stated, there is power when God’s people come together in agreement and pray for the same thing. He also mentioned that as our personal prayer life continues to grow it needs to overflow into our corporate prayer life. I learned about the importance of consistently calling upon the Lord, and that not calling on Him will actually put me in the same group as the wicked. I’m grateful to be apart of a house that provides so many opportunities to pray together through things like CG meetings, K1, JPM, and Sunday Swim. I’m excited to strengthen my corporate prayer life through these meetings and to also see my church family unite and grow together through prayer.

  149. This sermon was extremely powerful and timely. I realise that the only attraction to a prayer meeting should be Jesus where I can pray as a group and simply gaze upon his face. For so long I had been seeking his hand and then I would go about my business barely communicating with Him. The point PC made ‘you become that which you behold’ resonates with me as I had spent more time apart from Jesus than with Him which meant that I wasn’t growing. I learnt that the more I behold Him, in praying in privately and corporately consistently, I will become more like Him.

  150. Daniel Lee says:

    I want my life to be a life of prayer, filled with the intimacy of fellowship with God. Ultimately Christ is our house, and being in Him is being in that house of prayer. I really enjoyed the measure of a church’s heart being not the Sunday service but the prayer meetings, and crying out to God is so crucial. That verse about Seth’s son marking the beginning of the cry follows right after the murderous boasts of Lamech, that the more fallen man exalts himself, the more those who look to the LORD and hunger for His righteous must raise their hearts and hands and voices to our God.

  151. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    This podcast is what I needed at this point of my life. First, attendance on prayer meetings. I realize that I cannot just sit and wait for the promises of the Lord to be fulfilled on me personally and also on the nations. I understand that local churches need to be a house of prayer and for this to happen members and leaders in the house must start taking ground in praying together and crying out to God as one body of Christ. Second, the prayer type. I understand that praying out loud is the kingdom style of prayer. This is an area where I need God’s grace as I continue to grow stronger and bolder in. Third, God loves it when we just spend time with Him and getting to know Him more. I want to seek not just His hands but also His face as I sit in His presence through prayers.

  152. Chai Kim says:

    God is looking for the people who are calling upon his name. In order to become a mature Christian, we need to call upon the Lord and stay praying to Him. Pastor Christian said unless we call upon him and ask it, we will not receive it from Him. We need to pray individually but also as a body, as a church. We need to constantly looking for His face and asking “God, what is your way? What is your will?” every day.
    The first time I experienced the power of Holy Spirit was during the church prayer meeting of the youth group. I was 17 years old and God gave me the gift of tongue at that time. I remember that the fire among us during the prayer meeting was super powerful and resistless. I have known and experienced that God is powerfully meeting the people when they are seeking His face especially when they are praying together. However, my passion toward prayer meetings has been lukewarm. When I began attending New Philly, I was introduced to the prayer meetings such as Sunday Swim, K1, Friday Fire, and JPM, but my heart was not there, and I was not motivated nor inspired to go to the meetings.
    This sermon simply woke me up and helped me realize the importance of prayer meetings. Now I am challenged and willing to make a commitment to attend prayer meetings. I haven’t been to K1 yet, I will join K1 this time and also FF and JPM for the following month. I am very excited about God’s calling to the prayer meetings and looking forward to seeing His face and His voice.

  153. Jason Jung says:

    This was such a good sermon and one that I needed to hear. While I know the importance of prayer, I never really felt the need to pray together as a church but I have been convinced otherwise.

    New Philly is a church that is on fire and to cultivate the fire and to keep it burning we must continue to pray. Just like Matthew 21:13 states, the church needs to be a house of prayer. I’m so blessed to be able to attend a church where group prayer meetings are held weekly (Sunday Swim) and fortnightly (Friday Fire). I am committed to attending these prayer meetings so that I can continue to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning and so that I can become what I behold and become more Jesus-like. I feel that I was treating God like a vending machine, only going to Him when I needed something but I am hoping to change throughout my NRTC training and when I become a leader.

  154. Yong Chan Kim says:

    I have definitely been complacent over the last few years and PCs sermon was a powerful reminder of what we must do as sons of God to stay connected with him. Whenever I feel that my faith is going in the right direction, I seem to get comfortable and eventually stop trying to keep the fire burning through my prayers. I’ve always turned to God in the times of need but I haven’t really tried to get to know him. I was reminded that to grow in intimacy with God, I must stop praying sporadically and continually engage with God through my prayers.

    There is definitely power in praying in unity through corporate prayer meetings. I’ve had the blessing of being placed amongst brothers and sisters at NPC who had consistently prayed for me individually and as a group. This has been a huge help for me to re-engage with God and grow in spiritual maturity. I feel like I’m going through an exciting season and I wish to practise what i learnt through PCs sermons and be a part of ‘a house of prayer’ where I can keep the fire burning through consistent prayers.

  155. Grace Lee says:

    Thinking back, I have always lacked prayer. I always thought “God already knows what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling, so I don’t think I really need to pray”. Although this is true, I wasn’t CALLING on the Lord. I wasn’t seeking His face. I only prayed for emphasis towards what I really wanted or needed and I never really practiced prayer just for the sake of thanksgiving or just to have a conversation with Him because sometimes it felt like I was talking to myself. At times I even questioned whether God was even listening. In terms of Corporate prayer (and praying out loud) this was something I never really got used to. Although others praying out loud didn’t really bother me that much (as I was used to this from my past korean church) I was comfortable praying silently. But PC’s analogy of telling a woman about to give birth to be silent made me understand that we should be shouting and proclaiming our love for God and cry out to Him. I can see that corporate prayer and praying out loud is a strong and powerful movement in many ways, that prayer in itself has authority to work miracles whether you pray alone or with others. I hope to seek His face more than His hand, and to become more like Him and that I can have a burning passion for Him and call out to the Lord so as a starting point, I commit to attending Sunday swim to be able to grow in the way of prayer.

  156. Alyssa Fung says:

    He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers. (Matthew 21:13)

    When I first came to Christ, I didn’t understand why I had to pray when God is supposed to know my heart. Prayer was a new thing to me back then. However, after hearing to one of the New Philly sermons, I realized that prayer is a way of communicating with God. God wants to hear us proclaim our love to Him. We need to keep the fire burning in New Philly by praying together. There is power when people come together and pray in unity. It is important to have quiet time and pray alone. However, it is also important that we pray together as a church. I wasn’t used to praying out loud and felt uncomfortable doing it. However, I realized that there is power and authority in praying out loud. God wants us to pour out our hearts and cry out loud to Him. I want to eventually be able to pray out loud as I continue my walk with Christ and grow in intimacy with Him. As a future New Philly leader, I will commit to attending prayer meetings to keep the fire burning and pray as a church in unity.

  157. Danny Fung says:

    Growing up in a non-Christian environment, I was so intimidated by people who prayed out loud, corporate prayer and people who were touched by the fire of God. I found it hard to concentrate on my own prayers when others around me were praying out loud. This sermon really highlighted that it was the people around me that was distracting me from praying, it was the lack of prayer in my own life. My personal prayers flows into corporate prayers. I need to focus on my communication with God through prayer to build intimacy and to keep the fire burning. My consumer mindset towards church has highlighted just how much I have neglected prayer in my life. New Philly values prayer over sermon attendance. It is pushing me to grow and reach maturity in this area by committing myself to the prayer movement.

  158. Young Cho says:

    I have always believed that prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord and that it was something that I needed to maintain to keep a healthy spiritual relationship, however something that I was never good at. This was a very powerful sermon to listen to as it challenged me to re-look at my attitude towards prayer. I realised it was an avenue for me to have hope and express my worries when something in my life was out of my own control and would only seek the Lord at times of trouble and desperate need. I didn’t truly believe in the power of prayer, I always thought God knew exactly what I was thinking without having to express it in words. I think my relationship with God was somewhat similar to my relationship with family and friends around me. I tend to suppress a lot of my bitter feelings and be less vocal about what’s happening in my life, prefer not to ask questions and just selfishly expect them to know. Similarly, this was my attitude towards God. During this season of spiritual maturity I began to peel layers off myself and became a lot more vulnerable amongst our community which allowed me to grasp the importance of accountability. I can now understand the power of praying out loud before God and also the importance of cooperate prayer. After attending Sunday swim a few times, I felt that the prayer sessions in a way, was a gentle blow on a dimming fire in my heart. It brought back the burning passion I have been suppressing all my life for God and for His people. I’m looking forward to witness God’s doing and to see the power of prayer movement within our NPC community. I will truly call out to Him and seek His hand, and truly use the authoritative voice the Lord has given me!

  159. Sooji Skye Kim says:

    This sermon really challenged me to pray like never before, to keep the fire burning through prayer. Although I grew up seeing parents doing dawn prayers every morning, I never really got into the depth and realm of power of prayer until more recently. I understand the importance of praying individually, but also together as a church in unity. There is power in praying together, as an army that seeks His face.

    Quite often when life gets busy and things get really tough, I find myself harder to pray and sometimes feeling lost what to pray about. However, as prayer is discipline I was convicted to pray more even in times like when I am unable to pray. At the same time, I appreciate the NP community who is able to keep me accountable and pray together/for me when I am unable to pray. I hope to upgrade my prayer life and deepen my intimacy with God to keep the fire burning.

  160. Mike Oh says:

    I really liked how PC identifies the importance of cultivating prayer in the church. The importance of coming together to call out to God, to seek His face and His will together.
    I remember as a young Christian, not understanding the power of prayer, I saw going to prayer meetings of little significance. I knew it would be good if I went, but I did not have the revelation of prayer.
    But through persevering in this critical part of the faith and relationship with God, I began to experience the power of prayer. The power of calling on His name that moves things in the spiritual realm, and manifests also in the natural.
    One testimony of the power of prayer was when the church came together, not for a set prayer meeting but to pray for a member that was fighting for their life in hospital. We came together and called on the name of the Lord, and the end of the story is that this member is now alive, healthy and well. Despite all medical statistical odds of this person regaining consciousness or even a normal quality of life ever again even if she did, she was fully healed with no negative symptoms.
    Prayer, I have come to learn is one of the most powerful weapons against the devil, and to bring His kingdom on earth. And as PC encourages us to, I will always be one that seeks to pray and ensure that prayer is a consistent part of my life.

  161. Michael Kang says:

    What a challenging word. I definitely believe prayer forms the engine room of ministry but the engine in which we can keep our motor fired up and ready to move when God moves. I have been a witness to the power of prayer but have also been a witness to seeing personal weakness and thirst without prayer.

    The moment the fire of the Spirit burned in me – I sought and fought to maintain the fire. Keeping that fire stoked with the Word and through fervent prayer at home privately and publicly with my church. But somehow that passion got lost along the way – I felt I put function as a servant and leader before my relationship with God.

    As much I felt burnt out through striving and pushing with my own strength – rest did help in my recovery both physically and spiritually. But encouragement here is not just to pray just for the sake of prayer – but to ensure genuine fervent prayer is a consistent part of my daily life.

    I pray that through this process that I don’t just to seek to strive to tick all the boxes, fulfil the assignments required – but faithfully steward the powerful position God has already anointed me with – to be a prayer warrior in His kingdom. I pray that I can stoke the fire with discipline privately at home and at church with my family.

  162. Ujin Lee says:

    How ironic that tonight is Friday Fire here in Melbourne tonight! Woot woot! I’m so excited! and more stirred than usual because of this message. I really liked how PC mentioned that victory is won but we gotta fight the battle. and as ones who are called to be an army of mighty warriors, the first and fore most thing we should be doing is to be fighting in prayer. Its so weird for us to think that it’d be a CRAZY concept for soldiers in the war to be resting in complacency and not fighting because of whatever reasons but sometimes thats what we find ourselves in. Also he mentions about the greater and unsearchable things that God wants to give us if we ask! It’s no surprise that we need to ask and seek him in order for him to respond! This message really convicted me to want to be in that place of prayer. not just even for anything, but just to dwell in his sweet presence and seek his face and enjoy intimacy with Him.

  163. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    This message is convicting and stirring up a passion in me. Jesus prayed, I imagine he loved to pray and it was natural to him. I want to imitate Christ. I want to shake off this sloppiness and lack of discipline.

    The house of prayer aspect of NP is very attractive. As I listen I tell myself again that at the heart of NP is a call to holy living. Not holy living before man, but before the eyes of God. Only He sees the depth of our prayer life.

    • Sarah Al Homadi says:

      Pastor Christian highlights the significance of prayer meetings. God wants His house to be a house of prayer. This is the fuel of Holy fire, growth and maturity of the church. Jesus is at these meetings because two or three are gathered in His name. Faithful participation in corporate prayer is a lifestyle requirement of NP leaders as we cry out to the Lord, contend for the Kingdom and seek His face. Pastor Christian gives us a helpful quote “You become what you behold”. This is an amazing way to encourage us to make prayer a priority so we can glorify the Lord.

  164. Lexie Okosa says:

    I never realized how essential prayer was to a church before this message. For many years I thought that God’s sovereignty kind of just made prayer obsolete. And I have always thought I was just using God when I would pray for things and that I should just not worry about things and let God take care of me like He takes care of the sparrows. I realize now that I was being the opposite of faithful with this mindset. Also, I have always suspected that I may want God for the things He can do for me and not for who He is. Praying would usually discourage me because I would not get what I was expecting from Him and feel foolish for asking. In conjunction with this sermon, this Sunday’s sermon on passivity and the challenge Pastor John gave during Sunday swim about consecrating myself before the leadership retreat, I feel lead more than ever to seek the face of God. It feel more urgent than ever before in my heart. I am really grateful for New Philly’s teachings. It is really helping break off my misconceptions about God’s character and churchlife

  165. Shannon Chien says:

    I love the part where Pastor Christian says that if you want to gauge the health of the church, look at her prayer meeting attendance. How many times have I gone to the cross looking for a show instead of just seeking Christ for who He is? One of the things I truly enjoy about being a part of New Philly is that prayer meetings are open to EVERYONE. Instead of being an exclusive club for leaders only, attendance at prayer meetings is mandatory for those looking to grow further in their walks with God. My greatest conviction is definitely to set aside additional time during my prayers to just “hang out” with God. To get to know Him as a Father, Master, and Friend. When I seek the heart of the Father, His voice resounds the most clearly.

  166. Dean Legomina says:

    This sermon resonated with me and I could feel desire to go to the prayer meeting and shout at the top of my lungs. JEHOVAH, IM CALLING ON YOUR NAME!!!!! SPEAK TO ME!!!
    When fire of God comes upon you one of the signs is that it brings love, love towards God and towards people that was not there before. Another one is desire for holiness.
    How to keep to fire burning:
    -when u feel love, give love to others
    -read the word
    Church called by Jesus a house of prayer.
    There are times to cry out to God, loudly. Call on His name. There is a promise there. God promises to answer us and to show us great and unsearchable things Jer.33:3
    Church is like a capitol hill where governing of the country happens. Our prayers bind and release things. Call things into existence and pray against things. We suppose to govern with our corporate prayer.

  167. Benjamin Jung says:

    “Call upon the Name of the LORD”

    “The only attraction at prayer meetings is Jesus… Are we willing to adjust our lives around Jesus?” ~ P. Christian

    This was such a timely word for me, and I am deeply encouraged by the emphasis that P. Christian and New Philadelphia leaders place upon prayer in the house of GOD. Prayer is absolutely essential to the strength and the health of any ministry, and there is tremendous power when brothers and sisters gather to pray and to declare the things that are on the Father’s heart.

  168. Sooky Park says:

    Pastor Christian started right off by addressing an issue I had asked another Pastor about—the signs that come with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit; only I had been afraid of them. But PC says don’t get hung up on the signs. I know it goes both ways. And I guess it will take time to embrace the signs.
    It is funny that Pastor Christian spoke of people being marked because last Sunday a sister told me God had marked me. I wonder what He marked me for. : ) I hope I am marked by the Holy Spirit.
    I love that the Holy Spirit loves the symbol of fire. (I love to burn for the Lord).
    It was somewhat of a shock to hear PC say, “If you want to keep the Word purging in your life you gotta stop dabbling with the world.” I realize there is a part of me that wants to dabble with the world and I need to cut it off in the name of Jesus. I am not in love with the world. Praise the Lord. I have to “set myself apart. Walk in purity and holiness.”
    This was a powerful message in that PC challeneged us to be the actors in the church and pray, instead of just sitting back and being entertained. The show is not on stage.
    I didn’t know that if the fire burns out you get jaded.
    I think it is essential that NP is so drenched in prayer—Sunday swim, Friday fire, K1, JPM, etc. It is good that we are covering everything in prayer and I believe that marks us with the Holy Spirit.
    I felt very comforted by the fact that Jesus is at the prayer meetings.
    I need to consistently call upon the Lord.
    It is such a big lie that “God already knows what you need so you don’t need to ask Him.” It is a lie many many Christians are tricked by. I need to apply this in the area of my future spouse.
    I loved that example with PC and PE. That is so funny that PC emphasized seeking God’s face. That is one thing my old Korean church emphasized also. Seeking God’s heart. How do I go about this? Seeking God’s face and basking in His beauty and love.
    In order to use the power received through prayer, we need to mature into authority. In order to do that we need to be under and submit to authority.
    I want to go against the enemy, and I want to pray with more precision.

  169. Jonathan Yoo says:

    God has been pointing out my prayer life to me. Even through pastor Myunghwa’s sermon this past Sunday. I know prayer isn’t all about just asking God for things and I know it’s a conversation with Him. Pastor Myunghwa’s sermon helped realize that I have been doing a lot of active talking but not a lot of active listening. It was passive. This sermon from Pastor Christian also supported this feeling that I’ve been having. Crying out to God, seeking his face, alone and also within a community as one is a way that I can actively wait for God instead of passively waiting for God. It reminded me the God in the Bible that healed all the people, cast out demons, raised people from the dead is the same God now and just as powerful. I forget this in my day to day life and I was convicted of this. God wants me to give me His fire. Burn away things that are not of Him and replace it with the Holy Spirit. But that’s not going to happen to it’s fullest with me just sitting around with the thought that “He will do it someday” in the back of my head.

  170. One of the things that I love about this message is that it brings forward a very important ideal that we need to have if we are to be effective leaders of God: We need to be in prayer. And we need to be in prayer A LOT. Prayer is the lifeblood of communication with God. It is the way that we tell Him what is going on, and what’s important in our hearts. It also is a way for us to have communication of what He desires for us. With great prayer comes great responsibilities to steward those prayer through, not to just sit on our laurels and say “Oh, God knows what I need. I don’t need to worry about praying.” He may know what you need, but as stated by Pastor Myunghwa this last weekend, He may be saying “But I want YOU to say it.”

    Another issue is the issue of the gifts of the spirit. A lot of folks that I know who are not members of this type of a movement are always hesitant to talk about the manifesting of the gifts of the spirit. Many of them were burned by churches who focused like a laser on one or two, and became quite exclusionary if one did not have it. The fact that NP’s focus isn’t on the signs and wonders, while still acknowledging that they do happen and will happen, helps to alleviate a lot of concerns that folks who are coming out from churches that may eschew the gifts.

    Prayer is not only communication, but it’s a gift. It’s something that is to be cherished, and being in prayer to God is something that is not only beneficial and life giving, but also an enjoyable challenge for those who wish to keep working in holiness.

  171. Yoomin Lee says:

    This house shall be called a house of prayer. Growing up in the korean church, the “korean prayer” was so standard to me, and on the contrary, i felt that silence during corporate prayer was distracting in other churches where the ‘crying out’ wasnt taken as so literally. The question that PC asks- is Jesus enough? Do i seek His face, not just His hand? Can i also come before Him with no agenda, but to seek Him? These questions really challenge me, and i desire to shift my focus from me and my agenda, to Jesus. As i make a commitment to come out to the new philly prayer meetings, i am so excited to see God work powerfully as our hearts are aligned and come into agreement.

  172. As God’s people, we have authority to gather and lobby for change in our communities, our workplaces, our families, and our nations. We have authority to veto the agenda of the enemy. Prayer is what keeps the momentum going, what sustains us and keeps us going as a church. It’s not something that only happens in our private prayer closets; we need to gather! Our battle is not limited to the natural; we must war it out in the spiritual and step into our authority to agree with what God desires to do. I’m so grateful to belong to a house that prays and is committed to a strong and consistent prayer movement.

  173. Yelynn Ho says:

    I’ve seen the power of corporate prayer. When the members of a church come together to pray for the same cause, the fire of the Holy Spirit is undeniably felt in the room. It’s so powerful. It’s in these moments where I can see what faith that moves mountains looks like and feel God’s overflowing love. Knowing this, I wonder why it’s so easy to “forget” the need to pray.. Once I have the fire burning in me, the only way to keep it burning is to be consistent in prayer–it’s that simple. This statement really struck me, “If you want unity in the church, stop talking about it. Pray about it together.” God calls the church to be a house of prayer; the purpose of church is to be a house of prayer. So what are we doing as a church if we aren’t praying? This really explains why so many people experience such overwhelming joy and closeness during retreats and revivals, where we PRAY with and for each other, but not on a regular basis. We keep searching for that fire that was once there, but we fail to see what caused it. We need to be calling on God everyday. And when we pray, we need to pray in one spirit. I want to be more hungry for God in prayer, and I want my individual prayer life to overflow into corporate prayer.

  174. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    Prayer is powerful. If you want the fire keep burning, you got to pray! Personal prayer is important. However, corporate prayer is also important. The church is the house of prayer. It should be a place where we Christians gather together and pray. This sermon reminded me of prayer and the importance of it.I need to speak up and seek God. God promises to answer those who seeks him. What struck me the most, however, is the corporate prayer and the house of prayer. I was always told that I need to have a prayer time with God but not much of church praying together. The leaders at the church I attended always gathered and prayed together. There was that early morning prayer never a weekday prayer at church. I am so thankful that there are prayer meetings throughout the week including the weekends. This allows people to come and pray at the house of prayer. Another aspect of prayer that got engraved in me is that prayer is not a medicine that I take only when I need help with something. Pastor Christian mentioned how there will be times when you run of things to say and have to sit and purely seek God’s face. Not what he can give and solve but just purely Him. Prayer is not me me me or I need this and that.

  175. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    As I listen to more New Philly sermons in service, for NRTC, for membership, and independently, I am encouraged by seeing the heart of NP revealed bit by bit. The dots begin to connect as what I observe in services and social interactions matches with the theological principles that NP espouses. Dedication to corporate prayer is probably what distinguishes NP the most from other churches that I have been a part of. As I have been attending the various NP services and prayer meetings pretty regularly, I realize how I have underestimated the importance of the consistent practice of prayer in my spiritual life.

    I always knew that prayer can be powerful and is vital to our relationship with God, but seeing this played out here at NP has convicted me to broaden my vision and practice of prayer. From what I can tell, NP’s commitment to prayer is one of the main reasons why the power and work of the Holy Spirit is very apparent and active here. I look forward to seeing what lays ahead as I continue to grow in this commitment to prayer.

  176. Hannah Lee says:

    Looking back, my prayer life was lackluster. Especially when PC spoke about being sporadic. OH MAN. Totally got me. I always thought, well it’s okay. God already knows what I do and knows my thoughts all the time. When I did attend prayer meetings in the past, I would get fired up, overflowing with Holy Spirit and I wouldn’t want to leave. But being sporadic, I wasn’t calling on him and keeping that fire burning. It was not consistent. It’s crucial to build up that authority, maturity and discipline in Christ while praying and calling onto Him. Listening to this message also helped me gain the background and heart of all of NP’s prayer gatherings and meetings. Helped me to catch the why’s and what’s of the importance of prayer in an individual and corporate settings.

  177. Chadol Lee says:

    I like how PC’s message was spoken with reassurance. From what I heard he was explaining how to act after making a strong contact with God. I like how he used the fire analogy of the holy spirit. Not only taking that experience and keeping it to yourself, but to spread that fire around you. When you want your fire to burn you should pray together as a church. We as a church need unity especially being warriors in our church. We need to be a house of prayer in order to be in unity. Its pretty difficult to hear that there are so many consumer churches. But we need to be aware of that and rise up as a house of prayer.

  178. I was really glad that I had listened to this sermon because it addressed some of the questions I had regarding the prayer movements. Growing up from a conservative Korean church, I had not see people manifest during prayers this frequently before coming to NP. To be it was sth that you get to see once in a lifetime only if you are lucky. So seeing people manifest a lot here kind of freaked me out at first and it really got me questioning whether it is real or not. However now I know that I may have been to focused on whats on the surface instead of looking at God who is actually behind all this. Also this sermon challenged me to take more part in prayer movements at NP and really provide my fire a “fuel” to keep on burning.

  179. Ella Radwan says:

    This sermon spoke directly to my heart since it is something I am personally thinking a lot about lately, and struggling with. There is no better feeling than the fire of the holy spirit. Being guided and seeing Gods hands everywhere we go. Desiring more of Gods presence, feeding from the bible, and being sensitive to gods words.
    When I came to Korea my relationship with God became cold, and I miss that intimacy more than anything. I faced many barriers in order to come to new Philly, join membership, and nrtc. There will always be excuses for us not to sit down, find our quiet place, and talk to God, pray, read the word. There will always be excuses for us not to go to church prayer meetings… the distance (my case), school (me again), sickness, or other appointments. It is important (or indispensable) that we commit to these prayer meetings. That we keep our flame lit. That we reach a new level with God. Whether its a loud cry as a church, or a quiet prayer in your little corner, we must pray. God tells us to ask. In so many places in the bible we see how He answers to our prayers. We mus be bold, persistent, obedient, and set PRAYER as a priority so that we can walk with God and be more like Him.

  180. Lydia Park says:

    Growing up in Japan and worshipping with the Japanese congregation has influenced me to “pray quietly.” Even during worship, we were encouraged to pray silently and often on your own. Gradually, I began to shy away from “corporate prayer” or calling out to God in prayer. But PC teaches us that there is power in corporate prayer. Even though praying on your own in your prayer closet and meditating silently is important, there is something more powerful about God’s people coming together in prayer.
    This message also reminded me of Pastor Myunghwa’s recent sermon about not being passive in our prayer life. Similar to her sermon, PC also encourages us to actively pray what’s on our heart rather than just think about it. He also teaches us to be consistent with our prayers and when we do so, He will grant us greater power that will move people’s hearts and even nations.

  181. Jayden Choi says:

    I think It is a good topic as the last sermon haha. Such a basic but the most important part of church.
    I think that prayer is one of the easiest and most powerful way to seek God. Everything what I say to the Lord can be a prayer. Thanksgiving, asking, resentment, grumble etc.. it is translated like that whatever our circumstance even though there is an unsatisfied thing in our life, we have to pray for those things. Because prayer let me lead to the right way even unites the church!!
    Both prayer and reading the bible are sooo important. But if we trivialize just one of them, our christian life will shake.

  182. Nahee Kim says:

    Before listening to this sermon, I always questioned why New Philly emphasised on the importance of prayer meetings (i.e. sunday swim). I thought, why do I need to attend these meetings with other people if I can experience more powerful, intimate prayer sessions with God in my own prayer closet in my own time. This message completely shifted my mind.
    Yes, our personal prayers are powerful but what if all of God’s people come together into agreement and pray? The result would be even more dynamic and explosive because we are united as one and Jesus called his house to be a HOUSE of prayer not a house of individuals praying separately.
    I always had my doubts about what my prayers could do because I wasn’t firmly established and thought I had a weak voice that would surely go unnoticed amongst the sea of powerful prayers. This is clearly the enemy feeding me lies. Jesus GIVES us the authority to pray powerful prayers even though we may think they will not have much influence. PC reminds us that if we ask then we will receive and we need to consistently call on Him and seek his face not sporadically but CONSISTENTLY. This message really spoke to me because it showed me that if i continuously and consistently call upon his name, I will be led into a new level of maturity and intimacy with Him.

  183. Michael Chan says:

    This sermon really captures the heart of New Philly, a praying church. I used to not know why I didn’t feel any intimate connections with God. It was because I didn’t pray consistently, didn’t read the word consistently and didn’t attend prayer meetings consistently. I like how PC reminds us that if we don’t ask or call, we will not receive. Although it is very important to have times of individual prayer and reading the word, it is also very important to have corporate prayer. Praying as a congregration is also extremely powerful. Listening to this word shifted my mind about sunday swim and friday fire. It is so important to consistently call upon God’s name, because if we do so, He will lead us into becoming more mature and to become more intimate with him.

  184. Janice So says:

    I love that New Philly is a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13). PC reminds us that it is powerful to pray together, not just individually in our prayer closets. Praying together also builds unity as an army and keeps the fire burning. I like the reference to Jim Cymbala’s book that the attendance at prayer meetings reflects how popular Jesus is there – and it is a great reminder that if a prayer meeting is called, Jesus will definitely be there! PC addresses why we pray out aloud at prayer meetings. I actually love that New Philly prays out aloud in prayer meetings, and I enjoyed PC’s analogy that you would not tell a woman giving birth to stay silent!
    PC gives two big reasons for me to keep praying corporately and privately. Through prayer, it is a weapon of warfare that destroys strongholds, we are using our authority to trample upon the enemy. Secondly, as we keep calling on the Lord, He promises to reveal unsearchable mysteries and to be near to us. Jesus explicitly said “ask and you will receive”, and also Apostle Paul says “pray continually”. This message has invigorated me to continue seeking the Lord in prayer both corporately and personally, the devil’s strategy to get us to become apathetic about calling upon the Lord. PC also keeps it real and it’s good to hear that it does take discipline to have this lifestyle!

  185. Niranjan Thomas says:

    The fire of the Holy Spirit is powerful when it comes upon a church and is capable of doing mighty things. But the way to keep that fire burning is through prayer. And while individual meditative pray is implicit, it is essential that the church must pray together. Jesus calls for his house to be a house of prayer and cooperate prayer is a reflection on this condition of the church. By praying to God, not only seeking his hand, but simply longing to be in His presence, we as a church are marked with the power and authority of affect tangible change in the world we live in. To break the chains of bondage and trample the enemy.
    Since I have started attending New Philly, I have realised how attending weekly prayer meetings has strengthened my faith and grown my personal relationship with God. I have seem the effect of prayer in my life, in the lives of those around me and even in the people of the city of Melbourne.

  186. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    As christians, we need to keep the fire burning. You need to be filled by God’s love and express that love to others. Also, it is important to read the Word and obey it. Moreover, you need to stop mixing yourself with the world. Instead of loving the world, you must be set apart and walk in purity and holiness.
    A church is called to be a house of prayer. Since the launch of NP Melbourne, I have witnessed that this church is grounded on prayer. Even our campus pastors always emphasizes on the importance of prayer. This message and attending NP Melbourne has opened my eyes in the importance of prayer and I’ve been challenged by it.

  187. Benjamin Wong says:

    “My house shall be called a house of prayer”

    There are two areas of prayer, the individual prayer life and the corporate prayer life. Both are important, there is a time and place for both.

    The Church needs to be a house of prayer, the Church is a house of prayer. When we come together and prayer as a body, we have the authority to trample on the enemy, to break down strongholds. When we call upon the name of the Lord, we cry out to our Lord, and when we call to the Lord, He will answer and He will show us great and unsearchable things.

    The power of corporate prayer is like the congress of the Kingdom government, where we pray for change and ask for Lord’s Will, and where we can veto the enemy’s works, break down the chains and the chains of bondage, tearing down the strongholds of the enemy.

    We become that of what we behold, as we continue to rise up as a house of prayer, we will draw near to the face of God, go deeper and higher in our relationship with God, we seek not only His hand but also His face.

  188. You Sup (Joseph) Park says:

    I agree that having a prayerful life, having that time of intimacy with the Lord is something that needs to be done consistently. However, from experience, I find that it is a very difficult task to accomplish without discipline. Satan has his ways of preventing me to pray, however, I pray that God gives me the insight to decipher his schemes and be more disciplined to allow time for God and myself in the future.

    • You Sup Joseph Park says:

      What really shook me in this sermon was when PC began with the question, “Would you come to the retreat if the only attraction was Jesus?”. Praying to the Lord, having intimate time with the Lord and letting Him minister to me should be more than enough for me to pursue the prayer life, which He has called all His disciples to be doing. When this attitude and adoration towards the Lord comes together corporately, how much more of an impact would the church and each of us have in their respective place and circumstances which He has placed us all in? I pray that every one of us come to the realisation that prayer has power to move mountains because it is not us moving the mountains on our own but God the Almighty doing so because we humble ourselves and have faith in Him.

  189. Ah Sung Yang says:

    The sermon spoke to me a lot personally as I have been feeling I need fire and passion in my prayer life again. I agree that the way of keeping the Holy Spirit fire in us is through building up prayer movement in the church. In order to achieve unity in the church and being able to enforce the power given by Holy Spirit to the area where needs it, we need to pray corporately. It is true that the condition of the church can be reflected in its prayer meetings. The church needs to be spirit-sensitive rather than trying to please people. Also, the sermon reminded of the importance of calling out to God and having a desperate heart before God when we pray. Sometimes, I choose not to cry out before God because of my lack of faith. However, it was good to be reminded that God is continuously looking for people who cry out his name. Also, a lot of times, I tend to seek his hand rather than his face. However, the sermon highlighted how important it is to seek his face and focus on our relationship and intimacy with God rather than coming before God only when we need help from him.

  190. It’s true that my prayer life has grown a lot since coming to New Philly. And it’s during Friday Fires, Emmaus 6:15 prayer times, and other prayer meetings where I received signs, visions, and words from the Lord for the first time. It makes sense now, listening to PC’s sermon and understanding that the fire of NP has only grown stronger because of the mass amounts of corporate (and individual) prayer the community engages in.
    This sermon has helped me further understand the importance of prayer–of not turning to prayer just out of need, but out of desire for God. When PC mentioned how God promises to reveal great and unsearchable things if we keep calling out to Him, my heart leapt out of excitement. I’m eager for the Lord to reveal these things, but if I don’t call out to Him, then there’s a very slim chance that the Lord will reveal them to me.
    I’m really thankful NP is a house of a prayer, and I think my view towards prayer meetings such as Sunday Swim, JPM, Friday Fires, etc. has shifted dramatically through listening to this sermon.

  191. Prayer has always been a weak point for me in my walk. I get in my head much and lose track of what I should be praying about and then get so discouraged. So this message was good to hear and very challenging. Prayer moves the heart of God. I like how Pastor Christian talked about the sacrifice that prayer will entail and that we need to make choices around praying because it’s not just something like oh yeah I have to pray, but that we are devoted to praying for things becasue we believe it will change. It’s also interesting that the church ties leadership opportunities with prayer attendance. I like that. You may be “ready” to play, but where’s your dedication to the unsexy and less visible opportunities like prayer meetings.

    I’m want to have a stronger prayer life, and like Pastor Christian says when a church isn’t dedicated to praying it will die out, I don’t want to be a part of that type of church or have that be a part of my life, I want a strong and vibrant prayer life, a time when I just sit and look at the face of God without an agenda. So how do you get there?

  192. SooJi Suzy Kim says:

    The sermon changed my heart on the power and importance of (1) calling out to the Lord in prayer (Jeremiah 33:3), and (2) attending prayer meetings to seek and gaze upon Jesus’ face.
    Regards (1), I was able to understand one of the reasons for my rather stagnant prayer life, and that is the lack of consistency in prayer. We need to cry out to God, and cry out continuously, but I have been searching Him only when all of my devices failed and I was at the end of my tether. I have been selfishly seek God’s hand more than seeking His face, and I feel I need to apologize to God for valuing His power more than His presence. I also realized I have been passively wishing God to listen to my prayer and respond, but not actively asking Him and crying out to Him with passion. As have all of God’s people in the Bible, I need to call upon the name of the Lord.
    Regards (2), I learned that God’s people need to pray together in unity and oneness to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in the body of Christ. We sometimes have a tendency to attend retreats and services to meet the guest speaker and experience the “highs”, but we forget the real thing, which is sit at Jesus’ feet and gaze upon His face on a regular basis. Prayer meetings are the response to sermons on Sunday, and reveal the true state of our hearts. Listening to thousands of sermons and reading books would be deemed meaningless if we did not exercise what we learned and spent time with God through individual and corporate prayer.
    This important revelation has inspired me to change my attitude and seriousness towards prayer and prayer movements, and I pray that God will help me to develop a strong and healthy prayer life for increased intimacy and character development.

  193. Margaret Cuevas says:

    There are different ways to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in us: loving on people, getting into the Word of God, not conforming to the world’s patterns, and uniting in prayer are some of the ones Pastor Christian mentioned. In this sermon, he focused on the importance of corporate prayer. He said that it is good to pray when you are alone, but believers should also gather together and unite in prayer. He also went over the difference between praying quietly and crying out, both of which should be done. I was raised in a very charismatic church where people were encouraged to pray loudly and cry out to God. I understand why we try to tame it on Sundays so that we don’t scare newcomers, but it is hard at times.

    My favorite quote from this sermon is, “If the only attraction is Jesus, would you show up?”
    It reminded me of a sermon by Pastor Francis Chan titled If Jesus Were the Pastor of Your Church, You Probably Wouldn’t Go There (It’s on Youtube). In that sermon, he talks about how Jesus didn’t adjust his preachings to appease people, the way pastors do today. He had to compare his church to the church in Acts and make some changes, which lead to people leaving. The purpose of the church is not to make people feel comfortable, but rather, we should teach the truth. I have seen that this always causes people to feel uncomfortable; but when you think about it, that is the right reaction, because they come to realize there is a spiritual war taking place. To truly follow Jesus, we must crucify the flesh so that we can walk in the Spirit (see why it’s uncomfortable?).

  194. Jasmine Renee Womack says:

    “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” ~James 5:16

    As Israel Houghton says in one of his songs, “When we pray, we tap into miraculous things. And victoriously we declare that we know the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Prayers of the righteous prevail. His love never fails”. God already has the victory of the Devil, but it is important that we constantly and consistently unite in prayer. Not prayer to look holy or tranquil, but fiery, fervent, genuine prayer that does not worry about whether or not someone is watching or about one’s image. We often don’t realize how much power we have, and how it is important to still fight. The Devil absolutely hates it when we pray and have faith. It’s the last thing he wants, which is why more than ever, we need to doit. More than we realize, every day we are attacked, and the only thing we can do is seek the Lord’s face for protection, renewed strength and comfort from our Father. Also, as Pastor Christian mentioned, it’s also important just to check in with God, our FATHER and CREATOR, just to even say hello, along with the Son AND the Holy Spirit. God loves us so much that He gave his ONLY begotten Son, so that we can LIVE. The curtain was torn when Jesus breathed his last upon this earth so that we could have this deep, loving relationship with God, and so the Holy Spirit can be within us. We are no longer separated or have to live in fear of sin (as long as we are constantly repentant, showing that we are truly sorry with a changed heart and behavior), and we can pray directly to the Father for guidance, deliverance, and healing. The absolute least we could do is constantly be in fellowship with God through prayer. He saved us and created us, so he wants to hear from us.

    I was extremely blessed by Pastor Christian’s story about Pastor Erin. It was extremely adorable for one, and two, it reminded me of how much God delights in us. Another way I was blessed by this sermon, was with a renewed heart to be on FIRE in prayer. I don’t know when I suddenly became shy in prayer within the last couple of years, but it’s over effective immediately. We have so much power and it would be such a shame and so disrespectful towards our Father if we did not use it for the kingdom. One of the core values is to contend for the kingdom, and part of that is pressing on with hunger for more. The more we press on in hunger for God, the more we behold Him, the more we BECOME LIKE Him. He is not a vending machine, but He is our Lord. Our ultimate goal should be to become like Christ. I always knew prayer was important, but this sermon was an awesome reminder of that fact and has greatly inspired me. It might take some time, but I’m ready to be a warrior on fire in prayer and on fire for God. Thanks so much for this sermon!

  195. Hanna Bang says:

    One of my main prayer requests for the past few weeks was for me have a bigger heart for all. I didn’t want to just pray for myself, my situation, my family, my friends, my country but I wanted to pray for strangers, for other parts of the world that do not directly influence my life, and to seek God’s kingdom. As pastor Christian preached about being committed to church’s prayer movement and that we have to call out to the Lord, this made me think whether I really was calling out to God. Was I keeping my fire burning with the authority I was given by God as His son? I’ve grown up seeing my parents fast for days while praying for the Philippines, for Korea, for the world, but I regret to say, I didn’t do the same. Ending the last sermon for the NRTC, I was challenged to be part of New Philly’s prayer groups and movements as I continue to seek what I can do as a servant of God.

  196. Gavin Yoon says:

    As a starting out christian, I really failed to keep the fire alive. I just really wanted to learn more about him and grow in relationship with God but failed at adjusting my life to faith. Now I know consistent prayers were missing from in my life. What was highlighted to me in the sermon was “God’s people got to pray, pray consistently and pray together”. I’m so embarrassed to say that I prayed only when there is something at hand, I wanted something or for a purpose. I did not seek him just to spend time with him and seek his face and his will. It hurts my heart now for what God might have been feeling. I’m overwhelmed by how selfish I was as a son of God and not pray for people who are suffering even at this hour all over the world. I pray right now for grace, discipline and heart to adjust my life to live a life of prayer.

  197. sooky park says:

    When the Holy Spirit comes very dramatically there can be supernatural signs. But don’t get hung up on the signs. Discern what God has done. Getting hung up on the signs is like getting excited about a sign to Disneyland. Celebrate what the Holy Spirit is doing.
    I pray the fire of the Holy Spirit comes upon me.
    Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.
    One way to keep the fire burning is to love on people. 1 John 4:16 says whoever lives in love lives in God. 4:7 says let us love one another.
    Fire purges and brings a passion for holiness. We’ve got to stop dabbling with the world. The Word says do not love the world…if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Don’t fall in love with the world. The love of the world and the love of God cannot coexist in your heart. You have to set yourself apart and walk in purity and holiness. Even if you are shunned by your coworkers. Consider yourself blessed. It is the same way the prophets and Jesus Himself was treated. Be loving and kind and stand for truth and integrity. They will start looking for that one person who is set apart.
    Fire also spreads. You must give away what you receive. It spreads both in and outside the church. The fire spreads to other believers when you pray for them. Its is supposed to be given to others. If you give away, your fire will continue to burn inside.
    One important thing is how to keep the fire burning by building up the prayer movement of your church. Gods people have to pray. Together. Personal prayer lives must overflow into the corporate prayer life. Unity in the church can be brought about by praying together. We are an army. The church has this function. Because on this earth a battle rages. We have to fight. We have to enforce the authority of the King wherever the enemy has set up darkness. When you have an army, you have to have unity, or youre going to die or lose. In a sense unity is corporate prayer.
    If you want unity in your church you have to pray together.
    Matt 21:13 Jesus said My house shall be called a house of prayer. We need to be a house of prayer.
    Somebody once said you can tell how popular Jesus [is in a church] by who comes to the prayer meetings.
    If the only attraction was Jesus, would you show up? There is too much complacency and consumer Christianity in America right now. The church is not a movie theater. The church is a house of prayer. God raised up IHOP, but His purpose is not to raise up a lot of IHOPs. The church has to rise up as a house of prayer. We have to deal with the word of God. Jesus said my house must be a house of prayer.
    If a church does not have people coming out to the prayer meetings, the fire will burn out. They must fast, do prayer chains, pre service prayer meetings, other prayer meetings…. NP has been able to sustain increase in maturity because we pray. The fire of the Holy Spirit shows up at JPM.
    Charles Spurgeon once said the condition of the church may be very accurately gauged by its prayer meetings. People think attendance (to services) is important but that is deception. We need to be Spirit sensitive. The church has got to be here to serve people of God and build them up to maturity. How is the prayer movement at your church? How many people consistently attend prayer meetings? At NP, if you want to become and stay a leader, you have to be committed to the prayer movement. Can we be faithful with prayer meetings? If we’re not, how are we going to be faithful with the discipleship of the church?
    We need to stop lowering standards to peoples complacency. Our pastor is our leader, shepherd, spiritual authority. In Genesis 4:25 it says seth was born…..and enosh….and at that time men began to call on the name of the Lord. Before there was structural services, men and women called on the Lord. It says in Jeremiah Call to Me and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know. If you call to God consistently that will happen. If we only call on Him Sunday, we will not know where He is. We need to consistently do it.
    The devil has tried to get the people of God to not call upon the Lord. He has deceived with many lies like He already knows what you need so don’t. But Jesus said Ask and you will receive. From Gen 4 to 6 it was thousands of years. During that time men did not call upon the earth, and wickedness and evil increased on the earth so much that there was a flood of judgment.
    God intervened by making His covenant with Abraham to raise up a sanctified people who will call upon His name. The godless pattern was broken because Abraham Isaac and Jacob called upon the name of the Lord. God continues today to look for people who will call upon the name of the Lord. Don’t be a fire junkie looking for the highs from retreat to retreat. We need to mature and use this power for good. Ps 14:4 says the wicked evildoers do not call on the Lord. Let us steadfastly call upon the name of the Lord so the fire will never go out. Lev 12 says the fire on the altar must never go out. IHOP takes this literally. Its 24/7. The church can pray personally corporately read and release the word around us. The Hebrew word for call means cry out or implore aid. This means there is a time and a place to cry out to the Lord. There are times for quiet meditative prayer and there are times to cry out together. Spurgeon said the best style of prayer is that which cannot be called anything else but a cry.
    About style of praying: some people say NP is too loud in their prayer time. Korean style should not be a phrase. People should pray out loud. It is a kingdom style. Even though there are meditative times of private prayer there are corporate times of calling out together. Its like telling a woman who is in labor to stay quiet. When the church is in labor and about to give birth the church has got to be loud. Pray like you mean it. Like somebody’s life depends on it. You would want that for yourself. It’s the religious Pharisee spirit that tells people to shut up. Jesus said people have got to cry out in worship. “if they stay quiet the rocks will cry out in their place.” People of God have to speak up. We cannot remain silent. Jesus said my house will be a house of prayer. We got to call out to the Lord.
    Jesus said if you want to pray for something like north Korea, against witchcraft and occultic spirits, you need somebody else to come in agreement with you. You need to get together. When Jesus taught prayer, HE said OUR Father. He said we have to pray together in agreement with the church. When we pray in agreement things start shaking in the world. We have to have a paradigm shift. Not seeking the hand of God but seeking the face of God. Not only when we have a need. God is not a vending machine. We need to come to God just for God. We should just want to see His face. God what are You like. What are Your ways. I just want to sit at your feet and gaze upon Your beauty. One thing I ask of the Lord….i started crying at this point.
    The prayer movement at NP takes care of character development. You become what you behold. If you have a Netflix account and you spend all your waking moments watching movies your values will shift to what Hollywood directors put into the movies. If you watch Korean dramas you become irrational romanticists.
    When you come to prayer meetings you learn to simply gaze upon His face. Like when you run out of things to pray for. Just seeking His face. You want to pray His will with His wisdom and insight. The more you behold Him the more you become like Him.
    Prayer movement/meetings. In DC’s capitol hill, government officials gather to legislate and veto laws. Lobbying is powerful because of this. Prayer meetings are the capitol hill of the Kingdom. Gods people coming together can LEGISLATE things. You gotta understand your authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy. My prayer for north Korea will do a lot. Get together on the Capitol hill of the Kingdom and pray. We veto the works of the enemy. We disallow it. 2 cor 10:3-5 says we wage war … and the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God for pulling down strongholds. Disallow human trafficking. Even if Satan tries to discourage you, apply your faith and he will be put under your feet. WE have authority to trample on the enemy. Come together and stomp on the enemy. Disallow members of the church to fall into sin. We have weapons that are mighty through God for pulling down strongholds. WE pray. The place of prayer is the place of Kingdom government. We need to stop doing no-shows. No shows don’t get revoted in. get together as sons and daughters of the king. If we want the fire on the altar to keep on burning. Make a 9 month commitment to your church’s prayer movement. Wednesday prayer meetings. Every single week. Thank you pc for being at every single prayer meeting you can and for modeling that for us. No complacency. North korea needs me to pray. There are people suffering and we need to disallow the work of the enemy and bring strongholds down. Adjust our lives round prayer meetings and Jesus, who is the only attraction at the prayer meetings. We need to become like Him by beholding His face.
    If we want to see authority following anointing power we need to know how to use it. That takes training and being under authority. Heb 13 says obey your leaders….so that their work will be a joy not a burden. We can only grow in authority by being under authority.
    We can veto and disallow the works of the enemy in everywhere. Legislate righteousness life healing for everywhere. God’s will be done. God is looking for commitment. And for those who will be there.
    There is an impartation for prayer. Consistent prayer needs discipline and maturity. Prayer is labor. We gotta drag ourselves out to the prayer meeting.
    God will pour out a spirit of grace and supplication. That grace to pray with great authority will be imparted to us and we will take it and multiply.

    (everything was so good I did not want to miss anything.)

  198. Megan Chow says:

    I loved it when PC made the analogy of the physical sign on the highway to Disneyland to the spiritual signs that manifest. The sign points to something, just as the manifestations point to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been very wary of these spiritual gifts manifesting before because I have been warned away from those, and I have also witnessed people abusing these powers. But when PC described the signs in this manner, I felt my thoughts being redirected.

    The importance of prayer and the point of how prayer is where Jesus is the main attraction really struck me hard. I’m guilty of not going to prayer meetings before, thinking that I didn’t need to commit more time in the midst of my busy schedule, but now I understand deep down in my heart why I never felt like I was part of the unity of the church — because I hadn’t been attending prayer meetings, which is what unifies a church. A church will burn out without prayer, but a church with prayer will keep burning.

    Actually, I’ve also been guilty of referring to praying aloud all at the same time as Korean style praying. But PC’s assertion that praying aloud is Kingdom prayer, along with the reminder that in times of crisis, we SHOULD be crying out, was something that resonated with me. I’ve always been uncomfortable with praying aloud, but I think that’s because instead of just praying and crying out, I was more worried about what other people would think of me. I’ve been falling into the sins of the flesh all this time, but as a child of God, I should be full of prayer.

    Praying big prayers needs other people — it’s all well and good for us to pray alone for the little things, but prayers of intercession should be done by a group of people in agreement and union. I hadn’t ever really acknowledged in my head and heart just how important the prayer movement was. Seeking His hand when we pray, only in times of trial, then you’re not committed to the prayer movement, and that’s sadly what characterized my prayer life for years, because I felt like my prayers weren’t doing any good. But PC states that is because we don’t understand our authority or identity. Our prayers have power.

    You become what you behold. This is really, really true, and I know that my priorities, what I behold, is very, very skewed. It has been for a long time and perhaps that’s why I’ve struggled in my faith, because i haven’t focused my gaze on Jesus long enough or consistently enough. I know these are my weak points, and I know that the only way to “fix” these is to pray, pray, and pray more. I will focus my gaze on Jesus and pray to become a prayer warrior filled with fire.

  199. Mirabelle Knowles says:

    Yes yes yes, prayer! This message was so good and my Emmaus small group teaching this week was also on prayer and my prayer life is really being shaped and transformed (just like the rest of me!!) in this season. It’s so exciting to hear about the fire of the Holy Spirit spreading in that way, because I feel so much being poured into me here in Korea that I want God to use me to spread when I return to England.

    It’s a bit crazy that I didn’t truly realise how important prayer was before. As believers we are supposed to want to be shaped by God and to be doing his will on the Earth – how is that gonna happen if we are not in dialogue with God?? And that’s what prayer is!

    So glad that New Philly is so rooted in prayer as a church community and so excited to be a part of that. See you at JPM tonight!

  200. Pastor Christian sets a common ground into the most fundamental expression of faith and devotion to God for all Christians, which is to pray. Among many misconceptions that we carry along our lives as Christians, some of them can be that we can pray just by feeling, thinking, or even not praying at all by saying that God already knows our prayers so we would not need to do it. However, this misconception can be easily rebuked just by seeing Jesus’ example when he sets himself apart to pray, leaving an example of obedience and a true desire to be able to connect with God. Therefore, the very act of praying ends up being an exchange/conversation and connection allowing yourself to get to know more of what God wants to your life.

    All Christian should prioritize praying. In secret as God will reward you heaven, and corporately crying out to God, in a fierce desire for social justice. Two forms of prayers have been explained: Praying alone in secret, and praying corporately. And both are much needed in our unique ways to reach out to God and in different levels. Pastor Christian brings greater emphasis on the corporate level, encouraging us to give ourselves into a 9 months commitment to come every week to pray for topics that is not directly related myself (i.e. North Korea, South Korea, Israel, and etc.). The very act of people gathering for this purpose brings unity to the whole group, and an army that goes into the battle field without unity ends up dying to the enemy.

    However, the importance of this act of pray has been undermined. This fact can be confirmed by the fewer number of people attending praying events. Pastor Christian said: “We can tell how a Pastor is famous by counting the number of people attending the Sunday service, and we can tell how Jesus is famous by counting the number of people praying.” This brings great alarm and clarity as to truly understand our behind motivations for us to go to church and to Christian conferences, but forgetting or just not going to any praying meetings.

    The importance of praying is without a question a priority as it perfects in our action to love
    God. Thus all Christians should examine their hearts and desire to get more intimate to God through pray. Pastor Christian paraphrases a powerful statement saying that “We become what we behold” and for us Christians, there is no better way to become like Jesus if we are not beholding him through our devotion and time spent with him.

  201. Sally Lee says:

    “Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit”
    We need to keep the fire burning and in order to do that, we are told by PC:
    1. When we feel the love, express the love
    2. Get into the word of God
    3. Do not love the ways of the world
    4. Give away what you receive

    This sermon was about the importance of prayer. Jesus says His house is a house of prayer, and the power of prayer will sustain the fire, which will then spread.
    Although praying alone/in secret is also necessary, prayer movement is something that is so powerful, and with the people of God praying together in agreement and in unity, things will start shaking, and God will start to move: Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

    We tend to undermine the power God has given us but it has been stated in:
    Luke 10:19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
    With the authority God has given to us, we are able to put Satan below our feet. We have a weapon called ‘prayer’ that is mighty through God, and we need to put this to constant use in order to keep the fire growing/spreading/burning/illuminating/purging.

    Because we now know how big prayer plays in keeping that fire burning, we need to discipline ourselves to attend prayer meetings consistently, not sporadically.

  202. I feel that this message was very timely for me. Just these past few weeks I have been noticing the impact of my daily prayer life. For a week or two I had been waking up and praying consistently, but this past two weeks I have been awful at praying. So, I have been suffering with the consequences; worldly-ness, being distracted and weary.

    This message has reminded me of the importance of prayer in order to keep our fire for God burning and my need, our need, to consistently seek God’s face, more than his hands.

  203. James Kang says:

    Oh how wonderful is he who hears our prayers. How amazing it is that God uses our prayers to do his works! And yet, it is so easy to neglect prayer life amongst a busy schedule we indulge ourselves.

    There is so much power in our prayers where we can break the chains to free those in bondage and release the healing power of the holy spirit to bind the brokenhearted. Realising this was not enough for me it seems. This sermon was so powerful because it reminded me that prayer ought not to be done alone but also corporately as a church. That the fire of the holy spirit is maintained and spread through the prayers of a church.

    Then I realised that I had been neglecting in attending Friday Fires or any other corporate prayer movements. I had to repent as I knew that God had given me a calling for prayer during the intercessory prayer seminar last season.

    As a member and soon to be leader of this house, I will not take the requirement for prayer lightly as it is the pillar for our victory against the enemy in these end times.

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