2015 Retreat FAQ

If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please read through this page. If your question is not addressed, please email retreat at newphilly dot cc

What is Welli Hilli Resort?
Welli Hilli (formerly called “Sung Woo Resort”) is a resort located approximately 2 hours east of Seoul. During the winter it is a ski resort and during the summer it serves as a golf resort and water park. For more information, visit http://wellihillipark.com.

Why are the retreat dates from Friday to Monday?
Monday is a national holiday (Buddha’s birthday) so most people have the day off. The retreat will end after lunch on Monday, so we will be returning to Seoul Monday afternoon. The retreat will start Friday evening, so if your work hours end late we encourage you to consider taking Friday off to catch the 4pm bus and arrive by the first worship session.

What about Sunday service?
Since most people will be at the retreat, we will be having Sunday service at Welli Hilli (there will be no Sunday service at any of our Korea campuses on May 24th; our Sydney campus will have Sunday service as usual). For those who cannot join us for the retreat, you are encouraged to join us at Welli Hilli for Sunday service. It is open to all (for free). Directions can be found below.

What are the rooms & facilities like?
Everyone (except Emmaus students) are staying in a suite that accommodates 6 persons. Each suite is 116 square meters consisting of kitchen/living room area, 3 rooms, and 2 bathrooms. Each suite has a Western master bedroom that sleeps 2 persons (queen size bed and bathroom) and two Korean ondol rooms that sleeps 2 persons each (mats, pillows, and blankets are provided to sleep on the floor; one bathroom for 4 persons). You may sign up for one of the master bedrooms with an extra fee of 20,000 krw (covers the entire stay). You will have access to an ATM, convenient store (GS25), supermarket, cafe, and restaurants. Emmaus students will be staying in a separate youth hostel facility that accommodates 10 persons per room in a Korean ondol format (mats, pillows, and blankets provided; 1 bathroom per room). If you would like more information, please click here: Welli Hilli room introduction (pdf).

What about meals?
Breakfast will be provided by New Philly and all other meals will be provided by Welli Hilli’s catering service. One meal may be a DIY (do it yourself) where we provide ingredients and you cook within your designated groups. Please note that there will be no meal provided on the opening night (Friday).

How do I get there?
Round trip bus transportation is included in your registration fee. If you choose to drive your own vehicle or have to travel by public transportation, please note that there will be no refund or discount. Buses will depart from the subway station, “Sports Complex 종합운동장,” line 2, exit 1. Buses will depart on Friday 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 9pm, and Saturday 7am. Buses are normally packed and therefore we do not permit a change in bus times without prior approval. You must take the bus that you reserved on the registration form. After the retreat, all buses will leave Welli Hilli around 3pm back to Seoul and Busan.

Is there public transportation?
If none of our buses match your schedule and/or you would like to travel to the retreat on your own, information is provided below. Bus schedules are available at www.kobus.co.kr (the site is in English).

  • From Seoul to Welli Hilli
    Step 1: Seoul to Hwung Sung Rest Stop
    Depart from Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널, subway line 3/7/9). Your destination is 횡성 휴게소 하행 [238] (“Hweng Sung Hyu Ge So”). The first bus leaves at 6:20am and the final bus leaves at 8:00pm. They leave every 10-20 min. It takes about 1.5 hrs. Fare is 9,600 won for a regular bus (일반) and 14,100 won for a luxury bus (우등).
    Step 2: Hwung Sung Rest Stop to Welli Hilli
    There are two options: Welli Hilli’s shuttle bus or Taxi.

    • Welli Hilli shuttle bus (free): The bus runs at the following times: 10:40am, 2:40pm, & 8:25pm. It’s the green bus from Welli Hilli (see picture below) and please wait near the yellow circle area. When you see the bus, please wave at the driver as you approach the bus.

    • Taxi (appr. 23,000 krw): There is an “Information Center” at the rest stop. Please ask the worker to call a taxi for you. If the information center is closed, please call 033-344-1001 directly. Your destination is 웰리힐리 본관 (“Welli Hilli Bon Gwan”). It should take about 20 min and cost you about 23,000 won.
  • From Welli Hilli to Seoul
    Step 1: Welli Hilli to Wonju
    Take the free shuttle bus from Welli Hilli to Wonju. The shuttle bus times are: 9am, 1pm, & 9pm. It’s the green bus from Welli Hilli (see picture below) and please wait in the parking lot ahead of shuttle time.

    Step 2: Wonju to Seoul
    Get off at Wonju Bus Terminal (원주 시외버스 터미널). Buy a ticket to 서울경부 (Seoul Express Bus Terminal). The first bus leaves at 5:40am, available every 15 min until the last bus at 11pm. It takes about 1.5 hrs. Fare is 7,100 won for a regular bus (일반) and 10,400 won for a luxury bus (우등).

What Should I Bring?

  • Bible
  • writing utensils and notebook
  • toiletries*
  • water bottle (there are water dispensers in the hallways)
  • clothes for layering**
  • sleeping clothes
  • athletic gear (optional)***
  • earplugs (optional; your roommate may snore)

* Towels will be provided in all rooms. Hair dryers are provided in the suites but not in the youth hostel (Emmaus students).
** It will be hot during the day (30℃/80℉) and chilly in the morning/evening (10℃/50℉). We recommend layering esp. for air-conditioned worship sessions.
*** There are about 1.5 hrs long free time on Saturday and Sunday.

Will there be childcare?
Childcare can be provided upon request for children over 5 years old. Please indicate it on the form.

I don’t speak English well, will there be translations? 영어 잘 못해요!
We apologize but there will be no English translations of the worship sessions. However, there will be a Korean-speaking small group with Korean native speakers so that the sharing times can be comfortable. Please indicate your preference on the form.