Unashamed of the Gospel

New Philly Hongdae only
Preached by Christian Lee on April 5, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 64 minutes (audio)

NP Hongdae


Discussion Questions

Gospel Power [1]

  1. Read aloud Romans 1:16-17 (ESV). The Greek word for ashamed can also mean offended. Discuss some presuppositions and implications of the gospel that people find offensive.
  2. The apostle Paul writes that he is unashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God. Can you recall any testimonies where you have witnessed the power of the gospel transform someone’s life?
  3. According to Romans 1:16, how is the gospel’s power both limitless and limited?
    The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

  5. In Romans 1:16-17, what does the author mean when he writes, “For in [the gospel] the righteousness of God is revealed?”
  6. What does Paul mean by the following? “the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith…”

  8. PC preached that at the root of every sin and every problem is unbelief or an ignorance, rejection, or denial of the gospel. Think about a sin or problem you are currently struggling with. How are you rejecting or ignoring the gospel when you sin or struggle in this way? How can putting faith in the gospel help next time you face this struggle?
  9. When you consider the wild living of those in the world, have you ever been guilty of shaking your head and looking down on such persons in your heart? Non-believers sense this “holier than thou” attitude and find themselves estranged from the church. Discuss what a gospel-renewed attitude would look like and how this would help us in winning the unchurched to Christ.
  10. Optional: For homework, memorize Romans 1:16-17.
    PC’s Commentary

  12. The thing about God that many Christians overlook is that he finds the religious, pride-filled attitude repulsive. When you have free time, just read through the seven woes that Jesus gives the religious leaders of his day (found in Matthew 23). He rips them apart and repeatedly calls them hypocrites! Religious spirited persons pride themselves in their virtuous spirituality and believe that this is the basis for their acceptance before God. Thus when they see those outside the church who are living sinful lives, they tend to shake their head and be condescending toward such sinners. But this is an outright rejection of the gospel because it puts faith in a works-based righteousness! This religious attitude has a tendency of creeping into the heart of every Christian and results in estrangement toward the unchurched. Paul indicts Christians in Romans for having this attitude (when you have time alone read Romans 1:18-32 and notice the change in pronoun in 2:1). In light of the gospel our attitude should be, “My heart struggles with sin just like theirs, it just manifests in different areas. Thanks be to God for the gospel so I can be made right with God through Christ’s righteousness and not my own.” Faith in the gospel eliminates all grounds for moral superiority or self-righteousness. Our righteousness comes from Christ alone, a free and unmerited gift, received by faith.


  1. Content for this sermon has been pulled and adapted from Tim Keller’s Romans 1-7 for You, p. 18-23.

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