Take Yourself Seriously

New Philly Sillim
Preached by Sky Becker on April 26, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 48 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions


  1. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 together. To warm up,get in smaller groups and simply share how God spoke to you through this passage and through the message.
  2. Biblically, what do you think the purpose of your life is? What is God’s general will for your life?
  3. Personally, what do you believe are some God-given strengths you have? How can these strengths be used to build up the body of Christ? List 3 strengths.
  4. Pastor Sky mentioned that Satan does whatever he can to paralyze us from walking out our God-given destinies and purpose in life. If YOU were the enemy, how would YOU attack YOU? What areas of your life and by what tactics? (Examples: shame, insecurities, fear, the past, etc)
  5. Spiritual health check: Pastor Sky mentioned “8 signs you are under spiritual attack” from an article online by Ryan LeStrange (Charisma Magazine). Listed below are the 8 signs:
    1. Lack of spiritual passion
    2. Extreme frustration
    3. Confusion about purpose
    4. Lack of peace
    5. Unusually sluggish and tired
    6. Strong urge to quit assignment
    7. Drawn back towards old bondages
    8. Questioning direction and call that was once so clear

    Do you currently feel you can relate with any of these? If so, please share.

  6. What were some of the responses Pastor Sky mentioned when it comes to being spiritually attacked? Break back into the same smaller groups and spend some time sharing, praying, and prophesy truth over each other.
    (Answer: Being discerning, diagnosing correctly, asking for prayer, renouncing deception and clinging to God’s truth, declaring the Word)


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