If He Didn’t Rise

New Philly Busan
Preached by Caleb Lee on April 5, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 40 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions

As a group, read and meditate on Luke 24. Go around and share insights about the resurrection and Jesus’ actions after his resurrection.


  1. Discuss some of the implications that we believers would face if Jesus did not rise from the dead. What points were mentioned in the sermon?
  2. What revelation about the resurrection can we find by looking at the life and death of the Apostles and the early Saints, after the resurrection?
  3. How does our interaction with the Bible bring confirmation regarding the resurrection?
  4. Discuss the hope and joy that we find in the revelation of the resurrection.
    The main point of the sermon was that our relationship with a living risen Savior brings confirmation and assurance regarding the Resurrection.

    (Leaders lead the way in sharing)

  6. What are some ways that Jesus has encountered you recently in your personal relationship with him?
  7. How can we seek a deeper, more personal relationship with the Risen Savior?


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