The Ministry of Inspiration

New Philly Hongdae
Preached by Joel Kim on March 22, 2015, Sunday.
Duration: 50 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Joel exhorted that creativity and inspiration shouldn’t be a side topic, reserved for seminars at retreats, but should be the mission of the church. Why is that?
  2. The church in that past has had a negative perception in regards to the creative arts and inspiration. Reflect upon your own perception of the church throughout your life. Do you agree or disagree? Share why or why not.
  3. Read Matthew 5:13-16 together.Jesus says we are the salt of the earth. In what ways is the Church called to be like salt? In what ways has the church lost it’s saltiness?
  4. Jesus also says we are the light of the world. In what ways do you see the Church like the light of the world? Pastor Joel spoke about different “bowls” we tend to hide our light under. For yourself, what type of bowl do you tend to hide your light under?
  5. In vs 16, Jesus says to let your deeds shine before men that they may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven. What does it mean to let your deeds shine before men and what does it mean that they would see our good works and praise our Father in heaven when it comes to area of creativity and inspiration?
  6. What were they 4 keys of inspiration that was shared in the message, and which one or ones do you feel are most applicable to you?


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