2015 Missions – Cambodia

Dates: Dec 27, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015

Our Cambodia team released the Father’s heart through orphanage ministries and village churches. As His people cried out for more of His presence, the Lord released new life (40+ salvation responses), physical healing (20 confirmed testimonies), and destiny (14 youth committing to full-time ministry). This trip was marked with supernatural joy. A new generation is rising up in Cambodia, with the joy of the Lord as their strength!

Team Leader: Kathleen An
Team Preacher: Rona Babb
Team Members: Bethany Tweeten, Gon Kim, Janis Pok, Joe Pang, Leoni Taljard, Michelle Euperio, Natalie Ha, Sarah Boyle, Ted Grilo, Tinè Heenop


Bethany Tweeten
New Hope
Gon Kim
The Father's Heart
Janis Pok
Good, Good Father
Joe Pang
Unprecedented Joy
Leoni Taljard
Provision for His Children
Michelle Euperio
Dreaming Big
Natalie Ha
Father's Love
Rona Babb
Coming to Life
Sarah Boyle
Rivers of Life
Ted Grilo
Releasing Healing & Fire
Tinè Heenop
Walking in Pure Grace


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