2015 Cambodia – Sarah Boyle

Rivers of Life

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives. -Isaiah 61:1

A smiling lady with bright eyes and rosy cheeks ran from the small church, onto the dirt and sparse grass surrounding the building. A cloud of dust rose behind her as a flock of black haired, brown skinned children followed in her wake.
Three boys took turns kicking the air in karate-style moves then ran off giggling. In return, an older sister-like figure chased after them shouting out a number of “hi-yahs.”

A small village boy sat comfortably in the arms of a young man with black-framed glasses. Both were beaming as the young man clapped in excitement and praised the boy for repeating his name.

There were multitudes of moments just like these during our missions trip to Cambodia. I saw rivers of living water flowing from all directions.

As our team prayed into this trip, we contended for grace during the busy season and instant unity within the team because the first time all meeting was on the way to Cambodia at the airport. We prayed for God’s heart for Cambodia and that the team would be marked with joy. We also wanted to see the NPWM (Native Partners for World Missions) local pastors be edified and taken to new levels in their personal lives and ministries. We prayed to see many receive emotional and physical healing. We knew it would have to be supernatural. God had to put His hand on this trip and give us His heart and release His grace.
God did so and then some.

It was so amazing to see how we all connected so quickly and well. The first day we all got a deep heart for the Cambodian people. We expected to see expressionless faces and do our best to push through. Instead we saw our beautiful family in Christ, many smiles, and a lot of fun bantering. Every, single team member gave their all and shone so brightly just by being themselves. There was so much love, honor, and joy as we related to each other. We were able to connect deeply with the local pastors and translators, and everyone from city-dwellers to the village people.

One highlight was spending New Year’s Day with the children at New Hope Children’s Home, which is under Pastor Sinai’s spiritual covering. There is something special about this home and I could feel the difference in the atmosphere as I stepped into this place. As I walked from the bus to the church and extended my hand to say hi to the children, they responded instantly. I walked arm and arm with one boy, and as I sat down three more children joined. These children know what it means to receive and give love despite their hardships. The surrounding village children joined for some of the time too.

There was a small village boy with a poker face. I sat him on my lap and he stayed. When I stood up he held onto my hand and grabbed onto my leg. Yet he still did not smile or talk. As our team preacher Rona gave the message, he began to feel more comfortable and then squirmed in my arms before he ran off. Later I saw him sitting comfortably on the bench swing with our team transporter, Joe Pang, and I saw a small smile creeping in. At lunch he lovingly held and spoon-fed by our team leader, Kathleen An, and team videographer, Janis Pok. By the afternoon he was playing with our team doctor, Gon Kim, with a beaming face. And Gon was getting him to copy whatever he said. I love how God’s love flowed through our team like one big family!

God’s hand is upon Cambodia. He is doing a mighty work among the youth of this nation. He is overwhelming them with His loving kindness, establishing them in Him, and releasing hope. I’m so honored to partner with Him and getting a glimpse of what He is doing. I am filled with excitement and hope for Cambodia. God loves Cambodia!