The Effects of Sin on Work

New Philly Hongdae
Preached by Christian Lee on December 21, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 62 minutes (audio)
Wisdom with Work: Part 5 of 5

NP Hongdae


Discussion Questions

A Sober Analysis of Sin’s Effects on Work

  1. God’s original design was that work would be a glorious use of our gifts and passions to unlock the potential of the earth and to fill the earth with incredible value and a diversity of rich cultures. Then why is it that our experience of work is often not aligned to this original design? What is the explanation given by Scripture?
  2. Read Genesis 3:16-19. What two things are cursed with pain as a result of Adam and Even’s sin?
  3. The two things cursed in Genesis 3 can be symbolized by: relationships and jobs; love and labor; marriage and work. Sin’s curse makes these two things intensely painful (i.e., conflict, envy, alienation, fatigue). What are the dangers Christians face if they underestimate the curse of sin?
    “Work is not itself a curse, but it now lies with all other aspects of human life under the curse of sin.” -Tim Keller

    Personal Sharing

  5. What are the implications of God saying that the ground is now cursed and will bring forth thorns and thistles? How have you experienced thorns and thistles in your work or studies? What kind of thorns have you been injured by? Interpersonal, circumstantial, or internal?
  6. Idealism says, “Through my work I am going to change things, make a difference, accomplish something new, bring justice to the world.” Cynicism says, “Nothing really changes. Don’t get your hopes up. Do what it takes to make a living. Don’t let yourself care too much. Get out of it whatever you can.” In regards to work, which are you prone toward, idealism or cynicism?
  7. In Genesis 3:18, God predicts that the ground will produce both thorns and food. What implications does this have on work?
  8. How can Christians work at their jobs with all their heart in the midst of fruitlessness, frustration, and temptations toward futility? How can we guard ourselves from disillusionment?
  9. To what degree has the effects of sin on work been done away through the death and resurrection of Christ? As those who are made new in Christ, is it reasonable to expect some degree of immunity from sin’s curse and anticipate accomplishing everything we envision with joy and fulfillment? What is a healthy approach? There is no right or wrong answer (PC is still pondering this).


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