Nothing to Lose

New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Marcus Corpening on December 21, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 38 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions

    Read 1 Kings 17:8-16 together.

  1. The story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath begins with God telling Elijah to go to the widow, for He had “commanded the widow to feed him.” Why was this command so impractical and irrational when considering it in the natural? What does this say about the kind of situations in which God often performs miracles?
  2. Elijah goes to the woman and asks her for food and water (in a drought). What was the woman’s response? What do you think your response would have been in a similar situation? Have you ever found yourself in lack (or in loss) and God ask something of you? What was your response in that moment?
  3. P. Marcus talked about how the widow had a “loss” mindset – where her response was evidence that she frequently believed God was just trying to take another thing from her. Do you struggle with a loss mindset? What things have you believed God has “taken” from you?
  4. Elijah responds to the woman’s depressing reply with a charge for her to stretch her flour and oil enough to feed him first. What was the alternative for her in this situation? Was it more rational for her to continue on her own or to trust God? Describe a time when you felt like God was stretching you to put Him first and to trust Him. What was the result?
  5. Here’s a question to consider: Do you believe that God sometimes sets you up to fail? Read Matthew 7:7-11 & James 1:13-17. What does these passages of Scripture tell us about God’s character? Through the lens of God’s character, how should we understand our past, present, and future?
  6. Application: With 2015 rapidly approaching, what is one way that you can give unto the Lord and trust that He will multiply what you’ve sown? Share it with the group.


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