Promises for God’s People

New Philly Sillim
Preached by John-Michael Becker on November 16, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 59 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions

  1. Read Psalm 112:1 again. How do you currently read the Bible and how does God speak to you? Is there something you want to do differently? For the CG1, is there a challenge you would like to give to your group in regards to Bible reading?
  2. Read Psalm 112:2 again. How can you be intentional about claiming this verse? Who do you feel your “offspring” are in this season of your life (Your family? Your workplace? Your ministry?)?
  3. Read Psalm 112:3 again. Why do you feel Pastor JM is so passionate about Christians, particularly Sillim, needing to claim this verse?
  4. Any time you find yourself trusting more in money, your job’s paycheck, or something else of this world rather than in God, you are setting yourself up for a test you do not want to take. How can you entrust your money to the Lord more? What breakthroughs do you want to believe for in 2015?
  5. Reread all of Psalm 112 and apply Pastor JM’s Bible reading tips (underlining, starring, etc). Share which verse you marked the most and why.


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