Prison to the Palace

New Philly Busan
Preached by Hermann Kim on November 16, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 56 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions

  1. Briefly share (a testimony) how God has already turned some things in your life for good.
  2. PHermann referred to the difference between a wilderness mindset (living for the provision), and the promise land mindset (living in the blessing). What are some wilderness mindsets you have that you need to repent from and/or break off?
  3. What are some things God has been cultivating in you in your PRISON (wilderness) season? Share how the CG can keep you accountable and/or pray with you.
  4. What are some areas you’ve experience or are experiencing favour in. How are some ways you can cultivate and steward this favour for the Kingdom?
  5. PHermann at the end mentioned that New Philly Busan would continue to instinctively help the multitudes in the coming days experience both healing – “forget all their affliction” (Manasseh) and fruitfulness “from their affliction” (Ephraim). He spoke of the sort of impact New Philly Busan would have by declaring those specific names.

Prophetic Activity:
***CG1/2 Please prepare some extra paper and drawing/writing material.
***This may require a bit of time for the CG members to listen, but also to draw, write and so forth. Give them time as well to present and explain their writing or drawing to the group.
***Decoration idea: CG1/2s collect all your groups prophetic works, and we can either post it up for Thanksgiving on a wall somewhere, or stick it up discreetly in one of the back rooms for people to see e.g. baby room, fridge room, or like what they did at Itaewon at the entrance. Depending on the approval of Pastor Caleb/Mina.

Together as a CG (CG1/2 you can either do this as a larger group or break up into small groups) spend some time prayerfully prophesying/blessing Busan campus by drawing out specific “names”, Words (prophetic/scriptural) or pictures of both the present and future.


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