Possessing the Promised Land

New Philly Hongdae (no video stream)
Preached by Christian Lee on October 26, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 84 minutes (inclusive of prayer time, audio)

This sermon is for NP Hongdae only.


Discussion Questions

The Twelve Spies

  1. Take time to read Numbers 13. What was the purpose of sending out the twelve spies? What kind of reports did they come back with?
  2. How did the congregation respond to the bad report? (Numbers 14:1-4)
  3. How did God respond to the congregation? (Numbers 14:11-12) Why did God get so angry with their reluctance to go into the Promised Land?
  4. Read Hebrews 3:7-12, 19 (this is a New Testament interpretation of the twelve spies account in Numbers 13-14). According to this passage, why were the Israelites prevented from entering into the Promised Land?
  5. In Hebrews 3:13, what does the Bible command us to do so we don’t fall into the same unbelief? Can you think of ways in which the deceitfulness of sin has ever hardened your heart against God?

    Window of Opportunity

  7. Moses intercedes for Israel and God chooses to pardon the unbelief and rebellion of the people. But in Numbers 14:20-38, God declares that none of the Israelites 20 years and upward will see the Promised Land, except Caleb and Joshua. What does this tell you about the promises that God makes to his people and how he feels about being tested (Numbers 14:22)? Can you recall a time when you’ve ever tested God?
  8. What happened when the Israelites tried to atone for their mistakes and go up to the hill country? (Numbers 14:39-45) God is a God of grace, second chances, and new beginnings. But why was it presumptuous of the Israelites to try and obey later?
    Personal Sharing

  10. Where was your heart in regards to the move to Hongdae when you heard the sermon? Enthusiasm? Unbelief? Resistance? Apathy? Indifference? How did you respond to Pastor Christian’s exhortation to awaken and possess the Promised Land?

  12. What are some creative ways that New Philly Hongdae can uproot unbelief and apathy and begin stirring up faith for the big move to Hongdae? What can Pastors Christian and Erin do to help stir up faith and enthusiasm for the move? Write them down and have your CG1 post them as a comment on this web page.


Homework (optional)

  • Memorize Hebrews 3:7-8.
  • As a CG, go out on your own spying mission and research the Hongdae section of Seoul.



  1. Here are some ideas that we came up with tonight! 1.Research the history of the neighborhood to better understand the land we will possess. 2.Prayer walks 3.Evangelizing 4.Setting a specific date about when we want to move, time limit. And pray into it. Writing, drawing pictures declaring what we want to see in Hongdae. 5.Advertising/campaign about moving (flyers, social media) 6.Consistently pray together as a campus (Sunday Swim)

  2. Samuel Yoo says:

    1. Flash mob performance, rent out a club or café and have an fellowship event
    2. Start planning and preparing programs, committees, events, etc… now, so that when we move there will be a smooth transition from the momentum that has been created. And, if we haven’t moved and the programs are prepared and ready to go, then we can begin trial runs to test some of them out and improve them or we can go ahead and start implementing some of them right away (without trial run, depending on what it is).
    3. Ways PC and PE can help stir up faith is:
    a. Continual updates with current situations, needs (finances, buildings, etc.), praise reports
    b. More frequent vision casting by showing 1) the various possibilities the church can do outreach and how the move will create opportunities 2) how the move is part of the bigger vision of the house (how it will impact the city, nation, and other campuses) 3) statistics and research of the demographics, businesses, culture, etc. to help create opportunities and ideas, be prepared, and have a better picture of the what we’re dealing with.

  3. We decided to divide our CGs once a month by gender to have more individual time/fellowship while still going over the questions. After trying it for the first time tonight, it went relatively well. For discussion (at least for the guys), we went over about half the questions and discussed how we received the message overall on Sunday.

    Some creative ways to help gain momentum for NP Hongdae are:
    1. Prayer walks (individually, by CG or even by campus)
    2. Have a channel for NP members to hear any updates or prayer requests about the NP Hongdae sanctuary search
    – e.g. FB group titled “NP Hongdae News” with the most recent updates
    – e.g. FB photo album of various pictures of venues we are praying for with details
    3. Fellowship/hangouts at Hongdae
    – Similar to Park it out, we can have a “Hongdae it out” event
    – Fellowship by CG
    – Exhorting leaders/members to check out a new restaurant or cafe in hongdae over the next two months
    4. Connect with local people, restaurant owners, etc.

  4. Joel/Jisu says:

    1. A campus wide fast, to break down walls…something we see in the Bible before great victories.
    2. Prayer chain for however many months (e.g 2 months or until we move). 24 hour prayer chain.
    3. More education on importance of Hongdae. More sermons like possessing the promised land.
    4. Flash mob,busking, arts outreach, performances.
    5. Come out to K1, it’s located near Hongdae. Intercede pray.
    6. Undercover bar/club outreach.
    7. Determine who is our target audience. There’s many people but most are young native Koreans- them? Foreigners?
    8. Vision walks/prayer walks.
    9. Once a month all Hongdae campus CGs will meet IN Hongdae and scout, get bigger heart for campus.
    10. “Tv show” outreach- walk around with cameras and mics and people to minister and ask people if they want free prayer on camera. More exciting and alluring than without camera.
    11. Photography exhibitions in playgrounds.
    12. Worship songs about Hongdae.

  5. Roy Chung says:

    We didn’t have a lot of time to brainstorm ideas, but this is what we came up with. A lot of us found Luna Oh’s suggestion for number 5 practical and potentially effective.

    1. More frequent updates / progress reports (during Sunday Swim, Furnace meetings, etc.)
    2. Specific prayer topics to provide targets at which to “aim” our prayers (ie. specific buildings or plots of land we are considering)
    3. Set a date when we will move with faith. Pray that God provides a (permanent or semi-permanent) location by then, or even start worshiping in a rented facility by that date so we can actually worship in Hongdae.
    4. Get to know the area by going there (particularly for members who don’t spend much time in Hongdae). CG outings, prayer walks, etc.
    5. Swap out the current “Year of Wisdom” banner behind the pulpit for a “Hongdae” banner (as well as changing any other x-banners, signs, etc) as a sign and reminder that our destination is Hongdae.

  6. Daniel Kim says:

    1. Heading over to Hongdae after service and as we fellowship, spy out the land.
    2. Receive more specifics in how to pray and how to take ownership of Hongdae.
    3. Reinforcing our identity as New Philly Hongdae by consistent exhortation and vision casting.
    4. Evangelism in Hongdae.

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