Living Well

New Philly Sydney
Preached by Jamie Yoo on October 26, 2014, Sunday.


Discussion Questions

Launching / Getting-to-Know-Me

  1. In this message, what was particularly insightful, helpful, or difficult to grasp?
    Read John 4:1-26

  3. Why was it a big deal for Jesus and the woman at the well to interact?
  4. What did PJ mention was significant about Jesus’ meeting with the woman?
  5. How did God first encounter you? Can you testify to the truth that God meets you exactly where you are like that of Jesus and the Samaritan woman?
  6. PJ shared three different profiles of people and how they experience “thirst” in life. Describe the three groups, and share where you might be on the spectrum today.
  7. Read vv.13-14. What does Jesus tell the woman would never make her thirst again? Compare and contrast “this water” (v. 13) and “the water that I will give him” (v. 14). What are some major points of difference? Draw out the nuances of a “spring of water welling up” (v. 14).
  8. How does Jesus uncover the woman’s deepest thirst? Hint: What is the connection between vv. 10-15 to v. 16? In particular, what explains the abrupt change in topic of their conversation in v. 15. Is it abrupt? Is there a connection? Why does Jesus direct their conversation to the woman’s “husband” at this point?
  9. How does Jesus approach the woman in exposing her “sin”? What stands out to you about the way he approaches her? How does that affect you?
    Closing Thoughts

  11. Share how you are or are not currently experiencing Jesus as the one who is satisfying your soul today. Share how you would like your CG to pray for you.


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