Wisdom with Sex

New Philly Hongdae
Preached by Christian Lee on September 28, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 69 minutes (audio)

This is part 2 in the sermon series Wisdom with the Body.


Discussion Questions

PC: “NP Hongdae CG1’s, please post a comment with feedback on how the discussions went and any improvements that come to mind. Feedback from a few months ago was very helpful. Even if you are not a CG1, feel free to comment. Thank you!”

Warning: “Since the discussions will revolve around sex, if you are a New Philly leader and you’ve fully dealt with your sexual sins (i.e., received healing and deliverance, etc.) and you are comfortable with sharing, do share your stories. But it is probably best to start the CG by letting everyone know that the leaders may share their stories but newcomers don’t have to. If newcomers want to share intimate stories about sexual mistakes or abuse, it may be best to break up into gender specific small groups. I’ll leave that up to your discretion.”


Wisdom with the Body: Offer Your Bodies

  1. Read Romans 12:1 together. What is the popular interpretation of this passage? And what is the plain-reading interpretation that Pastor Christian pointed out? What did you learn from this portion of the sermon?
  2. For Bible nerds only (feel free to skip): Pastor Christian wanted to also cover Romans 6:12-14 but didn’t have time. How do you think this relates to Romans 12:1?
    Sex is God’s Design

  4. Read Genesis 2:24-25. How does this passage reveal God’s design for marriage and sex? What is the meaning of ‘leave and cleave?’
  5. Share with the group what your views of sex were growing up.
  6. Read Song of Songs 4:11, 16 and Proverbs 5:18-19. How does the Bible view sex between husband and wife?
    God’s Prohibitions for Sex

  8. Pastor Christian covered Leviticus 18 and God’s prohibitions for sex. Why do you think it’s important to honor God’s commands in regards to sex? Have you witnessed the destructive effects of people disregarding God’s sexual prohibitions?
  9. What is the heart or spirit of these commands?
  10. Pastor Christian talked about how many adults with a promiscuous past mistaken the pleasure of sin for the pleasure of sex. When married, the thrill of lying, sneaking around, hooking up, and sinning is no longer present. How can this deception negatively effect sex within marriage?
    Getting Personal

  12. How did the Pharisees in the New Testament treat those who were guilty of sexual sin (for examples: John 8:1-11, Luke 7:36-50, Luke 15:30)? Have you ever struggled with the temptation to stigmatize people in the same way? Have you ever been stigmatized in this way? How did it make you feel?
  13. Read I Cor. 6:9-11, 14-20. What are some of the verses that are highlighted to you?
  14. If you came up for prayer on Sunday and the Holy Spirit ministered to you, feel free to share what you sensed God doing in your heart and body.



  1. I felt like the discussion went well! There was that atmosphere of safety to open up and share. I like the questions that speak to our own experiences, past and present. We talked a lot about things we have seen in the past. This is where members contributed the most. I also feel like some of the questions didn’t need to be addressed if you had listened to the whole message because the answers were already given (this may be because my CG is on Monday and the message is still fresh in our minds). I think it would be good to have a few questions about how we can apply this message now or to our future marriage (practical application).

  2. David Ahn says:

    My CG was unable to meet together last week, so our discussion time was cut short because of icebreakers. As a result, the various themes in the discussion questions were discussed through a more open-sharing style.

  3. Roy Chung says:

    Despite it only being our second CG meeting, people were open about discussing this sensitive topic. The mix of questions was good as different members had things to say about different questions. More engaging discussion took place in response to questions about personal experience, but it was helpful (and necessary) to have questions related to scripture to give us a Biblical understanding of sex.
    We skipped questions 2 and 10 as these questions seemed a bit more theological and academic than personal.
    A powerful testimony was shared in our group regarding breakthrough from the altar ministry (question 11).

  4. Great feedback! Keep them coming! They are helping me shape and formulate future discussion questions!

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