First Things First

New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Marcus Corpening on September 28, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 48 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

What Do You Seek First?

  1. Read Matthew 6:19-33. Jesus talks about not being anxious for our lives – but rather to seek first His kingdom.
  2. We often times seek what is “added” rather than seeking first His kingdom. What are some things added (peace, joy, satisfaction, comfort, security) that you find yourself seeking before seeking His kingdom?
  3. He also mentioned that we can sometimes seek the wrong things first, hoping the right things are added. Can you think of a time when you sought the wrong thing first? What was added – did you end up getting what you hoped for? Likewise, can you recall a time where you sought first His kingdom? What was added to you as a result?
    Seeking His Purposes First

  5. In seeking God’s kingdom first, it often times requires for us to reinterpret certain key passages of Scripture in their proper context. Read Jer. 29:11, Isaiah 43:19. What was the proper context of these verses? How did you understand it before?
  6. P. Marcus talked about “covenant thinking”, stating that thinking covenantally is how we can learn to put God’s kingdom first.

    To think covenantally means that we are not constantly placing every decision up against a spreadsheet in our minds of “How much is this going to cost me?”, or “How much can I keep?”, but rather “How much can I give?” Covenant thinkers think instead in terms of “Who will this decision affect?” or “Who will benefit from this decision,” or “Who will be harmed by this decision?”

    In what ways do you find yourself struggling to think covenantally? In what ways can you grow in that mindset?

  7. Pastor Marcus shared his testimony at the end of the message, stating that the reason that he stays in Korea despite the challenges and struggles at times is because of the amazing things God is doing here in this nation. What do you sense God is doing in Korea? At New Philly? What steps can you take to be a part of what God is doing?
  8. Spend some time sharing and praying for this nation, New Philly, and one another.

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