Delight in the Lord

New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Erin Lee on September 21, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 38 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Delight Yourself in the Lord

  1. Read Psalm 37:3-4. What does scripture say as a preface to the Lord giving you the desires of your heart?
  2. Delight was defined as something that gave great gratification, satisfaction and pleasure. Have there been times in your life where you struggled to believe that God is the source of gratification, satisfaction and pleasure?
    Identifying the Idols in our Lives

  4. Read Isaiah 55:2-3. What is scripture implying when it says that we spend money on what’s not bread and our labor on what does not satisfy? What ultimately is designed to give us true and complete satisfaction?
  5. What are some things that you have wasted your ‘money’ and your ‘labor’ on in hopes that it would satisfy you? Has there been anything that has caused you to withhold your worship to God?
  6. What does it mean to repent and renounce the idols in our lives?
    How To Delight in the Lord

  8. Reread Isaiah 55:2-3 and read Isaiah 58:11-14. How does scripture direct us to delight in the Lord? What changes do you feel like the Lord is leading you to make in order to live out what it means to delight in Him?
  9. God designed us with a longing that can’t be satiated in our time on earth because we were created for eternity. Scripture says that Jesus is our great reward. How do these truths impact the way we seek satisfaction, gratification and pleasure in this life?
  10. During the ministry time Pastor Erin gave a challenge to go on a 3 day fast sometime this week. She asked each of us to identify what has become an idol in our lives and to commit to a fast to help break that stronghold off. What type of fast did you commit to and what’s the specific stronghold you are coming against?

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