Run to Win

New Philly Seaside
Preached by Lydia Ra on June 22, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 49 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Spiritual Fitness

  1. Name one person that you see as spiritually fit and mature (not your CG1 / CG2). What are the qualities they carry that exemplify spiritual maturity to you?
    Boosting Your Spiritual Endurance

  3. Is there an area of your life that you’ve settled for mediocrity or you’ve disqualified yourself? How is God challenging you to pick up your pace again and run to win?
  4. What is a false identity / weight that you used to carry in the past that affected your “spiritual run”? How has God set you free and clothed you in your true identity?
  5. Look back on your experience with your parents and how they disciplined you (punished, encouraged, affirmed, gave new responsibilities). Was it a positive or a negative experience? How has it affected you in receiving the discipline of the Lord and how you see Him as a Father?
  6. Is there an area in your life now that you are feeling resistance? Explain the ways in which this resistance has been strengthening you in spite of the pain you may be experiencing.
  7. What are other ways to boost your physical endurance? What spiritual truths can you draw out of these methods?

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