Meaningful Learning

New Philly Sydney
Preached by Semy Lee on June 22, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 43 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

  1. What kind of learner are you? How do you learn best?
  2. During the sermon, different teaching strategies were addressed. What are some other ways God will speak to you? What were some lessons that God has made meaningful for you?
  3. God is an incredible teacher and he gets creative when he has to. Let’s take a look at some Biblical examples of the various ways God will speak to us to teach us:
    A) Audible voice of God: Exodus 3:4 (God says, “Moses, Moses.”); Acts 9:4 (Jesus speaks to Saul)
    B) Prophetic Vision: 2 Samuel 12 (Nathan gets a prophetic vision of David and his adulterous affair with Bathsheeba and rebukes David)
    C) Dreams: Genesis 37 (Joseph gets dreams); Matthew 2:12 (Wise men get a vision not to return to Herod)
    D) Visions: Acts 9:10 (God gives a vision to Ananais about Saul)
    E) Donkeys: Numbers 22:21-39 (Donkey speaks to Balaam)
  4. In the sermon, unforgiveness was one of the obstacles in drawing closer to God. Not paying attention is another one. What are some other obstacles that may be getting in your way of hearing God’s voice and drawing closer to him?
  5. During the sermon, it was emphasized that no matter which facet of teaching God uses to teach you, it must align with the word of God and takes discernment. Especially when it comes to cultural aspects of the world we live in like movies, music, dances, plays, and the arts. Why should we take caution in these specific areas when trying to hear God’s voice through them?
  6. Remember, God is always teaching you something. What do you think God is teaching you in this season? How is he teaching you?

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