Love His Word

New Philly Hillside
Preached by Lisa Kim on June 15, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 43 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 14:21. How does this verse affect your perspective on what it means to love Christ?
  2. In North Korea, possessing a Bible can take you and up to 3 generations of your family to the political prison camps. If your Bible were outlawed in the same way, what would you do? How would your Christian walk be affected?
  3. As mentioned in the sermon, there is a difference between having the Word and keeping the Word. Why do you think Jesus’ parting words to His disciples mentioned this distinction?
  4. What is one memory you have of keeping the Word- of when a Bible passage really came alive to you? Explain in detail.
  5. What is one new step you can take to love Christ more by loving the Word? Don’t just say “Read the Bible more.” Get creative. This can include memorising one verse in different languages, creating artwork based on a Bible verse, writing a poem based on one verse’s revelations, looking up different commentaries on your favourite Bible passage, etc. Share with someone in your CG of the same gender. Encourage each other and keep each other accountable every day for the next week. Share your progress with your CG at the next meeting.

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