Get the First Button Right

New Philly Hillside
Preached by Myunghwa Choi on June 1, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 52 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Getting the First Button Right

  1. Have you ever questioned the fact that God is the Creator of the universe and you? Have you ever struggled in believing that God created all things good? (Gen 1)
  2. What was the one thing that you always wished you were (or you were not) growing up? Is there anything about you or your background that you had a hard time accepting?
  3. Did you have a pattern of comparing yourself to others? Or, did you have people around you constantly comparing you to others? If yes, in what area and how did it affect you?
  4. Have you ever been negatively affected by the popular culture and media especially in the area of physical appearance and beauty? Has moving to Korea (if you did) changed your standard of beauty or the way you see yourself and others? What were the temptations you had to fight against (e.g. losing confidence, unhealthy pressure to lose weight, plastic surgery, pressure to dress certain way)? How can we overcome the temptation to conform to the worldly standard of beauty?
    Celebrating Who You Are

  6. Have you ever felt that God didn’t give you what it takes for you to fulfill your dreams and destiny? In light of 1 Samuel 17, what do you think is the area you have taken for granted which God could use in a powerful way like David’s slingshot or Moses’ staff?
  7. Read Psalm 139:13-15. Share one thing about yourself that you never praised God for & give thanks for it publicly. Don’t be shy, be shameless like P. Myunghwa! =)
  8. (Get into smaller groups if necessary) Take a few minutes to share & celebrate with your group about what you appreciate about them in their own unique ways. Be as specific as possible.

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