Sermons from 2014 Church-Wide Retreat!

We have made available every sermon from the 2014 Church-Wide Retreat here to watch and to download. Catch the wisdom, revelation, and knowledge that was poured out at our best retreat ever!

“The Unavoidable God” by Dr. Kirby Clements

Friday Evening (5/2/2014) | Download mp3


“Faith, Stubbornness, and Presumption” by Dr. Kirby Clements

Saturday Morning (5/3/2014) | Download mp3


“Resurrection of the Mind” by Pastor Robert Daniels

*We apologize, but the video was cut short. For the full version, download the mp3.
Saturday Evening (5/3/2014) | Download mp3


“Spiritual Intelligence” by Dr. Kirby Clements

Sunday Service (5/4/2014) | Download mp3


“Sleeping Under the Sign” by Pastor Benjamin Robinson

Sunday Evening (5/4/2014) | Download mp3


“The Artisan Anointing” by Pastor Benjamin Robinson

Monday Morning (5/5/2014) | Download mp3

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