Retreat Testimonies & Special Performances

We have also made available every testimony from this historic retreat. Check out the powerful stories God has been writing in our community, as well as a special performance by our very own New Philly Dance Crew!

Special Performance: New Philly Dance Crew

Director – Daniel Kim
Choreographers – Halima Sheree, Sean Norton, Daniel Kim, Dannie Rogers.
Dancers – Daniel Kim, Halima Sheree, Sean Norton, Thomaz Chee, Mary Koh, Gao Phengsomboon, Jinhee Park, Sophie James, Julie Byun, Yunsoo Kim, Della Collins, Debora Yoon, Jisu Choi.
Filmed by Joel Kim, Jensen Yap, Judy Kim
Edited by Joel Kim.




K1 Testimony by Kristen Hendricks

Friday Evening (5/2/2014) | Download mp3


Seaside Testimony by AJ Cruz

Saturday Morning (5/3/2014) | Download mp3


Itaewon Testimony by Delia Nugent

Saturday Evening (5/3/2014) | Download mp3


Emmaus Testimony by Jina Nam

Sunday Evening (5/4/2014) | Download mp3


Hillside Testimony by Samuel Yoo

Monday Morning (5/5/2014) | Download mp3

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