New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Marcus Corpening on May 25, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 37 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Setting the Lord Before Us

  1. Read Psalm 16:8-9. David set the Lord before him, and declared that He is at his “right hand.” The “right hand” Biblically is understood to be the place of power, of strength, of authority. What do you think you are more conscious of than God? Are there other things that stand in the place of power and strength in your life (finances, relationships, future plans, sin patterns)?
  2. In Psalm 16:8-9, David lists four benefits of setting the Lord before him, or as Pastor Marcus called it, being “God-conscious.” Which one of these benefits do you feel like you lack? What do you feel like gets in the way of you experiencing that benefit?
    The Two Fears

  4. Read verse 10. Pastor Marcus pointed out that from this verse we see two things that keep us from being God-conscious: the fear of abandonment, and the fear of corruption (or the fear of falling into sin). Which one of these fears do you think you struggle with the most? What do you think caused that fear?
  5. Read 2 Kings 6:11-17. Can you think of any time recently where you felt overwhelmed or greatly discouraged? Compare the response of the servant to Elisha. Why do you think the servant responded in the way that he did? What about Elisha’s response was different? Think about your situation – what do you think God is doing behind the scenes? Are you more conscious of the situation in the natural or in the spirit?
  6. The second fear was the fear of corruption, which in the Hebrew means “a pit.” Many believers are more conscious of their ability to fail more than God’s ability to keep them from stumbling. Is there any area where it’s hard to believe for breakthrough or victory? Why?
  7. Read Prov. 3:25-26 and Jude 24. What do these verses say about God’s ability to keep us from falling? If these verses are true, how should you live as a response?
    Worship as a Key

  9. Pastor Marcus pointed out at the end of his message that worship is one of the best ways to be more God-conscious. Worship literally means “to give worth,” and to give worth to anything requires that we give that thing our full attention. Spend some time (if possible) in worship together as a CG. Take some time to ask God for His Presence to come and for everyone in the room to give God their full attention.

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