Featured Retreat Seminars 2014

At this year’s retreat we had over 17 seminars taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the mp3 links to the featured seminars from our guest speakers and special guests.


The Land of the Family Blessing
by Benjamin Robinson
mp3: Saturday 1pm
God wants to bless your family, but he will only do so within a particular context. Just as God promised to bless Abraham only if he left his father’s house and journeyed to the promised land, so you must resolve to live in the land of blessing if you are to inherit the blessing of God upon your family. This sermon/seminar will define that land and teach you how to live in it.


Vision to Reality
by Tony Beckham
mp3: Saturday 1pm
Do you have vision for your life? Why do some people’s visions fail? How do I discern the timing of vision? Learn what a vision is and how to take your vision to reality!

Stewardship and Success
by Tony Beckham
mp3: Sunday 7:30am
Stewardship is often understood in the context of managing finances but a biblical view is much more expansive than that. Come hear Dr. Beckham take apart the misunderstandings of stewardship as he shares stories of how non-Christian leaders seem to have a better grasp of a biblical view of stewardship than Christians do. Learn how the stewardship of time, talent, temperament, and treasure opens up the way for you to be you and to experience the abundant life.

Antony Beckham is driven by a passion to empower people toward realizing their God given potential. He has served various roles in church, para-church and academic institutions (Handong Univ and Trinity Evangelical Divinity). He has ministered and lectured in countries such as Korea, Africa, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Guam. He has a unique way of blending humor and insight to his messages and presentations. He has two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. He is currently in Korea because New Philly has flown him out for two weeks to mobilize his gifts to help renew the ministries of our church.


The M&M Factor
by Diahann Daniels
mp3: Saturday 1pm
*We apologize – Sunday’s session mp3 is not available due to technical difficulties.
Learn how you can serve the purposes of God in the marketplace as we study the life of Joseph and unpack the four P’s of God’s process for promotion: the pit, the pot, the pen, and the palace (Gen. 37 & 39).

Diahann Daniels is a seasoned and accomplished professional with extensive experience in developing and executing sales and marketing plans. She also has years of experience in corporate leadership and developing key business relationships. She has delivered over $1 billion usd in sales over her 25 year career at American Express. In the marketplace or at her church in Oakland (where she serves alongside her husband) Pastor Diahann exudes love, confidence, and boldness.

And He Gave Them
by Sandra Clements
mp3: Saturday 1pm | Sunday 9:30am
This teaching examines the foundation for co-laborship between men and women from a Biblical perspective. Man and woman were created in the image of God as His vice-regents in the earth to establish civilization and government. They were to function together as partners and co-laborers in accomplishing this mandate. Yet human rebellion brought about a breach and a distortion of the male and female relationship. This has been evident in nations, cultures, organizations, institutions, governments, laws, families, and the Church. Hear Pastor Sandra teach how redemption was the re-establishment of the original mandate. What the first Adam forfeited, the Last Adam, Christ Jesus, recovered.

Personable, strong, and caring, Pastor Sandra Clements is in many ways a trailblazer in championing the dignity of women and celebrating their various roles. She graduated from Spelman College and pastors the church, The Community of the Holy Spirit, alongside her husband, Bishop Kirby Clements. They love traveling together teaching and preaching. Married for 48 years, she is the mother of their two children, Kirby Jr. and Gina.

Beyond Sonship
by Sunhee Robinson
mp3: Saturday 1pm | Sunday 9:30am
Do you ever feel frustrated because you feel spiritually stuck? Many are stuck at one level of spiritual maturity because of emotional and mental immaturity. “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15) This frustration is felt when people of spiritual infancy attempt to function at spiritual adulthood. I hear the Spirit saying, “Its time to go to another level of sonship. It’s time to be a mature son in the house.” Come and learn the characteristics of each level of spiritual maturity. This seminar will enable you to assess where you are at spiritually and will teach you how to speed up the process of going to another level of maturity in the Lord.

Sunhee Robinson, along with her husband Benjamin, are the founding pastors of Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, California. For 20 years she has been involved in missions work abroad to the toughest of locations, ministering in signs, wonders, and miracles. She earned her Master’s at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Inter-Cultural Studies and is the proud mother of her daughter, Alethia, which means “the truth” in Greek.

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