Discernment Is For The Mature

New Philly Seaside
Preached by Caleb Lee on May 25, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 60 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time where spiritual discernment made the difference in your life. How did God speak to you in these moments?
  2. “The opposite of good discernment isn’t ‘no discernment’, but ‘bad discernment’. You may be thinking you’re in obedience, but without proper discernment, you’re obedience might be disobedience.” – Pastor Caleb Lee

  3. Read 1 Samuel 15:17-23. In his mind, Saul felt he was being obedient. What do you think was the source of King Saul’s bad discernment of God’s will?
  4. What are some pitfalls that we can avoid to not fall into bad discernment?
  5. Pastor Caleb mentioned that praying and asking for Wisdom and Discernment not only involves desire and faith, but work to back it up. Hebrews 5: 14 “discernment trained by constant practice”. What are some practical things that we can do to train and sharpen our discernment?
  6. An important aspect of discernment is listening for the voice of God. What are some ways that we can be attentive to His voice?
    Break up into smaller groups and spend some time meditating on Isaiah 30:21,22. Spend some time sharing what you receive.

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