Honoring Your Father and Mother

New Philly Hillside (videostreamed to Itaewon, Seaside, Sydney)
Preached by Christian Lee on April 13, 2014, Sunday.

Duration: 68 minutes (audio | video)

Discussion Questions

Honoring Your Father and Mother as a Child

  1. Read Exodus 20:12. The Bible says to honor your father and mother. Describe briefly what your “father and mother” were like during your childhood.
  2. For children, honoring their parents means obeying their parents in the Lord (Eph. 6:1) and in everything (Col. 3:20). Discuss how Pastor Christian interpreted these two verses.
  3. Look up Deuteronomy 21:18-21. How do you feel about this law? God’s laws did not always require capital punishment. Why would God take this particular command so seriously? What are some of the negative effects or results of rebellion? How would this affect our ability to understand the God the Father’s relationship to Jesus the Son?

Honoring Your Father and Mother as an Adult

  1. Once you grow from childhood to adulthood, Pastor Christian pointed out that honoring your father and mother does not involve obedience in everything any longer. Rather it involves growing into maturity and taking responsibility for one’s life. As a young adult, what is your current relationship with your parents like? Do they do anything that stunts your growth or causes dependency?
  2. Read aloud Genesis 2:24. Confucian influenced thinking says that when two people get married, it’s not just two individuals getting married but two families getting married. What are some negative effects that can result from this kind of thinking? How does the Confucian way of thinking differ from God’s design of marriage?
  3. Have you ever felt controlled or manipulated by your parents? Have you ever dishonored or rebelled against your parents? Do you still experience lingering shame or guilt, even though time has passed? How can you apply this sermon to these experiences?
  4. Read Matthew 10:34-38. What did Jesus mean by sword? How could following Jesus result in family divisions? Do you have any stories that you can share?

Honoring Your Ageing Father and Mother

  1. Look up 1 Tim. 5:3-4; 7-8; 16. What does the Bible say about how we ought to honor our ageing parents? What are some practical steps one can take to prepare for this?

Gospel Renewal

  1. Pastor Christian talked about how without the gospel, trying to honor your father and mother will result in resentment or depression. You will either feel disappointment at your parents for their weaknesses and failures or you will feel disappointment at yourself for failing to be a good son or daughter. How does the gospel change all this? How does the gospel enable a Christian to honor his/her father and mother? How about when the parents have been controlling, manipulative, abusive, or absent?


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