Agreeing with God’s Foolishness

New Philly Hillside (videostreamed to Itaewon, Seaside, Sydney)
Preached by Benjamin Robinson on April 27, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 59 minutes (audio | video)

Discussion Questions

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Agreeing with God’s Foolishness

  1. Luke 17:21 (ESV) says the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. Pastor Benjamin said that God’s about to use seemingly average people to do extraordinary things. Who are some biblical people that fit this description? Why would God delight to use seemingly average, ordinary, and even despised and marginalized people for his will (I Cor. 1:26-31)?
  2. The angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon as he was fearfully threshing wheat in the wine press and called him a mighty man of valor (NIV: mighty warrior). Pastor Benjamin mentioned that sometimes the Lord seems to be speaking “foolishness” to us. Is there a personal experience similar that comes to mind? Perhaps a prophecy, promise, or truth spoken by God in His Word or through a leader about you that you found difficult to believe?

Our Perception of Deficit

  1. Gideon’s army was highly outnumbered. Yet God thought Gideon had too many people and sent them home. We often think we can’t because we don’t have: “If only I had more money, time, people, etc.” But Pastor Benjamin preached that we have God and thus we don’t have a deficit but an abundance. How did this portion of the message make you think or feel?

Agreement is Fundamental to Intimacy

  1. In the message it was preached that no one likes to be around someone who always disagrees, disagreement hinders intimacy. Are there any relationships in which disagreement led to estrangement?
  2. What are the areas in which you’ve had difficulty agreeing with God? How can we overcome estrangement that results from our disagreements with God?
  3. Sometimes we allow “little things,” like little sicknesses, lies, or mindsets into our lives because we believe they don’t matter or we will always have to live with it. These little things end up actually hindering us in our faith walk. What are the “little things” that you’ve allowed into your life? How has that affected you?


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