2014 Church-Wide Retreat FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please read through this page. If your question is not addressed, please email retreat at newphilly dot cc

What is Welli Hilli Resort?
Welli Hilli (formerly called “Sung Woo Resort”) is a resort located approximately 2 hours east of Seoul. During the winter it is a ski resort and during the summer it serves as a golf resort and water park. For more information, visit http://wellihillipark.com.

Why are the retreat dates from Friday to Monday?
Monday is a national holiday (May 5th, Children’s Day) so most people have the day off. The retreat will end Monday afternoon, so you will arrive back to Seoul or Busan Monday evening. Tuesday, May 6th is also another national holiday (Buddha’s Birthday). So you’ll have time to process and rest up after the retreat! The retreat starts Friday evening so if you are able, you may want to consider taking the day off so you can arrive before the first worship session.

What about Sunday service?
Since most people will be at the retreat, we will be having Sunday service at Welli Hilli (please note that there will be no Sunday service at any of our Korea campuses on May 4th; our Sydney campus will have Sunday service as usual). For those who cannot join us for the retreat, you are encouraged to join us at Welli Hilli for Sunday service. It is open to all (for free). Directions can be found below.

What are the rooms & facilities like?
Most people are staying in a suite that holds 8 people (you may sign up for a less crowded suite of 6 ppl with an extra fee of 10,000). Married couples are required to be in a 6-person suite. Each suite is 116 square meters consisting of 3 rooms (one Western with a bed; two are Korean ondol rooms), a kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. You will have access to an ATM, convenience store (GS25), and a cafe. Emmaus students will be staying in the youth hostel with up to 10 persons per room.

How do I get there?
New Philly will be providing bus transportation to Welli Hilli from Seoul or Busan. You must reserve a spot by filling out the Housing and Transportation form. For people leaving from Seoul, buses will depart from the subway station “Sports Complex 종합운동장,” line 2, exit 1. The first bus will leave on Friday afternoon and the last bus on Saturday morning. For people leaving from Busan, please arrange transportation with Pastor Mina Lee (minachoi at newphilly dot cc) of New Philly Seaside. Even if you are driving, we request that you still fill out the form.

Is there public transportation?
For those who cannot catch our shuttle buses or find a carpool (and for those who’d like to join us only for Sunday service), public transportation to Welli Hilli Park is available and is not difficult.

What Should I Bring?

  • Bible, pen, journal
  • Toiletries*
  • Warm clothes**
  • Swimsuit, athletic gear (optional)

*Towels will be provided in all rooms. Hair dryers are provided only in the suites, not in the Youth Hostel.
**If you get cold easily, please pack one jacket for air conditioned sessions.

Will there be childcare?
Childcare can be provided upon request. Please indicate it on the Housing and Transportation form.

I don’t speak English well, will there be translations? 영어 잘 못해요!
We apologize but there will be no English translations. However, there will be a few Korean-speaking small groups. Please indicate your preference on the Housing and Transportation form.

Will the retreat sessions be available online?
All of our retreat worship sessions and sermons will be available LIVE on our ustream channel. The sermons will be available as an mp3 download via our podcast.

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