2014 Cambodia – Yunsoo Kim

Step of Faith

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” -2 Timothy 2:13

When I was first asked about joining missions this winter, I was extremely reluctant and scared. I had never been on a missions trip before, much less with a dance team, and I considered myself both unprepared and unqualified. I didn’t know if I had enough money, if my mother would approve, and whether God could use me. But as I kept on talking to people about it and praying about it, I felt as if God was nudging me saying, “Take a step of faith, Yunsoo. See what I will do.” So I applied. And thus in a matter of weeks and after many rehearsals, our team was off to Cambodia. And this trip has hands-down been the most life-changing experience. Through this missions trip God has shown me how powerful a little bit of faith can be. He has exponentially increased my faith in His ability and His desire to use me. And He has revealed Himself to me more powerfully than ever before as Jehovah Jireh our provider, Jehovah Nissi our victor, Jehovah Shalom our prince of peace, and Jehovah Rapha, our healer.
I always believed in Gods healing power but this trip transformed my heart completely. Not only was I able to gain confidence in praying for sick, but for the first time in my life I was able to witness people receive healing right in front of me, with my own eyes, and through my own hands. One moment that stands out to me is our Sunday service at Freedom of Sen Sok Church, a local ministry about 15 minutes away from where the team was staying. I remember sitting in front, mixed in with the congregation, and sweating. After Pastor Emily Suen, our team preacher, gave a powerful message building up to an altar call for healing. She asked if anyone wanted to receive prayer for healing and almost every hand went up. Pastor Emily then called for our team to go and lay hands on the people who had raised their hands. I instantly recognized the lady sitting beside me as a lady our team had prayed for on our first day of slum outreach. We had prayed for her shoulder and knee pain but only her shoulder pain had gone away. I sensed immediately that I was going to pray for her so I motioned to her to tell me where she wanted prayer. Her hand went to her knee but all of a sudden doubt began creeping into my mind. “We prayed for her knee before and it didn’t get healed immediately. What if it doesn’t happen again when I pray for her?” Then I heard God speak to me, “Just pray, Yunsoo. Trust in me.” I put my all into praying for this lady. I forgot to confirm with her afterwards whether she had been healed. However, when Pastor Emily asked if anyone had been healed, the lady’s hand shot up. I turned to her in shock and awe. I thought, “Really, God?” It felt so unreal until Pastor Emily called her up to demonstrate her renewed knee movement to the congregation and then it hit me: God just used me to heal someone!
In that moment, all my doubts, all the insecurity I had felt, all the fears I had of being unqualified, and all those memories of disappointment in not seeing healing- it all melted away. My heart not only swelled with joy but was also overcome with humility because despite the little faith I had, God remained faithful and healed the lady of her knee pain. Her countenance immediately changed. She seemed somewhat disinterested and unengaged at first, but the moment she went up to demonstrate her healed knee, there was a joy that spread across her face that I’ll never forget. The way she smiled as she stood up front, the way her eyes twinkled, the way people in the congregation shouted praise to God, and knowing that I was able to be a part of this testimony- it blows me away even as I think about it now. That entire time of prayer for healing was so powerful. One person even received healing without getting prayed for. The room was filled with praise and freedom and joy.
Although so many amazing and powerful testimonies of healing and breakthrough were shared during this trip, I believe God still has so much more in store for Cambodia. Through this time of partnership with local ministries like Freedom for Sen Sok church, God revealed just how He is building up the next generation of Cambodian youth to become His ambassadors to this nation. He’s placed dreams and talents in so many of these youth. Their situations may seem bleak in the natural, but God is the God of the impossible and He works in the unseen. Please keep the Cambodian youth in prayer as they run after God and mature in their faith. Pray that the passion in their hearts will always burns first and foremost for the Lord. Pray that they will be the ones to rise above their country’s situation to be the light of the world in everything they do- to not only set the atmosphere in the church, but also to set the atmosphere wherever they go. Please pray for the local pastors and ministries we partnered with as well. Pray for increased growth, boldness and also for wisdom as they work to bring the Gospel to those in their community and as they invest into the youth of Cambodia. Pray over the hearts of the Cambodian people, especially the older generation. Pray inner healing from the national traumas of the past and for freedom from the mental and emotional pain. “Who the Sons sets frees is free indeed” (John 8:36). Pray for peaceful rest and renewed hope, that no matter what their situation may be, God can and will use them to do incredible things. God will open doors for His people in Cambodia- doors that no one can shut, and Cambodia will be a nation marked by powerful evangelism.
Being apart of this trip and team in and of itself has yielded so much fruit and helped me to grow in ways I never have experienced before. It really challenged my faith to see so many people, especially the youth, living passionately for Christ and reaching out to their community despite their circumstances. Seeing their faces light up as we danced and sang, I was reminded of the joy and power of the Gospel. Through the amazing encouragement, wisdom, and power of God at work through each one of my team members, I grew in confidence in God at work within me. In every situation where I doubted myself, He affirmed me and provided me with courage to step out in faith. When I felt defeated by the enemy with sickness, He helped me to overcome it through prayer and the support of my team. When I felt so distracted and confused and stressed, He poured out His peace that surpasses all understanding. God may have shown us only a fraction of what He is doing in Cambodia, only a fraction of the youth there, and only a glimpse of His plans for them but soon, Cambodia will be known as the nation that sings praises and dances shamelessly in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for being a part of this testimony.

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