2014 Philippines – Sharon Lo

Fullness of Faith

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

One lesson I learned from my recent trip to Isabel City, Philippines is that faith demands for us to not only believe in God’s goodness, but to also declare it through words and action. As people of God, our faith demands that we see and live according to the Spirit, and that we not be limited by what we see in the physical. It is though faith that we will begin to see the goodness of God manifest here on earth as it is in Heaven.

One specific way that God spoke this lesson to me was on our team’s fourth day of ministry in the Philippines. We were set to minister at a joint revival service in Isabel City. Upon arrival to a church with neither roof nor walls, we discovered not a mass of people but instead a group of 15 women. Due to an unexpected turn of events, we found ourselves at the weekly meeting of the women’s intercession ministry. Our team quickly adjusted our prior expectations and lead a time of worship and prayer. The presence of God was thick, and we entered into a powerful time of worship and prophetic exhortation for the local pastors and intercessors. Those seeing in the natural would have only seen a small group of people. But those seeing in the Spirit would have seen God pouring out life and strengthening a chosen group assigned to lift up intercession over the land. These women had been meeting faithfully week after week to contend and pray for restoration, and God was moving upon their prayers. In the Spirit, I saw a well under the church that was being filled with living water – and the worship of this church was drawing an overflow of life onto the land. Our team had thought that we were brought to this church to lead a revival service, but instead God was calling us to strengthen and to exhort His faithful and obedient ones- these powerful women standing in the gap and crying out for His mercy. Whether in a group of 10,000 or 15, God will hear the cry of His faithful ones, and pour out His love extravagantly upon them.

Another incident through which God sharpened my eyes of faith was on the sixth day, when He opened a door for our team to head into Tacloban. This is the city that was most devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Through a divine appointment, we were able to connect with a local woman named Bess. We ministered to her and were able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bess opened up her home to our team, and shared vivid eyewitness accounts of the typhoon – the destruction, the loss, and the hope that was arising from the resilient hearts of the Filipino people. Bess grew up in a Catholic household, in a city with a strong Catholic presence, but was never interested in pursuing the faith. Yet the Holy Spirit that we carried and the testimonies of Jesus that we shared ended up opening her heart, and Sister Bess accepted Christ as her personal Lord and savior! Through this powerful moment, God spoke to me about the importance of each salvation. I truly believe that Bess’ new life in Christ is prophetic for the many that are to come in Tacloban City, and the Philippines as a whole. Bess represents the Filipino people- strong, resilient, kind, and full of hope. Even in the midst of chaos, she was always gathering and caring for the neighborhood children. After our time together, Bess gathered over 100 neighborhood children and adults for our team to lead worship and VBS (children’s ministry). Hope and joy was released in both the physical and in the Spirit that day. God is releasing healing and restoration upon the land. There is a kindling in the atmosphere that speaks of revival!

The time I spent ministering with my team in the Philippines was powerful. I have never been so sure of the goodness and faithfulness of our God to save and to restore. Though I wanted to see a greater physical manifestation of His power to heal, God used this trip to sharpen my Spiritual vision. I saw in the Spirit that He is moving powerfully on behalf of his people. As God’s sons and daughters, our job is to see what He is doing, declare His goodness, claim His promises, and to move forward boldly in faith! Our faith in His truth, that He is a God that saves, is what empowers us to minister the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in power.

Thank you for sending and partnering with me on this missions trip to the Philippines. Together we went and shared the love and Gospel of Jesus to those that needed to hear and to see of His goodness in the land of the living. In moving forward, please continue to join me in prayer for the continual healing and restoration of the land. Please pray for the post-typhoon restoration process to be speedy and effective. And pray that many hearts will be restored back to a relationship with God.

With fullness of faith, let us move forward with love and boldness for His kingdom come and His will be done on earth (in the Philippines) as it is in Heaven. Faith demands that we not just believe, but that we also walk forward in the assurance and conviction of things not yet seen. Let us walk forward together.

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