2014 Los Angeles/Las Vegas – Judy Bohyun Kim

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End

“I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” -Revelation 22:13

Last summer as I applied for my first passport ever, I prayed to God with my two hands together, saying that I wanted my first experience of going abroad to be for His kingdom and His Kingdom work. When I found out that I would get to go on a ministry trip through New Philadephia Church, God filled my heart with gratitude and excitement. I felt so much love as I thought of God, the Alpha who is the beginning, planning every single aspect of this trip way before I even handed in my application. God, being my provider as always, gave me a new month-long tutoring job, which fit in perfectly with my schedule. There was also an increase in my internship pay, which would fully cover my personal pledge for the ministry trip. And not only did I receive a financial abundance, but His faithfulness also nurtured me spiritually through the training period, especially through K1- New Philly’s Kingdom First Prayer Tabernacle.

But on the day of our departure, I woke up feeling aches all over my body because of the flu, and I barely had enough strength to drag my bag to the airport. I was at a loss at my sudden weakness. I battled with the thoughts of how I would be able to accomplish anything as a mighty warrior when I couldn’t even take care of myself. But God didn’t allow me to stay in that depressed state and instead convinced me with His word: “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6). On the very first day of our arrival in Los Angeles, the truth of this word came to me through a dream. In the middle of the night , God called me to wake up (within the dream) and pray for the orphan spirits in that land. As He told me to pray louder and louder in the dream, I found myself praying in tongues and shouting at the top of my lungs, “Father the Fatherless!” This took place not only in my dream, but apparently, also in reality. Some of the sisters on my team woke up to me shouting over and over, “Father the Fatherless!” Of course, it brought much joy to my team as they teased me of “sleep-praying.” But we received it and confirmed it as a prophetic word from the Lord for what we would confront during our ministry times.

At Thanksgiving Korean Church (TKC) in LA, though almost all of our team members were reserve leaders (fairly new on leadership with New Philly), we moved united as mighty warriors of God. We boldly charged ahead with the anointing of Isaiah 61 by stepping up in authority to lead small groups, continually lead people through Healing and Deliverance, and also release Biblical teachings. We sensed the Kingdom advancing through the relationships built, and witnessed the power of being freed and setting others free. As Pastors Christian and Erin spoke prophetic words over Pastor Tom (the college pastor of BTM) and his fiancée Rachelle, we saw the ministry leadership take its place and be established on a firm foundation. Furthermore the hearts of the people opened more and more towards forgiveness and sonship. No longer were people remaining in the mindset of being fatherless orphans. It was once this revelation was established that the Fire of the Holy Spirit was released to the whole congregation. Throughout the ministry time I saw God use my own prayers at the altar to bring powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I was in awe as God reminded me of the prophetic vision He showed me two weeks ago at a K1 prayer watch. While praying and praising, God showed me a vision of people falling in His presence in the exact same layout and design of the building & room where we were ministering! He truly knows the end from the beginning.

Once our team arrived in Las Vegas, we had the privilege of fellowshipping with the English ministry and youth group leaders of Full Gospel Las Vegas Church (FGLV). God had already prepared a divine set-up. Our team broke up into small groups to pray for the FGLV leaders. As I paired up with one of the leaders and looked into her eyes, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share my testimony of how I had taken my place as a prayer intercessor, and how through this God brought supernatural breakthroughs for my family. I shared without any shame or hesitation, and later I found myself listening to her own stories of how hard it was to carry the heavy burden of standing as a pillar in her unstable family. A couple days later at the Friday night service, I shared my testimony again. There were many tears as this time even more people were set free. After my testimony, Pastor Christian opened the altar to break off fear, and for the FGLV leaders to be established in their identity and take their place. I then saw the very girl I had prayed with being touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!

Being the Alpha and Omega, God knew every details what our trip would be like. And my trip couldn’t avoid His majesty. From the very beginning, everything was planned and readied by the hand of God. Even before I caught a glimpse of His perfect plan and took the my first small step, His grace had already paved a way. From my small language misunderstandings as a Korean native, to serving as the hospitality point-person for Pastors Christian and Erin, every moment and responsibility because a joy. And even to the very end after the trip, spending time with my family and going back to work, His hands have been on me. The testimonies and breakthrough of the field follow me. I am now looking through God’s hand-made lens to see myself as a mighty woman of God who walks in the way of faith and established identity.

I want to express how thankful I am to the New Philly family and everyone who supported me through prayer and financial giving for this trip. Because of what you have sown, I was able to witness the fire of God being released and the beautiful testimonies that came forth. Through your partnership, we can dream and pray that the fire will keep burning ablaze in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And lastly, I want to give my whole heart of thankfulness to God, who being the Alpha and Omega, blew me away from the beginning to the end.

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