2014 Delhi – Samuel Khil

The Best Missions Trip of My Life


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” -Isaiah 55:8-9

Never in the history of New Philly missions have ministry plans changed abruptly two days before a team’s departure. Pastor Letlal, our NPWM (Native Partners for World Mission) local missionary, was deeply saddened to inform us that our team would not be able to visit Manipur (in Northeast India) due to increased tension in the Baptist churches and a sudden spike in insurgency violence in the area. Though our team’s plans were thwarted, God was not thwarted. This incident ended up setting the tone for our entire trip. Team Manipur resolved to be even more encouraged, to expect more, to press in even more for every word that had been spoken over us. We declared that this would be the best missions trip of our lives.

After touching down in New Delhi our team was transported to Grace Home, the orphanage ministry of Pastor John (another NPWM local missionary). It was here in the presence of adopted children that our team encountered the love and power of God for five days. We taught various subjects, from Mathematics to Science, in the mornings. On the fourth teaching day, the presence of God came powerfully into my classroom. I began by teaching on the algebraic expression – x2-5, y+y3 and then all of a sudden I called out to one of my students, “You are a diamond of God.” To another student, “You are a precious pearl.” To another, “You are the gold of our King.” Tears started streaming down their faces as I declared kingdom identities over my students. Revival time had spilled over into class time! One of my students pulled up a chair for me and eagerly asked me what my dream was. As I sat down, I started sharing about my calling, and the desire to see the revival of Pyongyang. The word Maranatha kept coming out of my lips. The students repeated after me, “Come, LORD, Jesus.” Here with twelve fifth graders, beautiful adopted sons and daughters of God, sitting in a classroom on a plot of land in the middle of a 150-year-old Hindu village we cried out together, “Come, LORD, Jesus.” Holy Spirit was taking over.

It was then that I realized why the LORD brought us to Grace Home before being sent to the Kuki revival services in New Delhi. As our team poured out all that we carried, we were mutually edified. We received an incredible new filling of power and anointing that allowed us to tear down the religious spirit and to warfare for the Kingdom to break through for the Manipuri people. In the world’s eyes, the children of Grace Home are orphans. But we learned early on that through the ministry of Grace Home, fathered by Pastor John and his wife Sister Annie, these children are powerful and anointed saints. There is an army of mighty warriors rising up from the slums of India. It was at Grace Home that I first felt the pure and innocent faith of children being channeled into unadulterated Holy Spirit power. The power the children carried imparted wisdom and anointing that I had never experienced before. Every chance the team could get, we asked the children to lay their hands on us and pray for us.

With fresh filling from the children of Grace Home, our team ministered at the Kuki revival services in Delhi. The Kuki people are an ethnic group originally from Manipur. Many members of this community have migrated to Delhi because of schooling and job opportunities. Though we could not go to Manipur itself, we were able to minister to the Manipuri people. And the steel door representing the religious spirit that prevented us from going to Manipur was shattered by the warring intercession of the team and all our supporters. The Holy Spirit was poured out on the second day of the revival service. We saw manifestations on a level that our missions ministry has never seen during the three previous trips to Delhi. As youth all across the room were being ministered to powerfully by the Holy Spirit, I found myself praying for Jyoti, the oldest daughter of Pastor Letlal. The night before I had the privilege to share my testimony on purity. My testimony touched on a powerful moment in my life when I was eight years old and I was slain in the Spirit for the first time. I prayed with faith for that same impartation on Jyoti. The Spirit took over little Jyoti and she gently fell under the weight of God’s glory. Jyoti is eight years old. Hearing about my first experience with the Spirit, Jyoti couldn’t help smiling.

God strategically placed Team Manipur in Delhi so that through us the outpouring of the Spirit would fall on the young people who will be sent to Manipur as missionaries to their own people. Let us pray for the children of Grace Home and young people of Manipur whom God is raising up to bring revival to the entire nation of India. Also, let us pray for empowerment specifically for those who received the calling to full time ministry during our services.

Thank you for supporting our team with your prayers and intercession and finances. This trip was truly the best missions trip of my life as it placed a key deposit of faith in me and a whole new level of love for Jesus. Thank you for being a part of God’s story in India.

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